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  1. How do you pronounce "IS"

    Shit, you're right, I can't believe I was such a plebe to have believed it'd be pronounced any other way.
  2. How do you pronounce "IS"

    Eye-ess. Because it's an acronym, not the word "is". It's already confusing as it is that one of my favorite characters was nicknamed "Is", which is pronounced like the first syllable of "easel", I'd rather just not turn IS into a spoken word. As I'd say, it's quality trash. Or junk food in the form of a thread.
  3. I personally prefer Flora. I'm not that big of a fan of Felicia's gimmick. Granted, Felicia doesn't have that one moment in Birthright that was so ridiculous that it became a meme, but there's more for me to like in Flora, and I wish she had more development and joined your party earlier.
  4. Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for every console

    I don't see why not. This is a place to post information about the game and discuss it, after all. I don't even have the special edition since I got the PC version.
  5. Tips for FE3 specifically

    V E r Y g ü D A D v i C e . Good joke, tho It is kind of realistic though. Infantry aren't as powerful as cavalry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And mounted units kinda need to be better balanced in general. But that's a discussion for another thread. One other piece of advice I have is that most ballistae don't actually have effectiveness against fliers like they do in other games; only Arrowspates (or Quick Rain) and Hoistflamme (or Fire Guns) will deal effective damage against them. This knowledge may make the wooden cavalry less of a pain in the arse to deal with.
  6. Define your love of gaming with 5 OSTs

    Some of this may come off as a little pretentious, rambling, and pedantic, but you did ask me to define my tastes in gaming with music, so... 1) Leif's Army in Search of Victory - Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 A triumphant, hearty militaristic theme that serves as a prelude to victories down the road. This would describe a number of tastes; my love for regality, military themes, the desire for triumphs, and the delight at every new beginning. And Fire Emblem as a whole reminds me that even in my more cynical age I can still be amazed by new things. There also feels like a certain methodical tone to it which perfectly represents the genre. 2) Neighborhood 3 - The Sims Contrasting with the first, a relaxed, free-form symphony, yet again preluding a delightful new beginning. The taste this one would describe is one of mellowness. Lately, I've found more and more joy from games I would've probably once thought of as boring slogs, Fire Emblem being one such game. But I've always loved the Sims, and all the tracks from the first game (and some from the second). This one in particular has just always felt like the central theme of the Sims, and it sets the mood for it perfectly. Even if so many people seem to prefer horrifically murdering their sims instead of actually taking care of them. 3) Fallout 3's Theme Less happy and cheery than the previous two, Fallout 3's theme is a theme foreboding one's entry into a frightening and terrible world. Still triumphant to a degree, this would represent my love for the darker elements in storytelling while still keeping a sense of hope. The great, expansive tragedy... the hideous face of political corruption and abuse of power... the terror of waking up one day with no friends but yourself... yet still the desire and will to survive to see a brighter future. It represents the ideal "dark story" for me, even if Fallout 3's story itself isn't quite that, in my opinion. 4) The Best is Yet to Come - Metal Gear Solid It was either gonna be this, Enclosure, or Snake Eater. A very solemn tone, played at the beginning, middle, and end of the game, specifically to the visuals of Snake swimming up to cargo docks of Shadow Moses Island, whenever a character's expressing regret or doubt (such as Meryl explaining her hesitation to take the lives of enemy soldiers in the heat of the moment), and to the visuals of natural Alaskan landscapes and wildlife. "The best is yet to come" is a phrase one would tell someone after a tragedy. So to me, it's like the reaction to death. More specifically, an impactful death. What I love more than big, grand numbers of tragedies or a death thrown in to motivate the player is a death that is meaningful and that ties into everything. It is those that one has to deal with - where the character has to come to terms with the fact that they're dead through a grueling grieving process, or has to deal with the fact that they've killed someone (whether they care or not is irrelevant; careless murdering is handled quite well in MGS) - that are the deaths I love most in games. And as death is one of the greatest tragedies of all, I feel this represents my feelings for how any tragedy should be dealt with; pause for a moment, don't just brush it aside. Fuck you, Conquest, for brushing Oboro away like she's just any old soldier. Fuck. You. Okay, cathartic cursing is done. 5) Edge of Soul - Soul Blade My head was steaming as I was trying to figure out a last song. One that would represent the more action-oriented games that I like, the hamminess I so adore in a lot of older games, and just pure hype. This song is all of those. This is one of your hammed up rock themes from the trademark gaming decade I was born in, the 90's. Hell, this game even came out the same year I was born. It was a time when every new game had to have insane montages and upbeat themes to get younger audiences into it. And for a lot of people playing this game on a PS1, Soul Blade's/Soul Edge's theme did just that. All there is to read into is that the intro just throws a lot at you to kind of give you an idea of the sorts of characters and fighting you'll see in the game and to get you pumped to play it. And sometimes, I just want a good rush, and to not really think about much. Especially after playing games like Metal Gear Solid that may leave me with morbid thoughts. Because in the end, what really matters is that I was entertained, and if all else fails then there's nothing wrong with some nice n' simple fun. Also notice the genres of each of the source games. Strategy, Simulation, Roleplaying, Stealth, and Fighting. These are my favorite genres. Incidentally, each one is also one of the first franchises I've played in each genre.
  7. Tips for FE3 specifically

