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  1. Question regarding inheritance.

    I'm gonna say that in terms of actual balance, you're gonna want to look at Fates. Actually, Awakening's inheritance is almost exactly the same, the only difference I know of - aside from the fact that the mothers are the determinant parents in that game while the fathers are the determinant parents in Fates - is that in Awakening, a unit gets access to all classes that their parents have access to as long as they're gender-appropriate while in Fates they only get two preset classes plus an extra one from their secondary parent. Oh, and I guess there's also the matter of inheriting the ability to use Dragon Veins in Fates. Genealogy has... not too terribly great mechanics. And I personally never really understood how exactly the base stats and growth inheritance works in that game. Better to keep it to Fates/Awakening's streamlined, better balanced system. About all the good Genealogy's system would do for you anyway is determining if a character gets significant boosts in certain stats/weapon types based on holy blood, and that's kind of not really a thing in the GBA titles. Also... Take a coding boot camp, if you can afford that. Or take up ROM hacking with FEBuilder. Or just use SRPG Studio. Especially if it's a fan game, I'd recommend the latter two. No point in expending too much effort in something you'll never profit off of. Save the coding for when you make original works, not for making fan games.
  2. Revelations Question

    The DLC class seals are not one-time acquisitions except for the ones for the Lodestar and Great Lord classes (they would've also been infinitely obtainable if they localized all the DLC [the Festival DLCs, fyi], but they didn't for whatever reason). So as long as you play through the respective maps, you can obtain the Dread Scroll, Dark Falcon Wing, Sighting Lens, Witch's Mark, Fell Brand, and Vanguard Brand as many times as you want. However, to answer that question about friendship and partner seals, you unfortunately are misunderstanding how they work. You see, everyone has "class sets", similar to how the characters in Awakening do. For example, Kaze's class set is ninja (primary) and samurai (secondary). For most characters, if they use a friendship (requires A+ rank support, avatar only needs A-rank) or partner seal (requires marriage) to reclass into Kaze's class, they'll class into ninja. For Kagero and Saizo (both ninjas), they'd reclass into samurais since that's Kaze's secondary class, even in spite of the fact that Saizo's secondary class is also a samurai (therefore, it's extremely wasteful to expend their A+ ranks on each other). Basically, they don't reclass into whatever the other character is currently, they reclass into whatever the primary class is of that character or, if their primary classes are both the same, whatever their secondary class is. Which essentially means it's impossible to use friendship/partner seals to change a unit into a DLC class. Also, it's impossible to use them to change units into Nohr Prince/Princess, Songstress, Villager, Kitsune, or Wolfskin. In very rare instances, these seals will give you an entirely different class. Such instances are as follows: Takumi x Mozu - Takumi will reclass into an apothecary if he partner seals with Mozu Hinoka/Subaki x Azura - Hinoka and Subaki will change into troubadours if they friendship/partner seal with Azura Orochi/Hayato x Kaden - Kaden will give Orochi and Hayato the apothecary class, though the former already has it as a secondary Charlotte/Arthur x Keaton - Keaton gives Charlotte and Arthur the Outlaw class Anyone x Avatar - If the unit's primary class is the same as the avatar's talent class (e.g. Ryoma marries an avatar with samurai as their talent), they'll get an alternate class, which is listed here In all those instances, the reclass partner's primary class is one that can't be obtained by others and their secondary classes are the same as the reclassers' primary classes, so they have to borrow parallel classes. I just thought I'd give a warning. Though I'm pretty sure the selection screen for the path split also suggests you play the other two paths before playing Revelation. It's mostly a plot thing. If you know what happens and about what Revelation reveals, then there's practically no reason to wait until you beat the other two paths to take on Revelation. Specifically if you know what Valla is, who Anankos is, and what their impact is on the two main kingdoms. There sure as hell isn't a difficulty spike between the two paths and Revelation; most would agree that Conquest is the most difficult path. Speaking of which, good luck to you if you try to beat Conquest on anything other than Normal difficulty. Aside from maybe Awakening Lunatic (which I'd honestly just say is outright unfair), Conquest is substantially more difficult than anything else you'll find in the 3DS era. Most would say Chapter 10 is the barrier to entry for those seeking to beat that path. Which I find rather fitting, given that it features the best Hoshidan royal-retainer team in the game.
  3. Revelations Question

