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  1. Official Pull Topic

    So how did we all do for free summons on the daily banners? For me: Weapon Triangle: 4* Cecilia +Def/-Res Heroes with Vantage: 4* Sully +Def/-Hp Heroes with Fury: 3* Nowi +Res/-Hp Heroes with Hone Atk: 3* Gunter +Spd/-Hp Heroes with Quick Riposte: 3* Catria +Res/-Def Heroes with Life and Death: 4* Soren +Spd/-Atk Heroes with Blade Skills: 4* Gwendolyn +Def/-Spd Heroes with Threaten Def: 3* Est +Spd/-Atk Heroes with Death Blow: 4* Frederick +Spd/-Def Heroes with Threaten Spd: 4* Nanna +Res/-Spd Flier Boost Skills: 4* Abel +Res/-Def Heroes with Death Blow (2): 3* F!Corrin +Hp/-Spd Heroes with Powerful Specials: 3* Catria +Atk/-Def Weapons to Refine: 4* Gordin +Spd/-Def Weapons to Refine (2): 4* +Atk/-Hp Jeorge No 5*s unfortunately, but I was ecstatic to get another Nanna merge courtesy of Threaten Spd. That alone made the whole thing worth it.
  2. @mampfoid That's great! Pulling desirable merge copies can feel just as good as getting a 5*, I find.
  3. It's getting me all right. Just spent nearly two hours on failed AA runs thanks to Future Vision horse shit. Forget Brave Lyn -- L!Lucina is so much worse. Can't even bait her safely without TA green mages because lol no color-bowbreakers and 46+ Spd on initiation. AA is fucked.
  4. Season 80 Results: Score: 3,678 Defense: 608 Rank: Tier 20 --> 20 I was concerned about score inflation, so Narcian took a break this week. As a result I'm put in the rather precarious position of not having a green unit in the face of all the Hardins, Effies, and Nowis that tend to populate my arena matches. Physical blues were not as much of a problem as I anticipated -- as you can see, Tiki goes all in on Def, and Shanna and Caeda's SS choices help bolster her up even more. Normally Close Def is overkill on Tiki I find, but she needed every tool she could get to tank Black Lunas and BF lance armors. If she could get on a defense tile, even matchups like this were trivialized: Hell, even Caeda could stand a fighting chance against Effie/Hardin provided they're weakened a little (Effie isn't running Wary). Nowi was the real threat this week, and would usually require Shanna. Especially variants that invest in Spd -- Tiki can take a hit or two, but she can't keep up if she's being doubled. Once Tier 20 thins out after next week, I'll probably run Narcian again if only to make my life easier. I'm really not looking forward to bonus-unit kills counting towards score... Arena Assault: Rank: 3,492 Happy one year AA anniversary folks. 52 weeks of nerve-wracking 6th/7th battles and sometimes barely scraping by. Not really sure what they could do to overhaul this mode, but I'm not exactly itching for 52 more weeks of much of the same. Previous Season Results:
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    @mampfoid Congrats! When I didn't get a notification this morning I assumed this was one of the BHBs you had already did. Didn't realize it was that troublesome. o_o Bummer about the Tana -- at least Atk/Spd Push is arguably Elise's optimal A skill, and I'm sure it will come in handy again someday.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid I want Hinoka merges, and I still really want Minerva. X_x It's tempting, but I got to keep my eyes on the prize. My free pull gave me Abel -- Swordbreaker is always welcome, I suppose. This was actually the banner that made me swear off spending money on this game for good back when it first ran. It gave me the +Spd Hinoka I now use as a base, but only after hundreds of orbs, a several pity breakers, and lots of frustration.
  7. Season 79 Results: Score: 3,672 Defense: 305 Rank: Tier 20 --> 20 We cut it a bit close this time score-wise, but thankfully I should only have to hold on for a few more weeks until the bigger whales are moved up to the new tier and some of the pressure is relieved. I don't think I'm quite at the point where I have to whip out Tiki, but we're getting there. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that I encountered Fjorm on probably 2/3, sometimes 3/3 of my matches every day of the week. Unless you're hoping an all-blue + red mage meme squad encounters your defense team, Fjorm is such dead-weight. All those teams I encountered were essentially going 3 vs 4. Got two defense wins with last week's bonus unit over the first reset, nothing after switching to Fjorm. Arena Assault: Rank: 3,078 Close. I used quite a few blessings to get this. Nowhere near optimal of course, but it's hard feeling like one is restricted to only two types each week. I encountered a familiar face in the rankings this time @Alexmender Looks like you got the same score as me. That is one wild Eirika you have there. o_o Previous Season Results:
  8. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    @mampfoid Making this notoriously difficult GHB look easy! Congrats on 1-turning them all. Which of the older BHBs specifically are you still missing? The armor quest is killing me right now. X_x My attempts with Hector/BK/Amelia/LA!Eliwood have thus far been unsuccessful. I feel like a ranged-armor would be really useful here, but alas, I do not have one.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks! My goal is to get her to +10, yeah. I figure if she's going to be on these legendary banners constantly, I might as well take advantage of it while I still need colorless summons. I'm using a neutral Grima as my base right now, and while the +Spd was tempting I use her as an all-purpose tank, and the -Def hurt too much for my liking. Grima uses all of her stats, so I actually like neutral in this case. Hopefully you'll be able to get her someday. Colorless dragon is kind of weird, but it's strangely fun to use.
  10. How many 5 star units do you have?

    August 2018 update: 115 5*s in the barracks, 83 foddered or merged away.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Results of roughly 300 orbs spent on Lucina's legendary banner, sniping exclusively colorless in the hopes of getting L!Robin and Nanna merges:
  12. Legendary Hero Battle: Lucina

    @mampfoid Very clever use of Draw Back on Cherche taking advantage of Roy's Spd-stacking. I wondered why you didn't simply move her in range of the lancer, but as always there's a method to the madness. This one took a little while for me. Someone kept getting killed courtesy of Future Vision, but I finally found a configuration that gets Lucina to move in a way I can deal with. As one might guess from the thumbnail, Caeda takes absolute command here.
  13. Season 78 Results: Score: 3,674 Defense: 614 Rank: Tier 20 --> 20 Running Hinoka again allows Shanna to hit some pretty wild numbers. While she'll no longer be a bonus unit next week, that doesn't necessarily bring an end to her fun -- Next she'll benefit from Fjorm's blessing boost. Normally I show the unit stats as they are in my sheets, but I couldn't help embellish a little this time. Arena Assault: Rank: 3,433 As expected, last week was a bit of a fluke. I got more down to earth match-ups this time around, and are thus sent back to our usual spot. Previous Season Results:
  14. The Grand Hero Battle or the Knee: Walhart

    @mampfoid Not one, but two EP kills? Impressive! This one looked very unfavorable for one-turn clears, but you managed to pull it off. My own clear was long and inelegant, so I probably won't record. After figuring out the reinforcements are only triggered by killing the red mage and green armor, my strat involved killing the green armor last. Caeda is barely able to survive Walhart's Luna, so several turns were dedicated to kiting the remaining green armor waiting for Renewal to patch her up. With perseverance... Narcian's by himself in the corner because as I learned the hard way, the bow cavalier reinforcement comes with Pass. Nasty.