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  1. Which path in Fates did you enjoy the most?

    My best experience with Fates was with Birthright, though that may have just been because of the novelty of the game at the time more than anything else. I liked Conquest up to about chapter 15. And Revelation is a slog, but I'm a sucker for the "golden ending" and the fact that it brings the casts of each path together. - Cast-wise, both Hoshido and Nohr have good characters and bad ones. The good ones include Saizo, Charlotte, Benny, Mitama, Shiro, Forrest, Leo, Takumi, Arthur, and of course Oboro. Most others are alright too, though the path exclusive characters I have yet to warm up to are Peri, Camilla, Setsuna, and two of the three Awakening Hoshidan copies (Asugi and Caeldori, whose base-characters I never really liked too much to begin with). Hoshido has a very slight edge over Nohr, and it's mostly because of Oboro. - In regards to the gameplay, they're all fairly solid. The map design is allegedly the best in Conquest, but I haven't played that path enough to confirm that myself. I mean, I have finished it, but I haven't beaten it on Hard or Lunatic, nor have I played through it a second time. If I want a challenge, I'll just go play Thracia instead. I hear the story is better in that game anyway. - Storywise, they're all mediocre to me, but Conquest is the worst imo. It feels like in order to tolerate the story, I have to pretend certain things happen or don't happen, which is the true mark of a story that I just can't enjoy. Birthright is okay taken on its own - maybe dull for a stretch - but the point of the path split is ruined with Revelation. Spoilers abound. Nothing is really clear to me on my current feelings about Fates other than that I dislike Conquest's story enough that I can't bring myself to play through it a second time.
  2. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    There's actually been a lot of news over on Dualshockers about this game. Yesterday there was an announcement of a demo, and today someone showed videos and screenshots of a preview here. I'm just gonna copy the paragraph in that article that links to all the different articles on VC4 in the spoiler below.
  3. Shadow Dragon Tips/Pointers/Tricks

    You don't need Marth for the final boss, sure, but I can think of a few other reasons why you'd want to use him a lot for your first playthrough: - He's a mandatory deploy - He needs to seize the throne every map, and ensuring the way is clear and then hauling him all the way to the throne from behind the frontlines is a needless pain - He's also needed to reap the rewards from villages - He can open chests, which basically means he's like another thief on the map - He's actually a fairly solid unit You can go through the game leaving him as a level 1, but why should you unless you're self-imposing challenges or you really need the experience for some other units? And on Normal, he's definitely a viable option for fighting the end boss.
  4. Metal Gear Thread

    Those are pretty much all the ones you really need to play. The only other important entries are Portable Ops and Peace Walker, though the former is only semi-canon at best and the latter is a more basic and episodic (as opposed to open world) MGS5 whose story is covered in the overly expensive demo that is Ground Zeroes. MGS2 has a serious issue with communicating its narrative to the player, at least in the English version, which is a combination of poor voice direction (resulting in the infamous "I've managed to avoid drowning!" line that sounds way too happy for what it was supposed to be), an already convoluted story, and some cut content. But you if you really dig past all of that and some of the awkward stuff, you find in it a rather compelling and tragic story that copies the exact same formula from MGS1 intentionally for a rather clever spin and, like you said, a sort of meta-narrative. MGS4... I like for the gameplay, honestly. And also that Akina poster on the ceiling in the South American mansion and certain... magazines when I was a teenager. I hated how the cutscenes would drag on, though. That, and the one fucking bike chase segment... ooh, how I hate that part with a burning passion. Nothing in the series is more hellish than that part if you're going for Big Boss emblem. Except possibly the bike chase segment in MGS3 if you're pursuing the same goal. I liked MGS5 (at least the Phantom Pain) while I was playing through it, and the gameplay gets a lot better with mods, but... well, I don't understand why Kojima felt the need to throw in that twist at the end save for him just being his usual "I wanna fuck with the fans" self. I just see it as another needless retcon. Barring that, however, I did find myself immersed in the story. @Zeratul Well, and now with the whole "buying saves" nonsense, I'm getting really turned off by it. That shit is not okay, and I'm not about to subscribe to the notion that these bullshit microtransactions are the way of the future. I don't care if it's good or bad anymore, the only way Konami will get me to even consider buying their game is if they remove that crap, and I doubt they ever will.
  5. Shadow Dragon Tips/Pointers/Tricks

