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  1. I just leave Dalshin behind in CH5 because he is a hidrance. You gain absolutely nothing from using him and leaving scrubs behind like him open a gaiden chapter at the end where you can stock up on warp staves.
  2. FE5 is really easy. I don't know why people considere it hard or frustrating. Kaga made infinite range warp, his arguments are invalid. Lies, lies, lies, and more lies. Griffon Riders are better than Wyvern Lords in every sense. Deliverer already makes WL irrelevant, but the benefits from WL really don't affect a thing. The extra defense from WL is really minimal and you rather have the extra speed from GR. GR gets Lancebreaker, and being better against lances is better than swords. The extra "weakness" doesn't matter because effective weapons barely appear.
  3. There aren't many forest spam chapters in FE to really hinder cavaliers. I can only think of a handful. The ones from Thracia 776 are easily warpskipped, the ones from Gaiden really don't present a problem, te ones from GBA really don't stop cavaliers either. FE4 has CH1's chokepoint but that is just plain bad game design and no one goes through that forest well anyways.
  4. So, Gaiden healers?
  5. Since when cavaliers have middling stats and are hampered by terrain? Or the Ridersbane ever being a threat?
  6. I think Sacred Stones is much more open for a sequel than a remake. FE8 as it is stands the test of time. Being easy isn't a big deal because almost all the FE games are super easy.
  7. She is Grima.
  8. Sara, the only good loli mage in Fire Emblem. Also Reinhardt for memes alone.
  9. Call me crazy, but it would be more interesting to see CLY Lyn copypasted into this game instead of yet another foot swordfighter. What's with this fetish with swordfighters?
  10. Arenas are quite unpredictable but they are a quick way to make money. The only big investments you'll make in this game (at least if you warpskip a lot) is door keys, stamina drinks and Wind books. Stack as much money as possible by arena matches and selling the inventory of useless units, and buy a lot of them when you can. Other than that shops are worthless. Promote at level 10. Asbel gains ridiculous bonuses and makes him really strong really fast. Promotion raises staff rank, and that comes really handy to get more warpbots. Warp, warp and warp. Any other weapon is worthless to repair in comparison to the first warp. So long as you have Warp, Sleep, and Blizzard the game is winnable. Having some uses of Pugi and Graphcalibur does help to make the endgame less tedious. Meteor sucks. If you get them sell them. You won't miss them.
  11. Well, he isn't exactly wrong. Some units work on enemy side more than player side due to the differences in objectives. So long as the enemies damage or stall your units they did their job. The player by contrast has to kill/seize/whatever.
  12. What does that have to do with myrmidons sucking exactly?
  13. Don't get me wrong, most archers suck, but the same goes for myrmidons. Their design is not good in the player's hand. They have good speed, but they have horrid defenses and they hit like a wet noodle. "But L, myrmidons dodge and crit a lot" Those two things are not reliable. With Thracia and FE6 I can kinda understand the crit argument, but after that the crit has been continously nerfed and nerfed, while still retaining the awful qualities of the class. Speaking of qualities, what do myrms offer anyways? They only offer combat, that's it. Since their defenses are pathetic their combat is bad, so their only use is worthless. Why would you bother deploying myrms when the only thing they can offer you is worthless? Why not running an extra cavalier, pegasus knight or staff user? They have a wide variety of useful qualities besides combat, like rescuing, reach far places, or breaking the game by clicking a button. They also don't rely on the RNG to do their best. As to why archers are better, at least they can offer safe chip damage and heavily damage pegasus knights for a while until you bench them. FE also has good archers, like Book 2 Gordin, Book 1 Castor, Shin, Midayle, Astrid, FE12 Luke, Niles, etc. While this guys are benefitted by the environment of their respective games (ranged weapons REALLY suck in FE3 and FE6) they do what they are intended and on the grand scheme of things they are kinda average. Meanwhile the best myrmidons have to be handed broken stuff to be good. Ryoma with Raijinto and Rutger being the only good unit in earlygame. And its not even about the stats either like archers, myrmidon flat out sucks. In Sacred Stones Joshua has basically the same bases at Rutger, but because not every other unit except him is worthless he is easily outclassed and there is no point to use him and cope with his weaknesses.
  14. Unpopular opinion: Myrmidon is a more worthless class than archer.
  15. The only items you need* are the Speed Ring (for Asbel), Lockpicks (Lifis'), Light Brand (Leif's) and Hezul Scroll (trade it around). If you stack both with many items you have to rely on luck to pull what you want and the reinforcements are going to gang on your units. Restore is actually really worthless. With so many sleep staves available you can easily disable enemy loptyrians and steal their staves in return. They are so plentiful you can continually use them without care and still have some for the final chapter, where they are needed to cheese it.