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  1. Your wishlist for the next trailer

    Supports. Or whatever might replace them to some extent. Something to that effect. Possible playable characters outside of the students. I figure it is going to be a thing, but I would like to have a bit of confirmation on it. Even one of the other teachers being confirmed playable somehow would be great, we've seen 2 of them so far. Player customization. To what extent do we get to customize the avatar. Do we have control over classes, maybe secondary weapon type, do we have the boon/bane system again, do we have any control over appearance, etc.
  2. Thanks, Ill have to look at this. The fact that its apparently made from the creators of Xcom is already a bonus.
  3. I havent heard of it actually. What is it?
  4. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Not completely surprised. We could definitely use a few more male seasonal alts, and definitely need some more male 5* limited characters. Unfortunately a lot of gachas focus on female characters mostly, especially for seasonals, because they just happen to sell more. You have more people willing to shell out cash for a cute girl in an outfit, or some sexy bikini than they are for a guy in some swim trunks. That's not to say the audience isnt there, there are actually several male only, or male focused gachas for one. but the former just does more. FGO doesnt even have a male alt character for summer, beyond some costumes for a few characters as far as I know. And most of Langrisser Mobile's costumes are for the female characters. But thats not to say thats how things should be handled. I do hope FEH finds a nice balance. I think it will always be a bit lopsided, but they could at least try to keep it relatively balanced. We havent had female only seasonal banners yet at least though, beyond the bridal banner that we get.
  5. Brigandine. Its kind of a mix between Langrisser and Fire Emblem, with an emphasis on turn based combat, and commanders with several monsters under their command. There was a lot of variety in the monsters, and they could all "promote" into other monsters, and there was a lot of flexibility with the commanders as well and what classes they could go into, promote to, etc. The story wasnt anything special but wasnt bad either. The best part about it was that you could play any of the main kingdoms, each being their own route with their own characters. There were even cheats to play the evil kingdom if I recall. The game was fun but unfortunately its one of those games that just released at a bad time and disappeared. Xcom UFO Defense. It got revived with the new Xcom games, but the actual gameplay between the two is so different they might as well not even be the same game. The original Xcom had you commanding a team of upwards of 20 soldiers if I recall, might have been 18. Either way it was a much larger team. It was turn based, obviously, and in general was just a really fun game. I still go back and play it regularly. I would love to see a spiritual successor to it.
  6. I know this was more of a joke, but its not that crazy actually. Im going into a security background, which would include testing company's security as one of the fields I could go into. Several of my instructures have told me that lockpicking is a useful skill to learn. So the idea of a combat school teaching its students lockpicking isnt too crazy, considering scouts are a part of any military, and lockpicking would probably be a useful skill for them to have as well.
  7. What could Heroes take from other gachas?

    Friend list involvement for one. FGO and Langrisser both have this in different ways. FGO is more passive, having people on your friend's list lets you access their characters in the form of a support slot. You can do this with randoms, but you get the benefits of accessing their Noble Phantasms, or ultimate ability for those unfamiliar with Fate, if they are on your friend list. Langrisser is much more active, letting you actually group up and do content together. Each player brings 2 or 3 characters along, and you take on the map in a turn based fashion. Another thing it could use is a restructuring of its rolling system. After playing different gachas, I realized how.....screwed up FEH's system truly is. On paper it sounds nice, choosing the colors you want and all, but most other gachas do it differntly. You either spend for a single role, or you spend for a multi roll. From what I have noticed, the multi role is 10 rolls typically. Langrisser it costs 10 of their currency to do it, and 1 for a single, and for FGO its 3 for a single, 30 for a multi. Both of these ways for one, guarantee a 4* of some type. FGO has a catch that its either a 4* CE or Servant, Langrisser is a 4* Hero. This format tends to yield more in my experience, and wastes less. FEH's system encourages you to go for the full summon session, but because of the pity break system, the randomization of the orbs, and the odd costs of it all, people end up sniping instead until they see a full round they like. It causes a lot to get wasted, even other 5*s considering every orb is predetermined when you launch that session. People have probably wasted countless 5* characters due to this system, let alone countless orbs due to the sniping. I think FEH could really use the overhaul. At the very least it should make the orbs static, and have one of each color required every session, with an extra random color tossed in. That might be a better fix outside of a complete overhaul. Things to actually grind for. Every gacha I have played ropes you into content with gear and items. They encourage you to do things by giving you decent rewards. Most of FEH's content, outside of the limited time content like TT, FB, etc, do not do this. You only get orbs for doing chapters, and are done with them after maybe 5 minutes. Nobody uses the Training Tower anymore outside of maybe some grinding for badges, but we get so many of those its just not needed. And outside of that, there is no repeatable content that just costs stamina. The others are limited behind Aether or Dueling crests or whatever other form of secondary stamina they come up with. Instead, FGO has a ton of maps that offer ascension materials, ascension being their form of promotions, XP cards, QP which is the currency used for upgrading, etc. They have valuable resources and tie them to content to encourage you to actually play the game. Langrisser does almost the exact same with its content. Actual events. FEH has no events. And what it calls events are just a glorified banner with a simple TT thrown in if you are lucky. FGO has a full event going right now with its own story, a free character, a banner with an additional tie in character, and tons of rewards to farm up. Events in FGO are rarely something you want to miss due to how much they give the players during them, and even moreso because of the writing behind the events. The events are 90% of the time fluff. Its fun silly writing, but Ive had the most fun with gachas reading through the events, it makes them memorable. I actually have a bit of a nostalgic feeling hearing the FGO Christmas music from the first Christmas event because it was a memorable experience for me. FEH doesnt have any of that, especially the writing. I think the best we ever got was the Valentine's chapter from last year. FEH really needs to actually have events in some fashion, outside of a simple banner and TT. Have an event shop in some fashion, give us special event quests, give us an actual short *book* of chapters with an event. Give players a reason to actually be excited for seasonal banners, FEH is the only game I have seen where people are actually pissed off by them (granted part of that is because of the overabundance of them), most of the time people are excited to see what they do this next time because its just fun content.
  8. General Opinion of Knights

