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  1. Hm...yeah, you're probably right. Right, I'll do that in the future. Seems as though the thread has gotten much better now though, so I'm considering letting it stay open. OMG, this could be interesting and cute. lol
  2. Yeah, you're right, but... I guess I was just wondering what people thought Ike would do regardless of all those things. But maybe there isn't much there...
  3. Sharena! Lance prince and lance princess for the win. lol I'll say Kieran for the next one!
  4. Nope, I PM'd VincentASM. He was the only one online at the time that I knew had powers on this board since he's an admin. And it was still hours ago, not right now. I realize Vincent isn't online now, so I'm not saying he should be doing anything right this second. But I see, I'll do that if I don't get a response soon.
  5. What does FE4 have to do with anything? That's not even Ike's game. It's not so much that it's "so important." It's that it bugs me every time I say something like "I love the idea of Ike getting married and having kids! What do you think Ike would be like in this scenario?" and then someone goes "Ike would never get married/that's out of character for him/Ike's gay/Soren's not a woman/blah blah blah" If you don't agree with my opinion, okay, but don't go telling me my opinion is completely wrong or anything simply because you don't share it. And that doesn't mean my request should be ignored. Also, I said HOURS. So no, I wasn't immediately expecting anything.
  6. Yeah, maybe. I would too! lol I'd definitely hang out with him like that!
  7. Okay, that's fair, but Mia doesn't strike me as that kind of person at all, nor does she even strike me as someone who would get with anyone. She's WAY too invested in swords and sparring with people and junk. She even abandons the mercenaries after RD to look for more opponents and find her so-called white-robed rival! Originally, I was going to headcanon her getting with some unnamed dude, but later changed my mind when I saw how obsessed she was with sword skills and nothing else. Also, speaking of food, Ike would definitely marry a woman who can cook. His appetite is crazy, he seems to be into food in general (aside from desserts) given what Soren tells Aimee about how to get Ike's attention, and he doesn't seem to have any cooking skills of his own. Nor does Mia. :P
  8. Someone who only likes him for his sword skills would suit him best? What? Other than Ike/Soren, that's the only Ike pairing I can't stand at all... Otherwise, makes sense.
  9. Not everybody agrees that it would be out of character for Ike to get married. Also, why isn't this locked yet? I PMed a mod hours ago, and said mod was online at the time too.
  10. Acceptable in that kind of time period doesn't mean it's in character for all of them, you know. FE isn't an EXACT mirror of our medieval ages either. And yeah, the only punishment Greil gave Ike and the others for disobeying Titania's orders was house arrest, which is akin to being grounded. :P
  11. Nope, not the same thing at all. They're still weapons, Ike has one as well, and it's still a training session, and Mist even points out that they're still heavy and strong. Ike was expecting to be hit and Greil was expecting to hit. This wouldn't be the case if Greil was simply disciplining him for doing something wrong. Ike shouldn't at all be expecting to get knocked to the ground out cold in that scenario. And like I said, why didn't Greil go and hit Ike again when he disobeyed orders to go try saving Mist and Rolf later? Because it would've been wrong and it was a different situation.
  12. That was a training session with practice weapons. WAY different. Greil doing such a thing because Ike, say, snapped back at him in an argument would be way more wrong. Ike isn't also wielding a weapon and defending himself, nor is he training in that situation. Notice how Greil didn't hit Ike after Ike foolishly ran off to rescue Mist and Rolf. He merely decided to ground everyone, so to speak.
  13. Oh, my bad. lol Well, I can help if anyone wants to use Frederick seriously! I learned how to since I love him. ^^
  14. The slim leg thing is a problem with a lot of Kozaki's FE art, imo. But Frederick's legs didn't look that slim to me. And even then, some men who are pretty tall like he is DO have slim legs. Take Ben Roethlisberger from the Pittsburgh Steelers in the US's NFL. He's called Big Ben because he's real tall and stuff, but man does he have skinny legs. lol Frederick does look a bit curvy at the torso though. :P Also, one can use Frederick any way they want in this game since reclassing and all is a thing, honestly. I personally had him go Great Knight -> Great Knight -> Dread Fighter.
  15. Yeah, IF. As I said, I can see Ike doing the usual little spankin' on a smaller kid. But just HITTING them, like slapping them around or punching them or something. No. He cares about his family too much. He might hit a random kid if they got him mad, but I can't see him being willing to do that to his own child. I'm also not arguing against Ike being rough to a degree though. Being kind of rough is okay as long as you're not actually hurting the child a lot.