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  1. Oh boy, another thread engineered to machine-gun replies. Let me be a conformist and post something here. And curse all the horrible sinners who list Oboro here, because clearly they're blind. Ya'll muthafuckas need 'Boro ヽノ Alright, so I refreshed my page and lost a lot of the stuff I typed here, so instead of talking about why I dislike/like all these characters, I'll just list 'em and let people confusedly hate me for my choices. I like, they dislike: Rhajat, Hayato, Adult Tiki, Miriel, Virion, Cynthia, Yukimura, Charlotte, Donnel (hate the memes, like his character) I dislike, they like: Xander, Camus (basically BR Xander, but dumber unless you play Archanea Saga/read the supplementary material), Caeda (more domesticated than Mathilda), Camilla, Gaius, Cordelia, Odin (shoulda been Ophelia), Sumia (my sister still seems to think this is my favorite lady in Awakening, or she's just teasing the fact that she was the first character I married my avatar off to; either way, blegh!) We found who poisoned his mutton? Wow, that only took, like, 14 years. Also, @Anime27Arts, Oboro is an extremely popular Fates character . She's the third most popular gal, second only to Camilla and Corrin in that regard and beating out the likes of Azura and Elise. Odin's fairly popular, too, though I think he's got a mixed rep on SF. I did like him in Awakening, but him being unchanged... well, I know why he isn't different, but the heart of his theatrics (that is, the reasoning behind it all) is sort of lost in Fates. I don't hate his Fates version, it's just I don't like it as much as some. And to the Roy discussion... Do people lack the ability to scale stats between games? Saying he's weak is like saying Alm is weak. Actually play Binding Blade and see how much you'll actually use him in battles. He's quite usable, and has pretty good stats relative to his game. I mean, I don't use Jagens all that much myself, but sometimes they actually are almost mandatory, and it's great to recommend for rookies. I personally think that the amount of "fun" they offer is relative to the game they come in. If it's easy, mindless "route the enemy" objectives all the way through, it's super boring and easy when you use them. But if it's got Conquest levels of map design and objective variety, then a Jagen isn't gonna be an automatic win, especially if it forces you to split your units up. Though you have the same mindset I do when playing Birthright and Revelation. I make it a point to limit the royals I use, and for the royals I do use, I will set aside their special weapons. Your statements on your playstyle also remind me of one of the moderators, Eclipse, who loves using all the oddball, excess units in Shadow Dragon and preferred to play Heroes straight (that is, without rerolling pulls).
  2. I think the closest male counterpart to witches in this game are the various undead foes, but their souls aren't given to Duma. In any event, in folklore the male counterpart to a witch is a warlock. However, it seems that Rigel strictly sacrifices women. We don't know the reason behind this aside from the obvious excuse of the writers wanting there to be as many damsels in distress as humanly possible, but it could either be because Duma specifically requires the souls of women for the most part, Rigel/the Duma Faithful are sexist, the women are less capable of defending themselves (because of the former reason, mind you; they probably don't train female soldiers), or a combination of all these. For those last two reasons, you might point to Nuibaba, but she seems to be a very unique case.
  3. I'm referring to the guy who first responded to you; BlizzardWolf95. And it isn't just because of SD's reception. Actually, SD did better than the Tellius games, from what I heard. But anyway, a lot of people who played New Mystery of the Emblem criticized Kris for overshadowing Marth, and some would say he ruined the legacy of the original story. So even if New Mystery was an absolute hit and the west got it, he wouldn't make it in by virtue of low favorability (if favorability kept the exact same ratio regardless of audience size) and the fact that he doesn't have his own unique class unlike the other two avatars.
  4. Adding to what Blizzard said, Kris generally isn't a popular character. At least not from what I've seen, but then again, I don't mingle in Japanese forums. And like Jedi said, there are other more likely characters who would probably take on the 2 handed sword style. In fact, Kris's default design and animations are based off of classic mercs like Ogma.
  5. I see that you are a good man with good tastes, Jedi. In all seriousness, it's about what I'd pick. For me, Linde and Merric are interchangeable since they both have fairly significant involvement in the plot (compared to most others, I mean) and both use weapons that are fairly unique to themselves (or at least are fairly signature to them in the DS remakes). And I myself definitely prefer teen dragon (Nah) over loli dragon (Nowi). Too bad adult dragon (Adult!Tiki) won't show up except for in a costume, probably.
  6. I think if there's anything to give Arthur precedence over Charlotte, it's that he's a retainer. Then again, that could work against him, depending on how they want to build the roster. But I'm of the same mind in that I don't want just the downright obvious choices. Doing just royals and Corrin's retainers would be a dull choice, imo.
