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  1. Official Pull Topic

    so i got my g duel flying fodder for reyson, but now i want paula too hope i can get her with those tt orbs
  2. am i dumb or battalion units' animations look better? quite a shame that the footage stops right before byleth's army actually hits the enemy, i want to know if generic units still fly away like bowling pins when hit by a gambit
  3. last year the banner was called "brave redux", so that doesn't matter that much i guess btw i expect haar (axe), ranulf (blue cavalry beast), louise (colorless bow) and awakening anna (sword) it would be strange not to have haar and jill in the same banner, that's true, but i'd prefer jill to be in a radiant dawn daein-themed banner along with, for example, tauroneo, zihark and ilyana
  4. got mage eirika on my free summon, then spring veronica immediately after the former i already liked paula a lot, but after seeing her stats now i really want to get her also i really like loki's spread, even though i'll probably change her whole skillset
  5. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Ashnard, Mad King (banner unit) Sigurd, Holy Groom (Brides banner unit) Deirdre, Bride of the Forest (Brides banner unit) Elena, Together till the End (Brides banner unit) this is what i came up with at the moment
  6. Do you think any copy of fe4 on eBay is real?

    i honestly don't know, but i'd check the materials and all of the printings
  7. Do you think any copy of fe4 on eBay is real?

    i bought one for like 50€ because i wanted to be sure, and i nailed it you can buy it if you feel bold enough, but i feel like iwould lie if i told you it's real
  8. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    although i'd have preferred a different artist for spring loki, i don't dislike how she looks hope she's some nice skills, so that i won't have to invest too much to build her she seems to have 38 hp, which is a bit too high for me, considering she'll have something like 149-151 bst, and that's why i hope she gets gen 3 bst, even though i don't believe in this too much, since thea doesn't have it and she's not free i'm curious about those 3 new sacred seals, i hope they're something good and not some trash seals such as def/res+2 and the likes
  9. Who's The First Gen Favorite?

    definitely libra i like both his design and his background
  10. palla's fine marisa is completely out of place, and no, i'm not one of those guys who like it when personalities and outfits clash bruno and veronica are basically 2 empty slots to me loki is ok but goddamn you toshiyuki (she doesn't look as bad as i expected when i got told she was drawn by the same artist who drawn rhajat and noire, though) i'd like my reyson to get G Duel Flying, but this banner's not seeing a single orb from me
  11. i understand your points, but i don't think i'll change my mind nah, i don't care that much about robin to keep discussing about him/her thanks btw
  12. i do in fact, i wonder why i shouldn't they play the exact same role, they have the same personality, they're literally the same character except that one is male and one is female but this is not the place to discuss this at least we agree on the fact that the girl's not eirika
  13. yeah i doubt that's eirika she's not camilla, after all, so it's implausible for her to get 2 seasonal alts in such a short period of time
  14. Any hopes?

    no kids marriage not to be an in-game mechanic, but i'd love to see character endings like the ones gba games amd others have (basically classic supports) good writing and storytelling no world map italian voice acting (radiant dawn had it, and i still have to know who the hell decided that was a good idea, and shake hands with him/her, because he/she was damn right) pretty much this