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  1. Ayra because what's Judgral
  2. FE1/3/11/12: Minerva, Navarre FE4G1: Ayra, Travant and Finn are kinda tied FE4G2: Larcei, Shannan FE5: Olwen, Reinhardt FE6: Echidna, Cecilia FE7: Hector, Vaida FE8: Seth, Gerik FE9/10: Titania, Lucia FE13: Sully, Flavia FE14: Ryoma, Rinkah FE15: Mathilda, Saber
  3. Used my standard team to clear it as usual played enemy phase nino with S olivia, res+1 seal, and fort res 1 buff, lives both mages together with 1 hp hella
  4. Ryoma is a pretty obvious choice for me---not only is he my favorite character, but he also is a longtime mainstay of my arena team and also benefits from all his stats raised given his mixed PP/EP playstyle. I also S ranked him with Reinhardt since I use the two together all the time.
  5. Hector's like one of my favorite FE characters overall Go Ostia
  6. If you're in compsci I highly recommend getting a summer internship around breaks, and you can go for retail/fast food during the semester if the workload is not too bad. That internship experience is going to help a lot more in the tech industry, though. I work in tech and I've helped with the interview process at the places I've worked at and having internship experience definitely helps when you finish school and apply for entry level software dev. It makes employers more likely to consider you for an interview. It does help that--granted I don't know where you are, but around my area--software dev internships are paid, and pay really well at that.
  7. Map 3 is hella annoying so I pulled out 3 blade horses and xander Xander ended up killing like 3 of them, though
  8. Pulled 4* Rein as a free yolo pull on blades. Which is good because I can make a +3 Reinhardt after sufficient feathers now. I kinda feel like an ass :P
  9. I really hope Seth has good stats to compensate for his starting kit He was my first favorite character in FE I want him regardless, but
  10. I might have a (small chance) of actually staying in 20 this week. Score of 4862 \o/ Just gave Ryoma Aether to further boost scores, though. Next I'll make another Rein merge level then give him Aether too.
  11. I did something dumb and got the rest of my team killed except Celica and then Celica soloed the next map those bonuses are bork anyway WingsLivia, Ninian, Nino, and Celica makes a great team
  12. Beat Squad Assault. Map one took me like 3 tries because I was dumb and didn't notice that Robin somehow didn't have TA3 equipped (possibly doing something for a GHB test earlier or w/e). Everything else is first try. 1 - RobinM (TA3 Swordbreaker), Cherche(Brave Axe+), Hana (there for the rally atk), Sakura 2 - Hector, Draug (there for ward armor), Ninian, Wrys 3 - Cecilia (Gronnblade+ Fury Hone Cav), Camus(Fury Vantage Fort Cav), Gunther (another Hone so I don't have to bring everyone on the built team), Lachesis 4 - Olwen (LD2 Blarblade Hone Cav), Xander(Fury QR2 Fort Cav), Prissy (Hone Cav), Julia (Lancebreaker 1) 5 - Ryoma (Fury), Rein (standard QP Moonbow set), Nino (Fury Desp), Olivia aka my standard A team Shoutouts to Gunther for faceblocking axecav so Cecilia didn't have to take a hit, also red mage went for Prissy instead of Julia probably bc Julia had Dragon Fang up which is pretty funny but also let Julia keep lancebreaker up to shove Dragon Fang into blue peg which she wouldn't have killed otherwise
  13. This should be multiselect also Seth Josh and Gerik too but we do have a lot of swords, Josh can get Audhulma as a prf though that might be cool. Duessel is cool, Cormag is cool, Larachel is cool Selena GHB sounds great, always down for more mounted tomes
  14. Ryoma and Xander partnering up is my jam. Hit that one so fast.
  15. I don't have any of the summer units so rip bonus rate, but I'll be going for xander regardless.