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  1. Hardest chain challenge?

    The most I ever struggled with a Chain Challenge was Book 1 Ch. 11+12. I remember the fifth map of Ch. 11 being incredibly difficult to tackle with my opening flier team, often resulting in deaths or a complete wipeout. I can't remember for sure, but it may have been the push I needed to inherit Blarblade+ on summer F!Corrin. Chapter 12 was full of maps with harsh turn limits that necessitated my strongest cavalry, and even then I went through a lot of trial and error and moving skills around. Granted this was all back in 2017. I'm sure if I played it again now, the tools I didn't have access to back then would dull the challenge considerably.
  2. @mampfoid I'd agree too, that's a lovely Caeda. Enjoy those big arena points. =)
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Nice that we're getting the Fates beasts out of the way early. I could see either Kaden or Velouria demoting, with a personal preference towards Velouria. Keaton is the one with Special Spiral.
  4. I can't see them arbitrarily choosing units based on perceived usefulness to stick in a separate pool. If anything, it will be the launch units currently available at 3-4* that get removed if such an idea were to be implemented. That leaves 7 Red, 11 Blue, 5 Green, and 10 Colorless to make up the new 3-4* population in the "regular" banners. Such a shallow pool comes with its own set of problems. We're tired of Beruka and Sully now, in the not so distant future we're going to be just as exasperated to see our 30th Libra or Sylvia (Some probably already are). Frankly I don't see it working out unless it also accompanies a mass demotion of many of the pre-CYL1 5* exclusives. Excluding Takumi and Hector, that gives us a far more respectable pool of 23 Red, 19 Bue, 9 Green, and 16 Colorless. Even then, the new green pool remains quite barren, and many already complain of green stones being rare. Would also like to echo the general sentiment of the 1-2* rarities being completely unnecessary. Hell, I'd be inclined to take it a step further and start to phase-out the 3* rarity as well.
  5. L!Lyn sees occasional deployment from me almost strictly as a Spd Tactic bot. I run many different teams, and so I tend to prefer tactics skills in the seal slot so I'm afforded more flexibility. Even if I were to fodder a duplicate Lyn for use in the C-slot, the recipient is not always going to be right tool for the job. I suppose the same goes for a lot of skills, but support skills especially so. For what little it will do, I'm sending feedback again imploring IS to reconsider not allowing us to choose.
  6. L!Lyn is the real dud of the batch. So many powerful greens, and that's what the community chose? Clearly this was more of a popular contest than I expected it would be. She already pity-broke me once before, so getting her is going to be super shitty especially if they decide to make Spd Tactic a seal one day.
  7. I was left feeling indifferent after the trailer. I've never been a fan of avatar characters, but at this point I can't muster the energy to be bothered. IS has clearly found a winning formula, and it is what it is. That being said, it is somewhat concerning how much attention was given to the school setting. I got a very "slice of life" vibe watching it, coupled with the fear that some of the tropes and cliches that dominate high school-focused anime will emerge. Not exactly what I play Fire Emblem for. Still, I remain cautiously optimistic. We still know next to nothing about the plot, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new gameplay elements (especially formations) will work.
  8. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @mampfoid Good 'ol Hector Smite-bot. That Guard Blue cav was preventing some of my own Galeforce shenanigans, but it looks like you got around him just fine.
  9. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    Don't know about top 1K, but around 130K points has been enough for the top 5K last several TTs.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    With the dailies once again coming to an end, here are my free summon results: Daily 1 Minerva & Maria's Battle: 3* Frederick +Res/-Spd Daily 2 Alm & Celica's Battle: 3* Sakura +Atk/-Hp Daily 3 Seliph & Julia's Battle: 5* Deidre +Spd/-Hp Daily 4 Ishtar & Reinhardt's Battle: 4* Odin +Def/-Hp Daily 5 Cecilia & Lilina's Battle: 4* Draug +Atk/-Res Daily 6 Hector & Matthew's Battle: 5* Hector +Def/-Atk Daily 7 Ephraim & Myrrh's Battle: 4* Raigh +Hp/-Atk Daily 8 Ike & Soren's Battle: 4* Cain +Atk/-Res Daily 9 Micaiah & Sothe's Battle: 4* Abel +Res/-Spd Daily 10 Tiki & Nowi's Battle: 4* Wrys +Spd/-Res Daily 11 Takumi & Hinoka's Battle: 3* Florina +Spd/-Hp I got very lucky this time around. Two five stars including Hector, and an excellent natured Draug and Cain for promotion some day.
  11. She probably means whether or not it'll be rerun again next year, in which case we don't know. No precedent has been set for a seasonal banner being run for a third time. We will probably find out what IS plans to do with them during the next spring seasonal.
  12. Who has the "worst art"?

