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  1. Part 46 - Twenty thousand words over the sea - part 1. So, uh. There's a huuuuuuuuge lore dump right around the corner. Biggest plot dump in the entire game, in fact. Just so you get an idea of how big this is going to be, the folder containing all the screenshots of text up to the next chapter has 390 screenshots. That's before adding my stuff (I tried to keep it short, don't worry). Doesn't sound like a lot, compared to my gameplay updates, does it? Well, the average text update has around 150~. This beats even Rishel's bible - with all my side story stuff included - by a few dozen shots. However, since I'm not an asshole like the game, I've decided to divide the update in two. What this means is that this update and the next will both be a text update. Sorry if you're not too fond of these, but it's the best solution I can think of. The update would take me seven weeks if I didn't do this. Wouldn't recommend skipping anything, it's interesting stuff, but I understand some might find it too heavy, and it's not too important for the actual plot, just worldbuilding. With that out of the way, onwards to the update. My text bold: My text with Barlowe:
  2. Part 45 - Nuts 'n' bolts. The place where people find answers: The place where people find text:
  3. Send Two Characters on a Date!

    They have a heated argument about friends. Ike fights for his friends. Guts hates friends. They end up throwing down until that annoying little pixie that's always following Guts around (I think its name was Fuck?) tries to separate them. Since Fuck's utterly useless, it brings Soren to do it instead. But Guts sees Soren's hair and mistakes it for the hair of a certain other someone. All in all, it was a complete disaster of a date. Here's one that's all about sacrifice: Arran (FE1/3/11/12. Mostly his FE12 self, with the support and all) and Griffith (Berserk).
  4. Part 44 - Bewitching. Did ya miss me, ya wankers?! Hahahahahahahahah...! With that reference that (given the nature of this "nintendo anime waifu simulator" forum) I'm sure few will get, it's time to go back into the fray. Thanks for the patience. I know, I said "expect [the update] tomorrow", but that was a typo. What I really meant to say was "expect it tonight". Exchange of words: Monologue:
  5. If this happens I'll download Heroes again. Why is it that even when I'm getting free ads that I didn't even ask for, I'm being made fun of?
  6. All right, that took a bit longer than I thought it would, but it's all peachy again now. Thank Eclipse for that. I'll download Aethin's files and get working on the update. Expect it tomorrow. The bad news is, I just read through Aethin's files and... man, "disorganized" was one heck of an understatement. I'm thankful for the offer, but I don't think those files will help that much. Still, I'm really grateful for the portraits. Those will help a lot. Besides, I'm having a lot of fun with the names of some portraits. Seriously, why in the world is this guy called "crossdresser"? Hysterical.
  7. Not gonna lie. I was all hyped up for a second, until I clicked the link and recognized the first quote. Bah... Never before have I been so mad because someone I consider to be important noticed me. Why couldn't it have been a Berwick update...? Jokes aside, I am honored to have you here. I'd love to have you as a stable reader, but I'd love to have Berwick more, so please, do focus on that. Okay? Eh? Eh? ;D (Just kiddin', making good progress there, take your time. Still, I have to say, that last line from your post on the Berwick thread was just evil. You dastard, you fueled my lust for Berwick even further!) Anyway, one of the ideas I had before I started this LP was that, on the off chance that you ever read this, Aethin, you'd be able to use this as a "typo repository" of sorts. It was of course not the main objective, but it makes me happy to see that it actually ended up happening. Just... Please, don't ever fix The Roger The Paladin. It's, like, half his character at this point. About the files, I cannot take a better look at them because I still cannot access the forums from my computer (Eclipse's still working on it, thanks a lot!), but even if I have to abuse ctr+f, this will still be a huge boon. I'm talking single day wait for text updates, two at most. Not this one, of course, due to the whole mess with the fake ban, but I am sure the improvement will quickly become apparent. I cannot thank you enough, Aethin. And the portraits are just the cherry on top of the pie. Thank you so much for all this, christmas truly has come early. I am just sad that we won't get any more "Guardian Dragon Mouse destroyed Nolzeria" situations. Be it that I could get to exploiting those files to full effect already, but as I said, we're still working on my issues with the site. I'll let you guys know when it's all over. Until then, I beg you to be patient. I'm sorry.
  8. All right, everybody, voting time is up. Not that much of anyone bothered to vote. With a vote in favor of all my recommendations and one against them all (thanks, Butterman), I guess I'll just be doing what I want. Still surprised you guys decided to send Zach with Runan, tho. That was not what I expected. In other news, I recently had my internet connection changed for a better one. It appears I was unlucky enough that the new IP we were assigned is banned in this site, because I cannot access it unless it's on my phone with my 4G data. I don't expect this to take too long to fix (thanks to Eclipse for helping me so graciously with this!), but still, felt I should let you know. Please bear with me.
