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  1. I guess that makes sense. She probably heard that girls like to talk about boys and so that's what she opened with. It's almost sad to think she probably put way too much preparation into gossiping, trying to get dirt on some of the fellas and generally just trying to be a fly on the wall, only for Faye to shut her down before she even had a chance to use the gossip knowledge she gained. I do like that in the end Faye still is opposed to gossip, but expresses interest in learning more about Silque herself after coming to the conclusion that she could use to have a friend like her. I'll reiterate that she isn't the worst character in the series, but I'm still disappointed that she is, in my opinion, not as good a character as her male villager colleagues. But the more I discuss and analyze it, the more I think the comparisons to shitty yandere characters and the general hatred are undeserved. I'll probably never outright love Faye, but I think I'll always appreciate her more than Tharja or Camilla. For the record, I don't actually hate any characters, not even the two I keep mentioning (though I definitely think they're highly overrated like most popular characters), and I generally don't get offended by things in video games. I just use harsh rhetoric to describe my opinions and mention potentially offensive elements like stalking because that's just my MO at this point. It takes a lot to get me to genuinely hate a something or someone in a fictional work. I'm gonna put this in spoilers because I know that not everyone likes reading about this sort of stuff, and this is hardly the place for an extended discussion on this particular topic. I think it's partly to do with what Armagon said as well. I also just kind of have an aversion to gossiping; at least malicious gossiping. I'll vaguely talk about people in general, but I hate talking about specific people unless I have something middling or good to say about them. Or if it's a politician or employer, but I think that's a different type of discussion entirely. Point is, I'm probably projecting a bit on Silque and judging her a little too harshly. And there are a lot of characters who should've gotten more support convos. I mean for example, what's up with Genny and Sonya only supporting each other? I think the only characters who absolutely didn't need more support convos are Alm and Celica.
  2. Well, I'll at least agree that the comparisons to Tharja and Camilla are misguided. Those two might have more to them, but they're both the scourge of humanity and the game treats it like their morally questionable actions (Tharja stalking and possibly implied rape, Camilla seeking to kill Corrin and coddle him/her corpse in her arms like a deranged necrophiliac, etc.) are just happy little quirks that you're supposed to laugh at. Granted, the narrative is still gentle with Faye, but at the very least she isn't doing something that's actively against Alm's wishes. And at least whatever flaws she has aren't excused by blatant (and badly handled) sex appeal. In conclusion, while Faye may be a character with the depth of a puddle, she's nowhere near the PoS that Tharja and Camilla are. Like some have said, she's much more comparable to Marisha from Mystery of the Emblem (specifically New Mystery). In fact, you might even say she's a near blatant rip-off if it wasn't for the fact that Faye actually interacts with her love interest and literally says she'll kill for him, among a handful of other differences. I didn't get why Silque was into gossip like that. I mean, we don't get much characterization from her outside of her supports with Faye, but she seemed to be a rather devoted clergy woman. It just seems weird for someone that devoted and well-traveled to be into petty gossip about boys as if she was some chatty teenage girl, especially given that she's 19 (I know that's not the most mature age to be at, but she is legally considered an adult by both Japan's standards and the West's standards). That was one moment where I honestly thought Faye showed more maturity than another member of the cast (granted, it was only because she was "only interested in Alm", but still).
  3. You can also turn the Shadow Sword into an Ilwoon, which is somewhat like a Brave Sword with twice the might but diminished everything else, for 50 silver marks and two gold marks (you promote it one level, and then it's available to you). It has lower hit and more weight, and doesn't have as high a crit chance (and some different skills, but eh), so just making it a Brave Sword is really the only reasonable option. Selling the Shadow Sword is an absolute rip-off, and I think weapons that have a chance of damaging you are total garbage based on that fact alone, so I wouldn't use it in combat either. Any axes you get are only good for sub-quests... and I'm fairly confident there's only one sub-quest related to fetching axes, and you can just give him a nice, cheap axe while selling off your shadow axe for some decent money.
