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  1. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Hey, you know what I just thought of that would be both really funny, and a cool implementation of stort/gameplay integration? Give the horses (the riderless, Other-army horses) in 3-whatever Daunt. Now them galloping around the place does have an effect relevant to your objective of causing chaos around the enemy camp.
  2. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    I think you would honestly be better off removing most of the outdatet stats from the front page. Leave the affinity and byprrythm chnages if you want (and add a WTA list), but remove the outdatet unit stats and growths.
  3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    You think you could change skill scrolls’s descriptions to be the same as their respective skills?
  4. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    And where does one watch his second playthrough?
  5. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    For those of you interested, shadow0825 semirecently stream his playtesting of RaDawnX (I'm really trying to come up with a good pet name here) on its by-then current state, up to the chapter with the muddy hostages. It's been a while since I watched it so it's not that fresh, but I can remember these main points: Shamicaiah rocks. Edward run out of swords (starting Slim Sword and the chest's Wind Edge) before reaching convoy and shop; consider switching starting weapon to Bronze Sword and have a myrmidon (either one of those in 1-1 or replacing a bandit in 1-E with one; I'd choose the latter) drop a slim sword. On that note, maybe you should reduce bronze weaponry's durability considerably, maybe to 15 (20 for bows). It's supposed to be used as a training tool after all and would break down easily from battle usage. And with their increased WEXP means you want the player to consciously decide to buy them occasionaly for that purpose, instead of always keeping one and carry it through many chapters while using it consistently. While dark magic's +7 Prot against metal weapons (which I assume you accomplish as a non-contrareciprocated weapon disadvantage from sowrds/lances/axes) does indeed seem a bit excessive in part 1, I'm confident that further into the game the much bigger HP pool sizes will balance it appropiately. Holy Starting Positions And Player/Enemy Reinforcement (lookin' at you, Sothe) Spawn Points Replacement Batman. Ilyana eats soldiers for breakfast. As a joke, give Fortune to Aimée. Would actually be a bit of RNG-proof to ensure she can tank a single hit she wouldn't normally get 1RKOed from. While the prison break map's advancing wall of doom was indeed very dooming, I'm not sure if it makes canonical sense for it to be there at that time. Instead, you could replace it with a lv20 sword-wielding general (give'im celerity if you can). If you can also replace the armored sword that represents Alder in the cutscenes with a general, even better, as it would make it clear it's him (shame he's not as a coded unit in any unused data, like Zelgius is). If you can replace promote his curscene unit like that, there's also no reason (besides contrasting with Jarod) you couldn't make him a Marshall, since his only confrontation is with the BK and being tier 3 wouldn't help him much anyway. Write some encouragement in Meg's entry (where her growths are); people might see them and your description and just assume she's still bad because of what she is, instead of thinking what different things she can do. Those druids in the desert are hilariously appropiate and useful.
  6. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    That last cutscene on today's video was a Dragonpapa reference, BTW- And a very neat one at that.
  7. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Speaking of magical weapons, do the wind sword do effective damage against fliers, or did you to give them the same effectivelessness flag as spirit tails? I do agree that the Dragon Fang should have antilaguz effectiveness, but I’m not sure I want my fliers to be done in by storm swords. I’m also thinking that instead of dark with poison, the Dark Axe could be made into a thunder axe in order to have magical weapons for each magic type. Might be okay to let it be effective against dracos, since about the only ax user with decent magic is Titania, and Wyrmslayers are a better alternative for dracoslaying purposes. You could make the Wishblade magic-based (Light) if you hvaen’t alreday, what with thta name and all; for boss-slaying purposes, the Heavy Spear is a bit stronger at the same weight but with less hit, and its 1-range only is a factor against Deghinsea’s mastery. Also rename the Heavy Spear to Glaive Voulge or Heavy Pike, to avoid confusing it with a ranged lance.
  8. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    No, I meant giving Stun as a personal skill, and wether that would work while the unit was still T2. Your current distribution sounds good enough though. Tanith's usefuleness as an anti-mage will depend on how numerous and dangerous the enemy sages are in parts 4 and 5; you giving S-rank anima tomes to any of them?
  9. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Does it happen with "map only" animations too? As for the Seraph knights, I dunno. Going just by the characters', I feel like Sigurd should be the tankiest one, Tanith the most offensive one, and Marcia the speediest. You could keep Blessing as their mastery but have Sigurd have Nihil or Cancel as her personal, Marcia with Crit +5 (ever considered using the +Crit skills as nontransferable personals?), and Tanith with Stun (wonder if animation works while she's still T2).
  10. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    One unrelated question I hoped you could answer, since you're probably the current eminence in RD code - do you know if Allied bishops using staves contribute towards the "Friendly army fought" BEXP?
  11. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Oh, so in the end your version variance will be coded by affinities? You were a bit ambiguous there though and kinda make it sound like in each version all maps will be of the same affinity, but that's not so, right? And anyway, what are the map/character matching affinity bonuses? I can't seem to find them anywhere explicitly on the internet. FE wikia also claims that it boosts item-finding chance, but I don't buy it.
  12. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux

    Any news, DLuna? I like hearing about your progress and any balancing dilemmas that may have arisen from time to time.
  13. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    Am I right in assuming that the player units' growths in Tactical Nonsense are fixed (that is, either 0% or 100%)? If so, then I must congratulate dat boi for how well calculated the enemy stats are - there are multiple instances (like the tomahawk pirate vs matthew, and mage vs jerry had the sweeping archer decided to attack him) where you could've very well have been left with only 1HP (had you full HP first), avoiding death only thanks to the previous levelup. Seems like the bait-n-switchy part was all bait to slow you down to your death.
  14. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    Dolphin’s experience seems to confirm that it can be beaten through different strategies, which is a very good thing for a difficult hack. Only one critique from me that Mark hasn’t mentioned yet - I understand that, while light in plot and dialogue, the hack wasn’t meant to be humorous - but I was expecting at leas one mention of how the victory was all thanks to the boulder haviang a dancing harem (and the fan-swinging recruit). That’s the fanart that needs to come out of this, I tell you.