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  1. Which of these would you rather do?

    Dark. I've always liked dark magic better, even though I'm fond of light magic as well. Also, dark mages tend to always look badass in these games, my personal favourite being Lyon's Necromancer sprite. If I had to choose a specific class, I'd be a Necromancer for those sweet, sweet cape moves. Would you rather have IntSys release the most amazing FE game ever, but then proceed to only make mediocre/bad FE games thereafter, or have them release merely good/decent FE games forever?
  2. Which of these would you rather do?

    My, that got kinky fast. Can you hear that? It is the sound of mods looming over the "lock thread" button. Nino's not my type, so... Echidna. Or Malice. Either one'd be good. Both'd be better. Yeah... Let's bring the thread back into E territory, shall we? Would you rather meet Mario or Luigi? That sounds harmless enough.
  3. Which of these would you rather do?

    Depends, do I get to use a silence staff on Serra beforehand? Also, I like how everybody ignored this. To answer your question, I'd rather do neither, but if I had to choose one... I suppose my hair. Having a dirty butt is the worst thing ever. I'd feel guilty for sitting anywhere. My question is: would you rather play through FE6 with Wendy and Sophia as the only allowed units, or play normally but you have to sacrifice every character you like, one per chapter? Now let's see if I actually get it answered.
  4. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm

    I've been silently following this project for a while now. I didn't want to get into it at first because I have a bit of a rule against playing incomplete hacks. We all know how common it is for these projects to be abandoned. I understand that hacking is hard and time-consuming, and I won't judge a hacker for leaving their project, but I just don't want to get invested into a story that might never be finished. Suffice to say, it makes me really happy to know that this one will get finished, and soon at that. Think I'll wait for the really-complete version to be released. In the meantime, I suppose I could try and see if I can make a hackbox and palette for my tactician.
  5. Post a lie about the person above

    Likes it when somebody tells him "your a good person".
  6. In my current FE6 playthrough, Marcus is wielding Durandal. In chapter 22. I'm serious. He's not even just good in the usual "Jeigans can still rescue!" sense. Instead, he's gained enough stats to be a really competent combat unit with the aid of his full support with Roy. Even though, admittedly, he's not my best unit (that honour belongs to Lot), the fact that he can still both dish out and take damage better than half of my elites is quite baffling, to say the least. Probably my most ridiculously blessed unit ever. I've had blessed units (Matthis carried one of my FE12 playthroughs. Matthis), but a blessed Jeigan? And the best part about it is, it's all recorded. Shameless self-advertising!
  7. Part 49 - Lucky streak. At last, I gave in, and bought a Nintendo Switch, which may or may not have influenced the long time it took for this update to come. Sorry. I got Super Mario Odyssey, I suppose that's mandatory, but the main prize I was after is... the fucking crossover with the rabbids, because a strategy game where Luigi exists, is recruited early and is great sounds like everything I've ever wanted. Damn, is it fun. Luigi kicks so much ass, it's unbelievable. Even though I definitely would like it if I had more freedom to swap characters around, I can understand the reasons behind the restrictions, to a certain extent. Any other recommendations are welcomed, so long as they're not on PC. Games that are available on PC I usually prefer to get on PC. If I bought the Switch, it was for the exclusives, so if you're going to recommend anything to me, please make it something I can't get on the better platform. Yes, I know I'm going to get hate for this. I stopped caring about hate around the time I willingly sacrificed two fan-favourites.
  8. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    Use the Dougyman. He's a decent enough general, I'm told. Also, Hugh, just so you have an excuse to throw cash around.
  9. This one is the good one. I swear to God, if things don't go as planned one more time, I will... I will... rrrgghhhh...! Part 48 - Marksman training, also known as the update where literally everything went wrong. Phew... man, that was rough. But at last, it's over. I have prevailed! All that remains is to push the update and enjoy some well deserved rest... ... Oki-dokie, now let's make sure everything's in order... not that I can think of any reason it wouldn't be. Wait, I haven't opened the spoiler yet, but the sidebar says there's a lot of stuff to get through before the bottom of the page... No... it can't be! Not now, not this update of all updates! No... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH...!!! Fun fact: for whatever reason, it took me several attempts to post the fixed version. I just... no comment.
  10. Sorry for the double-post, but an update on the update is in order. I have finally found a way to upload the images so that Imgur doesn't shit itself. ...I'll have to upload all 500~ pictures one by one. I'm serious, that's the only way it works. I tried uploading two at once, and that's enough for Imgur to go nuts. It's going to take a while, so I think I've earned the right to demand that you at least acknowledge me and give me a "thank you for being the bestest LPer ever" post or two. Anyway, that's all. Expect the update to come in three days, or something like that. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.
  11. Look alive, everybody, it's Canada time. As in, I apologize, but the update's going to be delayed. Guess why. It's Imgur again. A shame, too, since it had been a really long time since it last gave me trouble. The last update I remember where I had some major technical problems was chapter 14x, and that wasn't even Imgur's fault. I suppose the summer sales have gotten people 'round to buying more games, so more pictures are being uploaded to Imgur for LPs, blogs and the like, which is proving to be really exhausting for the elderly rat inside a running wheel that the owners of Imgur like to call "server". Thing is, since thursday, I've been trying to upload the next update -- sorry, the first part of the next update multiple times every day, to no avail. Every time it either refuses to upload even after passing a dozen captchas, or when it does, the order's all screwed up for no reason, rendering the album fundamentally useless. I don't think it's ever taken this long to stop being an asshole, usually it ends after a day. Add to that the fact that I've had a slightly busy week (finally got my driver's license, yay! It only took two LPs!), and, well, here we are, a week after the last update and I am unable to so much as begin writing the next. I'm sorry, there's not much I can do if Imgur decides it wants to suffer a stroke. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be feeling more cooperative. Cross your fingers.
  12. Part 47 - La créme de la créme de Biran. Yes, in the french version of FE7 (and the spanish one, and the italian one, and pretty much all of the european localizations if I am not mistaken), Bern is named Biran. If you're expecting me to be able to explain this decision, I am afraid I'll have to disappoint you.
  13. A Bad FE Player Ironmans Revelation

    I'm going with Michele. Her face is too funny.