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  1. Very well! It's been a tiresome week, but I'm finally home. Isn't that great, Etzel? I'm finally going to be able to continue with our quest! Go on, hurry up. I've places to go. Oh, really? Where? That is none of your bussiness. Heh heh heh heeeh... I bet I know-- !!! ...what? You look pale all of sudden. N... I... it's... ...nothing, nothing! It's all fine! I can do the update, it's totally not ruined at all! Really, now? Then what is the problem? Why aren't you on your way already? B-because, you're supposed to warp me!! To the past! Don't be silly, you know we already did that. All that is left is that you go to that tent over there so you can write up your report. You've already been at the past. It's time for the report. Okay, mr. tutorials. Warp me over to the tent. Can't you walk there yourself? I'm already late. Then by all means, be on your way! ... :) ...what...? "Smileyface"? Is that some sort of arcane spell from your homeland? Be wary, if you try anything fishy, I will unleash the Starlight upon you. ...just gooooo... ...I want that report tonight. Or else, you will face the might of the Starlight. ... WITH (ONE OF) MY LAST BREATH(s), I CURSE IMGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUR! Part 44 - Utter misery.
  2. Hahah! Suffer! Gah! Stop it! Where do you think you're going? THUNDER! Ack! Ow ow ow! Unhand me! Yes... this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Etzel. Ve are grateful. Indeed. I haven't had this much fun since my wife passed away... ELFIRE! Jikes! Nooooo my beautiful green ro-- HAH! AHH MY BEAUTIFUL ARM! ...urk... if I may... take my leave... Oh, yes, the mission. I almost forgot. But is he healthy enough to do it? Looks good enough to me. Now, where's the warp staff... I'll look at him while you search. Take that! AAAGH! Don't you think that is enough?! No. ...if I am to die, then... at least... I will tell you one thing... You two make a good couple. You should go ahead, and ...very well. That should do it. You should be thankful Prince Marth was kind enough to lend me this restore staff instead of just sending it to the castle along with everything else. Can I just be off? I'm having trouble feeling my right arm. Yes, sure. Warp! Oh, and... don't waste this chance, okay? Keep her company while you watch me struggleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... ...that isn't such a bad idea... Stupid manchild... I look forward to seeing him fail again. Heh heh... yes... Part 44 - Charging to our doom. The other day I was bored at class and drew a few doodles. I don't know why I'm sharing these aberrations. I sure as hell can tell you I'm not proud of that Elrean. Sorry, man. I tried. Anyway.
  3. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    I love Wrys. His introduction in the FE12 prologue never fails to make me chuckle. As you can see in my signature, I went to great lengths to ensure he'd be my best unit once. Fun fact: I didn't know the growth drop existed back then. I had to bend the RNG around a lot in order to get him to that point. I don't think I have a least favourite meme, for the simple reason that I just don't really mind FE memes at all. I know a few, but for the most part, the only one I really do remember and enjoy is Wrys' character.
  4. I did quite well last time! I should be done with this in no time, wouldn't you say? You failed. Twice. I've had worse days. ...just be off already before I decide to just kill you. Now, that was uncalled for. Well, you can't do any worse than that... can you? GAH! Stupid warp staff! ...Ursula, give me the strength to endure these trials that await me... give me the patience I will need... Part 43 - It's a small world. This update is long as hell, so I'm glad I already replied to everybody. Let's just get right to it... That can't be good. Stuff it, Etzel. What did you say? Stuff it, Etzel. But, with love. ...
  5. Okay, just one message this time, one, no more until the update. I'm sick of clogging the thread with my "sorry can't be arsed to update" messages. This time, I'm having a problem I... actually never had, surprisingly enough. I can't beat the God forsaken Chronicle! I mean, I could've, but... you'll see. Suffice to say, I'm just not feeling like trying again today. I'm just feeling like replying, so I'll do that real quick.
  6. Part 42 - Back to the basics. Remember when I said I'd push this update before "thursday"? Yeah, I meant this thursday. Not last thursday. Shame on you if you thought I meant... last thursday. Three days in advance. See, I'm the best LPer ever. Was there ever any doubt? Now if you're a decent human being, out of pity, you'll say I am! Hahah! You've fallen right into my trap! IN AMERICA! THIS ISN'T GETTING OLD! WELL, MAYBE IN AMERICA! Cough. Forgive any typos. I don't have the time or the will to proofread, so it'll be even worse than usual. Bring on the replies!
  7. (Try to guess what happened, and what will happen)
  8. Oh. OH COME NOW! MY LP IS A PLAGIARISM TOO, ALL OF SUDDEN?! Sigh... I give up. I've lost cout of how many negative adjetives can be applied to this piece of crap. Time to delete it. ... ... ... Nah... I'm too lazy to reach for the delete button. Or, to even check if it exists at all. Oh well, in my defense, I'll say that I'd actually read Moniker's GhebFE let's play... but for no specific reason, I dropped it, so I never got to that part. It was never my intention to copy his work (I really like Moniker's LPs, for what it's worth), but the idea wasn't that original in the sense that it was easy to come up with in this situation. Sorry for the unintentionally stealing somebody's idea. Especially when that someone is one of my favourite LPers. Even though I didn't join SF until after he quit. Anyway. His version doesn't have THE POWAH OF THE GIMP SUPERNOVA EFFECT! MY VERSION IS SUPERiOR!! Just a little heads up, I've recorded the first of the chronicles. This thursday, at the latest, I shall upload it.
