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  1. Does it bug anyone else that ORAS is so easy?

    To this day, I never finished ORAS. Gen 6 as a whole isn't very hard, but Kalos have a freaking massive Pokédex. Perfect Region for doing a N's Challenge, actually, even if I nevr tried it myself. That's one point Gen 7 truly improved here (another proof that Gen V's type of leveling system is the best, if it was even needed. USUM even proved you could be challenging with the new Exp Share). Hoenn have less variety than Kalos ; especially early on ;and gives you far more incentives to grind. Soem obvious (Mauville Food court, Inverse battles, Trainer's Eye), but some more insidious, like Dex Nav. Dex Nav is an awesome system, one of the game's best part (though it does makes Shiny far easier to find. I never found as many Shiny as in those games), but since you need to chain battle, and capturong gives you exp as well, it also tends to makes you overleveled. It was really the only time the lack of difficulty really bothered me. I have to work hard too makes the game poses any kind of Challenge, even without the Exp Share. Being able to use any Pokémon you like si good, but you can also do that in B2W2 Challenge Mode, or in USUM, so that's no excuse. That, and the fact it wasn't based enough on Emerald (which is how I really enjoyed Gen 3. I played Gen 3 far too many time) makes all its real innovations and quality not works much for me.
  2. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Since you asked so nicely, I'll share with you my scrapped ideas for that scrapped FE8 randomized playthrough I did years ago : I wanted to make Anna replaces the Demon King. I mean, there are lots of reasons for this to happen. She's the RNGoddess after all. For me, it was because I abused RNG to get through the chapter (becuase chapter 5x with Zombie Fado, and priest Dzla who have 255% HP Growth and nothing else is quite terrible.) Buut here it could be for lots of other reasons. First of all, all those lost Strength Growths are going somewhere, right ? Besides, you're fumbling with the game (I approve all changes btw), which could piss her off. ANd she have REd hair, which is the opposite of green.
  3. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    It's bcause Myrhh is an Indigo Child. That's what makes her so special, not the fact she's a dragon. I thought it was the Demon King's doing, but his power were stopped by Bors' chin (if they ever reamke FF6, this should be his special skill, Dragonchin, with the same effect as Dragonskin). But your explanation is better. And don't worry, dying is all, part of Orson's plan : he will come back later, as a zombie. Since now his skin is green, he will fits better than anyone else on the team.
  4. Anyone else miss the European names?

    The issue with Cherche is that it is literally "search" in French. Search would an OK translation for her name as well, but it would looks pretty ridiculous.
  5. Anyone else miss the European names?

    In Awakening (at least the French Version), we have a few changes. Some for obvious reasons (Cherche and Trouve Panne became Zelcher and Palne. ), some for less obvious ones (Lon'zu, and Linfan for Morgan.), plus Inigo becomes Iñigo. The other are the same. Though, of all of them, Zelcher is the ony one I could use, because Cherche is not a name. (I pronounced it Zel-Ker, so I can made the joke Belle Zelcher = Berserker)
  6. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Tina would have been a perfect opportunity for a green unit with amazing move. I used her with the Dain Scroll and he was just insane (faster than a valkyrie on foot +25% chance to move again.)
  7. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Andd when you pair random drops with random encounters, it gets even worse. You know, those monsters that are surprisingly tough to defeat, or flees easily, and still have a rare chance of dropping that one item you want. The example that comes to mind right now is Warmech/Death Machine from FF1, which is extremely hard to find (1/64), quite dangerous, and have a rare chance (about 5% apparently) to drop a poerfull armor). Fun time, fun time. And why not completely related, trying to recruit Liquid Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest 5, or in some DQM games is its own kind of pains (To sum up, you have to kill them last to have a (really rare) chance of capturing them. They are hard to kill, fast and prone to flee, so you genrally want to defeat them first.)
  8. General JRPG Topic

