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  1. Part 37 - Murphy's Law. The other day, Martel's ghost took over my computer. I swear, I have no idea how it happened, I was just watching a video, minimized the window and was met by this grueling sight. Cat's back, though, no need to fret.
  2. Lady Margaret! Ah, it's you. What do you want? I must ask a favour of you. Well? I'd like you to keep an eye on Ruben. And why would I do that? Heck, why me? Why don't you ask that knight, or the kid? They've nothing better to do. That's exactly why I can't ask them. He knows that the people most likely to be watching him are them. I don't want him to know I've asked someone to spy on him. But I don't understand... I'm a busy woman. What reason do I have to do this? Frankly, I'm worried. There's something that deeply worries him... he avoids me, but I can see it in his eyes... he wants to tell me everything, but he can't, for some reason. I want to know what his burden is, so that if he crumbles under its weight, I can be there to prevent it from crushing him. That does not explain why I should care. It could be something that concerns us all... And if it's not? ...please... he knows you don't like him. He won't try to bother you. If anything, he'll try to avoid eye contact with you. I would rather not ask Lord Pent and Lady Louise, they've enough problems as it is... I... He and Wrys were the first true friends I'd ever made. I've lost Wrys, but Ruben... I refuse to just sit idly by while he suffers! I'll find out what troubles him, and I'll help him, whether he likes it or not! ...are you... are you tearing up? W-what?! You... why would you be so heartless? I'm begging you here, and you mock me?! N-no, that's not it... urgh... Look-- fine. I'll do it. I'll try to keep an eye on him whenever I can, but I'm not making any promises. I've a lot of work to do. Thank you! Thank you... I'll pay you for your troubles, if you want... Just calm down and try to think things through, okay? If I find something out, I'll tell you. Thank you so much... ...what did I just get tangled up in? I'll have to discuss this in private with General Cecilia... he's right, this could prove to be more important than it initially seems to be... Part 36 - Idiot lives (as) Martel. Well, I finished Shadow Dragon. What a ride! I must say, for a game with such an awful reputation, it was... quite great, actually! Maybe it's because the patch I used denied two of the biggest complaints about the game (prologue only available in normal, and gaiden requirements). Please forgive me, for I am about to take a few moments to give the game a little review. Why? Because this is my blog and I do with it what I want. You got a problem? The story is plain better than FE12's, the gameplay... while I'd still put FE12 a ways above it, it's nonetheless pretty good, and the ost's great, if a little inconsistent (why is the greatest world map theme in the earlygame? It makes no sense). And while the characters might not have a lot of lines, what's there is great. Horace's chapter, as well as the other gaidens (save for Athena's, which was a little generic) were pretty damn awesome from a plot standpoint, as was the whole prologue, and the ending (seeing poor Marth stutter like that was hilarious). And, of course, let us not forget "take me with you, and you'll be very glad you did"! It's a very quotable game. I want to take a moment to appreciate the final battle. What a battle, my goodness. It might just be me being my usual bad player self, but that was a really tough final battle. Unlike most other final maps in the series, which were just boss, all dragons, or boss rushes, this one was like a standard map, except only Dolhr's best were present, doors closed behind my units trapping them (Frey and Tomas, essential units for facing Medeus, were left behind, I had to warp Lena in so that she could warp them out), Pachyderm Ballisticians all over the place, dragons that doubled and killed all but a select few of my troops (Marth was not one of those, so Falchion was out of question), strong, silver-toting troops... And Medeus himself? Remember how Marth one-shot him in my FE12 LP? Well, no such luck here. I had to employ a special strategy that involved Linde and Etzel taking turns with the swarm tome (I screwed up killing Tiki, therefore, I ended up getting Lord Inconvenience the Pompous. In the end, though, I think I was better off that way. That swarm tome was vital: things would've been much more difficult if that fortify Curate and that remained alive beyond turn 2. And, hey, I think I already mentioned this back in the FE12 LP, but in Shadow Dragon, Gotoh is way better as a character), Tomas using his forged longbow, and Swordmaster!Frey, literally my only unit who didn't get doubled (Swordmaster!Sheeda might've ticked that box, too, but she hadn't the strength nor the weapon rank to do the job), as the main damage-dealer with the Mercurius, all while Roshea and Marth blocked the reinforcement stairs near Medeus and Gotoh, Athena and Cord acted as the rearguard. Then I made a hilariously stupid finger mistake and made Frey attack in the player phase. After I'd already healed him up. I was already crying, when I remembered that Wendell and Beck were still stuck at their starting position. Wendell had a warp staff. I'm so sorry, Beck... Oh, I almost forgot, Elice died as well. She did her job, she revived Tiki just for the sake of reviving Tiki, and then a Pachyderm appeared. Oh, well. I wasn't trying to be a perfectionist in that run. I left the days of being a perfectionist behind when I ironmanned chapter 7 of FE6. Shudders. Really, my biggest pet peeve with the game is the lack of BSFE characters. Frost, where's my Frost? I want Frost! I understand the sabre knights weren't exactly in the best position to join, but Frost? That's the end of that. I'm sorry for the bible, I just... that final battle was nothing short of epic. This might be a bold statement, but at least out of the FEs I've played, it was the best final battle. My regards to you, FE11, you did well. Don't let Gamefaqs convince you otherwise.
  3. Replace a lord with a minor character

    Replace SD!Marth with Matthis. When Marth and his army (now very minor characters) arrive, Matthis catches sight of Julian staring at Lena and embarks in a quest to defeat the foul Thief and defend his dear sister's honour. Which involves him throwing his rapieresque javelins (effective against clerics) at Lena, who'd be the first boss for whatever reason. The final boss would be Julian, his favourite henchman would be Rickard, Navarre and Castor would just tag along, later joined by Malice and Dice, and noone would join Matthis because, I mean, who likes Matthis? Aside from yours truly... Alternatively, if you want to get really minor, Marth with Belf, Leiden and Robert, sable knights. They'd go on an adventure to find their lost leader, Camus, that would take them all around Archanea and Valentia. They'd be joined by Frost, a humble family man, because the sable knights remind him of his grandsons; Tomas, useless Sniper, because he was bored and felt like tagging along; Boah, an Archanean Bishop who was thought to have died, but instead survived and ended up in Valentia (because, as we know, all sea roads lead to Valentia); Lorenz, General of Grust who also washed up in Valentia and held information vital to finding Camus; Nyna, Camus' beloved who wants nothing but to find him, now that Marth is the supreme leader of Archanea; Deen, Valentian Hero who died by Alm's hand but didn't really and escaped to Archanea (what a twist!); Abel, Altean knight who joins them hoping to find his lost wife; Est, aforementioned wife who fled to, guess where, Valentia, in shame; Tatiana, a Saint who might have a lead to Camus' whereabouts; and lastly, the game's Gotoh: Zeke, a very mysterious Paladin who joins the party for unknown reasons after being spoken to by Tatiana. The final boss would be Gharnef, who is believed by the knights to be holding Camus hostage. He was supposed to be dead, but (you guessed it!) he instead fled to Valentia. Then Duma would appear out of nowhere and they would also beat him up, while Alm and Celica watch in disbelief. In the end, Zeke veeeeeeeeeeeery subtly reveals his true identity to the sable knights, who understand Camus can't return because he has duties in Valentia, and they all return to Archanea in peace. Except for Nyna, she sacrifices herself to save Zeke when Gharnef attacks the party from behind. I probably didn't do it right, but I still had fun, and that's the important part, I guess...
  4. I disagree, but only partially. On the one hand, the prologue sacrifice is nothing short of brilliant, in my opinion. For a series with permanent death as one of its main brand traits, Fire Emblem never really exploits it that much. It's just... a thing that's there, and unless you're Ironmanning (the fact that this way of playing has a name should be enough of an indicative of how "alternative" it is considered, compared to the "regular" resetting runs), it never really comes into play. Shadow Dragon forces you to sacrifice someone who never, ever comes back. Sure, FE12 establishes that Frey barely survived, but as far as it concerns FE11, the decoy's gone forever. It actually adds weight to Gra's betrayal and Marth's very dire situation, being thrown out of his country, forced to leave people behind left and right just to save his own hide. For that, I really like this moment. As well, the requirement for 24x makes sense, as it provides a sure-fire way of taking care of Medeus in case you lost/couldn't obtain every other tool to kill him, at the expense of losing Gotoh. Getting both would simply trivialize the final chapter, and wouldn't make much sense from a plot standpoint (Gotoh only sent them to the alterspire because there was no other way, and considering he didn't show up for the final battle, it can be assumed it took all of his power to teleport Marth and co. there). Norne... Norne gets a pass from me, simply because she's extremely easy to obtain, compared to everyone else. You just have to kill another unit as well as the decoy. Gordin, being another Archer who would more or less be rendered redundant by Norne's presence, works wonders. If noone had to die, it would be perfect, but from what I've heard, that might prove to be too hard to accomplish from the technical side of things. Then again, I know nothing, Cirosan is the expert here. On the other hand, however, are the other gaiden chapters (Athena, Horace, Etzel and Ymir). The massacre of playable units required for these doesn't add anything to the story (you could argue that, like 24x, the party has no reason to go there unless they're craving for more troops, but nothing in the script supports this argument. Quite the opposite, actually, since they're all about helping villagers out or finishing off the remnants of Dolhr's minions and allies in countries reclaimed by Marth. What, do those guys just vanish from existance if Marth has more than 15 soldiers?), it doesn't make any sense gameplay-wise (I like the gaiden units, but they're far from essential, much unlike getting Medeusbanes when you've lost all your Medeusbanes), and unlike Norne, you have to kill dozens of units to get them. Those would've been better off with a simple turn limit. In my humble opinion, as it is right now, the patch is good. If Norne could get recruited without killing Gordin, it would be swell, but I don't think it's that important, so don't feel too bad if you can't pull it off, Cirosan.