  9. Part 43 - This time for real. It's a tragedy, everybody. I'm fresh out of Berwick. I need more Berwick. That is all. I reply to you (yes, these are the actual replies): I update the thread (yes, this is the real update):
  10. Berwick Saga Translation (Beta Patch Out!)

    Well, I couldn't resist the temptation, in the end. I have now finished the translated portion of the game. It has been an absolute joy to play through half this masterpiece, and I am sure it'll be a joy to play through the rest of it, in due time. Even this being an early version, the quality of the translation is top-notch, just like the TRS one. My highest regards to you, Aethin. You're great at this. Now that I've flattered you a bit, could you hurry up and release the full translation soon? Pretty please...? The finished version cannot come soon enough. Goodness, it's going to be agonizing to wait these remaining months out. But I will not finish the game yet. I want to experience the stories of my characters fully, so that in my next run, I can safely focus on the characters I didn't bother with / lost (R.I.P. Leon, I didn't know Guard didn't guard from arrows. R.I.P. Axel, you gave your life to ensure our victory in chapter 4. R.I.P. Daoud... actually, he didn't die, some NPCs did though). I just hope the saves will be compatible... Now, if you're interested, Aethin, I'll leave here all the typos and other small grievances that I found throughout the game. No doubt you know of at least some of these, and none of them are game-breaking or anything, but still, I'd like to help, even if it's just a tiny bit. It'll be rather long (mostly since I'll be posting screenshots of the things), so I'll put it all in spoilers. Here it is: Nothing else! Thank you again for your hard work. This is looking to take my top 3 of FE games by storm (both top 3s, in fact, it's not just the brilliant gameplay, the story's damn great too), and I, for one, am okay with that. Once again, I wish you good luck finishing the project! When the full translation comes out, could someone be kind enough to remind me to have Christine swap horses with Elbert? Gave her his Sinon Stallion for healing purposes at the end of chapter 8. Appreciate it!
  11. Part 42 - Shigen dies for ~15 turns. Please forgive me for the delay. Nothing bad this time, I've just been... waaaay too much into Berwick Saga. Few games have caught me so badly to the point where they're all I play for days. This is one of them. Chapter 7 of 8 translated chapters now. Aethin, I know the chance of you reading this is 0.000001%, but... oh, God, release the full thing...! I need more Berwick! More! MORE! People argue here: People die here:
  12. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    That's something. Don't think I can come up with much else to say. How does one manage to one-up Kaga when it comes to weird, inexplicable stuff? This whole scene was cool. Even if it reminded me that Raigh got captured alongside the others for no good reason and that's really annoying. Pah. Efficiency? That's for sissies. Real men take 50 turns to complete each map! I mean, they're both insane piles of crap. Difference is, Caellach does it in style. How'd he be supposed to lead, anyway? "Huuuurrrrrr huuuuunnnnnnn gooooooo keeeeeeeeell unnnnnhhhhhh" If you get to promote Kyle, you shouldn't need to be worried. Kyle knows his stuff, he was in the game before you even applied the FEGreen patch. Can't beat that sort of availability. So do I. Mage Knights in general looked awesome in FE8. A shame I barely ever see them, because I dislike Lute, L'Arachel's too much trouble and I like Moulder and his hilarious con better, and Ewan's better off as a dark mage if you do use him. Now he just needs not to physically harm my retinas whenever he appears on screen. I'd just like to point out that she can have higher level than HP, and succeed where her son failed. Sure, it'd take 28 levels straight of no HP, but all is possible. FE.txt He's the Lilina of Archers, then. Huh. How curious. Still worse than Leonie because no move growth. I just can't get over that, she's fuckin' buff, my Cecilia. I suppose she was tired of people making fun of her stats, so she's decided that she's gonna benchpress Zephiel next time she sees him and show everybody what she's capable of. Like father... ...wait, that's not right. Their father was edgy. Then again, so is Raigh. Yeah, it works. Like father, like son. Lugh, you absolute unit, leave some for your mother! Perhaps he senses that you're trying to feed the experience to her, and since he's still going through his angsty phase, he refuses to let you do it? This was me in my last run. My friend may've lost his mind in the river chapter of all chapters and now refuses to ever play FE in hard mode ever again, but he and my other friend at least had the satisfaction of watching me get the worst Ephraim in the history of Ephraims. Seriously, he was the worst Eph I've ever had in this game. A pain in the ass, that one. Then again, I also had Moulder and Colm competing to see which of the two was the tankiest unit of my team. No kidding. The Thief and the Healer, my tankiest units. Colm came out on top in the end, just barely, but Moulder capped speed and he didn't, so there's that. Besides, they were support partners, so it's not like I was going to bench one or the other anyway. was a really fun run. I need to play FE8 again one of these days. This guy and the Chin are going to do great things, I'm telling you right now. This reminds me of all the times I had to pray to the RNGoddess not to get crits in the final chapter of FE12, because everyone has a 20% chance to crit at that point and can only take two or three hits from dragons. I dread the moment I get there in my current maniac run. Oh, yeah? Well... In all fairness, after what I put the kid through, I probably deserve it. Christ Almighty. This has to be the one of the oddest units in the game. Everything about him just screams "why?". Also, Cecilia is as strong as him. He accosted the game engine. It cannot keep up. Multiple times, but not as many as I have. That soldier was drunk, and just happened to nudge us in the right direction by complete accident. A happy accident, to be sure. It wouldn't be as random as the Sedgar situation, at any rate. Agreed. Now go and give ME views, Unknown, you lazy bastard! Nah just messing with ya