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  1. Even more story changes than what Platinum had compared to Diamond and Pearl?! WOW! Now I'm even more excited! I thought Platinum changed quite a bit! *goes to preorder Ultra Sun right away*
  2. Favorite gaming series

    1. FE - Ever since I played PoR as my first FE game, it's been my fav and no series has come close. 2. Zelda - Been playing since was a kid and while it's had its ups and downs over the years imo, it's always generally been awesome. 3. Mario - Particularly the 3D Mario titles. Always excellent! 4. Smash - Making a bunch of Nintendo characters from various games fight each other? Sign me up! 5. Pokemon - It's fun for what it is. I like collecting a lot of different Pokemon most of all.
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    I finally have an update again! :P
  4. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Oh, okay then.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Man, you're just getting everybody I still want. Titania, now Hinoka...
  6. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    It was literally right above your post, not sure how you didn't see.
  7. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Uh, yeah, someone just told me that here already. xP
  8. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Oh. xP Well, good thing then, I guess!
  9. Official Pull Topic

    SIGGY :D Horse Army grown! He's +HP, -Res, which is fine, too!
  10. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    What, are you serious?! Ugh, how do we combat THAT? I'm still excited to try getting this guy anyway though, as I'm in need of red mages.
  11. Western Launch Trailer + DLC info

    One of those costumes needs to be Summer Freddy! I'll swoon like crazy over that. <3 Well, if his abs are properly defined like in the Heroes art, that is, but it'd be odd not to have that after the artist did such a nice job there. :P And of course, since Freddy is known to exercise like crazy. Not 20 of my favorite heroes, only...four, I would say (Freddy, Ryoma, Cordelia, Hinoka). But that's good enough right now! :) Can't wait to buy the game in three days!
  12. Ana's Art Returns!

    About time I get these done! It's my Heroes OC chibis! Read up on their skills and stats here. :)
  13. That's probably due to how powerful he is in his own game, plus Ice Dragon makes a good point too.
  14. Create-A-Hero Thread

    I posted a couple characters way back on the first page ages ago, but now I have a picture with FOUR characters and some more depth about their skills and stats! Note that some changes were made to what I had originally posted. But here are four characters from the World of Darkness! Info: Just to clarify, this Azura was named WAY before Fates was ever a thing. :P Now you know where my username comes from too. lol I hope Impale doesn't seem too broken here... It has the exact same effect as in RD and I wanted to bring it in. I did have to change Deadeye's original effect though. Hopefully that one looks reasonable too. Also, built-in DC axe ftw. Also, I just want to say I LOVE the way Bryan looks in this style. He's SO cute! lol
  15. I do remember that, though initially, I didn't MEAN to suggest a higher than usual BST. I didn't know there was a set BST for infantry at the time. xP And I hope not. I don't want power creep to make my Frederick useless. IS also said they don't want much power creep though, so I'm not too worried.