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  1. Fates definitely suffers more, especially when considering the amount of stuff the "guest writer" I guess you could call him gave. It forced them to do what should of been done with surgical precision, with a cleaver instead. I can see what you are getting at with Slayde in that prologue. It was ultimately a little silly overall, but I think he should be given a few more props than he has for being a bit of an interesting character. I actually enjoyed every encounter with him, I feel the cowardly turncoat type was interesting to have in FE especially when compared to characters like Camus who are prettt much the exact opposite of that idea. I think Alm being more compassionate is a piece of him being depicted as perfect. In his original version, as little as we knew of it, he wasn't extremely compassionate. In this version he was, and I think it was partly due to the fact that they wanted him to seem so flawless. I will definitely have to watch videos on the DLC. Again, while I don't see it worthwhile to buy because it's just a map with some poor gameplay, the supports and story around it really interest me. Good to hear that it's well written too. And don't top my first comment as anything against you, I just didn't want to say anything about SoV unless I had anything constructive to add. Ultimately I did, but I didn't want to say anything without actually adding anything to keep this from becoming like Fates did where it was pretty much everyone just echoing what others were saying over and over.
  2. That is definitely true. The Amiibo were in a huge shortage of supplies, but the last few months I have noticed quite a bit of them popping up. Got both a Lucina and a Robin Amiibo in the last month when I have never seen them before since release. Hopefully that will be a good sign for their other products in the future (lord knows Cloud Amiibos will be flying off the shelves like crazy. People who dont even own Nintendo products will be after those)
  3. Really? That is an odd competitor. Makes sense though, and explains why they have been doing that. Just makes me hate Apple more than I already do.
  4. Well they held back for limited release for.... no reason what so ever other than maybe hype and suspense? It literally made absolutely no sense to have a limited release of the Switch, yet they did anyway. Why? Sure it works with Smash, but like I said, the characters that are in Smash really vary. One game we may have Snake or Cloud. The next for all we know we have Woverine and Batman. Who knows. So I get why they keep it a secret there, there is a possibility for just about anything, so hyping it up can be huge for the game. But Fire Emblem Warriors? At most we get someone from Jugdral or Tellius outside of their repsective lord as a surprise character. Its not like we can have some secret special character popping up. The most out of left field character they could pull would be one of meme level like 3-13 archer. Other than that it starts breaking the rules of being a FE crossover game.
  5. To the annoyance of everyone else. Why does Nintendo have to be so.... I dont even know how to put it. Thick headed? Did they not get it with the Nintendo Mini, the Switch, and how the Super Nintendo Mini is already looking to be?
  6. There were also weird things popping up in the SoV trailers like characters in different classes that they shouldnt be if I remember correctly. So I would take the demo and the trailers with a grain of salt until actual reveals start happening, but it is a good starting point. As far as what the OP posted, it definitely is useful. At the very least it tells us that these characters, despite all wielding swords, have varying move sets and playstyles.
  7. I hope we get a look at the 3DS version soon. I am going to buy that one first since I dont plan on getting a Switch until next year, but I would appreciate even a brief look at gameplay on it. I know it wont be all that much different, but it would be nice to see. Actually, I hope we just start getting regular reveals as a whole. We have until September for Japan's release, and we dont know if it is going to be a simultaneous release or within a month of each other like SoV was, so its not like they have a year to fiddle around with occasional teasing. I am expecting them to start reveals probably in July, but the fact that they are being so restricted on what they have revealed is a bit annoying. Its not like this is Smash or anything and we are expecting some crazy guest characters or anything, just go ahead and show us the roster so far, its not that much of a mystery.
