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  1. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    I guess so, SD has some really stupid shenanigans, but with Cirosan's patches it improves a whole lot. Even without them, I still think it's a pretty good game. You can never go wrong with a game where Wrys is recruited in the first chapter. Hey, not all of them, I wouldn't want to hog the spotlight. Just... do Orson justice somehow, okay? That is all I ask. It's never stated, but it's one of those things that everyone just considers a fact because it makes sense. MacGregor was important enough to be tutoring both the prince of Grado and the prince of Renais, it's sensible to think that he might've gotten to know Lyon's plans somehow. And that he would consider the poor father enough of a threat to have him killed... Maybe you could replace both siblings with their flashback versions. They have green hair there, at least. They do a good job making you feel for them. By making Ephraim call Eirika plain. I can just imagine Lyon sweating bullets, desperately fighting the urge to scream "NO SHE'S NOT!!" Poor guy. He didn't deserve what happened to him. He really didn't... especially not in Ephraim's route, that one's painful to watch. Which is a shame. Innes's first reaction to seeing the siblings alive and well being to antagonize Ephraim for no reason at all and to ignore Eirika was absolutely hilarious. Except for the fact that they had their arses kicked about five minutes after this, and then they had their arses kicked again in the river chapter until only Syrene was alive? But then again, Innes's is awesome for a Sniper, and most important of all, they have the Boulder. Not in this game, of course, but... I think his con and stache are huge enough that they trascend the existential plane of FE8 and invade other realms. What I'm trying to say is, next time someone without green hair joins, replace them with Moulder. Or maybe you could make him replace Fomortiis as the main villain. It makes perfect sense: he's pretty much the complete opposite to green hair that there is, his being the most sane, realistic hair in all of Fire Emblem. Also, he's the Boulder. There can be no mightier threat than he. That means Eirika is fine, sadly. Stupid girl, ruining the stakes! Honestly, though, Caellach is great. He and Valter are my favourites from FE8 after Orson. I love how he just casually admits to having murdered Joshua's mom to his face, and how he just casually admits to wanting to usurp the throne of Grado at some point to Lyon's face. He's really casual, that one. He's a great character. He's also got green clothes. That was enough for-- you know what I'm getting at. This is giving me Roy-Merlinus vibes. C'mon, Merlinus, I wanna fight and get in trouble! There'll be no danger! You'll see! Okay, okay, I get it... Wait, what's that? They're attacking us?!? Guess we have no choice then! To arms! ...grumble grumble... Hah. Cecilia in a nutshel. Seriously, she gets killed three times over by Zephiel and in the next chapter she's up and about again. In the fucking desert. This woman's a trooper! If you make her friendzone him, I'll forever be grateful. After I'm done choking to death in laughter. She's terrible, Elincia! Jeez... sure hope nothing bad happens to either of them... if it did, I'd surely... lose my head over it. He's smaller than you are, Raigh, how is he... You've got a ways ahead of you, Lotsin, but I believe in you. Why did Alec say the same thing twice? And, more importantly, why did Kyle ignore it? You just could not resist, could you?
  2. Blessed Axe in chapter 21

    Well, you never go to bed without learning something new. Or in this case, get up from bed. Thanks a lot for filling me in on this, everybody! Now Samson may become even more ridiculous. As if he needed a nosferatu axe on top of his 80 use Schram... EDIT: I just found out it's not a nosferatu axe, but a vulnerary axe...? Oh, well, it's still more accurate and lighter than the Dolharken, I'm sure it'll have its uses.
