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  1. From whom Kamui is stealing exp? Can't be Boey, Mae or Valbar because those 3 are irrelevant. Saber has the lead although not by much because Genny and Celica ate all the early exp. Leon can get exp easily. EDIT: I thought someone else commented, excuse me.
  2. Valbar Low movement and the worst resistance in the game in a route with magic spam relegate Valbar to a joke charater status. I guess you could use him for chipping zombies in the first Cantor map and tank dracozombies but that's all he is good for. "Couldn't I use the Villager Pitchfork to make him better?" You might, but there are way better characters to use it on like The Ginger Spoiler or Nomah. Valbar gets a 2/10. Kamui He is a mercenary, so he is automatically good. He will have the worst res of the mercs as Dread Fighter but he gets the job done. 9/10.
  3. Yeah, those are helpful.
  4. I know. Archer only runs.
  5. FEWoD is misleading with the unit reviews tho. They say Jagens suck ass and you should always promote at level 20.
  6. Genny She is no doubts a top 3 character in Celica's route, and this party of useless scrubs wouldn't be the same without her. As soon as she arrives she should be fed exp so she can learn Invoke. It may summon soldiers with awful stats, but here's the catch: The AI ALWAYS targets them. This allows to get through Barth's Island without being overpowered by all the pirates and it distracts the dracozombies in the Sea Shrine in case Celica can't ORKO them. What more can you ask? Yeah, Physic. Genny's magic base and growth are fantastic so her Physic will likely reach the whole screen on average, and it completely trivializes her training. Before ending Act 2 she should be promoted, and she no longer has to stick with Lolferatu on player phase, thanks to Genny's magic stat Seraphim hits really hard, perfect to kill the annoying gargoyles and bonewalkers. Saints have a very convenient skill that negates damage from swamps and she can also heal adjacent allies at the beginning of her turn. In terms of equipment Genny has dibs on the Leather Shield at the beginning and she may well be the sole user of the Holy Ring once Mae's usefulness has vanished. She gets a 10/10. Saber He is a mercenary, he is guaranteed to be good. In the first boat maps he is the only one who can take hits and not get chipped to death, so he has utility as soon as he arrives. His promotion gains are ridiculous and his bases are good so you should never worry about getting RNG screwed. He will likely promote at the Sea Shrine and proceed to have the lead in level (and possibly stats) over the other mercenaries. As a Dread Fighter Saber doesn't give a damn about terrain, gets 7 movement, and more resistance. For equipment either a forged Blessed Sword or a Brave Sword get the job done, you will be trading those around frequently so it's not like its his prf weapon or anything. He gets a 9/10.
  7. A mage with no speed is a waste of digital space. The point of having speed is to double and do more damage, because for those who don't look the enemy stats their resistance is not 0 the entire game. Mage's enemy phase is already bad because they drain their HP and have to use bricks like Fire, and you want them to get doubled and die faster?
  8. I have played without archers, arcanist are not a big threat because their stats stink. Matilda and Cav!Kliff can kill them safely. Alm can kill them with Double Lion. Most characters in Alm's route have enough HP to survive them on enemy phase.
  9. Mae She is overrated. As soon as Celica route starts you have to dump all the exp on Celica and Genny so they can get Seraphim and Invoke respectively fast, otherwise Barth's Fortress and dracozombie island are impossible to beat. Before you even think it you get Saber, Kamui and Leon, who all are deserving of training to make the later chapters easier. On Act 3 you get Palla and Catria, who are also deserving of training. That's the deal, Mae has too much competition the entire time. Mae's durability is absolute trash. Having suicidal magic along poor HP and defense is asking her to get killed as soon as the enemy phase start. Promoting her is the most painful experience since playing Gaiden, as she gains a pathetic amount of experience at every stage of the game. Also, 4 move. Absolutely pathetic when you have Dread Fighters and Falco Knights running about. So what does Mae contribute? Thunder spam on a couple dudes and Seraphim spam on Act 4. She is worthwhile filler but she will never do anything impressive or remarkable during the playthrough. 7/10. Boey This guy is garbage and bottom 5 in the game for sure. Despite having high defense his durability is bad because everything doubles him. Couple that with suicidal magic and the guy is already near death of a single fight on enemy phase. I guess he has utility to chip enemies but that is it. 1/10. @joshcja Are you serious about Archer Boey?
  10. Since they don't count Gaiden they missed the opportunity of having a fighting healer. Imagine Silque or Genny killing a horde of dudes with lolferatu.
  11. Damn, now I feel like a moron. She is a cleric, nice and quick to forgive.
  12. Can Gotoh 1RKO Gharnef without growths?
  13. I expect the most disappointing thing since the Pokemon Direct but let's say I live in my perfect world. 1) Characters that don't use swords. 2) A demostration on how this game works. 3) Explain what the story is about. 4) Reveal that Wendell is a playable character. The good ol' man deserves it, he is the best Archanea mage. 5) Reveal Palla as a playable character, and showcase why she is the best character in the game. 7) Reveal that alternate costumes will be a thing, showcasing the power of pantless Marth. Let go off your hatred and move on.
  14. Forsyth's deal is that he can't catch up. Half of Act 3 is the last time knights are useful outside of dungeons, and Forsyth happens to join right at the ending of act 1, as a soldier and when Lukas is already doing the wall thing. Dragging around 1 knight is one thing, but 2 is just too much, Silque and Faye can't waste time with this guys when you have other guys to warp around instead. He doesn't do anything in Zofia Castle and in Act 3 there are way better units to be using. I guess you could use him as witch bait but Clive can do that as well and he contributes something* sometimes. If you like the guy you can make him decent but it is too much investment on a character with a bad class and many other units who deserve/need training during Act 3, like Clair or the healer duo to explore the gargoyle dungeon. Forsyth gets a 1/10 from me, I didn't use him in Gaiden and I skipped him here as well. Python Damn, this guy rivals Boey in terms of purely awful bases. Doubled by everything in the map and on top of that innaccurate? Screw his growths, he won't be of any help when he arrives and you keep getting much better characters after he joins. You can live without an archer in Alm's route, its not like Celica route with BS cantors and archer/witch spam. I guess if the RNG blesses you with his so called good growths Python can turn out good but that is relying on an unreliable computer system. He gets a 3/10 from me.
  15. That is incorrect.