  8. I was contemplating even commenting on this ( dont want to add to bashing if I dont have anything constructive to add), but I have a few things I want to either add to the criticism or say as a counter point. First off, Slayde. I think the big thing with Slayde that he was meant to come off as a dumbass and a coward. I can see why he is seen as the typical mustache twirler, he has that persona about him afterall especially in design, but let me give an alternative to his character. Slayde overall is meant to represent the cowardly types in a war. The types that will betray and turn traitor if it means they get to live another day or if it means they get something in return. That is Slayde. Slayde starts off being a dick to kids. This isnt because Slayde's favorite pass time is kicking puppies and stealing kids lollipops, its because Slayde sees himself as hot shit for being in such a high position. Because of this he takes advantage of it and just becomes a dumbass (if you haven't noticed with his decisions, Slayde isn't exactly the brightest tool in the shed). He acts like a dick to children because he doesnt see the advantage of being manipulative and tricking them by being nice. Instead he is just going to flaunt his position as a royal knight and be a dick to people smaller, younger, and of lower birth to him. To be the typical Saturday Morning Cartoon villain they need a motive that is a bit absurd to begin with. Conquer the world, destroy the world, supreme power, or have none at all and just exist to be evil (looking at Hans and Iago there.) Slayde doesnt show any of that. Ultimately Slayde's motives are Slayde, Slayde, Slayde, and Slayde. He is about himself first and foremost, and lastly. He does whatever will make him live another day, and will side with whoever he thinks will ultimately be on the winning side. As far as Alm's point of view of the story goes, yes he is entirely a villain. But when you look at the larger picture of the conflict as a whole, Slayde isnt a villain. He isnt a good guy either, but he is entirely a neutral force out for himself. He doesnt care for helping Duma, he doesnt care for saving Zofia, he doesnt care for Rigel's conquer of Zofia, he cares about whoever is going to give him the biggest payout and who will give him the chance to make it to tomorrow. If that meant joining a traveling circus and fighting a lion for the rest of his life, Slayde would probably take it. If it was anyone else other than Alm leading the Deliverance, Slayde would of likely joined with them once it became clear what was going to happen, or at least would of tried. Slayde isnt some lawful evil or chaotic evil character out for the conquest of the world or to become supreme leader, Slayde is entirely about himself and his own personal gain. He is the definition of being a True Neutral character, and at his worst, Neutral Evil, but I dont think he is meant to be a mustache twirling Cobra Commander type. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I fully agree with the issue with Alm. Another thing I want to add, is that I think Alm ultimately destroys one of the biggest themes and concepts about this story. The idea behind the story was that Alm and Celica were two opposite ideals on the same coin. Celica was about finding the way to stop the conflict with the least amount of violence. She was looking for the peaceful resolution to it all, even if it was ultimately naive. Alm on the otherhand is trying to end the conflict the old fashion way. Through bashing and cutting down your enemy and protecting those who you think are innocent. If it means cutting down anyone standing in his way for there to be peace in the end, so be it. He is meant to be a little more intelligent version of Walhart. They are essentially Mila and Duma in human form. They ultimately represent their ideals. Unfortunately, Alm being perfect and always right destroys that concept. Instead of being two sides of the same coin, you end up with a story of one being ultimately right and one being wrong. With Celica unfortunately getting shoved aside for Alm's perfectness. In a way it made me appreciate Celica more as a character because she was flawed. Unlike Alm she makes mistakes as she goes along and even gets called out for it be just about everyone in her group. That made Celica's group as a whole stronger story wise for me as well because they were all willing to follow her to the end, but were also willing to call her out on her shit when it was needed. I didnt have as much of an issue with her argument with Alm at the end of Chapter 2. I think it worked just fine, and was meant to be naive and a bit silly on her part. She is seeing, at least in her mind, the worst possible outcome become true. Alm is leading the Deliverance, and is bringing the fight to Rigel. She just had a vision of the ending of this, Alm ultimately being killed. Obviously we know this doesnt actually happen, but she thinks it will. So of course she is going to be angry with Alm, she is worried he is going down that path and she is trying everything she can to convince him otherwise. It was naive and stupid on her part for sure, but how old is Celica again? 17? When has a love struck 17 year old ever made the intelligent and logical decision? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I definitely agree with Jedah. I think one of the largest issues with Jedah was his depiction and some of his lines. They went way too, as you put it, scooby doo villain with his appearance. What they should of done is make him appear more normal and reasonable. And tone down his evil laughter and cartoonishly evil voice.They should of tried to go the route of making him look like either someone who can be reasoned with or maybe even the route of someone looking even heroic. I think that was one of the biggest things standing in his way. He looked way too evil. They needed to go with a reasonable appearance for the character, they needed to make him look almost even heroic in a way. Afterall he is in service to a deity like figure. In no way do we get the idea that Duma was an evil person like Grima was, so he could of looked almost like a stoic priest type without any issues. And his voice didnt help much either, all the evil laughs and everything was just too much. Again, a calmer voice would work here. Even if they wanted to have a rougher, gravely voice they could of made him still seem good by just not having all the stupid evil laughs and silly remarks. And then comes the problem with his plans. As if it couldnt get much worst. You pretty much covered it so I wont even say any more on that, but that didnt help much at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again, I have to agree with Fernand. I didnt buy the DLC at all, wasnt interested as SoV's gameplay wasnt good enough to entice me to buy whole other maps. Dungeons, definitely, but not just a map. So I skipped out, but even without the context of the DLC I had issues with him turning to Rigel. It made no sense considering that he ultimately wanted the same thing as the Deliverance, just not how they were going about it. I would of expected him to become his own force on his own. Actually, he could of been the perfect set up as a rival force to the Deliverance, gathering the attention of the nobles and some of the royal forces and gathering them together in his own army. Then we may of actually seen a true rival to Alm and had some interesting situations there. That would of made more sense than him turning on Zofia as whole because someone he didnt like was made the leader. Talk about being a little whiny bitch. It takes the sympathy they want you to feel for his family being killed by peasants and throws it out the window. As far as Berkut goes, he could of been fixed entirely by having him actually seem formidable. He was supposed to be Alm's opposite in Rigel. In a way, he was even supposed to be a glimpse at what Alm would of been like if his father kept him in Rigel, but ultimately it all fell flat because he got his ass handed to him on a stick every time he moved. Iago was a more formidable opponent because at least he kept messing with Corrin along the way and seemed like a powerful enough mage (and staff savant, that bastard.) That all could of been fixed easily. Hell, we didnt even need to have him slap around Alm to make that happen, he just needed to defeat a few other characters or do something that made him seem dangerous. Again, easy fix which is unfortunate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will say that I think overall Sov's story is probably one of the best Fire Emblem stories for me. I think it overall was enjoyable despite its many flaws. I rank it above Awakening but below Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance for me as far as story. It was a step in the right direction though when compared to Fates, though learning that this was being worked on alongside Fates made me think that working on both at the same time ultimately harmed both game's stories with the various teams being spread too thin. I always said Fates story felt like a victim of being rushed out the door to get something out as fast as possible, and now I know why.
  9. Really like the Yuzu and Shade support. It took away the focus of being on a battle field and made it more about what they are doing off the field which was imo e best part of Fates/Awakening supports. I think looking into the life of these characters like that tells us more than a short conversation on a battlefield does, even if it is about the same length. Obviously it wasn't always like that in Fates Awakening but his is obviously better written than a lot of those, and a lot of SoV supports. Randal and Emma was a similar thing as well, it did t seem to take place in the middle of combat which I feel helped the support a bit. That and they were both entertaining characters. Glad to see Shade isn't some psychopath crazy person like I thought she was going to be, and Yuzu was pretty funny with the stubbornness. Hell, I like these characters better than a lot of others we have got in the past, can we keep getting these guys as regular DLC characters in the future? I would love for this to become a regular thing alongside Anna.
  10. Interesting. I really hope this is carried over to the Switch. Allowing exploration and movement like this would be such a huge step forward for the series. It is what I hope SoV's success will show to IS. As it is I really hope dungeons are carried over to the next Fire Emblem, it was so much fun for me even though the controls werent great.
