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  1. Well now, it is kind of funny that they said "too many Fates characters" and proceeded to announce that the first DLC they'll release aside from the season pass bonus will be the "Fates pack". I'm gonna stick to believing in what RotumGuy says and assume each of these will include at least a few characters. $12 for just one or two characters would be a ripoff unless there's a bunch of other stuff in them. I'll just share some thoughts on these packs, and what I think might be likely. Fates Pack Shadow Dragon Pack Awakening Pack Ideally, they'd use these packs to diversify the cast. Get more axes, lances, and maybe even magic. I hope they'll resist the urge to include more sword users unless each of these packs are dominated by those who use other weapons. Lastly, I wasn't really expecting them to do this any differently. And honestly, I'm okay with it. Hopefully if we get a sequel, we'll get broader representation and these casts would basically be set for a good long while. But aside from that, I was kind of hoping they'd first focus on rounding out their "focused" casts and then later work on including other games. I think this is something we should all keep in mind. And another thing to add; people tend to express themselves in a more extreme manner on the internet, sometimes to the point where everything they say is hyperbole. Even I'm guilty of this sometimes. People can also be sarcastic or trolling. So yeah, take everything with a grain of salt, folks. The internet is a silly place.
  2. The only thing I 100% agree with here. But in all seriousness, I kinda get it. Though I think both "sides" have equally bad extremes among the fandom. I'd only slightly tolerate the "newb" side more because I'm sort of a newbie myself (at least in that I started with Awakening) and can more sympathize with their "plight". But I've seen what one might describe as the "heart of darkness" for that side of the fandom, and it's pretty goddamn terrible. One thing that's allegorical for certain is that the conflicts are all entirely pointless, because there's a third option that's objectively better. In Fates it's Revelation, while among the fandom it is simply learning to accept the opinions of others instead of tearing people down just for having different preferences.
  3. There's no'Boro. I'm gonna wait until I actually get the game in my hands before I complain. Some of y'all are way too hopped up to bitch and moan about the game when it hasn't even hit the shelves. Instead, I'll mention a few things I like about the cast. I know there's a dedicated "FE Warriors appreciation thread", but I dunno if it'd do much good to just post in an isolated corner of the board like that, so I'll post such things here. I like that Chrom finally gets a slice of action in an action-oriented game after getting shafted in Smash I like the inclusion of Leo and Takumi; both are favorites of mine, and I'm sure they'll be interesting and fun to use Lyn and Celica were pleasant surprises, regardless of whether they were "last minute" additions I'm glad for the inclusion of pegasus knights; I'll probably pick Caeda simply because SD representation I really like the Awakening cast in general; so glad Fred's in, and I'm always down for Lucina, even if she might sometimes hog the spotlight these days or borrow moves from other characters The fact that characters from different worlds interact is pretty cool; I'm not expecting anything serious or earth-shattering, but it's still nice to see And one last thing: this isn't all we're getting. I can guarantee you that there are more, either planned for DLC (confirmed) or included in the game but not advertised Even if it was all we're getting, it's still more than any other Musou premiere collab title, even if we account for clones (or if not, then it's fairly close) Of course I ain't telling anyone to suck it up and like it - people are free to feel however they please - but I just find it kinda stupid that people are complaining about a game that isn't even out yet, especially when we don't know everything about it. I'll admit that the cast isn't ideal for me, or that PR has been kinda crap, and there are certainly others I wanted that I've yet to see (who probably aren't in the game), but I never fooled myself into believing that all of my faves would get in unless they half-assed the game. I think given what they were trying to go for, they could've done worse. I'm okay with what we're getting, so long as it's actually fun to play. I don't care too much about most villains, but I'd really like to see Walhart and/or Hardin. I guess Camus too, if you can even count him as a villain. It'd be funny to see "Sirius" and not!Marth exchange words.
  4. For one thing, have it be an option, and don't give the player an incentive to always observe/go through it (e.g. in Fallout New Vegas, you get some free money, ammo, and a gun for doing the tutorial). I would much prefer them to be their own separate thing. Half-Life 1 did it best, IMO. I hate how when you're playing Awakening on Normal mode, it locks out certain features/options until you come upon the tutorial segments for those, and how the tutorial just seems to go on and on. And along with that, if the new game has any newer features that could surprise vets, make it so that there's a separate optional tutorial segment for those. As for the specific contents that should be covered in tutorials... I think what they currently present is enough, honestly. Only the basics should be covered, and the rest should be left up to the player to figure out. Also, I'm pretty sure that by covering "help at a touch" - using the touchscreen to view unit info - they, to an extent, technically also cover doubling, since checking the speed stat tells you about how it affects doubling.
  5. I just want to see what's available aside from what we've got. There is undoubtedly more. At least one more character than they intended to showcase, and obviously more story, challenges, Coliseum, and History mode. And this isn't just me being hopeful or desperate or skeptical or whatever other reason people would say "but there's more, right?"; it's pretty evident that there's more. Part of that comes down to the simple fact that no dev wants to show the entire game before release, but it's also in how secretive they've been. And in retrospect, I honestly wish I had only jumped on this hype train today rather than little over half a year ago. In any event, we'll know everything in the coming weeks, if only due to the people in Japan playing it and "spoiling" the game's untold secrets. Since I have neither preordered a Japanese version of the game or bought a Switch, I'll just have to look forward to that.
