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  1. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Oh, damned wiki... I should've known it was lying to me with the lack of cipher images! I had no idea he had a card for so long. It's about as awesome as I hoped it'd be. Thanks, now I feel a lot better. ...incidentally, can I just say I love that the friggin' Reaper is just kinda hanging out above him? 'Cause I love that.
  2. Part 8 - The map that randomly has the best map theme in the game. Seriously, listen to that. It's awesome.
  3. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Ah, I knew I did well to throw the Lotsin sprite your way. Orsin would never have been able to do quite as well! Hah, perhaps. We'll have to see... but, I digress, this is neither here nor then. Poor Jahn. Didn't get any love at all, neither by the players, nor the devs. I insist that he reeks of last-minute addition. What does that matter, again? Well, Lyon did have him leave the room. In Ephraim's route, there's a scene where Vigarde and Lyon are heading out, God knows where to, and Duessel stops them to question their orders. So he definitely has him go to bed, at least. Anything else is anyone's guess. I have no idea! Hey, at least you had more ideas than I did. I didn't even know who this buffoon was, or that he was popular at all, or that he got a Cipher card while Arran got jack shit and I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter, it's just some meme got a cipher card before one of my top 3 Archanea characters...! That's not even an original sprite, it's, if I recall correctly, an unused bandit sprite that could be found in the base game. It's a cool detail, it seems like the characters from older games got the older sprite while the ones from new-- ...okay, maybe it's just the kids that got the--'s completely random, isn't it? This made me feel a little fearful for the future. I know what it is to lose this kind of level... This is one of those situations where doing an ironman isn't so bad. Best to sacrifice some scrubby unit than to have to screw everyone else over. Of course, if this was an ironman, the scrubs would be the only ones not to die, because FE hates you. D'aww... don't slack off, Lotsin! Scratch that, you're still the game-carrying juggernaut that I came to love. Yep, definitely still got it. Also, that thing about Gromell? Now that's believable. What, is he going to be this game's Morgan or something? Aw, yeah, all my favs are doing well. You and I both know I was not able to do this kid justice in my own run... Dem stats! His defense is lower than I'm used to for Lot, but eh, he's getting there. Did this happen in the game, too? He just sorta left? It's been a while since I last played Eirika's route. Almost? It is greener than hers! It's teal, whereas Eirika's a pure blue! ... ...the disrespect for Eirika is real, isn't it? Damn... Well, with any luck she'll redeem herself by not handing over stones to demons this time around.
  4. Part 6 - Defying my expectations. Good news, everyone! This part marks the first time Imgur has been shitty in this LP! I had to upload the update thrice, because once it felt like rearranging the whole thing, and the next it failed to upload half the pictures! Isn't that just positively flabbergasting? How could Imgur possibly not be good at its one job? Agh... Still, gotta thank the captcha that too many images cause to appear, because on top of that, I missclicked and almost posted the update half-done. All I need now is to write everything outside of the spoiler box, and we'll have the Trinity of LPing Annoyance.
  5. I just beat Death. Seems like I only needed to announce I can't do it to a bunch of people who don't care in order to be able to do it. Just felt like saying it. It's taken me days, spare me some bragging, all right? I'm just afraid of Blackmore... Also, that was hilarious. Thanks. That'll be all. Thanks for reading.
  6. Part 5 - More 'nam flashbacks (because I'm unoriginal) Finally unlocked Luigi. The game finally let go of him after 40 characters, and that's not even in World of Light, I've yet to find him there. And I still haven't gotten the mage outfit for the Mii Gunner I need to make Barlowe and a plethora of other characters that I'd love to have. Urgh... but at least I got Luigi now. Yeah, the plunger indeed does not work as a recovery option, but on the other hand punching people in the face with a plunger for 5% damage is the most hilarious thing ever, so... win some, lose some, I guess?
  7. Part 4 - 'Nam flashbacks. Remember when I said I wouldn't get Smash Ultimate until next monday and I wouldn't be able to play because I'm busy? Well, remember the time I said I wouldn't start a new LP until a year later because I was busy? Yeah, same deal, except this time I'm not dropping out. Yet. Apparently my piss-poor luck isn't restricted to FE, because I'm like 30 characters in and still no signs of Luigi anywhere in sight. Gee, thanks, game. I really needed Yoshi, or Jigglypuff, or Luca-- actually, I did want Lucas, but still! Where's my Weegee boi?! I need him so I can clear up all my doubts regarding his new grab and ledges!
