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  1. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    I was yeah. I think it was Hard 4, but even still... she had Moonbow and Draw Back, but no Shining Bow.
  2. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    So I just came across a weaponless Nina. ...I think they forgot to make the Shining Bow an allowed normal weapon.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    And the Mass summon that happens within hours of the initial Mass Summon. Still not recording each individual summon, because I'd rather not be reminded of how long it took to get from one 5* unit to the next only to be pity broken by freaking Mist... I can inform, however, that I got a second Halloween Niles +Atk -Def, +HP -Atk Katarina (of course I'm getting her now that I already have her...), another Halloween Mia +Def -Spd, and two +Spd Halloween Myrrhs. One is -Def, the other is -Res. Since Myrrh's weapon depends on her having as much Defense as possible, I opted to keep summoning in hopes of a second not -Def copy, and... well, I can take +Spd so long as the bane isn't in an important stat... ...well with this, I am done with the Lands Bounty banner and have decided to move to the Trick or Defeat banner for the time being. Also, I'm done buying orbs for reals this time, and I have the full Lands Bounty unit set, so everything is good on my end. Finally I can update my 5* units list...
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Mass summoning bullshit time! Didn't record the many sessions of boring boring and boring again, but in those sessions came a few 5* heroes. ~5* Silvia +Def -Atk (yay, Barrier Sword+ or Mirror Stance fodder!) ~Moonlit Witch Mia +Atk -Spd (Yay, witchy Mia! Also, why is Mia +Atk -Spd again???) ~Mist +Def -Res (I'll take a meh nature over a nature that makes her Attack useless I guess...) ~5* Male Morgan +Spd -Def (good nature, shame I already have that nature at +5 merge 5*. Oh well, guess that'll be +6 now!) And that's that. For now anyways. The fact I got Mia, even with a meh nature like +Atk -Spd, is good enough for me. Plus the off-focuses are just terrible this time around...
  5. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    I went though my barracks seeing if there were any problems I had... unfortunately, I came up with a number of problems... General complaint: Is it weird that I kinda wanted Cavalry and Flying units to be on their mounts in their art? I mean, it's not like they're jumping off to do their attack before jumping back on, so there's no logical reason for them to be clearly dismounted. Saber: I kinda feel like his hair is a little too small for his head, but that's minor compared to the decision to give the primarily brown-wearing Mercenary a blue-as-hell Valentian Brave Sword. It just DOES NOT fit with his overall attire. Fallen Heroes Celica: I kinda don't like how her normal attacking art has such a wide open mouth when so many other units aren't so open. It looks more like it'd be a better fit as her Special Trigger. Lucina and Masked Marth: Spoiler alert, Masked Marth is just Lucina wearing a Mask and tucking her hair in. So why does Masked Marth look like an actual man rather than a girl who is just small enough to pass off as a skinny dude? They're both done by the same artist to... Laslow: No actual negatives about Laslow, he's fine. But... why does he have a cape? Reinhardt and Olwen vs Meisterhardt and Thunderhead Olwen: I hate their alts for many reasons, but mainly because they aren't alts, they're literally the same but doing yugioh poses with a breeze. The art is still good, but these are the laziest alts and I cannot stand them. Artist HAKO: As a general, their art is fine and all, but their Special Trigger is just not exciting. I mean, it's not like I expect special triggers to be flashy and awesome looking, but their special trigger art just doesn't have the same impact that other special trigger art has. I attribute this to the lack of "special" effect and really no change in the characters face between attack art and special art. Hinoka vs Wings of Fate Hinoka: I didn't have any problems with Hinoka until WoF!Hinoka came out, but I can't quite place all of my issues anymore... Amelia: I haven't even seen much of Amelia in any artform besides her Heroes depiction, but... she just does not belong in Armor, I'm sorry. I feel like I'm fairly accepting of most art, heck I'm even okay with the Yamada Akihiro art, but even I am not immune to having nitpicks...
  6. The State of Heroes

    Opinions time! Though end of the day, nothing is going to change, and I'll probably proceed to throw even more money at this game once I'm done typing this up.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Knew it'd happen, but I'm glad it happened the way it did: Halloween Niles +Atk -HP. Dumping the lowest HP among Armors in exchange for more power, I'll take it. Niles could probably make for both a fast and powerful Brave Bow user if I feel his base kit doesn't do much good, the only real hindrance being his color.
