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  1. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New video where Mark talks about how game design can influence players' behavior.
  2. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New video where Mark talks about how the fangame AM2R and Metroid: Samus Returns both change Metroid 2 in different ways and how these changes affect the core emotional experience the player will have.
  3. Anyone saw the Kemono Friends meltdown on Twitter?
  4. New SMT Switch Info coming next month

    Do you guys hope for a more formulaic title in the veins of SMTIV, something more experimental like Nocturne or a little bit of both a la Strange Journey? Because to me, SMTIV felt too vanilla and too much like a game that covers the same old stuff instead of something that felt fresh, i also have a problem with how both that game and Apocalypse portrayed Alignments. And i feel something different is what the mainline series needs right now.
  5. Villain Ideas

    From /r/FireEmblem: "That's an idea that always sounds a lot more fun then it is. Stories with a villain protagonist are rare because it's pretty hard to get the reader invested in the fate of a bad person who is doing bad things. I think a better compromise would be something like The First Law where the main characters are deeply flawed characters who could easily be the villains of another story, but have wound up as the "heroes" of this one. People with a shred of decency in a world that has even less then that."
  6. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New Video where Mark discuess detective video games.
  7. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New Video where Mark discusses detective video games.
  8. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New Boss Keys video where Mark talks about A Link Between World's dungeon design.
  9. What classes do you want to see come back?

    I personally feel like giving the gryphons an actual in-universe presence and class would be pretty neat (Gryphon Rider -> Gryphon Knight), but i can't think of a combat role they could have that would set them apart enough, make them very fast and they would just be re-skinned Pegasus Riders, make them too offense based and they would just be re-skinned Wyvern Riders, make them too tanky and you're just making Knights even more obsolete, any ideas? Outside of that, Pirates and mounted archers.
  10. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New video where Mark talks about what makes Ori and the Blind Forest's Ginso Tree dungeon so great.
  11. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New video where Mark announces the results of the Game Jam he made with the theme of his Downwell video in mind.
  12. What artstyle do you want for the cutscenes?

    I would unironically watch a Thunderbolt Fantasy-style Fire Emblem show.
  13. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New video where Mark talks about the problems that come with trying to turning the Dark Souls games' formula into a genre.
  14. Inspiration from past games

    Bring back GBA style Canto, but give it limitations to balance it, for one, don't allow it after attacking, that's just too much, and second, give it limitations, i've seen some people suggest that units shouldn't be capable of using it if they don't have enough HP, which i think is a fair limit. Also, bringing back Dismount could be cool if done well, just give each mounted class have a foot counterpart with lesser stats so that they can still play a similar role in combat they did before.
  15. Do you think 8-4 will do localization?

    Even if the "side" you were on was right, that doesn't change the fact that nobody will listen to someone who is the living incarnation of the "Autistically Screeching" meme, seriously, as shadowofchaos said, when you make other people with similar stances as yours stop believing in those stances because of what you say, you know you're an idiot, i mean, Jesus, who the fuck takes someone who says "Cuck" unironically seriously?