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  1. Count to 802,701!

  2. Count to 802,701!

  3. [FE9] Random Draft being Random

    Prologue 4/4 Not much to say here except that Ike got a really nice level up! Chapter 1 3/7 The chapter wasn't too hard to get through. Drafting Boyd allowed me to visit the village that gives out the seraph robe. Ike gets another level up but it's not as great as his first one. Chapter 2 5/12 This chapter comes down to Boyd gaining speed on his level up. If he doesn't then I have to waste extra turns taking care of the fighters on his side. With the speed gain, he can double the fighters making it easier to finish the chapter. Chapter 3 5/17 Really wanted to kill the boss in one turn but after many tries, it just never happened.
  4. [FE6 RR] No BardTrain Draft

    Finally got to do another chapter after so long. Chapter 2: 4/13 Turns Wished I could have used Zeiss more during that chapter but then the enemies would have attacked my undrafted units. Decided to buy some more weapons just in case.
  5. [FE9] Random Draft being Random

    Then that leaves me with Sothe
  6. [FE9] Random Draft being Random

    Muarim and Lucia
  7. [FE9] Random Draft being Random

    Geoffrey and Bastian
  8. [FE6 RR] No BardTrain Draft

    Oh ok. Thanks.
  9. [FE6 RR] No BardTrain Draft

    Chapter 1: 9/9 Turns This chapter ending up taking me a little bit longer than I would have liked. I also ended up wasting a good amount of the silver sword in order to make sure I killed the archers then appeared in this chapter. Thanks to a lucky crit I was able to kill the boss quicker without wasting more of the silver sword. The video's audio quality is too great at the moment. Trying to find a way to improve that.
  10. [FE9] Random Draft being Random

    Tanith and Mist
  11. Count to 802,701!

  12. [FE9] Random Draft being Random

    Boyd and Makalov.
  13. [FE6 RR] No BardTrain Draft

    Oujay and Bors
  14. [FE6 RR] No BardTrain Draft

    Ray and Treck