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  1. How much does it say when the only way you can use a character in a normal context is by using their alt form, which is currently their only appearance in the game...? Also how funny she thinks that when the only two men are already married and have kids.
  2. This first +10 I TECHNICALLY didn't mean to do, but I did keep every copy of her I summoned until she just had enough copies to go for the +10 merge. Since I don't think I'll need her skill fodder anytime soon, I went for it. The second one I fully meant to do. I hadn't spent a single Grail since they were released, and while I didn't have enough to get +10 immediately, it would only be another week before I could. And now... well, here we are. Neither one is technically "complete", but that's just because I still don't know what to do with either one... The path of Conquest is paved in Crimson Fire...
  3. I think your numbers are a little off there. Kellam's been in since day 0, what do ya mean waifus bias even at launch? ... ...okay bad jokes aside, I think it should be mentioned as well that the last true Armor unit we received, that is the last non-alt and non-Heroes OC who is an Armor unit in their original game, is Arden, though to be fair Hardin would also technically count, though I'm reading that his Emperor class was only affected by Armor slaying weaponry in Genealogy of the Holy war, which means he isn't considered an Armor in New Mystery... so I'm not sure how to handle that. REGARDLESS, the last armor unit we received who was playable in their original game, and treating Zelgius as a Black Knight alt, is ARDEN. He's not even summonable, which means the last summonable canon Armor unit (if she can be considered canon) is Amelia. So to put it in brief... ~The last canon armor we got was Surtr, who is a Heroes OC. ~The last canon armor we got who can be considered an Armor unit, or at least a Knight/General derivative, is Hardin. ~The last canon Knight/General we got was Arden. ~The last canon Knight/General we got who is part of the normal summoning pool is Amelia. This is, of course, working under the assumption that Grima, Duma, Idunn, and Caineghis are not true Armor units, as the former 3 are final bosses who do not move (or at least don't seem to like to), while the latter wasn't anything like an Armor unit in his original game.
  4. EVERY. SINGLE. UNIT. All of them. 5 Star. Level 40. Well... the ones in the Normal summoning pool anyways. Haven't trained the Picnic units yet. But the rest of them... done. I'm missing Summer Tana, Summer Robin, Summer Frederick, Dance Fest Olivia, Halloween Henry, Summer Noire, Halloween Jakob, Summer Xander, and Summer Leo. I also don't have a copy of Summer Gaius, but I did get him to lv 40 as well. That's... 10 seasonal units I'm missing, most all of them being in Summer and in October. Once that's done, I can focus on just powering up my army instead of growing it. I'm might even relax on summoning from new unit banners... Man... what in gods name am I going to do with all of these units?
  5. Create a Skill

    Staff: Einhrendance (personal weapon) Foe cannot counterattack. Disables enemy B passives. (Does not disable the effect of B passives used in the Sacred Seal slot.) Assist (Staff user): Lumin Recover Restores HP to target equal to 50% of units Atk +10. Restores 25% of recovered HP to unit as well. After healing, grants Def/Res +6 to target and all allies (including unit) within 2 spaces of target ally. Special (staff): Excess (CD: 3) Offensive Special: Adds 5 damage to units attack. After combat, restores HP to unit and all allies within 3 spaces equal to 50% of units Atk. I've had ideas for a strong Staff unit in mind, and the above would be his or her personal skills. Though I like the idea of Excess just being a new Staff skill overall...
  6. The Arctic Silver Fox simulator doesn't have the new Camping units in yet, so I wanna ask opinions in the superior Asset stat for two of the units I pulled, Felicia and Flora. ~Felicia's are +Atk and +Spd. +Atk is considered a Superboon, but Felicia's Attack is much lower than other Superboon Atk axes (I'm looking at you, Ephraim...), and the asset would mostly just bring her to average. Spd seems important, given that she otherwise can't use Special Fighter properly. The big thing I'm thinking about is that Spd is a pretty important stat, but Armor units still run the Fighter skills that ignore Spd entirely, and I'm now in Arena Assault tiers where every unit is either a slow Armor with a Fighter skill, have automatic doubles anyway (Ephraim...), or are just fast. However, if I don't improve Felicia's Speed, she can't use Special Fighter as well without some assistance. ~Flora's are Atk and Res. Getting her Atk up would certainly help in killing Beast units, which it seems fair to think that'll be what she's doing. +Res, however, works offensively and defensively in that manor, as she'll then have enough Res to bring down the enemies Def to equal a boost in Atk, and bring down their Atk that she won't mind taking a hit. It also comes with the benefit of making her a better Magic tank even if she doesn't quite edge out the enemy in Res. I thought it was an easy choice, but it's slightly harder than I thought... any input is welcome. ...Also Lukas and Genny are just fine as they are and don't need debate. EDIT: I wanna ask a second question. I just got every normal summoning pool unit to 5* Lv 40, so I can now focus on purely raising any single units power. However, I always kept a few spares of certain units, largely from before the update to Merged units when certain units had bad Asset/Flaw combos. Now that I have every unit and everyone has an ideal asset/flaw, or at least a merge to cover up the flaw, I wanna ask... what should I do with the following? I'm specifically pointing out, also, that I know I can keep multiple copies of a unit for different tasks... I just don't see the reason to at this point. I have enough units who can do what I need them to do in AA, especially those who are +10 merged, plus there's some instances, for example Cordelia, where there's a good few units who serve the same role anyways. I repeat, just don't see a reason to. Anyways...
  7. Official Pull Topic