  9. Well, I finally moved. I can't, for the life of me, fit into the shower, but nobody cares about that. Let me check the replies... Nice...! Why, you! Good, good. Let the hate flow through you... Part whatever - Discussing the future. So, the chronicles. I'll find some time to play them. That's it. Better now than later, in the middle of the exams. Now, let me just talk because I'm feeling like talking. i noticed a small mistake on the death count, and proceeded to fix it. Bwahahah. That was epic. Hah! That's it, I'm using that for the Chronicles. Hurray, what an interesting update. I'll get going as soon as possible. Farewell! Reset count: 11 (Pretzel: 7 - Marth: 4) Death count: Linde Samto Navarre Arran Norne Roger Cain Wrys* Frey Cecille Abel Etzel Sedgar Wolf Robert Dice Matthis** Yumina** Ymir PRETZEL *Retreated. **Honorably discharged.
  10. There you are, Ruben! It's been ages since the last time I saw you. Where in the world have you been? Taking care of things. What really surprises me is the fact that you guys are all still here. Were there that many dragons? Well, no, but the last of them blasted the ceiling above the only exit, and, well, we've been trying to clear up the debris ever since. But there was nothing blocking the entrance... Yes, you arrived exactly as we were done cleaning up. How very convenient. Hold on, you mean to tell me you spent two days here?! In the darkness, yes. Whoa... guess that explains Luke. Here, here. Have another cookie. Sniff... thanks, scary man... Don't worry about it. I baked a lot of them, so just ask. ...may I have one? Of course. Munch, munch... Part 41 - Talking. I poured my heart into this update, so may I ask you to be elaborate with your replies? I'd really like to see everyone's reactions to everything... special that is about to take place. Anyway, I've a ton of replies to reply to.
  11. Canadian apologies to you all, but uh... I'm afraid the update will have to wait yet another day. The reasons for which I woke up early have kept me occupied and out of home until, well, right now. I could push the update today, but as a spanishman, I have to reach my siesta quota, and I'm several hours behind. So, yeah. Nah, just kidding, but really, I'm pretty tired. I'll just chill and use this chance to play a new FE, because I'm tired of y'all bullying me by talking of games I don't know. You will all see once I unleash my newfound knowledge on your unsuspecting minds! It's Tear Ring Saga: Utna Heroes. By the way, the relatives of my normalness called, they want to know if any of you will want to attend to the funeral.
  12. I'm sorry, guys, but I'm afraid I won't be able to update today. I had my mother's birthday, and then I had to have my hair cut, and tomorrow I have to get up at 9 for reasons, and on top of that, I still haven't cropped the update (and, being the epilogue, there's only text and more text. A LOT of cropping, basically) and have some stuff to do with it before it's ready. So, yeah. Tomorrow night, at best. Sorry.
  13. Lorenz... Linde... Samto... Navarre... Arran... Norne... Roger... Cain... Frey... Cecille... Abel... Sedgar... Wolf... Robert... Dice... Boah... Hardin... And Eremiah... Today, your deaths shall be avenged! Part 40 - The grand finale. Oh, by the way, I'd like to ask. What did you think of the whole "death portraits" idea? Were they good, were some of them salvageable, or were they just hard to look at? Did you like the idea, or did you absolutely despise me for it? Just want some feedback, in case I ever do another LP (and, well, you know I would like to). I mean, I loved this magnificent trainwreck, but... fool me once, fool me twice, etc., etc. (And just out of curiousity... if there's any, which of the edits is your favourite? At risk of sounding arrogant, I personally really like what I did to Arran. He looks absolutely pitiful, Jesus. And his expression fits his rather bittersweet death quote) Of course, a few of them are missing here, and the sepia effect does not help, but... you know... you've been here watching the LP! You can't have forgotten it all already! ...hopefully! On to the replies.
  14. Part 39.5 - Preparations. Small update now. I want to get the preparations out of the way, as well as talk a little about the most important people of the LP. This is your excuse for today? "I'm preparing so I'll just... sort of do nothing for the rest of the day!"? Why, you little... What? It's the truth. It's not the truth! Today there'll be a normal update. Mark my-- Actually, scratch that, don't mark 'em. But it'll happen! ... Anyway. Oh wait, I especifically mentioned the Bond Drop. Uhhh... I never did change anything in the prepscreen! Yeah! What have you got to say now?! I know it's far too late for this kind of stuff, but... THE FE12 IRONMAN LP DRINKING GAME Materials needed: 6 bottles of alcohol. [1][2] A small glass, of approx. 200ml. [1] On average, per update. [2] Vodka is prefered, but beer or wine may be used depending on your tolerance. Da Rools: Take a shot every time you see a bad level. That is all. 99% of test subjects pass out before 50 screencaps. The most I've ever drank is half a beer. Yeah. I think soda would work for one such as I.
