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  1. ... Hey, Ruben. What's up? ... ... Looks like he's still angry. Hmm... Guys guys! Look overthere! It's a cute-- Gaaaagh! Hah! I'm so tired of you all and your shenanigans. My balls... ... That felt good. Shall we go to war now? We need to slaughter some helpless Clerics. ...may I remind you that we need them in order not to have to LTC Elrean? Mm. Shame. Oh, well. ... Part 18 - The crab syndrome. (Vote for the masquerade ball mask. I'm a little ahead of the LP, so if you vote now I'll be able to get both 10x and 11 out of the way tomorrow).
  2. Sit down, everybody, it's story time. Must we really go through this? Yey! Story time! Is it about me? No, it isn't. Oh. Is it about cute ladies? No, it isn't. ... Please begin, my friend. (play "divine dragon ~ old saga" while reading) Once upon a time, there was a man of great wisdom and a heart of gold. This man's name was Wendell. Wendell was a man of great magical power, and he was renowned for his swift, powerful strikes across the entire world. But Wendell had no love for war, and each life he claimed weighed heavily on his soul. He would have been content with healing the wounds of his allies, but tacticians all over the world continuously forced him to take up arms and participate directly in the onslaught of many, taking advantage of his astounding might. And Wendell wept, and in prayer, he asked Naga "Why, after all I have done to avoid needless bloodshed? Why, after I've tried my best to be kind to my fellow men? Why have I been cursed with this great power of mine? Why me, when I've no love for war?". And Naga took pity on her dearest subject, and decided to grant his wish, for she judged him worthy of her favour. And so, that fateful day, a new menace was born. A man was granted a power that was said to match even that of Wendell. A man was granted such potential, it was said even the most promising mages of Khadein would never surpass him. That man's name... was Etzel. But Etzel lost his loved one in a tragic skirmish with the evil Dohlrian empire. Having lost the will to live, he wandered, alone, for a long time, until the Altean army found him well into the war of shadows, and took him in. As Etzel struggled to find a reason to stay, to press on, he overheard a prayer. And the words he heard changed him forever. "Why, after all I have done to avoid needless bloodshed? Why, after I've tried my best to be kind to my fellow men? Why have I been cursed with this power of mine? Why me, when I've no love for war?" It was then that Etzel realised his true purpose. Etzel was not keen on warfare, either. But he knew what it was to suffer dearly because of it. And the man's voice was filled with a pain he knew well. When he returned to his chambers that night, he had come to a realisation: while his own, greatest regret was that he'd been too weak to protect his loved one, the cause for Wendell's sorrow was the opposite: he was too powerful for his own good. And so, Etzel followed the Pontifex and remained at Khadein after the end of the war of shadows, believing he would find his way by Wendell's side. He helped his disciples carry out their missions in his behalf so the old Archsage would not have to use his beloved magic for warfare again, and quickly became a revered figure in the city-state. And when the war of heroes began, the cruel tacticians lost interest in Wendell, and turned their pragmatic eyes to Etzel and his tremendous power, relegating Wendell to more minor roles in the battles, such as ensuring the well-being of his allies. And Wendell was thankful, and said to Naga "Thank you, o Naga. I will not let Etzel's and your efforts be in vain. I will see the mission Lord Gotoh entrusted to me through to ensure the salvation of mankind." And Etzel, too, was thankful, and said to Naga "Thank you, o Naga. I will not let Wendell's and your efforts be in vain. I will fight to the best of my ability to ensure the salvation of mankind." And at last, Wendell and Etzel had both found their true purposes, and within them, happiness once more. ...that story seems... awfully familiar to me. Yeah! Both Wendell and Etzel are members of our army! This isn't a story! This is a history lesson! Booooooooooooring! Y-you... how dare you! I spent a long time creating that story just for you! And it was a great story! Would you mind writing about me and the children of my monastery next? Like that one time they were playing, and one of those naughty ne'er-do-wells made me trip and I fell on top of-- I hate you all. I hate you all so much. Let's just go to war already, shall we? I need the sight of blood. ... To be entirely honest, I think we could've been a little more polite. Perhaps so, my son. Perhaps so. Whatever. If you need me, I'll be looking for some fine ladies! Part 17 - Revenge.
