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  1. FE16 "leaks"

    well, it's just that i have a bad feeling about it
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    the subtitle "memories" fits the modern trend with FE subtitles, being them just one word (awakening and fates) i think it's plausible, but i'm also shitting my pants if i even dare to think about what that "memories" may refer to
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    so, E3 is just a bunch of days ahead, and we still got nothing oh well, we're all going to survive after all but yeah, now it's time to reveal something juicy i mean, E3 is the time, not now NOW P-:
  4. That's also one more reason why i'd prefer the characters themselves, even though i actually lean towards the cosplay thing.
  5. Perfect, thanks for your clarification. I thought it was pretty obvious, but characters with very different art styles like Mario or Inklings wouldn't even be considered, if they were to make crossover banners. They're just too different to match the general atmosphere. On the other hand, i have no problem imagining Àgnes (or someone cosplaying her, maybe Azura) walking in your castle.
  6. As i previously stated, i don't think hiring 3/4 more artists, voice actors and programmers would be that much of a problem. Sadly, my knowledge about that is basically null: all i can do is logically assume that they have the money to do it (as i'm sure they do) and i don't think it would take investments from the main banners instead. If i'm wrong, please tell me. Basically my exact thought. I imagine they could do some of them to celebrate special events like Xeno2's anniversary or things like that. But yeah, more than two every year would be too much even for me. Nice idea! This as well. If i remember correctly, Bravely Default: Fairy's Effect, a mobile game, had a NieR Automata themed event, and i personally appreciated it a lot (even though you could only get equipments based on the ones that appeared in Automata, like the YoRHa uniform). BD and NieR are both Square Enix's properties, so what's the problem if FEH does the same? Ok, maybe the characters themselves would be a bit too much (even though i'd still love to see Rex with Pyra at his side, maybe even with a peculiar animation when the special triggers), but the idea of FE characters cosplaying other Nintendo characters, or just matching the game's style, would be really nice for me.
  7. I carefully clarified that imo they would be an extra, the thing with the least priority. After all, if you don't them, you could still ignore them, nobody would force you.
  8. I don't think a topic like this already exists, but if that's the case, i'm sorry. So, as the title says, i usually think about crossover banner: things like a limited Zelda banner or a limited Xenoblade banner. Talking directly with my friends or with strangers on some discord channels, many dislike the idea (some also deeply hated it), claiming that it would ruin the whole game, since it's called "Fire Emblem", and not "Super Smash Bros." and that a huge lot of FEH players would abandon the game; very few liked it (some also proposed the idea of Fire Emblem characters with crossover costumes, for example Marth dressed up like Link or Ike dressed up like Zeke from Xeno2). The fact is that no one can know for sure what such an idea would cause until the actually do it (and i honestly think they won't). As far as i'm concerned, i'd love to see characters from different games in FEH (and i think i'd pay to get them): Link (Sword or (Colored) Bow), Zelda (Staff/Tome), Sheik (Dagger), Pit ((Colored) Bow), Shulk (Sword), Rex (Sword, maybe with Pyra at his side, just like GRobin does with the head of Grima), Zeke (Axe), Cloud (Sword), Àgnes (Staff/Various), Tiz (Dagger/Various), Ringabel (Tome/Various), Edea (Lance/Various) are just a few examples. In my best scenario, they wouldn't replace "New Heroes" Banners nor anything, they would just be some extra, with a paralogue chapter, just like every other limited banner. After all, i think they can afford it, thinking about all the money they made with Heroes. So, my question for you all is: Would you like or dislike the idea? If you like it, why? Which crossover would you like to see? Would you prefer the characters themselves or FE characters dressed up like them? If you don't like it, why? Do you think it's a terrible idea that would make many FEH players to abandon the game? I'm really curious about your opinions!
  9. yeah, basically this is what i'd like to see as well i'd love to see a villain who shares a particular bond with the protagonist my villain would be very shaman king-like: he would often wonder whether the villain is necessarily the "bad guy that must be defeated because the story says so" and the protagonis the "good guy that has to win because he thinks he is good" (thus the villain sometime would steal the role of main character) i' d like the player to actually doubt if what he is doing is the right thing or not, and i think a good way to do it is to make him face a very complexed and insecure villain, who would also sometime talk directly with the player, brealing the fourth wall sadly, this is never gonna happen, so i'm ok with everything unless they make another garon or validar
  10. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    i'd love to see kita working for fe16 as the main character designer, but it's very unlikely since they hired a lot of "famous" artist for xenoblade 2, i can see it happen for fe16: i mean, they could call a famous artist (like, i don't know, roberto ferrari) and make him the main character designer of the game i honestly don't want kozaki back, i'm tired of him; i'd like to see an artist who's completely new for the series
  11. yes i do honestly, 2 are the situation i fear 1) they still don't know how to properly develop a nintendo switch game so they need more time 2) the developers have very contrasting ideas so they can't decide on what they should do to satisfy new and old fans (just like what happened with fates, but worse) after all, i don't reay care, i can wait but if this game disappoints me, once played, i could also stop supporting the franchise, so they better give their all this is the first home console fire emblem after radiant dawn, so i hope they're motivated enough to show nintendo that fire emblem gives its best on home consoles
  12. do you have any idea about how their skillsets and stats could be like? because i imagined some sets they could have, but i'm not sure if this is the right place where to describe them, so that's why i asked first
  13. i usually make references to previous fe weapons, or weapons from other games/anime/manga for example, i called a lance "Byakko" and a sword "Sakuya", a lance and a sword respectively (duh), both from Shinmai Maou no Testament but when i feel particularly creative, i make original names, like "Bad Boyd" for Boyd (surprise!), Max Aether (reference to pokemon's Max Ether) for Ike, or OOOSCAAAAARRR for Kieran (lmao)
  14. FE16 "leaks"

    my grandma is actually shigeru miyamoto and she said that it's all bullshit but you must know i could pay with my life bringing you this information ... well yes march 3rd was 2 days ago but even a blind one could've seen it being fake
  15. well, sophia can become viable, but she needs A LOT of investment and, unless you're really fond of her to the point that you masturbate on her, she's not a character that deserves the use of so many resources: giving her a personal tome would be a quicker way to make her viable with no need to merge he up to 5* 40+10; still, raigh is a good candidate for apocalypse as well tailtiu's personal tome is mostly something i'd personally like to see happen, yet i do think it's unfair to make ayra with a higher bst and a personal weapon, while tailtiu gets basically nothing but a nice 4* drive spd 2 and a blade tome also, soren and tailtiu are quite similar (soren's offensive spread is 33/33, tailtiu's one is 32/35), so why is soren getting a personal tome, while tailtiu isn't? but after all that's my list of characters i think would need a personal weapon/a refinement, we don't have to agree