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  1. Actually... the correct answer to the Dragonstones question was Myrrh, from Sacred Stones, and the theme of the first question revolved around a Legendary Hero OC. Not only that, but they specifically used Young Tiki in the Dragonstone question when Adult Tiki can also use Breath of Fog... ...and the final question will be on the night before we get the New Heroes Banner. Someone get me either a tinfoil hat or some sleepytime gas, cause I'm either going crazy or need sleep.
  2. Eh, think I'd prefer it if the Shadow Dragon opening theme played instead of FE1. I like that they used Marth, Jagen, Gordin, and Caeda as the units in the player team though. Small touch they didn't have to actually do... ...I wonder if reading into the use of Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem units compared to the amount of Awakening/Fates references in comparison being nil counts as hope for the new unit banner being from Shadow Dragon/NMotE?
  3. An Update to LHBs Incoming (datamined)

    I mean, I don't wanna say the game's been easy for a while, because even with the units I've built up I'm still being an idiot in how I use them, but the moment we get Apotheosis-level content in the game I think they'll have expected all of us to have 5*+10 unit even if the units we want to use are the elusive 5* locks that we can never seem to pull.
  4. After considering it, I'd go -HP. Even though her defensive ability is shoddy overall, she only needs to take a little damage to enter Desperation range after Fury damage, and while I highly doubt you'll be trying to keep Fortify Flier buffs on her, she'll still be able to withstand at least one or two Green hits from the popular Green Armors. Going with -HP would hurt her ability to take magical damage, but given she has good Res anyways she shouldn't be taking so much magical damage in the first place, so long as she resists it anyways. But... assuming you can still summon, I'd wait just a little longer, since we're gonna be getting a New Heroes banner starting on the 21st (and an accompanying Forging Bonds). If there's a decent Colorless unit on it, that's an open chance to get Azama or Lucius. If not, or you don't wanna summon anymore flat out, then... well that's fair.
  5. An Update to LHBs Incoming (datamined)

    Oh god not this nonsense again... How many times do we need to up the difficulty of the game before the devs decide it's alright the way things are? I still have some nightmares from some of the Lunatic Dev Challenges...
  6. This question... I can't take anything seriously that uses mosaic censorship... None of the above, Answer D: Handholding. The only occasion I can think of (besides Developer challenges or similar) where the enemy uses a Sacred Seal is in the Sacred Forge unlock map, as well as a few of the Grandmaster challenges which I only count because they're still Sacred Seals no matter how they're used.
  7. I can go to question 2 now... have you answered Q1 yet? Seems most people think it's B, 27... Anyways, it asks for "who appears taller than the others in the stance he takes at the beginning of a turn" of the three Hectors we know about so far... it means the little ready pose your units does when your turn starts, right? Cause the clear answer there is Lector... If that's true, they kinda handed the answer to us on a silver platter...
  8. Oboro, Setsuna, and Subaki were all dressed for the Nohrian Festival of Bonds, so fortunately if they just borrowed from it we aren't completely stuck with yet another Camilla and Xander alt. If we could get Hector as part of a seasonal banner that starts with R, we could also get Rekt-or! Ah... this somehow made me think of the newest Awkward Zombie... how awkward...
  9. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    My version of the summoning pool would go as follows: 5* pool 4* pool: 3* Pool:
  10. On the note of Halloween, I kinda wonder if we're gonna get Nohrian Festival of Bonds, featuring at least two units who wore Halloween costumes from the still Japanese exclusive Nohrian Festival of Bonds... and then we'll get a Voting Gauntlet, Battle of the Bonds or something cheesy, pitting the Hoshidan and Nohrian seasonal banners against each other. ...oh, I guess Brave Hector will be a thing to soon? Hector, Vector, Lector, and now... Bector.
  11. @XRay Most of what you said here was actually said before (Hence some additions like +Spd Athena for instance). I swear it's always you who answers my 20k promote questions to. Nope, both Tobin and Masked Marth I'm missing one copy of due to not scoring high enough in those TTs, so Tobin at least I can only achieve 5* +1 at max. General enemy-phase tank who relies heavily on Combat buffs received from M!Corrin. The build I have planned for Chrom, which will be paired with Supportive Yato M!Corrin who will wield Spur Def and Spur Atk in addition, goes as follows: +1 Merge (from spare 5* Chrom I intend to merge), Falchion [Special Refine], Aether, Atk/Def Bond, Quick Riposte 3, no SS. S Support M!Corrin. Enemy Phase with +5 Merge, +Spd boon, Fury 3/Moonbow overwrites. [+Def]: 132-13-117 [+Atk]: 137-17-108 [+Def w/Moonbow or Glimmer] 144-13-105 [+Atk w/Moonbow or Glimmer] 141-17-104 So he gets more wins with +Def if he has Moonbow or Glimmer, but more with +Atk if he keeps the rarer Aether skill. I know I left out a SS, but that's on the assumption I leave him with nothing. For the sake of Arena Assault at least, it's just my preference to assume that the unit in question probably won't have a SS to use. With Distant Counter, +Atk gets more kills than +Def regardless of Special. Also all the calcs I did were with +Def -Res instead of -Spd. Oh I cleared it to, but I went the really hard route of "reset Training Tower til enough enemies with low Res spawned, then pray Lucius and Azama don't kill steal, only to get KSed by BB!Ninian anyways, repeat". I later found that the Lunatic Story Map C7P3 Baffling Labyrinth worked with just Azama weakening the enemy and absorbing hits, and Wrys poking the enemy afterwards.
  12. Story twist, Veronica appears in the next Story chapter "Reawakened" to save the day, and that is her Brave form and we get her for free ala Fjorm and Legendary Ike.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Free summon 5* Shigure. +Spd -Res. I've not checked if that's better than the +Spd -HP I currently have, but all the same, JESUS CHRIST FREE SUMMON SHIGURE. EDIT: With the build I gave him, -Res doesn't die to as many +5 merge +Spd Fury/Moonbow Overwrite enemies... Huh... Also, because new phone I think, I got asked if I wanna leave a review. Lol.
  14. Building low tier units

    I don't know about "low tier", but I do know a unit I see almost no one talk about, literally ever, is Cain. Cain was one of my original units, but me being naive I built him into a TA3 Brave Sword because I needed someone to take on Veronica in the first TT, and he happened to be handy. Ironically, he couldn't kill her, just greatly weaken her. But now, he's a powerful Firesweep Sword user, and I'm glad to have gotten pity broken by him over a year ago. At the very least, I don't have to give up Brave Roy or Siegbert's personal weapons just to have a good Firesweep Sword user. ...I mean, I don't talk about him much either, but I don't actually recall ANYONE ELSE bringing him up...
  15. Sigh, I come here to ask this question far too often... Coming up to 20k feathers, been trying to think of who I wanna promote, or who needs Skill Fodder the most. I've completely run out of units I "Need" to promote for the purposes of Arena Assault, now it's mostly "Who do I WANT to promote?" My goal, as always, is to have a large variety of units rather than a good army, but improving on my current units is always something I strive for as well. I've yet to care about promoting units strictly for merge levels. Units to promote: Skill Fodder Any ideas, I'm all ears. Also worth keeping in mind, I have barely higher than 70 Refining Stones to play with, so even upgrading to a slightly evolved weapon (Armorslayer > Armorsmasher, Rauðrwolf > Keen Rauðrwolf, etc) and then immediately upgrading it is possible.