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  1. I have been building a Nino nuke team since SI was introduced, and I still have a long way to go. Nino: Gronnblade+, Drag Back, Moonbow, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Hone Atk 3. (complete) Eirika: Sieglinde, Rally Speed, Iceberg*, Fury 3, Swordbreaker 3, Hone Def 3 (Since I can't pull Oboro I am thinking of doing a stupid shenanigan. I am holding back until they announce more sacred seals or I pull Oboro. I would like Moonbow but I haven't drawn a Palla or Odin in ages so I plan on giving her Iceberg). Azura: Sapphire Lance+, Sing, Moonbow, Fury 3, Wings of Mercy 3, Hone Res 3. I actually changed Hone Res for Def due to the lack of Oboro but if it happens res is coming back. I'm only missing Moonbow, Azura currently has New Moon. Other projects I want to bring to full potential the Askr trio and the GHB units.
  2. If Palla dies in Gaiden it is revealed she likes Abel. Abel married Est at the ending of FE1, which was before Gaiden. In SoV Est teases Palla if she likes someone. In FE3 Est and Abel divorce. IS is messed up. I killed her and Catria in FE1 for exp.
  3. http://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-echoes-devs-on-going-forward-with-the-remake-considered-adding-newer-elements-from-the-series/ Thank goodness these guys were wise and ditched the avatar, which wouldn't work in Gaiden anyways. If they do other remakes they better keep the Avatar away from them as well.
  4. Veld is the easiest boss in the series, has 0 personality, and the only contribution to the plot he does is petrify Eyvel. He sucks.
  5. I think my comment went over your dense head.
  6. The thing you are looking for is "gitgud", there is no middle ground.
  7. No, there is not. People who play Classic Mode know what is at stake and play around it, you know, a strategy, what FE games are about. If you can't deal with long maps in classic without save states it is not my problem. Why looking for the 5th leg on a cat when you could play carefully and avoid casualties? Casual Mode was invented for those looking for the 5th leg on a cat.
  8. I called it.
  9. It happens when you have these kind of hobbies, children's trading cards are the worst. I am a cheap shot who hasn't spent a single peso in orbs but if you have fun buying them then nothing stops you but yourself.
  10. There is nothing to spoil from a remake from 1992.
  11. Eirika dropped to 4 star, and she is more popular/broken than Celica.
  12. The year is 20XX, everyone has a blade mage and a Renais twin in their team.