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  1. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    Yo, the opening's been revealed For the western release, just like with VC1, the opening for this game has a light classical instrumental song that gradually crescendos. Nothing else new, but supposedly the opening in Japan's version has a very different song. I wouldn't know myself.
  2. I need some Aloe Severa now 'cuz I've got crazy burns on me shoulders n' nose. That's one of the various things I hate about summer. Do yourselves a favor if you ever go outside this time of year (if you live in the northern hemisphere, that is) and just cake yourself in high SPF sunscreen. Seriously, I can't even put on a T-shirt right now. So put on your damn sunscreen, kids! Don't be callous like me, or you'll regret it! Anyway, let's continue forth. I'm sure I can beat this and the next chapter before VC4 releases. I'd like to get into Fouzen at least, though, so maybe I'll kick up the pace a bit. Chapter 8-9: The "Fuck It" Extravaganza (Gameplay)
  3. I mean, I agree with all of this, but I also have to say that's merely one of the reasons why the story was underwhelming. Though if they really, truly stuck with the premise of "adoptive relatives vs. blood relatives", Revelation would never have come into existence, or if it did it'd incur great self sacrifice and/or heavy, brutal choices. Because honestly, the fact that there exists a "better alternative" to either of the paths is at least 50% of why the conflict feels so contrived and underwhelming. Still, I think keeping marriage with the siblings off the table would've improved all of them as characters. Particularly Camilla; I think if she wasn't created with the notion that she'd be a potential suitor for the avatar, a lot of the problems I have with her would go away. Of course they could still marry other characters... but there's an extent to which there's too much fanservice, and I think Fates went well past that. Given that holy blood works like "if you put two minor bloods together, you get major blood" (instead of that trait behaving like a proper recessive gene or even an allele) and that there's the implication that incest makes children stronger, I don't think the team thought about genetics in general. Which is kind of funny and ironic, considering that genetic inheritance is kind of the main premise of the game. Then again, if it truly behaved like genetics, then it'd be almost entirely random, which is no fun for the eugenics optimization crowd. Though there might've been that one guy who considered making the genetics RNG...
  4. Because of what indigo said. Except Azura isn't the daughter of Garon, and Arete isn't the mother of any of the Nohrian siblings, so Azura is literally in the same boat and also is the cousin of Corrin (Arete and Mikoto are sisters). So the one main playable character who you have literally zero premonitions about being related to you is in fact the only character who is actually related to you by blood. But even without blood relation, you still have a sibling-like bond with the royals in Fates (same with Azura), so it's still an awkward dynamic. And there is even more potential cousin-on-cousin incest in the 2nd Generation depending on if the female royals give birth to female children and the player wants to pair them with the children of the male royals. Only in the case of Midori x Asugi is incest shot down (only in the localization, as far as I know), and that's only because they're always cousins no matter how you pair their parents. Given that the main conflict in Genealogy literally revolves around bringing two siblings together to give birth to what is essentially the anti-Christ of that world, and that said pairing deprives a certain character (whom you're supposed to greatly sympathize with) of his lover, it seems the game actually doesn't give incest a good name. Granted, it's kind of hammy that the main conflict of the game is literally brought about by incest, and some potential second-gen pairings are between cousins, but it hardly encourages incest the way that Fates does. Just simply from a gameplay standpoint, there's not much incentive to pair cousins in Genealogy (and you can only pair Seliph up with his half-sister through exploits), while there's plenty to gain from incesting it up or boning your siblings/nephews/nieces-in-law in Fates.
