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  2. [FE10] NM Draft

    Thanks! Part 1 - Prologue: Under Grey Skies Turns- 4/4 On turn 1 Micaiah would crit the first bandit. Edward, who I get for free this chapter, would then move in the range of the two closest bandits to lure them in. Edward would leave the bandit on the left with 3 HP while getting a crit on the bottom bandit. This is important as Edward is able to advance on his next turn. Turn 2 I moved Micaiah down to finish off the bandit for easy exp. I then moved Edward as far out as I could to the bandits. In order for the bandit blocking the boss to move, Edward needs to kill the bandit that attacks him in the front and on the right. Edward did crit the bandit in front of him, drawing out the other one. Turn 3 I moved Edward around the bandits so he was in the boss's range. I then moved Micaiah out in range of the 3 remaining bandits to try to get her some exp. Micaiah dodged all the attacks killing the bandits for a level up. Turn 4 I had Micaiah attack then Edward. Thankfully Edward dodged twice and was able to finish the boss on enemy phase that turn. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Micaiah Light Mage 2.43 16 2 7 9 7 10 2 5 D Light Sacrifice,Shove Edit: I did the chapter again because I wanted Micaiah to gain magic on her first level. Everything else was the same except that Edward crit the boss so Micaiah could get the kill and another level. Hope this is alright to do. Unit Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Weapon Level Skills Micaiah Light Mage 3.01 15 2 9 9 9 12 3 6 D Light Sacrifice,Shove
  3. [FE10] NM Draft

    I should be able to start mine soon but before I do, how do I make the chart to mark down my characters and stats?
  4. [FE10] NM Draft

    Then I'll be the one to take Fiona as I have Mia and Rhys already.
  5. [FE10] NM Draft

    I'll take Bastian @Sturm
  6. [FE10] NM Draft

    Sorry, my laptop was having some problems. Everything should be ok now. I guess I'll take Caineghis @Junkhead
  7. [FE10] NM Draft

    Rhys @Sturm
  8. [FE10] NM Draft

    Calill, @Junkhead
  9. [FE10] NM Draft

    I guess I'll pick Kieran @Sturm, Your turn
  10. [FE10] NM Draft

    Mia, @Junkhead
  11. [FE10] NM Draft

    Oscar @Sturm, your turn
  12. [FE10] NM Draft

    For my first pick, I think I'll go with Volug. @Junkhead, your turn.
  13. [FE10] NM Draft

    Count me in! Always wanted to do a draft with my favorite game in the series.
  14. Count to 802,701!

  15. Count to 802,701!