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  1. I hope not, it would leave a huge hole in our offense. It's as good as it is because of our deep WR group, Big Ben being Big Ben, and Bell being the best RB. We don't have depth at RB. We just have scrubs named James Conner and that Ridley guy who are unproven. Conner has potential, but he hasn't seen much action. So without Bell, we don't have a proven starting RB. Though if Bell DOES leave, I just hope he doesn't go to another AFCN team or the Patriots. Best case scenario for me, he goes to the Panthers.
  2. I also still question why Marth wasn't simply on the bride banner along with the brides. So many people were requesting him that I'm positive he'd have made a lot of money, plus he's the freakin' series mascot!
  3. Yet nobody's complained that Greil and old Eliwood "won't get in" because their sons stole their clothes and weapons. Knoll and Reina will probably still be in eventually and their fans can still enjoy them. There are a lot of horses and Pegasi, there can be several kinshi too. Both Eirika and Knoll can have Gleipnir and Knoll could also come with a unique skill or two for all we know. I just don't see the problem here and it isn't the end of the world, geez.
  4. I don't think Ephraim taking after Duessel would be disgraceful, I think it's a great idea because it would also help address the need of axe cavs in the permanent pool. And Ephraim would look awesome. And I mean, why isn't the first CYL group dressing up like their dads disgraceful then?
  5. Okay, guess that's fair.
  6. You do that then. Doesn't matter to me. Making you think is fine and dandy, but how is it any fun to spend a long time trying to clear one challenge? How is it any fun to get frustrated and want to pull your hair out? High difficulties are never any fun for me for this reason.
  7. I don't whine, that's entirely childish. There's a difference between "this is too hard!" and "I think this could be easier." And I wouldn't say these are "little challenges."
  8. I don't have to delete anything just because you want me to, thanks. Now please do me (and probably others) a favor and take your attitude elsewhere.
  9. ...Well, now I have to wait since my older brother took the bathroom that I was JUST about to clean. He got home over an hour ago, he could've showered then. What an idiot... I didn't say that to him of course, but still. I admit, I kind of waited as well, but I was also taking a break from chores for a bit. I feel like no matter what another Olivia alt would be, it wouldn't be the least bit interesting. Flying dancer? We've got two of those, so not the most unique. Mage dancer? Her kid is already that. However, if she's a horse dancer, I could go for that. I don't think she could be on a horse in Awakening though, so flying dancer makes more sense, even if it's boring at this point. I really hope this is not an Awakening banner though, other games are a bit more needy atm. FE6, Tellius, etc.
  10. I said I can't right now. Chores.
  11. ...Why is an Awakening banner highly likely? I've seen nothing that suggests this. And considering we had an Awakening banner fairly recently, I doubt this banner is one. Also, an Olivia alt over one for Lon'qu, Frederick, or practically any other Awakening character already in the game? I'd never expect such a thing. EDIT: People don't really care about Makalov or Astrid. Especially the former. and Marcia has interacted much more with the Crimeans than anybody in Begnion, honestly, so imo it makes more sense to lump her with the Crimeans. But if she had to be grouped with Begnion characters, I'd go Sigrun and Tanith or Haar. Haar originally came from Begnion, I believe.
  12. And Marcia, with one of them as a TT unit. Probably Bastian or Lucia given the TT trends overall. Marcia is only an actual Crimean Knight in RD, but still. I really would like a Crimean knight banner with those guys. I don't even like Geoffrey much and I'd include him. Though how I'd make him stand out from the many other lance cavs, I dunno. Marcia would be kinda hard to make unique among Peg knights too.
  13. You're calling me rude yet you're the one swearing repeatedly here and telling me to "stop whining" and "grow up." Right, yeah, I'm the rude one. All I ask are for maps that are challenging, but don't make me spend forever trying to figure them out. That might be a balance that's hard to reach, I get that, but it can be done.
  14. Ike is more popular than Micaiah, is in both Tellius games, and the Greil Mercs are more iconic than the the DB. Of course they'd overshadow other Tellius characters a bit. Btw, Mia is actually from Begnion. The official artbooks say so. I think we need Kieran more than anybody else from here though. He's an axe cav and we're still sorely lacking many of those in the permanent pool.
  15. Even if I wanted to, I can't right now, honestly. I have to go finish some chores. I didn't want to spend much time on these for that reason anyway. I swear I'm not making up excuses, I have to go finish some house chores. Maybe I'll take another look later though.