    Oh, I know how that is. Ironic that the least challenging part of the game is often the hardest part for me to get past. It does, in the form of the Ghostly Gold DLC. There's also the Boo Camp for EXP (which is the only way to grind in Conquest, btw), Museum Melee for weapons (easier than Awakening's equivalent), Anna on the Run if you want to acquire Anna as a unit (she's an outlaw who can reclass into an apothecary or a troubadour - only has support conversations with your character, which I personally find odd because there are probably a few units I think she could've supported), and a few DLCs for special classes, which are as follows: Ballistician Blitz to get the item to reclass a male unit into a ballistician Witch Trials to get the item to reclass a female unit into a witch A Gift from Anna which gives you one of the previous two items I mentioned once Royal Royale if you want multiples of either the Dread Scroll (to make a Dread Fighter, for both genders) or the Ebon Wing (for Dark Falcon class, also for both genders) Vanguard Dawn if you want to make a male unit into a Vanguard (basically Ike's class) Before Awakening if you want to make a unit into a Lodestar (Marth's class, male only) or Great Lord (Lucina's class, female only), but you have to beat it without any of the NPCs dying if you want those rewards Hidden Truths if you want to make a male unit into a Grandmaster (Robin's class, male only [for some odd reason]) I'm not sure because I didn't get the Special Edition of the game, but don't you get all the DLC for free with the Special Edition? And one more thing, I'd recommend maybe holding off on playing through Revelation until you beat the other paths. That is, unless you've already been spoiled on plot elements that Revelation would've revealed.
  4. Revelations Question

    Yeah, you can reclass the avatar into either with a heart seal so long as you're of a promoted class or level 21 in a class that doesn't have promotions. There are no limitations as far as changing into these classes for the avatar in Revelation; you can have them class into Hoshidan Noble and Nohrian Noble a dozen times and the only thing you'd lose is a dozen heart seals. Same goes for Kana and any of the other children your avatar has. I'll also say that if you have an avatar in your logbook that has any non-DLC skills, you can just buy the skills for your avatar from the logbook so even in the paths where you can't do one or the other class, your avatar can still obtain those skills so long as you have an avatar recorded in the logbook that has those skills and the money required to buy them. You can get copies of units into the logbook either by beating the game, purchasing them from the einherjar shop (very expensive if they're a high level; the units that appear here depend on who you have on your castle's defense team), or obtaining them from other players' castles.
  5. Google Stadia

    Hey, anybody remember when Atari killed Nintendo and Sega with the first ever console to display 64-bit graphics? No? Oh right, that's because it never happened, and Atari ceased making consoles not long after that. This is the same kind of buzz that's happened in the past for the gaming industry numerous times. People are absolute fools for saying it'd kill the other consoles, and even more foolish if they want it to kill them. Google is little more than a baby with lots of money in the gaming industry; they know nothing about making an actually good console, all they know is making good graphics and using all the latest tech. At best, this will get their foot in the door if they want to invest in the industry further. At worst, this will blow right up in their faces and cost them lots of money.
  6. Is there any specific tricks for surviving Lunatic?

