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  1. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    For me Veronica wasn't as big of a problem as the maps themselves were. The first TT was notorious for having a lot of the awful Awakening maps that would kill your speed score. The one with the bush blocking one of two chokepoints with stationary enemies, the one with the single long chokepoint flanked by the canyons, the arena with all the breakable blocks in the middle, etc. And never mind the enemy refreshers and random enemies with WoM and breaker skills (who don't have them natively). That being said, it might be fun to try it again under the same rules as before.
  2. I did where it was convenient, but I'm certainly nowhere near having whole teams of units with the right blessings.
  3. Season 72 Results: Score: 3,654 Defense: 312 Rank: Tier 20 --> 20 Switched back to using the Slaying Axe for this week. Lately I've had good fortune in being able to run a good non-Askr bonus unit, but that ends with this rotation. As is becoming the norm, my initial run was insufficient, and warranted a do-over. Alfonse got to inherit a double rally, and we ignored any opponents with score values under 730. Arena Assault: Rank: 4,436 We'll see how long it takes for people outside the top 3K to get wise and start abusing the new blessing system. Previous Season Results:
  4. I cannot speak for everyone who plays like this, but I can give you my own perspective and motivations. 1. Pride. It is as you say. The feathers I gain from staying in tier 20 will nowhere near make up for the amount I'll spend merging units required to do so in the first place. At least, not on reasonable time scales. It will take 20 weeks of consecutively staying in tier 20 to make back the cost of just one merge. Less so when we consider AA rewards as well, but the point remains that the benefits don't seem to justify the costs. For me though, that's not the point. Plain and simple, it feels good to stay on the highest echelon of the arena week after week. While there is no true PvP in this game, Arena and AA are the closest thing Heroes has to a consistent, ever-present competitive mode. Those of us with the drive to compete to the fullest will take advantage of that. Especially so when considering... 2. What else is there to do in this game? Obviously, everyone has their own motivations for sticking around with this game. Yet despite all the new game modes and changes IS has implemented over the course of its lifetime, the fact is that Arena and AA are the only modes I would consider to be truly "end-game" content. No other permanent mode pushes players to build their characters as strong as the game will allow while at the same time ranking their performance among the rest of the player base. Sure, I could save a lot more feathers in the mid-term by not bothering, but to what end? It's different for newer players, but there comes a point where no more important niches can be filled by promoting 4* characters, and all of one's favorites are promoted and reasonably well built. Again, I can't speak for everyone, but I am not so attached to every 3-4* character that I would bother spending 20-22K feathers on them just so they can paint my bench gold. In any case, forgoing one's favorites in favor of meta choices is pretty standard for any game with competitive elements. For this game in particular, it also comes down to luck of the draw. Not everyone has access to the same units, so we work with what we get. Often times that means heavily investing in units in the 3-4* pool, whether they're our absolute favorites or not. Many people's favorites are locked behind 5* exclusivity, making them hard to pull, and merging them doesn't dip into one's feather supply anyway. Sometimes one's favorites are merge-limited, making them far less viable for high-level arena play, or are simply not in the game yet. All that being said, I have yet to see anyone build a heavily-merged team of units they dislike solely so they could score better in the arena. As for myself, I have Caeda and Shanna as part of my 5*+10 arena core. I certainly liked them well enough before Heroes came out, but there were other units I would have preferred at the time. I wanted to build a flying team around my favorite unit (Narcian), and they happened to fill the roles I needed to fill quite well. They grew on me as I used them more and more, and now I would rank them among my favorites. That's one of the cool things about this game in my opinion -- depending on what you get and what your goals are, you can get new favorites :)
  5. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    @mampfoid Very impressive! When you said Marth I was thinking it was going to be the vanilla one, but I suppose that wouldn't make much sense. Pass is so situational I think most would be forgiven for not even realizing it's an option. It's something I've considered for defense teams to try and catch folks off-guard. Nice to see it be put to good use here.
  6. Season 71 Results: Score: 3,672 Defense: 618 Rank: Tier 20 --> 20 For some reason I thought it wouldn't be water season again, and thus my tier 20 placement was far more precarious than I would have liked. That's what I get for not paying attention. Thankfully I didn't have to redo my run this time, but at this rate I fear my time in tier 20 will be at its end by the time the next Fjorm bonus + water season cycle rolls around. I'm working on another merge project right now to potentially replace Narcian (!!) if push comes to shove, but boy it won't be pretty. I've decided on Raven for my green merge project, but unfortunately the only green unit I've been getting in any reasonable quantity lately has been Titania, and I'd rather avoid investing in cavalry for the purpose of arena scoring. Speaking of Narcian, he got a new toy to play around with courtesy of one of the three C!Chrom I pulled while hunting for Gunnthra and Raven merges (neither of which I got). It's pretty funny, but right now at least I think I prefer the faster Aether charge over the omni+2 on enemy phase. Arena Assault: Rank: 4,793 Cutting it real close for AA this week as well. I'm curious to see how the new blessing system will affect scoring, especially since I've been very conservative with doling them out so far... Previous Season Results:
  7. How will you use the new favourite system

