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  1. Oh, really? So cool. :D Proud of my Freddy Bear here! I honestly thought Reinhardt and maybe Olwen might've had higher attack. Reinhardt especially seems to rip a lot of people apart. Yeah, but I feel like Sanaki has some legit reason for doing that. She's still a child for one thing, and children can play games like that. And as she said, life in a palace can be boring and unentertaining. Take it from Elincia, she never wanted to be queen and never seemed to enjoy that life at all (a reason it always saddened me that she couldn't leave and marry Ike and settle down with him instead. She'd have enjoyed that kind of life more given how she grew up). From what I've learned and heard, royal or noble life isn't always fields of flowers. Fictional stories describe it like this rather frequently too, such as in Disney's Aladdin where Jasmine hated her palace life. I think the classic story The Prince and the Pauper is a similar scenario, where the prince wanted to switch places because he wanted to get away from his life for awhile. And as said above, Sanaki does kind of quit doing her shenanigans down the road.
  2. Oh yes, this was one of the scenes that made me love him. lol And start liking the Ike x Elincia pairing! The way Ike stood up for her and then how she thanked him could tell they were growing to care for one another a lot, even if it's just as friends at this point! Like Sanaki even points out herself, Ike has a lot of passion for his employer.
  3. So, I never really noticed that Ike wasn't great at conversation/talk/whatever. That's another thing I relate to him with (in addition to bluntness. I do tend to be more blunt than not blunt). I'm no good at talk either, Ike. I totally get you, man. Keep being awesome. <3 On another note, training up Azura is going well and I've got her a lot of her skills already!
  4. Yep, buffs are indeed fun when you know how to use them. :3 And yeah, though I do have the Attack +1 seal on mine, Freddy might have the highest attack of any physical cavalry in the game. He hits really hard. Makes sense though, he exercises a lot and I headcanon him to be pretty ripped underneath that armor and suit of his!
  5. Now you people are giving me reminders that my beloved Ephraim is -Atk. xP But at least it didn't hurt him too much, because his attack is still beast even with that, plus I gave him Fury. Funny how pretty much all my favorite characters in this game have crazy attack stats. Freddy at 48 and he goes over 50 with buffs from allies, Ephraim with 50 or more because Fury and maybe more because buffs, and Ike with 51 or more with buffs. Ryoma probably has great attack too. :P But I don't mind, I love all that strength when I can use it right!
  6. Wow, lots of pulls there, @Jave. Nice stuff! Hopefully I get myself a Ryoma before the Hero Fest banner ends too. Also, if you think that session with four blue and one green was annoying, get this: When I was pulling for Ryoma and/or Azura, one of the sessions was four colorless and one green. Yeah. >.> Remember, Ryoma and Azura are red and blue. What are the chances?
  7. Man, wow. xP This is still nuts though, Rezzy. Your Azura is the opposite of mine though, lol. I got +HP, -Def for her.
  8. Watching the Pirates has been painful too, Rezzy! They went on a losing streak and the Cubs blew them out in one game, and then they finally won again by beating the Cubs in the game after that by like one point. Now they're also freaking blowing out the Marlins. Either the Marlins suck or the Pirates have gotten some kind of sudden big surge, because holy crap, never thought I'd see this team blow out somebody like this. Just checked the Facebook page to see how the team's doing, because I figured they had a game going. I wonder if the Penguins winning yesterday got them pumped. lol
  9. @Tessie Spoon Thanks! :) And I appreciate the critique. Her bangs are just like Lyn's though, since I used the mug sprite I made for reference and that used Lyn's face and bangs as a base. But maybe hers weren't the best to use anyway, or maybe it's just a style preference? Dunno... As for the lance...that's odd, I don't know how that happened when I used a straight edge as a guide to draw it (because I knew otherwise it would be misaligned). Guess I didn't properly use it... Oh, and her gloves and boots do have highlights...
  10. Well, other than whales, I suppose, because I don't know how many of those there are. :P
  11. ...Damn, dude. That's got to be the luckiest session anyone on this site has ever had. o.o I'm still trying to resist throwing more money at this for Ryoma... I probably will again in a few days. xP
  12. I wouldn't really be talking about Heavy Blade on units other than Ike unless he becomes a 3 or 4 star pull later, which I doubt. :P I think very few people would actually ditch him for anything. lol (well, unless they somehow pull more than one of him, which shouldn't be common at all either)
  13. Heh, we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow. :P My stepdad's birthday is also tomorrow though, so of course I'm gonna really hope the Pens win again as a neat present for him.
  14. I'm sorry to double post, and I'm also sorry to TheFreeLancerSeal, but DUDE THIS WAS INSANE. :P Fleury totally OWNED THE CAPS HERE OMG. Crosby also owned them by scoring twice! And Bonino broke away to make the game winner, man this was an exciting game! I thought we were about to lose, but I didn't care, the Caps made this a lot more fun to watch than the dumb Blue Jackets. What a matchup these two teams are!
  15. Yeah, bummer that I don't have her right now either. But if Sanaki loses and male Robin is still an option, I'll go to his team. I DO have him!