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  1. Staff of Ages (Version 2.1 is here!)

    Very early initial impressions of 2.0/2.1: I love the new 1-4. Makes a lot more sense. Not crazy about Eagle's new skill. Never been a fan of skills where I have to keep track of turns. As well fell in general for FE at least one or two of the early turns on mid/late maps are spent positioning/getting into enemy range which reduces the amount of time you have to use its full bonus. I'm... not really sure the 2nd Javelin drop in 1-5 is needed? My Eagle is sitting there with the previous one untouched. Even if somebody was to use it in the previous map its still probably at around 16/20 uses. I mean if Axel and Darius don't have a Javelin between them in 1-7 by all means drop another one here I guess, but I kinda feel that dropping an Iron Axe for Elijah or a Steel Lance for Eagle would be overall more helpful. Particularly the Steel Lance: Eagle has good speed but only average strength/strength growth so he's going to double a lot. He's a lot more likely to be wearing down the Iron Lance than the Javelin: mine is at 27/45 at the start of 1-5 and that's with me trying to feed kills to other characters as the two mages were a tad behind where I wanted them to be level wise. Actually, here's a weapon count before killing the 1-5 boss. Don't know if it helps, but it might give a general idea of weapon usage from other people playing the game. EDIT 2: Uhhh... is it a known glitch where a non-promoted mage can use a Mend staff to heal allies? Cause that's happening with the Mage who drops a Mend staff in 1-8. Its at 19/20 right now, lol.
  2. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Free pull for Male Corrin for shiny new skill and then a hard bail. 300+ orbs and counting waiting for something worth pulling on. At this right its probably going to be the RD banner in January.
  3. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    I'm pretty sure Legendary Banners have replaced Hero Fests. I got no hopes for ever seeing one again.
  4. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    They said it was coming at the end of this year already. Last year when they said that it was end of Nov/early Dec timeframe. It was a 17 minute direct last year when Book 2 was announced and that video also included talking about CYL stuff. Its not too short to be anything big. Reddit post makes it look like 3.0 is not coming out with the video but it could be where they still talk about Book 3, and 2.11 is a patch to get things ready for the 3.0 update + releasing the next banner.
  5. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT Confirming that yeah, this is most likely for 2.11, not 3.0.
  6. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Seen a few people on other sites concerned that its not Book 3, saying its too short. Given how slow Feh talks that's not entirely inaccurate
  7. Arena: Cap BST value at 170. I'm fine with everything else for now, would wait and see how things panned out before doing more changes. Maybe add the Duels as Sacred Seals as well? Arena Assault: Down to 5 battles. Voting Gauntlet: If you choose the winner from the beginning, you get a 4* copy of that unit. Get rid of the multipliers, add more quests for earning flags within each round: voting still heavily favours whoever is flat out more popular but now its "popular outside of heroes" vs "popular/useful within heroes", as well as which team will put in the most effort for those additional flags. Forging Bonds: Significantly reduce the amount of score needed to max out each character, cut the time the event is active down to 7 days. Tempest Trials: Every Tempest Trial includes another 4* copy of a previous TT unit at score 75,000 and 100,000, and another copy of a previous TT seal at 90,000 for those who missed it. Grand Conquests: ....To be honest I don't know if this mode is fixable. Toss some Sacred Dew into the tier unlocks and then throw my hands up in the air. Tap Battles: Make it only last 10 days. If you can S rank all of the battles in the event on the hardest difficulty you get 100 Divine Dew. Also make the music actually... you know... sync up with the correct taps? Grand Hero Battles: Add quests where you can get more copies of a GHB unit, by using a different GHB unit and killing them in the GHB map on Lunatic or higher. As in for each difficulty up from Lunatic the quest repeats itself. Have each GHB unit contain 2 other GHB units for this list of quests. So like say, you could get more copies of Camus by having Ursula kill him on his GHB map on Lunatic, Infernal and Abyssal; another chain of quests for Camus copies would be having Legion kill him on his GHB map on Lunatic, Infernal, and Abyssal and finally a chain of quests for Camus copies where Fem!Robin kills him on his GHB map on Lunatic, Infernal, and Abyssal. It would allow us to +10 any GHB unit with a couple of spares for foddering/incase you can't complete one of the challenges for that GHB unit. New Arena Mode - Honourable Duels: No its not PvP with two people actively fighting each other. How it works is that you would choose a team of 10 units from your roster (arena score value must be fairly close to each other in your list of 10: you could have mage and armour units on the same team but you can't have a non-leveled up 3* unit with a score maxed out armour in the same list of 10). Then you would then be matched with a random person's lead unit who's arena score value is within the same range as your list of 10. All you would see before hand is the standard movement type/colour icon you see for map previews. From that information you'd pick who you send from your list of 10. If you win, you go again against another mysterious opponent from your 9 remaining characters. So on and soforth. Each time the score is increased if you win, or nothing if you lose, up to a maximum of 7 fights in a row. You can only earn all of rewards from this mode once a week. So say for example Win 1 = 500 Feathers, 2 = 1 Orb, 3 = 10 Divine Dew, 4 = 2,000 Feathers, 5 = 10 Sacred Coins, 6 = 1 Orb, and 7 = That week's 3* reward. If in your first go you got up to 4 wins you'd get 2,500 Feathers, 1 Orb, and 1- Divine Dew. If on the next go you got 5 wins you'd get 10 Sacred Coins. If on the last go you got to 7 you'd get 1 Orb and 1 3* unit. Your lead unit would also earn you rewards each week for showing up as other players' opponent: 100 feathers for every opponent they defeated. For every 10 opponents they defeated you would also get 5 Refining Stones. New Mode - Onslaught: Pick a team, throw them into the ruins. You fight on a map that constantly has reinforcements replace the units you kill. They start off very weak but increase in level/skills/stats the farther you go. There is no "win" condition, you will eventually lose. The more units you kill the greater your reward. Reward is randomly picked between Feathers, Arena Medals, Refining Stones, and Badges. There is a cool down timer of once an hour, but the rewards are fairly decent per run if you have a very high level team. Obviously geared more towards being an endgame source of income. Also have a monthly leaderboard for total number of units killed in this mode. Only the top 1000 players get rewards, but its a very high payout within that 1000. Have another leaderboard for the monthly "theme". Like say the first leaderboard is just flat out "who has the most kills", while the second one could have a theme of "most kills GHB units", "most kills going against the flow of the weapon triangle", or "most kills with units not equipped with specials". Badges and Crests: Can now be burned for SP on units. Have to match the unit's colour and all of that still, and the exchange rate isn't good, but if you want to avoid some grinding its an option. Summoning Pool: Every year on the anniversary there is a pool adjustment. Half of last year's 5* exclusives become 4-5*, half of the 4-5*s become 3-4*. 3-4* units from 2 years ago become 3* units with a few exceptions from year 1 that are known for being good fodder and stay permanently in the 3-4* pool. Hero Fest Banners: Come back during anniversary and golden week celebrations. Skill Book Shop: Only contains very basic fodder units in combat manual form (so fodder for things like Fury 3, Vantage 3, Renewal 3, QR 3). Costs Arena Medals, very steep price. Daily Feathers: Up to 50 and 50 for 100 per day.
