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  1. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    The art director was Kusakihara, you can see his design concepts for Awakening at least just by going to the wiki pages of the classes: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/File:Dark_Mage_Male.jpg http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/File:Dark_Mage_Female_1.jpg http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/File:Fighter.jpg http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cleric.jpg
  2. Higher resolution of the Arcade Mode magazine scans, seems like Hit, Black (Rosé form) and Beerus are in.
  3. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    How about Pako? He's my favorite Type-Moon artist, his art is gorgeus and and he doesn't suffer from any sameface problem: https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/899086756699455489 https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/796319583174934529 https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/916549893262524416 https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/811839250211536896 https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/895228710160285696 https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/921718637332795393 https://twitter.com/pakosun/status/924545011244417024
  4. Here's an interview that mentions it: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations/daizenshuu-2-akira-toriyama-super-interview/ Also, after the Androids Saga, Gohan even won the character popularity poll, so to say fans didn't like him is just untrue.
  5. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New video where Mark talks about the best levels of 2017.
  6. Favorite anime OPs/EDs?

    Samurai Heart - Gintama FIGHTER - Sangatsu no Lion Koko - Kyousougiga Innocence - Barakamon Ambiguous - Kill la Kill
  7. Let's gush about cel-shaded video games

    A little unrelated: There are rumours that due to the profits of it's mobile games and of KOFXIV, that SNK is making a sequel to Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and that it will use a visual style that tries to be similar to Guilty Gear Xrd. I really hope it's true, SNK has made some of my favorite fighting games ever and to see their next big comeback game (Since KOFXIV, while great, was a little lukewarm in it's reception) be rendered in such a gorgeous style would be insane. Anyway, when it comes to the topic at hand: I. Love. Okami. It's my favorite game of all time and i could spend hours writing poorly-written walls of text on why i love it so much, and like many, the gorgeous looks of are one of my favorite parts of the game, the use of cel-shading to emulate thick brushes is fantastic and adds so much to the mythical and folktale-esque tone the game goes for, this game is just a feast for the eyes:
  8. What kind of story do you want to see?

    You don't need a monster for the final boss to feel epic, Zephiel was a far more epic final boss than Idoun and so was Ashnard in comparison to Ashnerah. Really, just like how writing is far more about actual writing rather than plot ideas and events, perceived scale is far more about presentation than actual ideas, a final battle against a human can feel far more like an epic, myth-like clash with the right tone than a typicial dragon baddie.
  9. Side character ideas

    An insecure Cavalier or Pegasus Knight who is a bit of a coward, althrough not to insufferable levels like Matthis. Maybe make them have a foil of the same class who acts like an archetypical brave and confident hero. An older, more rough and less bishonen earlygame Myrmidon who acts more casual, loving to drink and party. A cool and serious (But not stoic) Myrm/Merc woman who leads her own mercenary crew, maybe with an eyepatch, shut up it would be cool. (I think one of the characters in FE12 was like that wasn't it?) A Thief who is an escaped slave and who joins the player's army in hopes that in the future the player will help them reform their nation. Tries to be an optimist to not let their former circustances get to them.
  10. What makes a main character well written?