  7. Because they might be banking on FE Warriors drawing in the FE fans to Warriors in general, and also because in that sense they aren't just appealing to FE fans. Crossovers generally are made with the hope that they'll make a bridge between fandoms. And if Jedi is any indication, Warriors fans don't get so worked up over rosters in the way FE fans do. And the important thing is them solidifying a series. If they can draw in a large enough crowd for the first game, then as long as they offer a substantial amount of fresh and new content in the second game, most of the fans won't care too much whether or not it has new or old characters, which leaves the devs some creative freedom. And I think regardless of the sequel, we'll still probably get some DLC for older characters, as the DLC cycle likely wouldn't last for as long as it'd take FE Switch to be released. I think back to FE Heroes. They included characters from Elibe, Archanea, Ylisse, and Fates, then later included characters from the other games. I see no reason why they wouldn't do the same here unless the interviews were pure lies and they really are just looking to turn this into a shameless cash cow.
  8. What Ana said. Of course there's a world of difference between someone in their 40's and someone in their 20's, but much in the same way, there's quite a difference in maturity between someone in their mid teens and someone in their mid twenties. When you reach a certain age within that range, you typically start to see the world more outwardly instead of more egotistically like most who are underage. You'll also probably have reached your peak in sexual maturity by around 25 even if you hadn't ever had intercourse (probably having the realization that you're asexual if you had yet to figure it out). I think when a lot of people hear "20's", they think of college students who go to keggers and tailgate parties all the time, but within that age group you might also have people who've served a decade in the military, worked long enough to own an apartment of their own, have run a successful business for five years, or even had kids. Most teens in "regular" 1st world families have done none of this. Of course some of this is due to customs and laws preventing teens from doing some of this stuff, but those were born out of recognition of minors' cognitive and physical attributes rather than for some misguided and arbitrary mandates. Though I will agree that anywhere in the 20's hardly classifies as "old". I think you can only be called an elder when you've hit at least 40. That being said, my sleeping habits sometimes make me feel like an elder, especially in the summer time...
  9. Depends on whether you're referring to unit or character archetypes. If you're talking about units, it isn't too harmful for them to keep to conventions. It's mostly the variations in how you're made to use them that makes them fun. Besides, they cover just about every base possible for a game like this. They could try to make others, but they ought to be actually fun to use. As for character archetypes... well, everything is technically an archetype, but FE has a clear set of archetypes that sometimes even the best of characters can full under. I suppose that proves that much like it is the case for units, character archetypes can remain interesting if you use them a certain way, but others such as the few different flavors of shonen protagonist we get tend to get stale really quick. It's because they had pseudo-Jagens in the form of Alm, Lukas, and Saber (the latter two mostly for their significantly higher defense than the rest of the early game cast). Even so, the Valentia games weren't particularly difficult to beat barring the Thabes Labyrinth, which is far enough into the game that the concept of a Jagen wouldn't exist anyway. On that same vein, wouldn't it be interesting if a Jagen was the main character of the game? Yeah, I know some games in the series have their lord units that start OP and remain OP, but I'm even talking someone who's supposed to take on the role of adviser to younger troops/commanders. Like a sort of "passing on the torch" type story.
  10. Oh hey, it sounds like you're talking about teenage me. I completely agree. On an unrelated note, you have a... very interesting profile picture, my pal. This in particular sounds like the plot to Assassin's Creed 2, which is my favorite game in the series. Except in that case, the revenge story starts at the beginning when he's barely an adult, rather than when he has a family of his own. But I don't think enough games utilize time skips to tell an ever evolving story. You might get transported a few months or a year into the future at most, but hardly ever do you get a decade shaved off in this manner. And that also reminds me of the first time I played through the original Fable; specifically during the imprisonment segment, my character's hair started greying and I thought a lot of time was passing until I realized it was just a part of the weird appearance changing system in that game. At least if I'm remembering the game correctly... had something to do with gearing your character towards using magic.