  8. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    Something I saw pointed out about the Legendary banners elsewhere: they seem to come in pairs for a series. At least so far. Ephraim/Eirika Robin/Lucina Fjorm/Gunnthra Hector/Lyn Marth/Tiki Ike/??? Ryoma/??? ???/??? There's been many "patterns" for the Legendary banners before and it could just be another one of those "patterns", but so far its not broken. Micaiah is the obvious fit for matching up with Ike, and Xander with Ryoma (or it could be Corrin instead). That would leave Alm and Celica as the last two potentially for the set of 16 (4 colours of blessings, 4 stat types to be blessed for each colour). We don't know what they will do after they get the set of 16 they're clearing aiming for, and it also means not every lord will be in the set of 16 (Roy, Leif, Sigurd, Seliph as the obvious outsiders along with one of either Xander or Corrin). But its an interesting theory so far.
  9. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    I did forget the Morgan one. 2 and 2 total then. So even split. If you go by pure raw "Tellius vs Awakening characters added to the summoning pool" I believe Tellius is ahead due to Mia and Nephenee. Split is not as bad as it looks when you actually sit down and think about what they've added. I don't care about starting roster, of course Awakening and Fates were going to have a large percentage they are the most recent games you have to get the newer FE fans excited to play a mobile game of all things. They better have loads of characters they recognize right off of the bat. And yes I count FE9 and FE10 as the same for this, they share 90% of the cast. That would be like claiming Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem shouldn't count in the same pool. FE6 not getting new characters outside of Klein, despite 95% of its cast being different from FE7's in a 2 year span? Yeah I can understand throwing a fuss about that. That Awakening's two banners are closer together than Tellius' banners? No that's just silly. Banners happen when they happen. Never worth getting worked up about.
  10. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    Never said ignored. Strictly talking about banners released.
  11. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    Lunar Brace adds cooldown charge time, not subtracts it. Its the Bladetome penalty.
  12. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    I mean, technically speaking there have been more Tellius banners than non-seasonal Awakening banners. Ike banner and Micaiah banner vs Sumia banner. FE6's delay makes sense if it is tied to a remake coming out. If its not, I got nothing other than them considering it to be in the same boat as FE7.
  13. New Legendary Hero: Eirika

    There's a difference between highly expected and highly desired. Hrid was highly expected. We've gotten OCs. Book 2 is wrapping up so unless he's going to play a large role in Book 3 this is the last time he's going to be relevant and thus maybe able to people to pull for him. He uses a sword and we knew it was going to be a Red Legendary. If IS was ever going to try to make money off of Hrid it would almost have to be now or never. Eirika... not sure if truly highly desired anymore but she's at least desired. A lot more so than Hrid, her CYL2 votes prove as much. Look how well she placed even with a badly timed alt release losing her votes. Alm is expected to be using a bow next time he comes around. He's highly desired but bows can be any colour. If they bring out another SoV banner at some point I'd suspect that would be his month to come out.
  14. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    RD specific works because of the Royals. Got to use all of them in RD. Imagine say, Tibarn, Lethe, and Ena being a banner with Dha... Dhagh..... Kurth's father being the GHB unit for the banner. Or Volug, Ranulf, and Reyson. Just in general a lot more laguz options in RD than PoR where you have almost only beast units. Technically Tibarn, crow king, Nasir, and Ena were playable in the very last chapter but I think they would go with their RD versions over the PoR versions.
  15. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    Jan I think will be our Laguz banner. Book 3 will be out, RD has a lot more options for Laguz units than PoR. If not the banner better have Haar. Gimme the best wyvren rider in the series gameplay wise plz. Binding Blade is hilariously overdue. Like I don't believe in any unit/game "deserving" to be in over each other, that's just immature and shortsighted. But uh.... exactly 1 Binding Blade unit added since launch of the game not counting seasonals? Yeah no, I'll let BB fans have their claims of being due for a banner. 2 years to get one, sheesh did IS completely forget about the game? I'll laugh if its old!Hector and old!Eliwood though. Interesting theory going around though is that an FE6 remake will be announced right around then. We know the guy who did Echoes wants to do an FE6 remake, Nintendo knows it would sell because Roy. Could be it got pushed back and IS had a banner lined up for the announcement and then got told to wait until the trigger was pulled.