    This FAQ might be a good starting place for reading material: There's a ton of advice I could give you, believe me, but the main sticking points are as follows: - For your first time through, definitely use Marth as much as possible. You might need him for the final boss, and the game will force you to drag him across the maps to visit villages and seize thrones anyway. Caeda's a good choice as well, if only so that you can recruit more units, though she's a great unit in her own right. - Jagen may not look like much, but he is your best friend for early game. Sure, he has awful stats for a unit of his class and level, but they're enough of an edge to protect your other units until they can get their own bearings. - Use at least one mage, even if they start out as a healer. There's a tome you get in the game that is the only thing that can do damage against a certain enemy. The details will be made clear, but it's important to just know that you should be using a mage. The main candidates for this weapon are Merric and Linde, both of whom can be solid units. - The Fane of Raman is where you really need to pay attention. If you let a thief slip away with either of the stones, you will lose access to an important weapon. Also, bring Bantu there, even if you never use him. - You can beat the game if you don't use that weapon I mentioned, but you'll wind up getting worse weapons to work with for dealing with the final boss. And trust me, the final boss has ridiculously jacked stats, so you'll need a solid edge over him. - Don't concern yourself with getting the Gaiden chapters. Just play the game however you wish. You don't miss out on much. - Wolf and Sedgar have ridiculous growth rates to compensate for the fact that they're now promoted units that join very early on (they originally weren't). This essentially means they'll always have solid stats by endgame. - Mind the Hyman. That is all. Seriously, there's an enemy boss called Hyman, I'm not making this up.
  6. Now I feel really messed up for naming my most recent Awakening avatar after a god of domination and slavery. Do Corrin and Chris also have that ability? Actually, now that I think about this, it makes me appreciate characters like Marth who have to work hard to earn the trust of their comrades through normal means.
  7. If it counts, I like the development all the Archaneans that show up in Gaiden/Echoes get there. I also like how Catria's confession seems to imply she's developing feelings for you, or at least is getting over her crush on Marth. And I think I generally like the FEW development the characters get. That being said, the spin-off games haven't really changed my view of characters I don't particularly like. I think I'm just gonna have to accept that I'll never like some of these more popular characters, in spite of all my efforts to appreciate them for what they are. I think the most significant boost in my opinion of a character would probably be modern Anna, since she has gotten more supports where, yeah the whole "I wanna strike rich" gimmick is there, but it seems more like she's using it to actually support her allies, so you get the angle of "she actually cares about her comrades" earlier on. For me, the main character that had seen significant improvement of that trio was Severa. She went from "chick with a totally rotten attitude" to "chick who is sometimes to competitive for her own good". Sure, Severa had moments in Awakening with Noire where she was not a total PoS, but she was generally just a really awful person to a lot of people until their A/S supports. Too bad she became the retainer of a woman who jokes about chopping off her legs if she decides to leave her service. The funny thing is, Marth is actually only descended from a relative of Anri's. I know this because it's outright stated in Mystery of the Emblem, and it's a point a lot of LPers like to gawk at if they're inclined to actually cover the story. So he isn't really descended from greatness, though I think that helps to build Marth into a better hero. Speaking of, Marth gets some nice development in FEW.
  8. Soul Calibur VI!

    You mean the totally-legit-not-at-all-fake-roster-from-4Chan that lists Lucina as a guest character, or some other leak that I missed? Anyway, Zasalamel was one of those characters I missed when SC5 came around. Somewhat of a surprise to see him in this game, though it's a welcome surprise all the same. Ivy is hardly a surprise, but confirmation is good.
  9. Do you pick up Arthur as an einherjar in BR just so you can do this? Because I definitely would. I just solo'd Ryoma with a Swordmaster Corrin. Basically beat him over the head with a stick until he died. Actually, I did the same thing to Xander, though Corrin was probably just a Hoshidan Noble that time. I always avoid killing the retainers. The only one I've actually killed for good in any run was poor Hinata, and that was only because I didn't realize that defeating him would actually kill him off and I didn't want to start the chapter over. I find it awfully coincidental that the retainers that are most difficult to avoid killing are also the ones I care about the most. One of the Conquest devs has a vendetta with me, I can only assume.
  10. Metal Gear Thread