  5. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong

    None that I can remember of. Quite on the contrary, I actually guessed a real person's gender wrong. A girl from my student housing, for the longest time I thought she was a guy. Heck, it was somebody else, when I passingly showed them a picture with her in it, that recognized her as a woman. Needless to say, it was a really awkward moment.
  6. He can't use axes, though. However, you could always say... I mean, no offense to the good artist, but... Heroes art is so inconsistent. We got crap like Wendy, Athefir and Eliwho?, and then there's the likes of Cecilia, Hardin, Gunter, Lyon... and, ironically enough, lovely!Eliwood, who looks absolutely amazing, in my humble opinion. It may be more limited to the structure of the base game, but all the fancy skill systems and QoL features can't beat Requiem's story, which rivals even the official FE series (I can tell you, it beats FE12 right out of the park, to say the least), and the gameplay may be simple, but it works, even if I recall the difficulty curve to be... strange, shall we say. Add to that the fact that it's actually a finished hack (partly because it didn't try to be unnecessarily fancy, and instead settled for quality over quantity, which helped the creator not burn out before finishing it like pretty much everyone else), one of the four that are, one being only in japanese, and the other being the Last Promise (I don't think I need to say anything about that one)... I definitely recommend you to finish it, because it's pretty good. Heck, my first post here in Serenes was a (pretty sucky, I'd say) review of Requiem that I wrote way back in the day. As for my comment... you're forgetting pretty hard, because what I speak of happens at the end of chapter 1. Annoying Dayni... he's the great Eliwood! "I am only here thanks to Hatchet, Hatchet is awesome, we can win with Hatchet". This is starting to remind me of Pretzel, and I really don't want to hate Hatchet. I need to see him fail soon, or else... Ah, yes... I got to experience that first-hand a couple days ago. <-- pictured, not one of the guys who died over a ring. He handled that whole 17x ordeal pretty damn well, all things considered. I'll never understand why that is a thing, honestly. That's a fireemblem.png situation, right there. Also, I like how the enemy Thief gif is moving faster than Matthew's, as if the guy's getting all upset and nervous. And fightin-- oh, wait. Keep your cool, girl, there's no need to get all burned up for that. Because I'd feel the urge to throw you off a cliff instead? I dunno about anybody else, that's my reason. Nah, just joking. As I've said in the past, I don't hate Serra like I hate Clarine. Hwahahah... good ol' Lyn. Unreliable, as always. She's still got what would be considered rather below-average defenses. For a Mage. I can see Kent being so paranoid, despite the fact that it's clear that, while he'll do anything to earn money to save his wife (even kill his wife), he's much more confortable with more honorable contracts. He still has what would be considered rather below-average resistance. For a General. I think he just grabbed a poison sword and stabbed himself in the neck, nearly slashing his own head off. Lyn is just... slow. A well-organized group that kills off all survivors of failed skirmishes. Well-organized, perhaps, but efficient? Not in the slightest. Stuff like this makes me appreciate the FE11 prologue more. "But Irrelevant Old Guy, we're all friends! Power of friendshit and all! I can't send someone to their deaths just like that, this is Fire Emblem! There's got to be another--" "Fuck you, Mars. You'll send someone to die, and they'll comply so hard, even the Aum will fail to bring them back. Unless, of course, you want to stab Gaggles in the gut and watch him bleed. That should suffice." "..." Man, if I were to name my replies, this one'd be called "shadow dragon appreciation post". FE11 did it better. Ninian had much to lose for that lousy ring. Etzel had nothing but that lousy ring to lose. And he still handled it better than everyone's favourite waifu of Eli's. I never got it, either. It sounds cool? Who cares about making sense, if it sounds KEWL? And Yogi bear. Good update. I can't wait for Lyn's mode to be over so some real blood can finally start flowing on the ground.
