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  1. Part 32 - An Archer to surpass Dorothy. Soooo I watched the Nintendo Direct after all. My first teacher of the day was absent that morning, so I had a couple more hours to sleep. Therefore, I decided, hey, 11 pm ain't so late, let's watch it fuck it. Was I satistied? Heck no, I wasn't! That was so disappointing! Super Mario Maker 2 was by far the best part, because it appears Luigi's going to be playable in this one (finally!). Now all I need is coop support and I might just get the game. Not sure otherwise, I really would rather not buy Nintendo's crappy online. But other than that? I wanted exactly one thing, the release date for Luigi's Mansion 3, but nope, better announce a thousand remakes and Yoshi's Crafted World. Of course, I suppose I should address the elephant in the room. Did I hate the Three Houses trailer for revealing that it's more like High School of the Crests DxD? No, I don't really. I don't like it, but it might make for cool customization of the army. Did I love it? Not that either. I feel lukewarm about it, mostly because they revealed absolutely nothing substantial. We got a world map, that's cool, but not exactly the world's greatest discovery; we were told that there are Three Houses in FE Three Houses again; Byleth was revealed to be the avatar (is there anyone who didn't see that coming from a mile away?); we were shown 5 minutes of school and 5 seconds of gameplay, and... that's about it. About the most shocking revelation was that there's a Leonie in FE3H, which means IntSys is ripping Kaga off. Again. Speaking of Leonie, let's get moving. I've got an update to push. Replies: Update:
  2. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Sorry, I wanted to actually make an effort, y'see? I like Luigi. 'Sides, it's still technically a "Luigi survives by doing absolutely nothing" joke, if you think about it. Mario does all the work and he just kinda falls off a cliff. Still, I think I'm the only one who's taken this seriously thus far. Now I feel out of place.
  3. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Luigi just cowers in fear, but Mario jumps in and pushes him out of the way, taking the shot for him. Luigi falls off the cliff and Galeem's forces believe he was taken out alongside Mario. Then he wakes up in the World of Light and, despite his tremendous fear, he swears to save his brother and the world. Lucky for him that Mario's the first encounter, eh?
  4. Part 31 - Finally! Before we begin, I'd like to ask everyone to keep a minute of silence for the great loss that we've just suffered. You will be missed dearly. Now, a surprise Nintendo Direct was announced for tomorrow. Where I live, it happens at 11 PM on a schoolday, and I don't ever watch these things anyway, preferring to just surf the web the day after and get a quick idea of all the announcements. Everyone's hoping they give news about Three Heroes and that guy from Guy 5 joining Smash (no, Japan, I'm still not over you using spanish words as names, you fuckers. I don't care why you did it, you named your series "person" and I'm entitled to get irrationally mad at it) and shit. Personally? I just want a release date for Luigi's Mansion 3. I don't give a damn about anything else, just give me a date. I waited for Luigi's Mansion 2 for years (it was the first game I ever actively waited for, too), and it was also the first game (and nearly the last) I ever pre-ordered. I bought the 3DS for it! Before that, I even had my mother order the original from overseas oh-so-many years ago when it still wasn't so easy. If there's a series I'm willing to completely forego all of my gaming principles for, it's that one. FE doesn't get the same luxury, sadly. I don't want to preorder a game for it to turn out to be three games. Or a waifu simulator. Replies: Update:
  5. Part 30 - Balls double my entire team. So, uh... for whatever reason, Imgbox has started to give me... porn game ads? I don't know what to say, I mean, they aren't super intrusive or anything, but it kinda shocked me, since the first few days I used the site, it didn't put any ads at all anywhere to be seen. I want to keep adblock turned off because if they go broke, I'll have to go image host hunting again, but on the other hand, I really would rather not have scantly-clad maidens gawking at me while I'm trying to drag pictures around. No, shut up, that's not gay, there's a time and a place for everything, and it's not the time and place when and where I write LPs! Replies: Update:
  6. I know, doesn't look like that much, but this man right here was my Durandal user in my last HM FE6 run. The run was going... let's leave it at "horrendously", so I was left with him and Perceval as my only choices for Durandal. Perceval might've been better, but this was so hilarious I just couldn't control myself. He killed Murdock. It was amazing. Who said Marcus can't break the whole game in two anymore in FE6? He's been breaking the game for fifty years, and he'll break the game for fifty years more, in the name of Pherae! ...why am I even participating in this thread you know exactly what I'm talking about you were there...