  3. If your Sergei is anything like mine, he'll stop getting speed and skill forever. I do hope he turns out differently, though. I'd say this is like the boss of FE12's chapter 5, the Ballistician Toras, whose battle quote is something like "projection 44.5 degrees! Fire!". Considering this guy's deal is being a Ballistician and not much else, I bet his quote is something similar. Yeah, Elina's fine. Certainly finer than the guy in the screenshot. An asshole, that's what. Good update. Looking forward to the next, as usual.
  4. votes yet, I see. Well then, I guess it is time for me to choose by myself. Later on Look, Ruben. Votes. Why does nothing ever go my way? I do believe it begun when you messed up your calculations and thought Roger would survive the Hero onslaught. Poor guy. He chose poorly. I would've done the same! Sheeda is so h-- No-- Fine looking hips, I know. Do go get her, Luke. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! The Paladin of Dawn shall accomplish his greatest conquest yet! ...why, Ruben? A lesson needs to be learnt here. I pray Marth won't be as merciful as he was with Roger. ... Part 16 - Plot, plot and more plot. I must say, I feel rather honored that your first post in this site (with that account, at the very least) was made in my thread. I'm more important by the day! World conquest is almost within my grasp! You know, when I noticed I had two new notifications I feared you'd both vote for the Hat. 'Cause I pondered the matter for long, and decided that Pretzel was not worthy of the Hat. It's fine, though. With two conflicting votes, I can use my own vote to break the tie. Pretzel shall keep his vagely-resembling-Etzel's-hair hair. One last thing, this update'll be shorter than usual. I was away from home all day, and I can barely keep up with the whole "one chapter per day" schedule as it is. So, I think I'll just get the plot out of the way today, and get to the real stuff tomorrow (read: my failures and slightly over-the-top and below average death edits).
  5. I must say, I expected you to do badly but... not this badly! Four kills already? ...I think I'd best kill you before this part begins. What is that supposed to-- PERISH! Nooooooooooooooo! ...Luke, how dare you defy me? My defense is still pretty good! Fight me! ...damnit Luke. Part 15 - Hardin's had enough of us.
  6. Ruben, Sir Sirius is more powerful than Sir Arran. You'd do well to bring him to battle in his stead. Don't be ridiculous, Arran is a great General, and a worthy warrior. Sirius barely surpasses him. I'm serious, you shouldn't keep pushing Sir Arran like this, he isn't in any condition to fight. But he DOES want to find his end in battle, does he not? Perhaps, but... Guys! There seem to be two cute girls in that forest overthere! We ought to help them! Damnit Luke, Rody and I were finally having a friendly chat without me trying to kill him! Back off, Ruben. He's my oldest friend. You're the old geezer who's tried to murder me countless times. ...why do I talk to you before every update? I can't think of anything. How about you, Luke? OH GOD ONE OF THE GIRLS IS A GUY WITH LONG HAIR AAUUUUUAAAAARRRGH! Part 14 - The price of greed.
  7. You're so melodramatic. Yesterday's update couldn't have been that bad. You do not know what it is to lose half an update. Here, I'll give you a visual representation of myself last night. This was me before losing everything, ready to write the last few paragraphs. This was me after getting to the end of the update again. I... find that hard to believe. What's the difference? They have the same hair and baggy eyes! ... Part 13 - Jagen is a strategical genius. Ohhh, of course. I knew about the suffix, but it didn't occur to me that the adjectives might already have an L at the end. That should come in handy, I won't have to look all of these words up, meaning it'll take me less time to write an update, lowering the chances of Firefox shitting itself before I can submit the update. Speaking of which...
