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  1. Hi, I'm just playing catch up on your LP for Valkyrie Chronicles 1 (on the 3rd page). I love how Ishara is hyped as the badass tankmaster. Your LP (and Blah's recommendation) has got me interested in the game, so I'll be getting the game on Steam after I finish my own LP on Fates (unless if a port of that comes on Switch via VC).

  2. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    Agree on that stuff about opinions. Though honestly, the best way to get a good read on a game is playing it yourself, and it makes me wish more games came with demos. But most games I've gotten and enjoyed were either given to me by my sister or were games I heard about from friends. I constantly baffle people when I say that's how I got into The Last of Us, as if it's unbelievable that some people don't want to just go out and buy every hot new game without being told by close friends that it's a good game. It annoys me when people treat Metacritic or any reviewer like the word of god and an objective measure of a game's quality. It does a disservice to them when they'd rather listen to a number than an actual explanation of the pros and cons of the game. And I'll also say that I did like the first two Assassin Creed games back when I played them five to ten years ago... but after playing the third and seeing what it started becoming in later entries, I just lost interest entirely. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy VC if you wind up actually playing it. It's one of my favorite games of all time.
  3. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    A new Valkyria Chronicles game? And it's actually a mainline game? Oh yes, please! How did I miss this? VC is the game that got me into strategy games in the first place. I'm so glad it's gonna be on the Switch, 'cuz that's the only one of the three consoles I'm really interested in. I can't really watch the vid, so I kinda scrubbed through. But I did see the main characters with the Atlantic Federation flag, so it looks like it'll finally be something outside of Gallia. Though the real question is... Will we see Townshend? Our dear princess-kidnapping, racist-supporting ambassador? Also, will we get the two best Darcsen girls as guest characters again? Two may be important, as it's a direct sequel that takes place in Gallia after they warded off the Empire. Three most likely isn't, as it just follows secret ops that take place during the first game. It may have some details of interest, but I highly doubt anything there would be necessary for going into VC4. It's hard to say though, because we don't know much about VC4, obviously. Not only that, but it doesn't seem to even take place in Gallia anymore, so anything that happened in any of the games before might be almost entirely irrelevant anyway. Still, I think if you can get them, you should still play them. VC2 doesn't have the best story and characters in the series (though I do like some of the characters), but it introduces some new gameplay mechanics that are pretty neat. I haven't played VC3 yet, but I hear it's better than VC2, so there's that. But as was said before, VC3 is a Japan-only game. A Japan-only game that does have an English translation patch, but still... It was a pretty good release, too. Tank controls were a little wonky, but the rest of it was fine. You could have the frame rate adjusted to your monitor's refresh rate, which only causes some minor glitches. It didn't receive too much mod support... Some HD graphics packs, save-editing, and this one mod that rebalances the game so that it basically is a lot tougher (highly recommend it; it's called "Gallian Crossfire"). Never got the PS4 version because... well, I don't have a PS4. But I definitely have heard good things about it.
  4. Well... For the Conquest switching, I'd pick the following: Oboro's obviously a given, especially as early as she'd come in this path and because I don't give a single damn about capturing units I'd probably also replace Owain with Hinata unless we're factoring kids Kagero or Saizo; probably the former since the latter would replace Laslow I actually would replace Elise with Sakura; I prefer my healers to be at least a little bit tougher than a sponge in the event that they get attacked due to faults in strategy, and I'm willing to sacrifice the extra movement and slightly lower magic stat for that Rinkah's tankier than Charlottesville, so I'll take her I'd take Scarlet and Reina over Gunter and Flora, honestly; Yukimura would also actually be a tempting option to replace Flora if only so that he can take down the damn stoneborns that show up in Ch 26 more easily than the others without reclassing BS I'll take Hana as well just so that I can hate myself For Birthright switching, here's who I'd pick: Get Ryoma out of there; I definitely like having units that can tank (whether it's through actually tanking hits or through dodge-tanking), but not if they're gonna steal kills from all my other units all the damn time, and I know Xander wouldn't do that because he doesn't have the crit power or speed to do so I'd take Arthur over Subaki, because Subaki just sucks at damaging things and actually is useless compared to any other fliers in the game; I'm keeping Hana and Sakura, though I'll replace Setsuna with Selena, if only because I don't find Setsuna useful; Azama can at least produce Mitama and be a reliable healer-combatant unit if I choose to use him, and Hinoka's a solid enough unit I might only be inclined to replace Yukimura with Flora; I really don't care to get Gunter at all I really don't care to bring too many Nohrians to Birthright, honestly. Not as many as most others probably would, anyway. I think it's funner to use the units people trash on over the ones everyone says are really good unless the game is actually really tough.
  5. Before I continue with the LP, I just wanted to bring something to everyone's attention. It's relevant, trust me. I made a Mii of Alicia Melchiott and put her in Tomodachi Life with a bunch of other VG characters' Miis several months back. Yesterday, I was browsing through a bunch of pictures I took and saved on my PC, and I came across this picture... Left: Alicia (wearing a hat that covers her pigtails for some reason) | Right: Luigi (that's right, the brother of Mario) Fuckin' Luigi, of all people, became sweethearts with Alicia. This is one of the most random, oddball ships I've ever witnessed. Granted, I didn't put Welkin or any other potential LI for Alicia on the island, but still... Also, Daisy married Roy Campbell from MGS, goddamn Captain Price from CoD married Lucina, Krillin from Dragon Ball married Oboro, and Snake from MGS married Princess Peach. Have I ever told you that Tomodachi Life is basically the video game equivalent of crack? Because it really is. I'd almost be inclined to do a screenshot LP of it, but I don't even know how I'd do it or when I'd end it. ... Anyway... Chapter 7-6: VC's Version of a Super Saiyan (Gameplay)
  6. Well, the next Fire Emblem game is coming out for the Switch, so I mean... If you anticipate that you might get more games for the Switch, then go for it. I know that's what I'm doing. Heck, if you've got a big disposable income, then you can do whatever the heck you want. Yeah, the N2DS is stupidly cheap. It's literally half the price of a Switch, being sold for just $150 USD.
  7. Stardew Valley

