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  1. Yeah the FE4 cast got a set of figures. Ayra's was a hidden bonus thing, though, so she's much harder to find and costs an arm and leg to get.
  2. That's part of the reason i don't like it
  3. I prefer the other manga.
  4. but i don't like lex/ayra
  5. well then i will have a bajillion orbs i can spend on potentially having more ryomas no
  6. Dude man I just use android users, what root If i don't roll Ayra on my alt then i just make more reroll alts, ez Nah my main is too beefed up to not be my main but i'd just like to have her somewhere My main has like 20+ 5*s and my +spd Ryoma it's not going anywhere
  7. I don't have enough orbs to keep it to 1 gotta have a safety net for when ayra shows up
  8. Can't even really say that actually bc my main has absurd 5* luck but it just also doesn't have 2+ ryomas
  9. sadly no, my ryoma +n dreams are shatter but i got a leo actually not entirely true i got a ryoma, just on my alt, he's -spd +def lmao
  10. Mine is -Atk +Res lol I can see the case for +Spd -Atk if we're going for flying tank build, though, since she hits pretty hard anyway. I have a +spd -atk Ryoma that I run kinda off-tanky and I love him (though the calcs still favor -res and -hp over that) so I can see the logic
  11. My alt has no such luxuries My main has a +spd -def minerva, though 32 def after fury is still respectable and I actually have the resources to do flier squad on my main ...except I don't have Caeda ...I have Hinoka though ...I also had exactly 1 Hinata on my main and that went to Ryoma who's been waiting for the longest damn time
  12. speaking of -atks my minerva on my alt account is a -atk I went fury build with her so she's running more like a flying tank right now, with 35def and 28 res. I'll need to put bonfire on her.
  13. Same. I only fight enemies when I feel I'm forced to--sometimes I go back to a shrine to promote somebody and the next thing I know I get ambushed, or I end up fighting someone in the dungeons because I'm not very good at running past them/feel I can't run past them so I might as well do the initiation to get an advantage. Honestly my life would be a lot better if I didn't have to deal with all those extra enemies I don't need to fight. The only exception is when someone's at like, lv 9.93 so i go and grab them the level so i can promote before the next map. Otherwise I try to avoid them when I can.
  14. I actually do like Clive as well--not one of my favorites, but I feel he's one of those understated characters who gets written off because he's not "exciting" but there's more to him. I like that he's trying to do the right thing, but his prejudices still show (which is realistic) and he learns to overcome them. I also like his more pragmatic outlook as a contrast to alm's--while in FE, alm's works out more because you gotta recruit everyone etc, clive's outlook is honestly more realistic and I can appreciate that. Also Clive/Mathilda is best couple It's a shame he's pretty meh as a unit, though