  8. I hear you hail from Ecclesia, old man. Why yes! It is a beautiful land, indeed. The forests, swamps, rivers and seas... it's a good place to live. Mm yeah it does look cozy in this map here... what about the dark, ominous-looking castle overhere? We... do not talk about that. That said, if you wish I can give you a tour around. I've a couple of disciples over at Ecclesia! We wouldn't be alone, so I wouldn't have a chance to stab you in the back! ...I think I'll pass, thanks. Ah, it hardly matters. You won't live to see the end of this war, anyways. Stop picking on my friend already! Or what? ... Part 12 - The cold truth of war. I'm glad you're liking it. That's what I was going for, God knows I do not have the skills to make this an impressive no-death no-reset run. Please, guys, tell me what you think of the edits. I'm no artist, but I think they came out okay. You better like this update. Mozilla bugged and turned pitch black when I was almost done, and when I reloaded to fix it, I lost half the fucking thing. I really like doing this LP, but things like these infuriate me.
  9. fe8

    Wow. I think this might actually be it. This might be the FE8 tweaking hack I've been looking for all this time. Still, I learnt with Master Version not to judge a hack before finishing it. For all I know, you might've pulled the same move and the last chapters will be unbeatable without hours upon hours of extensive grinding. But so far (all the way up to "turning traitor"), I'm really liking the hack. The skills and changes give the hack a very different feeling to your ordinary, run-of-the-mill rebalance hack. It's obviously not a difficulty hack, not for the moment at least, but that's alright. I've only noticed a couple major-ish problems so far: Vanessa's saviour skill doesn't seem to work. Whenever I rescue someone with Vanessa, this happens. Every single description for Vanessa's stats, skills, etc. is replaced by this bugged text until she drops whoever she's rescuing. And, as you can see, the rescuing penalties are applied. The second bug concerns Duessel. I don't know if it is intentional (considering the changelog says Duessel's issues have been adressed several times already), but he's got no move in chapter 10. This is really annoying, because it more or less forces me to deploy Tana, as Duessel can't move to speak with Cormag. And for the record, I've double-checked and I do have the latest version. Other than that, this is a very fun hack.
  10. I've nothing to say. Running out of ideas already? Don't be silly, I've plenty of brand new ideas for the LP. Oh really? Enlighten me, then. Look! I now have a sword! ... ... I tried. Part 11 - It was all going so well... Ah, Lord Hippoman's LP. That was actually my introduction to this game. It is an honour for my LP to be compared to his, even if it's in pretty much the worst way possible. I still have some hope for Pretzel, though. Unlike Steve, he's gotten a lot of magic. He better get up to speed soon, though, for Wendell draws near. No, I don't think Linde can be considered enough of a threat to him. As for Etzel, I believe he's Canas done right. And this is coming from someone who likes Canas' appearance very much. Etzel is just on an entirely different league.
  11. Time for continue Marth's quest. Let us see the latest chapter. Early bandit map? Eh, shouldn't be very remarkable-- Argh! My eyes! There's too much light! Oh dear, a desert chapter?! This early?!?! ... HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAAH! ...may I ask what your plan is, now? I... I'm sure... I'll find a way to do something about this with my axe. Now I wonder why you aren't fighting alongside us. There wasn't an option to make the avatar old. ...? Part 10 - The redhead bros. Yeah, I considered that, but couldn't think of anything. Feel free to suggest something. Not that I plan to have any more of them, I already feel bad enough. I really need to double-check the part numbering. I keep messing up and releasing two part 6s for some reason.