  7. Hello? Is anybody here? ...hmm? Ah, Lord Jerrot... when did you arrive? Just now. Once news of the Army's victory at Aquleia reached Lycia, I parted with haste to return. I'm just... not able to travel very quickly, in my state. I understand... What are you doing here all by yourself, though? ...just... hanging out. Hm... Well, it matters not. Can you tell me where Treck is? I can't seem to find him anywhere... ...! ... Well... ...he's dead, is he not? ...I'm sorry. I knew this day would come. It is the only possible end for a mercenary. He's reunited with his friend, Noah, now. Even so... ... wife's sisters... the pegasus knights... at least they live still? Tate and Shanna are fine, if they're who you refer to. ...thank the heavens... some good news. Tell me... do you still have Treck's belongings? His body was buried in Arcadia, where he fell. We did keep his things to give to his family or close ones, though. Was there a letter? A letter... yes, I do believe there is a letter. In fact, now that you mention it, I think it's for you. For me, eh... well, then. Where are his belongings being kept at? Merlinus keeps them in his convoy, along with those of all the other dead. Ask him. Thank you... ...Treck... sleep well, boy. You've earned it... you both have... Part 35 - Third time's the charmless.
  8. Shadow Dragon - Prologue in Hard Modes

    Excellent. Thank you very much for fixing the issue so quickly. If I catch sight of any other strange occurrences, I'll be sure to tell you.
  9. Shadow Dragon - Prologue in Hard Modes

    Thanks for the quick response! If you could fix it in time for me to continue my run normally, I'd really appreciate it.
  10. Shadow Dragon - Prologue in Hard Modes

    I have an issue. I am using the patch that fixes the Ymir move bug as well as adding the prologue to Hard mode. I'm playing on H2. I've just made it to chapter 20x, but not everything is as it's supposed to be... Ymir's stats have been altered. Now, he's a powerhouse with amazing stats all around who could've easily taken on Camus if he joined a chapter earlier. I quickly warpskipped the chapter to see if he kept those hilarious stats once recruited. Rest assured, he did. None of the other gaiden characters (except for Nagi, I don't know about her, since I haven't played 24x yet) have this issue. I can understand the changes to the prologue (which baffled me at first, too, but then I read this thread more carefully and noticed they were intended and perfectly justified), but this? I can only assume this is a bug, because despite the fact that he now moves from his starting position, Ymir is in no more danger of dying than before, as he's still a red unit (if anything, now my army are the ones in more danger of getting killed by this monster of a unit!), so there's no real reason to increase his stats, and there's no mention of Ymir being buffed in the OP, even though you mentioned a detail as trivial as the fact that a line of text was edited to reflect Ymir not being stationary. Just thought I'd report this, in case it's a bug that managed to slip by. If not, does anyone have any ideas of what might be causing this? If nothing can be done, I guess I'll just make do with benching Ymir, I'd feel bad if I used him in this state. Other than that, it's a great patch that gave me the motivation to finally get around to playing through Shadow Dragon. Frey became my MVP, to the point where he one-rounded Camus with a ridersbane!
  11. You guys are wrong, it's obviously Tomas.
  12. Part 34 - Off the record. The time has finally come: soon, I'll finally be able to say I've beaten another game of this series I claim to love! It's Shadow Dragon. Recently, a patch was released that unlocks the prologue in harder difficulties and removes the unit slaughter requirement for the gaiden chapters, as well as fixing the Ymir movement bug in the original gaiden patch. Due to this, I decided it was time to finally get around to finishing that one. Of course, I mantained the totally official canon, meaning Cain fell as a sacrifice to ensure Marth's escape, and Gordin was defeated by the border guard, being replaced by Norne. All according to IntSys's plan. In light of this, I propose to you a little game: try to guess my team! I'm up to chapter 16 at the moment. Go ahead! 'Twas quite the journey, indeed. But Matthis the Invincible evaded all obstacles in his way to greatness! Oh, shut up, that never happened. I refuse to believe it did! Yes, I am in denial! I'm happy to be, all right? Don't you dare burst my bubble, you... stupid audience! Anyway, as I was saying, Matthis the Invincible evaded all obstacles in his way to greatness. But his journey was only beginning: tune in to follow the adventures of everyone's most hated Archanean character in Elibe in this Let's Play of FE6! Frost, you know as well as I do that this was needed with recent events. Ah, let him be humble. He can't hope to be as humble as our favourite humble curate who cannot fight, but etc., etc., but let him try at least. Yeah, this chapter's annoying. You still need a flier for it too because of that village with Eclipse (I had to look it up, though to be fair it would be totally useful). I did try to get it this time... more on that later. Again, Brave Lyn proves that quite handily. THE ANIME! I'm pretty sure they can, just that they usually don't get the opportunity. Save for this chapter, because it was more inconvenient this way, and as we know, IntSys strives for inconvenience. Is Cecilia supporting Douglas as well? Nah, just Lilina. Dougy's got Igrene. Boi would not be happy to hear that. Either way, should we place all bets for Roy deaths on Sacae? Go ahead, I'll do my best to defeat you.
  13. Part 34 - SC_Thundermountain. Where SC stands for "Seize Castle".
  14. Shadow Dragon - Prologue in Hard Modes

    I've been waiting for this to happen for a long time. Finally, I can use Frey in hard mode! Thank you very much.