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  1. More or less. It would certainly be more useful on a character with strong mixed bulk, but even then the dragon weakness is enough of an issue to put it in contention with other defensive tomes like the aforementioned Raudrowl.
  2. Using Julius as my bonus unit this arena season, it's become painfully apparent how annoying his dragon-slaying weakness is. He gets the dragon weakness, but none of the perks that come with being a dragon. It makes sense thematically, but unfortunately leaves him very compromised as a unit. Loptous should have had adaptive damage, or immunity to adaptive damage to go along with the defensive nature of the tome. If I were to run a typical CC build on him, I'd be tempted to swap out his tome for Raudrowl, which is kind of pathetic.
  3. In no particular order, Laura (FE10) Pelleas (FE10) Aran (FE10) Salem (FE5) Niime (FE6) Machua (FE5) And as has become customary for me, a token vote for Narcian. It may be better to simply pick one and go all in with them, but I don't think it particularly matters with my choices. With any luck, maybe one of my FE10 picks will get in as part of the January banner.
  4. They can be dealt with, as anything in this game can, but I would argue it requires more effort to do so than with any other unit type. No other unit type in the game can initiate with impunity the way healers can. Every other sweep-like skill/combo has drawbacks, or is limited by enemy type. With how suicidal the AI is, I'm hard-pressed to think of a more reliable addition to a successful defense squad. Especially once players get enough lift to the point where defense wins/losses actually matter, I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of them. Conveniently enough Veronica is there to provide all the buffs and debuffs they need, and everyone got the opportunity to get her for free.
  5. I think it's inevitable as the Aether Raid meta progresses. Either IS will recognize the issue themselves, or they'll be inundated with feedback from frustrated players tired of getting matched with healer defense teams. A while back when folks were speculating about Thracia banners I theorycrafted a new A-skill that would have done just that (I put it on Orsin). Defiant Counter If foe has a skill that prevents counterattacks (Dazzling Staff, Windsweep, etc), those skills are neutralized and unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range. Checks anti-counterattack units without invalidating them. Players would have to decide if counterattacking healers is worth dropping the usual Distant/Close Counter and being more vulnerable to other threats.
  6. All of them, but Emerald Axe most of all. Got to know what compelled him to choose that weapon over the Rune Sword.
  7. @mampfoid Thanks for the tag ^^ I think this is the second time Narcian has been featured prominently in these? I want to read that book. =(
  8. One thing I've learned from pulling almost exclusively colorless for 5 months is that there is an extreme lack of worthwhile B-skills in the pool. Here's the list of B-skills fully unlocked at 4*: Pass 3 (Gaius) Seal Atk 3 (Jeorge) Daggerbreaker 3 (Kagero) Poison Strike 3 (Saizo) Bowbreaker 3 (Setsuna) Seal Spd 3 (Virion) Bowbreaker is nice to have on AA counters and Infernal/Abyssal clears, but otherwise we're looking at a very small, very niche collection of skills at best. Klein gives QR2 at 4*, but I would guess most players would rather use him for Death Blow 3 instead.
  9. Aether Raids first impressions

    Nah, the other too were L!Lucina and L!Grima.
  10. Aether Raids first impressions

    Got handed my first loss today to the usual Veronica/Aversa shenanigans. Some of these defense maps people are coming up with are downright sadistic. @Ice Dragon mentioned the idea of having a practice/casual mode, and I'd be all for something like that. If only so I can test out teams and figure out what does and doesn't work without having to waste one of my three daily runs.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle Across the Plains: Lyn

    Just wanted to say that I totally get what you're saying here. I've stopped posting my own clears for more or less the same reason. Too much work for little to no sense of satisfaction. Especially when one goes above and beyond like you do, it's surprising how much it can take out of you. I don't know how full-time YouTubers do it. Many of us lead busy enough lives without additional deadlines imposed on us by a phone game of all things. You do what you gotta do.
  12. The dream is alive again. :') I'll be posting him to the compendium thread as soon as he's done.
  13. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    @mampfoid You can bet I'll be try-harding Aether Raids for a while! Can't tell you how long I've been waiting for a feature like this. Masked Marth isn't a bad idea either. 250 Grails is a good deal. @Javi Blizz I was feeling kind of apathetic towards this game for a while, but this update has certainly turned things around. Shanna's refine is going to be super fun, and Heroic Grails give me lots to look forward to. I'm actually really hyped for Saber's refine too -- I got pity-broken by a +Spd/-Hp one during the Thracia banner way back, and now it looks like he'll be coming off the bench.
  14. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Naturally, Narcian will be first in the queue for me. Thankfully it shouldn't be too long a grind considering he only needs four more copies. After that, I'm a kid in a candy shop. Canas, Finn, and Julius are high priorities, but I also wouldn't mind +10ing BK, Lyon, and Valter...I like so many of the GHB/TT characters, it's almost a little overwhelming.
  15. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    If they had ended it after the Grail thing that would have been more than enough for me. The +10 Narcian dream is real.
  16. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    My thoughts exactly. More time to hopefully show-off new content. As much as Fates is over-represented, there are still so many solid picks to chose from. Easily one of the most disappointing banners they've ever released. I will say though, they chose one of the best Fates tracks to go with it. I'll be turning my volume up playing through the paralogue.
  17. Official Pull Topic

