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  1. My Version of the Summoning Pool

    Both of Lucina's refinement options for falchion make her significantly better. Those are massive bonuses that are rather easy to achieve. These are basically my thoughts as well. Even if Hector weren't amazing, he should still stay 5* excluse because DC is so coveted. Faye is a great example of that. Firesweep bow is a fantastic weapon that really probably doesn't need to flood the meta. Don't worry. Someday they'll give us all 10 free 5* copies of them. An hour before they shutdown the servers. @silveraura25
  2. @ILikeKirbys I feel like she'd still prefer Berkut's Lance+ given no limit to resources. Her attack is already massive and BL+ makes her a pain in the ass for mages to deal with on top of being a pain for physical units. I suppose for people who can't get DC/BF, then that might be preferable to the brave lance setup.
  3. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    True, forgot to mention that. If I'm remembering correctly, that was actually Ashera. Were she to awaken from violence, she'd assume people failed to improve and go genocidal on everyone. The galdr of release was to awaken both, since when one awakens then the other will. In that case, the people can make their case to Ashera as to why she should give them the go ahead early, or in your know-who's case, tell her things are already a lots cause and it's not with waiting the rest of the time. The freezing was basically a way to table whatever was going on until she could make a decision. It's been a while since I played RD, so some things might be off, but that's the general gist of the agreement from what I recall. But yeah, I'm banking on Loki as well. I so do wish she were playable. Her level 40 dialogue would be really interesting.
  4. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    I mean it is, and it seems like they hinted at it with using the word tune (maybe I'm reading too much into that), but this seems rather OoC for her. Even if it's not, and it's say Loki, they're definitely alluding heavily to Yune with the whole thing.
  5. That's probably the best bow in the game for high tier arena. Brave bow has more raw offensive output, but with the prevalence of DC and DC weapons, you're putting yourself in danger if you don't 2HKO, which is hard sometimes even with buffs. Sure if you want EP units it's useless, but the majority of archers seem to have offensively oriented statlines. Even Jakob, who has probably the best defensive stats of an archer would love firesweep thanks to the firesweep, moonbow/glimmer, bold fighter, armor boots combo. Even below top tier and for PvE content, it's still great. It's strong and the usefulness of not getting countered can't be overstated. Ironically, Faye herself is one of the few bow users that doesn't particularly want the bow. TL;DR: I wish Faye would pity-break me :(
  6. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    @Dayni Given the origin of his name, I guess, it makes a ton of sense and outs the whole pantsless look in context.
  7. Xander: Dancing Knight

    Tiny nitpick. You forgot to highlight the HP super bane. Also, if I'm not mistaken, ranged units can't use deflect melee.
  8. I'm really torn. On one hand, Xander looks really fun. On the other hand, Elincia's art is gorgeous. Micaiah looks good, but she doesn't have the draw either of them do. Ryoma is in hardcore last though.
  9. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    @Azuni Granted, I'm not at that level of arena, but I'd imagine getting to tier 21 would basically mandate having a highly merged bonus unit.
  10. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    @DraceEmpressa Maybe Jakob? I ended up running regular Hector with berserk Armads, 4* brave lance Effie with the boots, Zelgius, and H!Henry. Was tricky and took finagling, but ended up working. Zelgius had DD seal, Hector QP, and Henry atk/def 2. Effie was vital, and I really need to finally do right by her and 5* her. If only I had a spare Lissa and Hector so I could give my +res Effie BL+, DC, BF, and the QR seal. That'd be so much fun.
  11. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    If it helps at all, even minus speed Lyn hits 42 speed with her bow and LoS active. The one I got on her banner is minus speed and while I haven't used her in arena, she performs quite well in AA and PvE. Spent like 200 orbs, but this banner has been incredibly kind to me. Got Fema, Lissa, and Camilla who were my 3 most wanted units, all with +def/-HP, which isn't optimal, but isn't bad by any means. Also got two more Lyns, one +def/-res and one +atk/-res. Trying to decide if I want to keep the second one or my +atk/-spd one sich gelohnt I've had very few issues with her despite her bane and the -res worries me some. The +def one will be either getting merged or foddered. Just need to decide. I'm basically orb broke, but it was worth it.
