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  1. Fate/Grand Order General

    Ok, thanks for the heads up. Ill fix it.
  2. One thing I already don't like about Three Houses

    I dont see this style as generic in the slightest. Its got a unique look to it, as someone who has a lot of JRPGs and anime series under his belt. And its certainly a new style for Fire Emblem itself, which I think is more important than anything. As long as the new style is a new look for FE, I dont really care, along with it looking nice that is. and as far as that goes, I think it looks fine. This is a new look for FE, and I think it works well. The characters all have rather unique designs to them, a lot stand out, even across the series. Seriously, go look at some of our old designs, they start blending together a bit. How many blond haired red armored cavalry can we have before they kind of turn into the same guy, different name? THe characters have a unique look here, some of those unique looks are great, some......not so much. But overall I cant really say its generic, its far from it, especially from a FE standpoint.
  3. I dont think that is all we will get. We havent seen anything outside the school and we know that some content will definitely be outside of that, if the cutscenes alone are anything to go by. Meaning we probably have recruits outside of the school we get. Plus whatever teachers and other staff.
  4. What Happens To the Houses We Don't Pick

    Im hoping that maybe based on some stuff in the game, we side with another house, and maybe the 3rd becomes an enemy or something later on. Or maybe we have to choose to save certain members of one house and the others die. Something to make the house choice matter and give us something to replay several times for.
  5. Either you are an elaborate troll looking to ruffle some feathers, in which case youve already gotten what you wanted, or you are an asshole making a post that belongs more on a blog than this forum. Either way, this topic really does nothing but stir the pot and makes an inflammatory statement about a game we have less than 10 minutes of footage of in total. If you dont like what you see, then dont buy the game and take your opinions to a blog post or a post on twitter or whatever soapbox you want to go stand on. As for what your claims are, there is hardly enough information to make that assumption anyway, we have less than 10 minutes of footage as I have said, and we have no idea what level of development is behind this game, and especially the story. And considering we have a continent, more world building than Fates and Awakening combined, and an avatar that seems to be a static character much like Persona, its looking to be on a much better footing than it is looking to be worst. In regards to anime, hate to break it to you but the series has always been full of "anime tropes", and bland villains. I dont know why you are looking for a top tier story in a Strategy Role Playing series built off the most generic story possible for its first title, but you arent going to get it. I suggest not expecting the next LoTR from a series that had a loli dragon in the first game.
  6. Who will return?

    I think for base game, just leaving it to Anna would be nice. But I would love for some DLC for the Cipher cast maybe, or the Awakening trio, stuff like that. Things that would be a tad out of place for the original game, but can be fun as fanservicey DLC for other playthroughs.
  7. I think FE6 remake is going to be next. Roy is well known thanks to Smash and FE6 is an easy enough game to remake with a new coat of paint and simple touch ups as its relatively simple gameplay wise. Its also not all too complicated story wise, and with some added pieces it stands on its own quite well. Itd be a very safe option for a remake, and one that would be welcomed by many I would feel. Genealogy on the other hand is a can of worms. Its very popular in Japan, but almost nonexistent in the West outside of the diehard community such as us, which quite frankly doesnt speak for most of the buyers. This isnt inherently a bad thing at all, but Roy does have Smash recognition going for him. Jugdral does not. There is also gameplay hurdles. Genealogy gameplay wise is very...rough to say the least. Its got a unique idea, but compared to current FE I would go so far as to say its even more out there than Gaiden/SoV. Gaiden at least was familiar in its look with a more medium sized map set up, a class changing system, routes, etc. Genealogy on the other hand is far more linear and restrictive imo. There's only about 12 chapters, because each chapter is about like 4 normal FE chapters in size. Which makes them have an epic feel to them, but it also makes them take a long ass time to complete. One that isnt exactly as easy as doing a quick map in any other FE in about 30 minutes to an hour and moving on. You'll take an hour on the tutorial map alone for a first playthrough. There's also a lot of QoL features that just do not exist. Trading is gone, gold is an absolute mess, Quite frankly the entire preparation set up is a bit confusing and weird to anyone first walking into the game. Its really an odd title. There's also the very clear balance issues with the game, considering its a very cavalry dependent game even moreso than any future FE title. And in general the way you tackle Genealogy isnt like any other FE. Its a very different title. So either that has to be put at the forefront that its a weirder title gameplay wise, completely separate from the rest of the series, or it gets some major changes. Both could work, but its something that would take time and effort to do. And isnt as simple as just grabbing FE6, and remaking it. As far as gameplay touch ups go that they'd have to do, QoL features would be at the forefront. Everything I mentioned earlier are things that would have to be addressed. Trading, gold, preparation screen. There is also the inclusion of stuff like supports that would need to be considered, a facelift on the pairing system, if Mila's Turnwheel is going to be a series norm, how do we fit it in here, New character additions or redesigns/reworking certain characters is also a factor. The differences between Gaiden and SoV character wise is massive, just look at how much Boey changed over time. Its not like each and every character is going to just get picked up and placed in the game as is, there would be some touch ups for sure. Story wise its mostly fine, though with the addition of things like potential memories like what was in SoV, supports, and fleshing out the game's story in general it wouldnt be simple either. Keep in mind this was a SNES title, it was much more limited in its capabilities, even bringing it to an SoV level would take a lot of work. Genealogy's remake is a much larger undertaking than what BB is, or even any other title in the series. Id even say Thracia is an easier title to remake over Genealogy. That doesnt mean its really impossible, but it requires more work than the rest. The one thing I will say is this though, the focus on added troops and what seems to be a troop system ala Langrisser that is being added to Three Houses, makes me wonder if Genealogy is being looked at as Langrisser is the one title I have always seen as most comparable to Genealogy in terms of what it was trying to do, replicate large scale battles. Langrisser doesnt have as large of maps, but it recreates large scale battles better than Genealogy could in some ways considering each character is surrounded by several squads of troops. You really do control an army in those titles, not just a group of adventurers. And including somekind of troop based system in Genealogy would go a long way to spice up its gameplay and potentially start balancing out the game.
  8. Langrisser M General

