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  1. Since Narcian is not in I guess I'll go Camilla since I'm desperate for feathers.
  2. Camilla is obviously going to win, this thread is pointless.
  3. Being completely honest Miledy is only popular with 0 growths/LTC players. She would lose round 1 against a Fates dweeb.
  4. I stand by my statement that people would complain and bark like rabid dogs if the banner was made up by obscure characters and would cry foul that their popular waifu or husbando wasn't feautured. You people make a bit deal of something as trivial as a joke event. Learn to have fun. How do you expect IS to profit of their creepy fanboys? Camilla is doomed by design to be eye candy and complaining by now is pointless.
  5. I laughed so hard when I saw the artwork, the FE Heroes team has gained my respect. With this event alone they 1) Made an Easter event 2) Continued the trend to ridiculize Chrom 3) Confirmed Lucina has breasts 4) Gave official bunny suit artwork to Lucina and Camilla to excite their creepy fanboys 5) Make those creepy fanboys to pay for orbs so FE Heroes will get further developed. 6) Made one hilarious trailer that made me laugh. Mas vale que haya, y que los personajes especiales sean Flora, Sigurd, Emmeryn y Lyon.
  6. They will be obscure or OG characters.
  7. For real!? That explains a lot!
  8. I think with all the FE6 content and Narcian's art being clearly inspired from Hasha no Tsurugi I think it is possible. As for the characters being too obscure who honestly expected Reinhardt and Sanaki?
  9. Those people shouldn't be so oversensitive about that harmless joke.
  10. Anyone has suggestions for Azura? I already gave her Wings of Mercy and I will keep Spur Res 3.
  11. Will the lord have a Fujin Yumi and the rogue will be able to steal magic books? Their classes suck so they need something good. Overall story sounds nice. More details would be appreciated because between sentences there are empty time holes and I have to use my imagination too much for filling in the plot. FE12 actually, since MarthxShiida is canon. I don't see what's wrong with a canon pairing, as this doesn't sound like a waifu emblem style game.
  12. Why do you take anything from Reddit seriously to begin with?
  13. Are you seriously considering Lara good for anything? She is completely worthless as a thief, her bases are literal 0s and her constitution is too low to steal anything. Compare that to Lifis, who can steal magic books and has actual base stats to work with (they suck as well as his growths, but he has something going for him). Lara's only real use is to leave her itemless and let her get captured so it is easier to kill enemies, since she is such a weakling any enemy can capture her. And she contributes absolutely nothing until Perne's chapter when she "promotes" to Dancer. Karin should be fine with Hezul+Fala scroll.
  14. Leif without a second thought.
  15. If there is an "easy mode" for begginers or rushed play Casual mode is right there. In Phoenix Mode units that die return instantly, killing the entire point of strategy when you can clear maps without thinking, and I criticize it because being too easy is a flaw. Just because it is optional doesn't mean I can pretend it doesn't exist, just like perverted minigames and one dimensional supports.