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  1. Ill be honest, I was never expecting anything from the story. Only thing I am looking for is interactions from characters from different games. Other than that, not really looking for anything. Kind of like a Fast and Furious movie. Watching it for the action, cheesy one liners, and some fun. Not looking for an award winning, thought provoking story.
  2. Definitely not. I tend to try and avoid any updates on Warriors over on reddit, there are still people going on about how the game should of been Jugdral, Tellius, and Elibe. They act like Koei spit in their faces and destroyed their childhood dreams, its quite comical at this point. Like you said, people havent changed their mind yet, why would they start to when the game releases.
  3. That is definitely true. I for the most part have set my expectatoins low. To be honest, if the game came out as is, with the cast they have already announced so far, I would still be happy. The gameplay alone looks like it will be a blast, even if I was just playing generic units from FE I would be content with what I purchased. I dont think the voice acting is all that bad either. I am mostly reserving judgement for the actual game though. Between the Corrin Smash trailer and the segments of Fates we got before release, everyone thought the voice acting was terrible, and then when the game released people mellowed out a bit and realized it really wasnt that bad. I wont be surprised for that to be the same situation here, trailers and small clips like this tend to not do the voice acting justice.
  4. I doubt it will be later. The game looks too far along for the US release date to take longer than Europe. That and we have a Fall release date, November is seriously pushing a Fall release date. Only reason I can see that being the case is for any level of delays and it really doesnt look like that will be the case for Warriors. Unfortunately due to their release schedule and otherwise silence on anything other than a character every once and a while, we dont have a single clue for anything. Hopefully we get the release date sometime soon, it would be best to avoid another Fates fiasco with release dates. As far as swords go, I just find it odd that they might exclude all theif types. That is a huge part of the game to otherwise exclude from the playable roster. Only time will tell I guess. Just seems like a particularly odd decision to make considering hidden weapons look like they are here to stay with Heroes making them an entire weapon type across the board.
  5. I doubt November. The game so far looks mostly done. All the voice acting, while kind of lack luster so far (hoping that is due to the trailers, no different than corrin's smash trailer), it looks mostly done. I imagine we will get it sometime inbetween the two releases, if not on one of them.
  6. That was my thought. US release date is somewhere in between 9/28, if not on that date, or 10/20, if not on that date. Just a bit odd that its taken this long to announce a US release date. Especially since China got their release date before we did. As far as hidden weapons go, I wouldnt exclude the characters just yet. They could always make them sword users, since Ninja used swords upon promotion. It would make a move set 10x easier to design if it was sword first with daggers thrown into it no different than Robin having his sword in his abilities. As far as Felicia and Jakob go, I have no clue. I am a little surprised they might not make it in, considering they were highly popular. That and its Japan passing up the opportunity for maids. Japan loves maids.
  7. Anything on a release date? I saw something that said October 20th, but the article said that was the Europe release, and there was nothing as far as a US release yet.
  8. Were they really? I had no clue. There isn't an English trailer for them, nor did I see any English sites go over the reveal. So I figured it was a Japan only reveal.
  9. RA Salvatore, pre 1000 orcs series. I think he would be an exellent writer for the type of story Fire Emblem typically has. He does a great job writing characters that are interesting and likeable. He can be very dark when needed (just one look over drow society in menzobarranzen is all you need for that) and be able to have light hearted humor at the same time. He can also write large epic style stories against demons and devils, dragons and monsters, and also write small scale stories about survival, serial killers, politics, etc. He would be a perfect fit for FE writing as far as the standard FE story goes. Past 1000 orcs, but more his Pirate King/Orc King/Ghost King series he really took a dive in writing so current Salvatore would be more of a detriment. Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman. I think they do a great job st writing epic stories. Ones that span multiple books and involve fighting deities and dragons, etc. They handled both the Dragonlance series and Twins trilogy really well, and made a good cast of well written characters with a lot of growth throughout the 3 books. One thing I really give these two is their world building. They have created a really interesting and in depth world for Dragonlance, and I think it would really work for Fire Emblem. Everything from Knight orders of both good and evil, wizard orders, cities, kingdoms, history, structure for how their world works and their unique magic system, etc. They did great with Dragonlance, and could do really well with FE.
  10. Forgot about that. That is true. Still though, there are a lot of details and news about the game that hasn't reached the west yet. Just something I wanted to point out as a lot of us tend to forget that because we are inside the Fire Emblem fandom we get to see these through fan translations and such. Others outside of places like Serenes and Reddit not so much.
  11. That and it would allow those of us who are getting it for 3DS to be able to see how it will run on the system. I also think it would be a good way of getting those on the fence about the game to make a final decision. There are a good bit of people who are on the fence due to roster, gameplay, etc. Giving them the chance to actually play the game might change their minds.
  12. Kind of. FF15 had been delayed at least 2 times, maybe more if I remember things correctly and had ended up being a mess. Cut scenes missing where there should of been, things happening without explanation. Gameplay was great, base of the story was great, presentation was an absolute cluster fuck from hell. I doubt Warriors gets delayed in the US. If it was getting delayed we would of heard about it by now. Sure their release schedule has been the slowest I think I have ever seen, but something as big as a delay, especially if it moves Warriors out of the Fall release area, would be too important to not say anything about. I think we will end up getting the release date at Gamescom this week if nothing else. As far as a better release schedule goes, I think a Direct is in store, nothing else. I also think it would be a great idea to release a demo, but I doubt that is in the cards at this point.
  13. I think that is ultimately what they are planning on. Something to keep in mind with Warriors so far is every single reveal since E3 has been Japan only. Japanese twitter, Japanese magazines and sites, all of it. None of these are actually official reveals for the US. There has to be a Direct, otherwise we get a game release with absolutely no advertising or news on it outside of Japan. Hell, we still don't even know the release date for the US and we are a little over a month from it's Japanese release date.
  14. Ive never played a game with Gaiden chapters, but I do like the idea. Having some optional chapters with unique map designs and objectives sounds like a great idea to me. It would be a perfect place for the stealth chapters that seem to sneak into FE every now and then. As far as paralogues go, I think the free DLC paralogues for Awakening werent too bad. They were focused entirely on recruiting, but one specifically that I was really fond of was the one where you recruit Aversa. The entire idea of creating copies of your entire team and having you fight it was actually a really cool idea. As far as them being too much about recruiting, What about making the certain recruitment or item as the reward come only after beating the gaiden chapter? That way the focus is on beating the map, not trying to recruit or get the item? That way you can make it anything you really want to, defense map, escape map, secondary objectives, etc. Another thing I want to add to the idea of Gaiden Chapters themselves though, you mentioned making them a part of the story, or having a small story attached to them. What about taking the idea that some other games, Mass Effect being the biggest one that comes to mind, and have them based on some of the characters you already have recruited? In ME 2 and ME Andromeda you have loyalty missions, where you go on a missions typically with the character they are for being put into the forefront of the story. They typically reveal a bit about their past, their personal life, etc. I think this could work for FE as far as Gaiden chapters go. Make a few of them based on a character that has been recruited to learn more about them? Not sure if this was already done or not, but I think it could work.
  15. I thought Cav was a terrible choice, and Mage was a last resort style choice. Good to know, Ive been limiting it to only merc and archer for a while now.