    Same here on the MGS 3 front; it's one of the few games that actually brought me on the brink of tears near the end. MGS 4, oddly enough, was my first game... and let me tell you just how confusing that was. It's like if I stuck my head in sand, and then when I pulled it out I was on top of a destroyed tower made of solid glue in the middle of a crater on the moon. That was also where I first got really involved in online gaming; I made some friends playing that game's online, and we didn't even play it as intended. Though damn if it didn't ruin some plot elements... I'm trying to be open-minded. I'll give that game a full month to grab my attention enough for me to want to try it out. And this is only because I've actually heard some folks praise it, something I never even imagined would happen. Though even if I ended up liking it... there's just no way I could call it a Metal Gear game. Metal Gear isn't about zombies and survival; such things would only be secondary to stealth and technological monstrosities for you to fight, which even MGR had. MGS 2's flaws, for me, are mostly due to the acting. Quinton Flynn just never sounded like how I imagine he was supposed to, though I'm glad his role with Raiden was redeemed in later games. Hal's backstory with his family was... different. I'm not sure if there's a point to it besides just making his backstory more fucked up than it already was. Though after playing Phantom Pain, I actually feel a little sadistic pleasure in knowing how Huey ultimately met his fate. I've scarcely played Twin Snakes; I played through the original Metal Gear Solid, which is quite different from MGS 2's gameplay. I liked the original's voice acting better than the remake's, even Mei Ling's grating accented voice if only because I've grown accustomed to it, making the other voice even more jarring to listen to. I think Rising was pretty much just them finally going all out, off the walls with their ideas. I've never played it personally, but I love all the memes that came out of it. Heck, I love that the word "meme" is actually spoken in that game in a serious fashion. I know it's just a word, but the connotation attached to it nowadays makes it a difficult word to take seriously. The thing you have to recognize, though, is that it's a fundamentally different game from Metal Gear. It's scarcely even a Metal Gear game, tied to the series only through its characters and the fact that a stealth mechanic even exists at all. I mean, it's obviously a good game, but it's not much of a Metal Gear game. That's overlooked because of how much fun it is, I reckon.
  11. @Corrin_Kamui Again, I must say that I fail to see how Awakening is relevant to the discussion of Fates' morality, and I will not talk about Awakening ever again in this thread unless it becomes relevant through other discussions. In regards to Fates' advertised themes, I regret that I cannot conjure up official sources at this time as they've pretty much been buried in time and cannot be dug up easily. Regardless, I think it's heavily implied simply due to the whole "white vs. black" conflict. Particularly the "black" part, which would either imply that you're to be a straight up villain or will be shown why that side is inclined to commit what the other side sees as atrocities and realize the grey areas of the war. Oh, and there's the fact that Azura's song compounds the theme of grey morality by literally singing "you are the oceans grey waves".
  12. I don't think Corrin was handled poorly at all in that part. Actually, Birthright is the path Corrin is the best in, though I honestly think - much like Xander - Corrin is best in certain supports. My personal moments of pain throughout the story came from lategame Conquest due to my prior attachments to the other cast. Particularly the Great Wall chapter and Endgame; I actively avoided taking down Oboro. It's difficult for me to say that I felt anything at that point in Birthright partially because I hadn't bonded with anyone from Conquest's cast aside from the Awakening trio, and because when I eventually would come back around to it, I'd have already played Revelation and know of a more ideal end where none of the royals or their retainers die. But still, I can imagine you probably feel the same way about taking on Xander as I do about taking on Takumi and Oboro in Conquest.
  13. Though that wasn't really Awakening's point to begin with. It was about changing a bleak destiny foretold by the children of the playable characters from the future. It never once tried to present itself as anything but black and white in the moral department, while Fates was advertised as a game that would have shades of grey. It's all a matter of the themes the games focused on... sort of like if you said I'm an incompetent person compared to someone else because they're better at playing guitar than I am. Not what I'm supposed to be good at, and Awakening's not supposed to be about moral greys. Pretty irrelevant point in this discussion regardless. There was no reason to bring it up in the first place unless there's something in the discussion I'm missing here. If we're to go by the traditional morality chart that D&D players use, I might peg Xander as lawful good myself. Sure, he doesn't always do the right thing at times, but his general attitude is very true to a traditional paladin; worst case scenario, he's neutral good. Camilla's fairly evil, though; I could definitely see her committing atrocities in Corrin's name if he/she asked her to, and if Corrin was captured, she'd stop at nothing to get him/her back. Camilla's the kind of lady who I think doesn't necessarily believes in a moral "low". And Elise is definitely good; probably good neutral, mostly because she's still sneaking out after curfew and sneaking heals to prisoners when she wasn't allowed to. Leo, I think, would be a true neutral... or maybe a lawful neutral. I also don't think a single Hoshidan royal could be pegged as anything but good. Maybe varying degrees of good, but even Takumi does what he does because he wants to protect those he cares about.
  14. Usually he's just an arrogant, pompous jerk who pushes the lower class military leaders around. But here, he does something... well, just read the LP segment in this post and you'll quickly understand. Not too much content today, mostly because I haven't recorded the gameplay of the next part yet, but here's the beginning of the chapter I like to call "War Crime Wednesday". BHBF Part 2-2: Damon Stoops to a New Low (Not-Really-Gameplay)
  15. Let me take you to the Church of the 'Boro, the regal, glorious, magnificent, adorable, racist fashionista, AKA Aurora Borealis and wielder of the Serpent Spear Ouroboro (head canon only). Ryoma is Ryomer in my tongue. Occasionally I speak his full name, which is Ryomer Gomez. Lucina can be either Lucile, Lucy, or even Lucia Lachance, though she'd deny that last name due to its ties to... darker occupations. Chrom is Bred Chrom (which is said in about the stupidest possible way you could imagine), or sometimes he's even just Crumb. Marth is Marthipan because Caeda won't allow me to make nicknames for him so I just steal hers. Sakura is Sakura Spirit because spirit scrolls are a thing and the main thing her name makes me think of is not the character from Naruto or some other popular anime, nor the actual thing she's named after (tree blossoms), but rather this one specific visual novel (one of dozens that use "Sakura" in the title) that I watched someone from Vinesauce "play". Leo is Leonardo DiCaprio just because. Tharja is Thotja, because I don't actually hate her, but damn if that isn't the stupidest, funniest name I've heard salt shakers call someone. And I have at least a hundred more nicknames for characters in this series because my brain is dysfunctional I guess.