  5. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    Sure, but my definition of clone is in the strictest playable sense; that their moveset is the exact same as another playable character's moveset. And "semi-clone" would be if they used just some of the same moves as another playable character. NPCs/generics don't really count in all this for me. Plus, I think if you're too broad with that definition, then you're just being way too cynical. Well technically Zelda does have quite a sizable roster of characters, it's just that most of them don't really take part in the action. So when they started adding characters like Medli, it felt less like they were trying to represent the entirety of the franchise and more like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Though the fact that they didn't have Tingle in the initial roster is a crime. And that's why these things are to get fixed in a sequel with new additions to the roster. We got three games (or four, whatever) worth of representation out of a 20-some roster. I think if we use that as a benchmark, then a sequel is bound to have some good representation. Unfortunately for me as a fan of Genealogy, I don't think it'll get much representation until the third or fourth game, which is a shame because I would love to destroy Travant with Finn and a spammable combo.
  6. The problem with direct Speed minus Weight?

    Yeah, the problem with the formula [speed - weight] is that some weapons get a disgusting amount of favor (more than usual) while others are absolutely useless. Even the absolute best axe user in Genealogy, Lex, still usually falls victim to that obligatory arena swordfighter that's in every level at rank 3 or 4 unless he levels a ton (not a problem for him with Paragon, but still), and it's because all axes practically turn him into a training dummy for speedy swordfighters. Meanwhile, even more lackluster sword users like Alec can get beyond that point, albeit with some actual levels behind them and maybe a speed ring. For reference, axes typically weigh something like 18, while smaller swords (the types of swords most units will be using) weigh 3, and those who get to use heavier swords (as in, all the Isaachian swordfighters) have high enough speed (and skill to proc their ridiculous sword skills that typically destroy most units anyway) that the weight penalty barely matters. It also plays a role in Sigurd being so OP, as the Silver Sword he gets in the frickin' prologue of all places is a top tier weapon due to still retaining low weight while also receiving a considerable upgrade in might compared even to some lances/axes. Not having enough attack speed spells doom for any unit's damage output, and when you make a weapon that's best known for its damage output practically incapable of doubling, then all you get is a cumbersome weapon type most units will want to avoid like the plague because it makes them so terrible at fighting. Even if the unit isn't capable of doubling, they'll still have the issue of worrying about the enemies doubling them, which is equally horrible. That's actually kind of how it operates in Thracia 776, though the growths are kinda lopsided. The majority of units have Build (that's effectively CON in the game, except without a proper AID stat) growths of around 5-30%, but then you have a random ass 75% growth from Marty, turning him into your dedicated capture unit because no one else is likely to get as high a Build as he can early on. And the funny thing is that he barely even needs it because he already is, like, 5 points away from capping Build. I don't like CON because it feels arbitrary. I don't really care for a mechanic that doesn't allow certain units to carry others (I'd very much like to have little Nino hauling frickin' Hawkeye or Wallace over her shoulder while blasting fools), and the only other effect it has is on attack speed, which is already affected largely by speed (and sometimes weight or even strength). If it's to be used for determining if you can capture enemies a la T776 or Fates, that's fine and actually makes sense, but aside from that I think its effects should be mitigated in all other departments.
  7. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    @BoringBoi They're not getting rid of characters, and they're not making a Deluxe Edition. If they do anything, it's gonna be a sequel. A Deluxe would be far too late down the line since the Switch is pretty fresh, and KT seems to only cycle out characters in Warriors games once the roster reaches something like 50 or so. And Oboro's not a clone; she and Azura have very different movesets, and can't even be considered "semi-clones" of one another. It'd be like saying Navarre's a clone of Ryoma.
  8. @CyberController That is easily one of the most senseless moments in the series. Anyone who can't see how forced that tragedy was is blind; it's even more forced than the deaths in Fates: Revelation, which says a lot. Also, you should spoiler that or warn of spoilers in the topic title. Not necessarily canon stuff, but I find all the moments in a certain translation of Genealogy where Sigurd just seems all callous or rednecky ("They're callin' me a traitor?") stupidly hilarious because it's so counter to how he's supposed to be characterized. I also love any moments where a character gives you a weapon and says "give this to [x character]", especially if they want me to give it to some ganked-ass unit who is utterly useless. I'm just like "that's cute" and give it to, like, Catria or someone else who's supremely OP instead. Or when the gameplay segregates from the story hardcore, such as when you make a fragile cleric/villager into a beast combatant yet they're still all like "I'm useless on the battlefield". Shut up Mozu, I've turned you into a god, now go kill that gigantic dragon thing with your 40+ atk rating and 30% natural crit rate. EDIT: Oh, and you also can't forget characters traveling across an entire country within the span of a single turn in Genealogy. That's definitely unintentionally hilarious.