    Addendum: This is only a concern in Book 2, in Book 1 you just need to concern yourself with getting the Star and Light Orbs, and even then it's more that ultimately endgame will just be more difficult without fulfilling that requirement. Story clues should be enough for you to figure out the rest. Also, it shouldn't be too difficult to use those units, the only stragglers might be Julian and Merric since they're comparatively low level and akin to a leaf of paper in terms of defense. Another thing to note is that levels and the like do not transfer if you beat Book 1 and choose to use that save to go on to Book 2. The option to continue is just to bring transfer you to the next story more quickly than if you reset the console and made a new save. Aside from what Shadow said, any units that are mounted and have reached 20's in some stats should dismount before they gain more levels. Their stats lower a certain amount when they dismount, and the dismounted stats can be brought to 20 (and kept as such) as long as they level as dismounted knights. Don't worry about them switching to swords, weapon leveling is just one big stat instead of separate weapon ranks like most FE games, and most weapons can be used at weapon level 10 anyway. And yes, promoted units get the same experience gains; you could be level 19 promoted and still get the same EXP gains for killing bandits as an unpromoted level 1 unit would. Though you still shouldn't rely on Jeigan or Aran very much because any levels they gain will be garbage. But feel free to use Sirius as much as you want, he's OP and only becomes moreso through levels. Same with every pegasus knight not named Est (sorry, gal). And Ogma. And Feena's a better combatant than she has any right to be. One more thing, certain items help growth rates. You can look up more information here, but read at your own discretion. Aside from that, just have fun.
  8. Probably bone meal, ectoplasm, and vampire dust, among a sleuth of other snortable objects that come from undead. Alternatively, she snorts fire salts for that added fire resistance. It's her way of doing alchemy, I guess. Also, the idea of snorting cat fur reminds me of that one South Park episode where Kenny was "cheesing".
  9. Ew... You'll just smell more like a goat. And so will my clothes. Clothes that I need for my interview at 5. Please don't take my laundry. Why wouldn't she be? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Mozu was first Fates waifu. If I'm not astra'd to death, I guess I'll go take that shower.
  11. Just Started Genealogy and Oh My God

    Yeah, as much as I love Genealogy for its story, characters, and scale... it's one of those "story over gameplay" entries in the series. I'd argue that Mystery is the best balanced game of the SNES era... though even then, that has three pegasus knights that are stupidly OP (Caeda can use Jeigan's silver lance right away), a thief and a dancer who are both better combatants than at least a quarter of the cast, and goddamn Ogma and Sirius. No problem with the map size, especially since you can save in the middle of a chapter properly (though that risks one of the four ranks if you save over a chapter opening). What they'd need to do to make the game faster is include a lot of the QoL features from the latest FE's (especially auto battle and fast movement), and to fix the balancing problems that come with these big maps they'd need to throw infantry a bone by giving them tasks that only they can deal with (maybe something like mountain or indoor combat) and maybe give them some minor teleportation abilities that don't suck. Anyway, I hope TC is enjoying Genealogy. In spite of its age and some of the faults in gameplay, it's one of my favorites.
  12. Favorite OST from the series?