    Are you doing the skirmishes with a full army, or just a few? I personally find it better to use a few, I typically get at least one level up per skirmish this way. Also, I think you should consider distributing experience carefully in the main chapters. You'll get more in them due to them throwing higher level enemies at you than their skirmish counterparts. Yeah, no, don't wait until 20. If they're at 15, that's good enough. Some even benefit from earlier promotions so that they can level up their rank in weapons they don't have access to in their unpromoted classes. I'm not saying you should always promote at 15. What I'm saying is that the stage at which you promote greatly depends on your playstyle and necessity. It's different for everyone. I've played through Birthright enough that I can make do without promoting units until they've capped their levels. You're playing this path the first time on the highest difficulty. And you're struggling. So maybe you should promote a unit or two. Focus more on the fact that they all are better at tanking more than two hits than most other units in this path. The vast majority of player resets are due to losing a unit, and I doubt you're much different in that regard. What you're overlooking is these units' defensive capabilities rather than their offensive capabilities. Of course, Rinkah also has defense, but her tradeoff is per-hit damage, while the characters I listed still retain reasonable damage output. It's not so much that they can kill so well, it's that they're capable enough and also better at surviving than units like Hana or Kaze. Basically, they're not the best because they excel at this or that, they're the best because they're balanced while most everyone else has some fatal, critical flaw that makes them into a liability. As for promoting Silas, make him a Great Knight. Overall tankier, and you also get Luna at level 5 as a Great Knight, which I'd say is quite a bit more useful than the Paladin's Defender skill. You'll miss out on the rest of the path if you don't. Look, when people say "wait until level 17-20 before promoting", what they're really saying is you should restrain yourself from promoting until either you absolutely need it or until your units are starting to hit a plateau. Right now, you need to promote some of your units, otherwise you're gonna be beating your head against a wall for another several hours until you ultimately just give up. And I'm gonna say the units I'll recommend for promotion are the same as the ones I'd recommend you favor: Oboro, Silas, Saizo, Hinoka, and Corrin. Promote a few of them, and the heavy cavalry will no longer be chewing through your ranks.
  7. Is there any specific tricks for surviving Lunatic?

    If you did all the invasions, then I think the only other way you can grind besides DLC and skirmishes is I guess doing My Castle battles. Though I don't know because I never did any My Castle battles. You using Silas, Oboro, Hinoka, and Saizo at all? They're regarded as the best units early on, and they all are known for being the tankiest units (even Saizo, his versatility is quite surprising) aside from Scarlet and your avatar (if your avatar has the right boons). You may also want to consider using Reina. If you have Jakob instead of Felicia, you should've made him into a Paladin or Great Knight. Otherwise, it'd be ideal if Felicia had a C-rank in knives/shuriken so that she can use the flame shuriken and thus deal damage with her better stat. Mozu could also be good depending on if you invested in her at all. Rinkah, Hana, Subaki, and Orochi are typically liabilities (either can't survive anything stronger than a paper cut or they don't have much damage output), so maybe drop them if you can. I'll also say the team you have should all be close to level 20 or already promoted (from my experience, anyway). And if you're running short on Master Seals, visit Castles with max level staff and/or rod shops. As for the specific map you're stuck on, I usually try to push forward fast with the toughest units at the front using any kind of armor/horse-slaying weapons they can use (or otherwise the weapons with the highest might). Maybe have fliers to transport other strong units about. Kaden is good at killing mounted units, so maybe consider pairing him up with a tougher unit (especially if they're a knight or great knight) and helping out some. If need be, you may want to forgo the treasure (which is a Dracoshield - a great item, but not worth losing units over) and just fly your avatar to the escape point while getting as many kills with the rest of your units as possible (don't worry, everyone else will escape even if you only have your avatar reach that point). Even in no-grind runs, I've been able to take down Xander with good tactics and planning. If all else fails, remember one of the most basic principles of strategy: always think one turn ahead. Don't think about what you're doing right now, but rather what will happen after your turn is done and where you'll be when the dust settles. Sometimes I forget to think ahead, and when I remember it helps me a lot. I'd say after... about two chapters after this one, things will get a bit easier. Until you reach a certain point later on that involves an enemy boss bombarding your team field-wide attacks. You'll know it when you come upon it.
  8. I L I K E T H O S E P R O F I T M A R G I N S Really though, first we have them offering a major in banditry, now they're handing out PhDs for thievery. The morality of these institutions is questionable at best.
  9. Johan and Johalvier, Who do you prefer