    Wow! Couldn't have timed this topic better, could you? Can't wait to see what'll be comin' next. - Shane is definitely one of mine as well, but I like them all to some extent. One thing I also like is that they all have their own unique hobbies and jobs that diversify them further. It's like they have their own little contributions to the town, or just in general. - I almost read "Frederick the horse". That would've been really funny; horse-riding Jeigan turned horse being ridden by a farmer. Though I like Tharja the void chicken. There was one chicken I got that was named "Piccard". The most normal sounding name I got, and it's the name of a sci-fi character...
  8. Battle themes vs dynamic map themes

    I prefer dynamic themes, but battle themes are still a thing in Fates and Awakening as boss themes. I think that's the most appropriate place for a battle theme too, because a boss encounter - specifically one against an important character (as opposed to the generic bosses from Shadow Dragon or whatever) - should have a different mood than the rest of the battles. Of course, if it's a final boss - like Anankos or Grima - then a final dynamic theme is good enough. I don't think battle themes as they were implemented in the past were bad, though... But it can get annoying if you just want to be able to hear the enemy army's theme, but it keeps getting interrupted abruptly.
  9. Stardew Valley

    I picked the game up around the middle of October for PC, and I've really enjoyed it so far. I've never played Harvest Moon, so this was sort of my first experience with a game like this. The maturity of the game actually took me slightly off guard, particularly Shane's story (whose theme I really like, btw). I didn't expect the game to have me deal with serious issues. However, I think it helps to ground you into the game. The issues feel relevant, and sometimes even relatable. It's one of those games where even just being friends with the characters feels rewarding. Though it's nice that you can marry some of them, including those of the same gender. I like the farming itself as well, and I like that it's beneficial to more than just myself. It just makes me all the more inspired to do the best I can to make the farm efficient and big. I also like that you get to name your farm animals, though I always find the names the game gives me to be hilarious enough to keep. And it is very impressive that one man was able to create this whole game. Sounds, writing, coding... It's quite surprising this game has so few bugs, and that's one way you can really tell a lot of passion and care went into the game. My sister's plugged a lot of time into the game - playing with multiple files to marry different characters - but I've got 60+ hours logged on Steam, and I haven't even completed all of the game.
  10. I will say that the audience reacting probably did have some effect on how I viewed this... But it's still extremely jarring. And this comes from a man who hardly plays Pokemon. And it's a shame, because this seems like it's supposed to be a really touching moment.