  8. I should not be able to clear this thing within 2 minutes, only "failing" because I forgot to put my Flier Emblem teams skills back on... Abyssal BHBs when?
  9. HEY, only I"M allowed to furiously tap out of rhythm!
  10. Something fun I've always wanted to do but never could because too many priorities... Corrin and Chrom, their base forms mind you, supporting each other. Corrin has the Supportive Yato refine, Spur Def 3, and Spur Atk 3. Chrom has Spectrum Bond Falchion and Atk/Def Bond 3. The two are always next to each other. In total, Chrom would have +19 to his Attack and Defense, in addition to +8 to his other stats. Well now that I have literally nothing else to work on besides maybe Alfonse, I can finally take the time to do the fun thing I've always wanted to do... but now it has the potential to be better. Because of the Link skill series, one of the two can pack Atk/Def link (Corrin most likely) and use it to grant +6 Field Buff Atk and Def to Chrom to bring up the total boost to 25 (keep in mind, my own Chrom, who is +Atk -Res, has 56 Atk and 31 Def). But something I didn't expect to be helpful, Obstruct can let Chrom protect Corrin from enemy melee users and take the brunt of the opposition, and because of QR3 and all that Attack, he's probably going to kill most enemy melees. Another fun toy would be Darting Stance SS, since then he'd avoid a large number of doubles that he would have otherwise had to tank, even some Swordbreaker users. The only real issue, besides ranged units of course, would be TA3 Blue Dragons, who may or may not pack enough Attack to simply kill Chrom before he can even attack, but without TA3 he's got every single Dragon dead on counterattack. Eheh... I'm looking forward to this coming to completion...
  11. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Why does the work we have from Soeda Ippei only consist of either big armored dudes or Dorcas in rags...? I checked his Pixiv, it's not like he can't do smaller or not so armored dudes, heck he could probably even pull off a badass chick if he wanted to.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Note for anyone who wants to use a unit who usually uses a Firesweep Bow, they don't need to, none of the enemies can counterattack Ranged anyways. My Ranged Fliers +2 dancers were the heroes, and because Hinoka didn't need the Firesweep Bow she could use her Warrior Princess instead, and that helped secure just enough damage to help secure the win. Otherwise it was mostly target the non-Iotes fliers first, eliminate Michalis, then poke away at the remaining enemy.
  13. @Yukiko While I agree that Recover is the best healing assist in the game, I don't personally agree that Martyr is not as good. Rehabilitate, yeah it's fallen from grace, but Martyr is as strong as Physic and Restore, but also heals the staff user by half their missing HP, which in my opinion is a great assist for the role of nukes that Staff units have inherited, since they can then pack Miracle and have a safe way to get back HP once they are forced to trigger Miracle without having to take either the Renewal B slot or the Live to Serve SS. I don't find much value in the healed HP boost, but the base heal is still the same as Physic or Restore, and Restore is still somewhat rare (and if I remember correctly, I don't think it can be used on a statused target unless they have missing HP). At the very least, I'd put it on par with Physic and Restore, but still below Recover. Oh what have you become Rehabilitate...
  14. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    Gold Ribbon get! What worried me most was, as in the original Infernal battle, the Bow Cav, who was pretty much raw power when the units I like using in these maps are marshmallows. But it turns out, he's only a threat if he can counterattack, and... eheh, I REALLY hope they never release a skill or weapon that enables counterattacks regardless of enemies skills, even if they are overpowered as hell right now.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    My priorities, if I can be bothered to summon from this banner, are Mia>Myrrh>Kagero>Niles. Sorry Niles, I just don't think I really need you. Kagero... eh, I can live with or without. Mia and Myrrh? NEED. 3 summons later, who else do I get but fucking +Spd -Def Halloween Kagero? First thought, Damnit I knew I shouldn't have wanted Mia and Myrrh so badly. Second though, Goddamnit that's a waste of a perfectly good nature that could have gone on an actual glass cannon unit...