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  1. But I'm certain it did. As soon as I got rid of the last Legion, they quit showing up.
  2. I beat hard just fine, but I don't know how I'm going to do lunatic. That's just a LOT of reinforcements. I wish IS wouldn't keep using these for GHBs. And why doesn't killing Valter stop them like it did with Legion? That's dumb too, imo.
  3. OMG, I really hate this behavior too. Avatar: The Last Airbender had something just like this happen as well. The creators were threatened because Katara got with Aang instead of Zuko even though Zuko ALREADY HAD A GIRLFRIEND. People get WAY too obsessed with shipping sometimes. I know I'm kind of obsessed, but I would never do anything like this. It's wrong and cruel. And don't people have BETTER things to do with their lives than worry about fictional pairings? I also don't like that every single pair of close friends has to be a couple for some people. Can't some close friends just stay friends?
  4. Awesome, can't wait to see! Hoping for Takumi and Hinoka to be two of the revealed characters. ^^
  5. Coolio! I always love GameXplain's analysis on games. ^^ I'm tired of Kanto references though. I really hope that wherever Ryuki is there isn't really a copy of the Vermillion gym... Hm, this does make sense. So this would mean that this game is "what if the player character didn't move to Alola until two years after Lillie's escape rather than right after she did? ...Hold on, this could mean she and Nebby/Cosmog are dead. O_O Remember at the start of Sun and Moon, you had to rescue them from a flock of Spearow after they wandered towards the Melemele ruins. The bridge collapsed too. But the player character isn't there this time. This story could have some dark dark undertones here.
  6. I know, I was joking around. XD
  7. Sophie isn't in the game though? lol
  8. Hmm, Gray didn't double Sonya that time. I wonder if she got a speed boost from someone. Oh well, at least I'm still getting higher scores per run. Just got over 40,000 and the Hardy Bearing seal. :D
  9. Man, I wish I could pull that many Ikes though! :P
  10. I'd love this! Gimme an RD Ike with an axe, a seasonal Ike with a bow or lance, and one more with another one of those. ^^
  11. This. I'm so sick of Nohr, especially since Hoshido has gotten nothing in terms of special banners. Takumi is actually more popular too. Make the Halloween banner Hoshido and Tellius! Ryoma, Takumi, Ike, and Titania or Elincia would be sweet. Elincia isn't in the game yet, but neither was Charlotte when she got on the bride banner, so. xP I know Ike being on two special banners in a row would be kind of odd, but he's super popular. :P
  12. Honestly, since we got banners for Easter and summer, it'd be weird not to have a Halloween banner at this point. I really want one anyway to see what costumes IS comes up with! Hopefully they're cute and cool! I'm also assuming that the next banner is CYL until proven otherwise as well.
  13. And the Halloween banner should start late September and last for all of October if the current pattern for special banners continues. Which would leave the end of August and all of September for CYL.
  14. Those are some funny choices of words. XD
  15. Don't worry about it, I'd use extra Fredericks for Luna if necessary too. XD I would just thank him for being useful in more ways than just battle! I'm pretty sure the other four units are CYL. September has to be CYL because it fits with the timeframe IS gave us and October would be Halloween.