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  1. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    For me at least, its how Corrin has been represented outside of Fates. I will fully agree that Corrin was not great in Fates at all, male or female as there really is no difference. I dont think they were a terrible lord though, I think they could have been a decent lord, but that was pushed down for avatar pandering. Something I have noticed though is when you take Corrin outside of their role as an Avatar, and write them as a legitimate character, they actually can be pretty interesting. Crown of Nibelung is a good example of this, its only up to what would be the equivalent of chapter 6 for Fates, but so far its been interesting to see her interaction with both families. They also handle her naivety a little better than it was in Fates. So far, she also isnt as much of an idiot that Corrin was in Fates. They go the route of Revelation, with a lot of their own changes along the way. But instead of Azura telling Corrin about all of what is going on, Corrin realizes that the attack on Hoshido wasnt by Nohr, that the swordsman that showed up used a style that was not Nohrian or Hoshidan. So as her two families are bickering over what side she should go with, she decides to go her own way to figure out what is going on. Likewise, I read a few of her translated supports in Warriors, and like a lot of them. The reason I am going Female instead of Male in this case is it seems that Female Corrin is the "canon" version they are going with. Maybe that will shed some light on a few other standpoints regarding the appeal of Corrin outside of design and feathers.
  2. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    "I think the large maps of FE4 are cool". Until I actually tried it. I couldn't get past chapter 1, dear lord was that some boring shit. I would take 20 more games with maps like Shadows of Valentia over Genealogy style maps. I still like the story of Genealogy, and would like to see it remade. Maybe a good remake treatment can make the maps pallet-able like what happened with SoV. But I dont think I will ever actually play through FE4 itself.
  3. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Going to make this an actual topic, ignore my post.
  4. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Best Story Awakening: I like the story here. It may not of been the best, but it was still a story that was enjoyable from start to finish. The characters also tied in more here than Fates, which I enjoyed. I liked the way the second generation was implemented, as I thought it was both a unique way of implementing the whole time travel/alternate dimensions idea, and an interesting way of adding in a second gen without just repeating Genealogy. I liked that it was split into parts, part 1 being one story, part 2 being a different, and part 3 being a seperate, but at the same time result of, the other two. Sure it could of been handled better, but it wasnt too the point of annoyance. Character wise it has one of my favorite rosters in the series, between several of the 1st and 2nd gen being favorites of mine. Best Gameplay Conquest/Fates by far. Conquest has some amazing map design, and was an enjoyable experience from start to finish with gameplay. While its a bit of a more polarizing route, I also enjoyed Revelation as a very sandboxy, do whatever you want with the characters game. The balance was atrocious, and the designs were very hit or miss, but being able to grind at least fixes the balance. I have no real opinion on BR as I never played it, but it seems like a good step above Awakening. Worst Story Fates. Really no question about it. Awakening was a solid story that was coherent, Echoes was at least presented very well, but Fates just missed a lot of points. Conquest in particular being an issue. I still dont think its the worst thing I have ever seen like some would like to say, but it was definitely not the best. Conquest is by far the worst of the three with its sudden "twist" about halfway through. BR I have no input on, and Rev was just empty. I do think the stories had some high points, I think the first 6 chapters were a good start to the game, the story also had some interesting concepts. I also think Revelation's twist was a nice little diamond in the rough. If it had not been spoiled for me so early on, I wouldnt have seen it coming until late into the story. But by far, Fates is the worst of the three games in the 3ds era. Worst Gameplay SoV. Similar situation as Fates for me. Was it the worst thing I have ever seen? Nope. But it was definitely the worst of these three games. It is hard to play through a second time, so unlike most its got very low replayability, unlike most FE titles. Its also got some really bad sets of chapters, Celica Chapter 4 being by far the worst. I do think it's "terrible" map design is a bit over stated, and that there are some legitimately good designs in there when you comb through it, just marred by some bad mechanics. The villagers were also fun to use, even if their stats really force them in various directions. Mila's Turnwheel was a great addition to the game, and the villages/towns system was fun. While a little more controversial of an opinion, I also loved Dungeons and being able to explore the game in a third person view. The controls handled like a truck, and the randomized, respawning enemies got a little annoying, but it was a nice unique experience that I enjoyed. Even though I enjoyed all of this, it still is the worst of the three. It never really tested my limits as far as strategy goes, relying more on a RPG style approach of grinding and stat checks throughout. Even in the Chapter 6 dungeon, the game never felt challenging as much as enemies just getting larger and larger as time went on.
  5. You would think a requirement of being a video game journalist is actually having played video games, and know what you are doing. There is a difference between just being bad at them, and not being a gamer at all. This guy is the latter. At the very least, you would think they would be split up by preferences. Oh, this guy is huge into the Dark Souls, Cup Head, more difficult trial and error style games. Lets let him review those types. This guy is huge into strategy games, lets have him review those. But no, instead we are going to let these journalists just review everything regardless. Which is what happened with Radiant Dawn and its reviews.
  6. I mean, we had Nasir and Kurth. While they were technically Laguz, they were still dragons. I wouldn’t mind more though, Nasir is one of my favorite characters.
  7. I come to you for help, Serenes, as a person humbled...

    I really can’t help much financially, but I will keep this in my prayers. I really hope everything clears up. Can’t say I know what a bed bug infestation is like, but I do know what the stress of financial issues are. Seriously, I hope everything clears up. I’ll be praying for you.
  8. More costumes would be great. I love new costumes, both silly fan service (meaning in a broad term of just fun gimmicky stuff) costumes and cool alt costumes. I wouldn't mind more of both really. Witch Corrin costume would be nice, one of my favorite Cipher art pieces.
  9. Fire Emblem Warriors full English website is now open.

    Im not disagreeing with anyone in particular here, I am just saying in general that a lot of people in the community seem to forget that, well, Fates and Awakening were Fire Emblem games as well. I agree, the roster could have been better. There were better choices available, but I think as a first game in a potential series, and with DLC, that the roster is not nearly as bad as people like to think.
  10. I disagree personally, I dont think the roster not being diverse across the series had as large of an effect. As I have said before, if everyone across the various FE fan sites, including Serenes and Reddit, had bought Fire Emblem Fates when it released, we made a total of 2% of its sales. And the thing is, I know not everyone did, so its likely more around 1.5%. We really dont have as large of an effect on the sales of this game as we like to think. Thats not to say they dont care or arent listening, but even if we all boycotted the next Fire Emblem game, we would barely even dent the sales unless everyone outside the community did so as well. The only real power we have as a community is influence. We can influence others not apart of our community, but even then I think we are too small to have as large of an effect as we would like to think. Otherwise I agree though.Whether this was a success or failure depends on what Koei's expectations were. That is how this works, the company sets an estimate. If it exceeds or meets the estimate, success. If it is under, failure. We still have US/Europe to go too, and considering this is about the average opening week sales of a Warriors game, I think we arent doing too bad.
  11. Fire Emblem Warriors full English website is now open.

    People really dont give the recent cast of characters enough credit for how popular they are. We love to look at everyone pre Awakening as the most popular, but Lucina made it into the CYL banner for a reason. And several Fates and Awakening characters werent far behind.
  12. Fire Emblem Warriors full English website is now open.

    You were fine, I was meaning the other two complaining about the website mentioning movesets and rosters. You didnt do anything wrong, it was annoying that it took so long to update the site. That is what I am hoping for. Even if they get less supports than the main cast, as long as they get at least 3-4 I would be fine.
  13. Fire Emblem Warriors full English website is now open.

    So it says new weapons on the DLC packs, along with the typical "and more". Nice to see confirmation of more content at least. I imagine there is probably another History Mode Pack for each, along with new supports. edit: and can we not try and pick apart everything wrong with the site? It's a website meant to advertise, of course it's going to over exaggerate a few details. Get over yourselves.
  14. How did you get into a few of the series you are a fan of, Trails and Warriors specifically? We know a few of the games you are a fan of, but what about ones you aren't? Any game series you just couldn't get into no matter how many times you tried? What do you really want to see out of FEW DLC? History Mode maps, new game mode, weapons, what do you think would be a good addition? Outside of the roster, what additions or changes would you like to see in a potential FEW sequel? Any games you are really hyped for over the next couple years? Any you think might slip through the cracks and be a "hidden gem"?
  15. Pretty much. That and you have a lot of people without a single idea of how business and markets work, talking about how it was either a failure or a success. A whole lot of people talking about nothing really.