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  1. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Current guesses I've seen for the left: Eirika, Ayra, Lachasis, Micaiah. For the right I've seen Ephraim, Seth, and Ares. Keep in mind though, the spring/easter costumes are arguably the ones that change the most from characters' normal outfits. Its really hard to get an accurate guess.
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Well we all knew this banner was coming at some point this year, at least the bandaid is ripped off early in the middle of a lot of major banners. Its the obvious bait banner of the lot (or well, would have been if it wasn't for L.Lyn ruining a certain upcoming banner...). Panne being the GHB unit is weird.
  3. New Event Calendar (Feb-Mar)

    If we do get another Fallen Heroes Banner: Possessed Ike (from the Cipher game) Risen King Chrom Brainwashed Child!Tiki Brainwashed Delthea
  4. Good news: Got Ike, Greil, Mist, Fallen Celica, and Grima all in about 100 orbs off of the banner Bad news: Literally none of them have good IVs. Ike is -Spd, Greil is +Spd, Mist is -Res + HP, F.Celica is -Spd, Grima is -Atk. Might just dump the rest of my orbs in hoping for better merges.
  5. Priam's existence shuts down any real argument of them being together. Really wish people would accept that fact, I've had to temporarily bail on GameFAQ's Heroes board alone because of the trolling due to this banner is too obnoxious. Priam's from a mainline game, not DLC (DLC in Awakening was from the gate. Spotpass characters were not from the gate), and is specifically stated to be descendant from Ike while having his sword and effectively having Aether (Luna + Sol instead for what was most likely balancing reasons in terms of inheritance and wanting to limit the number of units who could actually get Aether). Until either another FE game or IS themselves say otherwise: Priam is a direct descendant from Ike, Ike hooked up with some random lady on another continent, its canon. There... really shouldn't even be an argument/war about this which is what is particularly frustrating: unless a game series is known to have unreliable narration you take what is presented at face value, newer (canon/mainline) information overrides old information. Priam is the latest update on what happened to Ike. Ike and Soren being on the same banner ain't even in the same ballpark for trying to claim ships when compared to Priam's existence. Heck Ike doesn't even mention Soren in his lines so far, strictly talks about his father. The banner is about family, Greil took Soren in when Soren was able to track him and Ike down after Greil went berserk. Titania probably joined the mercenary group around the same time, so Greil, Ike, Mist, Titania, and Soren were all the original members with Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf assumingely joining very shortly afterwards. Greil saw his mercenary group as his family, so the banner + TT unit was how he first started to rebuild his family after his wife died. And its a pretty cool thing to see instead of the usual shipping style banner around this time of year.
  6. Greil is pretty cool. And its interesting that they decided to avoid the romance/lovers thing for this time of year and just went for family + close friends of the family (Soren, Titania).
  7. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    Right could be Ike, Boyd, Greil all pretty easily. Left I'm actually leaning towards Seliph or Sigurd. I know people are saying Owain but look at his sword hilt on his injured art. Very clearly a different angle on the hilt. Meanwhile it nearly perfectly matches Tyrfing.
  8. Choose Your Legends 3

    To add onto this: Lif will probably get skipped as we can expect the Book 3 OCs to have their own banner later. Bruno is a question mark to me - Farfetched Heroes aren't alt versions of character but the normal versions. Not sure if they have a plan in mind already for his release and will skip over him in Farfetched because of that, or if they will shrug and include him.
  9. Choose Your Legends 3

    Time to stockpile orbs for Micaiah.
  10. Choose Your Legends 3

    They broke with the coding I had posted, should be there now. But I think its a lost cause, don't think everyone is going to talk in spoiler boxes until they're officially announced whenever. Would be wiser to slap SPOILERS in the topic title.
  11. Choose Your Legends 3

    For those who want proof of the above: breaks it down more.
  12. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    Ah crap. Getting XNA to run on Mac is uh... a bit of an experience. Not even consistent if trying to use it through Wine from what I've seen.
  13. His weapon would be denying Marth a followup though, so Duma's weapon and Marth's B cancel each other out and lead to normal speed checks (and then Duma could be using Wary Fighter to deny Marth the ability to double). Unless L.Marth can literally 1SK them he's not doing the job because he's eating a counter attack on the next turn. Horse!Chrom or Lucina/Masked Marth have better odds with their fancy Falchions but even then I'm not sure if Horse!Chrom could pull it off. Not easily at least.