  11. I dont see this going anywhere. As far as I know Atari has no exclusives to speak of, nor do I think they can create any to gain any steam. That is the biggest thing they would need to break into the market, its the entire reason Nintendo was able to make it with the Switch. Nintendo has iconic characters to throw around in games that people know and love. Atari doesnt have anything. And even if they did have a few exclusives to announce, they have nothing to go off of. All the exclusives for the other consoles either have previous games in the series which were reliable (Uncharted, Gears of War, Super Mario, Zelda, etc.), or have a reputable developer controlling the project (Bloodborne for example had the Dark Souls team working on it). Atari doesnt have much, if anything at all. Without exclusives they have no draw to their system. Why would someone pay for the Atari system to play something like FF15 or the new Dynasty Warriors that is already on other systems, and this is even if they can get a good bit of 3rd party developers to jump on board. Unfortunately for them they will be lucky if they get something like Koei Tecmo or Atlus, let alone big names in gaming like Bethesda, Square Enix, etc. And that is even if their system can handle these games, which I doubt it could run something like FF15 or Dark Souls 3. Without exclusives to speak of, and likely no big name 3rd part support, this system is dead in the water before it even hits the market. They are going to have to rely on some crazy gimmick to make it, and I do not see what that could be.
  12. I prefer Celica a lot. She makes mistakes, she makes some stupid decisions with good intentions, I think she was the far stronger lord here. Alm just felt too perfect. I would go so far as to say Corrin was even better than him on this angle, because at least it was clear Corrin was naive and made stupid decisions. The only problem there is he never got called out on it. With Alm, he makes the best decisions all the time and is always sure of what he is going to do without a problem. He doesnt make any mistakes over the course of the game. Its hard to believe when he just came from a village with no experience in actually leading anyone. Sure he had Mycen teaching him most likely tactics, combat, leadership, etc. But book knowledge and actual experience are two different things. You can have all the book knowledge you can get, but without practical experience you lack a huge part of being a good leader. Alm should of fallen down a few times in the beginning. Maybe some soldiers die due to bad plans, or ,maybe something not planned for causes something to happen. Nobody major needed to die in order to show Alm failing and learning from his mistakes. That is what was needed so badly. My other issue with Alm is they dropped his agressiveness. he was way too forgiving and way too nice compared to his original version. It made the contrast of Celica and Alm go away, which was a major part of Gaiden's concepts, the difference between their ideals. Instead we got Alm once again always being right and Celica being made out to be making the bad decisions all the time. As opposed to Celica trying to go the route of peace and ending it all before more people get hurt, and Alm taking the route of anything standing in our way is an enemy and needs to go. It destroyed that entire theme of the story. I will go as far as to say Alm is my least favorite lord. I really wanted to like Alm, but I just didnt like him throughout the story. He was just so boring and uninteresting. He was Marth part 3 for me, boring, perfect, and forgettable. Celica on the otherhand is one of my favorite Lords of the series. She makes mistakes, and she makes a few bad decisions, but it makes sense and only advances her character imo. It also made me like, story wise, Celica's group as a whole because they were willing to call her out on her mistakes but also were along with her the whole time. She does what she does out of the want to save her people and Valentia as a whole. Something Alm is supposed to have tunnel vision about. She also is a strong character, coming from the fact taht her parent's deaths and her having to live in hiding to keep her identity away didnt keep her down. She never once complained about her situation and never whined how her life has been terrible. She just kept moving along.
  13. Thanks for the follow! Not sure what I did to warrant it but thanks haha.

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      I find a lot of your input on various games interesting, especially your analysis stuff. So I figured I would follow your profile to see whenever you have posted one.

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  14. Anyone think we will get a demo before release? Not sure what Koei's pattern is with releasing any. I think it might do some good getting the attention of people, especially those who are on the fence. Maybe getting to experience the gameplay itself before making a decision can help make up some peoples' minds.
  15. Definitely, Fates gives them a good bit of room to toy around with Rogues between Ninja, Outlaw, and Butler/Maid. You could count Dread Fighter as well, though I would rather that be reserved for a potential SoV pack with Saber representing Dread Fighters.