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  1. I'd assume so as well. The other colours fall into the same vein as how we figured out Bride Ninian though. Hair doesn't have to 100% match, it is a different outfit after all. However the "veil" could quite easily just be a weird combination of hair and some sort of accessory. For example, something to keep the pony tail down since its going to get wet at the beach anyways if she goes in the water.
  2. Was posted on GameFAQs. Might be looking at Tana + Ephraim.
  3. Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn

    Well then, chalk that up as one thing I missed when checking gamepress, and another thing that's... never been clear to me in game? "If foe's range = 2" always read to me as the foe being 2 squares away for the def/res check to activate. Leaves me with two fairly large retools to do. Probably changing Godslayer to just a general CC/Vantage one. For Yune's Chaos I didn't see Speed Ploy listed as being out but I probably just missed it, I was looking for that one for that set. When it comes to Blarblade+... it exists yes but I'd be hard press to find it ever to be a good option. Without Thani she's losing Res, some amount of ranged defence, and is taking a penalty to cooldown while not being particularly great at doubling. She's losing a lot for what is rather minimal gain. I can throw it in as a variation for General of Daein but I don't think it would ever be optimal. Hurts arena score a bit as well I'd imagine, unless the difference between Thani vs Blade+ isn't enough to drop in bucket value? As for the IV section I do see where you're coming from. However I wanted to format it more as somebody going "Okay I have X IVs, is this one good for Arena or Single Player content more?" and then from there scroll down the list to see what options they have for that. It is a 5* locked unit after all: a lot less people looking for optimal IV set ups and more people going "what can I do with this since I have her?"
  4. Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn

    Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn Having been introduced into Fire Emblem Heroes with both her Thani tome and general stat line from Radiant Dawn intact, Micaiah quickly made herself one of the strongest TT/GHB/Chain unit in the game. Having bonuses against horse and armour units at her disposal along with fantastic attack, Micaiah is able to tear through even heavily inflated stats with ease. As well she comes tied with the 2nd highest possible Res in the game for base stats, if not the highest in the game period thanks to Thani's additional +3 Res, meaning that she's both a fantastic magic tank and Ploy user. On top of all of this, she's the only unit in the game thus far with a unique Support skill, meaning she is the infantry mage with the highest available score value for arena play. All in all, Micaiah is an excellent 5* unit to invest into, even with sub-par IVs. I speak from experience as somebody who's only Micaiah is -Attack, but still rips through Inferno difficulty enemies. 5* Level 4 Stats: HP: 32/35/39 Atk: 32/35/38 Spd: 24/28/31 Def: 14/18/21 Res: 32/35/38 Total: 150 ~152 IV Recommendations: Single Player Content - If your focus for Micaiah is strictly single player content, you want +Attack or +Res for sure. +Attack allows her to squeeze out additional effective damage against inflated units which can make or break critical kills for GHBs. +Res allows her more easily handle enemy mages and dragons, or allow her Res to hit over 41 with her tome factored in: enough that she may be able to successfully use Ploys against even inflated enemy mages. For the bane, -Def or -Spd is the way to go: even with Thani chipping in some protection against arrows and daggers her physical defence is too low to rely on her ability to take a physical hit when not on a defensive tile. On top of that, due to her low speed most single player opponents will easily double her, even some of the armoured units. Because of this, -Spd also works. An alternative is to aim for +Speed/-Def: Micaiah has one build that can take advantage of +Spd and it may push her just far enough to not be doubled. Arena Content - Because we want to take full advantage of Micaiah's naturally higher score, we want to avoid -Spd or -Def if at all possible. While both banes are ideal in terms of her stat spread, both are superbanes. This makes -HP her optimal bane: while it does hurt her magic bulk it doesn't hurt her ability to use ploys and its making no noticeable impact on her already flimsy physical bulk. +Attack or +Res when paired with this bane is ideal. If these are unobtainable, +HP/-Def or Neutral are perfectly serviceable: both keep her arena score in tact and the former adds to her magical bulk. If one doesn't intend to have Micaiah use Ploys, -Res is a perfectly acceptable bane as 32 Res along with an additional 3 from Thani is more than enough for most enemy mages. Just keep in mind that enemy dragons are most likely hitting her def with their ranged counterattacks, so in most situations Micaiah cannot tackle them regardless of her IV layout outside of Adult Tiki and possibly Young Tiki. Default Skills: Weapon: Thani - Grants Res+3. Effective against armored and cavalry foes. Against armored and cavalry foes using bow, dagger, magic, or staff, damage from first attack received by unit during combat reduced by 30%. Assist: Sacrifice - Converts penalties on target into bonuses. Restores target's HP = unit's current HP -1. Unit's HP reduced by amount restored. Special: [-] Passive A: Distant Defence Passive B: Guard Passive C: Drive Attack Priestess Of Dawn (Budget Build) -General Use, Any IV General of Daein (Offensive Nuke) -Arena Offense, Inferno Difficulties, +Atk IV Queen of Daein (Defensive Build) -Single Player content, Arena Defence, Inferno Difficulties, Chain, +Def/+Res IVs Godslayer (Anti-Dragon/Close Counter Build) -Arena Offence, +Res Yune's Chaos (Life and Death Build) -General Use, +Spd IV This was my first write up like this, so I appreciate any and all feedback you may have to offer. However I do believe that I've brought options for almost every IV to the table, as well as shown off how flexible Micaiah is in terms of both single player and arena content.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    At least Pair Up appears to be dead? I like the idea of the formations/armies. I like that weapon durability is back. I'm curious about magic being usable by everyone/arts returning instead of RNG activation. But otherwise we just know so little right now its hard to be hyped up. But at least it appears to be not following the Awakening/Fates formula. The tradition of "change a significant amount of things after 2 FE games" has continued.
  6. Can't update the game in my IPad

