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  1. According to a few people, the article states that he uses Lethality in his moveset. The moveset they have in game are nothing but placeholders, the same movesets every generic enemy commander and unit uses. It makes sense for them to have new movesets, in theory, considering its nothing more than a generic enemy moveset. Look at Owain for example, where he uses Ryoma's moveset and has lightning attacks. It doesnt make any sense given the situation.
  2. Would You Buy Lego Fire Emblem Sets?

    Id prefer megablox oddly enough, I think they have the much better collector sets between their Halo, Warcraft, and Destiny stuff. A lot more detail is put into the pieces, especially the minifigs, which would look a lot better as a collector's piece than Lego. But other than that, yes. I collect them when I have the money. Havent bought any in a few years, but FE sets would definitely tempt me.
  3. Fates releases in December, so we get to see one luckily. They all currently have placeholder dates for the month they release in, so no idea when in the month it releases. But it is a simultaneous release for both West and Japan luckily, so no waiting a month for each release.
  4. Free Update / Nov 16

    Anyone who currently has it on 3DS, did they finally fix the glitch with being able to download the Season Pass from outside sources, like a code bought from Gamestop?
  5. Maybe, I think it will have some tweaks though. Honestly, I think what might happen is them get removed from the weapon triangle, and put into their own. That way you keep the 3 ranged weapon types neutral to the normal weapon triangle, but there to counter other ranged weapons. I personally wouldnt mind it returning like this, along with magic triangle returning, but that may over complicate the weapon triangle concept by having 3 different triangles to think about.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    Wouldnt be surprised. The latest post seems to be a counter to everyone saying that it seems like its hitting too many high notes, appealing everything that has been asked. I personally throw my BS card on the leak. I would absolutely love to see Castlevania Emblem happen, but I dont think this leak is true.
  7. Path of Radiance: 2 options come to mind, the end game map, and Moment of Fate. I think both are great maps that would make for a good History Mode map, or even actual Warriors map. Radiant Dawn: Elincia's Gambit is the #1 choice. Outside of that, I would say any of the Tower of Guidance maps could work as well, I actually think if we get a FEW 2, Tower of Guidance should be used as a gauntlet style mode. The Micaiah defense chapter in Part 3 is also a good option.
  8. Thats what I meant, better growths. I say stats in general, because I am used to saying that from all the other games I have played. Its why I have always said Meg is the character most in need of reclassing. She would make a killer Pegasus Knight. Agreed on the idea of a dark mage. As I stated in my original post, the one Dark Mage that is available is locked behind a 2nd playthrough and joins very late. Fixing that by making him available on 1st playthrough, and available earlier could help with that.

    Sure, but I wouldnt say any of its guest characters besides Cloud and Snake were exactly shockers. TMNT in Injustice? Hellboy? Noctis in Tekken? Every guest character at least had a history with Nintendo in some way, besides the two I named, and maybe Pacman. And my comment was more of a joke to begin with, because before then, who was really doing the crazy crossover stuff? Smash was the big "icon" of the crossover potential, now you got Injustice, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc all joining in on the craze. Sakurai has a bit of competition now on the crossover front.

    Well. That might be changing soon considering Disney is in the process of buying Fox. Fighting games are going insane. At this point Sakurai is really going to have to up his game with Smash, because he has some major competition right now with crazy reveals. Sakurai better be negotiating his ass off for something crazy.
  11. Free Update / Nov 16

    Camilla is going to be like Gandhi in Civilization, she will lose clothes and go into the negative, meaning she will be the most conservatively dressed of everyone. Camilla is the real question, at least Tharja is more clothed than she is.
  12. So About Micaiah

    I dont remember making that comment about Lucia. I fully agree, I really liked the entirety of Part 2, one of my favorite parts in the game. I agree that playing both perspectives is good, I just think that the DB could have gained a bit from a few more maps, both for gameplay and story reasons. I will say I dont mind the Sothe and Micaiah relationship. I should kind of rephrase what I said, as I dont find it as much silly, but in a way kind of forced at times. But that can be as much due to the lack of time the DB receives as a whole rather than them forcing a relationship. I just think that another member of the DB really needed to be important as well, especially Nolan considering he is supposed to be the leader of the Dawn Brigade, yet has maybe 5 lines in total across the entire game. I never minded Sothe's protective nature, as I thought it made sense considering their situation. His entire reasoning for sneaking onto the ship in PoR is pretty much to get to Micaiah. They are definitely close, I just think the game could have really done a better job with establishing that in RD, which again can be due to the fact that they get so little time compared to everyone else. And agreed on Micaiah, she is by far one of my favorite lords in the series. I just wish she got a bit more recognition, placing as high as she did in CYL was nice, but outside of that I would almost say she sits alongside Leif as one of FE's forgotten protagonists.
  13. Free Update / Nov 16

    and it looks glorious. Where is Oliver when we need him?
  14. Thor: Ragnarok- Review(SPOILERS)

    I really enjoyed the movie, it was a lot of fun. My only gripe is that I felt it was a little too comical for a Thor movie. but I can understand how adapting the original comics over to the big screen can be challenging, so bringing it in a new direction is perfectly understandable. Especially considering Thor and his attached universe was never a big part of Marvel to begin with, it was typically just Thor. I liked a lot of the new characters, I agree that Hela felt a little one dimensional, but I honestly wasnt expecting much considering unlike Vulture and Ego, she is the goddess of death and is kind of meant to be a purely evil character. Cate Blanchett did a good job though. I also liked the inclusion of Skurge, I was curious when he was finally going to be brought into the movies and the minute they said Karl Urban was going to be portraying him on screen I knew it was perfect. Considering the way they left off with him dying, it seems like they did everything they need to for him to return later with The Enchantress, so I hope they go that route in the future. I found it interesting the way everything played out in the end, and I am curious where they will go with it all by Phase 4. I still think Thor and Hulk are going to be our only 2 original avengers to return once we enter Phase 4 so I am pretty sure they will be doing something with all of that later.