  11. I think a lot of people wouldn't mind seeing a character that's slightly older. I'd definitely prefer getting someone in their 20's or 30's over the typical teenager, partially because I can't really stand teenagers anymore and partly because it'd be a fairly new area for them to explore. I also tire of the same shonen anime protagonists we get, and age definitely has a lot to due with them being made that way. I also would be interested in seeing a protagonist older than that simply because it's not something you often see. Oldest I ever really see is people in their 30's or sometimes early 40's going through a mid-life crisis or something (typically in some cheesy comedy movie). I know the reasoning why most writers typically wouldn't have an elderly protagonist, but I'd still be interested to see it. Though I'm also of the kind who just wants them to go outside the restrictive area they put themselves in, wanting them to do a female protagonist who's actually capable and doesn't cater to a sexist trope or to have more protagonists who aren't lords. Okay, that's some "new ground" I'd mind them not touching upon. Though it being Japan, "new ground" is a very loose term to be using in this regard. Heh... I remember as a confused teenager I both envied adults for the "freedom" they had from school and thought none of them understood me or went through the stuff I did. I guess for the latter part, it actually is partially true because Gen X and the Baby Boomers didn't have stuff like anime (at least as we know it today) or video games. I suppose it'd depend on what specific year of my teenage life we're talking. After 16, I'd be into any age, but it'd have to be a woman to really grab my attention because I was really into certain activists. Before that, I was only into characters close to my age, which was evident by me writing sci-fi stories about teens fighting in future wars. Because a couple hundred years from now, we'll definitely see the United States enlisting children for solo sneaking missions against psychotic nuclear terrorists in arctic regions. Also, I totally was not inspired by Metal Gear Solid while writing that stuff. Just another way to break the mold; get rid of the blue hair. That is, unless we'll be getting a FE featuring Oboro or best Whitewing as the protagonist.
  12. Because it isn't Nintendy that puts this stuff up. Though if this was an official seller putting this up, they'd probably have to get permission from Nintendo, which would mean they'd need to use official artwork or none at all. But like someone said earlier, this kind of stuff can happen, if only ever occasionally. Though this wouldn't be a remake, or at least I don't think it'd be. Then again, the Switch is a lot more powerful than the 3DS, so they'd probably be obligated to at least touch up the graphics. Anyway, if this meant that we'd get the DLC that we missed out on before (like those festival DLCs), then sure, though I would hope they'd release that DLC on the 3DS version as well. Otherwise, I'd see no reason to buy it after having already spent as much money as all the paths and DLC packs cost. That is, unless they overhauled the game... and of course, if they released it in the full, complete version instead of in separate paths. In any case, this would kind of look bad no matter how they handled it, especially if it somehow meant that the new FE Switch game was stalled. They'd need to wait at least five years after its initial release to port it. So in other words, they'd need to port it in 2020. Though I would hate to see this become the next Resident Evil 4 in that regard. Seriously, we don't need a PC version, a PS4 version, PS5 version, XBox Scorpio XXX Deluxe version, New Nintendo Switch version, and a 20th Anniversary Edition of this game.
  13. I got this impression as well, and I'd justify it in my mind as this being a product of the later part of the NES/Famicom era, but even a new addition was catering to a rather sexist trope, and I'd even argue that it lends itself more to it because Alm's no longer made out to be a dude in distress (as in, Celica doesn't have to get Jedah to free Alm from Dragon Mountain, she just gets him to clear the path for him). And that justification is also rendered moot when there are games like Metroid that starred female protagonists back in those days.
  14. You know, the bolded part sounds like something that'd come straight out of the mouth of a mad scientist dictator in a dystopian sci-fi novel... just saying. I know what eugenics is; why do you think I was referring to it when talking about 2nd Gen units? I have my reasons for my aversion to eugenics, some of them quite personal and of which I'd rather not divulge. I do support using gene editing to get rid of things like diseases or complications preventing an infant from making it past live birth, and I know the prospect of forcing selective breeding among humans has withered away and died for the most part (like the bastard idea it was), but there are still some things about eugenics that could use work... Though this isn't the place to discuss such things. All you need to know is that the history of eugenics - especially in the hands of zealous "activists" and lawmakers looking to keep certain individuals from procreating through mandate - makes the idea of selective breeding in games an uneasy prospect to me, and no amount of justification or explanations will sway my opinion in that regard.
  15. I picked the third option, but there are caveats. It's hard to write a good avatar, so just have them be more disconnected from the plot like something between Kris and Robin. Shoving IS's idea of an avatar at the forefront of the story isn't a good idea. Though I don't believe the avatar system is a significant reason for why the stories might be bad, for reasons Thane gave. I like romance, but not if it's done poorly. I thought Takumi and Oboro's romance was adorable and well done, while Tharja x Robin is garbage that shouldn't exist. A huge boon to making romance better is cutting down on the quantity of supporting pairs, like pretty much everyone else here is saying. And like Book Bro pretty much said, the focus on romance shouldn't outweigh the focus on platonic relationships. Fates was sort of a step in the right direction, giving special bonuses to platonic pairs through A+ supports, but there could be more done there. And children... Well, I could go either Genealogy or Awakening, but for the latter, they need to be made more relevant. And one thing that really irks me is that planning out the children becomes "Eugenics the Game". I absolutely detest eugenics, mainly because of the Eugenics Movement of the 20th Century, and I'm sure reading Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" didn't help my view in that regard. Though there aren't any alternatives I could think of aside from generally enhancing the 2nd generation generator so that there's more variance. I do like the concept of there being children who appear later in the game as fully grown combatants, but it's all objectified and weird in its latest iterations.