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  1. Projared

    It's a very tricky thing when it's someone with even a moderate amount of fame on the internet, especially if either the celebrity or someone involved with the celebrity instigates the drama online. In this case, regardless of ProJared's rightness or wrongness in this, he was the one who instigated it, and in a rather rude and callous way at that. Like Mr. Nino said, the internet is an unforgiving place, and all you'll do by bringing those skeletons out of the closet is burn everyone down including yourself. Right now, I'm kind of in @Johann's boat on this affair. No matter what, if Jared's either been sending nudes to or receiving nudes from a minor, Jared is the one who takes full responsibility for it. The kid shares none; what's needed on the kid's side, whether he's lying or not, is discourse with a respectable adult on the matter, not a bunch of idiots on the internet who can't mind their own business telling him how much of a liar and/or idiot he is. And the fact that some people are asking him to show them proof... I mean, all I can say is they need to mind their fuckin' business, 'cuz that's serious and very personal shit that dumb brown-nosers on the internet don't need to see. It's bad enough he probably had to show that all off to authorities. No matter what side of this you're on, one thing's for certain; those on the internet talking about it and flaming such-and-such people (no matter which people they are) are a pack of feral, rabid hyenas, and they ought to do some self-reflecting. inb4 someone says that's an insult to hyenas Yeah, it's not quite like forgetting whether you ate a sandwich or a slab of meat two weeks ago. If he doesn't remember, that implies he doesn't think much on his crimes. Which means he either does them regularly enough that he's become desensitized to them or he's a callous sociopath, and neither are good implications. Or he's a pedophile who has so strongly convinced himself that soliciting minors isn't morally wrong that he thought very little of it, which is also a bad implication. Or he's got a failing memory, which I'd question very strongly, especially if he's able to play goddamn DnD - a game where you gotta remember a lot of shit, especially if you're a DM (which I think he has done before). He's able to remember which page in the Monster Manual he can find a Beholder, and he's able to remember what kobolds are, but not whether he asked a kid for nudes? Yeah, I'm sorry if that sounds a little hard to believe. Whatever the case may be, the fact that he's specifically using the "I don't remember" defense bodes very ill about these allegations. Not many who have used it were innocent. And that he's also having a divorce due to a crumbling relationship doesn't feel like a coincidence.
  2. I'd be down for it being a case of the bloodline of a family long ago forsaken. Just as long as it isn't just simply "oh hey, you actually do have holy lineage" and they leave it at that (or they make it worse by making Byleth's real parents effectively ditch them in some random village/town for some grand scheme), because that's uninspired and that kind of unexplained plot device BS is almost always at least one reason any given FE story is worse than it could be. I could see them being elaborate in a good way on this because they've already been doing so much more worldbuilding than they did in the last non-remake game. But who knows for sure? In any case, I have a dumb joke: "Why do these developers, who are not good writers, make the stories for Nintendo games?" Not referring to this games writers unless it turns out this game is really poorly written.
  3. That was, like, less than a month in advance of the Japanese release - the game would've definitely gone gold by then. We're in the murky territory right now with Three Houses where it either could be gold or may not yet be at that stage. That, and in SoV's case it wasn't some retailers getting copies early to sell, it was the game being distributed for free by an insider.
  4. Um... Has the game yet to even go golden? Because if not then they're playing an incomplete game, lmao I very strongly doubt this.
  5. From the sound of this: Specifically after reading the bolded part, it very much sounds like Genealogy's Holy Blood rather than Dragon Veins. Then again "powers that surpass humanity" could not only refer to boosts in abilities but also Dragon Vein-esque abilities, so maybe it's a hybrid of the two. If that's the case though then crests are broken as shit.
  6. Abridged Series? (solved)

    I think they mean either an overdub (like "Dragon Ball Z Abridged") or a hack where the text is edited to simplify the story/change the tone. You know, like an abridging of the games. In any case, I'll summon an admin/mod to help, because I don't really know myself.
  7. FE has (blank) now!

    Ahem, anyway... Let's see what awful things I can say about every single game in the series. FE1: Fire Emblem exists now! FE2: Fire Emblem has shitty map design now! FE3: Fire Emblem has cut content now! FE4: Fire Emblem has bad trading mechanics now! FE5: Fire Emblem has fog of war now! FE6: Fire Emblem has bad unit balance now! FE7: Fire Emblem has shitty western fans now! FE8: Fire Emblem has shitty Ests now! FE9: Fire Emblem has awful 3D graphics now! FE10: Fire Emblem has protagonists stealing each others' spotlights now! FE11: Fire Emblem has shitty recruitment requirements now! FE12: Fire Emblem has annoying Gary Stu/Mary Sue avatars now! FE13: Fire Emblem has time-travelling bullshit now! FE14: Fire Emblem has bad business practices now! FE15: Fire Emblem has shitty map design once again! FEH: Fire Emblem has the worst business practices now! FEW: Fire Emblem has no tactics now! I'll wait until Three Houses is out before I give it flak. Mostly because there's not really anything that sticks out to me that's unique and evidently awful about the game. Schools neither counts nor is very funny.
  8. When should I switch?

