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  1. I actually never noticed there was a linked timer in the OP. Silly me. xP But yeah, still another two weeks? That seems unusually long.
  2. Yeah, I'd hate for this to die again already, it's a nice contest.
  3. ...So has the deadline for this still not come?
  4. Yeah, people really like getting to use him in gauntlets, so I try to have him as my lead as often as I can there. :) Now I just want an enemy phase oriented prf for him to make him even more awesome.
  5. Freddy has a new toy courtesy of 4 star Dorcas! Specifically Sturdy Stance. :3 He's also been playing with a different seal than usual too, and it's worked out well! Man I'm crazy in love with him. <3
  6. Artists you really like in FEH?

    Right, yeah. S/he should stick with females though, as I find that his/her males are rather stiff looking and the faces just don't look as good for some reason.
  7. Artists you really like in FEH?

    Senri Kita, of course. She always does amazing work. I also really like how Suekane Kumiko does beefy guys. Summer Freddy is so hot. <3 And Camus looks badass. Yukata Elincia's artist is also amazing. The only part of this one's name that I remember though, is Tomoyo.
  8. Yeah, and meanwhile, Bengals fans say the refs helped us win, lol no. We're the most penalized team period (a reason I think we need new coaches), and honestly, I think the refs were AGAINST us in this game. Two plays I thought were clear TDs were marked down at the 1, and then there's the no-flag on Burfict for his cheap shot to AB. NFL isn't even going to FINE the guy for the hit now! WTF does he have to do to make it clear to them that he's a dirty ass who doesn't belong in this league? Second time now he's head-hunted for AB and the fourth time he's sent an important Steelers player to the bench. It's lucky AB didn't get concussed that time. And yeah, wishing pain on another player is wrong. I may hate Burfict, but you don't see me hoping he gets hurt. I mean, I'd say he'd deserve it if he did, but I wouldn't WISH it on him. I just wish he'd get permanently banned from the league. Also, I have respect for Aaron Rodgers. Dude makes freaking magic the way he plays at times.
  9. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    I see. Yeah, my phone does support Bluetooth.
  10. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    You can't attach headphones to a phone. Not mine anyway. Doesn't have a jack for it.
  11. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Yeah, if I could hear it well. Sometimes it's kind of loud when you're on the highway.
  12. I see. Yeah, I myself settled for +Def, -Spd rather than +Def, -Res for my Frederick myself. No big deal though, he definitely does what he needs to regardless!
  13. Nice job. I still only have one +10 unit... Though much of the reason for that is being unable to pull more male Morgans or Kazes very quickly.
  14. Yeah, that's a fair point, though those other games have much smaller casts than Tellius.