  4. Alrighty, then. I think this thread is as good as any to gather my thoughts on the cast. I am more than halfway through Act 3, and am mostly focusing on side quests and leveling up certain characters for the time being. Absolute Faves Eclair: She's a real treat. I'm so sorry, I came up with the name after I thought of that comment, and so it unintentionally became punny. She's part of a trope that's usually done at least moderately well, and I think she's one of the better examples. It helps that she has a presence in the story. My son: Mycen really is grandpapa. Even in spite of Alm and Celica growing up, he's still watching over them and trying his best to guide them. Also hype as fuck, even though he refuses to join the Deliverance... Whitewings that become Goldwings when they promote: It's adorable when the elder sisters find Est, and then in her supports with Catria, she's trying to pawn off all this useless crap on her because DRAGONS! Palla is the big sister I wish I had in FE Fates. And Catria... Well, she's only my favorite Whitewing. The current month: Mae is just a fun character to have along. When she's in a solemn mood, you know things are gonna get serious. At the same time, she seems to swing wildly in mood. It's a strange thing, but I do know that I like her. The Mercs with Mouths that don't actually curse all that much, really: Jesse, Saber, Kamui... You know them. And I like them all. Jesse's just the aspiring merc who fumbles a rescue mission, but still tries to be a charmer (and is at least charming to me), Saber's got a cool attitude I can't help but like, and Kamui unintentionally hits on Leon. What more is there to say? Valbar: It's amazing that a man faced with such horrible tragedy could still march on. I mean, he's got a very traditional knightly personality, but I find it inspiring that he chooses not to let his losses destroy him. Sonya Blade: Basically what Camilla should've been from a sex appeal standpoint. Then again, there's actually some thought put into her, as she's intimately involved in a certain element of the story. But there's virtue in the characters with sex appeal not being coy about it in the way Camilla seemed to have been. The Lessers The Effie who isn't from Fates: Look, I get she's immature and young and all that, but she's the same damn age as the other villagers, and all of them are more likable than her. I prefer her over Camilla because at least her looks aren't used to justify her being a PoS, but that doesn't mean I like her at all. I've seen as much of her supports as I can up to the point I'm at, and I still don't really like her. That includes her and Silque's A support. Plus, we already got one person who's got a crush on Alm, and she's at least a hundred times better. Franz Fernand: Wasted potential. I like seeing games get a little political, and so I like seeing class warfare in them as well. Fernand was an attempt to accentuate that struggle, but that attempt fell flat on its face. Maybe there's something to be seen in memory prisms or the DLC that'll shed some light on him. The only thing I can think of that's close to Fernand's classism (at least in the way it's depicted) is Oboro's racism, but with her you get an extended look at the better sides of her as a person through pretty much all her supports, whereas Fernand's better aspects are either non-existent or are probably rare instances that Alm doesn't even experience for himself. All in all, Clair is a better upper class person than he is, and there are better bigots than him. Rinea: She's just a "meh" character. Not great, not terrible... But for someone who's supposed to be fairly major, she's kind of a failure so far. She seems to be essentially a watered down and less significant Emmeryn, who was already a kind of lackluster character to begin with. Her role just seems to be to assist in characterizing Berkut, so it's basically another goddamn device character. Like Thane said, she doesn't seem to have any chemistry with Berkut; how does she love a power hungry man who revels in combat when she herself is a humble woman who winces at bloodshed? Ghost Corrin: Get the fuck out of Valentia, you ephemeral and still poorly written Mary Sue. Honorable mentions to Leon, Mathilda, a Forsyth to be reckoned with, David Boey, and the lost Knight of Rigel, Seazas. I liked his acting from the moment I selected him on the battle map and he said "Easy pickings" in that arrogant tone.