  8. Part 3 - Backtracking. Only a couple days 'till Smash Ultimate, everyone! Although, I probably won't get to play until monday, since I want it physical, and I probably won't get to play that much until next friday since I have The Week (which I already explained in the OP), but still! Fucking biggest Smash ever! So many things I want to see... like if the pros are right and Luigi truly got nerfed to oblivion, or if the other pros are right and Luigi isn't actually that bad, or if that rumor I read somewhere is right and Luigi faces Dracula as his final classic mode boss (don't tell me, I want to confirm it by myself), or if either Richter or Simon have a Barlowe alt (doubt it, but hey, a man can dream. Also, Barlowe for Spirits anyone?), and to play in New Pork City again after enjoying that stage so much in my childhood days... Aahhh I can't wait! Even if the only FE newcomer is Chrom, which is probably the most underwhelming choice they could've picked, in my humble opinion. They have all these lords and important characters that would make for unique playstyles, and they choose yet another swordie from a game that was already badly overrepresented in Smash, and is an echo of Roy on top of that? Come now... you know I don't really hate (or love) the 3DS titles, but half the FE reps come from there, not to mention that half the FE reps are clones of Marth and ALL OF THEM are swordies! I mean, at least Robin uses magic as well and Corrin employs their dragon powers and Marth is the original, but what's everyone else's excuse? I'm not going to be one of those "I want Sakurai to do THESE THINGS THAT HE OWES ME or else I'll SEND DEATH THREATS TO HIM!!!!!" guys, but I can't say I'm too thrilled about Chrom either. Still, he and Whatshisfaceroar are only two tiny stains in the face of such amazing newcomers as Guy Sakurai Promised Would Never Be Playable Because Of Size, The OG Protag From Barlowe's Series and his brother, SquidBois and Sakurai Trolls Everyone Who Dared To Think The Grinch Leak Was Real With An Actual Leek. Anyway, back on topic.
  9. Actually, I have to disagree with you there. I absolutely love how bonkers the difficulty curve is, because it actually makes the whole experience feel a little more inmersive without breaking the gameplay: this is a war, the enemy isn't just going to throw weaklings at you day after day so you can gain experience to defeat the big baddies after a while. Look no further than Fort Balt. One of the game's hardest chapters, yet it comes pretty early. It isn't just fitting in the context of the story and the characters present, it also made it into quite the memorable chapter. You've been fighting these weak lords, idiot generals and stuff for a while now, but suddenly, you're hit with a formidable battle topped off by one of the game's most memorable boss fights. It's great. While I don't think all of the game's chapters are as great in how they handle difficulty (in particular, the finale could've done with being a bit harder), I definitely do not feel like a non-linear difficulty curve is a bad thing, especially considering how a lot FEs actually get consistently, boringly easy at the end. I'd take this over that any day. I also think you're judging the game's story a little too harshly. It is fairly clear that the game's missing a layer of topping, but the base? It's all there. The characters get story arcs and they're all wrapped up okay, the story has a clear start and end, the game's brimming with backstory... Sennet and Tia, I don't think they were wasted potential as some people seem to think they are. Sure, they didn't have that much time onscreen, but you get a pretty good idea of what their goals and what they do throughout the game. They're off on their own adventures. It surely would've made for a fun game, but I actually like the idea of another group doing their own stuff that is clearly important but that you don't really influence as a player. Makes it seem like there's a bit more to this war than "Runan's good guys" versus "Guenchaos's bad guys", and considering how long the game already is, maybe it would've been a little counterproductive to double that by adding a Sennet and Tia campaign. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the only part of the story that truly felt incomplete to me was everything regarding Istoria. Sooo Richard's fighting them to reclaim Mahl, Prince Ronald appears that one time to explain how he freed Tia and how Richard would suffer the same fate as him... and that's about it. They're never heard from again. Pretty sure noone from Istoria joins as a playable character, either. Considering how much of a killer design Ronald had, it really is a shame he had almost no screentime or relevance at all. In short, yeah, I don't think this game really feels all that incomplete. They couldn't do some things they wanted to do, perhaps, but that doesn't stop the game from being a full, perfectly enjoyable experience that isn't really missing much of anything, aside from a couple, easily ignored issues. ...please forgive me if I went on a bit of a fanboyish rant there. I love this game, it's in my top 3 FE list both gameplaywise and storywise. I just had a most pressing need to speak my mind.
