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  1. Golden Week Speculation

    While I'm expecting a Hero Fest.. they might throw a curve ball and do another Legendary Banner outside of its usual rotation. If they do stick with Hero Fest, I'd say the more likely options are: Red: Ayra or Zelgius. Off chance of Eirika (SM), or Fallen Celica. Ayra and Zelguis are the best units, Eirika has great fodder, F.Celica has a B slot skill others would like for sure. Mia I guess has a chance as well, but that seems a lot more far fetched, basically Ayra lite. Blue: Micaiah or Hardin. Off chance of Delthea, Linde, or Tana. Micaiah is an excellent anti-meta unit with some good fodder, Hardin is arguably the best blue unit in the game. Delthea is still very powerful and has some good fodder. Linde is always in high demand, Tana is very powerful and has good fodder. Green: Dorcas, Myrrh, or Grima!Robin. Off chance of Deirdre. Dorcas is a very powerful unit who's basically Hector lite, but with some very good fodder. Myrrh and Grima!Robin don't really need any explanation. Deirdre is a lot less obvious of a pick but Julia made a previous one, dragons are popular right now, having a Ploy to fodder isn't bad either. Grey: Innes. It almost has to be Innes. Elise is a distant second choice to me: she's not a good fodder unit and she's still ultimately just a healer, I don't see her being used for a Golden Week cash grab. Sothe wouldn't be a bad choice but he's 4-5*. If they decide to use seasonal units things open up a bit more for grey in particular, but for now that's what I'd put my money on.
  2. Grand Conquest change proposals

    tbqh, I don't think this mode is salvageable. RD battles were already iffy at best. This mode is basically an overly complicated version of that. Hate the teleporting, hate how min-maxed the enemy units can be on the higher difficulties, hate the overworld map that doesn't tell you enough information and looks completely cluttered, hate that your GC tier and stamina spears don't reset, hate that the weak rewards are tied mostly to how your team performs and that its trying to be somewhat tactical with no way to communicate with others, hate the random buffs that you can only see before starting battle, hate the horrible maps, there's just nothing good in all of this mess. The more I play this mode the more it falls apart. Some of the issues would be easily fixable, but other issues? Not so much. I think it would be best if they just scrapped it all together. I like large maps with large armies when they are done well. FE10? Did then amazingly well. Awakening? Did them pretty badly. FE:H? Pretty much unplayable.
  3. New Event: Grand Conquests

    The point of voting gauntlets is that they're not even. Glorified popularity contests with a flag system so the underdog has a chance. Grand Conquests are supposed to be even and "strategic". Completely opposite.
  4. New Event: Grand Conquests

    The teams would be horribly, horribly unbalanced if people could pick their favourites. Because there's no way Alphones would get as many players as the other two teams, just look at the original voting gauntlet. Something like this must be assigned teams to even have a chance of kinda working. It is kinda boring though. Basically a mode we already have, but with more powerful enemies and some sort of map to it.
  5. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    FE5 banner info, possibly a GHB with the same theme "Lots of heroes" will be that silly town building thing. Nothing to do with 3* pool. Showing off the new weapon refinery options Hyping up Golden Week with Feh revealing like 3 different banners that will be live during it at a painful speed No mention of CYL2 outside of a small "hey in case you didn't know, these 4 made it, look for them in the future"
  6. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    You forgot to add Mark to that list as well. Lyn's dialogue makes that a very clear option in Awakening's DLC. Back when it was just Mark/Robin/Kris, it was actually possible to make a headcanon that could weave their stories together and make it fit. Robin was born, mother sent him back in time to be safe. Make the orphan route the background for Kris (one of the background options you can pick), that whole storyline plays out as is. Once its finished, Validar tried to yank Robin back to his world. Misfired, ended up screwing with his head and sending him to another world where he ended up calling himself Mark. Decided to become a tactician due to subconscious influence from his time with Katarina. Validar tried again, succeeded, once again screwed up Robin's memories but he was found by Chrom instead of ending up in front of Validar. Rest is history. Moment you throw Corrin into the mix, there's no timeline that can possibly work.
  7. Alm, Hero of Prophecy

    Minor nickpick about the history section there: "He was released six days before Echoes hit the stores in Japan, so Heroes is technically his debut game!" He was in FE2. He's older than Sigurd even; the only FE Lord that's older than Alm is Marth. He was also a DLC einherjar in Awakening if you want to get technical. So its more like Heroes was his 3rd game, not his debut.
  8. Rally For Marth To Join the CYL2 Winners

