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  1. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    That was probably the hardest GHB for me yet, and was an infuriatingly accurate recreation of Conquest's final chapter. Here's my clear, in case anyone wants to see how four 1-range fliers handle this nonsense.
  2. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Little late, but whatever. February time. 88 in my barracks, 38 merged or SI'd away.
  3. As much as I want a Thracia banner, I kind of doubt this next one will be it. The next GHB is all but certain to be associated with it, and Thracia has...less than ideal candidates. More importantly though, the next voting gauntlet will likely be associated with the new banner somehow. Otherwise, there's no reason to leave us in suspense on the theme if it's just like anything we've had before. Thracia's presence in the game thus far is limited to two bit characters. Not much to really draw from theme-wise. My guess is either Awakening kids, or FE4 Gen 2. Either one you could make an interesting gen 1 vs gen 2 battle or something.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    My haul on New Power after spending some ~70 orbs: Needless to say I got pretty lucky. That being said, I'm also quite conflicted right now. In days past that Hinoka nature would have been absolutely perfect, but now my current +Spd one is probably better with her new weapon... That Seliph is the first I've pulled playing since launch, and a perfect nature Lyn was also a nice surprise. With that, Lucina is the last movie I have to unlock.
  5. Season 55 Results: Score: 5,002 Defense: 600 Rank: Tier 20 --> 19 Changes from last week: -Narcian got another merge (+5 to +6) -Hinoka's Spear was refined While the advantages provided by refining Hinoka's Spear are not as blatant as the Wing Sword, I did appreciate having extra movement options against the usual horse threats. Got myself into a situation on the lava map (the new one with the trenches) where under normal circumstances I would have had to have Hinoka move up two spaces to kill a B!Lyn, which would have exposed her to a B!Ike. With the refinement however, I got out of it by having Hinoka move up only one space, and having Narcian who had been placed adjacent to her warp up and get the kill, and take B!Ike's attack instead. Also, I was too much of a chicken to sack my spare Ike to give Hinoka Heavy Blade. Maybe another week... Arena Assault: Rank: 4,606 Previous Season Results:
  6. I don't have any range armors, so clearing that quest was a trial and a half. After many fails, I eventually cleared it with BK, Amelia, Hector, and V!Eliwood. Hector has to be sent far up the chokepoint to avoid having his Fort Armor Panic Ploy'd, and is brought down within an inch of his life. Don't remember how I did it, but that blue cavalry mage has to be lured out ahead of his mounted companions so Hector can kill him early on too. Otherwise he renders the BK useless. Once he's down though, Vantage BK more or less styles over this map. I don't know if Eliwood or Amelia even entered combat -- their role winded up being providing Goad and March support.
  7. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    Give Narcian a Rune Axe. :<
  8. Nanna being excluded from the first Thracia banner would destroy me. Other hopefuls of mine, most of whom have little chance, include Machua, Salem, Orsin, Tania, Marty, Fin, and Karin. Thracia has so many good characters, I want them all.
  9. It fixed the glitch where the BGM doesn't play in Navarre's Warrior map. The Zelgius thing is still unfixed as far as I know.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Decided to a do a birthday pull on Love Abounds:
  11. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    No 40% bonus characters for me this time, and my best 20% combat unit is a 4* Klein. This is going to be quite the slog, at least until I can get the 5* Eliwood. Then maybe I'll switch over to armor emblem + healer and hope for the best.
  12. Yup! I just finished doing so actually, with the arena payout. Next week should be fun.
  13. Season 54 Results: Score: 4,994 Defense: 602 Rank: Tier 19 --> 20 The new update brought upon some significant changes to my core, namely in shiny new Prf weapons for Hinoka and Caeda! Amidst all the doom and gloom surrounding powercreep, it's nice to see that IS is willing to give direct buffs through doling out new skills to older units like this. I'm hoping it becomes a regular thing with new updates. Hinoka's Spear I was initially somewhat iffy on, but I'm beginning to see its value as I play more. Its passive is essentially a free Goad so long as she doesn't stray too far, and stacked with Narcian's she's constantly operating at 60/44 offenses that can't be Panic'd. +Spd is potentially her best boon now, and I couldn't be happier to have never pulled a +Atk one before. It's such a radical change for her that I'm rethinking what build I even want to use with her. TA is a remnant from my initial -Atk Hinoka, but it still helped for killing Swords on enemy phase as a compensation for the Brave Lance's low power. I don't expect that to be much of a problem anymore, and she might be better served with something like Fury or even Heavy Blade from a spare Ike I pulled. Next week I'll have the dew to refine her weapon, and get to play around with movement shenanigans. :) I love the Wing Sword. Aside from looking cool, one-shotting green armors before they can even retaliate and deleting any horse enemy, even Blues, is so satisfying. It was my first choice to upgrade between it and Hinoka's Spear, and once Moonbow had been replaced with Iceberg, Caeda's special procs enjoy the same killing power they did with the Wo Dao. It makes me wonder if, like Hinoka, +Spd becomes a more desirable boon for her. Lyon's fun, despite being incomplete. He gets dibs on the next 4* Roy I pull. Until then, he checks the defensively weak red mages and provides Res buffing support. My core all get blessings, not that they really matter. Arena Assault: Rank: 4,449 My rank keeps going down, despite scoring higher than I normally do. It's a worrying trend, and I fear it won't be long before I'm pushed out of the 5K threshold as well... Previous Season Results:
  14. I've only attempted the Infantry quest so far, and with some difficulty cleared it with A!Tiki, PA!Azura, Nino, and Lyon. Lyon was only there to provide another layer of Drive Res to Tiki so she could survive the second green mage. Narcian is now +6 =) Part of me was hoping they would have added a Lunatic mode to this (as well as Robin's), and Normal modes to the rest. The extra copies would have been nice, especially if these are the only ones we'll be getting over the course of the year.
  15. Not that I was expecting differently, but I was holding on to some slip hope that the GHBs would have been reset on account of the new system. Guess my Narcian will be maxed at +6 for a very long time.