  10. Part 2 - Where's the Matthis? Actually, I disagree on the Lee statement there, 3 def is bad. Very bad. He's very good, don't get me wrong, but not quite Narron. Also, heeey, unit suggestions! I didn't get any in the last LP, which is understandable, considering in the last LP everyone died but the ones noone liked, Marcus and Lot. Since you asked so nicely, I suppose I shall have to see if it can be arranged!
  11. Very well, everybody, I think that's enough time. I like the fact that everyone got at least one vote (I counted Tryhard's as a vote for Narron), but there can only be one victor, so I am happy to announce Lee as the winner, with three votes. May he be a great help, and may I not get him killed horribly. Now, here's hoping you guys behave and choose Luca next time, although I can't deny I'm glad you picked my favourite. Update will come out in a few days, so sit tight.
  12. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Christmas isn't even here yet, what are we all doing returning so soon? You can't be serious. I mean, what do we know about Aion? He thought he was cool and smart, then Kishuna screwed him over. Not much to go with, is there... A brown cloak should do! Hoo, boy. That sounds like it's going to be fun. Does that recruiting requirement involve buying him a set of reasonably colored clothes? I sure hope it does. I'll have to get used to the rearranged numbers again. Seriously, how is he this good? I smell an MVP in the making. Keep eating those levels, you chummy bastard, you. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that boosts defense. Am I a genius or what? I'm truly sorry. On the other hand, maybe all this luck you're not having will happen to go to my own LP. Nah, I couldn't possibly wish such a thing for you... or... could I...? Jesus Christ on a bike, is Safy the only... safe bet, when it comes to levels? Huehuehuehuehue... eeheh... ah... hah... hahah... eheheheheheheheh...! I'm sure that was quite... soothing for you. Eh? Eh?! Heheh! I agree that you'll need a summoner to help summon the courage to continue after these level ups! Bwahahahahah... the song's still going, sorry... Somehow, this is even more beffitting of the song than any of the terrible puns were. I wonder why. That sounds like a great sight to behold. I always felt Klimt was, alongside Glen and Orson (granted, I still love Orson even though I feel he could've gotten so much more screentime, but...), one of the most painfully underutilized characters in FE8. Please, do use him. Oh, thank fuck, at least he won't be joining us with his very non-green hair. Have fun being free, Rennac. Don't get yourself killed out there. Strength. Give her strength. However, give her lower speed. That is the fee she must pay for the power. Hwahahgahahgcoughcoughcough You might want to rethink that final statement, now. Jeez, those puns were horrendous...
  13. Part 1 - The best character. First part, everybody! Just a heads-up, it's going to be a rather long one. I want to get to Verje inmediately, and give you a taste of just how plot-heavy this game is, so yeah. Bear with me. I mean, most of the pain's going to be on my side, as I have to copy words. A lot of words. Before we begin, two things. First, I like the amount of "never played this"s that I've been seeing. This game has some pretty interesting (and shocking) stuff in it, so if you'll allow me, I'll be glad to be your guide through it. And hey, give it a shot yourselves if you want. It's a good game. Besides, since so many of you don't know anything about the game, maybe, just maybe, I won't kill everyone's favourite characters this time around. Or maybe I'll just introduce someone to their new favourite and then kill him/her... Whatever the case, I would like to reiterate my petition that this thread is kept spoiler-free. If you want to say something to me regarding future events, use spoiler tags and warn everyone that there's spoilers in there, and then it'll no longer be your responsibility and Eclipse won't ban us all. I will do the same in my replies. Second, I am disappointed that the first comment wasn't some doofus asking why Zeiss is in the prepscreen. Real letdown here, guys, I expected more from the veterans. Alas, for shame!