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  1. He ran outside and hid under a porch deck. He's an indoor cat (rightfully so, since he's a black cat and would very likely be horribly abused or worse if a stranger came upon him), but he's always been so adamant about trying to rush outside when I have to take the dogs outside to do their business (which somewhat perplexes me because it isn't like he's lacking for places to hide, things to scratch, or perches to jump up onto inside, there's plenty of fun to be had for a cat in our house and our other cat doesn't ever try to make a run for it). I didn't notice for a whole night that he went out, then around noon the next day I noticed him. I then had to occupy, like, 14 hours of my time baiting and waiting for him to come out. Then I had to get my brother involved for a night watch, and the little bastard decided to come in at 4 AM. It was misery. I couldn't even distract myself with a game on my Switch/3DS because I always find it hard to turn to games when I'm waiting for something. But I got him back inside after all of that.
  2. Hi, Everyone!

    Oh hey, me t- me too. Well, I mean, I didn't start at the exact same time (like, Christmas 2014; several months before I joined SF), but I definitely get what you mean with wanting to dig into the series. Genealogy definitely has my favorite world and story. I even like the minor villains, in their doofy villainous glory and Reptor with his rousing marching monologues. House Freege is my favorite messed up noble family. Aside from that, well, I'll just quote someone else. And welcome and all that sort of stuff.
  3. This Site is Dying on Me...!

    Have you tried erasing all your cookies/browser history? Just hit Ctrl-H and click on "Clear browsing data". That means you'll have to re-log into everything again, but this usually fixes weird internet glitches. Sometimes SF might also undergo occasional maintenance or else might not be reachable, but I'd first recommend doing the thing I recommended before jumping to conclusions. When this happens, it's only very temporary (like, I could jump back in after five minutes). Lastly, it could be a problem with your own connection, at least if this consistently happens at other sites. In that case, you'll have to mess around with your router or ethernet and possibly contact customer support for whatever you ISP is; many ISP's will intentionally throttle your connection speed after a little bit unless you nag them about it, which results in stuff like your connection to websites timing out.
  4. There may not be a part tomorrow, either. Cats are really terrible sometimes.
  5. I won’t be able to put a part out today because of my frickin cat. Thanks, cat :/
  6. Least Favorite FE Character?

    I feel if Charlotte was, like, wearing a dress or something appealing to men without being kinky/skimpy, she'd be more respected as a character. Though then again, a lot of people are naturally inclined to hate golddiggers, so there'd still be plenty who would hate her.
  7. What canceled games disappointed you most?

    I try to make a habit of not looking into what could have been, but that doesn't make me immune to this kind of thing. Apparently Capcom planned a Resident Evil Outbreak File 3, but it was scrapped because online sucked and that spinoff series didn't garner many fans in its heyday. Close to fifteen years after those games came out, and I'd still be more inclined to play some kind of remaster/remake of those games than a lot of modern RE, just as long as I get to still play as my favorite slow-ass school girl or the subway agent whose catchphrase is "my life is shit!". I still prefer B-horror RE over the more recent attempts at telling a serious story. Star Wars Battlefront 3 from Pandemic. I'm with Jingle, screaming at EA from the rooftops. About the only good thing that's come out of Battlefront lately is Disney bringing back online for the original Battlefront 2. Metal Gear Online 2 - the online mode for Metal Gear Solid 4 - was shut down, which I'd technically count as a cancellation (sort of like when an ongoing TV series gets cancelled). I kind of wish it wasn't. I liked that game's roleplay community better than the pissant roleplay communities of G-Mod (stuck up assholes, a good lot of them are). Dragon Ball Online - another online game whose service was cancelled - only because I would've liked to have seen what it was like and the origin of the two antagonists that keep showing up in DB games lately (Towa and Mira). And basically anything that was left Japan-only in regards to the Fire Emblem franchise counts. Though I feel like eventually every one of those games will get a remake, so honestly the only thing that'd count in the end would probably be the un-localized Fates DLC because that's obviously never coming to the west unless they pull a Disney and bring it back from the dead, like, ten years later for whatever reason.
  8. Did anyone got Selena's personal skill to work?