    It may sems weird, but I like places that are "empty", "useless" in terms of game design. It makes feels the world more reallistic, if not everything is build around us. This idea was greatly cemented by Dragon Quest 9. Why I have some issues about the gameplay, I really love Dragon Quest 9's world. It's really vast, and there's all those ruins around reminding you of a distant past. And once again, Dragon Quets's sense of story telling, and the great score do the rest. But, in this world, there are many parts that are not needed, but are there anyway. I think about all the East coast of the starting continent (I don't have the names right now...), which doesn't have really anything of value as my main example. Gilliath Osborne is a facinating character, but he isn't really a villain, nor even the main antagonist. Tales of Cold Steel (both I and II) are great games, and I really enjoyed them. So "bad" points are really disappointing, because I really care about this game and the characters.
  9. General JRPG Topic

    @Armagon On Trails of Cold Steel : Actually, I feel.. mitigated about this game (it's kinda similar with TOCS2). It have some truly amazing moments, but also truly bad (or at least frustrating ones.) It was quite an emotional rollercoatser, and I'm still not sure where the balance fells, once all the good and bad things are put into it.
  10. Well, Im definitively human, so yes indeed. We all know that Horror games are best played in your bath, for example. Lots of things affects how we recieve games, whether we notice it or not. Fatigue also plays a big role (you can't concentrate, and are easily angered.). And I'm also affected by game receptions. I may be harsher about so called "classics", but mainly I'm more ready to excuse games that are not very well known (Like, Hourai High School is really objectively bad, but i have a soft spot about it. Live a Live is great, but if it didnd't accopanied me through my depression, would it be as important for me ? I can't say for sure. Dragon Quest VII is important, but I played it after FFX (which made me thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy playing games anymore ; that maybe I was too old for that. (reason why I still resent that game so much btw.). SO it became really important for me. ANd games played with others gains a new value. I watched my brother played FFVII when I was little,I played Portal 2 with him later on. And recetly I replayed through Pokémon Y with my nephew (his really first Pokémon games.), so it allowed me to enjoy the game more.
  11. General JRPG Topic

    Also The Aliance Alive is really cool. Suikoden's creator worked on it. Now, my only experience of Suikoden so far is Tierkreis. It wasn't that bad (well, the soundtrack is fantastic. The dub is special, and I'm not sure I should trust the French Translation when it makes the most baic mistake (tralslated "aged man/woman" as "man/woman of Aged") The 3rd Stratum Boss isn't hard, but it can be tricky with his goons conutering every attacks at some points. Took me a few time honnestly (that's the direct drawback of Chain Team actually. You rack tons of attacks on a single turn.) My team was Chain Fencer, Cannon Dragoon, Omnimancer Warlock, Hawk Rover and Merciful Herbalist (with a Bow, though...) A Merciful Herbalist is often busy healing the team (and Brouni's Hygieia's Bowl saved me many times.). The Dragoon was mainly here to build turrets,and debuffing with Barrage Wall (Debuffing can be quite effective against a certain secret FOE ion teh 5th Stratum.) I should go back to finish the 6th stratum at some point... Yeah, I wasn't gonna take care of FFX's post game. It was already painful enough to finish the main story. It being some sort of classic is its main issue here actually. Not sure how much it influenced other games after it. Would I still like it as much if I discovered now, as I did back then ? I'm not so sure honnestly. That kinda reminds me of Dual Orb 2. It's an old SNES RPGs with good enough graphisms (can't remember anything about the story though... One ally turn evil, and there's a bard. ) The Boss battles were absolutely awful though... They weren't hard of anything, but they had tons of HPs.
  12. General JRPG Topic

