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  1. Tiki could work. Specifically her Adult version from Awakening. She was both the speaker of Naga herself in Awakening, and then literally Naga in the Future Past scenario. Id say that makes her match a Mythic Hero quite well. And honestly, I am not against it. Tiki is one of the main characters of the series. Ike could technically work. But they already used his version that would have applied, so unless they are just going to take Vanguard Ike and slap some blue flames on him, that isnt going to happen. There are several from Tellius that could work. Sephiran, Dheginsea, Altina, Ashera could even work but I dont think we will see any of the full fledged deities like Ashera, Naga, or Anankos become playable. Duma and Mila arent impossible, I could definitely see that happening. They arent really full deities either, at least not on the level of Naga and the rest. So I can see them being used. Micaiah is an obvious choice, considering she is the vessel of Yune in later parts of RD. That is really likely to happen too given the datamines finding some interesting bits of weapon descriptions, and our RD Banner in January. If they didnt use Grima already, then they would have worked. But again, that isnt happening as they have already been used.
  2. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I love the music. Its great, never expected it for FE but I will gladly take it. Hel looks amazing. looks like a Lich, which is a perfect way to go about it. I love that she looks creepy. They didnt even try to make waifu material out of her, they went straight undead and creepy, and I love it. I want to be able to summon her, I dont care about the Surtr situation we just got, I want my Scythe Lich. Eir is neat looking. Definitely a gothic look, which is alright. The 2 new villains are eh. They arent amazing design wise but Ill judge more once we see them more often. Sharena is dead. That probably wont stick, but hey. Maybe Book 3's story will be decent. Either way I am interested to see where this goes exactly.
  3. Im going to throw some crazy guesses out there. None of these I am betting a lot on, but I think they have a chance. 1. Doom Slayer. Considering Sakurai's love of gaming history, Bethesda being the biggest 3rd party company that was throwing all its games onto the Switch, and Doom being on Nintendo consoles since the SNES, even making a game uniquely for the N64 that was actually quite good, I can see Doom getting some representation in. Doom and Wolfenstein are both the fathers of the FPS genre, so they definitely have some history there. The only thing holding it back is the hyper violence of the Doom games, but I think that can be avoided. We already have some pretty mature characters. Just use some of the more tech weapons like the Plasma Rifle, BFG, Rocket Launcher, and then throw in some punches and the chainsaw and itll work. They can also borrow some from the Doom 2016 and Eternal games for weapons. And I hope they do for his look if it happens. BJ Blaskowitz is the alternative to Doom Slayer, pretty much being the same character but Wolfenstein's MC instead. I think they are interchangable in this case, so either could work. 2. The Square Rep. I see this as being pretty likely tbh. there is any number of characters that can be chosen here though, so I cant begin to really think about what it could be. 3. Tales rep. Considering Bandai's work on Smash, I really think a Tales rep is likely. There are several characters that could work here. Lloyd or Yuri are probably at the forefront, maybe even Luke. Or they pull something crazy on us and give us Velvet. Either way I think a Tales rep is likely. These are the ones I am guessing. The first is a little out there, but I think any of these stand a pretty solid chance. I dont have a 4th option because there is just nothing I can really think of tbh.
  4. Im holding onto my grails for now. I could get my +7 copy of Lucina but I am going to wait to see if we start getting more grails. The rate at which we get grails has been awfully slow and I am hoping we start to see more. I have ideas for my next project once I am done with her, but I am waiting to make a full decision.
  5. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Im not expecting any crazy announcements myself. Probably a banner announcement, the Light and Dark Leg Hero reveal, Maybe a look at the Radiant Dawn or Binding Blade banner that is coming next year, and then Book 3. I can see maybe sometype of announcement on a fix for something, maybe daggers get the buff they have been needing, expecially since Staves have pretty much taken the utility and debuffing role they were supposed to have. If we are lucky, we get beast units finally. But I am not holding my breath. Theres a chance of a reveal for the Christmas Banner as well? But that could just as easily be next week. Either way that is coming soon too. I doubt we see any skill shops, and if I recall demotions happened during Anniversary and not 2.0, so I am not expecting that either.
  6. I think the issue is less the banners and more a lack of content. I made this comment over on reddit as well, but FEH is really lacking in content right now. Especially if you start to compare it to any of its peers in the mobile gacha game market. And content directly effects what you use in terms of teams. Ill use FGO as the example since I am familiar with it the most in terms of these gacha games besides FEH. With FGO, I have several teams of characters for various pieces of content. Ive got dedicated characters for boss fights, trash mobs, farming, etc. Then you add in the class advantage system, and characters being relatively unique and it gives you a lot of incentive to level up and try to roll for new characters. Mostly due to content being pretty extensive. FEH in comparison, you maybe have 8-12 characters at most you use. Most of the time I only alternate between the same core set of characters for various content. So when a new banner comes up, why am I going to roll unless its someone I really want due to bias? Even with them putting out these broken af characters like Surtr. Why am I going to go for Surtr when most of this content can be completed just fine? Sure hes broken but I dont exactly get challenged by content besides the ridiculousness of the GHB/LHB fights at times. But looking at FGO as a comparison again, Merlin is broken as all hell and he gives a lot of incentive to go for him because of it, because a broken character can truly carry you through content. Now I am not advocating for broken characters here or anything, I am just pointing out that in terms of content, FEH is truly lacking. And when content is lacking, you have less of a reason to go for any new characters. The banners havent been good either, thats for sure, but I think the larger issue is its content. And they will continue seeing a nothing but sporadic spikes in money with anticipated banners and then huge drops afterwards until the lack of truly meaningful content is addressed. If it ever does.
  7. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Oh I know that. I am talking about why they havent said anything. They arent going anywhere currently with this game. Aether Raids was fun for a week, but now the typical BS is creeping in, and this banner is only going to make that worst. Aether Raids, and 2 filler banners arent going to keep players happy over that 2 month break. Sure they might starve players to the point that they are willing to take anything at that point, but they also are very highly running the risk of people straight up quitting the game. Because this is just a free mobile game after all. Not like theres somekind of strings attached to keep most players playing.
  8. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    So, this is such obvious filler it isnt even funny. Literally. As was the Adrift Banner as obvious filler. But it leaves me with a question of why. Not why are they trying to add filler. There is an obvious answer to that, there is something they are going to announce at somepoint. Probably Book 3. But rather, why have all this obvious filler, and give us absolutely nothing to look forward to with it. You only pad this stuff out, make the players wait with relatively weak, filler content when the players know something is coming. But outside of a 2 second scene at the end of a FEH channel that honestly wasnt worth a FEH channel, we have nothing. Its just sitting here getting shitty banner announcements and lackluster content while waiting that hopefully there is something worth waiting for sometime soon.
  9. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    The Banner is interesting in concept, hell I dont even mind the 2 Corrin alts. The entire theme of them being puppets in Valla leaves a creepy vibe to it all and would be a fun banner. Problem is, as was the same with Fates itself, great concept. Bad execution. Again, the two Corrin arent bad, but Camilla was definitely not needed, and I am honestly iffy on Mikoto. Arete was a good option for this banner, as was a Gunter alt if they wanted to go for 3 alts. Sumeragi could have also worked. Scarlet as some have brought up. There were several good options here, unfortunately we got another Camilla. Which sucks, because I dont mind the idea of another Camilla alt, she just needs to be on alt banners that make sense, not stuff like this. My other issues are the designs themselves. Corrin using Azura's dress wasnt bad or anything, but everyone is wearing it. I guess they are trying to use it as an example of Vallite clothing, but that doesnt make any sense given Azura was raised in Hoshido and her dress was likely Hoshidan. But that isnt the issue. The issue is that everyone is wearing the same outfit. I think if they changed Male Corrin's outfit to something different, maybe more of a proper robe, and if we absolutely had to have Camilla maybe somekind of other type of dress or maybe even Vallite armor of somekind. Would have been far more interesting. Overall, great concept. Bad execution. Also, filler as all hell. This is definitely just buying them some time for something else. Considering this was something that seemingly would have normally been announced during the Feh channel tomorrow, leaves an interesting situation.
  10. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    13 minutes sounds about right considering I imagine there are a few things we dont have. For example Book 2's Feh Channel focused on Farfetched Heroes some, but this year we already had our "farfetched heroes" banner, so that is out. Plus I imagine we probably wont get a CYL recap, etc. So 13 minutes doesnt sound wrong at all if some of the extras from last year are cut. That and introducing a new book doesnt take 8 minutes. I would say at most 4 minutes. 2-3 minute trailer, 1 minute worth of actually showing a few maps. That is really all they need. Im not holding any expectations for this. But considering last year we had skill cooldown reductions, we could be getting a significant gameplay update this year as well. Hopefully Beast Units with this, but that could wait for Anniversary as well, we dont really know. But, I do think now is the best time. Show of beast units, have a beast unit banner sometime this month, then show off Book 3, probably a few Beast OCs too. Thats how I think it might go, if we get beasts. I also think a peak at the January RD banner is likely. BB is a bit far out, but we could see something, at the very least if they show some of RD's they might mention BB's banner in March, maybe with a namedrop or two. I would like to see a new game mode, but I am not exactly holding my breath either. I think part of it will be focused on the weapon refines that are incoming, would be nice if that came with some demotions as well, especially since Saber is extremely hard to get atm. Also a banner reveal of whatever the 9th is. Could be a beast unit banner if they announce that, could be something entirely separate. No way of really knowing.
  11. Holiday Banner Predictions

    Im thinking itll be Genealogy and Awakening based. Every banner this year outside of the Valentines banner seemed to pair up an older game + new game. Which is honestly a great way to do it as it pleases both crowds, and gives new fans a character they recognize and might garner interest from them in these older characters. As to who, I really dont know. I could see Nowi, maybe one of the 2 Awakening beasts if we get beast units with Book 3, Severa, F!Robin, maybe one of the Morgans, there are a lot of choices. Genealogy, I would honestly guess Dierdre, Sigurd, Seliph, or Julia. Any of them are honestly the safest guess, I think Sigurd and Dierdre would be kind of neat tbh. Im not super familiar with who the most popular characters are with Genealogy unfortunately.
  12. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    Let me just say, if Oliver ends up on the RD banner in any way. I will march to IS headquarters myself. Oliver being the first and still only Tellius GHB is an absolute disgrace.
  13. I think the best option would be to timegate a lot of it. Only allow trading if the account is x months old, only allow trading with people on the friends list. And limit that to only allowing trading with people on the friends list once they have been on there for a whole month. That would remove rerolling problems and just quick adds to friends list for trading only. And it would make it a bit of a community feature at that point. As for whether or not I see it happening, probably not. It would be great, but I just dont see it happening.
  14. Inigo, Owain, and Severa at some point. I am honestly surprised only one of them have received an alt so far, especially with Owain placing rather high both times in CYL. That and Severa and Owain could really use an art update, Selena isnt too bad but Odin looks ridiculous. And both are rather lackluster as units, especially now.
  15. I just dont think Nuibaba and Jedah are that interesting from a GHB potential standpoint. I dont mind them as characters, but I am not sure what they could really do all that different, unless they get really creative with what they have as skills or weapons, like what they did with Arvis and Recovery Ring. I just hope whatever new GHB mages we get, they end up at least somewhat different from each other. So far they are all quite similar stat wise, just a different color and tome effect.