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  1. It did, in fairness, sound like you said Distant Counter was the ONLY thing Hector had going for him, when he does have good early-game potency (and hasn't that always been some factor in unit goodness across FE?) Though also, Sheena was in the game since the start, and it's not like her best set could only be achieved once a certain skill came out... I guess it counts since she got better because of Skill Inheritance...
  2. That fact, along with QR2 built into his legendary weapon, makes him great out of the gate. The others require a good amount of building before they can really show their greatest amount of potential, meanwhile Hector is missing a B skill, of which a decently easy one to get is Vantage, an assist, and a different special, usually Bonfire but Glimmer or Moonbow could work as well. He also still has full exclusivity of Goad Armor (Eliwood being a TT reward with the skill at 4* doesn't make it a more common skill) if that can be considered a selling point, even if other Armor skills would be preferred. Late game yeah he is outshined, but in the context of "a free unit everyone, including newcomers a year from now, will be able to receive for free at 5* neutral nature from clearing a map, who also happens to have good skill inheritance options (okay option singular, but it's a damn good one)", I'd say that he deserves to be one of the final round participants if only because Vhector couldn't be an option. (I want it known that that isn't bringing down the other 3 participants, as all 3 of them are great for different reasons and all deserve to be a reward to everyone for free even if people already have them. Except Azura, there really isn't reason to have more than 1 of her, especially if one of the two is neutral...) I can stand as witness to the fact actually, I still use my own (+Spd -HP) Hector from March last year to this day and he still gets me out of tight pinches that even my own Vhector can't right now. ...though it's still stupid that Distant Counter is still so rare that by the time it's given to a different unit one year later, it's to the same character but better in all the right ways...
  3. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    GHB Elite complete! A little later than others, perhaps, but complete shut it. Infantry: Bridelia, Azura, PAzura, and Dorcas. I actually needed Dorcas to tank the ranged units so that Bridelia could begin initiating safely, which she did. Flier: ToD!Nowi, HNY!Azura, Beruka, and Catria. Nowi had to take a hit from the dagger below, and then she had to take out... pretty much all the others alongside Catria, but Beruka also had to take a few hits, both from the two melee units on the map and from the dagger. Armor: WE!Tharja, Black Knight, Hector, and WE!Robin. Hector and Robin were purely support, while BK and Tharja did a lot of tanking, BK taking the below dagger and Tharja the horsies. Ursula took two rounds of combat because of Guard though... but once she was out, all that was left was the sword cav and the armor. Cavalry: Reinhardt, Cain, Frederick, and Xander. Xander had to kill the dagger (with QR3), and from there... okay this is stupid. Cain had to equip Triangle Adept 3 and Distant Defense 3 because on the next turn, after the enemy moved around, he had to move in, break the one block that no one broke, and stand right in the way of the Armor and remaining dagger. Without those skills, he dies. Xander could otherwise move in to one-hit the green mage, Freddy could brave-hit Ursula dead, and with CD3 and horse emblem buffs he could take a hit from the sword cav. From there... Cain eliminated the armor, freddy braved the dagger, and Rein and Xander double teamed the sword cav. But yeah, my Cains history of being a TA3 Brave unit is paying off all this time later... how amazing and stupid. So glad I don't have to constantly reshuffle my teams and sacred seals for another year! ...or at least until the next Grand Hero Battle.
  4. Wait i thought we'd have to pick between 4 units of separate colors (one red, one blue, one green, one colorless)? Hm... must have dreamed that info up. Oh well, guess all those Hector votes weren't wasted after all. Least we all managed to vote for 5* exclusives, and 3 of them are limited time units at that.
  5. Uhhhhhhhhhh... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I know Zelgius has been having the wrong weapon for a while, but I just got a Zelgius with NO weapon.
