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  1. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    Having Tailtiu last TT really spoiled me. Having a strong ranged unit makes such a difference, but nearly all of mine are maxed out on HM...
  2. How many 5 star units do you have?

    November: Alfonse: Balanced (Promoted) Amelia: +Def/-Atk Anna: Balanced (Promoted) Arden: Balanced (Free) Azama: +Res/-Atk (Promoted) Azura +1: +Atk/-Hp Azura (PA): +Def/-Atk Black Knight: Balanced (Free) Boey: Balanced Caeda: +Atk/-Hp (Promoted) Camus: Balanced (Promoted) Catria: +Res/-Hp Cecilia: Balanced (Promoted) Chrom: +Res/-Hp Clive: Balanced (Free) Corrin-F (Summer): +Def/-Hp Eirika: +Atk/-Hp (Promoted) Eldigan: +Spd/-Hp Elincia: +Def/-Res Eliwood: +Spd/-Def Ephraim: +Res/-Def Fae: +Hp/-Spd Genny: +Atk/-Spd Genny: +Hp/-Def Gray: +Def/-Atk Hector: +Def/-Hp Hinoka: +Spd/-Hp Ike: +Res/-Def Ike (CYL): +Atk/-Hp Innes: +Spd/-Res Jaffar: +Spd/-Res Julia: +Spd/-Def Katarina: +Hp/-Atk Leo: +Atk/-Hp Lucina (CYL): +Def/-Spd Lyn (CYL): Balanced (Free) Mae: +Res/-Hp Marth-M +1: Balanced (Free) Narcian +3: Balanced (Promoted) Ninian: +Def/-Atk Nino: +Spd/-Hp (Promoted) Ogma: +Res/-Hp Raven: +Res/-Spd Reinhardt: +Res/-Spd Roy (CYL): +Spd/-Atk Sanaki: +Hp/-Res Seth: +Hp/-Atk Setsuna: +Atk/-Res Shanna: +Spd/-Hp (Promoted) Sharena: Balanced (Promoted) Shigure (PA): +Atk/-Hp Tailtiu: +Atk/-Def Takumi: +Hp/-Res Tana: +Hp/-Res Tharja: +Res/-Atk Tiki(Adult): +Def/-Res (Promoted) Tiki(Young): +Res/-Spd Tobin: Balanced (Free) Valter: Balanced (Promoted) Xander: Balanced (Promoted) SI'd or Merged: Athena: +Res/-Atk ; Passed on Wo Dao+ to Caeda Azura: +Def/-Res ; Merged Caeda: n/a ; Merged Caeda: n/a ; Merged Caeda: n/a ; Merged Gordin: +Res/-Atk ; Passed on Brave Bow+ to Setsuna Hana: n/a ; Passed on Life and Death 3 to Setsuna Hana: n/a ; Passed on Life and Death 3 to Shanna Hinoka: n/a ; Merged Hinoka: n/a ; Merged Marth-M: Balanced ; Merged Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Narcian: Balanced ; Merged Nowi: n/a ; Passed on Lightning Breath+ to Fae Odin: n/a ; Passed on Blarblade+ to Corrin-F (Summer) Roderick: n/a ; Passed on Firesweep L+ to Shanna Shanna: n/a ; Merged Only one new 5* star added to my barracks in the last month, but eight merges to help bolster my arena core. I must have had a surplus of unused feathers before I updated time, since I really doubt I got a total of 120,000 feathers in the course of just one month.
  3. Season 42 (1.3.0 S27) Results: Score: 4,922 (New Record!) Defense: 580 Rank: Tier 19 --> 20 Changes from last week: -Hinoka gained another merge mid-season, but my score was obtained before that. -Deflect Magic 3 seal was upgraded, replacing the Atk+3 seal I was on track to make a 4,926, but I got a death on the last match, and I had already wasted enough crests getting a deathless run to begin with -- getting another with Hinoka's new merge wasn't worth the effort. I don't have high hopes for next season, having to use Alfonse again with no significant changes to the core, but I'm hoping for good things after the 27th. Arena Assault: Rank: 3,259 Hall of Fame: Previous Season Results:
  4. Your Thoughts on Seasonal Heroes