  12. I don't see that as that major of a concern, but eh, fair enough.
  13. Yeah, just realized I was. Using that, you can get firesweep up to 107, 0, 90 and BL up to 123, 68, 6 if you attack stack. So then, yeah, SL+ is the best with a refine, but there is a bit of a tradeoff in the firesweep lance for more definite safety and ability to contribute against greens versus better combat and an enemy phase. Now that I'm actually doing things right, decided to check Effie (+attack/-speed) since she's probably the best lance unit that doesn't have a unique weapon. Def refined SL+, Luna, DB3, Bold Fighter, attack +3 seal: 138, 39, 20 Def refined BL+, Luna, DB3, Bold Fighter, attack +3 seal: 169, 19, 9 Brave Lance+, Moonbow, DB3, Bold Fighter, attack +3 seal: 167, 30, 0 So I mean, sure, Effie is amazing anyway, but she still prefers Berkut's Lance, apparently, or even a Brave Lance. Peri is mid-tier, and Cordelia is upper-mid/lower-top, and she performs similarly between all builds. So the higher up the tier list you go, the less the gem weapons help, which seems like exactly what would be ideal for that type of weapon and refinements in general, raise the floor not the ceiling. Low tier jumps to mid (a full tier boost), mid jumps to upper-mid/lower-top (0.5-0.75 tier jump), and top gets no major benefit. From everything I've seen, both your calcs and my actually correct ones, refinable gem weapons raise the floor by making that the dominant weapon type for lower tier characters, and even possibly mid tier characters, but remain at best a side-grade for top tier characters if not an outright downgrade. Also true, it's not real great to make other weapons superfluous, but they seem to be intent on addressing the "forgotten" characters so to speak. I know you've expressed concerns about the number of unique weapons in the game anymore, and this seems like it'd address that while also being a more blanket fix for the truly awful characters and even a bump for the mid tier characters. But like I said, I get them testing the waters. Another Reinhardt-level meta shakeup, except even more widespread and accessible, isn't good for anything. It's just given that Titania is one of the characters more in need of an improvement, and it's a bit disappointing that, were gem weapons to ever become refinable, she'd basically have the equivalent of what Eldigan had versus slaying edges pre-refinement or Lyon has versus raven tomes.
  14. Like I said, Peri is good, but she's still sitting at tier 5 on the Gamepress list and A on the Gampedia one. She's not exactly a metadefining unit, and a setup that makes Sully mid-tier seems perfectly reasonable. Elinica was just the first higher tier unit that came to mind that it wouldn't be beyond idiotic to run a gem weapon on, e.g. Ayra. EDIT: I was adjusting buffs the wrong place. Now I've got your numbers. Working on others.
  15. @Ice Dragon Sully is the exact kind of unit who could use a significant boost, and FS Peri while solid, isn't exactly the gold standard for a PP unit. For comparison, using the same enemy setup you have, Elincia gets: +atk/-res Amiti, DB, CA, attack +3: 174, 22, 1 +atk/-res FS+, L&D, SB, attack +3: 166, 0, 31 +atk/-res RS+ spd refine, Fury, SB, attack +3: 145, 40, 12 Went with the ones that got the highest counts for each weapon. Elinicia, a high tier unit, would still rather run FS or Amiti, which was basically my point. Re your Peri: +atk/-res SL+ spd refine, moonbow, Fury, LB, Def Ploy, attack +3: 142, 43, 12 +10 Peri [+Spd, -Def] (Firesweep Lance+, Life and Death 3, Lancebreaker 3, Def Ploy 3) +6/6: 159, 0, 38 +10 Peri [+Atk, -Def] (Brave Lance+, Luna, Swift Sparrow 2, Lancebreaker 3, Def Ploy 3) +6/6: 165, 32, 0 Same on the kit I added. So there too, Peri would still probably run Firesweep to ensure her survival on initiation or Brave Lance to optimize her offense. Saphire Lance does give her the potential for EP, but still not very strong EP. So like I said, it doesn't seem like it'd be all that much of a shakeup. It'd make terrible units perform on-par with good units, and great units would still rather run other options. I do get why they might be hesitant though, since as you said it is a very good skill. And again, maybe they're testing the waters with some bad units, and then maybe even will with some better units to see if people would still rather run other weapons. If they start only picking the gem variants, then yeah, maybe don't make them refinable on the whole. If they still prefer other weapons on better units, maybe safe to make them refinable. EDIT: Ah damn, I forgot the +5 HP. That's what I get for doing this right after waking up. I'll recalc things when back at home. EDIT 2: Think I got that factored in right. Still seems like both would prefer to go full offense with Braves or rely on the guaranteed safety of firesweep.