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  1. Ah, that does indeed become a problem, especially given how the ideal bride gives up defensive ability to uber rekt everything. I suppose one could just run Fort Defense on an ally and have Bridelia attack him with the boost, but ideals also say that BK is on an armor-emblem team.
  2. Just to clarify, are we talking BEFORE or AFTER Dark Luna? I might not know myself because I prefer Desperation anyways.
  3. Nino was, to be fair, not as broken as she was on launch, only really having Gronnblade+ and Draw Back back then. In fact not that many heroes are that good before SI until Elincia decided to rear her head. Don't give into the temptation! Create Counters! Defeat the Magic Guru before he can you!
  4. We don't talk about FE1... But yeah FE6 only has characters who CAN be 5* but aren't exclusive to 5* in Roy, Lilina, Fae, and Klein. Thanks god for that though. Then again Binding Blade has had probably the fewest new heroes since launch, so it probably isn't a coincidence...
  5. Swordbreaker as a skill can be great for units who need a way to deal with the big three, which will soon become the Big Four: Ryoma, Ike, Xander, and Black Knight. I gave Swordbeaker to a Leon I'm still working on, but it can still function as a skill you give to a unit because nothing else really works for them. Bridelia with a Brave Bow can most certainly wreck any Sword units this way. She may actually need it if she wants to beat Black Knight...
  6. Wow, that is terrible financial advise, why would anyone recommend that. Still, gave me a slight chuckle at the self-realization.
  7. It... is painful to look at my bank account post-summoning. The things I do for you, Nintendo and all other related companies...
  8. I've run into a bit of a confused slump here and could use some help. With all the units I managed to pull the last two days, I've managed to get ahold of a number of useful units. But with the upcoming Tempest Trials, I need to have a team ready to combat the enemy. Here are the units I have that I can work extensively on with what I have: I currently have 20k feathers and a LOT of units I could sacrifice if I need more. Units who will be Bonus units I will train then (Ike is fully trained so no need to worry about not getting full points from the start, plus I have Nephenee)
  9. For the sake of making me sound cooler, lets PRETEND it didn't take me two tries to clear this because I derped the positioning of Ninian on Player Phase 2 and got her killed. Frederick I'd say was pretty MVP, given he was able to mop Ninian up and still make conditions perfect for Bridelia to tank the Sword Cav's hit. Though I did have to teach Bridelia Reposition for the sake of this battle... Hope this helps someone. Frederick makes a pretty good sweeper of the map if you can get him to safety ASAP.
  10. Pulled a few more times last night, plus a few times from the Bond Heroes banner this morning, and these are the more exciting results. All are 5* Effie (+Res -Def) Camilla (+Att -Res), who got sacrificed to my Cherche. How ironic, my most powerful axe users, Frederick and Cherche, could only come to be because Camilla appeared... Innes (+Res -HP) Effie (+Att -Res) Peri (+Spd -Att), which by the way is the exact same nature my current Peri has god freaking- Genny (+Def -Spd) Oscar (FREAKING FINALLY) and the rival of Peri has... the exact same IVs as my current one (+Spd -Att)... Klein (more Death Blow fodder) Oscar (+Att -Spd) Olwen (+Res -Att) Oscar (+Def -Att) Nowi (+Att -Res) :D :D :D best pull 20/10 shut up and take my money Nephenee (+Att -Def) jesus how am I getting 5 Nephenees and only now getting 3 Oscars...? I didn't really get anything of note at 3* or 4*...
  11. Lucina is a bit of an iffy subject in that regard, in that her CYL garb is literally just her Great Lord class, down to using a Lance. They could have easily promoted each of the three, or better yet just throw them into their Einherjar garbs (from the DLC of Awakening) and find an excuse to give them different weapons. Ike and Roy both also have outfits they can always fall upon in the form of their Smash Bros appearances.
  12. On top of what others said, if a unit starts and does well with a Killing Edge, they generally do better with a Slaying Sword, which basically just adds 3 damage.
  13. Mass summoned, and it really wasn't that exciting, though I did get some notable units. I'll just list the most exciting units here... 5* 4* 3* 4 Elincias, 3 of them crap and one of them workable, 3 Nephenee past the first one I got, 2 of them are awesome and one of them will be used for SIing Wrath, no Oscars, and even though she wasn't even part of the banner, 3 Celica. I have to stop for now to make some purchases beyond the world of Askr, but I'm thinking I'll resume when I don't have much else to do.
  14. Got Ike on the last day of the Tempest Trial Mini banner. Got Mist this morning. Just got Soren as 5* to prompt me to train the Soren I already have at 4* but with a better nature (+Spd -HP) And Nephenee was the first unit I got from the Dauntless Crimeans banner. Besides some skill inheritance issues, am I set or am I set.
  15. Did a full pull on Tempest Trials banner cause I'm cheap. 3* Est (+Spd -Def) crap 4* Odin (didn't bother to check) Moonbow 3* Cecilia (+Def -HP) crap 4* Marth (Neutral) WTF And last but not least... Soren +Def -Res. ...as a 5*. I have a +Spd -HP Soren at 4* that I wasn't gonna use, so I guess I'll merge this 5* into him. So not only did I get a 5* on my first summoning session of the TT Banner, but I also now have enough Bonus units for the Tempest Trial to clean sweep EVERYTHING with bonus stats. The gods clearly have taken pity on me... ...that, or I AM THE LUCKIEST SUNNAVAGUN THIS SIDE OF THE FOREST.