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  1. Aside from Leif/Finn/Nanna, my favs are Galzus, Mareeta, Amalda, Machua, Ced, Saias, Dean, and Evyel. So I'd pull for them. Also Glade is cool
  2. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Infantry: Ryoma doesn't understand this concept of "effective damage" towards him. Nino killed the mages in one enemy phase, Ryoma cleared out the rest. Cavs: Cecilia (+spd -res) with Fury, DD3, and Fortify + Ward buffs survives Gronnwolf with exactly 1 HP and then does 90 dmg to Ursula with vantage glimmer. Everything else was pretty trivial. Armor: Omnibreaker Hector kills green cav and then bonfire Ursula's ass. BK takes it from there. Arden kills green armor. Fliers: Definitely the hardest one of the bunch and I had to do a lot of build adjustments. ...actually I didn't try if I could do the turn 1 double mage bait with Corrin. Might see if that's doable next time it comes around.
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Into the Ground (Corrin and Azura)

    Did a clear with the Hoshifam. I only had enough SP on Hinoka for Lancebreaker 1 for a clean Azura ORKO at the end so that's why I switched from Fury to Darting Blow.
  4. Grand Hero Battle: Robin (F)

    Oops he did it again Also this was basically my infantry emblem, swap Hinoka with some infantry and this will still work Armors: used the Fury BK Hone Wardx2 Spur Spd 2 strat Fliers: buffed Scorn into ORKOing the axe, tanked the 2 mages, and gradual retreated until i beat up everyone Cavs: same deal as fliers but with Blarblade Olwen
  5. Ryoma, Peerless Samurai

    I would add QR seal in general to his builds--even with Steady Breath and Close Def depending on enemy merges, natures and buffs sometimes he can't reach the def thresholds to double her naturally. QR also allows you to bypass wary fighter builds on armors, and with weapon refinery enemies stacking +spd, fury, and spd refines, they can be difficult to double even buffed (ex. I ran into a 48 spd Raven in arena this one time when my buffs on Ryoma nets him 50 spd) I also want to note that the usefulness of vantage on him goes down as enemies get higher merged and mages become less common.
  6. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Ryoma currently has the highest number of skills (build options) in my squad. I think last I checked it was around 120 or so if you count Fury 1,2,3 etc separate. Usually runs Steady Breath for ghbs. Rein has this weird ass antibow build since I run 2 Distant Counters and Blyn likes to run DD3/Dmag3 sometimes but it synergizes quite well with the team. He also has a shitton of skills and can swap builds on the fly, including... egg :3 (oh yeah they're married)
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    (but lumi why are there fliers) (bc I can't not deploy 4 so they're the easiest to get out of the way that's why) (and no hinoka's lance goads herself not ryoma there are no buffs on him)
  8. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    Pretty easy GHB overall. Might get the Usual Squad + Hoshido fam clears up later tonight Trying to Ryoma solo is frustrating though because he's short exactly 1 atk and i need all his skill slots for stuff, and im not allowing buffs managed to clear it with only him killing everyone but one of my fillers had to take a hit bc there was nowhere to run and that was feelsbad
  9. Standard Lumisquad(TM) clear (Feat a very unusual Rein): Hoshido Clear: Armors: [VLyn, Hector, BK, Arden] Put my new VLyn to work. ORKOd sword with a Hone Armor from Hector. Took a bow to the face. Gave the team Armor March. My usual Hector + 3 swords setup was just not gonna work here. Horse: [Xander, Olwen, Cecilia, BLyn] Cecilia MVP Fliers: [Hinoka, Minerva, Cherche, Palla] Lol
  10. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Ryoma's +4, but with the summoner support he has stats similar to a +9. Hinoka did a bit more in a previous clear, but I wanted to get a Ryoma v Xander battle in and that resulted in him killing most of the enemies on the map too, lol She does force Xander's AI into attacking Ryoma, though, since they're similar statted defensively except Hinoka has WTA. She also gets to do more in my fliers clear, including beating the shit out Xander himself and getting some use out of her refine.
  11. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Team Hoshido Vs Xander with Ryoma fighting Xander. 1v1, even.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    First GHB I've managed to get Ryoma to solo \o/ also for the emblem quests infantry: ryoma olivia nino lancina: ryoma still did the bulk of the work and the baiting but nino sniped michalis and sharena killed some lances horse: xander rein blyn priscilla: rein snipes zanbato horse and tanks lance flier (lancebreaker B), retreats and then xander tanks everything while rein and blyn sniped fliers: palla cherche hinoka scorn: i don't even remember what I did, they killed things armor: bk hector arden draug: bk soloed most of it with some ward stacks and close def, then hector came in for the slaying spear at the end
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    I did my usual team here--ryoma's positioning above rein was a misclick the first time I ran this, but it was a damn good misclick. It prevented the cav from using draw back, and Ryoma's ally support made Rein just fast enough to prevent getting doubled, which lets him survive and get repo'd and heal himself on red armor down there. This is another clear I did for fun; Ryoma finally got Steady Breath after months of deliberation and I'm having a bit of fun with it.
  14. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    same squad as usual, nino did her best.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s!

    I had to google Ardyn but it's the floofy hair isn't it :P