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  1. A New Tempest Trials+ is coming! (May 25th)

    Gimme Fury Seal. Bartre and Eldigan aren't angry enough yet.
  2. If the "CYL runners up banner" continues its cycle from the last two years, Louise is going to be on that banner (Anna?, Bruno, Louise are the top 3 not yet in the game, even if Anna does count Louise is still top 3). A much more likely scenario is this: we spent all of last year complaining/leaving feedback that we were tired of getting bombarded with alts. They've lowered the number of alts. EDIT: Also they've been linking their seasonal units to ones from last year a bit, like Catria -> Palla. Sanaki -> Tanith + Sigrun makes a lot of sense.
  3. It will be 33 speed with the next dragonflower bundle, taking him up to 39 speed on enemy phase, which denies doubles up to 43 speed. That's a good enough chunk of the cast for me. That and outside of QR (which is on an AR unit for me), I couldn't think of a great alternative. Atk/Def Brazen maybe?
  4. For AA, sure. If I was going to invest in a Stahl, I'd want him to be more than an AA unit and expect him to at least dent blues. With things like Fierce Stance he can do it, but not with TA active.
  5. Sadly I only have the one Eir. But as is he no-sells Reinhardt which is pretty amusing. Mystic Boost would be pretty great on him as well. I'd probably run Steady Stance 4 + Mystic Boost: you'd sacrifice a bit of Res on him in exchange for having Guard with no HP limit along with denying adaptive damage from dragons and healing 6 HP after every round of combat. Would probably be an overall improvement but I don't have the Mystic Boost so this will do. As for building him, you need to be able to commit some rare skills to him. He really wants Fort Def/Res 3 or Steady Stance 4. But I can say he's an absolute blast and able to no sell almost any mage out there: I haven't found one that wasn't inflated by PvE stats that's really been able to do significant damage to him outside of Julia and and Deirdre. Even then those two are rarely built for trying to climb over an effective 57 Res + triangle disadvantage even with the anti-dragon boost. And they aren't doubling him because of Darting Stance 3. And if Iceberg goes off on the counter attack they are taking over 100 damage.
  6. Stahl's refine makes him... almost usable. Get a +Attack Stahl, use CA in his B slot to get rid of the TA effect, use QR for his seal, Fierce Stance in his A slot (or DC if you're an absolute madman)... you're starting to get into decent damage range. Sully has no chance. Not with that attack.
  7. What, no Julius yet? Shame on you all. I shall fix that. Behold the one true tank mage! Don't forget to include Loptous' +6 Def/Res when looking at the stats.
  8. Its a trope. - "These indicate, generally, that the character is mischievous, slightly hostile, or a trickster, but not actually "bad." "
  9. idk if Ross needs any help, he feels pretty good as is and is fairly comparable to Garcia. Haven't gotten Ewan quite yet.
  10. I don't know anything about programming really, but just a spitball: what if you made a second version of that boss, one without any skills attached to them? Assuming the cutscene works fine in that case, use that version of the boss for the cutscene and then swap it back with the one with the skill. If that works the way I think it would, instead of having an awkward cutscene the boss would flicker for a moment with the despawn of the old one and the appearance of the new one. --- Completely different note: I've found giving Lute Paragon to be very... interesting. Thematically it makes perfect sense of course with how quickly she gains knowledge. But with a character that good in the base game, getting access to more flexibility due to the new tome system, and double exp I'm struggling to hold her back from just tearing through maps by herself due to easily gaining a massive level lead. On chapter 7 she's level 13, Ross is level 11, everyone else is in the 7-10 range.
  11. Hey, just trying out this hack now. Its been interesting so far, but I can report two minor glitches so far. I'm playing on 2.5/Random Level Ups/Normal Difficulty. 1) This one is a scripted event hiccup. 2nd chapter, where the enemy knight attacks and kills the mercenary guard on the fort: he walks up and performs a critical, kills the mercenary... and then the now deceased/invisible mercenary attacks and deals 0 damage to the knight. 2) The chapter where Artur and Lute join: after L'Archel's scene and monsters appear from the top left corner of the map, the monster in the corner has a movement range of 0, complete with a -- value for his stats in the move category.
  12. Legendary Hero: Alm - Saint King

    So if I understand his bow properly: Free 25% damage against any unit before combat (or is it damage added during combat?). Including against super tanks. He's going to crush a lot of AR teams if that's the case. And already comes with Null Followup to deal with Wary Fighter or Vengeful Fighter + DC stuff. And then his special is also kinda nuts assuming his speed is as good as it appears to be.
  13. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Everyone welcome your new AR stall strategy cornerstone in the form of Caineghis, joining the ranks of Surtur, Duma, Idunn, and Winter Fae. Lethe looks decent, Ranulf looks bleh, Mordecai is borderline lol worthy skill wise. Also, if Haar is even remotely good he's going to be my next +10 Grail project. Julius is I believe less than 100 Grail away from being +10. Was going to go with Finn, but now that Haar is here that's gone out of the window.
  14. There's no reason to believe that would change. History doesn't support it changing. Less free orbs = more people get desperate enough to buy orbs = more money. Thus, yet another new currency = bad for those who don't want to spend money.
  15. Oh hey, thread blew up while I was busy dealing with a kidney stone. Not going to try to go back to things from page 1, but as for some of the conversation on the current page: you don't want an alternative currency. They keep using alternative currency to slowly pull away our free orbs. They don't do it immediately, but over time they slowly take away monthly quest orbs or event orbs and replace them with alternative currency. So for the sake of being able to "purchase" old 5*s you'd lose some of your ability to purchase new 5*s.