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  1. Season 25 (1.3.0 S11) Results: Score: 4,838 (New Record!) Defense: 582 Rank: 20 --> 19 New high score by two points, but it wasn't enough for me to stay in tier 20 this week. Until I can get some merges, I expect to alternate between 19 and 20 for the foreseeable future. I initially didn't want to use a precious Abel as SB3 fodder for Sharena, but I figure I might as well make her competent if she's going to be used a third of the time. Either way I wasn't really impressed with her this week, and I feel like the team would have been far more reliable with Ephraim instead. I encountered a few horse emblem teams this week, and discovered that to my horror, Reinhardt can avoid getting doubled by Julia if he's neutral Spd and has a Hone Cav boost. Julia can double again if she has a speed buff herself, meaning that I might just give Sharena Hone Spd as well. Season 25 Hall of Fame: Previous Season Results:
  2. Now that TT isn't monopolizing my stamina I can do some Chain Challenge and finish up some of the leftover quests for orbs.
  3. A string of lucky pulls and generous feather distribution has brought my total number of 5*s from 20 to 31 over the past month. Alfonse: Balanced (Promoted) Anna: Balanced (Promoted) Azura: +Atk/-Hp Azura: +Def/-Res Caeda: +Atk/-Hp (Promoted) Camus: Balanced (Promoted) Catria: +Res/-Hp Chrom: +Res/-Hp Eirika: +Atk/-Hp (Promoted) Eldigan: +Spd/-Hp Ephraim: +Res/-Def Gray: +Def/-Atk Hector: +Def/-Hp Hinoka: +Def/-Atk Ike: +Res/-Def Julia: +Spd/-Def Katarina: +Hp/-Atk Mae: +Res/-Hp Marth-M: Balanced ("Free") Narcian: Balanced (Promoted) Ninian: +Def/-Atk Nino: +Spd/-Hp (Promoted) Raven: +Res/-Spd Reinhardt: +Res/-Spd Sanaki: +Hp/-Res Sharena: Balanced (Promoted) Takumi: +Hp/-Res Tharja: +Res/-Atk Tiki(Adult): +Def/-Res (Promoted) Tiki(Young): +Res/-Spd Tobin: Balanced ("Free") I estimate the amount of money spent is around ~$175 since launch.
  4. I'm done. If I wake up tomorrow to see I fell out of the top 5k I'm going to be really annoyed lol Main team was Ike/Hector/Mae/Wrys until Wrys capped his HM, and was subbed out for Serra. Camus/Eldigan/Reinhardt/Priscilla cleaned up if the main squad fell apart at some point. I could probably count the number of times I had to deploy a third team on one hand. Special shoutout to WoM and Frederick in particular for ruining more perfect runs than I care to count. Jerk.
  5. Two full pulls on the cavalry banner since the colors were good.
  6. Geez, as if I needed even more reasons to pull on red/blue. Might switch my focus to Olwen since Corrin-F can be pulled at lower rarities.
  7. My luck has been nothing short of amazing lately. With about 50 orbs pulling on various banners, I got the following 5*s: Gray (+Def/-Atk) Tharja (+Res/-Atk) Azura (+Def/-Res) Ninian (+Def/-Atk) Azura is a duplicate, and will be merged on my other one (+Atk/-Hp) soon. The natures are pretty bleh, but thankfully on units that aren't hindered too much by them. I'll take -Atk over -Spd any day. I'm ready for the game to shower me with more Raigh and Est now.
  8. That was brutal. Winded up using a stamina potion trying to clear Infernal, constantly underestimating attack ranges. Initially it looked like a "just use Hector" map, but that red mage invalidates him. After much trial and error I eventually cleared it with Eldigan/Camus/Reinhardt/Eliwood. Camus and Eldigan at the bottom, Reinhardt at the top, Eliwood to the right. With a Hone boost from Eldigan, Camus moved onto the defense square in range of Berkut, the lance knight, and the bow knight. To survive, he needs Eliwood's Ward Cavalry bonus. Reinhardt stays put to lure the axe and red mage knight to the top. Next turn, Camus finishes off Berkut, while Eldigan removes the lance knight. With help from Bowbreaker, Reinhardt one-rounds the bow knight. Reinhardt Reciprocal Aids Camus, allowing him to duel the green mage, and is promptly Repositioned away. With the green mage dead, the next two turns were spent just kiting around, avoiding the green knight and red mage knight until I could get into a position where they could both be taken out in one turn. With everyone packed into south-west corner, I got the chance.
  9. Maybe I'm just being lazy, but the rankings seem more competitive this time around. Even with the score adjustments I figured it'd be the opposite, since I imagine a lot fewer people have a competent bonus character this time around. I easily made top 5k last time, but now I'm struggling to even stay in the 10k bracket. Currently sitting at 78,909, and I'm sick of it. One week of this would be more than enough, but two weeks of dedicating most of my stamina to a grindy mode has become "torture" indeed.
  10. Season 24 (1.3.0 S10) Results: Score: 4,828 Defense: 288 Rank: Tier 19 --> 20 Same team as last week, but I couldn't quite match my previous score. Thankfully I didn't need to, and this week marks my first time making it to tier 20! I doubt I'll stay, but we'll see what the numbers look like. Just a couple quick notes on Julia (mine being +Spd/-Def) -- I found that the Hp Seal allows her to just barely tank a counterattack from Hector, and with her +Spd she doubles and one rounds him (Rare +Spd variants require a buff), a fact I used to great effect this season. Furthermore, I'm convinced that she is one of the better users of 4-charge specials like her default Dragon Fang. I considered replacing it with something quicker like Iceberg, but one round of EP combat against Reinhardt fully charges her up, allowing her to nuke nearly the entire cast out of orbit with her next attack, including units like Ike and Ryoma. Glacies would be even better, but I don't have one to spare. When I need her to bait Reinhardt, I specifically don't buff her Atk to help ensure she doesn't OHKO him. Season 24 Hall of Fame: Previous Season Results:
  11. Whenever Hector says his "Here we go!" special line, I can't help but imitate him.
  12. Did they ever say how long the "Daily Quests" were going on for? I don't remember ever seeing an announcement for them.
  13. I mean, Narcian wielded Runesword in his penultimate appearance in FE6, which was semi-exclusive to him. His official art also depicted him with a sword, and I believe he uses one in the Cipher card game as well. There was no reason for him to get an axe, of all weapons. I suppose my point is, how IS decides to depict established characters in Heroes is anyone's guess.
  14. *Sword I'm still a little miffed that they made Narcian an axe user...
  15. Kind of wishing I'd gone a bit harder with the Echoes of Mystery banner a few weeks back, since now I really need a Firesweep Lance and a Wo Dao for my Shanna and Caeda, respectively. Thankfully Roderick and Athena got bumped down to 4*s, but given the huge red and blue pool I can't say I'm optimistic lol