  5. It would seem everyone's distracted with FE Echoes... I mean, people don't talk about the BR cast because it's the least difficult path and Ryoma and the ninjas make things stupidly easy. And then there's some stuff about how the rest of the cast sucks or whatever, but don't listen to that trite. Anyway, here's my list. - Great Lord: Without a doubt, Oboro. I say this primarily because she already has a rank in lances, so she starts off as a great choice anyway. Her skill stat is good enough to make moderate use of the Aether skill. Plus, there's the blue hair. Hinoka is another choice for this, as her stat spread is somewhat similar to Oboro. Hana might be good as one as well, but it would be better used with a balanced unit. It could work for Mozu, but you made her a Dread Fighter already, which is honestly better for her. - Lodestar: It's a speed oriented class, so someone like Kaze or Ryoma might handle it well. It might also help Hinata with his poor speed, but eh... He's better off as an Oni Savage or something to that effect anyway. - Dark Falcon: I've usually made Sakura one, but that's a waste of a good healer unless you also use Felicia and Azama (or Hana as a priestess, but her magic growth sucks). Hinoka might be okay, but she'll never hit hard on the magic side unless she gets stupidly lucky. Saizo and Hayato are surprisingly good choices for this role, since they've got the stats to make both weapon types work. It is geared more towards solo units (Relief and Galeforce rely on them being alone, and the rally skill literally is supposed to make allies go further away), so take that into consideration. - Grandmaster: Saizo has stats made for this class, I feel. Decent strength and magic, and excellent skill that makes good use of Ignis. Hayato is secondary, but Saizo simply has higher growths where it counts. If you plan to use Saizo and Hayato as DLC units, I'd recommend handing Grandmaster to Saizo and Dark Falcon to Hayato simply because of Saizo's skill stat. And there's something about a Robin wannabe blowing himself up that's... funny. - Vanguard: Oh wait, there's another class that might be for Hinata. Instead of trying to improve ganked growths, Vanguard would focus on emphasizing his strengths. Though Silas might be all around better for it, since he has better growths in most stats than Hinata does, and it still emphasizes defense, which is Silas's true strength in Birthright. And I know you said no eugenics, but Shiro might also be good as a Vanguard unless he has Orochi or Felicia as his mother. - Witch: Is there really any contest, here? Orochi is the most obvious choice, and there's hardly anyone more qualified in BR than her to use it. Other than maybe Rhajat or Mitama with either Orochi or Sakura as the mother. And Sakura herself, though you'd be wasting her oddly high strength growth. - Ballistician: I wish I could make Setsuna one of these, but alas. This is one of the few classes (if not the only class) that doesn't really improve a unit. That being said, I often default to making Takumi one. He's the one who'd make the most of it, and he uses a really powerful bow that already does half the work of the skill "Surefooted".
  6. Absolutely not. Neither gameplay-wise nor story-wise. Gameplay-wise, they're more or less just replacements for units that might have turned out sour due to RNG screwage (that is, they turned out to have crappy stats for some reason). You can totally get through with the main cast; in fact, in both routes, there are plenty of units who'll do quite well without you having to baby them at all. You just need to make sure you spread the experience out evenly to folks. They might be useful if you are doing an Iron Man run; you might be familiar with the term if you've played X-COM or some other strategy game, but if not, it's essentially a playstyle where you go through without ever resetting, which means that if a unit dies they're dead for good. Given that, I'm sure you could imagine maybe needing to recruit some extra hands. Generally, the "meta" for this game is "use the royals" (especially Camilla or Xander). There's some other stuff regarding the meta (especially with other entries in the series), but I'll leave that to you to solve, since telling you outright might ruin the fun of figuring everything out on your own. But I do recommend trying out everyone as much as you can. And story-wise... well, that's for another discussion entirely. In Awakening, there's a specific story event that happens which forces you to get one child. However, in Fates, you can go through the entire game without ever recruiting a single 2nd gen unit. I will say no more in this regard.
  7. From what I've gathered from playing the remake and knowing all about the original, the story is about as good as any other FE's. There are some elements I like late game, particularly one of the villains, who I think is a better antagonist than FE's standard fair of mad kings, scheming necromancers, "tragic heroes who stupidly choose to fight you for no good reason", and evil dragons. Though I have no idea if they get much development as of yet... They might just wind up as another Walhart. I've gotten more than halfway through, and there are plenty of things I see that could be improved. Fernand's dilemma, some bosses lacking an actual verbal interaction with the player (they just yell some lines before you fight, and then say something not really directed at anyone in particular in their dying breath), and some exposition dialogue where memory prisms could do a better job are some examples of this. But it definitely isn't as bad as some in this regard. Anyway, I do think this should be a new standard for presentation and storytelling in FE. And I think the limited cast was a good thing, even if they still kinda fumbled that by limiting the dialogue of some. Gameplay-wise, I like using the combat arts, though I wish there were some specific to certain characters like in Fates (and I mean aside from the Whitewings' Triangle Attack). The maps... aren't the worst thing in the world, but they're certainly no Conquest. This being said, I can neither confirm nor deny that this is the best FE. It really has to do with what you value in the game. All those who value the challenge in FE will be sorely disappointed in this game, because most "challenges" are more exercises in tedium. Fans of story will enjoy the presentation, but tastes will vary otherwise. For myself, I value all aspects of a game, and I appreciate it more when gameplay and story work in tandem. I have yet to decide if Echoes does that well enough yet. Also, I'm bad about listing best to worst; I simply can't decide upon an absolute "favorite". I only have a group of favorites that I generally value approximately to each other, if that makes any sense at all.