    There would be three situations I can think of where it'd be useful: The arena - if you send in a unit with a high level but low attack stats with the primary weapon (e.g. Kagero as a level 5 Onmoyoji), the burden of finishing the enemy might fall upon the partner. Let's say you had Ophelia as a level 10 master of arms and Selena as a level 12 bow knight wielding bows, and you're up against a general. Ophelia will very likely be doing no damage at all to the general, while Selena might do 3-5 damage per strike. However, Ophelia typically has decent skill and could probably proc a crit - that would do nothing for Ophelia's damage, but it'd be a boon for Selena to have that guaranteed crit. Using hidden weapons - knives and shurikens are really, really weak weapons, and the classes that use them don't typically have very high strength. Specifically, I could see it happening a lot with master ninjas - particularly Kaze and Saizo - because they'll have exceptionally high skill. Just give any ninja a barb shuriken (the hidden weapon's equivalent of a killer weapon) and Selena will almost certainly get her chance to shine. Fighting a high-defense/resistance unit - sort of ties in with what I was talking about in the first point, except this could happen outside the arena as well. Maybe when fighting Anankos, you could have Selena strike him with a super beefy bow, then have Corrin come in with a killer weapon to proc a crit, which will then enable Selena to also crit, finishing this ridiculously buffed up boss in one fell swoop. If it sounds like it's extremely situational... well, it kind of is, honestly. I'd only see it happening with certain pairs depending on the situation, and I feel like I'd be making them a liability if I try to set things up so that Selena could pull off her little skill. Also, I'd like the point out the irony in giving this kind of skill to a unit whose class is known for its high skill stat. And it still won't proc if she's wielding a non-crit weapon such as a bronze sword.
  9. Least Favorite FE Character?

    tbf, a lot of people also like Corrin. Granted, I'm pretty sure the pool of people who like Alm and the pool of people who like Corrin doesn't find much intersection, but still people seem to find things to like in these characters. Although I've only ever heard actual justifications for Alm, but I think that's mostly because this is the only FE community I visit for the most part and it's one of those communities that seems to have a past time of taking the piss out of Awakening/Fates and the idea of avatars.
  10. Least Favorite FE Character?

    Forgot to respond to other things/didn't want to clutter one post. - I don't feel that way for all the characters, I think there were a number of them that were great. Some of them are even my absolute favorite characters in the series. - I wouldn't have as much of a problem with her if she was 18 or older. Or heck, even her being 16 would've been better, because at least that's the typical standard for allowing teens to give consent. Though then again, I still am not a fan of love triangles; I don't know, maybe I'm cliche and just like straightforward love stories without all that stupid teenage drama. - I feel like I'd be on this site all day for the rest of my life if I went in-depth about the things I don't like about him, and half of it would be digging myself out of pits set up by people who might try to justify him to me. In the end, I just don't like it when supposedly heroic people die and make everyone around them more miserable because they were stuck in their ways, unless the narrative leaves the interpretation of those actions open or implies they were foolish. - It doesn't help that I'm creeped out by him wanting backrubs from Celica. - I would've put Corrin, but I already slapped Xander and Azura onto the Fates list and I really didn't want to make it significantly bigger than the others. - I know I can be quick to criticize other folks' critiques - negative or positive - but I do like hearing positive opinions on characters that I don't necessarily share. With pretty much every character besides probably Oboro and a few select others, I have not seen everything they have to offer and thus am always missing something that others see in them. @Thane I feel like I've always had a hard time describing to people why I have issues with Alm, which is exacerbated by the fact that so many people seem to say he's their favorite lord or one of their favorite characters. But you pretty much lined out how I felt about it, and also my issues with Azura. Speaking of, I know some people tend to make a distinction between story and supports, but I don't. The supports are meant to compliment the story - to make you care deeper about the characters as you progress through the story. This mostly applies to the characters who make frequent appearances in the story, like Xander and Azura. Yet the supports are the only good element of the plot; it's like if you had a unit with excellent skill and luck, but terrible everything else, it just can't work out. Not only that, but I feel any failings of the writing in a game should fall on the shoulders of the entire writing team; if characters' personalities were inconsistent in the plot and supports, all the writers should've done better to maintain communication instead of isolating themselves to work on their little pieces. Even one who writes high quality stuff is still a terrible writer if they don't bring their crap to the eyes of others in the writing team or an editor before officially publishing it. So yeah, I just don't see story!Xander and supports!Xander (or Azura's counterparts), I only see Xander and Azura. It also doesn't help that their actions cause the pain, suffering, and even deaths of characters I actually really like, especially since the narrative then writes all that off as just an "oh well, too bad" kind of deal in the end. Yeah, too bad I went and killed some of my favorite characters in the fecking game only because Azura couldn't get the idea to simply say "maybe there's another way".
  11. Least Favorite FE Character?

