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  1. That is complete bullshit considering the hardest content in the game can be cleared by them at 4*. Oh no, I can’t do Arena with them. So what? You can do every other piece of content with them. Hell, our latest GHB was quite the decent unit stat wise, and he came with a prf weapon capable of being refined and great skills.
  2. At least the dark mage outfit was skimpy with both, and out of all the classes Dark Mage is one of the few I don’t mind skimpy clothing on. Necromancers, Warlocks, Blood Mages, etc in my experience have had more skin showing than other mage type classes. Not always, but out of all the types they are the most likely.
  3. FGO seems pretty cool with theirs. Then again the FGO community is one of the most chill I’ve seen. FEH on the other hand......... Right seems to be Camilla, but it also seems too obvious. I’m expecting some trickery.
  4. Hardin looks like Joseph Stalin Iago looks like Tommy Wiseau Maybe there is more to this than we thought?
  5. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Probably an avatar. I figured they would continue with it. a couple good signs with it though. 1. They seem silent. That crit quote sounded like Edelgard, so I don’t think it was Byleth. And 2., there might be dialogue choices considering there is at least an interface for it with the weapon skills scene there. So maybe our input as the avatar is a bit more interactive than its been in the past. either way, I don’t mind. I like avatar characters, so for me this is great.
  6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I’m excited, it seems to be trying to be its own thing, which is what I was hoping it would do rather than borrow heavily from any one era of FE. Excited for more info too. Also, team Edelgard. She’s too good. Plus she uses an axe. Sign me up. hopefully we see more info today with Famitsu, or something within the next month if not.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Or you know, we just not inject politics into our Japanese Strategy Role Playing Game with mediocre stories, and just enjoy it for what it is. Claude looks Mediterranean to me anyway. Im thinking those are dragon veins btw.
  8. The problem was unless the roster was going to be set at a high number, representing the entire series was impossible. Just getting all the lords in the game would have been around half the roster all by itself, leaving not much room for anyone else. And then when you include the characters that have to be there, you have 0 room left for any freedom from the Devs, and that’s still going to go over the roster count we have. It wasn’t possible to represent everything. It’s why they made the choice they did. And all these statements that Koei didn’t care is silly, considering one of their ideas for the game was a literal recreation of Genealogy. The funny thing is, if that was what they did, FE fans would be cheering, despite the fact that it wouldn’t at all be representing the series. Just one game. But at least a sequel will include some of the fan favorite games from the series. I am looking forward to the possibility myself.
  9. Problem is that “negative” reaction has been within the community alone. We are a loud minority, we don’t reflect the 1 million people who bought the game. Hell, we only made up roughly 1% of Fate’s total sales. So between sales and reviews and all that, yeah. The reception has been overall positive.
  10. Anyway, the interview was interesting. Especially what characters were considered originally for DLC. Gaius May have been a bit interesting, but their statement is pretty true on the Lonk situation. Overall I think Olivia was a solid choice. I do find the concept of Darios being the main characters of a sequel a decent idea. People liked his design, and him as a character overall. So it would be a good choice. I’d love to see a sequel at some point. I don’t expect anything soon, but a good sequel that includes Elibe, Tellius, and likely FE16 would be great.
  11. What did you want them to talk about “here is what we would do with the characters that were never in the game at all, and might be in a sequel we cannot confirm” and on top of it, it was literally impossible for them to include all the fan favorites people were wanting. Someone was going to be left out, and they still at least included characters like Lyn, and Celica, who are fan favorites. They just didn’t include Ike and Roy. Which so what. Considering Lyn and Celica were clones, Ike and Roy wouldn’t have worked anyway.
  12. There is only so much Koei can do. They can’t decide to make the game, it’s Nintendo’s IP, Nintendo has to make the decision. Regardless of how you felt about the decision, there is only so much they can do. And it’s not like they didn’t put in fan favorites. They just didn’t put in the fan favorites you wanted. This is something people really need to figure out, they didn’t screw fans over here. Plenty of the characters in the game are popular and were put in for that reason. They couldn’t appeal to everyone, that was literally impossible.
  13. I always liked her. Her personality seems a bit too heavy handed with the childish aspects, and I wish they let the more "mature" side of Nowi out a bit more, especially in supports. But she was a good character imo, and is easily my favorite "manakete" in the series alongside Tiki. If we include dragons as a whole it shifts a bit, but still.
  14. Yeah that wouldnt be bad. Getting away from the desert based setting would be a good idea since those have been....less than stellar throughout the series.
  15. You know, if we are going to bring in some history, then why dont we really go into what Ike's status truly is. And by the way, its far above that of a commoner. To start off, lets completely forget Greil even had a past. Lets just throw all that out the window for the sake of this. Greil owns a band of mercenaries. Skilled ones at that. Greil owns a small bit of land. On this bit of land, he has a Fortress. A small one, but still a Fortress. He has enough funds to keep the Fortress stocked of weapons, of which were not cheap, and plentiful food. The largest, most key aspect here, being that Greil owned a Fortress. Peasants do not own Fortresses. Commoners, do not own land, especially not one that has a fortress on it. And even if Greil bought the land and had the fortress built, that was a lot of money he used to do it. And getting further into the details of it, even if Elincia's father gave Greil that land, that still shows that Greil was considered above the average commoner, because land was not granted to commoners like that. Now to look into how the Greil Mercenaries were renowned enough to take jobs entirely for free. Here is a line from Titania in FEH just to show that " Our mercenary group has an unusual reputation. We're known to do jobs without payment. And we sometimes take a job only to help save people. But we never do it solely for the money." That means Greil's little organization of Mercenaries is well off enough to not have to take jobs for money, and just do it entirely for free. That is a big deal, putting your people's lives on the line for no money like that. And to be able to still run the keep without an issue and keep equipment well stocked while pulling stuff like that? I would say Greil is at least sitting on a decent reserve of cash. This means that not a single point is Ike ever struggling like a Commoner would. Hell, he doesnt even have to interact with Commoners all that much if he is living in a Fortress with his Father and his merry band of mercenaries. The Fortress has everything they need. Hell, Alm is even more of a Peasant Hero than Ike is. At least Alm lived in a small, nondescript farming village in Southern Zofia that was starving and had little to no wealth at all. Teaching the local village kids how to fight and taking care of a farm with his Grandfather. That is more than Ike ever had to do, thats for sure. And that is without even getting into how Greil's status effects Ike's story. Hell, from what we have established the story hasnt even started yet. The Black Knight was after Gawain the General, the Master Swordsman, his trainer. Not Greil the leader of the local mercenary heroes, and for all intents and purposes the local lord of that region, because lets face it, Greil practically was when he owned a small fortress, employed knights, and had enough funds to protect some local areas entirely for free. Thats what a Lord does. So the Black Knight hunts down Gawain and kills him. Which was entirely his mission, literally 0 to do with Elincia. Which sets Ike on the path to hunting down the Black Knight and wanting to enact vengeance upon him for killing his father. So Ike's largest story to his character, his entire motivation, is set in place because of his Father's status. Because without that status, The Black Knight wouldnt have cared. So tell me again. How is Ike the Peasant Hero of Fire Emblem?