  8. I did try to go to the shrine, but then decided to take on Grieth's army with all my unpromoted units because I was primarily looking to get the Whitewings and Atlas promoted (along with the non-magic units). The good news is that now pretty much everyone except Mae and the two new recruits from Grieth's Citadel are ready to promote. Actually, you're able to recruit him in the Desert Stronghold, which is well before you take on Grieth. He's the one that actually tells you about only having to take on either Sonya or Deen.
  9. I'm also on Act 3; currently at the Forest Crossroad. I don't particularly like that either, but seeing all the comparisons to Tharja and Camilla made me realize something. I actually appreciate her more than those two because she doesn't have any shameless fanservice to hide her flaws. Granted, both the other characters have a little more to them than their obsessions (Tharja especially) while Faye... doesn't, really (as far as I can tell up to this point), but I at least know the game isn't gonna pretend she's not as bad as she actually is. I think ultimately, I like Tharja most out of the three (though that isn't to say I like her all that much), Faye is in the middle, and Cowmill should go to the infernal equivalent of that "farm" in the sky all farm animals go to when they get too old. Though I of course have encountered more characters, and I'm liking them a lot, too. I like that even after the first Act, the villagers and Clair are still getting a fair amount of involvement with the story. Same with Saber and the mage rivals. Palla and Catria at this point were a given, but I'm just generally glad to see them interacting more. Git gud son Seriously though, I know it is possible to defeat him at that point (you could in the original, anyway; there was even dialogue if you did), but it's extremely difficult to do so. Not just because he's a tier-three unit in a part of the game where most enemies and allies are tier-one, but also because you gotta avoid defeating Slayde, since that triggers his retreat, and you gotta deal with everyone else as well. I'd wager on Hard mode, it's downright impossible without a little bit of grinding. Also, I doubt there's much more to his character than what's been revealed up to that point. I'd say don't go in expecting some earth-shattering revelation about him. And I believe the correct term for Fernand is "snob", or "classist". His presence I believe is to help exaggerate the whole class struggle between nobles, knights, and peasants. I think his disdain for peasants and serfs could've been better characterized and justified. I can see that, though I don't particularly remember Mallesia outright saying (let alone repeating several times) that she'd kill for Marth. But yeah, the concept is pretty much the same. Incidentally, Faye seems to be well suited for cleric, due to her receiving a spell list that's pretty good for the role clerics are supposed to serve and being the only one who can become a cleric without a villager's fork aside from Silque.
  10. There are side quests that net you a lot more money than slashing weeds ever could. That Cantor bit was annoying mostly because that dickhead was standing on a healing space that offered 40 avoid, so it was tedious trying to kill him without anyone dying. And I actually found a way to cheap out the "optional" part.
  11. That is one of the most hilarious FE jokes I've ever seen. It isn't even directly a joke; it's just a hack with an unintended hilarious effect. Nomah, why does your pose work so well for this meme? Nomah, please. All I'm gonna say out of fear of resurrecting a debate that doesn't belong here is that lack of fanservice actually makes me appreciate Faye more than the other two, at least in regards to the yandere attitudes they all share. At least they aren't hiding her flaws behind a mask of thick thighs and battle panties. I always think of this when I see or hear that freakin' name. It's strange too, because he worships a deity that pretty much advocates all the same values a sith does, yet here we are, calling him "Jedi". And other things in this game keep making me think of Star Wars memery. I swear, if there's even a single moment where someone says something along the lines of "I didn't recognize you"...