  6. Well now, I guess Varrot is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. She'll probably kill it off-screen and eat it there. That is, unless she finds herself standing on a rope bridge above the Bottomless Canyon face to face with him. That only makes this scene: all that much worse. It's a real wonder why Welkin is such a successful lieutenant. At least VC2 didn't pretend that the protagonist was all that qualified. I sorta wish Ellet also learned to cheat in this manner; that way, I wouldn't have to make Reports their own separate thing. No I didn't... Damn, I'm getting so much rich L O R E out of all of this. And it works since Isara - another Darcsen - is an agent working under the same organization as Freeman. Maybe she's the G-Woman, an ancestor of the G-man, and Wavy is the ancestor of Gordon Freeman. Please stop mentioning the sacrifice of Susie. I'm trying to go for a no deaths run... There used to be so many useful scouts until this mod. With scouts scaled back in effectiveness, their usefulness now more depends on their mobility and ability to spot enemies. Alicia is somewhat of an exception to this rule due to the later-game potentials she acquires. They'll become more useful once I get access to grenade launchers, which I think usually come around Chapter 10. This time around, shocktroopers are the most reliable anti-infantry "charge in" units, while the lancers are more useful anti-tank units who can also acquire effective anti-squad weapons. You'll see just how much more useful lancers are in the next chapter, I feel. I run one all the way across a desert plain, totally wrecking tanks, with only the assistance of an engineer. So I promised a continuation of the LP today, and a continuation you shall get ヽノ Chapter 6-1: Desert Melons and Imperians (Intro)
  7. If I recall from my rudimentary understanding of history, archers had their own way of dealing with foes at melee range, and it didn't require a sword. In any event, the case shouldn't be that they'd be totally defenseless at melee range just because they had their bow out at the time. Maybe they wouldn't be quite as effective as dedicated melee units, but not outright useless and passive. I mean unless they use longbows, which are incredibly cumbersome for that kind of fighting. At that point, it'd be like firing a bolt-action sniper rifle at near point-blank; you could do it, but it isn't an effective battle strategy. That's why you'd change the way bow users would work. You don't have to make them effective at melee range; just make it so that they can fight back in some way, and I'm not just talking about giving them a sword or whatever. Perhaps they could have a passive that causes their damage output to be halved for melee combat. Or prevent doubling at that range. Or give them different classes of bows, one of which is good for close-mid range (1-2 range), but isn't so powerful, and another which is much more powerful and long-range (anywhere in the 2-4 range), but is weak/ineffective at close range. It doesn't have to be just FE Gaiden archers versus FE Awakening archers; there are ways to balance this so that they have a utility without being downright useless otherwise or diminishing the roles of other units if you think about it enough. But I digress; the topic is about firearms and firearm troops, not bows and archers.
  8. I'll continue my LP very soon, don't you worry. So basically it'd be sort of like Echoes' dungeon crawling aspect, but with limited movement, enemy attacks that actually hurt you, polarized strengths/weaknesses, and the ability to move a single unit multiple times (if we were to follow VC down to the letter in that regard)... Doesn't seem a significant enough of a game changer to warrant concern, given what Echoes already did. I mean heck, they were once toying with the idea of RTS, so FE X-COM seems not so far-fetched at all. The biggest changes would come from the HQ elements; the leveling, recruiting, and R&D mechanics. Orders would also be fairly new, but I think that would generally be seen as rallying done a little differently. I know they did Battle EXP in PoR, but I'm unsure how (if at all) they'd implement R&D. I guess they could also have archers or mages shoot at your character while they're running, but then that'd make ranged units super OP for defense, so I dunno. Story-wise, we'd likely get something like Echoes or Fates, except less convoluted and contrived. The emotional impact of either without the stupidity of gooron or plot device kingdom. And if they were to take a page out of VC2/VC3, there'd be a mission for each minor character that would serve as a sort of resolution for their respective character arcs. So, like, Oboro would get a side mission where she comes to terms with her trauma that would change her personal to something with more general application, or Vaike would get one where he'd get to test his might with Chrom's in some form. The gameplay aspects could be good or bad depending on how they're handled, but I'd be down 110% for the writing to be more like VC, especially if they do implement character episodes. Though if they chose VC2 as the inspiration in this regard, I'd eat my shoe.
  9. Now that you've mentioned Leo, I'd almost like to see him dress as Robin since I usually hand the Grandmaster class to him during my Fates playthroughs. Or Robin dress like a Strategist. I mean, perhaps it's time for him to take on a wider scope of warfare planning. And to start healing folks. Bonus points if it's male Robin wearing Forrest's clothes. And extra brownie points if he also wears the hat and a wig resembling Forrest's hair, along with a support with Soleil where she actually takes off the wig as a reference to her supports with actual Forrest.
