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  1. no, it hasn't changed "an enjoyable game, but a huge missed opportunity, seasoned with loads of bullshit excuses from the devs"
  2. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    i'd like to see some more FFVII Remake, mostly Tifa, hoping that they didn't reduce her breasts: since Aerith is absolutely gorgeous, though, i'm 100% sure Tifa'll look amazing too anyway also, i'd love to see a Switch port for NieR Automata, this could make me buy that game a second time (2B IN SMASH PLEASE) from Nintendo, there's nothing particular i want yeah, they can show Astral Chain, FE TH, Link's Awakening, Pokemon (doubt it, since Pokemon is like a spoiled child who wants his own directs) and more, but i just want Nintendo's direct to be good and surprising
  3. Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5/15/2019

    well, more time that they can spend to focus on new things at E3 i guess i'm ok with it, even though i don't care about super mario maker 2
  4. it would be like a dream for me, since i made projects for a FE hack something like 3/4 years ago, but i left them since my programming skills are less than zero i highly doubt it's ever going to be a thing though
  5. sure, i can't wait for cs3 to come out and yes, i already heard that the Sky trilogy, and the Crossbell arc as well, are very important for cs3 and 4 thanks for the advice nonetheless
  6. nice, i agree the 2017 me would've completely disagreed, but things have changed and now i'm more than ok with it wish they did it here in italy too
  7. the JRPG series i love the most is definitely the Trails Of series i'm still sort of new to the series, since i only played CS1, 2 and i'm currentely playing Sky FC, but that's been more than enough for me to fall in love with the series, stealing even fire emblem's spot as "my favorite JRPG series"(honestly it hasn't been that hard tbh, considering its recent commercialization and relative quality downgrade (from my point of view)) i also LOVE nier automata, Inazuma Eleven and the Bravely series
  8. Grand Hero Battle of Deliverance: Sluice Gate

    soloed every difficulty with my caineghis painfully easy
  9. Is fanservice inherently bad?

    my answer: no in fact, i'm ok with fanservice if it's done right and not shoved in my throat just for the sake of weebs-pandering the only female design i really hate in TH for now is female byleth's, i find it so stupid on the other hand there are mercedes, dorothea, rea and manuela: i'm fine with them also it sort of makes sense for manuela to dress up like that, since she's so worried about finding her love
  10. so i got worst pitybreaker (aka shiro) in the wrath banner at 3.25%, while i also got a quan with a ticket at 3% and a brave hector at 3.25% in this new fallen heroes banner i also got 2 copies of mordecai and 1 thea (2 of my merge projects) while i'm not happy at all with what the new banner adds to the game, i'm extremely pleased with what i got i'd have liked to get berkut, but i'm ok with how things went now i'll save some orbs and wait until the bride banner begins, so that i can decide if i should keep summoning in this banner or not
  11. Final Fantasy VII: Remake-It Exists!

    the lip sync is amazing, in both languages: KH3 did it very well, so i expected nothing less also i like cloud's new model much better than the old one can't wait to know more at E3
  12. i just want it to be good and worthy of my money if i have to say one thing that i absolutely want, that would be no marriages during the game (the ones described in character endings are fine to me) and no children
  13. i can't but think that ashnard would've been a 10000 times better inclusion than either corrin or tiki btw, i just hope fallen delthea is good at least @XRay "DW!Mareeta does not feel like anything special. She is basically red melee Lewyn. Flashing Blade 4 seems okay, although I will have to wait for it to be available on the calculator to be sure." mareeta looks hella terrifying if you ask me she can use galeforce extremely well, and she doesn't even have to run desperation, given her sword's effect
  14. @Interdimensional Observer "Let's not forget Eliwood's unexpected and good outburst at Queen Hellene for being a bad mom to Zephiel. Or Hector having an outburst at Jaffar. Or Sigurd at Arvis just before he dies. Or I know! How about Tiki from the Harvest Scramble DLC when she in her adult form gets angry at Anna I think for having her humiliatingly wear her former Child Tiki clothes now as an adult and they don't fit?" absolutely splendid
  15. i know, i know i was just joking about how stupid and tryhard corrin's reason for being in this banner is