    So turns out the new Sonya skin in CN is free from an event. Which is fine by me, dont have to spend for it at all. Spent 50 tickets in total trying for Angelina or some more Cherie shards, got Chris and several sets of shards for her instead. Ill take it, I didnt have her before. I dont want to spend much of any of my crystals on it so I can keep those in reserve, so Im kind of done with the banner for now until I can gather up another 10 tickets.
  9. The Last Of Us: More of a lack of interest than anything else. I keep hearing all these great things about the story, but I personally dont get it. The gameplay doesnt look that impressive at all, and tbh the story doesnt sound all that groundbreaking. Its one of the first games that come to mind when I think of overhyped games. GTA: Just never really got into these games.
  10. I know there's some mixed reactions on the deeper voice, but I like it. I think it does a good job embodying the fact that she is chaos itself. Of course it doesnt make sense she looks like a little girl but has a woman's voice. She's a deity, and one of Chaos, nothing about her should make much of any sense. Im a tad disappointed we didnt get possessed!Miccy from this, I was really hoping for a canon Miccy alt before CYL releases so that her Priestess design potentially gets knocked out of the way, but there's still time.
  11. Langrisser M General

    The game seems to be doing pretty well, which I am glad to see. Really hoping this pushes them to release the remake outside of JP. Got Zerida the other day and have her caught up to the rest of my group now. She's doing pretty well. Really outclassed DieHarte for me in terms of dagger users, but that isnt too surprising. Probably going to throw him back to Cavalry after I get the rest of what I want from the ninja line. Also, love the new Sonya skin CN is getting, may be the one costume I actually buy.
  12. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Supports. Or whatever might replace them to some extent. Something to that effect. Possible playable characters outside of the students. I figure it is going to be a thing, but I would like to have a bit of confirmation on it. Even one of the other teachers being confirmed playable somehow would be great, we've seen 2 of them so far. Player customization. To what extent do we get to customize the avatar. Do we have control over classes, maybe secondary weapon type, do we have the boon/bane system again, do we have any control over appearance, etc.
  13. Thanks, Ill have to look at this. The fact that its apparently made from the creators of Xcom is already a bonus.
  14. I havent heard of it actually. What is it?
  15. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Not completely surprised. We could definitely use a few more male seasonal alts, and definitely need some more male 5* limited characters. Unfortunately a lot of gachas focus on female characters mostly, especially for seasonals, because they just happen to sell more. You have more people willing to shell out cash for a cute girl in an outfit, or some sexy bikini than they are for a guy in some swim trunks. That's not to say the audience isnt there, there are actually several male only, or male focused gachas for one. but the former just does more. FGO doesnt even have a male alt character for summer, beyond some costumes for a few characters as far as I know. And most of Langrisser Mobile's costumes are for the female characters. But thats not to say thats how things should be handled. I do hope FEH finds a nice balance. I think it will always be a bit lopsided, but they could at least try to keep it relatively balanced. We havent had female only seasonal banners yet at least though, beyond the bridal banner that we get.