  10. For the archer thing... I've probably said this somewhere before, but I strongly feel there's no reason they shouldn't be able to fight from close range unless they're using a longbow. Skilled archers in history as well as in the modern era have proven that archers can fight from close range before. I think the only reason this isn't the case in FE is for some arbitrary gameplay reason, but that's why one should rebalance instead of keeping things "as is". On-topic, I wouldn't mind receiving guns so long as they stay in-line with the setting. I'd even be a little open to modern firearms if the work with whatever FE they're in, but at that point it'd be more like Advance Wars or Valkyria Chronicles. As long as they're interesting and don't muck with the game's conventions too much, I don't care what they do. I'll probably even pitch an idea here if I can think of one, but right now I can't.
  11. Well, now, that's certainly a brisk pace. I definitely don't see you having any problems staying ahead of the LP. After the latest chapter I've done, I unceremoniously booted Ted for some reason, but I think I'll bring him back immediately and replace a different scout who I deem unnecessary for the time being, like Musaad, whose trench potentials aren't very useful for quite a while after the part I've finished. After a certain chapter, I'll probably boot Susie as well, since she's a liability with that awful potential and a lack of potentials that really make her stand out from the others. Plus, I could do with using more characters I'm relatively unfamiliar with. I didn't mention this in my assessment, but I think Ted has an extremely useful scout utility with the Nocturnal battle potential, which allows him to see as good at night as he does in the daytime. That's a very valuable potential for night ops specifically because it's normally very difficult to spot enemies in the night time. And it's only shared by Aika, Freesia, and Ramona, only two of whom are actually good with hardly any setbacks/useless potentials. I could do with at least one good nocturnal scout, and right now it'd be either Freesia or Ted. As of right now, I have yet to recruit a scout with the Nocturnal potential aside from Ted. Speaking of character considerations, I'm also a bit torn between whether I want to keep Emile or replace him with Oscar (who still has yet to show up). Aside from that, my snipers are pretty locked in place. I'd also like to ask whether people prefer Audrey or Yoko. Both are fairly useful, so it more comes down to preference. I like Yoko, but I also would like to see more of what Audrey is like. And a little update on that "real life" issue. It did wind up being the "worst case scenario", but I don't think I need to delay the LP for it quite as long as I implied. I'd rather not go into details (at least not in this thread), but rest assured that I think I'll be good to start back up tomorrow.
  12. I'd be a little bit upset if they just had the current characters cosplay as other characters instead of actually including those characters, so I'd prefer if they didn't go that route unless the cosplayed characters are actually put in the game as well. I think it'd be absolutely hilarious to see the Fates royals swap clothes with their counterparts, particularly with Hinoka/Camilla. And do the same for the Corrins; give male Corrin them thigh gaps and put pantsless Marth to shame. jk, pantsless Marth is unstoppable. I'm gonna have to jump on the bandwagon of folks who want to see pantsless Marth, speaking of which. And I'd like both versions of Hardin if he's present, along with armorless Caeda as an obscure reference to an unused SD asset. If Oboro even makes it in at any point, I wanna see her get a yukata and her Nohrian festival outfit. And if the other retainers also make it in, give Arthur a Captain America cosplay (I mean more of one than he already has) and provide Saizo with that extravagant outfit Oboro tailors for him. Aside from that, just give the characters the other various outfits they've worn throughout the series. That'd be a real doozy in Lucina's case, but I mean the devs did imply they were dedicated, right? I'm okay with Oboro's current art, but I unequivocally agree with the sentiment that Oboro deserves better than she's getting.
  13. What other people said, it's just speculation based off of something people saw. I said "soft confirmed" mostly because I didn't really read up on it myself as I simply don't care. Still, my point stands with Navarre being present, at least.
  14. I second this, though at the same time I know full well that the TC for this thread is an active member of GameFAQs. Anyway, we already know that the 25 characters theory is false since we've seen Navarre and apparently Azura was half confirmed at TGS, and neither of them are on that box. So the question more is about whether these characters are NPCs and how many more (if any) there are that we don't know about.
  15. School is a ripoff of Hogwarts because both are institutions of learning. Cats are a ripoff of dogs 'cuz they're both house pets. Azura is a bootleg of racist fashionista because they both use polearms. Severa from Awakening is a ripoff of Edy Nelson from Valkyria Chronicles because they're both tsunderes and have tiny mouths for whatever reason. Hatsune Miku is a ripoff of Yo! Noid because both were mascots for Dominos Pizza for a time in some form or another. Though nothing about Yo! Noid can beat the guy who says "Have some fun with Miku!" with this shit-eating grin on his face. Martin Luther King Junior is a ripoff of Martin Luther because they have similar names. Skyrim is a ripoff of Morrowind. Internet Explorer is a ripoff of Google Chrome. GameFAQs forums are a ripoff of Terminal 7 Brain Cancer. GTA IV is a ripoff of Saints Row 2.