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  1. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    From the other thread:
  2. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    I hate this banner. I like every single character on it quite a bit but I absolutely hate this banner. The game characters irritate me because not only are the limited now with absolutely no assurance of ever getting into the pool, but they're also one of my less favored seasonal themes. Then again about the only ones I actually do kind of like are NY, PA, and Halloween. Camping too I guess, but that's not guaranteed to be recurring (who am I kidding? It might as well be). Also, really not digging either Tanith's or Sigrun's art. The faces look a bit off. Fjorm irritates me because despite actually liking her as a character, she already has an alt. And then there's the fact that the seasonal banner has more new characters than the new heroes banner. Guess I'll do the free pull for I guess Fjorm since I like her art the most and I don't have a flying healer. Pent is second, then Sigrun, then Tanith. If I do happen to get any of them though, it'll be bittersweet. This whole thing can rot in hell.
  3. Faye is a bit misguided and all but that just seems cruel :P Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that's a mechanic now.
  4. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Can definitely say that again. Finally beat it too, and deathless! Was partied up with a Hilde (thank God) and two Lucretias (one came in after an Alfonse that quit after the first failure). Took about 4-5 tries, but actually went fairly smoothly overall. I don't know if my buying Resounding Rendition did it, that I played better without realizing, or if the people I was partied up with those couple matches were built a lot more offensively or were attacking more aggressively, but the clones' health seemed to go down way faster. I don't think we ever left them with more than 1/2 health each. And funny thing is I don't think anyone had 5t3 weapons. But yeah, those balls can burn in hell without a healer.
  5. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Really?! It seems like they have a shitload. Even when all four of us survive, it seems like we can't get the clones down to further than 2/3 to half health before about a minute. As for dragons, yeah, Gil is better, but I like Liger way more. I know that's rather silly, but that's what it comes down to.
  6. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    FTFY :P Ugh, trying to break Veronica is a pain. It doesn't help that my only real strong light characters are Albert and Alfonse and I still need work on avoiding attacks with sword users. Seriously considering spending my sunlight stones on either Gilgamesh or Liger to see if getting one of them super buff will help.
  7. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Oh yeah, so one thing I forgot to mention. This event reminded me badges actually exist. Like I straight up forgot they were a currency in Heroes.
  8. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    @Tree Yeah, the weapons take a while. Granted I've only been playing for about two months, but I just started being able to buy 5* weapons. As for wings, I think it caps at 2, but I can't say for certain. And same, I remember that feeling which is what lulled me into not spending them :P
  9. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    For me at least, there is some fun in tackling new maps, but when 99% of the content is the same maps recycled with random enemies filling certain buckets swapped in, it does get astoundingly dull. So because I'm weak, I ended up going for Roni. Took a tenfold, ~7000 wrymite, and then a random ass single ticket to get her, but all in all, I'm very pleased with my luck. If they do pull some shit and make Loki or by some crazy chance Harle summonable next week, my wallet is theirs though. Along the way, got one or two dupe Marths (don't remember), a dupe Albert (so should've gone Louise on the Dream Summon :P), a bunch of dragons that let me max out some 4*s and a bunch of 3*s, several new 4* adventurers, and a bunch of eldwater. Though now I'm realizing I'm a bit more hesitant to use eldwater to promote people in case I want to spend it on WPs, though still a change I'll gladly accept. All in all, very happy with it even if I am a weak-willed fool. I really ought to get around to training up some other of my adventurers I've been looking forward to, but I'm just having too much fun watching my Sword Bois (tm), go to town on auto. I'm also really digging Alfonse. He's not a game-breaker (a good thing IMO), but he's a lot of fun and can definitely hold his own. It's great that he actually feels relevant for once in his life, and again, looks so much more badass. One other teeny, tiny gripe and it really is trivial. It'd be cool if they released Leiptr and Falchion as weapons like they did for Folkvangr, especially Leiptr. That thing looks sweet. @Tree Just as a bit of a heads up, the wings do slow down somewhat significantly. Definitely make use of them while you're getting them fast. Don't make the same mistake I did and go a ton of levels where they just butt up against 99 and lose (I think?) all those extra games.
