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  1. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    I'm going something more defensive with fury qr close def seal spd refine though bc spd is bulk but i have rocks to go def refine too
  2. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    Yeah I'm pretty bummed about Finn's lack of prf, when people who didn't even have prfs are getting prfs it's stupid that the guy who actually has a prf didn't. Looking at his statline I'm thinking of building him more mixed/enemy phase with a slaying lance. Got 128k feathers saved up and will promote whoever I need to for any 5* SI.
  3. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    TT bonuses is gonna be fun with my +9 OG Rein. Got some meme builds I want to run on him that's probably a bad idea usually, but TT bonuses exist and enables them. Something something egg something close counter. It'll be great. Also got both Olwens and Leif so I'm pretty good on bonuses.
  4. Ryoma, Ayra, and Hector can pity break me whenever they want regardless of how many copies I have. Ryoma and Hector are my main guys so I want merges and Ayra's my favorite character on par with Ryoma so even though I don't need her for arena score I still would like merges. Minerva, Olwen, other Olwen, and Swordhardt (once Thracia is over) can also pity break me, though I might be a bit bummed if it's a pity breaker pulling for one of the above 3. Otherwise I'm down for them showing up over mostly anyone else, though. A lot of good units I don't have I could stand to be pitybroke once or something. Especially Elincia. Please come home. Also wouldn't mind Bike.
  5. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    Took a few tries but was pretty manageable for the Lunatic blessing stuff. Beat Infernal a while ago so probably won't bother again. Water: Ryoma Reinhardt Hector Fjorm (arena team) Earth: Ayra Lancina Fae Sakura Fire: Xander Olwen Olwen(T) Priscilla Wind: Olivia Nino Tana ATiki
  6. Saved up a bunch for this banner bc I'm a Thracia ho and it was originally meant for Finn Finn ends up being TT reward, okay, being free is nice but no Prf makes me sad Also totally didn't expect dire sib alts and on one hand hhh non-seasonal alts but on the other hand they're my other thracia favs so I gotta pull for them anyway First day, dropp 240 orbs, get Leo on the freepull and Karel after 5.25, super frustrating Today I have orbs again so I do a couple of pulls, get Olwen!!!! and Leif in like 50 orbs so that's really nice, if I don't get Rein I'm sure he'll show up on another banner sometime anyway
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Clarisse!

    4th Ryoma solo this one has pretty good enemy comp for him to solo, only 1 blue and doesn't even have swordbreaker! Blarblade does a whole 43 dmg when defiant atk is up though so Ryoma can't get hit by that and needed to get on the def tiles asap.
  8. My first run was with my arena team running their arena sets and I managed to clear it first run but I had to run from Grima for like 3 turns for positioning and shit Hinoka barely made the ORKO Came home and actually swapped skills to stuff more suited for PvE and it wasn't too bad
  9. Bound Hero Battle: Guardians of Paradise

    Theme Team Clear (Hector, VEliwood, VLyn, Ninian) Cavalry Clear (No Grani, Reinhardt uses an egg)
  10. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    Vike should be pretty good here, he even has a breath skill for free to charge those Aethers. QR seal or QR2 in his B should be good enough.
  11. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Not sure if i even want to try for a 5054 this week if that isn't guarantee to stay in 20 Don't want to waste my crests to fish for that if that won't hold New scoring system a shit
  12. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    map was so easy i almost didn't even want to do a video but i did it for completionist sakes free vike with like qr2 can probably do ryoma's job or something
  13. Ryoma, Peerless Samurai

    I think there's some merits to -res over -hp, especially since -hp is a 4bane and in the super high upper tiers you don't fight as many magic-hitting units (grima and winter tharja are 2 big ones, though, but you shouldn't be taking more than 1 hit against them regardless), though -hp is pretty nice for wrath and it's not a huge deal either way if you're not getting oneshot. +spd is still his best, though, since one of the best counters against bold fighter armor is just player phasing them, and I can see +atk having some trouble outspeeding a forged bold amelia enough to properly kill her on player phase. +Spd should still get enough atk to cleanly orko the slower, bulkier greens such as WChrom and Vector. +Spd is also good in being able to avoid being doubled by faster swords like Ayra, which means you can use quick riposte to double her instead. If you get doubled by Ayra you basically just die and can't even activate quick riposte when you're dead, so there's that. You shouldn't initiate into Ayra anyway unless you can kill her before she hits back anyway (or is a very bulky blue, preferably running guard). Her best build involves just straight oneshotting you if you hit her. You can always quick riposte when you can just edge not getting doubled in, but there's no point in trying to get +5 spd on her (or Mia, who runs something similar but less powerful) anyway.
  14. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    Why do I do dumb shit like this Got Ryoma to OHKO Zeph. The setup was a pain in the ass, since my calcs missed the ward armor dude so I couldn't do it on turn 1 EP without using armorsmasher, but I wanted to do it with Raijinto so I did it with Raijinto. Reinhardt is running Spur Atk 3 and Spur Atk 1 seal, Sakura has Spur Atk 3 as well.
  15. Heroes Crackships Thread

    Ryoma x Reinhardt My #1 and #2 units and they're always on the same team, to the point where I rarely even put Rein on horse emblem anymore (especially after I introduced Attack Tactic to the team). Then I thought about it and I think it could work, sad big bros who (sometimes, in Ryoma's case) watch their siblings go on opposite paths and have some level of abandonment issues Hector x Vector Because Hector's true love is Armads