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  1. How good are the tellius games?

    That'd just be changing the narrative arc for the sake of being different. Think of it like an underdog sports movie. Scrappy team gets the snot kicked out of them over and over but through grit and perseverance they finally turn the tide and start winning. