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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    it's the opposite usually leakers releasing true informations disappear for quite a long time also, her source would stop providing her informations, if they're true the fact that she'a being quite constant with her "leaks" makes her even mkre suspicious, to me
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    inb4 she'll confirm what you just said
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    either way, i'm right HERE COMES THE MONEY
  4. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    this is my favorite fire emblem meme
  5. Yexin's "Artistic" Corner

    I hope this is the right place where i should post this stuff BY THE WAY, as written in my profile page, i love drawing: i don't actually know whether i'm good or not, personally i think my works are not completely trash Here i'll post my works which i make during my university lessons instead of listening to the professor or taking notes, and due to this like 90% of my works will be on common ring notebook's sheets First of all, my most recent one: i've been quite influenced by all the "dark atmosphere, vampires stuff" in the fe16's leak's topic, so i imagined how male Dracul could look like that's what my complex mind has come to! he would be very pale, with either white or blood-red hair (i honestly think blood-red hair suits better) i know he has no outfit, but it's just a draft btw, what do you think about this design?
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    which trap? i'm curious inb4 she'll stop giving infos for a while
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    yeah, it looks like she's doing something like "ok, two days ago i invented something about the general story and some classes... now i could invent some more classes and say something about online functions and amiibos as well!" i guess she'll come up in 2 days saying something else, like 2/3 more classes and a little more specific description of the story, or she could "spoil" us some characters, and their respective role usually, when leakers spoil something which is actually true, then they disappear for a long time, so that they don't get recognized, but this "miss leaker" is showing us something new quite constantly this makes me skeptical, too
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    oh, ok then, my mistake the rest of my post is still valid, though
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    "the picture in this post is NOT part of the game" thank god "the ヒッポグリフナイト (Hippogriff Knight), a Kibaire version of the Pegasus Knight who uses bows (I'm not sure if it's female-exclusive, but the default is female)" so basically a mixture of the griffon rider and the kinshi knight "a Kibaire version of the Cavalier called the ダークライダー (Dark Rider) that can use swords and axes" if they're just normal cavaliers that apparently can use axes too, why aren't they called "cavaliers"? kieran is a thing, and he's still a cavalier also, why are they "dark" if the kibarians are holy knights? "the マーマン (Merman) that's essentially the pirate from the older games" is "merman" an actual word in english, or is it just the japanese translation of melman, the giraffe from madagascar? "the ファントム (Phantom) which is an anima mage for the Kibaires" sounds cool "the Kibaire variant of the Cleric: the ヴェスタル (Vestal)" bravely default confirmed "You all know supports were back, but we now know that marriage is returning" GOD DAMN IT "(but not children)" again, thank god "I've learnt a bit that FE Switch will be getting wireless multiplayer in the form of 3 modes: V.S., Double Duel and Arena. V.S. is self-explanatory, Double Duel returns from Awakening, and Arena is a 4-Player Free-for-all returning from the GBA's era." cool "I found out what the amiibo do too. They unlock special maps from previous games where you fight against enemies themed from the map in question, and when you beat that map, you gain an S-Rank weapon, such as Beloved Zofia, the Binding Blade and 4 Versions of the Falchino. I know that Elincia's Gamble, Hinoka, Leo (the chapters) and Marth Embarks are among them." ok, even though everyone could've figured that out cries for not being able to recruit Ike in HD "I don't have any news on the story or who's working on the game unfortunately." who. would. have. guessed. also, my prediction about her not showing actual images has been confirmed i'm more credible than miss leaker herself! X'D i'm still skeptic, btw
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    i really hope fe16's artist won't be kozaki one more time i'm tired of him, i need another artist senri kita
  11. FE16 "leaks"

    inb4 the 4chan leaker will come up saying that's not the image she has, yet she won't show us the actual image
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    fuck so they're not dracul? thank goodness btw the male one looks cool; the female one... no thanks
  13. doesn't matter how much i'd love to see a male manakete again, IntSys would never allow it weebs wouldn't have anything to masturbate with anymore
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    uhm, ok, so she's basically reading what we're writing here on this topic and changing her "leaks" depending on that her sources that conveniently forgot to tell her the actual way "moonshifter" it's written sounds not credible at all (though it could be true, after all) if i was her, i wouldn't have used google translate to guess a name i can't actually guess; the fact that it seems to be written in katakana is plausible, btw first she claimed those "laurel wreaths" are like laguz, then she changed her mind and said they're more like taguels, wolfskins and kitsunes: how convenient the "2 dancers problem" came up here, and after reading it, she agreed with us and said that there will be two paths, the "good" one and the "evil" one (just like we said right here): the bard would be in the good one and the succubus in the evil one, but since she openly said she's not sure at all, i can't actually argue on that (even though it makes me even more suspicious) about the avatar, she said "MAYBE": if the game actually comes out next year, let's say in november, i think the story should already be done, and since the presence of an avatar is a major point in the plot of the recent fire emblems, it doesn't make sense: she knows they debated a lot about the presence of an avatar, yet she doesn't know if an avatar is actually present... ok, i guess i'd love to see a darker fire emblem, like genealogy, but since recently fire emblem has become something "for everyone", i don't know if they want to risk so much by making a game that not "everyone" could appreciate just my opinions, tho
  15. 1) Have you ever played NieR: Automata? 2) If so, do you like it? my brain slowly stops working 3) Why do you change your profile pic so often? 4) Why is eclipse in the middle of nowhere? 5) Why am i so obsessed with Yexin, the character in my profile pic, to the point that i dream of her while i'm sleeping?