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  1. Sure, but I do think it lowers him a bit as the "commoner" among all the lords in the series. He may be a commoner, but his father was still a legendary figure and his mother contained a special bloodline that let him wield a legendary weapon. Plus he was born into a very prominent mercenary organization. So yeah, he is still a commoner and all that, but he is hardly the come from nothing kind of lord that people have been wanting. But that's just arguing semantics at that point since he was still a commoner.
  2. So TT is likely out of the picture, there isnt one set for May in our current schedule. But that leaves an odd situation with May's TT, because it isnt during our next banner on the 10th either. So either the TT for May will be for whatever comes after the 20th, or May skips a TT altogether.
  3. (Ike still had his father who was one of the 4 riders and his mother with a special bloodline, so Ike doesnt really count either), but yeah thats not a bad idea. A nonlord lord would be great to see, hell, even just a "lesser noble" kind of lord would be nice. Im a bit wary of too much of a boat theme due to how boat maps typically go, but at the same time I think it has a lot of potential. It could be really good, or really bad.
  4. Started watching Darling in the Franxx. First time in a while that I’ve been hooked from the start, unfortunately it seems the dubbing is a small bit behind the subbed episode releases. But the show is generally interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  5. Going to be honest. Nothing. I never played Fire Emblem looking for a masterpiece of story telling that most fans seem to expect from the series. Im just looking for something enjoyable. Any "hopes" I have come from more of a character standpoint. Give me some decent characters, give me some decent concepts, and I will be happy. Just at least be a tad bit better than Fates. If we get something on par with even just Awakening again, Ill be content. I didnt even mind Fate's story all that much, I just got tired of seeing FE fans bitch about it for 2 years.
  6. Fire Emblem loves to use Norse names, but its never done anything to actually dive into Norse culture. That could be an interesting one to see brought in, with clans and all that noise. I also wouldnt mind seeing a more Spanish oriented concept. Good old Spain, especially if its based on Spain back when it was a big deal and had their massive fleet and all that.
  7. That was the worst part, announcing it so early. I honestly found it odd myself that they would announce it as early as they did, but whatever. Either way. Im hoping we get something soon myself, just to shut all the overreactions down. I understand it to an extent, it sucks we have no info yet. And the leaks early in the year definitely did nothing to help the situation, but its getting a little much. Im seeing people saying we are going to have a repeat of Radiant Dawn because its releasing sometime in the second half of the year with Smash, which doesnt have a concrete release date or release window other than 2018, and Pokemon, which isnt at all confirmed for 2018. People need to just calm down and wait.
  8. I think its a bit early to be jumping to these conclusions tbh. Its not at all strange that they havent said anything yet, plenty of games wait until later in the year for an announcement. And as far as releases that could compete with it in the 2nd half of the year, one doesnt have a concrete date yet, one isnt confirmed for 2018, and there are several months in the 2nd half of the year that FE could safely slide into and be just fine. So just hold on for a bit longer. I swear, if a year of no info is driving the FE fans crazy this much, I dont want to know what would happen if they had to sit through the wait time of a typical CDPR game.
  9. Opinions on Camilla

    I like Camilla because she has big tiddies.
  10. Same boat as you, completely f2p. Its not hard. There is a reason people have cleared CCs and the like with 4* units, all healer groups, etc. Just takes some thinking. This is a strategy game after all, Strategy should be key.
  11. Should Reclassing Return / Unit Identity

    I came up with a concept a while back of splitting "Villagers" into several subclasses, that way you can keep certain characters in a class type. For example you would have an Apprentice/Acolyte subtype that could go into Mage, Dark Mage, Priest. Or you have a Squire subtype that can go into Cavalier, Knight, Pegasus Knight. Villager that can go into Rogue, Warrior, Archer. Stuff like that. It keeps a character in a class range they could fit and doesnt throw away identity, while giving the player control over how they can grow their characters. I think player control over how their army and characters change, and keeping character identity are important aspects to the game. Trainee types are probably the best way to do it without causing the breaking of identity like we had in 3DS/DS era. And with that concept, you could always throw out a few DLC items no different thank the Pitchfork that allows players to put someone into other trainee classes. So Squire's Banner, Apprentice's Manual, Pitchfork, etc.
  12. Should Reclassing Return / Unit Identity

    Why not both. Keep characters in their base classes for the most part, maybe throw in a few "villager" types to give the player some choice over the characters and how they grow, and then toss a few pitchforks/seals in some free DLC for people to play around with if they want.
  13. Spiderman x Lucina?

    It was started by some guy on Deviantart if I recall (Surprise, Surprise). He started it, I honestly dont know if it was serious or a joke. Considering Deviantart though, I am going with serious. It kind of grew from there as a meme due to how weird it is.
  14. General "mass killings" thread

    I disagree with having to be 21 to own a gun. Considering you can be drafted at the age of 18 and sent to go die for your country, you should have access to your rights as a US citizen. Now I wouldn’t fully disagree with not being able to own a gun while still being in Highschool.
  15. You actually know japanese don’t you?