    Gwendolyn's art has always been off-putting to me. It's one of those examples where there is such a disconnect between her original game appearance and her Heroes portrayal. Looking at her official art and in-game mugshot, I'd be inclined to forgive someone if they initially thought the Heroes version was a separate character entirely. The face and hair don't match very well, and what's wrong with her waist in the Heroes art? You could almost wrap your fingers around it. Besides that, I'm not a fan of some of the liberties that were taken. The more pronounced chest, the exposed thighs, the heels... It's likely I would have 5*'d her by now if not for the art. Someone else brought up the nose thing, and I'd also like to draw attention to the noodle arms certain characters have. It's easy to ignore in most art where they're concealed, but then stuff like hot springs Hinoka is released and I'm reminded of how unnatural it seems. Hinoka is someone who has trained feverishly in the warrior arts for years, yet her body (especially her arms) looks as delicate and dainty as Sakura's. Granted this is by no means an issue exclusive to Heroes or Fire Emblem, but you'd think in a series that has so many female warrior/soldier types that there would be more examples who diverge from the typical teenage anime girl build. Here's hoping for Rinkah on the next Fates banner.
  13. I think this is the first Tap Battle where I'm actually disappointed the stages end too quickly. Even on Hard, Floor 20 ends just as the song is getting good. =(
  14. Aether Raids General Thread

    Looks like Tier 21 will have to wait two more weeks. With no defense loss (which is a stretch anyway), two more rounds would put me at 11K lift exactly. However, assuming I get both pots in the first match, I will be 5 Aether off from playing a second match tomorrow...
  15. No red stones in my session, so I pulled blue instead and got a +Spd/-Def H!Niles. Not bad!
  16. Starting to regret jumping the gun on foddering the hot springs Camilla so quickly. That's 40 flowers down the tube...
  17. The asset/flaw color display is mildly infuriating to longtime Pokemon players. In Pokemon they use red for the stronger stat, and blue for the weaker. FEH does the opposite...
  18. This season ends on Wednesday presumably due to the update causing major changes for Aether Raids. Likewise, the following season will be shorter, ending on Monday as usual.
  19. Fliers are my favorite unit type to use, but more often than not I find myself using mixed/tactics teams to clear difficult content. I really like the flexibility in using a wide set of units while retaining strong buffs. My least favorite composition are armors. Mobility issues aside, they require rare, expensive skills to reach their potential, and the pool of easily accessible armors is extraordinarily limited. Unless I want to run a BK/Effie/Sheena core, I'm pretty much out of luck where +10ing anything is concerned. Grails provide further options, but as of now it takes forever to accumulate them. As a result, my armor teams have remained underdeveloped throughout the entire lifespan of this game.
  20. "Safer", but no more willing. In my case there are many GHB/TT characters I want to +10, so the thought of using precious Grails for SI purposes is out of the question.
  21. I suppose we should have seen this coming with the gold orbs and all, but what a baffling decision. I'll be sending feedback as well. With the UI from the Heroic Grails summoning screen and the Catalog of Heroes, would it really be all that difficult to allow the players to simply chose whatever Hero they want...?
  22. Heroes you didn’t care for that became MVPs

    Had to think about this one for a while. Most of my pity breakers just wind up as fodder, or are built with mostly default kits + whatever common skills I have laying around to maybe see action every now and then in AA. I suppose my best example would be my failure to get Lewyn on the recent Hero Fest banner. Instead I pulled a Hector, and for a while was at a loss of what to do with him. Enter Ares. I had promoted a +Atk one a while back, but he had been sort of sitting on the backburner. I liked him well enough and I knew he could be really strong, so no "surprises" there. I decided to bite the bullet and give him the spare DC from Hector, and now he's skyrocketed to being one of my strongest units. I had also decided he was going to be a new merge project. I might have built him up eventually, but that Hector pity breaker really speed things along. Lewyn will show up eventually, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying Ares.
  23. My predictions: Red: Myrrh: Spooky Monster Blue: Azura: Vallite Songstress Green: Surtr: Ruler of Flame Colorless: Duma: God of Strength The last few red legendary heroes are also strong possibilities in place of Myrrh. Part of me wants to doubt Surtr due to how easy he was to get on his original focus, but he's so stupidly strong and there are plenty of people out there who missed him. Personally I'll be voting Lewyn, for whatever tiny chance he may have.
  24. Aside from the guaranteed 5*, it looks to be your standard summoning, so you may not even get the color you want. I already mentioned my issues with this in the other thread, but I believe I'll prioritize the colors like so: 2017 Pool: Green > Colorless > Red > Blue. Main targets for me are Henry, Lissa, and Jakob. Olivia, Lyn, and NY!Azura wouldn't be bad consolation prizes either. Red and Blue are pretty much worthless to me. 2018 Pool: Red > Colorless > Blue > Green. Red has Myrrh, Micaiah, and there's some good Colorless options in Mia and Eirika. There's not many duds in the 2018 pool, I just don't want something I already have, or any of the easter, bride, or summer units.