    EOV's difficulty is pretty insane. Because it fits EO's general theme (a labyrinth that is as dangerous as it's fascinating.), and because the game design is a real delight.. I had a Dragon, but an offensive version, and a team based on Chains, which makes winning random battles easier. I'm curious about your opinion on DQ7, now. Since it's the one most based on religion after all. And that's actually one of the thing I liked in Glory of Herakles IV. Since the game is based on Greek mythology (though later on, you se an interresting interpretation of the Tower of Babel), it gives a very interresting view on Gods. They are pretty much selfish jerks who play with Humans life, for the most parts, but they aren't truly evil, their role being really amibiguous. (There's also a pretty funny scene when Herakles confront Hades. It seems to be a reference to the first game, actually.) Herakles is another part that is interresting actually. It's a really bigoted character, but not for religious reasons. Its really strict view of heroism contrasts many time with the orthers (namely Plato.) That's something that is quite rare enough to notice. The whole game's theme is humans fighting against death (and as such defying the Gods.). And since it keeps the motives really humans, it avoid judging them.
  13. Games you didn't expect to like

    Yeah, Plato is the one who mentioned Atlantis for the first time. No idea if he invented the idea, but it's clearly used it as a metaphor. What I meant is that if someone is a big fan of Plato, they may not love this version of him. he doesn't really sounds like a great philosopher here. Unless you consider the MC is Socrates. Then it is actually quite funny. It's still a better reference than most. I think this game actually do a decent work compared to its mythological source. I'm not an expert, but nothing really shocked me. There are some level of interpretations, and few biblical things added to the mix (the Fiends are somewhat reminiscent of the 7 deadly sins, and they have their own version of the Tower of Babel, though with a far more pragmatic goal). But I liked the interpretations of the God. Hades not being a villain, but simply the ruler of the Underworld was a nice touch.
  14. Games you didn't expect to like

    Glory of Heracles IV : This one is really recent. I was browsing for SNES JRPGs, and decided to try it. I've played a bit through GoH III, whihc had a pretty crazy plot, but was still quite hard, and the GoH DS wasn't that exciting either, so I wasn't expecting much. the serie started as a DQ rip off based on Greek Mythology, and ended up becomming its own thing eventually. Instead of barely touching it, and adding i to my ever extended backlog, I ended up rushing through the game in a few days. And I still can't explain entirely why. The Hero and his friend Plato (no relation with teh historical character.) comes from Atlantis, and due to some events ends up separated from their bodies. Their souls survived, but their bodies ares still sealed inside Atlantis. That leads to a pretty interresting sytem. It works as a basic Class System, every characters (including animals) offering different abilities, and having different proficencies in weapons. Depending of the character you possess, your interactions with other my think, allowing you to access unknown places, or getting items/Money. But the main reason I appreciate the game is that saving the world isn't the main goal. You ends slaying Fiends along the way, but it's mostly by chance, or as an afterthought. Your only goal is to get back your bodies. This leads to a more personal journey, and a grayer morality. There aren't any truly bad guy, or truly good guy (escept maybe Heracles, though he is flawed. Being too impetuous and quite close minded). Most important characters ends up being quite tragic. WHich leads us to Plato. Plato is the protagonist's main friend, and contrary to the silent protagonist, he is quite the chatterbox. Upon recruiting him, you get his Journal where he write his personal version of the story. He is also the one moving the lot along by pushing you to the next destination. And since he tends to often clash wth the other characters, it leads to good character dynamics as well.
  15. General JRPG Topic

    Music can enhance a game, sure. Though sometimes (rarely), good music can be a bad thing. FFX have a stunning musical score. Though the fact that it was for me a highly unpleasant experience, yet I still remember the music pretty well, made me hope I only listened to the music (Suteki da Ne is a fantastic song, but linjked with a terribly awful romance plot, for example.) Love story in video games (and most medias actually...) are generally really bad anyway. I hadn't any huge issue with Magnolia and Yew in BS, so I guess it's enough to make a good one. They have at least sme kind of chemistry But we're here for Altair and Vega's love story anyway. That one was really great. One of the bst one I saw in Video Games (and most medias actually.).