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  1. I stand corrected. You have good points. I always get unlucky in the cantor map.
  2. What? That makes zero sense. In Act 2 Kamui can get his share of exp in the cantor map, Seabound Shrine, and the last boat map. The only units to train in the team by that point are Genny, Saber, Leon, and Celica. Boey, Mae, and Valbar are all trash so their exp is Kamui's, whose bases aren't fantasti but his availability allows him to get better stats than Jesse's bases. Jesse doesn't fulfill any niche, he is yet another merc. He needs favoritism, his stats are bad for Act 3, everything kills him. He is also playing catch up to Saber, Kamui, and Deen, as well as competing with Palla and Catria, who are superior to Jesse in everything. Having more resistance is not a great accomplishment to warrant use, if witches are such a big deal you can easily manipulate the AI to your advantage with Mila's Turnwheel and Genny.
  3. Jesse's availability sucks, Kamui likely is promoted by the time he shows up. If res is such a niche you can make Boey a mercenary for roughly the same result, Boey's lame speed won't really matter because witches have terrible attack speed.
  4. Mage!Atlas only has 1 AS tho. That is really terrible.
  5. Both are terrible. Nothing else said.
  6. In Ram Village. I have to agree that Tobin was poorly handled, I don't know what was the Heroes team thinking. That's why I stopped playing card games.
  7. FE6 Best: Marcus, Rutger, Miledy, Perceval, Larum, Sin Worst: Sophia, Gwendolyn, Wolt, Wade FE7 Best: Marcus, everyone with a horse or flying beast, Pent Worst: Lyn, Eliwood, archers, Nino FE8: Best: Seth, Duessel, Saleh, Vanessa, Franz Worst: Marisa, all the trainees. @Weeping__Dalek You are fighting a losing battle. There is no objective argument to prove that Ewan is better than trash. Knoll is 10 times better than Ewan is.
  8. A fall from grace compared to Gaiden, which they completely trivialize. By all means they should be fed exp to make dracozombie spam maps much less painful. Palla and Catria are like Christmas cavaliers, both should be used. 8/10.
  9. Should we really blame him? People really like her (at least in 2014).
  10. I know, I really hope that obnoxious situation will not happen again.
  11. Nice reveal trailer. I must be among the silent crowd that likes Frederick and boy does he look great. Not to be mean to Alexis Tipton, but her delivery doesn't work, all I think of is Palla from SoV. Speaking of Palla, I wonder what they will do about Archanea, they have said nothing about it besides Marth. They better include Arlen and Wendell. Oifeys don't exist. All Jagens are the same. She will not have a tipper, and two years from now ignorant people will say she is 7 tiers below Marth and only -2 MUs because she doesn't have a tipper and no other argument shall be made.
  12. Conrad is leagues better. Best Est? Sara is 10 times better.
  13. Mathilda Trivializes everything remaining of Alm's route since her join time if you give her Pegasus cheese and shrine boosts. Using other combat units gimps her potential. 10/10 Delthea Overrated exp thief. Her joining time and level are a joke. She only has costly spells and she has terrible HP, you have to heal her over and over again. Easily bottom 5 in the game.