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  1. If this isn't set in any of the FE settings, where would it be set then? I actually think choosing one of the FE settings would be an easier way to go. I don't know how much help I could be in this, but it might be fun! You can make my character a cavalier knight with lances and swords and I can also give you a mug and sprites to use that I made a long time ago. :) Oh, looks like I actually forgot to make a lance version. >_< Well, that won't be too hard. Anyway, the specific class line here is Sword Knight -> Sword Paladin -> Gold Knight from Tellius. She doesn't have to be a major character if you don't want. I don't mind if she takes a bit of a backseat in the plot.
  2. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    You seemed to post it because of a conversation involving me and I was the only person who expressed dislike for the LA remake's style. But sorry for the mistake anyway.
  3. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    Did you read anything I said? I was never one of the TWW art style haters. You do not speak for me here.
  4. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    Well yeah, things can definitely grow on people. But right now, this LA remake's style is not doing so for me.
  5. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    I wasn't one of those people though. I actually liked TWW's style from the beginning. Never once disliked it. And just to point out, I was around 13 or 14 the first time I ever saw TWW. Yet imo, even Mario doesn't look this kiddy and babyish.
  6. Well, I guess, but it's still annoying when you don't end up in your preferred character's team. At the very least, since there's always three battles and three teams, can all players get switched to each team once?
  7. I never got to be in Ryoma's team in this. I was stuck in Xander for the first two rounds and then in Corrin for the third. I don't get why we can't just choose our team in this mode like we can in VG. It's fine in VG, so what's stopping IS from letting us do it in GC?
  8. Yeah, I saw your post, I just forgot about it, I guess. :P
  9. Aether Raids General Thread

    Ah, I see. That was probably the case then. lol someone must like their villains.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    ...I just ran into the weirdest defense map ever. lol It was basically empty with nothing beyond what can't be removed and the only enemies were a 4 star Askr trio. I'm not complaining about getting an easy 100 lift here, but I sure never expected this. :P Anyway, so far I've only had deaths in one battle this season, though it was a battle where I lost everyone but one unit. Doubt I can keep this up, but we'll see.
  11. Oh yes, I totally agree they should be in the next one too! Sigurd is cool. ^^ So I managed to get both Sigrun and Tanith, though not without buying a few orb packs. Tanith actually came fairly quickly, but Sigrun was being troublesome. At least I got her with good IVs though! Tanith...sadly not. But hopefully even with -Spd I can still make her work. I tried pulling a second Tanith, but wound up with Pent instead. And...he has like perfect IVs, so now I don't wish to fodder him like I was originally planning. xP But hopefully he'll be useful.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    -Spd Tanith has like 32 or 33 Spd. Dunno if that's gonna hinder much.
  13. Aether Raids General Thread

    Yes, I know about the two Eirs thing. I unfortunately only have one though, and hope that the next light mythic is someone I wouldn't mind having. Oh yeah, I didn't think about my eventual sixth unit being removed when a new season starts after I'd just made it into tier 19. Good point.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Okay then. I just hope I can make my -Spd Tanith work as well. -Spd to me is a bit worse than -Atk when it comes to speedy units... And yeah, that change to merges is the best thing to happen to your curse!
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Man, your curse just never goes away, does it? :( But we both got +Spd Pents. XD Mine isn't -Atk though. Also, I kinda wish I could have Ishtar at all, she's really good.