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  2. Soul Calibur VI!

    We have some other information from an interview for Famitsu. Since the source is supposed down for now, I will just quote the OP from r/SoulCalibur, uugui. Here are highlights from the interview: The “Reversal Edge” can be performed with a single button. While pressing the button it blocks all attacks from high, middle, low, and grabs. When you let go of the button the character will slash and enter a scene. There are some moves that you can only pull off by consuming your Soul Charge and powering up. The “Lethal Hit” is an advanced system where landing certain moves in the right condition will send the opponent flying. Since there wasn’t any 3D fighters on current generation consoles, the team felt that they needed to make a new SoulCalibur. The setting will take us back in time, into the year 1586. The keyword here is “reboot.” Please look forward to collaborations with other works! The team is focusing on making enjoyable sword fights with the press of a button using Reversal Edge. Some commands that were difficult to pull off up until now have also been made to activate with just one button. The Guard Impact no longer consumes your meter. The team is getting help from a surprising amount of outside developers. Character creation is something appealing that can’t be taken away, so keep an eye out for that. Development is currently 70% complete. Here a link to the reddit page :
  3. Salutations!

    Welcome to the Forest, Regent! Ooh, "that" dark corner. Bold choice. Anyway, whether you lurk or not have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
  4. Rinea and the Hot Swordswomen

    Welcome to the Forest, VestalRinea! What's this? No love for Marisa? Outrageous! Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
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  6. Time to get involved!

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  11. Count to 802,701!

  12. Soul Calibur VI!

    My favorite 3D Fighting Game is coming back? Sign me in. I'm hype for this. I still don't really get how the Reversal Edge works though but it looks pretty.
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  14. Howdy!

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