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  1. After the initial annoyance over the Abyssal GHBs not granting an additional copy of the characters, I've begun to wonder why they even need to be limited at all anymore. The pre-CYL1 GHB and TT characters have been outclassed many times over by now, and some still claim sole ownership over resources that might be used more if not for the uncertainty of their future availability. F!Robin is still somehow the only source of B!Tomebreaker. Michalis is the only unit with Iote's Shield. Grani's Shield only exists on Camus and now Walhart. The Shields are not that important, but B!Tomebreaker should absolutely be more available. My hope is that once the GHB Elite quests expire next year, the characters will be added to the summoning pool. The GHBs maps and rewards should continue to be active -- while that'll give anyone who wants to merge those characters a head start, I can't imagine that hurting the game's "economy" in any meaningful way. Same thing with the TT characters, with the possible exception to M!Marth. She's the mascot of the mode more or less, and one more rerun will allow her to be +10'd anyway. I consider myself lucky in that my favorite GHB character can be merged all the way up to +6 as of this post, but others are not so fortunate. I would love to make a merge project out of Canas, Finn, and Julius, but I'm not willing to wait years and years for merge copies to trickle out at the current glacial pace. Something's gotta change.
  2. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Not sure. It wouldn't surprise me, though. It certainly won't solve the others' popularity issues by skipping over them in favor of characters that already have seasonals. A positive feedback loop, in a way.
  3. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Out of the non-royal Hoshido exclusives, Oboro (#60), Hana (#83), and Setsuna (#84) scored higher than Kagero (#86) in CYL1. Kagero outdid them all in CYL2 rather handily at #90 compared to Oboro's #173, Hana #181, and Setsuna #188. I want to say that kind of sharp decline is far more indicative of their performance as units in Heroes than anything else. Kagero was amazing for the first half of the game's life, while no one but their fans enjoy pulling the other three. Then again, Niles did get #74 in CYL2 despite being a god-awful unit, so who knows.
  4. These new Heroic Feats quests are very timely for me, given that yesterday I wasted one of my Hinatas. I only inherited Fury 1 because my brain wondered and thought I was in the "Learn Skills" menu for some reason ><
  5. How many 5 star units do you have?

    October 2018 Update: 128 5*s in the barracks, 104 foddered, merged away, or turned into a combat manual.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: The Goddess and Her Right Hand

    @mampfoid Good stuff! I'll echo the sentiment here and say that the use of Olwen was nice to see. No enemy-phasing either -- this one was quite a bit simpler than the last few challenge maps we've gotten.
  7. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    So I was going to do a normal video, but I thought this might be fun given how much trial and error this map took me. Could also serve as a challenge for my fellow SFers. A mini speed run! Full reinforcements-clear in 1 minute 7 seconds. A couple miss-clicks here and there, but not bad all things considered. I only realized Nanna didn't have the Def Tactics seal like she should until I was reviewing the units at the end of recording. Tiki's Def is so high she doesn't really need it I guess lol.
  8. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    Finally cleared this nightmare map. And I thought the L!Grima one was hard enough. This was the first time I needed to change my summoner support to facilitate a clear -- Tiki needed the extra durability at times. Once again, I don't know what I would do without Gravity bailing me out.
  9. Legendary Hero Battle of God, White Sage - Tiki

    @mampfoid Wow, nice one! Seeing L!Tiki killed in one round while still on the defense tile is super satisfying to see. You know things are bad when you got to whip out BF, TA Armors with Brave weapons.
  10. Maybe on very limited maps, but GHB rotation will be around with us for the foreseeable future. Got plenty of time to figure out a strategy.
  11. The Lon'qu guy from the FE Direct showcase should be no doubt pleased. The fact that they only mention golden accessories as rewards for clearing Abyssal difficulty GHBs is a tad concerning. It could be similar to Infernal where it's 2K feathers plus an additional copy, but we'll see. Otherwise I sleep.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    It seems the game is demanding patience from both of us. The last legendary banner wasn't that great for me either, so maybe third time's the charm? ;) Hopefully you can get Micaiah someday as well. She'll be on more banners in the future, certainly.
  13. Legendary Hero Battle: Hector

    Never thought I'd see a 4* Eliwood make an appearance in one of these! Nice work as always. I can attest to Tiki being a massive pain. Even on Infernal, I had to wait until Narcian's special was charged so he could avoid dying to BF'd Bonfire shenanigans. And that's with a Slaying Hammer.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to wait until next month's legendary banner instead of pulling more on the Tiki one. Here's my results, along with your answer to your question @mampfoid.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Let's just say, uh...it could be going better? More details when and if I decide to keep going or wait until next month.