  3. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Most definitely, it's a really fun game. Yes, only Marth can visit things. It's... mediocre. Neat. And why... why do you hide an axe within your doublet* Nope. Not buying it. That isn't a worthy fate for my favourite secondary villain in FE8. He will come back, or else I'll be mildly annoyed. Maybe when the next person without green hair arrives you could swap them out for Orson? His clothes are green, that was enough for Orsin. Wait... A Pugi-shaped Loptous tome with the nosferatu effect. It's something Riev could pull off, he's mad and knowledgable enough for it, it fits Orsin's newfound affinity for dark magic, and the Pugi's probably the thing he wants the most in the world right now, after DeviantartOCman claimed it for himself. Nosferatu is just there because everyone knows bosses with nosferatu are dumb. It makes perfect sense! Fun fact: "tirado" in spanish means, among other things, "really easy". How ironic. Japan never ceases to amuse me with its obsession with slapping spanish words on people as names. I look forward to seeing my friends' reaction to this guy. The wall is from another world also. Pffft okay that was the dumbest statement in this thread yet, I wager. No, Alec, you're talking about Bors. Bors and his chin are the ones we can truly rely on. It's the scythe of death! I will translate, I know my japanese. "Hah hah hah! Those fools will never see the reinforcements coming! Men, open the door so that they may ambush the unwitting enemy! I am truly a brilliant strategist! Surely there's no way anybody could be eavesdropping on my conversation with myself, therefore it is safe for me to laugh evilly: hah hah hah hah hah cough cough... hack... urk, my thoat... I'm getting too old for this... men, cease your opening of the door momentarily and bring me a glass of water...! ...glub, glub, glub... Ah, much better. Good. You may proceed to let the reinforcements loose. Hah hah haaaack, cough cough, not again aaagh...!" Funny how you can say so much with so few japanese symbols. Hey, on the bright side, he's going to get more strength than any thief deserves to have. Breaking the HP cap already? Ah, japanese hackers and their stat inflation fetish... Honestly I'd sooner take Cavalier Raigh than... well, 13 speed is very Cavalier, too, so... Where was I going with this? It's the first of the run, or have I missed any? In any case, good on him. Now he can get to the frontlines faster so that he may be outperformed by Kyle and Sain. Ah-ha, awesome. Ah-ha, awesomer. I knew I could count on him. I think Bors might be siphoning everyone else's growths. Can't say I'm too angry about it. He only needs to proc move now and he's set. Also, as for his promotion, Great Knights get move but Bors's chin can only be properly contained by an armor as ridiculous as his hairpiece. Bring on the General, I say! Arden can go Great Knight so that he may have a niche beyond being an inferior version of Bors. The... 7 of death? Cavaliers really like their math, don't they? Scratch what I said about Arden earlier. If he goes Great Knight he'll just go from being "worse Bors" to being "vile Kyle". Why, yes, I do feel slightly proud of myself. Every LP has its trend. For me, it was death. Be thankful you're only running short on a stat. Understandable. They're the most likeable people in your team currently. Can I just say I forgot Eirika exists? Because I totally did. Whoa. Sorry for forgetting about you, Eirika. No need to bring down Sain's growths further, Bors is already good enough at that. You better do. He's going to show everyone up (except Lotsin and Bors), crap skills be damned. C'moooon only two more level ups before he gets more levels than HP... I believe in you, Lugh, don't leave me hangin' now... He never mentioned Orson. Just thought I'd say that. Still not buying it. I like to think he was going to betray Renais here too, but then he just fell in a random battle because plot retreats stopped working as a result of the whole dimentional mishmash, and Tirado had to find some other guy to impersonate him. Orsin just so happened to be in the area. Of course, that is the non-canon explanation, because he's alive and he's coming back. Fun fact: ever since he watched the scene where Saleh asks the team about Myrrh in chapter 5, one of my friends is convinced that Lute will be the one to recruit Saleh. Just saying. It really does make more sense here. Hey, that's pretty good! That... isn't so good. What if one of the teams got screwed? What then? Does Seth pop out of nowhere to solo the route? That would be a very Seth thing to do. Also, separating Raigh and Lugh is a dickmove. Cool, looking forward to that. Maybe make Bors and Lotsin discuss how it feels to be the greatest units in the game? At this point, Lotsin would start to catch on to Bors's evil plan to claim everybody else's growths for himself, and he would go on to spend the rest of the game trying to find solid evidence of it until, at the end of the game, Bors turns out to have only been trying to help out the gang by increasing their growths with his chinish powers, but he went overboard and increased them beyond the magic number, 255, causing a glitch where everyone's growths looped back to zero. The reason only his own growths remained busted was that he was so humble he didn't want to make his growths better than everybody elses, thus saving himself by a stroke of luck. That's when Lotsin and Bors would reconcile and become the best of friends forever. Man, I put way more thought into that than I should've.
  4. Blessed Axe in chapter 21

    So, I was playing Tear Ring Saga today, with the latest translation patch of course, and something rather strange happened. I was in chapter 21 (here's the map for convenience, courtesy of fireemblemwod), Marvin was alone fighting the one Great Ogre who's just below Kranion at the start of the map while Neuron distracted the Witch Dragon. Neuron and Kranion were duking it out in the two green tiles, while I'm pretty sure Mario and the Ogre were in the two red tiles (I might be a little off, but I'm certain it was around that area). He got hit once, and I thought he was screwed, but then he miraculously managed to steal his opponent's axe (I'd forgotten he even had that skill, given how much more reliable Mug is). So far, so good. Here's where things get interesting. Since Kranion had blasted a good chunk of the Ogre's heath while fighting Neuron, and it could no longer defend itself, I just had Myron kill it for the heck of it... and all of sudden, Martin got a Blessed Axe out of nowhere. As soon as I got a chance to save my game, I went back and tried to replicate this by moving Morgan around the area, waiting and rewinding if nothing came up. I was not able to get the axe this time around. The reason I am making a thread about this is that I had no idea you could get that item in map 21. Heck, I can't even remember if the weapon's obtainable elsewhere at all! I've also done a little research and none of the main FE sites that I know (the wiki, serenes and fewod) say anything about a Blessed Axe in chapter 21. I don't understand, is this something I just didn't know about but is common knowledge otherwise, or have I randomly found a hidden item/glitch of some sort that nobody else knew about? Please, if anybody knows more, do tell me. (Also, yes, I am using Luca. Yes, he's worse than his sister. Yes, he's going to die for her to get kills)
  5. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Not quite. One doesn't english and the other isn't the type to come out and make LPs for everyone to see. If anybody is going to suffer through another LP of this crap series, it's me. Doggone it... That man summoned the 2 of Death to kill Eirika. Bors is hilarious. I'm glad he's outperforming Arden, 20% move growth be damned. The Lady Sword? Ah. Murray. He's a strong contender for the most generic, forgettable boss in this game, which is a shame, considering FE8's throwaways tend to have more personality than those of other games (Carlyle, Aias, Tirado to some degree, Pablo... come to mind). Of course, you couldn't resist, could you? Whoa. He's definitely stepped up his game since he got killed by a crippled soldier after getting 5 levels of just skill in a row. Danved's in this game? Fuck this chick. When does he arrive? Bors won't be pleased. Get it? 'Cause his armor is golden? Hahah... who cares about Arden and his megamove? Bors has the greenest hair in the whole game! Bors, you're the only one worthy of being the main Knight of FEGreen. Don't let the title screen convince you otherwise. Nice girl. Also, it was at this point where I thought "hey... I know that mountain...!", so I went back and realised that this is fucking Matthis's map from FE12. Matthis, man. What a legend. Fuck the public opinion, he's FE12's best General cav. A shame he doesn't change the fact that this map's horrible. Especially not now that he's not there anymore. Still not as good as Kyle, He Who Shan't Leave His Lord's Side. Can we just say he's this game's Dougy? He went almost as far as Dougy to stay by his liege's side, that's for sure... He can still get more levels than HP. I believe in you, Lugh! You've got to be kidding me... He had one in FE8. For shame, Murray! Why don't you sell Nephenee? I'm sure you'd be able to get a Luna tome or two in exchange if you pressed the shopkeeper enough. Ah, Orson. My favourite non-Lyon villain of FE8. Is that too much of a spoiler? I don't think so, considering the man looks almost as wrecked as Riev. UnknownGamer, you have to make this happen. Please. It'd be so awesome... and it'd make more sense than Orson just sort of popping out of nowhere, blade in doublet, ready to backstab people he never was allied with to begin with.
