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  1. Monkey 927 chugged a container of acid, mistaking it for lemonade.
  2. Good news, I apparently do have a discord, so if you want to talk to me on that, then just contact Clarinets#6880. Or friend me, if that's required to contact me. In addition, I will also answer messages over Serenes Forest PM.
  3. I took a break from trying to 1CC MoF today to replay the EoSD extra stage with Marisa A. I wish I would've tried her on the extra stage before, if only to consistently capture Royal Flare.
  4. I don't know how I survived that long.
  5. ##Vote: Jiac
  6. I'm pretty sure I accidentally killed everyone I talked to.
  7. ##Phase Extension
  8. I'm available over Serenes Forest PM if you want to talk to me.
  9. I've gotten back into trying to 1CC MoF on Hard mode with ReimuC.
  10. 25 Yusuke Kitagawa0 Futaba Sakura
  11. 24 Yusuke Kitagawa2 Futaba Sakura
  12. 22 Yusuke Kitagawa6 Futaba Sakura
  13. 20 Yusuke Kitagawa 10 Futaba Sakura
  14. 17 Yusuke Kitagawa16 Futaba Sakura