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  1. dragon tribe laguz are probably gonna have breaths as their weapons, but they're also gonna have the "adjacent beast/dragon ally or no adjacent ally" condition after all it's just an effetc, not a beast-only new mechanic yeah basically this, i think it's the only reasonable possibility
  2. time for wild guesses who do you think drawn the artworks? and for which character? my guesses are hector -> kotaro yamada celica -> akira fujikawa veronica -> yusuke kozaki ephraim -> sachiko wada
  3. Official Pull Topic

    so, i have a +6 +spd -hp karla i already spent a few orbs on this draconic aura banner (like 60 orbs), and i got 3 ares (one was my free summon), a damn luke (why is he even 5* only) and another karla, so she's +7 now do you think i can make my karla +10 with like 200 more orbs?
  4. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    we lost every chance the moment they showed her as an assist trophy
  5. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    no, i indeed am not a fan of echo fighets i mean ok, i know they can make happy lots of fans with realtively low efforts, but i just can't get to like them: it's a problem of mine, i know that and no, i don't want to calm down the "FE deserves its bad rep" part, because i strongly agree with that statement just imagine all those people who (imho) rightfully complained about 2 smash 4 dlc characters being "anime swordfighters from fire emblem" i don't know about you, but i saw many videos with people complaining about the favoritism fe got, and about the fact that they were all swordfighters then they come up with a new smash direct, introducing two new echo fighters and omg, one of them is... another anime swordfighter from fire emblem then they start presenting new items, and wow, one of them is... literally a sword from fire emblem! now everyone can be an anime swordfighter from fire emblem, aren't we all damn happy about that? i perfectly know they did it because it took basically 0 efforts, they just modeled a new item, since playable characters already have the lightsaber animations which have been recycled for the killing edge, but come on, look at all the details and efforts they're putting in the game: was that really the best they could have done? couldn't that killing edge have been a killer axe, just to twist things a little? was it really that hard to make an unique animation for said killer axe? i'm 100% sure sakurai is aware about the fact that fe has too many characters, and that they are all too similar to smash's general public, i remember he himself once stated this during an interview, so i really wonder what made him change idea i'm ok with dark samus, the metroid series is pretty underrepresented, but fe didn't need it at all, imho look, i know i'm one of the minority of people who dislike chrom in smash, and i know i may sound arrogant, stupid and annoying, but that's just how i feel i'm one of those people who thinks that if you have to do one thing, either you do it the best way you can, or you just don't do it honestly, in this smash i would've liked not to see anything new from fire emblem, i think we already had too much (more like "i thought") @The DanMan 1) i was not talking about playable characters specifically in that line, i was talink about fe's general representation in smash, and lyn's part of it just like every other fe character, even if she's just an assist trophy 2) it's not the fact that echoes are too similar to their base character, it's their nature: what i don't like is the idea of echo fighters itself, i don't like clones in smash (nor in any other fighting game) 3) fe's tremendous sword bias doesn't mean there are no non-sword main characters, as you acknowledged yourself, and it doesn't justify the lack of other weapon types in smash can you really imagine chrom charging a side smash with extreme power like ike does, even with his tiny little falchion? also they should've modified falchion's hitboxes: he wouldn't have been an echo anymore, just a "marth-like" skin but with ike's moveset exactly this underrepresented series need echo fighters, fe didn't need two of them (also one of them is a clone of a semiclone who once was a clone, such mindfuck)
  6. Simon/Richter, Snake, Ridley, Marth, Ike, Roy, Cloud, Zelda, Ryu, PKMN Trainer, Wolf, Link, Shulk they're just too many, i can't pick one over the ohers!
  7. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    so was it really THAT necessary to add chrom? i mean, now FE has 7 characters (8 if we count lyn in), and all of them are damn swordfighters, also 2 of them are clones it's pretty laughable, if you ask me, and i'm starting to think that FE deserves the image other people have about the series, because they did nothing to make them change idea also, chrom's up smash is multihit, just like roy's, but it's super cringe since chrom's falchion doesn't have any visual effect that would suggest a multihit move same thing for the neutral b: he charges an attack with extreme power, and falchion gains like... dust and wind visual effects? seriously? simon and richter are super hype tho (and please, "Simon" is pronounced "C-Mon", not "Cy-Mon": he's french, not english)
  8. Following the limitations they delined (no lance cavaliers, no armored units, no knives, no different shapeshifters, etc): 1st Case: All Clones Fates Pack: Shigure (Lance PegKnt) Shadow Dragon: Midia (clone of Xander, maybe without "dark" visual effects) or Merric (clone of Robin, maybe with more wind effects) Awakening: Nowi (clone of TIki) 2nd Case: All Original movesets Fates: Charlotte Shadow Dragon: Astram or Merric Awakening: Vaike
  9. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    I call Sword Reinhardt "Neinhardt" (New Reinhardt, also "nein" mean "no" in german so i fount it funny) Legendary Lyn for me is GLyn (Green Lyn, very easy, also because i hate "LLyn") the christmas guys for me are 1) Charja, Christmas Tharja, which casually happens to be a reference to the pokemon charjabug 2) ChRobin, Christmas Robin, with a reference to the pseudo-homosexual relation some people believe he has with chrom (chro-bin) 3) CHrom, because "CHChom" would be stupid af, so the first "ch" is enhanced 4) ChLissa, Christmas Lissa, which almost sounds like "Eclissi", "Eclipse" in italian, because she's an armor unit, just like zelgius and the BK, the only two characters with black luna ("eclipse" in radiant dawn)
  10. Names for Alternate Seasonal Units

    SCordelia (Summer Cordelia, obviously) SNoire (Spineless Noire) SwInnes (Swimmer Innes) STana (Sex-Machine Tana) fight me
  11. mmmh, this is though the guy on the right reminds me of either eliwood, ephraim or sigurd, but i'm not sure at all i mean, eliwood's hair is more straight, ephraim's one's shorter, and sigurd...i just don't know the girl on the left is almost unrecognizable, to me
  12. i'll have so much fun playing shulk, ike, snake, cloud and marth can't wait!
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    i'm not reading 29 pages, so i may accidentally repeat someone else's thought btw, i liked the trailer (and the music is amazing, even though that "techno" (don't kill me if that's not techno, i'm not an expert) track reminded me of tms#fe and this scares me a lot, not to mention that strange doll that appeared at a certain point, i think it has nothing to do with the general aesthetics of the game, that reminds me of a late renaissance) honestly, the only things i actually disliked are those "formations", they looked to me like discount Z moves, and i fear that they could make the game easier, even though they could balance it by making the enemy able to make formations as well (maybe it's already possible and we just don't know yet) but it's too soon to judge, i'll have to wait and see more i want to distance myself from this trailer: i loved the very first fates trailer, then i ended up really disappointed after playing the game, so i don't want this to happen again
  14. Three versions?

    they're NOT going to make us pay 70€/$ x 3 just to live the same story from a different point of view the "multiple armies" structure of radiant dawn seems to me the most plausible option