    I simply wouldn't play Thracia 776 until I've beaten Genealogy, but evidently you have some purpose beyond playing things in the chronological order. Thracia seems to actually start before Genealogy's Chapter 6 - it's implied that chapter starts by the time Chapter 19 of Thracia ends (or rather that the forces in Isaac made enough momentum to have word spread of their actions all the way to Leonster). Chapter 20 of Thracia and Chapter 7 overlap; the interlude between Chapter 19 and 20 of Thracia is basically the entire course of Chapter 6 and a good portion of Chapter 7 in Genealogy. And Thracia 776 ends before Genealogy's Chapter 8 wraps up (basically with the capture of Manster - the second-to-last castle in Chapter 8). In other words, all of Thracia 776 takes place over the course of three whole chapters in Genealogy.
  9. Reddit Leak Thread (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I posted in a couple of those GameFAQs threads about the leaks being fake. Don't post too often there, but I monitor the board a lot. You're a very distinct and active member of that site, so your name is easy to recognize.
  10. Reddit Leak Thread (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I don't know if what you're saying is sarcastic or not, but I hope you weren't posting that with the expectation that I wouldn't reply. Because one of those quotes came from me. @Dragonage2ftw Oh hey, fancy seeing you here.
  11. Reddit Leak Thread (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I didn't want to mention that, but yeah, they're having a real laugh. I can't believe I'm siding with that community on virtually anything. It's like when a politician you disagree with at practically every turn says something you actually strongly agree with. I think it really is best summed up as "too good to be true" and "all over the place". Though in terms of the former, I don't really care much for how it sounds anyway. One of the sticking points for me was some characters being gay/bi, but it sounded like those would be exclusively with Byleth which I find incredibly annoying for lots of reasons. And this reticence a lot of people have about the school setting is not something I share because other media have proven it can be done quite well and execution matters so much more than the concept.
  12. Reddit Leak Thread (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    This, and apparently this leaker is trusted because they're a "respectable" member of that subreddit. Which honestly, means jack shit for me. Even if they're genuinely a decent person, they aren't immune to being a troll or messing up. Literally, to me, it sounds like little Jimmy's uncle who works at Nintendo and knows that Sonic was put in Super Smash Bros Melee.
  13. PC Gaming Recommendations?

    That will help, certainly. You wouldn't have mods, of course, but it is common enough for PC gamers to mod games that it should be said regardless. And you won't need specs until you run into performance issues with games. It's important to keep in mind that not all performance issues are due to an inadequacy in any of your components. Sometimes games just don't optimize for your rig, and other times a game's so old that it literally can't tell that your specs are powerful enough to handle everything it throws at you. If you start off a troubleshooting thread by listing the specs, those more knowledgeable will be able to tell you a lot of things immediately. Though now I'll get onto my new recommendations. Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 - Hear me out, these aren't like Fallout 1 and 2. They are shooter RPGs, and, oddly enough, aren't as grimdark serious as the first game was. They're nowhere as archaic and difficult to understand, and they give you better guidance. New Vegas in particular is my all time favorite Fallout game, though the other two I mentioned are solid as well. In 3 and New Vegas, you can choose a particular way to progress via skill improvements and perks; Fallout 4 removes the former entirely and uses the latter to make progression more streamlined. Not only that, but all games are heavily moddable. However, I will say you might have difficulty getting Fallout 3 to run if you play on Windows 10, but you won't miss out on anything important if you skip around in the series. Stardew Valley - I'll elaborate on this now. It's first and foremost a game about setting up your own little farmland adjacent to a small town. However, it isn't necessarily just a game where you build a farm. In it, you meet about a dozen-and-a-half people living in the same town as you and befriend them (possibly even marrying and having kids), delve into mines infested with monsters that you have to defeat with a sword you get from an adventurers guild (which is literally just, like, two people), harvest wildflowers, participate in festivals, and try to help uplift a community that's barely escaping the stranglehold of a soulless corporation (Joja Corp; basically Walmart, but more overtly EVIL). It doesn't just feel like a game where you're building a farm; it feels like a game where you're rebuilding a community. Mass Effect - Kind of the true start of the notorious "dialogue choice wheel" that would later be panned by critics, the series is nonetheless quite good. It is a sci-fi action-shooter RPG with squad-based mechanics (squad's mostly NPCs controlled by AI, but you have some degree of control over them). You play as a customizable character called Commander Shepard, who can be of any gender and has several background options that impact the story in some ways. As you go through, you are given more decisions about how you want to conduct yourself and complete your missions, you can affect your squadmates in major ways (in some cases you can full on romance them), and all your decisions carry throughout the trilogy (only the trilogy, though; Andromeda is not affected whatsoever). To quote a snarky NPC from the second game, "it's all about big choices and visceral combat". I will say if you get around to the third game, immediately download and install the extended cut for that one, because otherwise the ending will be exceptionally disappointing and BS. Half-Life - Listen, if you like action and shooters, all the games in this series are the shit. There are no cutscenes - you are always seeing things from the perspective of the main character, Gordon Freeman (or in the DLCs for the first game, from the perspective of either a soldier or a guard named Barney Calhoun). You'll be blasting and whacking your way through hordes of alien monstrosities and tricky physics puzzles with anything from a trusty crowbar to a crazy beam gun that instantly turns things into mush. Depending on how you play, you will either be slowly crawling your way from point to point tactfully, or you'll be nimbly crouch-jumping around tripwires faster than a flash of lightning. You wouldn't think that being a scientist with a shotgun would feel so badass and fun. Elder Scrolls - Yes, I'd recommend getting Skyrim again, as well. Otherwise, main recommendations are Oblivion and Morrowind. Play them through completely vanilla, then mod to your heart's content. Action RPGs that have kinda simplistic combat, but fun progression and other such customization systems. Fun guild quests, too, sometimes. There's one for the assassin's guild in Oblivion called "Who Done It?" which is basically a reverse murder mystery where you're the killer and have to convince everyone that someone else is the killer as you pick them off one-by-one quietly (or pit them against each other). Endless fun, lots of replayability... and probably actually millions of mods between the three games. That's all I have for now. There are a few more I can probably think of, but I don't want to overload you.
  14. Which old school console/PC do you prefer?

