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  1. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Close enough. Takes a dump on armours using Vengeful Fighter by boosting attack, def, and denying the follow-up.
  2. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Well then, Tibarn is bringing an A skill that just casually breaks the game in half. "I'll take +6 attack, +10 Def, and denying counter attacks all in one skill slot plz" Nailah is no slouch either. Guess I'm breaking out some of my 700+ F2P orbs. As for the banner itself, obvious theme is obvious. Anyone not fooling themselves knew it was going to be something like that. Herons are a bit of a surprise, particularly with Reyson looking like the obvious demote choice if any exist (only one without a full kit).
  3. Beast units discussion/speculation thread

    That list right there proves my point. They have Tibarn on there (the overall most popular one) and Nailah (farther down the list for the mentioned Laguz but well ahead a good chunk of the unlisted ones). If Ranulf is the second most popular laguz overall, the most intelligent decision would be to save him for later. With this banner Tibarn is the highlight while Nailah is "known but not a banner selling unit" based on that ranking. That list didn't have every Laguz there but I'd be fairly confident that means the other ones are pretty far down. Assuming IS keeps the Laguz together or with other Tellius units (and probably have the Awakening/Fates ones on Awakening/Fates banners like always), Ranulf should be the highlight of a different banner. And then probably Lethe being the highlight of a third banner. None of the other Laguz are highlight level of popular. You make money by making sure a highlight unit is on each banner, but not with other highlight units unless they're alts.
  4. Beast units discussion/speculation thread

    They're not going to frontload all of the popular/important laguz into the first banner. Personally I'm expecting it only to be royals because while they're known/somewhat popular, outside of Tibarn they're not massively popular. I'm not expecting Ranulf, Lethe, Mordecai, etc to be on it. Ranulf makes too much sense as the star of another banner. Probably no Herons either, those will come later as dancers/singer type units. Not sure about dragon laguz this time around, kinda expecting the dragon king to be the Mythic Hero if its not Micaiah/final boss of FE10 but otherwise I don't think we'll get any this time around.
  5. $75 USD New Year's Bundles

    Well its cheaper than I was expecting. I was expecting $85. But basically they took the standard $75 bundle and added a bunch of goodies. They ain't going to drop it below that. Heck I know of quite a few people who were fully expecting it to be $99.99 because it included guaranteed limited 5* along with a bunch of other stuff.
  6. If the refine affects are from the datamine a week ago, it won't be either. if you want more info.
  7. Its going to depend on how the game is coded. Did they code infantry units to take a -1 movement penalty in the woods? Armour units to have no movement penalty in the woods? The woods specifically to be "-1 if not flying and not mounted, cannot reduce below 1" with no movement penalty programming on the unit types themselves + movement buff override the forest penalty? etc etc. That's why I said "may". We haven't had this situation before outside of the armour units who gained the ability to move 2 (like infantry) but aren't hit with a -1 penalty (unlike infantry).
  8. Two minor notes: Apparently Tibarn's movement range counts as a buff so this probably won't stack However, when armour units use Armoured Boots they can go through forest tiles no problem, so this may allow infantry units to go through woods with no problems. While having 3 range.
  9. Hope you all like 4 movement fliers starting next month: Tibarn was already shown to be moving 3 squares in his preview. IS is actively trying to kill the game at this point between too many Fates Alts and snapping the game's balance in two over their knee.
  10. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Just to further emphasize my point earlier about "we really have no clue who they could be" Somebody drew this online. The cloaks are billowing so much we don't really have much of anything to go on. Right is using a spear or staff most likely (could technically be an axe), and we know both are wearing Christmas themed headgear to go with the cloaks. That's about all we truly got.
  11. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Just keep in mind with all of this guessing: we were all way off when it came to Halloween Mia. It could be Fae, it could be an adult character at a really weird angle like Hinoka.
  12. Technically Micaiah was godlike due to well, housing a goddess. If it means she's still the fancy alt unit next month I'll take it.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    RIP Aether Raids indeed. I'd strongly, strongly recommend leaving feedback. Those of you who use Reddit or whatnot, go bug them to do the same. There's like a 0.0001% chance that they would change things but we should make our displeasure with the Mythic Heroes and how they impact AR rather clear.
  14. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Oh hey, its like what I called. Because it was pretty obvious to call that very little would be revealed based on the time stamp. Gotta stop hyping yourselves up when logic tells you otherwise. Both Tibarn and Nailah are coming next month, so I'm pretty satisfied. Tibarn is a flier who moves 3 spaces so, RIP current meta.