  9. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    It's less that people hate him and more that it's a meme to throw shade at him. He's an easy target on account of his difficult recruitment (not as difficult as Mizz "Ring Around the Astra Rosy" Ayra, but difficult enough) and the mediocre returns you get out of him for the trouble you put forth in recruiting him. Most would rather rely on either Cain, Abel, Cecil, Rody, Hardin, or Sirius that Matthis. That being said, in Book 2, he's at least more reliable than Midia, who is literally only there to be saved with a Rescue-wielding Cleric/Sage/Bishop. And he probably performs better than Book 2!Roshe and maybe Vyland. But overall, unless you're doing a PMU/challenge run, there's at least half a dozen better cavaliers, and potentially more if you're playing the DS remakes and are considering reclassing units.
  10. So are the bots introducing themselves by soliciting tickets to the Vegas Strip casinos, or is it links to pictures of hot anime girls whose downloads come in the form of .exe files this time? Ah, so you'll be giving them a chance to acclimate with our society by letting them off with a warning. I, too, would love to talk about FE with robots who keep linking me to sites that will take my social security number and destroy my credit score with a series of bad loans and maybe one or two offshore purchases as part of some big money laundering scheme that likely ties back to some shifty U.S. congressman. Their insight would likely be invaluable.
  11. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    @Affinity I'm glad to take it to this thread in particular, as then I can have this be a sort of informative post for people looking into this game or the series in general. So Valkyria Chronicles is the story of the Second Europan War (EWII), which is pretty much a historical parallel to World War 2. The first game follows the story of Welkin Gunther, Alicia Melchiott, and their "Squad 7" (more like a platoon, but translation errors are what they are) of the Gallian (basically Switzerland) Militia as they have to defend themselves in a war they want nothing to do with. It's essentially an anime take on World War 2, but that certainly doesn't mean it's very light-hearted. There are a few slice-of-life moments and hijinks, but in equal measure are there scenes of racial persecution (of a race known as Darcsens - something of a mix between Jewish and Gypsy, and one such person is one of the subjects of my profile picture, and pictured below this paragraph), senseless civilian slaughter (without visible blood/child deaths; it's rated T for teens), and other such brutal scenes one might expect in a story about war. Isara is best girl. Aside from maybe Lynn. I head-canon her as a dictator; just look at that evil "They'll Never Find the Body" smile. It straddles the line between optimism and grim, and the result is a neatly leveled depiction of war that is quite immersive and approachable to many tastes. I would compare the writing quality to Genealogy of the Holy War, that's how good I think the story is. Except this game doesn't have incest. Or cults. In terms of gameplay, I'll have a more in-depth (spoiler free, mind you) explanation of the mechanics in the spoiler below, but here I'll broadly describe the game and what it features. It is a strategy shooter game that is turn-based, yet has a real-time element as well. You control a platoon of close to a dozen infantry men (or women, as the name of the game would imply) and a tank in a series of operations to beat back an imperial invasion. Having access to a boot camp for training soldiers up (sort of like PoR's bonus EXP, except it's the primary way to raise levels instead), an R&D department to develop weapons and parts for your tank, a variety of infantry classes that all play very differently, and a very diverse roster of units that each have their own quirks and traits (known as "potentials" that can effect their performance significantly), you are tasked with building your platoon to be ready for the right situations. As with any turn-based strategy game, you take turns with the enemy moving units around on a map, working towards certain objectives while keeping the enemy from fulfilling their's. Though they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so how about I demonstrate how the game works through a series of screenshots/gifs from my VC LP. This will be for if you still aren't sure what to expect from the game; it's spoiler-free, don't worry. Minus the fact that I show a couple "hidden units", but that's barely