  6. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    I believe in him. Lot shall prevail! No, it's the nickname Karin gives him upon recruiting him. Her reasoning is that Olson sounds more fitting for a commoner than Ilios does. I'm going on a hunch here and bet she's the one to recruit him. Wait... what? Why would they do that? There's a female Ranger in the original game, and Neimi didn't turn into a guy when using swords. It would've been so easy! Holy shit that's the most unbalanced thing I've ever seen. It's... magnificent. Then they proceed to never use it in the actual chapter. A shame. It would've been so much fun to fight a teleporting Novala in the mist... On second thought, I'm glad he's dumb. That chapter's enough of a pain as is. Fun fact: I recently got my two best friends to play FE, and soon, we're going to all play Ironman FE8 together. I look forward to seeing how they do in this one... I even convinced one of them to play in hard mode, since this is his second FE! She also has less con (which more or less ensures her speed will be lower than his) but 8 more levels to catch up. However, given how low the Soldier caps seem to be, I'm not sure that'll make much of a difference. Don't think I ever have. Why would I pass up on a chance to grind Moulder up a little? Maybe Lotsin has a higher target chance due to him being a Deviantart OC. I think it makes sense, myself. Jeez, Elincia's hilariously good for this part of the game. Are you sure Sothe is the Jeigan and not Elincia? She's not looking too hot right now. Best get up to speed, girl, preferably before Echidna joins and takes the "best waifu" spot. What do you mean, she doesn't have green hair? Her clothes are green, that was enough for Orsin, so why not Echidna? This Raigh wouldn't have needed saving... keep it up, my friend! At this rate, he's going to have more levels than HP. How ridiculous is that? Not even Lilina, man... I always sorta wished Novala was recruitable, just because he's green and I like green. At least the other Shamans in this game have nice looking palettes. May I remind you that my Lot also lacked strength but still was the best damned unit in my team? I still believe in you, Lot! You can do it! That makes two of us. Ahahah... excellent... Hmmmm a Cavalier, eh... and Abel is in this game... it's going to be Abel, isn't it? Either Abel or Oscar, but I'm feeling Abel more. I suppose we shall see!
  7. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    I missed an update. Nothing that can't be fixed easily. Awesome, I'm a genius. Next time, Nino will join. The genius said so, so it has to be the truth. If it isn't, make it so. He did in the original game, too. It never did make much sense. Soooo for starters, Wolt's awesome in this game. Also, if Greenasha overthere beat Lugh in HP, I'd laugh really hard. It has begun. Hwahahahahahah... unlimited POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAah, sorry, I was just... enjoying this moment. I'm happy for you! Huh, so the FE4 boys are the Forde and Kyle stand-ins. Except... Kyle himself refused to leave his game! I'm so happy for him. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that Olson is replacing Orson? I don't know about you, but I find that to be highly amusing. Also also, this guy is fabulous. What, did Karin tell him bright pink clothes are more lordly? Jesus Christ... but at least his hair is green. That's going to be fun. I really like his palette. It's like Cecilia if she was a Mage Knight instead of a Valkyrie. And also a man. That was less fun than I had anticipated. Arden, my man, you'd best get some moves if you want to surpass Megachin of the Stachehair. Kyle didn't just refuse to leave his game; when the creator attempted to bring him down by forcing a shit skill on him, he also refused to give in and be bad! Astounding! Noooooo He-man is a traitor! Sorry, that's more or less faithful to his artwork. They're a darker shade there, but still pink.
  8. Thank you all for the nice words! I really appreciate all the (unwarranted) praise. Here are some things I wanted to reply to in detail. Sorry for the delay. With any luck, one person will read this. It's not that important, anyway.
