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  1. I will not claim to know about Binding Blades units, but given Panne and Jamke being GHB units despite both being perfectly recruitable units (and Panne never even being an enemy), I'd say it's fair game for anyone from BB to be a GHB unit...
  2. Any ideas for +Def +2 merge Keaton? It's not exactly +Atk, but Keaton still winds up being stronger than Swordhardt (even when untransformed) while being bulkier and reaping the benefits of Infantry Beast bonuses. I was originally thinking to give him DC and maybe the Atk/Def or Fierce Stance seal, but another idea would be giving him Sturdy Impact for stronger PP and stronger Bonfire triggers, or Sturdy Stance to keep him strictly a melee EP tank. Fierce or Steady Breath is also an option for letting him pack Ignis for extreme Special Triggers. One other idea is simply repeating Swordhardt, giving Fierce Stance/Breath or DC and Vantage, albeit it'd be quite the waste of a perfectly good Special Spiral. I'm not sure I wanna try for +Atk Keaton, not really because I don't think it's a good Asset (because it's not an asset it's a Superasset), but because of the upcoming banners. But assuming I do, would it be safe to assume that Keaton works just as well with +Atk as he does +Def? +Res resonates most with the Berkut's Lance set, given it further lowers her magic damage intake. Being a Superasset helps in that regard as well. +Atk resonates the most with any of Effie's sets, and in fact +Atk seems to usually be the default. It even works with the Berkut's Lance set, though she does wind up taking slightly more damage from magic. Assuming you take Wary Fighter though, that's already a load of potential damage gone just by not being doubled, so if you ask me I'd lean most towards that.
  3. You... expected something else from Keaton and Velouria?
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Well, things did NOT go as swimmingly as they did for Valentines... While I did get the beasts... dear god now that I think about it, it was just like the last Beasts banner to, where I got ALL the off-focus summons. Hell, not only did I get a +HP -Spd Adrift Camilla to overwrite the +Def -Atk one I've had, but I also got the last two Owains needed to +10 merge him, with one of them being +Spd. While that is among others, the main meat and potatoes are the beasts. Unfortunately, they all NEED a merge because their Flaws were awful... except Keaton. He was the pretty alright all things considered +Def -Spd, but he got a merge anyways on accident, while I was still able to get another Keaton to give one of the Herons Beast Valor. Anyways, Kaden originally had +Def -Atk, Selkie originally had +Spd -Atk, and Velouria originally had +Res -HP. Selkie ends with +Spd -Atk but a merge to overwrite the flaw, Kaden ended with +Atk -Res with a merge, and Velouria... I'm actually still sniping for. EDIT: And new Velouria get. The following are the final results of this summoning. Keaton [+Def -Spd +2] Kaden [+Atk -Res +2] Velouria [+Spd -Def +1] Selkie [+Spd -Atk +3] I didn't bother getting the free summon tickets yet (probably would have been helpful though...), so maybe I'll come back to this banner later... though that'll be AFTER I'm finished with the other two upcoming banners... ...GAH this never gets any easier does it?
  5. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    That would certainly do it, yeah. Panne, after checking many of her images, does tend to have a far more antagonizing look to them, and when not... well yeah more mature and jaded is a good way of putting it. Widened eyes is not a very correct look for everyones favorite bunny. ...well good thing I tend to pop in AFTER the fact, amiright? ...right? ...WELL ANYWAYS man can 11 pm PST hurry up? Or at least the datamine? I wanna hear more of Selkie's voice lines!
  6. Before I say anything, I want it known that I am just as sick of sexy Fates Royals as everyone else. That said, I DO think Hoshidan/Nohr Noble Corrins would be neat. The two classes are very different, as are the Blazing Yato and Shadow Yato. One is more supportive and gains a boost to Atk and Spd from Yato, while the other is more offensive and gets beefed Def and Res from Yato. One gains Staves (or Rods I guess), the other Tomes. One gains a skill that decreases the damage taken by a nearby ally and increased skill activation, the other gets a skill that debuffs the enemy and a skill that allows the use of an allies skills. Even if it'd be more Fates pandering, it'd be a lot more interesting than trying to make a balanced out Corrin with Omega Yato.
  7. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I somehow never seem to associate the appearance of eclipse in a new heroes banner to mean anything good for the topic of discussion... Anyways, Panne looks good. Her proportions look to be somewhat similar to her proportions in Awakening (or thereabout), which tends to bother me about a lot of the females in the game. Not sure though, it still doesn't look right... maybe it's the ears. I seem to remember them being bigger?
  8. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I'd rely more on the video than the SF newsfeed, since one is more likely to contain typos than the other. Though like I said, skill descriptions can be weird and easy to misunderstand, especially given how expansive and complicated they've gotten over time. I'd honestly prefer they be longer if they just said "greater than" or "less than" rather than > and <. (No offense to the editor, but they did list the weapon descriptions as being on par with Fiora's personal weapon.)
  9. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Nah she wants high Res. On Foxkit Fang: If units Res > foes res (so Selkie's Res is higher) On Sabotage Atk: If any foes Res < units Res (so Foes Res is less than Selkies) The way skill descriptions gets worded sometimes is very confusing... but no worries, we aren't trying to boost 13 Res to 20 when under 50% hp or anything.
  10. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Speaking as an Awakening genner, seeing the 5 Tellius beasts and what their brief bouts of backstory offer was interesting and makes me invested in learning about them. Also as an Awakening genner, PLEASE MAKE TELLIUS COST LESS THAN $70 USD USED. ASSUMING YOU CAN FIND THE DAMN THINGS.
  11. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Oh god right those two... urgh, can we just skip those two overall? I'll take another 12 Camilla alts if it means we skip those two.
  12. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Okay, so I do this thing now where I close my eyes during my first viewing of the reveal trailer, since I wanna keep who is appearing a surprise until they're gone over. Lemme say, despite knowing exactly who would be on the banner, it remained a pleasant surprise. Though Selkie's voice... I won't say I don't like it, because you marry someone in a game and you kinda get used to their squeaky voice while doing the daily rabble, but it very much took me by surprise anyways. ...still waiting for someone new to get Life and Death instead of Atk/Spd Bond or similar... Maybe he WAS, but... well, you know Yarne. Being summoned to another world and being made to fight god knows how many kinda of fighters, let alone the generic ones, does NOT seem the best way to avoid extinction.
  13. You realize that happens 50% of the time anyways, right?
  14. Maybe there's a way to do this... ~For 200 Badges, you can buy 3* Hinata, and 400 Badges for 4* Hinata. Cannot buy 5*. ~When bought, the Asset/Flaw will be randomized. For an additional 100, the Asset/Flaw will be removed to make a neutral unit, and for... let's say an additional 300, you can select the Asset. ...now that I think about it though, if we could buy a units Asset, we'd just begin complaining that we should be able to alter the Asset/Flaw of Heroic Grail units to...