    Indeed, and hopefully with more desirable pity-break consolations. I'm still waiting for Takumi to come back...
  18. Official Pull Topic

    Another month, another legendary banner. After the disappointment of last month's haul, I'd be happy with just about any result here. As usual, sniping colorless for F!Grima and Nanna merges:
  19. This has been the first FB where I'm tempted to skip the dialogue. Not really sure why the game's characters feel the need to worship me in such a brazen and overt way, as if I'm some kind of perfect being. There is nothing cute or endearing about two obsessive women fighting for the exclusive right to share my bed. It's embarrassing.
  20. The State of Heroes

    In my view every issue brought up in the OP is small bananas compared to #2, relating to the game's events. It's not so much that we have droughts of content -- we certainly get a steady stream of challenge maps, TTs, Voting Gauntlets, Grand Conquest, etc. each month. The issue for me stems more from lack of variety. After 15 of them plus several minis, I can't get excited about a new Tempest Trial beyond whatever the rewards are. While it has gotten some much needed QoL changes over time, the core gameplay behind it hasn't changed in any meaningful way. I don't even want to think about modes like Voting Gauntlet and Tap Battle. Even with relatively new events like Forging Bonds it's become a matter of going through the motions. Hoorah, time to play some repurposed Training Tower maps over and over again, as if I wasn't already sick of those from the same old monthly quests that haven't changed in more than a year. I am not a game developer, nor am I well acquainted with any. I cannot pretend to understand what goes on in IS's studios or what thought process is driving FEH's event monotony. Yet as an outsider knowing how the game has surpassed $400 million in worldwide revenue, it's hard to keep the thought worming into my mind that IS is resting on their laurels. I can only hope big things are planned for the future, or that money is going towards other FE projects.
  21. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @mampfoid What's this, sound? Now you're just spoiling us. x) The last two kills were kind of funny -- Cherche and Cordelia killing the opposite they should, weapon-triangle be damned.
  22. Thracia 776 is in the unfortunate spot of only being represented by the absolute bare minimum of who should be in the game plus a couple of outliers. They could make a banner focusing on just about any reasonable theme and it wouldn't seem out of place since it would probably be adding much needed characters. Here's a handful of banners I'd like to see: Fiana Freeblades: Orsin [Green Axe Infantry] Mareeta [Red Sword Infantry] Tanya [Colorless Bow Infantry] TT Reward: Eyvel [Red Sword Infantry] GHB: Galzus [Green Axe Infantry] Thieves of Dakia Lara [Colorless Dagger Infantry] Parn [Red Dagger Infantry] Tina [Colorless Staff Infantry] TT Reward: Salem [Red Tome Infantry] GHB: Lifis [Blue Dagger Infantry] Lara would be a refresher. Knights of Leonster Glade [Blue Lance Cavalry] Selfina [Colorless Bow Cavalry] Carrion [Red Sword Cavalry] TT Reward: Xavier [Green Bow Armor] GHB: Reidrick [Red Sword Armor] Mages (Couldn't think of an appropriate title) Asvel [Green Tome Infantry] Miranda [Red Tome Infantry] Sara / Safy [Colorless Staff Infantry] TT Reward: Linoan [Blue Tome Infantry] GHB: Kempf [Blue Tome Cavalry] Even with all that we'd still be missing some prominent and/or popular folks. The Dakia banner is kind of a reach, but I just want Salem in this game dammit. =[ Preferably not as a TT reward, but I'm not confident it'll happen any other way.
  23. After the initial annoyance over the Abyssal GHBs not granting an additional copy of the characters, I've begun to wonder why they even need to be limited at all anymore. The pre-CYL1 GHB and TT characters have been outclassed many times over by now, and some still claim sole ownership over resources that might be used more if not for the uncertainty of their future availability. F!Robin is still somehow the only source of B!Tomebreaker. Michalis is the only unit with Iote's Shield. Grani's Shield only exists on Camus and now Walhart. The Shields are not that important, but B!Tomebreaker should absolutely be more available. My hope is that once the GHB Elite quests expire next year, the characters will be added to the summoning pool. The GHBs maps and rewards should continue to be active -- while that'll give anyone who wants to merge those characters a head start, I can't imagine that hurting the game's "economy" in any meaningful way. Same thing with the TT characters, with the possible exception to M!Marth. She's the mascot of the mode more or less, and one more rerun will allow her to be +10'd anyway. I consider myself lucky in that my favorite GHB character can be merged all the way up to +6 as of this post, but others are not so fortunate. I would love to make a merge project out of Canas, Finn, and Julius, but I'm not willing to wait years and years for merge copies to trickle out at the current glacial pace. Something's gotta change.
  24. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Not sure. It wouldn't surprise me, though. It certainly won't solve the others' popularity issues by skipping over them in favor of characters that already have seasonals. A positive feedback loop, in a way.
  25. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Out of the non-royal Hoshido exclusives, Oboro (#60), Hana (#83), and Setsuna (#84) scored higher than Kagero (#86) in CYL1. Kagero outdid them all in CYL2 rather handily at #90 compared to Oboro's #173, Hana #181, and Setsuna #188. I want to say that kind of sharp decline is far more indicative of their performance as units in Heroes than anything else. Kagero was amazing for the first half of the game's life, while no one but their fans enjoy pulling the other three. Then again, Niles did get #74 in CYL2 despite being a god-awful unit, so who knows.