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  1. Weird/Unusual Boss Ideas

    Two Bosses, A Magic Seal and a Physical Seal (same as Magic Seal, but for Physical Weapons : Axe, Bow, Lance, Sword). They are in some sort of maze, and you have two route. so you can chose who to defeat first (though doing both Route may be the best solution. They can move and cover each others weakness almost perfectly, so you need to makes them move to be able to defeat them
  2. Never. But I buy a few Killer Weapons when available. And 1-2 Range as well (Javelin, Hand Axe...) If I have Steel/Silver weapons form chest/Charatcers they will be used if neded, but otherwise, no. Well, in games with Bronze Weapons, I switch to Iron ASAP. And in FE4, I use whatever is the most usefull at any given moment. Steel are generally too heavy, and Silver aren't that much worth the high cost usually. In GBA games they're even less usefull, since Silver are A Rank and Steel generally deals less damage (unless it's on a Knight or something.)
  3. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    And Johto isn't much better. You can steal Pokémon in this game after all (Kenya and Shuckie.)
  4. General JRPG Topic

    Playing on Easy Mode really adds quality of life. You can just automatically get rid of all the random encounters, which avoid you to concentrate on the good thing. And I also hope you did chose to play the Complete version immediately. Because otherwise, you'll have to play it all beofre getting the final ending. And I can imagine it geting quickly boring. I had to use a guide both time tbh (I played the original a while ago, and the remake recently.)
  5. General Trails thread

    There is an available fan translation, but it's.. not so great (really litteral. ) The game looks pretty good though.
  6. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Remember that Sinnoh is somewhere north of Johto (and possibly Kanto as well.) We already knows this thanks to the Sinjoh Ruins. Again, whatever the game ends up being, I expect lots of Sinnoh references, announcing a future DPPt remake.
  7. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Being able to destroy Mega Rayquaza is no small feat you know. Eevee's Z-Move + Baton Pass is one of the deadliest combo ever. Type wise, the only issue is with Dark Type, honnestly. We do have a few Fairy Type (which adds it's own lots of issues, due to Poison being the most available type in Gen 1. Mr. Mime being top tier sounds weird to me as well, but here we are)), but there's no Dark Pokémon available (the only option would be Umbreon.) Having at least Murkrow and Houndour would be good for that reason. And while Steel Type is also really limited (possibly only Magnemite and Magneton), Bug Type is far more dangerous that it once was against Psychic, so Pinsir or Scizor can shine (+Any X-Scissor / Leech Life user) The lack of Post Game... Am I the only one who doesn't really care about this ? The main issue with gen 1 isn't the post game, it's the main story being really short. That's why I hope Kanto is extended in some way. Don't forget the supposed abilty to transfer Pokémons from Pokémon GO. Aren't they already at gen 3 in that game ? It would definitely offers some more options.
  8. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    So.. How was it formulated exactly ? Do we have the original 4chan post. Because what we have here is a grapevine. The report of a rumor. Ideal to lose all the sense of the original meaning. Because... jumping from "only Kanto Pokémon" to "just 151" sems a little wirid. Something similar to HGSS Johto Dex (Pokémon that "naturally" evolves through moveset are presents, while the ones that evolves through stones or Items aren't) makes far more sense. Not having Crobat and Blissey ( or Lickiliky and Tangrowth) would just makes no sense. I know they already made this once, but they never did it again. Because it's simply stupid. Having Magneton evolves into Magnezone on route 10 would be really great, but that's not imperative. And if there are some And if you really want to play semantics, Kanto and Johto Pkémon are basically undistinguishable. Houndoor, Slugma and Murkrow are Kanto Pokémon, for all intent or purpose. If you take this simply as it is, it's not a news but simply the evidence. Having a smaller dex, and focusing primarily on Kanto Pokémon for a remake/reboot/Reimagining makes sense. Adding 1 or 2 Johto Pokémon... Why not ? Especially if thei reintroduce Sevii Island. But all the others before Post Game, and/or through some kind of Safari Zone, was never an obligation on their part (though Gen 4 Pokémon would have been nice, not gonna lie.). Unless you show me clear evidence that I'm wrong, it's how I chose to interpret this.
  9. General JRPG Topic

    DeSMUme is decent enough. I didn't tested it with those games, though... Generally games are a little slower, but they're still playable. DQ6 is the game that had the least amounts of great changes , then DQ5. Oh yeah, I forgot about those changes since I didn't played the English version. (the fact they translate such a huge text in so many different language is still amazing.) But that's a good occasion to reveal some interresting facts. There is one major antagonist named Balzack. He later gets a second form named Baalzack. You may not think there's anything special with this name, but in the region he rules over, everyone speaks with some kind of French accent. Well, turned out his name is a deformation of the famous French Writer Honoré de Balzac. His second forms combine this with Baal, because he has reached godly status. Now I discovered this because in the French version, the french "acent" is replaced with an English accent (this happens more than you may think. Fantina in the Sinnoh games is apprently the other way around). So Balzack is named Dickenz (from Charles Dickens) and then Déickenz (Dei for god).
  10. General JRPG Topic

    Tales of the Abyss ws my first 3DS game. I (well, my parents actually, since it was a christmas present) ended up paying twice the game for it. Probably my least liked Tales of game (somehow I liked Hearts slightly more, and Hearts have some glaring issues). The characters are pretty unlikable overall, so oit's hard to get inevseted. And Guy's backstory was one of the worst thing ever. Transforming a (really unfunny) joke into something really awfull in every term is a bad idea that should have never passed. Jade was cool. He was a total batsard, but a funny bastard. My first Tales of game is the original one on SNES. The translation is apparently not totally true, but it's the one engraved in my mind. The game wasn't incredible, but it was fun. I also played through Tales of Hearts R. The story have many big issues (having Koyaku as a zombie for half of the plot isn't really cool.), but the battle sytem as fun (even if I'm totally unable to perform the ultimate Artes... (don't have the exact name right now.) The battle system was really good. The lat one I played through is Tales of Innocence. That's also still my favourite to this day. The characters are all really great. Luca (Ruka isn't a real name) is a great main character as well. And I liked the morale of the story. I played the DS Fan Translation at the time of releases, and haven't really started again. It also made me really doubt in my social abilitie, since I always chosed the worst answer on skits... FF4cand FF6 are some of my very first RPGs (and game in general). With Pokémon, but Pokémon is a little different.So, I would be unable to say bad things about them. I actually played through almost every FF4 remake (FFII, J2e's translation of FF4, GBA and DS.). I've even bought the PSP version for TAY (which have some actual good parts, but also really bad ones...) I never played through FF7, but my brother did. Watching my brother lay through the game is still one of my fondest gaming memories. I was really bad at playing at the time, so I could only watch him. I've only seen small, fragmented parts obviously. I've played through all of the FF between 1 and 6 in some forms (1 and 2 only through the GBA remake). I actually prefer the original FF3 to the remake. It made some curious choices, ad mainly, it was extremely hard (at least in my memories). What I've seen of FF9 pleases me. Though the game is freaking slow as hell. I should played more of FF8, but it didn't really hooked me. And by now, you should all knows how I feel FFX. I almost quitted RPGs (and gaming) forever after that game. (thankfully I played through DQ7 later? Te old PS version actually. It is so highly praised, yet was such a huge letdown (absolutely nothing works. I couldn't believe in the world. I couldn't believe in the characters And the romance... Let me say it again : It's Romeo and Juliet by people who don't udnerstand Romeo and Juliet. The music being actually great is actually more of a probklem, since it reminds me of that game...) I actually liekd X-2 better, since at least it wasn't taking itself seriously. I'll still leave you with this rocky remix of To Zanarkand, since the fact tjis exisst still amazes me. Haven't palyed any games afterwards, even if I'm really interrested in FFXII. Seems like I'm also bad with Roman Numbers... I meant between 4 and 8. I played through 8 on 3DS some times ago, and it was an excellent surprise . 4 through 6 are on the DS. 7 have a PS version and a 3DS version. If you don't mind the graphisms too much, the PS version is perfectly fine. For 5 and 6, playing the SNES version isn't too bad (though the DS remakes actually makes some nice little changes to the scenario (taht I can't really details, since it will be spoiling. There's notably a point in the end game that wraps a loose end), so if you can play the DS version, it's better). 4 should definitely be played on DS (or DS Emulator, obviously) since it was originally on NES. The addition of a bag also really helps for Taloon's chapter. I myself started with 6 (wel actully I started with DWM on Game Boy : the SMT-like spin-off. I didn't even knew what a Slime was back then...), on a terrible fan translation (it applied characters sentence to the wrong persons, making the game really hard to understand at time (since like old man sprite saying the sentence of little girl...). Still enjoyed the game though... 5 have a pretty epic story. And then you will be able to say what your choice is (and we'll all tell you why it's the wrong ones.). 4 is more basic. It have a pretty interresting villain. It's separated in different chapters, with each a different hero, before they all join together. I really like 6'setting. The difference between the dream world and the real world is really good. It also has a basic class system/ I really like DQ7's characters, and it's a really beautiful game. There are references to God in this game, though. It's not an issue for me, but be warned. A fair warning about DQ8's system. Once you put points somewhere, it's over. You can't reset your settings. So chose carefully. Whiel DQ IX have one of my favourite music of all time (being able to evoke the idea of a flying train through music really impresses me.), it have some issues, so I don't think it's necessary the best as a first entry. It also have some references to old games that would just fly above your head. DQ is really classic, that much is true. But I think, it's a good kind of classicism. The fact the music is really great obviously helps
  11. General JRPG Topic