    Horse emblem is horse emblem, and so Johan is better as a unit even if he might not have the best stats or weaponry. Some say Johalva's better because you'll likely use neither of them for actual combat, so all you'd be considering him for is arena grinding for the purposes of getting that quad-A rank (which is true because Johalva has access to bows, which makes the arena a whole lot easier), but strictly speaking in terms of actually using them for chapters, Johan is better. Personality-wise though, Johan's a total stinker. This comes from a guy who really likes Virion. Johan's the asshole variant of that character archetype, and he's extremely vapid with virtually nothing else to him as a character. Both join you only because Larcei went and talked to one of them, and they both are jerks when they aren't talked to first. However, with Johalva, it at least seems like the reason he joins is because Larcei helped him see what was wrong with Danan's rule. Johan just joins because he wants to bang Larcei. So yeah, I prefer Johalva, but Johan's better if you need a unit who will actually be able to fight on the battlefield. Though honestly, I don't see much point in fielding Johan when you already have at least Seliph and Oifaye (and very likely many other good units). At the end of the day, Johan is merely okay, and that's redundant in a sea of pretty good-to-outright godly units.
  10. It did make the generational mechanics more compelling than they were in Awakening/Fates, at least imo. What really made the genealogy interesting was how they made the descendants of the crusaders interact with each other. I think of the phrase "light and dark" that's used in Chapter 10 and the opening narration of the final chapter, and how you essentially had the descendants of these great crusaders fighting against each other for various reasons. In particular, there were the descendants of Fjalar getting all cozy with Galle's cursed bloodline, the descendants of Thrud fighting among each other in both generations (Tailtiu vs. Reptor Gen 1, Tine and Arthur vs. Bloom, Ishtor, and Ishtar Gen 2), the descendants of Odo waging war against the Grannvalian descendants (and then closely befriending a descendant of Saint Heim and Baldur in Gen 2), and the lovers' descendants (Njörun and Dain) viciously slaughtering each other (Yied Massacre; Dain's descendant Travant killing one of Njörun's descendants). And then there are Deirdre and Julia, who are descendants of both Saint Heim and Galle. The blood of both Naga and Loptuous flowed through their veins, even if the latter wasn't prominent in Julia. Or other descendants of mixed blood, like Seliph or Quan's kids. Basically, I just like how mixed up the genealogy gets, and how friendly bloodlines become hostile ones and vice-versa over the course of hundreds of years. Maybe that's what's missing in most other Fire Emblems. Archanea has one holy bloodline and a few special weapons, Elibe has a bunch of special weapons with no clear focus on holy bloodlines, Magvel backpedals on this, Tellius instead emphasizes the power of mortal men, and Fates and Valentia are diet coke versions of the conflict between Heim and Galle's descendants. Nowhere in the series are the bonds of blood so intermingled or so messy as they are in Jugdral.
  11. General Tabletop (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) Topic

    Since no one's active on the Discord right now (probably will pick up a bit as soon as everyone hops on), I have several questions for Bhoop which I'll put in the spoiler below to save on space. There are quite a few I have. @Azure in a Roundabout Do you need any help setting up your Discord?
  12. I feel like that's what a lot of people want at this point. Basically a dial-back on all the things they did so that they don't have to deal with a major cluster-f*** of a roster with every new entry. That said, I'd be lying if I claimed that I wouldn't want Lucina to stay. I mean, if she was replaced with Lyn, I wouldn't be too broken up about it if they made her fun to play (kind of like how she is in Warriors), but Lucina's kinda my favorite lord in the series and Marth's only maybe in the top 5 or 7 (right with the other lords that I'm neutral towards). I'd also appreciate if the game had more female characters. Nintendo has plenty to draw from in that department, it was a shame that Samus was the only one in the original game. Unless Master Hand has secretly been female this whole time. And if anything, what I want is more a remake of Melee. I mean, not necessarily in a mechanical sense, but in terms of roster and game modes. Get back to what made the Smash games a real hit with the classic stuff and sizable yet still manageable roster. SSB64 was nice and all, but I feel it's too barebones for what gamers expect nowadays. I still want some kind of adventure/story-esque mode, and I definitely still want event match to be a thing.
  13. Which house is the best?

    Yeah, too early to tell which one I'll like, but I guess I like the look of the Black Eagles the most at the moment and have intentions of playing that one first.
  14. i want oswin to snap me in two

    This forest is sacred?
  15. General Tabletop (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) Topic

    Dude, don't apologize at all. Stuff's important, I'm sure everybody understands, and it does no one any good if you rush the campaign's prep. Weekends work well for me. The only potential conflict would be at 4-5 PM Mountain Time (6-7 PM EST, 3-4 PM Pacific Time, 11 PM - 12 AM UTC) on Sundays.