  7. PART WHATEVER - TESTING Sooo the new image host. It seemed to be perfect, until I started dragging pictures and it started flipping out and doing really weird shit that I don't understand, like whenever I place an image next to another image, it's placed underneath instead, and if I don't leave extra space it flips out and all sorts of random stuff that made me lose hope with the site. But then I did some testing and I found out Imgur is doing weird stuff, too! What the hell?! Is Serenes dying on me too?! Will I have to make my own website and image host just so I can keep on doing LPs? I don't even understand, the post editor has worked perfectly for every single day of all my LPs, and it picks THIS moment to faint?! At this rate, I'm going to have to call a hiatus while I wait for the internet in general to cooperate! A day later, I tried putting the pictures outside of the spoiler. Guess what, it works just fine there, and copypasting from there fixes the issues. Why there and not in the spoiler like it always has worked? Well, because fuck me, I guess. And not only that, you know how Imgur shows all the pictures ready to be dragged to wherever you want them when you open the album? In the new site, you have to open the album, and then click on the picture to be taken to where you can actually nab the thing. You can imagine how much slower the whole process is now. For no reason at all! That's the most exhilarating part of it. But then, you know what happened? After like, 5 images, the outside of the spoiler bugged out also! I've tried to start writing the update six times and every single time something's come up and I couldn't do anything. You know what that means? Yes, exactly! It means we're going on a god damned hiatus until I can figure out how to do this thing that I could do just fine last week. Amazing. I wish I knew where the owners of Imgur were right now, just so I could break their noses. Fucking damnit... I was completely unsuccessful last time I tried asking you guys for an image hosting site (read, nobody bothered), but let's try again, because I can't do anything else. Give me a site that I can work with (that means free, folders of some sort and no upload limit) and that won't make Serenes die. I've been going over google and I just can't find anything. Okay, found another site. This one's called imgbox. It has the same "click on picture thumbnail to be taken to the actual picture" thing as lensdump, but it loads a lot faster, and I can move images inside the gallery and it doesn't do anything weird with the first pic. However, that all is irrelevant: what matters is that I think, I THINK it works. It's a little more inconvenient than Imgur, but, heck, it works! I think. Now's when I start writing the update and it flips out again. Before you ask, no, I'm not going to delete any of this. In fact, I'm just going to post this as is so you can get a taste of just how miserable this has been. By the time you're reading this, I've already managed to fix everything and the update is in the works, but seriously, that was so frigging shitty. I think I've earned some "you're the bestest LPer ever!" comments for all this. Ah, what am I saying, you'll just use it as a chance to make fun of me, like when I asked that sort of comment in FE6. Save it, I'll just pat myself in the back. On an unrelated note, Frost came in last in the latest FEHeroes's Popularity Contest Where Only Protagonists And Camilla Stand A Chance. He lost to the likes of Recolored Nomah, the completely irrelevant merchant troupe from Ike's games, minor FE4 bosses... I'd feel bad about not voting him, but honestly? I didn't care about Heroes before, and now that I've tried it out, I care even less. And now that Camilla won yet again and Frost came in dead last? Well, what's Heroes? Is that the game with Corrin for the 3DS? Here's hoping they'll meme him up like they did with the other guy from FE5. Unlike Glade, he's got innate potential. I swear that frown of his is just unbelievable...
  8. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Ahhh good, good. I was starting to worry. I think everyone's wished an enemy unit was recruitable at some point. I can relate. He struck the enemy so hard, he duplicated the stat box. Kyle makes accost viable. Give him enough time, and he'll turn it into the new FEGreen meta. That's the way Kyle works. That's my badass. He can't pull levels out of his chin, thus he sucks. Use Bors instead. He just needs to be lowered a bit so his shoulders don't cut off so dramatically. I mean, he towers over people as it is, it wouldn't look that weird if he was made smaller. When my best friend player through SS (in hard mode, because I underestimated SS's difficulty and overestimated him), he got stuck in this chapter. Like, really stuck. As in, "had to do a Duessel solo because even Seth got his ass handed to him" stuck. Man, that was a riot. She tried to do the thing Lyon does with his cape. Still not Bors. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE He's got all of two levels to not get HP and I'll be proud. You can do it, son! Disappoint us all! Hey, at least you got only one. TRS hands them out like they're cheap candy. I like the bugged lance sprite. What the heck is that all about? Is he trying to burn down the ship with a flaming cloth? Bench them, only Kyle is worthy. I still have faith. That's going to be one heck of an intense last level. Still great. She inspires people by telling them about the time she got killed three times over by her game's final boss and lived to join one scrubby boi the next chapter. Sounds rather cumbersome. The Man of the Bad Portrait. What's with green-haired Valkyries being amazing? He didn't get more levels than HP. Bench, now.
  9. Part 27 - My team is so dumb. This update took me a while, didn't it? And that's not all, I've got some bad news to deliver. A new Imgur update was dropped. Guess what, it's a lot of white noise to hide the fact that it's a complete downgrade from the previous design. Now instead of just 1 click, I have to do like a thousand clicks to get to my albums, and not only that, but the new album list is much less compact, loads like shit and, for whatever reason, it shows like 50 stray images in between parts 9 and 10 and a hundred empty albums everywhere. Oh, and I can barely even get to the portrait album, since it's older and is buried under a pile of garbage. But at least it's not like my even older albums, which I cannot access at all because the loading stops forever at chapter 18 of FE6. Thanks, Imgur. I appreciate this horrible change that only serves to make my life harder. You know, my relationship with Imgur has been difficult, but this is looking to be the final straw. Some people speculate that this update was made only to "encourage" lurkers like me who only use the site as an image host (read, people who don't bring in money) to get involved with the social network side of the site (read, people who bring in money). Well, you know what? I have no reason to stick around now that the main feature that I used is ruined. I don't care about workarounds, I want my image hosts to be easy to use. Now, does this mean my days of LPing are over? No, of course not. However, I probably will slow down a little. I found a new site, Lensdump, which looks pretty good from a first glance, but we'll have to see if that first impression lasts, and then I have to get accustomed to it, move the things that I use more consistently (like portraits) there... so yeah, expect a bit of a slowdown. Don't take this as gospel, though, by now you should know that I tend to go against the things I say very often. Replies: Update:
  10. Part 23 - In which Maruj is miserable. Since every single person in the thread seemed to disagree with me that Alicia has a boob window, I will refer to her artworks (yes, she has two official artworks), because I fail to see why you guys are having such difficulties to see it. Look at that! If that's not obvious, then I don't know what is! Almost as obvious as the fact that she's wearing no pants, yet another thing Kaga ripped off of his earlier works. With that out of the way, let's move on before I come off as an obsessive fuck. Ah, what am I saying, I already came off as an obsessive fuck when I made the 32586942367th reference to Horsemen raiding my villages. Still not over it. Maybe in four or five LPs. Replies: Updates: