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  1. Narcian, Wyvern General

    This may not go on topic, but if Narcian could have IVs what would benefit him more?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks the Askr trio is mistreated? > Stats are meh. > They can't merge. > They can't have IVs. > Legendary weapons can't be refined. > No unique skills. Since every banner nowadays completely disregards established BSTs and invents broken personal weapons just cause I don't see how throwing the trio their bone would be wrong.
  3. The FE Nonsense Story Thread - Now in Act III!

    Shanna, the almighty queen of the skies, who pierces them both with her sharp Killer Lance....
  4. Rank the Pokémon games by difficulty

    They seem more like gimmicks than difficulty, just like Whitney's Miltank. S/M is easy. "Just turn off the exp share and don't use the amie." That doesn't solve how pathetic the enemy trainers are, or how there is too much money, or how Spawn#2 heals you every corner, or how there are so many piñata NPCs that give you stuff, or how many NPCs flat out skip areas for you. Also, an RPG that requires to restrict yourself of clearly overpowered resources on completely arbitrary terms to grasp something that resembles difficulty is obviously poorly designed.
  5. Rank the Pokémon games by difficulty

    Why are Sun/Moon considered among the hardest? They are braindead.
  6. TESTERS WANTED! Final chapter 1 demo

    I haven't played Part 2 yet, but @vilkalizer brings up a good point. Light runes really came out of nowhere and they don't come up into discussion or use in anything except for some really obscure tricks: There is an old submission that was based on abusing the torch movement glitch, so perhaps Light Runes will be your life saver.
  7. TESTERS WANTED! Final chapter 1 demo

    Don't balance around RNG abusing. I do it a lot due to habit (FE6 HM, warpskips), but most players don't know how to do it. Marc only does it when he gets really pissed. I will do a winning run visiting the village. EDIT: I messed up, but the village closed in turn 9. I have been able to visit it before it closes tho.
  8. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Oh for the love of ass, Roy's growths DON'T suck. Its his base stats that are complete garbage. Check the damn growth spreadsheet that is in this very website. Roy's overall growths are either equal or better than the rest of the FE6 characters. He doesn't seem to grow because he has no room for growth, he is abysmal against the enemies from beginning to end, he flat out never gets good. When will this damn misconception die? > You know you can just rescue Roy right? Its not like he will do anything productive so might as well remove his weapon and carry him to the throne every chapter. FE6 is really generous with its rescuebots, most of them have abysmal stats so you lose nothing by not having them fight. Since you can stash boots in the endgame moving Roy around is not a problem. > The other lords promote really late as well. In FE7 you lose money for promoting the lords. > Sorry, but Lyn is worse than Roy. Roy may be forced every map and have abysmal stats, but at least he is always needed to seize the throne, and he fights here and there before "benching" him in CH7. Lyn sucks for all the reasons Roy sucks. Abysmal durability, awful base stats, swordlocked, terrible promotion, and foot locked. Unlike Roy, Lyn is never needed, she wastes a deployment slot, promoting her wastes money, wastes exp, and if she dies (which is very likely) gets you a game over. "Lyn is forced deployed in some maps so you need to train her." No you don't. You can 4-5 turn all of those maps and keep her in corner. You have the liberty to disregard Roy completely with no punishment. While you can completely ignore Lyn as well using her hinders you even more than using Roy. Same with Eliwood, he is just as bad as Lyn and Roy. "He gets a horse on promotion" And you lose money for killer lances/reavers, you have to go through the ordeal of training his pathetic ass for a lot of chapters (in which none he is useful), and once he promotes he doesn't do anything better than any other cavalier available. > Idoun can be killed by Perceval wielding Durandal. Roy also does 36 damage to Idoun in 0% growths, so you don't need to baby him either.
  9. TESTERS WANTED! Final chapter 1 demo

    Yeah, be wary of Marky. It not may seem like it because he does his videos in a certain way (visiting all villages, checking units, and paths), but he is really quick in thinking ways to beat a chapter, and he knows really obscure methods to do so.
  10. TESTERS WANTED! Final chapter 1 demo

    I think I broke your chapter. While you have some creative ideas that pissed me off like the lady with Rescue, the hack is really easy to trivialize, and will explain you my problems with the hack. #1. Rain Rain is used to hinder the movement of the player's units. But in this hack it worked against the enemies because a lot of them are unpromoted or mounted. As you can see in the winning run the cavaliers present no threat whatsoever. #2. Enemies They are extremely weak. Marc OHKOs a good chunk of them and "Karel" ORKOs literally everything on the map with her brave bow. The enemies have faulty hit rates that let Marc and "Karel" survive more than intended, more if you RNG abuse. The boss is really pathetic, as Karel can quad her. The guard is easily dealt with, either by rigging a Killer Axe crit with "Geitz" or 2RKOd by Marc. The guarding enemies are pretty bad as well. #3. Map Design I think this needs adjustments. It is open space that with critical thinking you can figure out you can ignore parts of the map completely. It also lacks that flare that makes most* ragefest submissions memorable. No ambush spawns that speak memes, something annoying getting in your path. Just a couple of enemy dudes, and a boss that can be quadrupled. I don't know how is the whole thing but here are my thoughts so far. Hope it helps.
  11. TESTERS WANTED! Final chapter 1 demo

    Hey, Marky can't seize the gate, did I missed anything? EDIT: Nevermind.
  12. Why do people still proclaim Thracia 776 is hard? It is one of the easiest games to cheese in history. If you play like a slug and hate prepromotes and warpskips you deserve to lose.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    You are aware that all the FE games copy everything from Archanea? Elibe in particular is a pathetic ripoff.
  14. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    I wonder when it will have a consistent design.