    I think they're borderline offensive, and very difficult to get excited for. They exist as little more than predatory marketing ploys designed to drain the bank accounts and satisfy the fetishes of people with more money than sense. ...All right, that's a bit harsh, but not too far off from how I really feel about limited-time banners. My dislike of them stems from their limited nature, in tandem with their releasing of new movement types that add spice to specialized team compositions (fliers, armors...). The lack of units being dropped down in rarity is already causing a stagnant summoning pool, but I'll take 1/3 or 1/4 new units dropping in rarity over every other set of banners being removed from the summoning pool entirely. The Performing Arts banner was particularly egregious to me -- yeah sure let's add four refreshers who will be meta as hell on utility alone and make them limited for no reason other than the obvious money grab. The delaying of new characters to add (mostly) existing ones wearing goofy outfits is probably the least of my concerns when it comes to these banners.
  5. Another Hinoka banner? They're making it incredibly difficult for me to save for November 27th...
  6. I'm indifferent to most of the units on the 8% banner, but I'll definitely be dipping into my stash trying for another Hector. I'm sick of seeing my Narcian face-tank Reinhardt just for him to be Repo'd away by his cavalry buddies. I wouldn't mind getting spooked by S!Camilla or Deidre considering I don't have either of them.
  7. One such trend is the soft-buffing of melee units to make them more viable through seals such as Brash Assault and Deflect Magic, and the new weapon forging feature coming later is heavily skewed towards physical weapons. Making weaker, inheritable DC weapons could be the next step in making in making non-Prf melee weapon users more viable, as it is clear what units still run the meta. Characters with strong Prf weapons would have every reason to continue using DC as their A slot. Hector is not forfeiting QR+Vantage+Bonfire just so he can run Fury or something. Ephraim/Eirika aren't giving up their one remaining niche, B!Ike would be crazy to give up Urvan, etc etc. Something like this would benefit non-unique characters, who need it so much more. Those six dragons are way more relevant in the current meta than the overwhelming majority of those 25 axes, and would likely continue to be so even with inheritable DC weapons. What's your point? If movement buffs are a problem, they could always be further restricted to infantry units, although I'm not really a fan of that solution. Personally I don't think movement buffs are the be-all-end-all that they used to be given how prevalent Panic Ploy is, and the cavalry class is so bloated with stand-out units that don't require DC I don't see it interrupting the status-quo much on their end. LaD Hector sounds like complete booty cheeks. Hector's dangerous because you have to one-round him otherwise you're going to eat a Bonfire/Ignis you can do nothing about thanks to innate QR and Vantage. Not running Armads means he has to make a choice, effectively neutering him either way. A player-phase oriented Windsweep build might be funny, but he can already do that with Phantom Spd.
  8. Why not? Done in a similar vein to Lightning Breath+ with a cooldown restriction and lower might than most other weapons, I don't see what the problem would be.
  9. I'm kinda peeved that they decided to make the Tomahawk of all things an exclusive, uninheritable weapon. I get that it's part of CYL, and that there would be preferential treatment involved, but I feel like they would have gotten more people to pull on this if it was treated like the normal weapon it was in the games. Somehow I doubt the memelords and Minoru fanboys that voted Dorcas into the top 20 are big spenders in the game. At least the way it's worded gives them room to add a normal variant at a later time.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull was 3* Barst, and since there was a blue orb in the circle I went for that too. 3* Est. I want Lute, but I don't know if I want her enough to deplete my stash even by a little, knowing that the 8% banner is coming.
  11. I'm really hoping 1.9.0 increases the HM cap to 5000 or so. I have 26 capped units, most of whom continue to see constant use. I really enjoy using those units, but I don't like feeling like I'm wasting potential HM gains...
  12. Season 41 (1.3.0 S26) Results: Score: 4,920 (New Record!) Defense: 580 Rank: Tier 20 --> 19 Changes from last week: -Caeda gained another merge -Hinoka equipped Blazing Wind for points -Anna inherited Growing Wind for points -Attack Smoke seal upgraded to Lv. 3. If only I could have scored this well a month or two ago. 4920 no longer cuts it to stay in tier 20 unfortunately. I only have one more Caeda for merging, and after that the best I can do to improve my score is inherit Aether on Narcian, and perhaps Galeforce on Hinoka. I could also replace the B skills on Hinoka and Caeda, and use Rally Def/Res as assists, but I think at that point the performance of the team will drop so much to make that extra 1K feathers more effort than they’re worth. I may have to just wait for more Narcian reruns, or hope to pull more Caedas. Arena Assault: Rank: 2,375 Hall of Fame: Previous Season Results:
  13. Most Successful Defense Teams

    I don't think I've ever gotten 10+ wins in any given season, but I've gotten quite a few this week from my main flier team, which is a little surprising considering two of them are TA users. Here are the builds:
  14. Well, I was planning to have my next upgrade go towards another merge for Caeda, but I think this special girl deserves it more right now. :) +Spd/-Hp to replace the +Hp/-Res base I was using before.
  15. What a rush these past few hours have been. I was initially disappointed that my score tanked due to lack of multipliers, but this has probably been the most excitement I've had from this game mode since it was introduced. I still can't believe Shanna actually pulled it off. My feather results: Round 1 (Hinoka): 2,500 Round 2 (Shanna: 2,100 + 500 Round 3: 2,200 + 1,600 + 500 Total: 9,400