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  1. New ~Official Touhou Chat Thread~

    1cc'd Touhou 10 on Hard mode. I will be attempting a 1cc of this game on Lunatic too.
  2. Probably should've expected that.
  3. What does HS stand for?
  4. It seems like this whole thread is a metaphor.
  5. Count to 802,701!

  6. Quick December EiMM - Game Over

    Thank you.
  7. Quick December EiMM - Game Over

    Good game! This was a really fun setup.
  8. Count to 802,701!

  9. 1000 Monkeys

    Monkey 927 chugged a container of acid, mistaking it for lemonade.
  10. Good news, I apparently do have a discord, so if you want to talk to me on that, then just contact Clarinets#6880. Or friend me, if that's required to contact me. In addition, I will also answer messages over Serenes Forest PM.
  11. New ~Official Touhou Chat Thread~

    I took a break from trying to 1CC MoF today to replay the EoSD extra stage with Marisa A. I wish I would've tried her on the extra stage before, if only to consistently capture Royal Flare.
  12. EiMM: All Stars (Won by Ice, Paper, PKL, and Rein!)

    I don't know how I survived that long.