    PS2, Gamecube, N64, and SNES. At least, judging from the libraries I have. Had tons of PS2 games (still do, actually, although I recently got rid of the one TV I had left that had composite inputs), lots of Gamecube games, a decent collection of SNES games, and a moderate N64 library. Had a Gameboy Advance that I'd play the Zelda: Oracle games, the Mario 2 port (the one where the characters always make noises when they do virtually anything), and for some odd reason a Little Nicky video game adaptation that was hard as dicks. I played on Windows XP a lot, but it was only really, like, two games; the Sims 1 and the Sims 2. That said, I really loved the Sims 1. And when the Sims 2 came out and I tried it out for the first time, I was absolutely blown away. Like, holy shit, you can actually change how the sims' faces looks separately from the hair. The Sims games were games I sunk hundreds - maybe even thousands - of hours into, so that's the only reason I'd mention Windows XP as a favorite gaming platform, it being the primary platform that I played those games on.
  15. PC Gaming Recommendations?

    Uh... I don't think there's any unwritten rules about sharing your game library. It's like people who share what they're playing in their sigs on forums. So it should be okay. In fact, I think telling us about your library would help. What might be considered an unwritten rule is whenever you ask for help with an issue you're having for any particular game, you should always list your specs. Mainly the GPU, CPU, RAM, and Operating System. And with game modifications (such as downloading armor mods for Skyrim), you should list what mods you use and, if applicable, what the load order for those mods is. Anyway... The only thing I know about you is you seem to play FE Heroes. So... uh, I guess I'd recommend some strategy games. Namely Valkyria Chronicles and XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within (Within is an expansion of Unknown). Former is like an anime WW2 with deadly girls, and the latter is a game all about setting up a force to fight off evil aliens (it's more graphic than the other games mentioned though, sometimes verging into some really disturbing stuff, so be advised). Also, there's Disgaea. I've not played much of it, but it's totally off-the-wall and ridiculous. It's a strategy game geared towards grinding, and it's set in an underworld-type of setting with demons and exploding penguins. Aside from that, I don't know about anything else that might appeal to you unless there are genres you like besides gachas and strategy. I will mention Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, a strategy card game that is a gacha, though that'd only really appeal to you if you're a fan of any Dragon Ball series (original Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, or Dragon Ball Super). I haven't played it myself, but I know it's hardcore Fanservice: The Video Game™. Some games I personally find fun are Stardew Valley ( @Michelaar could tell you all about that; it's a farm sim like Harvest Moon), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (sci-fi RPG using D&D 4e's system), Fallout (Post-apocalyptic RPGs [first two are CRPGs, 3 and beyond are shooter RPGs]; I'd recommend all of them except 76), The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim; first/third-person RPG), the Mass Effect trilogy, and so many other games that would just keep me here all day if I were to list them all.