even a spoiler since they are just as relevant as any other old unit that you can recruit. In terms of how long it takes to beat, it usually takes at least 30 hours. Probably around 40-60 hours for an average, first-time playthrough of the game, and likely 90 hours if you're trying to 100% it. Same would go for the sequels I'd say, but a lot of that might come from the more grindy elements of those games. Lastly, VC1 is available on PS3, PS4, and PC (via Steam and probably GOG), while both VC2 and VC3 are only available on PSP. Not only that, but VC3 was only released in Japan; much like any FE game before 7, you'll need a translation patch for VC3 if you can't play it in Japanese. I would most recommend getting VC1 on PC; the port is really good, it can play on practically any modern computer (even toaster PCs), and you can install mods. I would most recommend you get the Gallian Crossfire mod if you do go for the modding scene after beating the game, as it makes the game much harder. If you want more info about VC4 that hasn't been mentioned in this thread, ping kaidoi. kaidoi seems to know more about the game than I do. VC4 doesn't take place in Gallia, and focuses on one of the two major superpowers of the war, the Atlantic Federation (real world equivalent: NATO/allied forces in WW2). As such, prior experience with the series is not required to play VC4. However, I still recommend playing VC1 just by virtue of it being a damn good game. I hope my descriptions of the game helped you decide if you want it or not. Hope I didn't bore you with my long post.
  12. What upcoming games are on your radar?

    We should move the discussion to either that thread I mentioned or PMs. I'd feel more comfortable explaining VC in a place where it'd be more relevant and wouldn't derail a thread.
  13. What upcoming games are on your radar?

    Assuming you mean "Valkyria Chronicles" and not some other term with that acronym (like Virtual Console; I've gotten that confused before), I'd recommend looking into our thread here: I don't know what your experience with the series is, but if you have any questions you need answered, you could ask them there; I will at least try to answer them to the best of my abilities, and I'm sure the other VC fans on the site would help you as well, especially @kaidoi. If you haven't delved into the series, I highly recommend it. I will say that no prior experience is required if you want to play VC4, but I'd still recommend VC1 as it's a very solid game. Same goes for anyone else in the thread that is interested in the game.
  14. Sharena is female Link from BoTW

    I only know what the official stories are. I tend to take them at their word unless they're talking about a decision that was particularly stupid/bad. I believe it was Aonuma himself who talked about the dynamic. And moreover, that could have just been a concept thrown out there by a newer or lower rung developer. Early stage concepts don't mean too much in regards to the direction of the game or series. Though I wouldn't know for sure unless I had a direct source to whatever indicated this. That being said, I would not complain if there was a Zelda game where I could play as a female protagonist. I think it'd be an interesting dynamic to see a girl coming to help the princess fight off a great evil. Though this comes from a guy who generally prefers female protagonists.
  15. Sharena is female Link from BoTW

    Eh, she could've worn spats and a sports bra/sleeveless shirt with an exposed midriff. I think DBZ Xenoverse proved well enough you could give female characters undergarments that are barely sexualized. The main reason why she isn't playable is the same reason why she wasn't playable in the past dozen-or-so Zelda games; there's a kind of dynamic they want there to be between the three holders of the Triforce pieces that might be broken if anyone but Link is made into the playable protagonist. As such, I'd imagine she'd only be made into a playable protagonist in a spin-off, or years down the line after the main team have passed away and been replaced by people who don't care about that dynamic. I'd say either Tharja, Fuga, or some character from FEH that I am barely familiar with because I don't play the game would be Nabooru, and yes, Anna is Tingle. And to that end, I hope Anna also gets a Freshly Picked Rosy Rupeeland and Balloon Trip of Love. I'd love to see Anna just gaping stupidly at a cute boy or handsome stud, and for her main method of building relationships to be her throwing frivolous gifts at them, including suggestive gifts like moist meters.