    I love that track so much, I actually used it for the backdrop in a segment in my LP. @Fenreir I actually really like the OG player battle map music, which incidentally is also the one I referred to in my other post. Generic name (I know the remake version got a name, but that's practically a different song entirely), but it's just a nice little tune to me. I like this version of the player map theme better than its remake renditions. Though I will give Book 2 of Mystery its credit, a lot of the tracks in that game are pretty nice.
  13. Soul Calibur VI!

    Ugh, I know that feel. Can't even get early access to some juicy Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC on PC because they didn't feel like giving that version a Legendary Edition, so now I gotta wait, like, three months until I get to play it while everyone on consoles gets to dig right in. Doesn't change my opinion on the platform, but it still just sucks a lot. A lot of these Japanese devs hardly throw any bones at PC gamers. We're lucky that Bandai Namco even had the notion to port SC VI and Tekken 7 in the first place, and that the Tekken one was fairly well optimized is even more surprising. I just hope folks here will be inclined to share their thoughts or point some things out, if indeed there's anything to be gleamed from this.
  14. Favorite OST from the series?

    It's a shame some tracks have generic names. Like "Battle Map 1 - Player Attack" from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon; some people won't even know what song I'm referring to in spite of hearing it before. A lot of Fates is good. I find I can just listen to Road Taken passively a lot. Only complaint I have is the overuse of the "You are the ocean's grey waves" motif in all the tracks except for in, like, Glory/Ruin and probably a couple of other tracks. Genealogy has Doors of Destiny, Light Inheritors, Light and Dark, the Final Holy War, and so much more that works so well tonally and thematically. At the moment it's probably my favorite game overall in terms of music, I even modded Skyrim so that it has some of the arranged Genealogy tracks and they just work so goddamn well! Conquest and Id (all versions) from Awakening are pretty nice. And Echoes' tracks are all pretty epic.
  15. Anything I should know?

    I'd say the only characters you should turn into mages or clerics are those who can reclass into it naturally (basically only villagers) or those who start as either of those classes. So making Faye into a cleric is good (some would even consider it optimal), and turning Delthea into a cleric via a villager fork isn't a horrible idea. Everyone else has lackluster spell lists. Growth rates are quite a bit worse in this game compared to in Fire Emblem Fates. They're better than in the original Gaiden, but even then it's still pretty standard to not often get more than three stat ups (and when they do get three stat ups, they express elated surprise). There are a few exceptions to this, such as the protagonists (Alm is a growth monster), Kliff, and the whitewing sisters. But generally speaking, don't expect their stats to grow much beyond twenty unless they're really good. Anyone who is a liability (has low defenses) is best off as an archer or cleric (depending on gender). Because of archers' crazy ranges, they won't often be facing the brunt of attacks, and clerics have nosferatu which is health-absorption magic that doesn't cost HP to cast (it only has a 50% hit rate no matter what, but that's not the absolute worst). Like has been stated before, Dread Fighters can level infinitely. This is known as the "Dread Fighter loop", and it works because the promotion system works like this for them: villager > mercenary > myrmidon > dread fighter > villager. No other class can do this, so it could be a great way to level up your male villagers without limit, or at least to boost their speed and skill stats a ton so that they can pretty much double anything and hit more frequently. Also, if you reclass back to villager, the only stat that goes down is typically movement unless the unit is reclassing from the soldier class line (those classes all have sucky movement). It might be a better idea to only use your money to evolve weapons into other weapons, e.g. turning a silver sword into a brave sword. You can make the three Arcanean Regalia (Gradivus, Mercurius, and Parthia) this way, and those are all pretty powerful weapons. Some of these evolutions require weapons to be upgraded to a certain level. Personal recommendation, definitely use Catria. She doesn't start off quite as strong as Palla and may need a bit of help, but she becomes a real THWOMP if you actually train her. Palla's a good unit as well, being both tanky and mobile (sort of like Scarlet or Camilla). And Est has the potential to become extremely good, but needs grinding to get there. If you haven't figured this out yet, this game is something of a black sheep of the Fire Emblem franchise. It's a remake of the Famicom title, Fire Emblem Gaiden, which was released in 1992 in Japan only. This was only the second game in the series, and was rather experimental. So that's why some things may seem weird or out of place for a Fire Emblem game.