    It all really depends on the role of the main character since there, but it's generally agreed that a main character in a story-driven game like Fire Emblem has to be at least: Fleshed out, we must understand the Lord as a person, we must be able to understand their emotions, their motivations and perhaps even unimportant aspects of their characters in order to make them feel real and human, it doesn't matter if the main character is a heroic goody-two-shoes or a morally grey anti-hero, they should still always feel like a human being. Dynamic, the main character should not remain static throught the entire story, he needs to face conflicts which force him to change the way he thinks and/or approaches different sittuations, basically, he needs to receive character development because having him be basically flawless from the beginning doesn't create for the most nuanced or interesting conflict. However, i will say one thing: A main character doesn't need to be both of those to be well written, while yes, a character who is both fleshed out and dynamic is great, it's not outright necessary, a main character might only need to be one of these to be well written, and this doesn't apply only to main characters, but to most character writing as well. If i had to create a chart or graph where the X line goes from Flat/Fleshed Out and the Y line goes from Static/Dynamic, i wouldn't necessarily put every character i'd consider good in the upper right corner, some characters only need to be one of these types, if not neither, i mean, i don't think a comic relief character needs to be either, and there is also the case of so called Force of Nature Villains and Plot Device Characters, both of which can be static and flat while still being as well-written as these types of character can be. Really, it's all about understanding a character's role and the type of story you're writing, i don't mind a main character like Sol Badguy being flat and static because he's part of a crazy fighting game franchise with a hard rock and heavy metal aesthetic, not a modern epic comparable to ancient mythology. Meanwhile, someone like Corrin fails in their role as a main character because Fire Emblem Fates is supposed to be a story with a nuanced main conflict, yet our main character is someone we barely know anything about outside of their basic backstory, but we also don't see them change or reflect on their character flaws, and the fact that they're a player avatar means they have to be as average and easy to self-insert in as possible, meaning they can't be interesting in a different way, as the main character in a story-driven game, they absolutely fail.
  11. What kind of story do you want to see?

    Focus more on the war itself, bring back pre-chapter narrations, explain why each battle is important and always try to bring up the current state of the conflict whenever an important event occurs. Make it feel like this is an actual war with stakes. Give characters an actual reason to do what they do, this goes for both heroes and villains, even if it's as barebones as "I always heard stories about gallant knights as a child so i wanted to be one" and "Im a villain who does bad things because i like money", just don't let the main driving reason for the characters in the game to exist be just to exist. This is something i think FE8 did really well, most of the characters have good reasons to be there instead of just existing. A lord with a more varied personality, now im not someone who seriously thinks every Fire Emblem lord is the exact same like some people do, but i still want to see a lord who is different on a surface level, i've already said before a more arrogant and naive lord would be a good way to do this, but there are still many ideas for lords that could make for interesting main characters.
  12. The only ones left from my wishlist are Hit and Beerus (Both of which seem likely), Roshi (Less likely) and Arale (Much less likely, but fighting games have been having a guest character craze right now so who knows?).
  13. Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit

    New Boss Keys where Mark discusses the dungeon design in The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Link's Adventure.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    So... something interesting happened to me: I sold my old phone and bought a new one, and when i got the new one, i downloaded both the JP and NA versions of FGO as usual to play them again, but then that interesting something happened: I completely forgot bind codes could only be used once. I lost everything. All of it. On my NA account, i had Herc, Emiya, a NP2 Carmilla, a NP3 Martha, Atalanta, Mary & Anne, and even Vlad. And when it comes to JP stuff: And i lost all of it, literally all of it. I don't even feel sad as much as i just feel empty, like something drained all of my emotions towards the game, i had been playing the JP version for a year and the NA version ever since it launched, and now it's all just gone, my progress, the servants i rolled, everything. Sorry, i just had to vent about it a bit. I just feel so stupid right now.
  15. One thing people should know: The reason why the writing between Yamazaki's games and Takumi's games are so different has more to do with how they're made, Takumi's games are well. Takumi's games, he comes up with all the ideas himself and writes them line by line, every single piece of witing is done by him. Yamazaki on the other hand doesn't really "write" the games himself, he works with a team, one which he shares ideas with until they all try to make some cohesion out of all of it, which is why his writing might come off as dry and jumbled to the ones who dislike it. Obviously, if you dislike Yamazaki's writing, im not saying he shouldn't be blamed in any way, as it's clear he is responsible for certain heavily criticized aspects of his games' writing, such as the obssession with trying to make AA more than just a lawyer game. (For those who don't know, Yamazaki has said in an interview he thinks a game like Ace Attorney needs more than just it's premise to hook audiences, and that you need to have some sort of big hook like "Dark Age of Law" or "A country that hates lawyers!?)