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  1. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Does it even matter what side I pick right now? I'm so addicted to Smash Bros I forgot to get all the rewards from round 2. I'll leave... uh... hm... I think I'll leave my Chrom I've been hyping up for months in everyones service. He's +Atk -Res with Spectrum Falchion, Swap, Aether, Atk/Def Bond 3, Quick Riposte 3 (considering replacing with Vantage 3), Spur Def 3, and Atk/Def Bond 3 SS. I'm on Ylgr side, FC is still 5177973547.
  2. What was your first spirit when starting the game?

    Big Urchin, from the Mario series. ...thinking about it, Electric Weakness v might have been useful in the Great Zapfish battle...
  3. I learned many things since becoming the perfectly ripe age of 21 a whole 2 days ago... One, yeah I definitely don't like alcohol. I think the place I ate at mixed some cheap beer can crap in with barbecue sauce... Two, I much prefer gambling for FEH than I do gambling in a casino. At least in FEH the chances to get something good are always present, even if it's just more Reposition fodder, as opposed to... having a chance to win back the credit you just used?
  4. My +Def -Atk Azama was equipped with Pain+, Close Counter, and Close Defense 3 SS on the final map of World of Birthright Lunatic. easy as pie, but expensive Azama... also healers can't learn Death Blow.
  5. Wow, okay. Sure, that's fine. Just gonna make it clear to everyone that Mr. Sakurai works miracles and probably will just make even more once Smash Ult development finally ends. In other news, Splatoon 2 is holding a new Worldwide Splatfest, Heroes vs Villains Smash Ultimate edition.
  6. I have the digital version and I can confirm, at least in mid-Oregon USA, the game is not available yet.
  7. Hey hi, I'm usually at the FE Heroes section. I didn't even realize there was not just an entire side to the forum dedicated to other games, but Smash Bros specifically. 8 hours left until the US release... wow. The year felt like it took it's time all because of this one game, and now here we stand, 8 hours left...
  8. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    Wow, okay I mean I guess Nifl voting gauntlet is fine to. I'm heading over to Gunnthra now. It occurs to me I forgot to tell everyone my info. I'm running Halloween Niles +Atk -Def. Base kit save for Moonbow and Armor March. FC is 5177973547.
  9. Maybe the combination of being tired but high on b-day energy is not a good combo for thinking logically... We've seen what a refine for Brave Weapons looks like though, via Cherche's Axe. And Ranged refines are weaker than melee refines, so Brave Lyn can only get 2 extra speed off a forged Brave Bow. Even if she went for an Atk refine... what would that even look like on a Brave Bow, +0.5 might? I mean, 2 Spd is 2 spd no matter how you try to justify it, but it's still just 2 Spd. ~Panic Ploy, which usable across the board, is limited to use by Armor units and really HP bulky units due to the HP requirement. In fairness most Bladetomers fall under the HP req by a mile, but Panic Ploy still requires line of sight to trigger, which can be really easy to counter with AI manipulation. Also wanna point out that, at least in 19.5, I haven't seen Dull Ranged on any PvP opponents even once. ~Units like Titania and Eirika exist for a reason: they are the best Field Buff providers and still remain viable on their own. A Bladetome doesn't necessarily even need +6/6/6/6 to be the best, often just 4/4/0/4 is good enough to get the job done. And really, I don't see the issue in giving up a units turn to help another unit retreat... ~The best counter to Armor March is often just letting the AI do it's thing. I've had more than one fight where the enemy clearly has Armor March advantage, but then proceeds to separate and lose that one advantage. Often, there's no real way to know if you need a counter to Field Buffs or not. Panic Ploy is not guaranteed to always be needed, and most weapons that inflict Panic status are often overshadowed by more offensive weaponry (see Legion's Axe vs Slaying Axe). And it doesn't help that it feels like the AI knows how to team up for keeping Field Buffs up better than it knows how to keep Armor March status up... Also... what do you think a Dancer is, exactly?
