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  1. Nah I fully agree, an air of charisma around the villain, a reason for them to be intimidating, etc is better than the bland Saturday Morning Cartoon villains. Hell, in a way thats an insult to some of the Saturday Morning Cartoon villains that did achieve that. Take Handsome Jack for example from Borderlands 2. He was a complete PoS evil villain, yet he was entertaining and charismatic because of the way he dealt with the "heroes" of the game. Or The Lich King from Warcraft who was intimidating and scary to deal with, any encounter outside of the last raid with him was an unwinnable scenario that forced you to run.
  2. Close Counter. Its not as problematic as Distant Counter as much less ranged units can truly put it to good use, but would be nice to have available for builds for ranged units. Desperation seal. This way I can run 2 Desperation Brash Assault builds.
  3. People at least just want to see a motivation I think. I personally dont mind a purely evil villain, it works in the fantasy setting often times, and can be more interesting than constantly going with the "relateable" villain type. Especially if we are talking the more supernatural side of villains, where it just wouldnt make sense for them to be relateable. But at the same time I can understand where people took issue with Garon for example, where we were told so many mixed things about him and he himself was cartoonishly evil. Surtr is a bit different, I honestly wasnt expecting anything great from the FEH story villain wise, as it has much less time to really tell a story compared to the other FE games, and doesnt have as much of an ending either. So I dont mind that hes just the kicking puppies, eating children levels of evil. Not every villain needs all kinds of layers of depth to them.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    When was this confirmed? Sounds a bit odd to be confirmed so early.
  5. Losing Interest

    It goes in and out. Ive been disinterested in FE for several months outside of FEH, and now getting that itch to play Tellius again. It happens with any series really. Play something else for a while, do something else for a while, take a break. You will eventually get back into it. You dont have to play 24/7 in order to be a fan and only be dedicated to FE.
  6. By your own statement, yes, they keep them rare. Which is my entire point, colored bows and daggers wont be common, they will happen from time to time but wont be every new dagger and bow we get. It takes some heat off of the colorless pool by not every single "colorless" weapon type being thrown in now, which was a lot. Colorless Hell's issue was being overbloated with units, especially ones that sucked, but overall by just having too many at 5*s added in. Now we get less overall in the pool, but what we have been getting is good, which has made colorless much more desirable to go into. So it has helped colorless, by giving us more decent colorless, and less colorless being shoved in all the time causing the pool to be flooded. Now bows and daggers can be added elsewhere as well. This is really a big jump to conclusions you are making here.
  7. All the colored options have been Leg heroes so far, characters not even in the General pool and obviously meant to be unique. Hinoka was the last colorless bow, sure, but we also havent received a non seasonal/legendary archer since then so there is no way to tell. This is actually the first time we are even getting a colored dagger in the general pool, since the first time we saw them were seasonals, which dont go by normal unit standards. We have been getting flying tomes and dagger cavalry and flying daggers, doesnt mean thats the new norm does it? We still get infantry tomes, infantry dancers, daggers, etc. Just because its something new they are putting out doesnt mean we are not getting any of the old. We have been getting the older types of units despite there obviously being new character types introduced. This is a stupid jump to conclusions/assumption being made on one single general pool banner. That we havent even got revealed yet, we dont even know she is a dagger, despite it being very likely. Colorless isnt going anywhere, and its made great steps in the right direction this year. The introduction of colored daggers and bows has done nothing to hurt it or the game, other than add more variation to the character list. Which is apparently a bad thing now.
  8. Class names that don't make sense?

    Tbh, General was kind of a silly name. General is the name of a high ranking member in a military, but apparently FE militaries have tons of generals, so many in fact that they just field them as cannon fodder for the meat grinder. Halberdier is a funny one, considering they dont even use a halberd. But it works well enough considering they still use pole arms, so its less of an extreme one. Never was a fan of Gold Knight as a name for tier 3 Paladins. Crusader or maybe Paladin Elite or something would be better. Gold Knight just feels weird when going from Cavalier to Paladin to Gold Knight. Hell, I would take Knight in Shining Armor.
  9. And they havent been phasing them out. We just got Veronica with a very powerful staff, we got Legault with a decent dagger just a bit ago, we got Kaze with a slaying dagger finally. If you think they have been phasing it out you have either been not paying attention or only seeing what you want to see. We are also getting a new staff user with this TT, and got one with Thracia with a new healing type if I recall. We also got a Felicia refine which took a rather weak character and turned her into a unique niche with a dragonstone effect. Plus Sothe was added this year who is an absolute monster when built right. Adding colored daggers and bows allowed them to pull some of the heat off the colorless pool by not having so many flood in it, which was what its issue was originally. There was so much shit shoved into that pool that it wasnt worth diving into to get those few gems. Now it has more gems to go in for, less flooding into it on a regular basis, and several demoted units that made it easier to get those 5*s.
  10. Wouldnt mind some new armor variants. Tome armors would be great to see again, as would bow armors. I do wonder if FEH will have an effect on new classes and weapon combos we could see, considering its really digging in with different combinations. I also wouldnt mind a few melee classes that use staves, War Monk comes to mind on that. Would love to see some War Priest type class.
  11. Its possible, I could see them pulling out a OC for beast units. Wouldnt mind it either, the OCs havent been too bad, if a bit empty. But its just a mobile game, so not expecting amazing characters here. Colorless needed some changes, daggers and bows were in a rough spot, daggers being the worst of those two. And staves are still in a rough state. Colored versions of both weapons add variety to them. Plus it takes some heat off the colorless pool, which has been regarded as hell due to having not one, not two, but three different types of characters in there. Most of them being shit. different colored swords is best not done though, that would cause some issues, and just add the issue of the axe, lance, sword dynamic losing its identity. As far as OCs are concerned, thats not going to stop them.
  12. How do you create your endgame teams?

    I just throw together who I like and go from there. I used Rafiel and Leonardo in RD's end game before despite them being rather weak compared to their competition. Just really depends on who I have been using. Never really made last minute changes in my team to get the most optimized outcome. FE final maps arent that hard to begin with, some are easier than most of the maps that came before them.
  13. Honestly. I am thinking the suspected Avatar is the Jeigan for this game, and if thats the case the class is very likely on the player to choose with whatever base class Byleth will be starting out. Which I like the idea, its a good way to fit in an avatar, from both a narrative standpoint and a gameplay standpoint. If thats not the case though, I would like to see maybe a mage Jeigan for once? We dont see many of those, if at all. Could be really neat to see. Also wouldnt mind another rogue Jeigan, though I am a tad fearful for the state of rogues and dancers as well in 3H with its seeming focus on a military/army aesthetic. I cant see a squad of dancers being a thing, neither a group of rogues just stealing shit at random.
  14. All of it, everything just dumped in at once. Jaigan (however you spell that shit, I dont remember) that is actually a returning character Camus that is the little sister/priest Its all here.
  15. Maybe? Could be interesting to go that route, and would make sense to tie back to Tellius with FE making its return to home consoles and all. It looks a bit rough of a comparison though, there is a similarity there but a lot missing and different for it to be the exact same. Of course I think Awakening and SD's maps were slightly different as well? And its not like changing maps and retconning some things is out of the picture when digging up old games lore and all that years later. Itll be a wait and see situation either way. Im thinking this will be its own thing, but it would be interesting for there to be some loose ties to Tellius.