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  1. September update: Alfonse: Balanced (Promoted) Amelia: +Def/-Atk Anna: Balanced (Promoted) Azura +1: +Atk/-Hp Boey: Balanced Caeda: +Atk/-Hp (Promoted) Camus: Balanced (Promoted) Catria: +Res/-Hp Cecilia: Balanced (Promoted) Chrom: +Res/-Hp Clive: Balanced (Free) Corrin-F (Summer): +Def/-Hp Eirika: +Atk/-Hp (Promoted) Eldigan: +Spd/-Hp Elincia: +Def/-Res Eliwood: +Spd/-Def Ephraim: +Res/-Def Fae: +Hp/-Spd Genny: +Atk/-Spd Genny: +Hp/-Def Gray: +Def/-Atk Hector: +Def/-Hp Hinoka: +Def/-Atk Ike: +Res/-Def Ike (CYL): +Atk/-Hp Innes: +Spd/-Res Julia: +Spd/-Def Katarina: +Hp/-Atk Leo: +Atk/-Hp Lucina (CYL): +Def/-Spd Lyn (CYL): Balanced (Free) Mae: +Res/-Hp Marth-M: Balanced (Free) Narcian +3: Balanced (Promoted) Ninian: +Def/-Atk Nino: +Spd/-Hp (Promoted) Ogma: +Res/-Hp Raven: +Res/-Spd Reinhardt: +Res/-Spd Roy (CYL): +Spd/-Atk Sanaki: +Hp/-Res Seth: +Hp/-Atk Setsuna: +Atk/-Res Sharena: Balanced (Promoted) Takumi: +Hp/-Res Tana: +Hp/-Res Tharja: +Res/-Atk Tiki(Adult): +Def/-Res (Promoted) Tiki(Young): +Res/-Spd Tobin: Balanced (Free) Valter: Balanced (Promoted) Xander: Balanced (Promoted) SI'd or Merged: Azura: +Def/-Res ; Merged Hana: n/a ; Passed on Life and Death 3 to Setsuna Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Nowi: n/a ; Passed on Lightning Breath+ to Fae Odin: n/a ; Passed on Blarblade+ to Corrin-F (Summer) Number of 5* units on hand comes out to 52.
  2. Finally got a deathless streak this season, but required about 10+ crests to do it. Flier emblem went from being an absolute joy to play to being downright miserable since the CYL banner.
  3. Free pull on Tempest Trials banner: Finally some more TA3 fodder! Hinoka's been wanting an upgrade, but I think I'll wait and see what the Sacred Coins do before I make any decisions. If there's even a chance they can be used to upgrade existing skills, I'd rather hold off.
  4. Season 33 (1.3.0 S18) Results: Score: 4,812 Defense: 582 Rank: Tier 20 --> 19 I’m not sure why I never promoted Cecilia before. She fills the void my cavalry teams have been missing for so long now, finally giving me a character who can bait Reinhardt, as well as the new B!Lyn, and providing more reliable matchups against blue units in general. I still don’t have an Arena-ready axe cavalry unit, but I’m not worried about that right now. I was concerned that B!Roy’s -Atk would be really debilitating given his weapon effect, but with horse buffs it hardly mattered. He could reliably remove Hector and Galeforce to safety. B!Lyn was given the Speed +1 seal so she could one-round other neutral B!Lyn on initiation without a buff if it came down to that. It’s a little frustrating just how oppressive she is right now. Arena Assault Season 6: Rank: 3,309 Season 33 Hall of Fame: Previous Season Results:
  5. Free pull on Death Blow banner: +Atk/-Spd. Couldn't you at least be a Saizo? I already SI'd him away.
  6. +Res/-Def Ephraim. Still use him regularly to this day.
  7. Did another full pull on Dauntless Crimeans, looking for fodder more than anything else.
  8. High Priority: -Athena/Karel: My most wanted units right now, but only because I need their Wo Dao to give to Caeda. Armorslayer is nice for the Hector/Amelia/Sheena matchups, but I'd like something with a little more of an edge to it for everything else. -Gordin: I only have my trained one left, and I'd like a Brave Bow+ for Setsuna. I would not fodder off a Klein for this purpose. Hell, I've never summoned him at all. Mid Priority: -Ryoma: A month ago I would have had him in high priority, but the BK's addition will give me three DC swords to work with, four if I count the DC I gave to Caeda. One can never really have enough of course, but I like Ryoma, and if they put him on another banner I'd feel tempted to spend if the 5* red pool wasn't so crowded. -Saizo: Been playing since day 1, and I have yet to pull him. Since pulling Clarine last month, he is the last 3-4* character I'm missing, and I'd actually like to 5* him some day. Low Priority: -Shanna/Caeda: More merge fodder. -Sakura: I like her, and I've never pulled her before. -Hinoka: Mine is -Atk, and while I've sort of made it work with TA, the traditional Takumi build has become a tremendous thorn in the side of my flier team, and even a neutral Atk Hinoka would have a much safer match-up against him. Like you I'm mostly content with what I have, I just want make the characters I do have be as good as they can be.
  9. Looks like 86,219 points was enough for rank 2,847, and 8K feathers. Main team was Hector/Eliwood/Ninian/M!Marth, with M!Marth having the cleric build of Reciprocal Aid/Sol/Renewal. B team was B!Lyn/Xander/Ursula/Clarine, and was used to auto battle with.
  10. First off, my free summon of the banner: +Def/-Spd, but it doesn't matter since I already have a 5* Seth, so he was foddered off to Azama immediately. Pulled the rest of the orbs since the spread was good.
  11. All fair points. At the very least he'll be a great boon in the arena for those of us without merges out the rear.
  12. I'm only aiming for top 5K with around 81K points currently, and the competition definitely feels stiffer this time around. I got pots to burn, so I'm just auto-battling the rest of the way.
  13. On a horse-centric team absolutely. Otherwise I feel that BK's superior everything statwise and exclusive OP special will give him more flexibility. "Just use Hector", except actually reasonable for most people.
  14. Good lord at Elincia's spread. I thought for sure she'd have at least sub-30 Atk. I'll still be using Caeda, but...damn. I'm hoping BK is the TT reward. Saves me the mandatory 20K feathers for who will be an easy contender for the best free unit in the game. That kit is ridiculous.
  15. Avoiding repeats, and doing my absolute best to avoid picking like five from each: FE1/11: Caeda FE2/15: Zeke FE3/12: Sirius FE4: Finn FE5: Nanna FE6: Narcian FE7: Canas FE8: Innes FE9: Ike FE10: Pelleas FE13: Tiki FE14: Hinoka