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  1. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    I saw that coming a mile away, Arc. :P But nice.
  2. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    I dunno, maybe. Yeah, I'm kind of surprised at that too, honestly. I mean, RD Ike got a slightly different Aether, so why not a slightly different Ragnell?
  3. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    I don't get why people are asking for any refines for Ike. Did people forget that both he and RD Ike use Ragnell? Whatever refinement Ragnell would get would be available to both of them, so if you give one Ike the refine, the other gets it too.
  4. As a Frederick x Robin shipper, I'd rather Morgan just have the default black hair for no pairing indications.
  5. Yeah, that would make sense.
  6. This. I completely agree. Like, I'm totally going to use them when I finally get a +Def, -Res Frederick to be my new base Freddy. And I'll use them on RD Ike if he ends up being the free unit we get out of the current poll. Since a neutral RD Ike would be better than the one I have now.
  7. If female Morgan is added, I hope male Morgan is added with her at the same time. I prefer male Morgan by far. And I know some others who do too.
  8. I was one of the few who did not learn of FE through Melee, but through a booklet of GBA games I got with Zelda: The Minish Cap. It showed Sacred Stones. I was interested in it, but never got around to buying it. Fast forward to Brawl's release and my playing it a lot. My brother and I both liked Ike best (well, besides Luigi for me. First thing I did was unlock him, so yeah). I looked up Ike's game and I thought it sounded like the most amazing thing ever. I found a copy of PoR at GameStop and the rest is history. :P
  9. Could've fooled me. Care to actually elaborate instead of just repeatedly just saying my arguments are basically stupid? Their parents had noble titles. Ike's did not at the time of Ike's birth. Ike is not nobility. Yes, I did. And I still want to. But you refused to drop it. If I just stop posting, I feel like you'll accuse me of just ignoring you, as people have done to me in the past when I just stopped responding.
  10. Firstly, can you not be rude? Second, I'm not necessarily wrong and my arguments have been perfectly valid. Third, Marth and Seliph were born princes. Ike was not born with any special blood.
  11. Except he does not have special blood and is not nobility. How could he have been nobility if he had to be granted a noble title in order to be called a noble in the first place? Look, it's obvious we're just getting nowhere here. Why not just agree to disagree?
  12. And where is this said? Besides, why do you people keep ignoring the fact that this is irrelevant to Ike since he did not inherit this power?
  13. I hope this is ALL sarcasm/joking. Did you forget that like 95% of all female Robins marry Chrom? He has a lot of fangirls/boys.
  14. It's because IS has never let a female have a lead role all to herself. They always had to share the spotlight with or get overshadowed by a male. Celica shares with Alm, Lyn is overshadowed by Eliwood and Hector, Eirika has to share with Ephraim, Ike overshadows Micaiah, and Lucina is only a lord in class and nothing else while Chrom is a complete lord. Avatars are different because they're avatars and their gender can be chosen by the player. Mist could've just as easily gotten the right characteristics from her mother too. Also, since the herons can touch the medallion as well, and they're not related to Elena or Mist, that proves that it may not in fact be genetics. And like I said, it's still irrelevant to Ike since he did not get this power. At least learning swordsmanship from someone makes sense and is reasonable like I said. Ike wasn't born knowing how to wield a sword as well as he does, he had to learn it.