    Close FE:H in the app switcher as well as the App Store. Power cycle iPad. Go to App Store > Updates. If not in there, swipe down to force it to check for updates again. I've found that FE:H's updates are occasionally stubborn to update for w/e reason. No problem with other apps. But it was available yesterday.
  7. Next banner leaked in game *spoilers within*

    Yep. Clearly something happened somewhere and they changed the trailer advertising banner before releasing the new trailer. GHB is probably going to be Sonia or Linus. I'm personally leaning towards Linus. Here's hoping Pent finally gets in.
  8. This was noticed on GameFAQs by multiple people, somebody grabbed a screenshot. Behold flying/horse Nino. So FE7 banner.
  9. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    Well this is uh... not a great banner. Only Hardin is really worth going for. More orbs for Zelgius I guess!
  10. Special heroes of the 21st May

    Anna Rinea Deirdre Sully Heavily hinted at one, two tragic ones, one humorous one.
  11. Crossover Banners: Opinions and Ideas

    Don't think they're going to give up an actual seasonal banner (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc) to give us cosplay outfits. Closest you get is Halloween, they rather do spooky. Short on space to add in a new seasonal banner, particularly if they want to address the complaints about seasonal fatigue (which is definitely a thing that was complained about when we got hit with seasonal banner after seasonal banner for a while, which is part of the reason why they were getting less and less well received. The other reason was because it was almost 100% Awakening/Fates characters for the whole first year and people were sick of that, they've addressed that half of the problem so far). I think they can get away with it for a Super Smash Bros promotion because 1) its an absolutely massive hype driver for Nintendo as a whole 2) Fire Emblem gets a large number of reps in SSB thanks to having loads of character that very easily fit that style of game, so its less "random crossover banner" like if say a Legend of Zelda banner appeared, more "other characters from a game that FE also partakes in". Don't think its doable or happening, outside of a "game is dying, might as well jump the shark and try to get a last few dollars out of it" situation.
  12. Crossover Banners: Opinions and Ideas

    You think the salt about alts is bad? The salt about crossover characters slowing down a less mainstay FE's chance of getting in would be like a salt mine exploding after being overstuffed with TNT. Cosplays wouldn't be much better. Be a lot of "now they have even more reasons to make alts instead of giving me 'so-and-so'?" Would probably be best if Nintendo/IS never entertains the thought. The only time I could maybe see them getting away with it is for Super Smash Bros hype. Even then it would be a hard sell.
  13. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    Green: Lyn (Legendary) - Going to depend on the stats Henry (Halloween) - Would like more copies Inigo - Bleh Red: Ike (Legendary) - Warding Stance fodder would be nice Eirika (Sacred Memories) - Meh Celica (Fallen) - Wouldn't mind having a few of those B skills kicking around for fodder Blue: Shigure (Performing Arts) - Bleeeeeh Micaiah - Gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme Ephraim (Legendary) - Meh Colorless: Jakob (Halloween) - Would like more copies Genny - I'll take it if I get another one, don't need her though Robin (Legendary) - Sure why not, I'll take one Green and Blue for sure, probably a few colourless. Assuming I pull on this at all, I'm still holding off to see if they throw in anything else for Golden Week or not.
  14. Two very "bleh" at best units, and then one that's hilariously front loaded weapons wise. At least her BST should in theory be tanked by using a bow. Very much a "continue to wait for Golden Week" situation.
  15. Golden Week Speculation

    While I'm expecting a Hero Fest.. they might throw a curve ball and do another Legendary Banner outside of its usual rotation. If they do stick with Hero Fest, I'd say the more likely options are: Red: Ayra or Zelgius. Off chance of Eirika (SM), or Fallen Celica. Ayra and Zelguis are the best units, Eirika has great fodder, F.Celica has a B slot skill others would like for sure. Mia I guess has a chance as well, but that seems a lot more far fetched, basically Ayra lite. Blue: Micaiah or Hardin. Off chance of Delthea, Linde, or Tana. Micaiah is an excellent anti-meta unit with some good fodder, Hardin is arguably the best blue unit in the game. Delthea is still very powerful and has some good fodder. Linde is always in high demand, Tana is very powerful and has good fodder. Green: Dorcas, Myrrh, or Grima!Robin. Off chance of Deirdre. Dorcas is a very powerful unit who's basically Hector lite, but with some very good fodder. Myrrh and Grima!Robin don't really need any explanation. Deirdre is a lot less obvious of a pick but Julia made a previous one, dragons are popular right now, having a Ploy to fodder isn't bad either. Grey: Innes. It almost has to be Innes. Elise is a distant second choice to me: she's not a good fodder unit and she's still ultimately just a healer, I don't see her being used for a Golden Week cash grab. Sothe wouldn't be a bad choice but he's 4-5*. If they decide to use seasonal units things open up a bit more for grey in particular, but for now that's what I'd put my money on.