  15. Welcome! Today, in Let's Play Super Mario 64 DS, we will explore the snowy peaks in our search for stars. I'll just somersault my way to the castle... Ah, excellent. Now, what was the door again... There we are. Urk! ...looks like I made it... now, where's Ruben? Jeez, it sure is cold up here. But we've work to do. There you are, Ruben. Without further ado, let's just dive right in to the slide. We'll be beating that penguin in a race! Ruben! Let's go! I will be the new champion of this mountain! Is he deaf? No... he's in denial. Mm. How could I snap him out of it... Oh, of course... LORD GOTOH! HOW GOOD OF YOU TO COME! RARGH! Unh. Oh, well. Too bad. We fell. I'll try that again! OH HEY, IF IT ISN'T MALICIA! STILL WANTING TO GET INTO MARTH'S PANTS? GOD DAM-- Third time's the charm, as they say! We don't make mistakes. We just have happy little accidents... EST! WHERE'S ABEL? WHY, OF COURSE! YOU RUINED HIS LIFE! BUT THAT'S ALL RIGHT, I'M GLAD YOU STILL EXIST! Again! AGAIN! ...I didn't want to do this, but... PRETZ-- UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... ...why? How did you even get here? I thought by warping away I would finally get some rest. Lord Frost was quite surprised when you took the staff out of his hands. We were lucky you dropped it before going away. I was wondering where I'd left it. But that doesn't explain why you are here. Isn't it obvious? I'm here to bring you back. Don't make me laugh. I'm a failure of a tactician. Archanea will be better off without me. All those deaths... I am to blame for them. I killed all those people with my incompetence. Matthis... Yumina... Cecille, Frey, Arran, Cain, Roger, Robert, Dice... For what little it's worth, I believe in you. You guys are strong. You can save Archanea. I'll only be holding you back... No, Ruben. Don't you understand? We can't win without somebody to devise a proper battle plan. We're all fighters. At most, we can think up a basic strategy for ourselves, but leading an army? None of us can do that. Neither can I. What is your point? ...look. Many would've given up by now. You're a laughing stock, or that's what you think. You've lost countless men. Your strategies fail all the time, and if they succeed, it's only out of sheer luck. ...if you only came here just to tell me that... But you didn't give up on us. No matter how men you'd lose, you'd always find a way. We've come this far thanks to you. This is war. Sad as it is, it would've been unrealistic to think we would all make it out alive. In war, you don't get second chances. ...and? You did as well as anybody would. Well, unless those people had the power to go back in time or something. But then, why not just stop? Why not go so far back that the war would be avoidable? You've lost people, yes. But even so, you've brought us to the brink of victory. We need your guidance, just a little longer. ...I suppose that is true, but... And besides. You may not be the best tactician. But you're at least honest about it. Many would try to conceal their failures. Be remembered by history as geniuses. War heroes! You may be remembered as a bit of an incompetent fool, but... you know what? You'll be the incompetent fool who saved Archanea. Good enough, wouldn't you say? ...I'm still not throughoutly convinced. The army doesn't like me. Leiden is always trying to avoid me, Athena hates me, I don't think father Frost will like me after I mugged him... Nonsense. They all think you're fine. Flawed, but who isn't? They are all worried about you. Well, not Athena, but I'm pretty sure if you apologize and stop being so... forthcoming with her, she'll forgive you. ...perhaps... but... There's another reason I hurried here. As we were discussing how we would bring you back... somebody came in. He volunteered to be the new tactician. I bet anybody in the army could do a better job than me. The rest of us are smart enough to understand that we are no tacticians. But he was pretty confident in his chances. What is the problem, then? Why come this far to bring me back? When we asked why he was so confident, he said, and I quote: "my unwavering loyalty to Prince Marth shall allow me to destroy every enemy that gets in our way!". anyone but... Then he claimed he had to train his strategizing. See where I'm going with this? ...well... I still... don't think I am the most suitable individual for this, but... If I let Pretzel take control, I would never sleep well again, knowing I left you all in the hands of the stupidest man in all of Archanea. Very well. I'm going back. Thank Naga. When you left, we were forced to pull back. We could barely get Sir Matthis, Princess Yumina and Prince Marth out of there... You mean they're alive?! We feared for their lives, but yes, they're fine now. Matthis and Yumina are both too scared to go back into the battlefield, though... ...tell them this: I've got a plan that will ensure their survival. Please, trust me. It's certainly a better idea than to trust Pretzel! ...he's definitely back. I'm not sure if I should be happy, or... Sorry? Nothing. Stay still. Father Frost said the rescue staff would be ready any minute now. ... Well, that was cheesy. Part 39 - Redemption.