    Ive found them useful personally. depends on the game on whether or not they actually end up effective, but more often than not I have uses for them. Fates and Tellius were probably the most kind to them imo, helps that Effie and Benny were great, as is Gatrie in Tellius at least, and Tauroneo is helpful in early RD. I think they fill the role they are meant to well. The moveable walls to fill a gap somewhere. Ninja Cave comes to mind where I had Benny close one of the gaps and tank all the ninjas while everyone else picked them off. I dont think I ever had to even heal him through that. I think they are fine balance wise tbqh. I know a lot of people follow the LTC format for balance, and so they dont fit in quite well, but I think outside of that line of thinking for strategy, they are good for what they do. Especially for anykind of indoor map.
  9. Any worries?

    That I will have to wait this long to play the game. Serious, I dont have any worries atm. Im just looking forward to the game's release. I think all the worries about the anime aspects, or any of that is just....silly. For one, the game is a Japanese game. With an anime art style. Always has been, always will be. The tropes have always been there, most people dont recognize it because they are either too young to know old ass 90s anime tropes, or dont recognize them because they have never watched a second of anime/played a JRPG outside of FE. The writing, its too early to tell. I think we actually have a good foundation atm. They gave us more information on the world than we have had in a long while. We have a background on the MC beyond "I have amnesia". We have a reason why we become an instructor at the school, we have background on the "three houses", and the 3 kingdoms of the continent. Its a lot already, and its great. Gameplay wise it looks like the FE we know, but spiced up. Makes sense, every jump to a new console have switched things up some. Seems like they are mostly taking from older games and combining them together, and I like that. As far as the flexibility goes on the characters and classes, seems like these characters we are starting with are trainee classes, so I find that interesting. Thats my take on it so far, so I dont see anything to worry about myself. I get some of the worries, but in a way I think its too early to say anything other than what would be assumptions when it comes to the game somehow being lesser.
  10. I honestly think the time travel stuff will mostly be a thing to explain this game's version of the Turnwheel. I dont see it effecting the plot too much, as it doesnt seem to be the main focus. The main focus seems to be the MC's interaction with Sothis, the church, and the 3 kingdoms. Will time shenanigans play an effect? probably. But I cant see them doing more than a few things here and there over the course of the story. I really cant see anything even as much as Awakening toyed with. But I could be wrong, who knows.
  11. I struggle saying Open World, because the Open World I see this game possibly employing and the normal Open World concept that is out there, are 2 different things. I think the game will let you explore things on your own, I can even see the basic skirmishes and the like being in this game like Fates, SoV, Awakening, etc. I hope towns come back, with actual full movement this time, and I am pretty sure Dungeons are in now. But I would hate to say Open World as in the huge open world do whatever you want style because FE just cant support that. So I think yes, itll be Open World. By FE terms, and will have dungeons.
  12. Anna's Role

    I think there is a chance she ends up DLC again like Fates, I have a feeling that may be a common thing in the series. But if she appears in game Itll probably be her standard shopkeep role I would think. Or some other small cameo of sorts.
  13. Yeah I looked over it. I’m altering it a bit by having some people choose the units I’m using lol. I may try going for it on a Lunatic but I might drop down to Hard depending.
  14. Sounds like an interesting challenge run, I might give it a go. Ive been looking to go back and play various FE games with 3H around the corner, and would like to spice up Fates, Awakening, and SoV specifically with some challenge runs considering how much Ive played them. Not sure who I will use yet, Ill have to come up with that.
  15. Just stacking insane skills on enemies for one. Or just buffing stats to hell and back again. It can be alright if done well, but there are a lot of times its just annoying as hell to deal with. Awakening Lunatic+ comes to mind. Especially when they start tossing around enemy exclusive skills that are insane. They are alright when used to make a specific character interesting to deal with, but when its thrown on everyone, their mother, and their pet dog it gets a little silly. Same turn spawns, ambush spawns, whatever you want to refer to them as, either way they are a pain in the ass. FE isnt even the only game to do this, Langrisser does as well. As does Langrisser Mobile. There are times when its manageable, and doesnt even bother me, like when they give a warning a round or two before. But when its same turn, no warning its just a shitty form of trial and error in a game that resets can set you back anywhere from 15-20 minutes or even an hour depending. I also have a bit of a hate for after battle HP damage skills, but thats because I am returning to CQ after a long while and forgot how much I hate CQ Chapter 7 on anything above Normal.