  12. I think it is cavalier because in all the trailers, she's depicted as such. Though unlike the boys, there are no in-game hints as to which class best suits her (at least as far as I could see, anyway). She's probably supposed to be more of a wild card, since she wasn't in the original. It makes me think of the animations in the Jugdral games, though these animations are even fluid than that. I loved watching Mycen's horse kick a dude in the teeth, or seeing an armor knight punch someone with their shield in the rare moments they get a follow-up attack during a counter. I've always found myself holding down the A button in Fates and Awakening because while they weren't terrible, they were still slow, and I still do here out of habit, but sometimes I let go just to see a real battle unfold. Or to watch Alm hacked as a brigand, angrily marching towards a terror for a good twenty seconds. As I mentioned earlier, there are hints as to what they are supposed to be, primarily in Ram Village. If you inspect certain elements (e.g. a scorched wall, a broken fence), Alm will remark on them. These are actually hints as to which classes work best for the male villagers. They are also based off of a general consensus among the Gaiden fanbase, and you most frequently see the characters in the canon classes in the pre-release trailers for Echoes. The canon classes for the boys are as follows: So anyway, here's what I think of the game now. I've gotten up to the Pirate Fortress in Act 2, btw. Like I suspected, there is a lot of snark to be had, particularly between Gray and Tobin, and Boey and Mae. That being said, it doesn't take away from the seriousness of a lot of situations. In fact, there's one part between Gray and Tobin in the story that I liked, which was at the end of Act 1. A lot of the characters have charm to them. Clair's like a more spritely and open-minded version of the ignorant pompous noble archetype, and I love it. The characters I already liked, I am liking more. Although the adults voicing children was weird in the intro, I think the acting otherwise works well. And while I was worried that the limited supports would hinder characterization, it seems my fears were mostly unfounded. There's plenty of dialogue for all the characters outside of supports. The characters don't feel as if they exist in a vacuum like in daddys'-club-Fates, or that their bits are forced in during certain segments like most characters in roll-call-Awakening. I've yet to get to the... murky parts of the gameplay. But believe me, I know they're coming, and I'm not too happy about that. Otherwise, things are fine. Building supports isn't as difficult as I thought, and I was surprised to learn that some pairs have innate support bonuses that don't necessarily come with convos.
  13. Double post... ignore, please
  14. So by this time, the game has been out for six hours in my region, and I've been playing it for pretty much that whole duration. I wanted to know what everyone's first impressions are having played a little bit of the game. How do you feel about the gameplay, story, music, supports... whatever? If you have any spoilery thoughts, post them in spoiler tags, as this isn't meant to be a predominantly spoiler discussion. Also, feel free to tell people where you are at in the game, though again try not to spoil much. I think location names should be fine (like Zofia castle or South Zofia 2), and maybe associate that location with whichever Act you're in. I myself have only just gotten through the end of the Deliverance Hideout in Act 1, so I'm not too far in the game for the amount of time I've been playing; then again, I've been playing on Hard, so enemies take longer to chew through. I'll post my thoughts a little later, probably after I've gotten through a bit of Celica's path. But the long and short of it is that I've been enjoying the game well enough.
  15. Of course it depends, but here are the following classes I remember making various characters: - Great Lord: Mozu, Oboro, Oboro!Caeldori (I wanted a bootleg Lucina) - Ballistacian: Avatar (fellow I named Jake shout out to those who get where I was going with this), Tacomeme, his son - Witch: Elise, Cowmill, Papa Orochi, Sakura from Naruto, Oboro (not great as one, but couldn't resist this aesthetic on her; plus, it was before I knew about getting warp as an item), Azura - Vanguard: Avatar and hopefully Oboro!Shiro someday for that bootleg Ike aesthetic - Grandmaster: Leonardo Di Caprio, Avatar the Last Airbender - Dread Fighter: Krazy Kaze, Mo-zoom, Wild and Crazy Oboro, Flora, Xander Root - Dark Flier: Lost Forrest, Hinoka Matata, Sakura Spirit, probably Selena Gomez - Lodestar: Odin Dark Knows No Fear (so that he could taste true royal power), Leon Scot Kennedy (blonde Marth literally became blonde Marth), Avatar - Off-brand classes: Ryoma and Xander crossed classes (also, Ryoma was a Great Knight at some point), Sakura and Elise crossed classes, Hinoka crossed to Wyvern Lord at some point, Oboro and Hayato have both been Oni Savages (I know Hayato has it as a Heart Seal class, but it's such a weird transformation that I think it counts), Oboro has also taken on Great Knight and Master of Arms, Forrest was a Great Master for a time, Flora I made into a hero a few times, and Avatar has taken on plenty of classes where they aren't using swords or dragonstones... My next run of Revelation, I'm gonna have Oboro marry avatar and become a Fighter > Berserker. And I'm probably gonna use Charlotte in the same class. Gonna get a team of lady Berserkers going. But Arthur will be a Hero because honestly, could you see him being anything else?