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  1. ...crap, I'm gonna have to 5* alfonse aren't I... ...to make his quests easier because Silver Sword sucks.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Rerun Bridal Blessings. ...they should.
  3. ... ... ... ...when I used the orbs, I got another freaking Celica... ... ...can we trade?
  4. "You have a +7 each Horse Emblem consisting of +Atk Rein, +kill them all IV Brave Bow Brave Lyn, Cecilia, and also PAzura with DC and Emerald Axe of course you will steamroll the BHB and use Takumi's hair as a comforter!" Really, I don't care THAT much, since for most units there ARE others who can run the same set but weaker (excluding sets with LEgendary weapons, and usually DC because screw getting Hector randomly), and there are even still ways to clear whatever in the way you want. Live and... well, live mostly. ...but still, throw us a bone and tell us who Repo-ed who.
  5. Perhaps, but handling half the map on their own compared to overwhelming the enemy army with Flier Emblem or DC Armor duo or, god forbid it'll happen, Galeforce Dancer shenanigans and calling it "easy" doesn't seem fair to people who don't have those units (or in my case, don't have the units built). ...plus the people who say it was easy proceed to very briefly explain what they did, if they even explain at all. That's a little annoying to me anyways.
  6. Double twist: Heroes is a preview for Switch , where the entire FE cast is present. ...just... you know... EVERYONE. No bullshit reasons to powercreep Dorcas, no honestly stupid reasons to make Nowi wear even less clothing than she already does (in fact, EVERYONE has at least 8 costumes), and MORE THIGHS THAN A KFC.
  7. FE Switch is Heroes in an "actual" FE Form! ...general discussion is almost never serious once the silliness starts.
  8. They do refer to the story as "Book II" which while I know that was how the events of the first Mystery of the Emblem were split apart, but I could easily see a scenario in which someone opens portals to storybook land (Loki) to bring back an age of chaos. Weirder plots have appeared across time...
  9. If you have the Guidance seal, take a Flier with you (or Tana since she has Guidance by default) Dancers I feel are necessary since the enemy is made up entirely of cavalry and fliers (Takumi excluded but he has range) who can easily corner your team if you can't take out enough of them fast enough. If you have Jakob, he could probably tank both Takumi and the Blue Mage Cavalry with Distant Defense 3, but I don't know if he could kill them outright...
  10. Okay nothing against you, but is someone always going to say this in every single BHB thread? Because yes the BHB can be the "easiest" if you have the right units. Congrats for being luckier than other people in getting units?
  11. The Guidance seal is a pretty big part of clearing the BHB, as it let... Elincia be danced by Azura without Azura being in Reinhardts way. Yeah not exactly abusing it, but at least I didn't have to upgrade the seal just for this one battle... did have to teach Shigure Hone Attack though... For the first time in forever, I didn't use Bridelia! But I did use Reinhardt... so it kinda evens out.
  12. For someone who is running out of time to get the unit he wants from Trick or Defeat (coughcoughnowiHACKCOUGHtearsofdespair), 48 orbs is chump change.
  13. More orbs. All the orbs we know of so far seem to come from the story and tempest trials.
  14. Sigh... pulled +atk -Res Celica from ToD, but I already have +atk -hp built up at +2 merge. Keeping in mind my current Celica has LnD3, is -res better than -hp? And if not, who generally wants Distant Defense 3 as an A skill? Or would it be okay to just merge -res into -hp? Seriously, why am i constantly bothered by either Alm or Celica...
  15. Wait Mr. Tourguide! I wanna take an ironic selfie with the Dragon Boner and get lots of likes on my instagram! (no I don't have an instagram)