  12. Hey, Luke! What? You're gonna complain about me again? No, not in the slightest. You see, I just thought you'd like to know, our next mission will be to save a helpless cleric! Damn straight I'm interested. Who's the girl? The name's Wrys. Ring any bells? ...I refuse to participate in this mission. Bwah hah hah hah hah! Come now, Luke, there's no need to be timid. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you. Maybe you should try sticking to your own rules before you go mocking others. Rody, please do tell me, because I seem to have forgotten. Who, exactly, asked for your opinion? ... Part 9 - Shame. So you might be wondering, what is this all about? Well, let me tell you a little story. Today, I went hiking with a friend. I wouldn't have gone, but everyone else bailed and well, she didn't want to go alone and I didn't want to let her down. First, I had to wake up early. That wouldn't have been such an issue if I wasn't on holiday sleeping 10 hours a day, so the abrupt change of schedule was awkward to say the least. It also just so happened that I couldn't catch any proper sleep last night for some reason. Moreover, I severely understimated the difficulty of the route, and since I don't have any sport clothing that isn't way too warm for this time of the year, I just went for my usual unconfortable jeans, thinking it wouldn't be too hard. The result, when I got back home, I was tired as hell and my entire lower body hurt like I'd bathed in a pool of rusty nails. I tried to take a nap, but I am the kind of person who can't take a nap during daylight to save their life. And to top it all off, I have my driving exam tomorrow, so I knew I'd have to get out of bed and go study at some point. Now, if this was any other chapter, I would've said "fuck it, I'll give the guys at the forum their update another day". But since it was "just a cute little gaiden", I decided to go for it. Why did I tell you this story? Mostly, it's my excuse for resetting. Because, yes, I broke the rules for real this time. Between the exhaustion and the pain, I didn't think my moves out (I really didn't think anything at all throughoutly), and lost Cecille in the first turn. And, you know, I would've pressed on without her, but then I realised I'd also forgotten to move Wrys, like a jackass. And, of course, he died. And I believe if I continued, there would have been even more casualities, Matthis would've most likely fallen as well before the enemy even turned their attention to Marth. Even if I managed to beat the chapter at all, it would've been abusing Arran and wasting away all of my nosferatu charges. At first I thought of just lying like a bastard and move on. But, honestly, if I am to choose, I'd rather remember this LP as a failure than as a big lie. I don't think anybody was expecting this to be professional or anything, anyways. My sole intention is that my deaths are the result of a strategy not working as intended, or my luck failing me, or me making a mistake even after thinking everything through because something unexpected happened. A slideshow of stupid mistakes because I tried to play when I clearly wasn't up to the task would, in my humble opinion, just suck. So, considering the situation, I decided to go for another solution. I'll add a "dishonorable reset" counter at the end. I will NOT be using this as an excuse to just breeze though this as your run-of-the-mill reset run, but as more of an insurance for this kind of situations where I try to do the best for the LP, but it ends up being the worst. ...seriously though, me, you're such an idiot, couldn't you have waited a day? Tell me what you guys think about this. After my exam, I'll hopefully have the rest of the month free. With any luck, it'll be enough to finish this without any more cop-outs on my part. Anyway, have an update. Oh, and one last thing, for reasons that should be obvious if you've read that wall of text, I most likely won't be updating tomorrow. I'm truly sorry for all this.
  13. The time has come. Thanks to my excellent performance in the Prologue, I won't have to LTC this chapter. Why are you still alive? Oh, right. I'm just waiting for the perfect occasion to make your death entertaining. ...either that, or you are bad even at having people killed. You are worse than Matthis. Part 8 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Warning: this update contains graphic violence that might disturb some. Viewer discretion is advised. (mostly I was bored and decided to throw in a few edits. Tell me what you think).
  14. Time for a new update. Let's see the map! ...that's... a lot of trees. Well then... My axe was starting to feel too sharp. Worry not! YOU'LL BE ALL DULL SOON ENOUGH! Gah! Oh, sorry, man. You're usually the target when I start screaming and flinging this thing around. It's just a reflex by this point, I apologize. ... Part 7 - The desert fox.
  15. HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH! No, that's not it. MWAAAAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAAH! No, no, way too over the top. Hm hm hm hm hm hm... Close, but no cigar. Almost sounds like I'm humming some random song. I'm definitely on the right track, that much I'm sure of. What are you doing, old-timer? Just practicing for when I "accidentally" move you into the range of a dracoknight or three. ... Part 6 - In which I unlock my true potential as a magnanimous artist. From now on, I'll be putting a death/reset count at the end of each update. The reason I haven't done so before is that the Prologue was my introduction to both Ironman runs and LPing. I'd like to keep the Prologue as, well, the prologue of this LP, the part where I experimented, encountered problems and found solutions for them, blundered like a fool due to not having adapted my mindset to death being truly permanent just yet, found what kind of style I wanted to go for... what the hell, to be entirely honest with you guys, I didn't think of doing this incredibly basic LP commodity until it was too late. So yeah, starting now, all my deaths/resets will be counted. And with that, let us begin Marth's second adventure. And that's a wrap! I fare thee well until next time.