  10. I feel like this is still just worse or maybe a sidegrade of Berkut's Lance. With the lance, he gets +2 HP and +4 def or res in exchange for -2 mt and the EP guard effect. If he wants the guard effect, he can either run guard itself and take the QR seal or run Steady Stance 4 and take the DD/CD/Fierce Stance seal. Please, no. If they're going to steal something from Robin, make it the tactics part, though preferably just as one +6 buff for Azura shenanigans.
  11. Especially considering that they now released a refinable, inheritable version of his weapon. Seems like he won't be long for a refinement.
  12. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Well, one person died, but beat the Fonse. It was tough, but definitely fun. Going to need to revisit it eventually to completely clear it. Now just need to get a team that'll stick around to best the shadow knight. @Puzzle044 Wait, who'd they buff? I missed that announcement. That sounds awesome.
  13. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    This. This so hard. Still need to train Marth, but holy crap is no wyrmprints wonderful. It really is. I already feel like I care more about all the non-Marth characters more than in Heroes. They seem like the did a good job of keeping the characters' basic traits that Heroes established, but fleshing them out more. Definitely going to have to play with the sound on for a bit, too. Dragalia's music is already delightful, so it'll be intersting to hear their take on FE. Wow, that's actually really good to know. Glad I read this before spending all my wyrmite. Badges are one of the grindable rewards, so you won't have to worry. Plus, with how low your adventurer level is, you'll level up a ton which refills your stamina completely, so you'll be able to do plenty of runs. As far as great badges, I'm guessing they'll be introduced in the second part unless I missed something. I haven't gotten any yet and I've cleared all the available quests except Alfonse. If someone already answered this and I missed, apologies for needless reiteration. Overall, really enjoying this so far. Haven't done a ton with the new mode, but it seems fun. Alfonse is hard as hell. I think I need to train up my Heinwald some more in addition to practice. The story is fun, and it really is already more engaging than FEH's. Loki is her usual self which I find fun, plus seeing her and Harle together is golden (please, Cygames, give me him!). Not sure if things need to be spoilered, but to be safe: As for summons, got Marth for the platinum summon because I actually don't feel guilty about giving Cygames real money, and got of all freaking people Xander in about 4K wyrmite and a tenfold ticket :D He managed to dodge me through his two recent banners with way more invested, but finally! After seeing Veronica and Fjorm in the story, I'd really like to get them just to see their adventurer stories, especially Fjorm, but definitely going to hold off in case Loki is summonable by chance. Speaking of her, maybe it's just because FEH's art is so in-your-face about it (not that I mind ), but her art in Dragalia actually almost seems tasteful. Oh right, Alfonse. Got him to 80 and 40MC and he's been a lot of fun. Right now working on grinding badges and the will probably try to power-raise Heinwald for the last fight. Of the three events I've been around for, Library, Festival, and this, this is definitely my favorite so far*. Part of it is just pre-existing affection for the characters, but also the rewards are freaking awesome and I am actually enjoying the story—it's great seeing what FEH's characters are like with more than 8 distributed amongst the lot per chapter. A tiny bit disappointed about no Shareena, but the good far outweighs the bad.
  14. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Holy crap, Marth is good. I feel like he might actually dethrone Mikoto as best fire unit. His kit is ridiculous and his stats aren't too shabby at all. Fjorm seems decent. Nothing super standout to me, but maybe I'm underestimating Last Bravery. Veronica as others have said is pretty disappointing. Those skills just don't seem like they'll play nicely. Overall, it's a dope banner, but I'm torn. From a unit perspective, Marth is the only one who really stands out to me, but I already have plenty of good fire units, including Mikoto (HMS), Naveed, and Karl (swords), all of whom I like in the context of Dragalia more than Marth. Nothing against the Hero King. It's just that I have FE to enjoy Marth and one of the best parts of DL is getting to know the characters. Fjorm and Veronica are more appealing in that regard, since FEH is rather lacking, but they don't really wow me as units as mentioned. While I do like how lances and staffs play, I have pretty solid water team and dark teams. Guess I'll just save for now. Hopefully Alfonse is impressive too.