    Actually its a perfectly reasonable conclusion. We have zero evidence for it meaning anything. Zero. Not a single shred of actual evidence just fans pleading for it to mean something. If anything we have evidence against it meaning anything as per history (CYL1 Micaiah not even being "they're coming soon, we see that they have a fair bit of support"). Wild guessing/grasping at straws never does anything but generating false hopes. Can point to Micaiah again about that, except this time back when Sanaki was added and she mentioned her sister during her map and people thinking it would mean that Micaiah was coming soon. No dice. People keep doing this to themselves with this game, and its getting rather sad. Remember all of the people thinking that because of all of the backlash about Ayra they would either give us a free one or never do something like that again? No free Ayra, Rhajat or w/e her name is got the same treatment. The only ever so slight difference was that they gave us a small heads up in advance. Backlash about Lucius? Nothing changed. Not even the last healer we got. Its highly unlikely that the healer changes were made because of that, that's more likely IS looking at usage numbers and going "guys, they don't even use healers for endurance things like TT let alone Arena. We should probably give them a small buff". Backlash means nothing, and there's probably less about Marth this time around than there is about Ayra back then. Marth will get a Legends/TT Rewards version at some point, people will tell themselves its because of the vote splitting when it was probably already planned months ago, and that will be that.
  9. Rally For Marth To Join the CYL2 Winners

    Nothing to do with physical vs magical, all to do with "if you have two focus units of the same colour, they get in the way of each other for sniping, and that could upset the whales". What the whales want > everything else for special banners like CYL. The whole point is to maximize profits. Whales want to +10 whoever they want, not get frustrated by pulling the wrong focus unit repeatedly. The only way around it is if they release a new TT at the same time and make him the TT reward. But that would suck to have a CYL style unit locked to limited merges. I think people are reading into the front page too much/a small bit of vocal backlash too much. For the original CYL here Micaiah was on the front afterwards and people assumed back then that meant she was coming soon because hey, she was a lord not in the game who did well. She only arrived last month. Marth was on the front of that one as well randomly, no special treatment for him at all. They slap whoever they want on the front of pages for w/e reason. No real correlation.
  10. Rally For Marth To Join the CYL2 Winners

    They don't want to block CYL sniping for new CYL banners. Very intentional that there's 4 and one for each colour. No way to add a 5th character without that happening. He'll get a Legendary version at some point as a nod to the total votes combined between the two versions. Probably some 6 months from now or so, depends on how many months in advance they plan things, unless he was already on the schedule to get one soon.
  11. Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist

    There's also running into the occasional flier team as well. Some of those blues have high res, and then they have flier buffs on top of that. I know some people on GameFAQs did some number crunching back in the day and there were a few blue fliers where lancebreaker was needed to land the kill. Think it was before Quickened Pulse existed, but there ya go. --- For his B Passive, I did run Pass for a long time. Its not a horrible choice on him, certainly works for a trolly option in arena defence where people will quit if they lose one unit. Not being able to wall out Reinhardt can be lethal to a unit farther back.
  12. New Ike is awesome. That attack animation in particular. It also means more FE heroes will become Legendary heroes in the future. Pretty sure Marth will be one in short order. New orbs is good. Xander rerun is good (curious what the Elite GHB was). Rhythm game is... meh w/e. Free 5* is good as long as the community is smart which... I'm not hopeful about. Hero Fest banner is pretty great. Went in with zero expectations. That's the key for these things. Too many people hype themselves up and never learn.
  13. Weapon Refinery Update for February 7th

    Chrom/Lucina get to add Heavy Blade to their Falchion, Alm gets Infantry Pulse 3 on his Falchion, Marth gets Attack/Def Bond 3? Plays to all of their strengths fairly well, also all reasonably fitting for their personalities.
  14. Well, Micaiah's not really in striking distance (on track to make it in in 2 years though. Yay?), so I guess I'll go with Eirika. If her brother makes it in, it would be a shame for her not to be in at the same time. And it might mean her sword finally gets an upgraded version as well.
  15. Banner: Sacred Memories

    Marisa sucks. Low attack, only somewhat high speed (and no IVs means its not fixable). Lyon is decent. L'Ararchel is... not good. Too balanced of stats while still being extremely squishy. Eirika is pretty good. Not amazing, but probably the best horse bladetome user now. Myrrh is looking pretty great, but it will be interesting to see how two sets of weaknesses plays out for her.