  9. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Awesome! I'll be honest, I was really worried when you just suddenly disappeared. It made me fear the hack would die right here, with the end within an arm's reach. So much so, in fact, that I ended up playing through the pre-release version. I just couldn't wait! I finished the game a couple weeks ago. Knowing that the final version is actually coming is very reassuring. Better late than never, that's for sure. I think I'll play through this one again once the final version is released and write up a review based on both playthroughs. There are a few issues that I have with the pre-release that might be fixed in the final version, so it'd be unfair to criticize the game for those without knowing whether they'll be fixed or not. Here, I'll leave some of them here, just for the heck of it. (Warning, big spoilers ahead) Even with those problems, though, I still really enjoyed the game. I look forward to giving it another playthrough in the final version! Maybe I'll ironman it this time, to spice things up.
  10. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Hey, thanks. For me, it started with just a throwaway joke about characters retreating after getting killed. Then I started making lame little intros. Then I wrote a plot. I also said this at the beginning. Oh, to go back to being a naïve guy who just wanted to make a LP... things were simpler those days. I wasn't a college dropout yet. Blue-green I can sort of wrap my head around if I try hard enough, but... Orsin's hair is pitch black, for crying out loud! Headbands aren't hair! Why is Nephenee's sprite so much better than Elincia's? Are these japanese hackers trying to tell us something? Well, hello there, my man. Ready to become the MPV of yet another LP in this forum? Also, can I just say the description made my day? 'Cause it made my day. He better get the Pugi or I'm reporting this thread. Now I'm curious. Do use her. She's about to have more strength than skill. Who are you and what have you done to Eirika? Whatever the answers are, keep it up. Wolt's doing good. That's cool. Show them what you're made of, Wolt. There is noching like a knight getting speed. Sadly, though, his movement continues to chine by its absence. So... hold on. They've got Merric, one of the most iconic mages in the series who also just so happens to have green hair, and they go and add this completely unmemorable buffoon over him? Okay, you do you, authors, I guess... Amazing. Those are the sort of levels I'm used to when it comes to Lot. These ones... not so much. You're still the best, Lot. He's already better than he is at base in FE6, while being 4 levels lower than his base FE6 level. That makes me very happy. No kidding, that's preposterously unbalanced! Level 1 trainee with bases befitting of a level 5 tier 1 unit? Why not!? All for everyone's favourite soldier waifu! Not to mention the fact that her growths are too good, too. I just love how much Eirika stands out in these cutscenes. Now, I'm going to make a baseless prediction and bet that the next unit we'll get is... Guy! Let's see how wrong I am.
  11. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    On the contrary, I like it. Do update away as long as you can. 3 might. That's all I see. I feel you, man. If you leave a white hole in the middle, here's my advice: think of something funny to put in there. Sounds similar to my story, except Raigh was the one to actually win me over more than Lugh. Still one of my favourite characters in the series, although he's not alone there. I couldn't possibly choose between him and, say, Frost. I love Summoner Knoll. I bet I'd like Summoner Raigh even better. Wait... NPCs are orange? C'mon, why didn't they make them blue? You disappoint me once more, GreenFE. A few more of these and I'll be forced to start calling you CastorFE. That doesn't make any sense, the tome's got a weight of 1. Either he has 0 strength and I just didn't notice or something's wrong with that sentence. Whoa, FE6 blinking frames. Very trainee stats right there, Wolt. Also, Lugh did have 1 strength, so... how, exactly, was he losing AS from Fire? Am I missing something? If you employ some imagination, that death quote looks like he's blowing air with his eyes closed. See, the lower lines are the cheeks full of air, and the upper ones are eyes. I don't know. Just a random thought on this death quote from the guy that didn't even get a unique sprite. Make me proud, Raigh. Don't let crits take you again. Soooo basically they just copypasted their support and turned it into a recruitment conversation, then added in some line about the bracelet he stole for no particular reason. Joy. Ergh... what's with the random font change? Well, in any case. I look forward to seeing the next replacements. Maybe we'll get, I don't know, Matthew and Serra instead of Lute and Arthur. I know, neither of them is green, but at this point, I expect anything. Good update, I liked it.
