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  1. Well... uh... I just did quite the thing. Normally I'd just pull up the unit as a screenshot from that unit builder, but... well, point is, this is a screenshot directly from my phone. ...I wasn't going to do anything better with that free Canas anyways, and I was gonna send home so many absolute trash units anyways (I summoned so many freaking Seliphs and other similarly SI useless units), so one free Takumi and spare Subaki later, this Henry is ready to promote whenever... ...if it could be justified because 4* +5 is literally the same as a 5* +0 unit... well, at least I'll have something to do with Henrys now that I have this one built up...
  2. Rate the Skill! Day 1: Armored Boots

    Well since it's basically parallel to Rate the unit, no reason not to partake in this as well. Armored Boots Rating: 6.5/10 Unlike the more used Armor March, Armor Boots enables an Armor to go off on his or her own without support, or even fit in on a mixed movement types team. On the right armor unit, this lets them start the fight much faster than their compatriots, and the right armors can also be enabled a frightening Player Phase set not dependent on their allies. The biggest drawback being a 100% hp requirement may not even matter depending on the skills on other units. What stops me from rating it higher is the fact that the effect is so similar to Armor March, and movement problems can easily be fixed with excessive positioning skills, that the Sacred Seal may find trouble fitting in on some teams.
  3. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Priscilla Rating: 6/10 Arguably the worst Troubadour, Priscilla still has all the advantages of one, but without the speed that Clarina and Nanna have, or the evenly balanced offensive spread of Elise. Jaffar Rating: 5.5/10 Jaffar's AoE crippling ability is strong, and his ability to safely initiate on Tome users is appreciated. But in direct and fair combat, Jaffar is not that good, and I feel he is overall weaker as an AoE crippler than staff users because he can only safely initiate on tomes. But he is still not to be underestimated.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Got Summer Cordelia with what I think is a decent nature in +Atk -Res. Anything that keeps her power up without impacting her more important defensive stat is nice in my book. Also, she's the unit I wanted most, so... yay! (I also only now noticed that her artist is Mayo, similar to her bride form but unlike her base form being Ueda Yumehito... guess she has a new artist now.)
  5. With Fury 3 she hits 32 res, which is... decent? The benchmark I'll give as an example is Est, who is a stronger Brave Lance flier than Cordelia or Hinoka because her Res is at 32 at 5* Lv 40, meaning she can trigger Def Ploy on more targets than the other two.
  6. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Lucius Rating: 7.5/10 Lucius has the right build to run a powerful offensive nuke build, at the cost of not being able to take melee hits or Dragons... at all. But given the right skills, he won't need to care. Rebecca Rating: 4.5 I'm being fair when I say that Rebecca is the below-average standard of an offensive bow, and she still doesn't quite perform. That's not saying she can't be used, because she can still be pretty fast, but others are more specialized than her.
  7. @Ice Dragon @Usana Makes sense. I'm not absolutely desperate to build Jaffar, since that requires me to dedicate an entire Divine Dew refine to him, but I'm also in a situation where I've not gotten a lot of good fodder lately... I guess I'll just sit on crummy Jaffar and see what happens. To Usana's liking Jaffar comment... I used to use him in my early days, until I realized his nature was kinda very bad, so I eventually foddered him off. Then every Jaffar I gotten since was foddered for LnD3. Was a much easier time, before Deathly Dagger got a refine... and these are the first Jaffars I've gotten in months...
  8. Since I managed a Jaffar with a bad nature earlier, I wanna ask: Do 5* units with still somewhat rare skills, such as LnD3, still act as good fodder for the mentioned skill? I have another, slightly more ideal Jaffar now, and I still have a 4* Sothe, so if not I'll just merge this crummy Jaffar into the more ideal Jaffar.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    ...okay I purchased orbs, but these funds are digging directly into the funds I set aside for the Legendary Banner, I'll let you know. Anyways, I have good reason. Because in my first session, I summoned Jaffar, +Def -Atk. That's bad, but that's still a 5*. One session later, Summer Innes with +Def -Atk. Not good, but still usable. A few sessions later, Lucina. +Spd -Atk, but that's still better and usable than whatever my old Lucina had. Some number of pulls later, and... Karla. +Spd -Def... No, I have no idea why, in so many orbs, I get 3 pity breakers and only one on-focus... yes, I swear I'm on the summer banner. Not too disappointed about Innes, considering he still has decent Atk and still intact Spd, while gaining slightly usable Def... I'll be able to use him. Also, WHY IN GODS NAME DID I GET AYRA WITH ONE OF THE BETTER POSSIBLE NATURES SHE COULD HAVE GOTTEN AFTER HER BANNER ENDS?????????? Oh, also at some point got my first Ares. Neutral, which I expect to be the best I ever get.
  10. I personally think so, since there aren't many meta archers that want to be around 32 Speed anyways. You are either higher, in the 40s, or lower, in the 20s with a Brave Bow. You might be able to outpace a few Red mages, but I honestly don't think it's that big an issue when Quick Riposte and Breaker skills exist.
  11. I remove the image for ONE MINUTE... ugh... here's the altered image, all that happened was that I removed a name I thought I didn't add in...
  12. Rate the Unit, Day 52: Priscilla & Jaffar

    Karel Rating: 6/10 Karel has the statline, weapon, and B skill to make him a potent force, but he's not unique among sword units. He also faces direct competition from Fir, who can trigger Ploys on the enemy where Karel can't. Still has a Wo Dao though, so he's good for that. Ninian Rating: 8/10 Being a Dancer aside, Ninian being a Dragon is a double edged sword: On one hand she can receive and give powerful buffs to her dragon compatriots, making her a great ally for dragon teams, but on the other she is murdered by Dragon-Effective weapons. Being a Dancer also means her statline is weaker by default, and even regular hits will hurt a lot. But she is still able to take clear advantage of being a Dragon and a Dancer.
  13. Ahhh... that was a fucking disaster. Below, the image. My thoughts on doing this in the spoiler... I'm not sure which of the other 4 outfit swaps I wanna do next, if I even wanna do any of them now that I have a better idea of how my art will come out, though I'm thinking of rerolling so I have at least one dude other than Gordin...
  14. ...screw hands, ya feel me? It's already bad enough that I'm doing this clothing swap thing for realsies and now I'm too far in to just back out, despite how bad to mediocre I am, but SCREW HANDS. I'm doing Beruka in Ursula's clothing for now, then I'm bunkering down on how to draw the hand poses I need for, at minimum, Gordin as Gwendolyn... that, or finding out how to hide hands in every other one I do.