    Dragon Quest also often have a pretty unique story structure. In most JRPGs (and games), you have a plot, and everything resolves around this plot. You try to stop the villain(s) and stop his(their) nefarious plans. Dragon Quest is a little different, most of the time. While the Demon King is responsible for (almost) everything bad that hap pens, it's more a sucession of short, self-contained stories, that are almost independant from one another. Unless it's a major antagonist, you rarely fight the same ennemy twice. As for the best to start with... Well, by the time, DQXI may be already out, so that may be a decent choice. ANy games between DQIV and DQVIII are decent choices honnestly, depending iof what you expect. For DQIV to VI, the DS version is the best I think, and DQVII on 3DS. I still need to play DQIII at some point, since it looks like a really good game.
  12. General JRPG Topic

    Uncovering Yggdrasil's secret is always EO main appeal. When I reched the 5th Stratum here, it really was something amazing. It was a while since I loved a game as much as EOV ( Radiant Historia was also really great. I think I enjoyed my time in The Alliance Alive more, but RH is a really high qualty RPGs, no doubt. Bravely Default and Bravely Scond are really good, yeah. The only games where the romance doesn't annoys me. And that means a lot coming from me. It shows how much I care about the characters. And.. SMT games aren't really for me, I think. I don't like to fuse monsters as soon as possible, and always ends up with my main being underprepared.
  13. General JRPG Topic

    RPGs (counting Strategy/Tactical RPGS (not sure of the exact diffeence), but less ARPGs) are pretty much the only game genre I I play through. For me aggod JRPGs must have either good characters, or a good world. For charatcers, I can do with bland characters, but absolutelly not for the unlikeable ones. Which is why, despite all the good I heard about Radiata Stories, I have a hard time getting into it. And obviously, that's one of my my major issue with FFX. Most characters weren't really interresting so far (and the cliché romance that you know won't last was getting on my nerve.), but Tidus ends up doing something really bad, and the game actually support his choice. I was actually really loathing at this point. As for the world, it doesn't need to be particularily complew or mysterious, but if I have fun discovering new places, and want to keep exploring, then it's fine. And I need to at least somewhat believe onit too. A great game world is actually one of the great strength of Pokémon games, especially later generations. The Alliance alive is really freaking great. The cast is great. What I particularily like is the fact there are no real leaders here. Some have a more important role (Tiggy and Vivian comes to mind. Gene is more of a strategist. ANd then there's Galil...), but it's mostly everyone working together. The world is really interresting as well, with lots of incidental game building. You have an info dump at one point, but things stay pretty vague. There's such an attention to details, too. They registereed different sounds from everyone's footstep, and depending on what they're walking on (snow, grass, wooden interiors). Which reminds me I still need to play through Suikoden and SaGA games one day. I'll always have been interrested by them, but never really got far into them. BTW, how is Romancing SaGa on Vita ? Is there some big issues, or is it OK ? I loved EOV despite the story, because (like every EO game), it creates a fascinating world. You want to always explore further, and see what new Stratum lies ahead. Besides, it has (relatively) good difficulty (at least on normal). The danger is part of the overall atmosphere, and solving each puzzles is incredibly rewarding. The game design is just incredible. A smart game that makes you feels smart.
  14. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Don't forget Mr. Mime. All the others have been available in the wild in some way (Jynx is apparently found in the wild in Japanese Blue's Seafoam Island), but never Mr. MIme (not counting the gen 2 games here) You can actually find Farfetched and Lickitung. in the wild in Yellow. Lickitung itself in the wild (Lickitung is only available in the Cerulean Cave here) can actually be traded for Dugtrio.
  15. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    FRLG's main goal was to obtain all the old Pokémon that you couldn't get in Ruby and Sapphire, since you couldn't exchange with previus version. Actually, with those new games, we may end up on a similar situation. Transfer between Poké Bank and the Switch won't happens immediately. evolutions of the original Pokémon is a given, and probably soem way to obtain other fan favourite as well.