  10. @Hilda Okay but very few units are using Brave weapons anymore, and any that are are painfully outdated or are running Desperation + Brash Assault, which Bold Fighter is not compatible with. Or they are a Bow unit. And the few that still make melee Brave Weapons work despite how outdated they are... I mean, good for them? Brave Bow is honestly the best Brave weapon just by being a ranged Brave weapon. It's the same reason Reinhardt is still a somewhat viable threat for the unprepared. But Brave Sword, Axe, and Lance aren't as great as they once were. Amiti has Spd +3 built into it by default. Meistershwert is a Brave weapon on both phases. Cherche's Axe can either be the strongest Brave Weapon or trigger Panic Ploy as well. Point is, unless the unit comes with it by default, you don't see Melee Brave Weapons anymore. Meanwhile one of the first sets any new mage is considered with first is ALWAYS Bladetome, sometimes even before a set using their Personal Weapon is considered. Wanna make a crappy mage redeemable? Bladetome set. Wanna make a great mage even greater? Bladetome. Just wanna make sure you have a mage for every job? Bladetome. Worried about counters? Can't counter when you were killed in one hit by a 6/6/6/6 Bladetome. Personal weapon that literally nerfs the hell out of anyone who is standing next to an ally? Personal that inflicts Atk -6 on the enemy for not being Marth? Personal that makes you overall stronger because your Atk is lower than the muscly enemy? Personal that CHARGES YOUR SPECIAL BECAUSE THERE IS A TOME ON YOUR TEAM, INCLUDING YOURSELF? "But how does it compare to Bladetome?" Hell, Lilina used to only be viable with RauĂ°rblade before she got Forblaze. I really don't think self-sustain is an issue either. I mean, most Special refines on personals don't even do anything for the wielder except +3 HP if it's a melee weapon. And you not only thought of a refine for Bladetomes earlier, but are also saying BRAVE WEAPONS don't need the refine?
  11. As much as I'd like to agree, it seems the angle they're going for is "Whatever the weapon they were drawn with is now their weapon in the game", looking at the number of units who got new "original" personal weapons that look strangely similar to their artwork weapons... Ogma and Mercurius never had a chance... I hope Poison Dagger and Kitty Paddle get refines myself. The Festival in Hoishido daggers can all not only be forged, but also start with the 12 might that all normal ranged weapons have, meanwhile the Poison Dagger remains at freaking 5 might and Kitty Paddle at 8? Real fair...
  12. Fun fact, Male Robin is the last of the original 8 units featured in the original 2 banners on game release to receive a refinery update.
  13. Following up on what @XRay said. Wave skills typically require some form of planning to make them work, such as timing when the enemy will raid your team that the Wave skills will be triggered at the same time in the case of Def and Res waves, or the opposite for Atk and Spd waves. Some Arena maps, unfortunately, just don't offer this luxury. I'm not quite in agreement about Link skills, though I understand where Xray is coming from: they are B slot skills that are doing the function of a C slot skill. I can give you my own suggestion though: give a Link skill to Male Corrin with a Supportive Yato refine, and let him be an insane supportive unit to someone. I'm currently doing such with my Chrom, and he is nigh on untouchable by any physical units, and Corrin doesn't even have a Link skill yet.
  14. What is Your Current Focus?

    My absolute main focus is collecting as many 5* units as possible. As a player willing to shell out... a few hundred USD at a time... for banners, I'm fortunately able to keep up with this goal and still hover around 19.5 in Arena (mostly thanks to lucky pulls of L!Tiki, WE!Tharja, and LA!Hector), and the feathers from all the absolutely useless useless fodder units means I can usually get a few 3*/4* units to 5* at a time, or get a good skill on one of my more used units.
  15. This is fine and all, but I kinda feel it doesn't have any elements of being from Heroes... like, this could have just as easily happened in the Fates 4-koma as it did here.