  6. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    That's good. I probably could have specified the sets I used (Freddy was Brave Axe DB3, Nowi was Raudhrblade, etc etc), but hey you made it through! Don't expect confetti, I used it all up when I pulled Mah -tine Roy. Horse Emblem has posed a challenge for me each time just because their space occupation freedom is limited compared to the other three, and also no dancer and my Cavs all have kinda bad defensive ability so... yeah it's tough for me. I make it through somehow anyways.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    This has to be the first time a summon has made me shout something out loud. In this case, it is "FUCKIN FINALLY" and the unit is Valentine Roy. +HP -Spd, so not the best, but it's far from the worst, plus it's literally the same nature my WE!Tharja has and she's done pretty well off so far so hey maybe I can make Distant Defense 9 work on him. I did also get a 4* Setsuna from the pull, so I can get him the weapon ASAP as well as get him the training needed thanks to the TT. Either way, FUCKIN FINALLY. I seem to be the one person who can very easily escape colorless hell with the units I want in tow, and I am so sorry to everyone still stuck. Also I did the pull around when the clock rolled over to the 14th PST, so... don't read too far into it, but mah boi really knows how to pull through.
  8. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Today's GHB is Robin. My personal run below.
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    Infantry: Bridelia 3 dancers. I feel like I'm being a little cheap using triple dancing Bridelia for all the infantry quests... but not enough to not do it. Cavalry: Reinhardt, Cecilia, Cain, and Priscilla. I thought Cecilia would be doing a lot more, which is why Priscilla came along at all, but beyond Rein killing Navarre/weakening the Manakete and Cain killing the Axe Fighter, she really did do most of the work. In fact, I didn't even need Priscilla... huh. Flier: My flier emblem team strikes again. Armor: WE!Robin, WE!Tharja, Black Knight, and Hector. Black Knight had to take hits from the dagger below the healer, the Axe Infantry, and the healer herself, and even with Quick Riposte 3 the healer, the one that would cause the most problems for me, was still alive. I had Robin Reciprocal Aid BK back up and Hector stand in the way of the enemy attacking Robin, meanwhile Tharja was just hanging around to the left of everything... the Manakete went for Tharja and Navarre went for Hector. Navarre was healed by the healer, but he was still weak enough for Robin to one-hit him, Hector went for the healer and triggered Galeforce... but the Manakete, while weakened, couldn't be one-hit by Hector without Hector dying. But even though she was defensive at range, Fury was the end for her as Tharja went into battle with her and put her just below the health needed for Hector to go for the kill. Not as bad as I thought it'd be, but Armor Emblem still gave me a slight headache.
  10. Who do you predict for future Seasonal Banners?

    What about... an insect banner?
  11. Infantry: Bridelia, Olivia, Azura, and PAzura. Bridelia basically cleared everything and was danced either into the next target or danced away. Cavalry: Reinhardt, Cecilia, Cain, and Frederick. Freddy only provided Hone Cav now that I think about it, but Rein cleared the Sword Infantry, Cecilia repoed him out of the way and took the Bow Infantry hits, Then from there it was basically those two plus Cain clearing out the rest of the enemy. Flier: ToD!Nowi, Catria, Beruka, and HNY!Azura. Nowi killed the Bow Infantry to trigger enemy movement while Beruka lured Narcian in. Nowi and Catria proceed to pick off the enemy once they get to where everyone else is. Armor: Hector, WE!Robin, Black Knight, and WE!Tharja. Armor Emblem actually was done on the first try, despite it being the one I dreaded most. Hector, thanks to BKs Ward Armor and Robins S support, took most enemy hits to the face for a while before he had to switch with Robin, who also took a few hits to the face but also beat some of the enemy. BK beat Narcian and, a turn later, was able to WoM over to Robin and let him take a breather, while Tharja came in and tanked the last Bow user.
  12. Just wondering, but am I the only one who hasn't gotten a single Bow user since sniping colorless from the seasonal banner? Cause I swear I've gotten almost no bows since sniping. Almost exclusively staves and daggers.
  13. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I missed so many days I only managed 6 votes for Hector, but... eh. Even if we don't get him, it's still a free 5* hero, so whoever we get will benefit us all anyways. Unless of course it's someone I already have with an ideal nature/build and no good skill inheritance, in which case damnit why do you forsake me, FEH voters.
  14. @DarkLordIvy A moment of silence for the lost souls who gave their lives for this moment... *cue screams of pain and more shredder sounds* Their loss will not be in vain. ...also grats.
  15. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    This is how I did it with all 4 movement types. This was a lot less painful then I thought it'd be, considering how they completely revamped Xander for the sake of not taking magic damage, and in the end he was done in by Reinhardt anyways because whoops Firesweep Sword. But man, Cain and Vhector are really showing their power in these daily GHBs... I really underestimated the power of Firesweep on a Cavalry and absolute raw power on a DC armor.