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  1. What's your preferred seasonal aesthetic?

    In the end, it really doesnt matter as long as its fun and has characters I enjoy. Summer, Christmas, Valentines, all of these are banners I enjoyed. I wouldnt even mind some modern stuff like casual clothes banner (not sure where or how this could be used though). I think the seasonal units are just meant to be fun and silly. At the same time though, I really liked the tone set with this latest Seasonal banner. It didnt feel super gimmicky, it had reasonable clothing and seemed like a reasonable situation the characters could be in. And the art was really nice for everyone across the board, no real controversial situations like Tharja or Nowi. So if this became more of the regular, with the more "silly" seasonal banners being held back for stuff like the Summer Banners, I would be ok with that.
  2. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Im conflicted with this. On one hand, I really want Winter Tharja to win round 2. I missed my chance to get her and Chrom during the banner after spending almost 400 orbs, and would love to be able to get the character. But at the same time, with that new gamemode coming along, Vanguard Ike would be really nice to have. Leaning towards wanting Tharja to win though, not only would it be a relatively unique character type to be available for free to everyone, but I would also finally get one of the seasonal units I was really wanting.
  3. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    I’m very cautiously optimistic about it. It’s still Fox, so who knows, but I am hopeful that maybe they will get it right this time. Helps that I think Sophie Turner is our best Jean so far.
  4. Yeah you have told me about your brother before, sad to hear that though. Can’t imagine what any of that is like. Outside of NFL, I really don’t follow anything else. WWE would be the closest but that isn’t really a sport, more like reality TV mixed with some fun shows of athleticism. As far as teams besides the Pats/Falcons go, I am a bit of a fan of the Lions. Living in Detroit for 4 years kind of does that though, and they are truly the underdog. Which makes me hopeful that a change in coaches changes things up for them.
  5. It’s all good. :p. I’m not a super fan of sports so I get things mixed up, mostly follow because my family all love it. And since my dad has been a Patriots/Falcons fan since he was a kid, so am I. My brother even plays in HS, and is looking to possibly play in college. Note taken though.
  6. They weren’t great, no. But not this bad. Part of the issue was the lack of Butler. That and Chung getting injured twice.
  7. Wouldn’t have to do that if we didn’t let up 41 points though. We let through so many 3rd downs. 10 of 16. It was ridiculous. A lot of that was on Bill and his BS, and the defense not showing up. Brady seemed a bit off this game, but still pulled over 500 yards. The offense wasn’t the issue, it was the defense and Bill getting cocky.
  8. Yeah, Bill has a lot of the loss on him this time. Between Butler, the Timeout that was poorly used, and whatever the hell the Brady plays Wide Receiver thing was. He got cocky this game, and he paid for it. That and the defense. We let up 41 points, and kept letting up on third downs. If just one of those was stopped, it would have been a different story tonight.
  9. You said Pittsburgh, my bad. Misread as Philly :p. that I can see, there is a pretty big rivalry there it seems.
  10. More like they are happy they got their first Super Bowl win. Could have been against a team from Canada, they would have the same reaction. Which, again. Congrats to them, it’s nice to see a new 1st time winner. I’ll take a loss to the Eagles over a loss to someone who has several wins and are a regular to the play offs.
  11. As a Pats fan, I fully agree. I don’t know what he was smoking with that decision. If it was some disciplinary action, Malcolm better have lit a box of puppies on fire for Bill to do that.
  12. Super Bowl ads were better this year though. Between the dirty dancing commercial with Eli and the Tide commercials.
  13. Yeah, I got someone on the Discord I am apart of that lives in Philly. Said fireworks are going off like crazy and sirens already. Can’t imagine what it would have been like if Pats won last second. Congrats to the Eagles though. Nice to see a new 1st time winner. Now if the Lions can get somewhere with a coach that isn’t a complete idiot. Edit: I still have one question though. Why the hell was Malcolm Butler kept out of the game?
  14. Yeah I don’t see it lasting. I would love to see it keep going personally as a lifelong Pats fan, but I don’t see it happening.