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  1. I mean, how many units can/should I deploy for Awakening Lunatic? I was under the impression that 8-10 could be pretty good!
  2. My mistake. I got the Mi girls mixed up. Looks pretty solid to me!
  3. A lot of these seem really good but I believe that Setsuna X Azama is better for Midori. Ryoma also really likes Kagero or Rinkah himself!
  4. So I was really annoyed when I found out Shining Bow is unavailable on Birthright without using the Weapon Farming DLC, and even then, it could take forever to locate let alone win. I opted to try and make the MOST powerful Sakura I could without using DLC or scouting missions. Through a combination of staff grinding on the first couple bosses, I was able to promote her to Priestess incredibly early. I kept her in the class until I got Renewal, married her to Hayato, pumped her up with every stat booster I got my hands on, then class changed her to Onmyoji. The result was a supremely powerful, self-sufficient demigodess who could keep up with Ryoma in the final chapters. She capped her Magic and Speed and was able to tank multiple waves of enemies in the final chapter thanks to pair up bonuses and +1 Horse Spirit. Keeping her in Priestess for a bunch of levels was invaluable for the speed, skill, and defense growths. I know that none of this is revolutionary, but it really excited me to see Sakura blossom so well in the endgame. Sakura as a unit definitely requires a ton of investment, but I would argue that she has the most potential out of the staff users on Birthright and definitely the most flexibility. Tomefaire, Miracle, and Renewal gave her a ton of survivability and power. Her stats by Chapter 27 including horse spirit and Hayato pairup were Onmyoji Level 17 16 Strength 39 Magic 31 Skill 40 Speed 29 Luck 25 Defense 25 Resistance
  5. If I can only choose 5-6 first gen units, then I pick Chrom, Sumia, the Avatar, Cordelia, Lissa, and Olivia, and maybe Anna. I plan to grind Lissa as much as I can when I recruit her and grind Olivia to Level 30 in her join chapter. For child units, I will use Morgan, Severa, and Lucina, and I will definitely marry Lucina to my avatar. I can use Lissa, Anna, and Cordelia as Rescuers whilst using the children as Galeforce powerhouses! I suppose Olivia and Lissa may be permitted husbands whilst Cordelia's husband, either Vaike, Gregor, or Lon'qu (probably Lon'qu for the speed and skill)) will remain a pair-up fodder. My priorities will be: Getting Galeforce on Sumia in time to pass it down to Lucina, then moving Sumia through the Great Knight Class for Luna. Getting Galeforce on Cordelia to pass down to Severa. Moving Morgan through the Dark Flier class using the remaining experience pool after recruiting her. Staff Grinding and Promoting Lissa to Sage ASAP.
  6. I like Chrom, Owain, Frederick, Henry, Stahl, and to a lesser extent Gaius but seeing as how Owain can't get Galeforce in a no grind environment I was going to focus on funneling experience to my Avatar, Cordelia, Chrom, Lucina, and Severa! For my avatar, I always do +Magic, -Defense then reclass to dark sage to compensate for the defense growth. If Maribelle and Lisa are too redundant, I can always cut one but I like them paired together a lot haha and heal grinding is usually pretty straigt forwars!
  7. I have no doubts that Lissa and Maribelle can Staff grind as needed to keep up. Do you think I only need one healer? Who are some good, bulky, or armored units I can use? Cherche? Sully?
  8. I'm planning a Lunatic run (no DLC), but I still plan to make use of any special shops and random items that come my way. While endgame allows you to deploy 16 characters, I would much rather use 10-12 characters I really like and feed them up with experience. I also plan to have the Avatar marry Lucina as she is my fave.Anyway, how do these look? Do I really need someone bulky or mounted like a Great Knight or Paladin? I recognize that a lot of these characters are either squishy physical attackers or mages..... Units I plan to level up and use from their join chapter to endgame. ChromAvatarLissaMaribelleSumiaCordeliaOliviaLucinaSevera Pair-up bots Cordelia's Husband (Vaike, Lon'qu, or Gregor)Lissa's Husband (Ricken, Libra, or Henry)Olivia's Husband (Probably Frederick)Endgame PairupsDark Flier Sumia X Great Lord ChromGreat Lord Lucina X Grandmaster or Sage AvatarHero Severa X Falcon Knight CordeliaSage Lissa X Valkyrie MaribelleOlivia X Frederick
  9. I think it's super cool that between Est, Ninian, and Sakura, we have Brianna repping three-four generations of Fire Emblem vocally!
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to share this interview I conducted with Brianna Knickerbocker, the voice of Sakura and Charlotte in Fire Emblem Fates. She also performs as Est and Ninian in Fire Emblem Heroes. I had a lot of fun with it--hope you enjoy it too!
  11. I am doing a run where as soon as possible, I will only use the Male Avatar, Camilla, Selena, and Beruka as my only units up until endgame. The only remaining questions are which path, which difficulty, and which constraints. What say all of you?
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind feedback. I had a blast conducting the interview! I really wanted to get a feel for both Rena's professional work and her personal sentiments because the two are so intertwined.
  13. I just started writing for a new website, and I was lucky enough to interview the immensely talented Rena Strober. Sharing the link with everybody because I figured I'd find plenty of fellow Fates and Rena fans here! Hope you enjoy!
  14. Do they really matter for PVP? I am likely going to use Kinshi Knights for my PVP Revelations File, and since my attackers will be using Galeforce, it stands to reason that they will rarely be paired up ever. My question is: do support bonuses really matter that much compared to Awakening, or could I marry my Corrin to Azura or Selena instead of Nyx!Nina. Additionally, I will probably be using an Einhajar Kana from another file. Since I can download another Kana and my units are utilizing Galeforce and Rallies rather than pair up or Nohrian Trust builds, does it really matter who Corrin marries? I don't mind losing Dwyer or having a weaker Kana ingame.... Thanks!
  15. I I could go with Lancer. It always has such good skills.