    In the order they appeared... ~Lukas came first, +Spd -Res. CLEARLY I'm resummoning for him, or at least persisting in summoning him til I get them all. ~Felicia +Spd -Def next. Good asset! Though I'm not sure if her Def or her HP wanted the flaw more... ~Didn't matter, another Felicia came +Atk -Spd. ~Genny was in the same session as the above Felicia, and she was +Atk -Spd. Didn't know what to think at first... then it turned out her Spd is as useless as her Defense is bad, so this works. ~Flore appeared finally! ... ...FUCK IT'S NORMAL FLORA. ~Not related to the camping guys (but it is Echoes related, so... it counts), but I pulled my final Brave Celica needed to +10 her (+Spd -Atk) ...I don't need to give anyone Death Blow 4 at this point, so I guess Walhart wasn't my next +10 after all... Laevatein appeared in the same session to, but she's not being +10ed. ~Lukas arrived this time +Atk -Spd. MUUUUCH better, ~And no false alarm this time, it's Camping Flora +Res -Def. If Gamepress is right, then her Def is a superflaw... but nothing a merge can't fix! ...I'll just keep summoning til I get that new Flora, no reason to report a unit who'll be used as merge fodder, but overall... good assets.
  8. Dispatch, this is MS Paint Sableye, I have broken through. I repeat, MS Paint Sableye has broken through. The download begins...
  9. ...okay I don't have that much of a problem with camping seasonals, but... Can we please stop giving the Seasonal units the Tempest Trial focus? How exactly am I supposed to take a scenario like "Veronica is feeling the effects of Emblia's blood" when everyone is either a sexy bunny or a bunny with a bulge? Damn, you to? I'm sad to say this, but I'm kinda glad it's not just me, just because it means I'm not the only person who's not being allowed to download content that I paid real money for... Not sure what you mean by this. Plenty of seasonal units have custom animations. It's been a thing even since the first seasonal banner.
  10. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    The video is out. ...yep, I'm just as underwhelmed as I was when I first heard it would be camping themed. Kinda feels like they weren't trying to keep Genny's involvement a secret... Also, which of the two was supposed to be the silhouette on the right...?
  11. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    ...camping? ...sorry, I'm not that big a fan of camping. I was when I was younger, but I've kinda grown out of it... Anyways yeah that's Genny. First thought for the person on the right was Libra, but only because the hair kinda sorta reminded me of him... though on second look, that doesn't really look like Libra... Man, why couldn't we just have Bridal Dragalia? ...oh well who cares, I got me some Smash 3.0 to worry about. I wonder if it'd be possible to make a FEH themed stage...?
  12. If it weren't for the fact I can't place the right figure, I actually kinda thought the left was Euden from Dragalia Lost. The crossover is getting to me...
  13. Let's discuss Tier 4 passives.

    I find it interesting everyone is saying Sturdy Impact is overpowered. Maybe I just haven't run into it much yet, but I honestly don't feel that the case. Sure it's strong, but it's not like it does a tremendous amount of good on EP (that is, the Sturdy Impact wielders enemies phase). Maybe I'm just missing something about it... Oh god that's right... man, am I glad you brought that up and that I have a spare Surtr. Eenie meenie minie moe, who's the wall to get this uber-Guard...?
  14. On a whim decided to do another merging thing. Specifically... Walhart actually. I have a few reasons... ~None of my +10s are free units. ~I have the least number of Green +10s. After Walhart though, Blue will be the least numerous, though I already have plans for a Blue +10. ~I have very few males compared to females (not sexist, but balance includes the balance of genders as well). ~General opinion of Walhart doesn't seem to be all that high, despite his imposing figure. Plus he's pretty neat as a character. I'm short 100 grails to make him +10 though, so he'll have to wait just a little longer...