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  1. The NEW Models Extraction Thread

    More models have been kind of released under the rug... I think kuro's lately been looking to rig the entire wardrobes for each character (as in, all their costumes and the like) before actually advertising their releases. Anyway, Olivia, Rowan, Lianna, and Lucina's bride outfit are available in roughly the same condition as Chrom. All are available via this link, which is where you can normally download all the models. None of them have Deviant Art pages yet (I would've linked them if they did), but the models are available for download. I also may have snagged a certain model early...
  2. And here is that wondrous recap I mentioned. Intermission: A Somewhat Brief Recap of Several Months of Gameplay
  3. Fire Emblem is in a Golden Age

    Either the people making the fun gameplay in Conquest or writing the actually good characters who aren't just gimmicky for laughs or sexualized. Though that'd be the way I look at it. I'm just wondering who is supposed to be Arvis in this situation.
  4. Oh my word, it's been forever since I updated. Fuck. I got swooped by the times n' stuff. Really though, I just stopped because I needed to take a break; trying to put out all the updates in a timely manner and even playing the game started feeling like a chore... none of which was helped by the fact that the mod version of Behind Her Blue Flame is honestly kind of really boring to do an LP on since it's just piss easy and there's barely anything to comment on. But here's the deal. I really do want to finish this LP. I don't want to leave anyone who might actually enjoy and follow it hanging, as I personally know what it's like to see an LP I like just abruptly end. So I'm gonna seriously reconsider how I record/compile footage, especially for the remainder of Behind Her Blue Flame, so that it doesn't drag on. I think this late into the LP, folks generally will know how the game works so I won't have to go into so much detail. I figure that now-ish is a good time to get started back up on it, since news of VC4's western release has started trickling in. I will try to have an update soon. I really will. While I'm prepping all that, I'll sort of recap things that have happened in my next post as a refresher, since it's been a while and we've gotten pretty far (more than a third of the way through the whole game, not counting DLC, skirmishes, and bonus chapters). So look forward to everything that is to come.
  5. Fire Emblem is in a Golden Age

    I think so as well. They're not perfect, but they all got some good to them. And I think every game has likable characters. I'm generally looking forward to seeing what the next FE game will be like. What a load of pretentious garbage. There's more to modern FE than otaku wanking material. I say this as someone who could give less of a crap about that and who actually gravitates more to characters who aren't super sexualized like Camilla and some of the skimpy lolis we've seen. I like characters such as Oboro, Takumi, Lucina, and Laurent because I think there's some excellent writing to them, not because I think they're goofy or sexy. And I highly doubt I'm an exception in this. FE may have more fanservice than before, but it's still a long ways out from being a goddamn hentai. Going the porn route would actually kill the series, and if that's what you want, then I feel sorry you've become such a bitter, spiteful person just because these games don't appeal to you anymore. I know what it's like to see a series go in a direction I don't like, but I just let it go rather than antagonize the game and its fans. It's not worth the time and effort; you'll just look back and think "why the hell did I waste my time spewing this crap". I know this because that's what I did as a teenager who loved retro games and failed niche titles too much. Now they're just additions to my list of regrets in life.
  6. It is me

    Oh hey, Scoot bro. Welcome. You gonna try out our latest club-exclusive exercises?
  7. Improve your favorite character(s)