    lmao, I saw a topic on GameFAQs about it and was like "Is this guy high?" Then I looked at the Steam news feed for it and saw it was an actual thing. Given that Injustice 2 got TMNT and some other strange fighting game roster stuff has happened, I'm inclined to agree with this statement. And this is coming from a guy who bought all the DLC for T7. I guess you have a point there. The entire storyline of Tekken essentially revolves around family problems... I've played 3, 4, both Tag Tournament games, 6, and 7. I think it's fun, both casually and in the competitive scene. I used to play it with my family, though I wasn't all that great. It's a great fighting game that's both pretty easy to understand and fairly technical. Unlike something like Street Fighter, you are able to move in eight directions, and each button corresponds to a limb (e.g. A is right arm, B is left leg, X is left arm), so you kind of have an idea of how your character will attack. Also, it's got a cyborg samurai who only gets weirder and weirder looking with every new entry, an old dude with crazy hair and lightning fists, a few literal demon people who essentially rule the world, an extremely agile obese dude, a kung fu school girl who studied under a somewhat quirky sensei and has a crush on one of the before-mentioned demon people, a robot girl who can detach her head in some of her attacks, not!Jackie Chan, and not!Bruce Lee. It probably has every character archetype you could possibly imagine. And their fighting styles are just as diverse.
  12. First video game crush

    Well, what I can remember... Probably either Sophitia from Soul Calibur... her sister Cassandra... or Presea from Tales of Symphonia. Kinda drastically different characters, but they all were older than I was at the time I crushed on any of them. Last one is a loli who never aged due to honestly messed up and depressing plot reasons. Or at least I think it was; there might've been a different explanation than I remember. Any further back, and it becomes extremely hazy. Point is, I was into ladies that were significantly older or more mature than I was. As a bonus, I'll tell what my first FE crush was... Incidentally, even though I hadn't actually played FE at the time, I found myself crushing on Lyn as she appeared in Smash. I know most here know what she looks like, but I'd just like to post these pics to show what I first saw of her. Also notice how pretty much all my early crushes had exposed legs/thighs. I think as far as from the first FE game I played, it was either Lucina or Female Robin that I was attracted to. Most likely the former, though I remember liking the latter for their moveset in Smash. Again, first saw 'em in Smash, though it was literally a few hours later that I played the game they originated from. And yet again, pictures of them as I first saw them. But don't you know that Eirika and Ephraim totally got together in the end?
  13. Once more, with feeling! Chapter 7-5: Faldio's a Useless Bastard (Gameplay)
  14. Let's continue the fight against Maximilian, broken gifs, and Welkin's dumb faces. Chapter 7-4: A Wasted Education Slightly Redeemed (Gameplay)
  15. Why do people like collectathons?

    You know, I think @Reality said it best. I think people tend to confuse "collectathon" with "fetch quest". I know it's an old, tired saying and a lot of people have already said it, but it really is a case of "the journey beats the destination". You put all the work in, and in the end the point isn't that you had all the things, but rather that you had beaten all the trials required to get them. The Power Moons are essentially trophies. I mean, any special post-game level in the Mario series - like the Star Road in Mario World or the Champion's Road in 3D World - will just show a big "thank you for playing the game". Outwardly, that seems like it'd be such a disappointment. But it's just the fact that you had beaten the most difficult part of the game that makes it so great. You don't need to see something earth-shattering for it to be good; you already shattered the earth yourself with your persistence and stellar performance. It's only when it's an unfair challenge or you cheated that it would actually be disappointing. If it really isn't enough for you that the game itself is challenging, then it's just that you play games for an entirely different reason than those who enjoy collectathons or platformers. Or it's that those aren't the kinds of challenges you like. What I will say is that Mario Odyssey is definitely not a game devoid of entertaining content. No mainline Mario game is devoid of entertaining content; they all have reasonable, fun challenges that give the player a sense of accomplishment. Some stuff is easy to get, sure, but most collectibles are attached to a challenge of some kind. You want to talk pointless collectathon nonsense, maybe look at some of DK 64. It has some fun elements, sure, but there are also a lot of bananas (regular ones, not the golden bananas) you need to get that are just pointless tedium; some are located right along ordinary paths or in easy-to-reach spots, and each of them can only be collected by one specific character.