    Huh, well if we're gonna bring gameplay into this, lemme just bring Ryoma in to have a chat. Or how about just all the good royals from that game, for that matter? I hate how the designers basically went "let's make these extremely good units and then throw lackluster counterparts to those units just to make them look good". The fliers from Shadow Dragon didn't need punching bags to look good, they could just make punching bags out of the enemy. Conversely, I hate trying to use practically any armor knight/general in the series for obvious reasons. They could've just nerfed their speed and left everything else intact, but making them all have low movement is like breaking a turtle's legs and then smashing the poor bastard's shell. A lot of Awakening's 1st gen cast is also annoying to use simply because they aren't Chrom, Robin, or Frederick - pretty much the only units actually worth using seriously apart from maybe the mercs, pegasus knights, and dark mages (or those that can reclass into those - god, Cordelia had such a ridiculous class set). Donnel especially sucks to use if you don't know how to exploit the AI/map design to get him free grinding sessions. It always felt like I was the only person who had something of a soft spot for Soleil, even if I took issue with her harassing Ophelia in weird, creepy ways and awkwardly gawking about how gorgeous she thinks her mom is. Heh, I forgot to mention those two games. Probably because the original casts of those games were so forgettable, and also because I pretty much immediately started clinging to my favorite characters. I guess my least favorite from Warriors would be... the mother, simply because she's basically just an object of affection for the twins and nothing more. In Heroes, Alfonse was so forgettable to me that I almost didn't even remember his name; I literally don't remember what his personality was like or if he even had personality. So those are the characters I'll list. I actually like the Anna's in those games, ironically because I think they did more to develop her beyond simple greed than the last two games that had her did. Particularly in Warriors, but at least in Heroes Anna's primary occupation wasn't just merchant this time. I think the flanderization of her merchant side in Awakening was the worst thing that happened to her. Also, bear in mind I've never even gotten into Book 2 of Heroes. So literally the only characters I'm familiar with from that game are the siblings, "the summoner", Anna, and that doofy owl. So I only know, like, maybe a quarter or a sixth of that game's whole cast. But then again, these spinoffs don't really count for much in the storytelling/character department, do they?
  12. The Game Awards?

    Nah. I just think the idea of a media awards show is a joke and don't feel like putting even five seconds of serious thought into it. It'd be like if I were concerned about whether or not a school was discriminating against girls in red dresses in some high school popularity contest. Not worth a second thought. If I'm wrong about what I say about the awards show, then too bad, I guess.
  13. Well, here's a new part! And yes, we've already come upon the dreaded Matthis. What a pain in the ass you are, my friend.
  14. The Game Awards?

    Another reason I don't think FE: Treehouses will not be at the game awards. Japanese games showing up at the game awards is usually the exception, and that's only if they're really big like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Metal Gear Solid V. As much as FE has enjoyed some real booming success in recent years, it's still not at the point where the game awards will parade it around in their sorry excuse of a show. I wonder what kinds of people don't think the game awards sucks and watch them unironically thinking they're the best show every year. I only ever watch for people's reactions to how awful it is, the clips of all the failures, and any bits that contain news I'm interested in. As do most people, I believe.
  15. That usually happens either if you're erasing your cookies constantly or you're running a browser that doesn't keep cookies/browser history. I think incognito is a very likely culprit, though I can't answer why the frequency of your logouts are so inconsistent.