    'Boro: Like so many characters in Fates, her main problem is, for the most part, existing in a vacuum. I know she is a "killable" character (different from characters like Silas or Jakob, who can only be "crippled" and thus still appear in cutscenes), but IS has proven before that they can program the game to "see" who has or hasn't been killed off and make scenes built around such parameters, so really this is just a matter of if they wanted to write more for the game or not. And clearly, they were intent on writing the bare minimum for the game's garbage story. If there's something I had to pick that was wrong with the content that does exist for her, it's her supports with Niles and Benny. The former was honestly expected, but I wish they could get passed the point of "don't say dirty things to me, Niles" and actually have talks with some substance. And the latter, I actually do like, but they're just... bizarre. Like, why does 'Boro have a built in "negative emotions" detector? It's just such a strange thing for a character to randomly make a stinky face but not actually be angry. Up until her supports with Benny, her angry face seemed at least a bit natural of a "quirk". Lucina: I wanted more of Future Past in Awakening's base story. Either that, or I would've liked a Genealogy Gen 2 type of thing out of the story. Just something to make her stand on her own more, as I feel if it wasn't for her original role requiring her to lean so heavily on another character, she would've been probably the strongest female lead in the series. Katarina: If there's one thing I have an issue with, it's that her A-level support with female Chris ends relatively abruptly compared to the one with the male counterpart. I know there's one very obvious reason for this, but... that's just stupid. I mean... who says she can't be bi? And moreover, why can't she support with the other "trainees" like Luke or Ryan? It's like she has the inverse problem of Oboro; a great story presence (well, sidestory presence), but a lacking support pool. Catria: She should have supports with more than just her sisters, Minerva, and Chris, imo. I dunno... I just feel like she could've interacted with more than just the OC and her fellow Macedonians. Arvis: AKA one of the only villains in this series I actually like for more than just irony and comedy. The one main thing I'd want - which I think could be easily fixed in a Genealogy Echoes if they just implement the Memory Prisms system - is to see more of what his relationship with Azel was like and maybe some of the development he got in whatever supplementary material he appeared in. Just so that we can see him outside of his, like, three appearances in the game. We see a few drastically different sides of him, but not enough time spent with them. Sonya: AKA one of the only "sexy" characters in the series I like. She just needs more dialogue and interactions in general. I like that she's the one character who has a relation to one of the main antagonists (and is aware of it), and I like her talks about living on the priory, but she just doesn't have a whole lot else. Same applies to Genny and practically anyone else in the game who only has a single support tree.
  8. I used to watch him a lot, and I actually did learn of his illness through watching him back a few years ago... Yeah, I definitely might've had disagreements with his opinions and reviews, but I think that is actually better than me agreeing with every word he said. Can't say for sure, but I'm willing to wager he wanted there to be some disagreements, as they tend to enrich the mind. As such, I can't help but feel what he did was always for good, even when he was ripping a game apart for not running at 60 FPS or giving him shoddy FoV sliders. Plus, he helped me to become a more open-minded individual. He may be gone, but he left an impact on many that will stick around for quite a while. Rest in Peace, John Bain.
  9. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    Oh boy, I get to copy-paste a post of mine N O FoW is a garbage mechanic the way it has been done in Fire Emblem in the past. It's just incredibly unfair to the player, but can be easily exploited with outside resources telling you where enemies are (or where they start)... unless the enemy units actually move in the fog. Point is, it's an unbalanced mechanic that offers no fun challenge. Edit: Also, Fog of War still manages to show up from time to time. The ice-breaking level of Fates is like a pseudo-FoW map, and the first chapter of Revelation after the split is literally Fog of War except you can actually see the boss for some reason (probably so that you know where to go). Neither of those maps are good.
  10. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    Not a whisper have I heard, and going to the GameFAQs page for it, there's not even any discussion on the matter. Your best bets are PS3, PS4, and PC for now (Steam and probably GOG).
  11. Valkyria Chronicles 4 Special Edition Confirmed for West

    It begins. Even if we're not getting consistent dates, at least we know for sure it'll be "Fall 2018" and not the butt-end of 2018/going into 2019. This is news worth raising my 'Boros for ヽノヽノヽノ
  12. Reclassing help

    Well there's one main way to tell, which is whether they start as a physical or magic unit. Physicals should stay physical and magicals should stay magic because they're almost always gonna have a 0 or 5 in the opposing stat growths (e.g. Draug has 5 in magic growth, Merric has 0 in strength growth). Otherwise, the units are typically good in their base classes. Though because units can freely change between classes in the briefing (within limits; units belong to certain "class sets" and you can only have so many of a particular class), you might find it's better to change the classes of your regulars to better suit the mission. I'd mostly say you should experiment. This game gives you a ton of breaks and contingencies should you fail, so even if you lose your entire army, you can still beat the game. If you're playing either on Normal or 1-star Hard mode, it'll pretty much be like playing through the original games minus being able to hand Caeda Jagen's silver lance right away, which means reclassing is by no means necessary.
  13. N O Okay, they can include the giant bosses as long as they're more like Velezark. I'd take spam-to-death bosses over tedious ones any day of the week. Just don't give us Hyrule Warriors giant bosses and I'll probably not complain.
  14. The NEW Models Extraction Thread

    So there's tools available for rigging the models... If anyone here has decrypted FEW files ripped from the game, they themselves can look at this post for more deets. I tried it myself, but I couldn't even wrap my head around decrypting the files in the first place, so yeah... Anyway, nothing much new. Math has been released in full, including his unpromoted, promoted, and DLC outfits, and there's a WIP version of Chrom whose link is on the 15th page of the VG Resource thread (I'm unsure if Kuro wanted that model to be made very public before it was properly rigged).
  15. FE: Awakening Same-Sex Marriages (and More)

    What RedMetal said, not all the supports have conversations. There's a list here (the GBATemp page linked in the original post) of all the supports with conversations; you need to look at the changelogs. Note that "support options" are different from "support conversations" and only denote pairings that merely show up in the list rather than those that actually contain dialogue.