    I have been using the eye button, but thus far I've been so fixated on the level display that I did not think to remove it from sorting so as to group like Heroes together. It seems like Rarity + Type does the trick, thanks! And yeah, defaulting to obtained order is something the old Favorite sorter did too. Not much to be done about that I suppose.
  8. How will you use the new favourite system

    Perhaps a screenshot will help us out here: Notice that both Ikes and both Lyns are grouped together, level is displayed, and all units are sorted by rarity, color, then weapon type. Every configuration I've tried so far (including the ones you suggested) will satisfy some those criteria, but not all of them.
  9. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    I'm glad I haven't used Nino much lately. She'll provide an additional 2K feathers for me. Jaffar, who otherwise stays on the bench, will appreciate those bonuses as well
  10. How will you use the new favourite system

    Not quite sure yet. The addition of extra favorite categories seems like unnecessary bloat to me. Two clicks are now required to completely un-favorite a unit -- I know that seems like a petty thing to complain about, but when the process used to be more streamlined, it begs the question of why. It's not quite the same unfortunately. With the old system, all duplicate Heroes would be grouped together while also displaying their level, and I can't seem to figure out how to replicate it. Sorting by rarity would do the trick, if only I could display the units' levels and not the useless rarity stars.
  11. Did I miss the Canas saltfest? If my member image is any indication, he's one of my favorite characters in the franchise. As such, it's so disheartening to see him turn out like this. Mediocre skills, poor stat line, no merge potential, no IVs. Raigh was already pretty bad compared to nearly every other red mage, but at least you can sort of salvage him with merges and IV flexibility. Canas is just depressing. I was not expecting Canas to be a game changer. Most of his stats were mediocre, and he didn't excel in any particular area, which tends to not translate well in the Heroes environment. His claim to fame was being the sole dark magic user (until the final chapter, anyway) in a game where dark magic was quite powerful. Dark, (or Elder, as he would say) magic was a significant part of his character and heritage, and they couldn't even give him that. I guess this concept sort of translated with how scarce Rau├░rowl is????? whatever With how well Linus turned out, I just don't get it. Just because they're free doesn't mean they have to be garbage.
  12. I feel like the longer one plays this game, the easier it gets to motivate oneself to use feathers on merge projects rather than new promotions. Even if one is not a competitive arena player, there is value to having a core of highly merged units. Before my own team came into its own, I would have to experiment with many different units and commit a lot of trial and error when it came to clearing new Infernal content for GHBs, BHBs, etc. Now, I've been able to throw my team at any new challenge IS throws at us and expect it to come out on top -- either clearing it on the first few tries or at most having to shuffle some skills around. Some many relish the challenge of having to use different units all the time, but personally, having a team I can rely on time and time again is a relief. I imagine most players who've been active for longer than a year have most of their bases covered, unit-wise. There comes a time where new promotions pay off less and less, and I start to ask myself whether I'm just promoting someone because I'm bored and want someone to level up, or if they will provide something unique and worthwhile for my barracks. The answer for me is increasingly the former.
  13. Season 70 Results: Score: 3,668 Defense: 604 Rank: Tier 20 --> 20 Got to love Fjorm bonus + water season. 3,662 was within 100 ranks of falling out two hours before closing. I haven't kept up with the rate of decline recently, but that was not something I was about to risk. Next season should be more lenient. Flier Formation has been something I wanted to try out for my core, but there was no way I was sacking my only Elincia for it. The new seal is a welcome addition for me, although I'm undecided whether it or Close Defense is more desirable. Arena Assault: Rank: 3,835 Previous Season Results:
  14. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    If Shanna isn't positioned right next to Narcian, he fails to KO the first lance fighter. I was originally trying to put Hinoka there to spread Hone Fliers more efficiently, but leaving that guy alive proved very troublesome. I'm working on A-Tiki right now. I have enough copies to make her +10, it's just a matter of feather accumulation. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to what her new weapon will bring her.
  15. Legendary Hero Battle (Storm): Ryoma

    @mampfoid Looks like we both needed some ally support this time around! I was wondering how Inigo was going to deal with the Ninja, until I remembered he could run a standard Rave-mage build. My own clear has some tight KO thresholds I'm barely able to achieve with proper support management. That green armor was really frustrating me I until I realized I could just equip axebreaker/QR3 seal on Caeda.