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  1. My main team is Olivia/Ryoma/Nino/Reinhardt, though I'll do some plug and play here or there depending on certain quest parameters. Hector sometimes fills in Nino's position if I need a more defensive green than offensive. Minerva can also fill depending on terrain. My horse team is Xander/Olwen/Reinhardt/Priscilla, though if I ever want to use them in arena I'm working on a Cecilia. She just got her Gronnblade+.
  2. I remember the Chinese dictionary I had when I was a kid used the radicals for lookup It wasn't that bad though Also had a list of every emperor ever in the back, categorized by dynasty that was neat Yeah I want another Olwen for merges but I think I'll save what I get for now If I don't like the new banner then hey, more for Olwen
  4. Did this with my usual team, first shot. Made Rein poke the axe, then repo him out with Ryoma. Ryoma takes the bow dude and then vantagekills axe and is left with 1 hp. Next turn everyone retreats. Then Nino kills the lance cav, and takes out blue mage on enemy phase. Rein chips axe flier so Ryoma can finish. Then Rein takes out Lloyd with an Olivia dance. Not bad.
  5. Possibly the bf might not be happy with that
  6. Yeah I remember seeing that somewhere as well The scale is probably not exact since they're kinda chibiish (there's ~4inches between ryoma and xander based on cutscenes but they're placed next to each other with very minimal difference here) but I think for relative heights it's probably accurate and man there's like a shitton of female characters all around the same height range haha
  7. I'll trade Also I order my mattresses online
  8. I'll take that over nobody taking you seriously and needing to do overhead lifts for heavy things that are otherwise not overhead lifts for taller people you know how hard it is to put an air conditioning unit on the window when you're short also wrt age I'm a few days from being 24 and I'm ok if people think I'm a college student but it's a bit insulting when someone asks me, a masters degree holder, when will I graduate high school I didn't work my ass off and fuck up my sleep schedule so bad that I'm a year out of grad school and still haven't fixed it for people to think I'm still in high school
  9. Looking at the OA again though I can probably buy a 5'6" Hin since I looked more closely and she's standing with feet apart which makes you look shorter than you actually are
  10. I just looked at the OA and eyeballed Corn seem to be more along the lines of ~5'6" there, which is probably fine for the smaller male corn which is what's used as the default. Hinoka's standing a bit further back so there's persepective and there is a good subtle amount of height between them. Tall male Corrin is probably taller than that. this is what im going by I'm pretty down with 5'7" yeah let's do this
  11. I'm so jealous soooo so jealous I would love to be tall holy shit
  12. I mean I wish Hin could be 5'7" but her official art ballparks her at...not that tall. If she's 5'7" then Xander would have to be like 6'7" and I know Xander is a tree but he's not that much of a tree. 5'4" is my height. A lot of my other asian girl friends are 5'1". If you're a 5'7" woman in Asia you could be a model. If Rinkah's gonna be canonically not very tall, might was well own up to that and just be a short strong buff who can punch you out or something.
  13. She's not really much shorter than most of the Hoshido female cast, though...? Like I'd ballpark her around 5'1"- 5'3" (if I estimate Hinoka to be around 5'4" based on a 168 written above Takumi's design that puts him at 5'6") which is perfectly normal adult height for a Japanese woman. Average, even. If the average Asian woman is the height of a child to you, this is why we're pissed off all the time.
  14. What kind of kids in grade school do you have around your area because what the everloving hell