  12. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    Guess I'll just respond to two updates instead of just one. No, no, forget about Fiora, what do you mean they forgot Tomas? Tomas is as green as it gets! He's fundamentally green! How dare they forget about him? No, actually, she just tries to paper-thinly disguise the fact that she's Eirika of Renais if she visits the village with Selena in it. Selena quickly catches on to the fact that she's not just any common joe, and the best Eirika can think up is "Erina, the mercenary". It's about as pathetic in game as it sounds. Cecilia! Are you serious, FEgreen? Why does nobody respect Cecilia? Right, I'd forgotten she has the power to get killed three times over by the main antagonist of the game and still live. Maybe she's a distant relative of Frey? His eye's still solid in here too, I see. Injokes! Fun fact: in the fanmade hack, Order of the Crimson Arm, one of the characters is just a recoloured Bors with his hairdo turned into a moustache and Gonzales's hair thrown in to replace it. He's one of my favourite characters in the game. The first time I read this, I thought "more defense?! But she already has 10! I've never had such a tanky Eirika!". Then I looked again and realised that's luck. Stupid magic, ruining the perfectly good order of the stats in the level up screen. I'm sure it's just as useless for physical units as it is in Archanea! Nice. Crits don't just kill you when they're performed by the enemy. Crits suck, even when you are the one to get them! Crits are fair and balanced, to be sure. This guy's pretty good, isn't he? Except for the low magic. His magic is too low. Bench. I wouldn't complain, that's an unbelievable amount of strength for Eirika. What she truly needs is green hair. Elincia? I have no idea who this is. I'm a Fire Emblem fan! Do it. Fiora's got blue hair. She does not deserve to be in FEgreen. While at it, you could replace Eirika with Elincia or something. Wait, where's Moulder's replacement? I should've known these japanese hackers could not possibly find a worthy replacement for the Boulder himself. Which is bad for you, as it means you get no healer. Personally, I like the way FE12 balanced them better. Higher weight just means only the fastest and/or biggest units get to be ridiculous, keeping great units just as good as always while further hurting the lesser ones. With low might, nobody can just barge in with a javelin and destroy everything, because even with high strength, the low power of the weapon still matters. Of course, DSFE had forging, but let's not dwell on that. Oh please, they're just grasping for straws at this point, and we're barely a couple chapters into the game. That's clearly black! Seriously, does this mean green clothes also count? Are we going to get Lot, just because his shirt is a really pale shade of green? Man, it'd be awesome if we got Lot, but somehow, I doubt that's going to happen. That's a really good Eirika. I'm happy for you. Although I bet Eph is still going to be better. He's a thief now? C'mon, that's very unlike Raigh. Raigh'd get into her good books and make her take pity on him so that she'd give him the bracelet, just "for research". Knowing Eirika, that could very well happen. Let's not talk about the fact that he now has dissasembling powers. Pretty sure that ought to be the game, I've never seen anything like that. It would be a shame if... something happened to them, would it not? So Lugh is Neimi. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  13. ... ... ... .................. ........................................... Part 53 - The fall of the dragon and the demon. I just read the first page of the thread, for old times' sake. It's amazing to see how nobody, up to and including me, expected the axe siblings and fucking Marcus to become the MPVs of this LP.
  14. Let's play FE Green/Midori, HM!

    I don't know if I'm all that happy with someone being inspired by my LPs. They blow. I know nothing about this game, so I suppose I shall be discovering it alongside you. This is going to be fun, isn't it? "Sort of" green? That's as blue as it gets! This is a sham, all of it! Why couldn't Fado be the main Lord? His hair is actually a sort of bluish green, and even his armor is green! He'd be perfect! You disappoint me, FEgreen. Maybe he's just a special Thief Lord. He snags everything the enemy has! Ahem. My apologies. Personally, I don't find that to be so bad. It's handy to be able to take screenshots of the overworld after moving your entire army. With autoend turns, you just can't do that. FE.png Please tell me this game forgets about Tomas. It would make me very happy and very sad at the same time. Incidentally, if Tomas is in this game, please do use him. That's all I ask for.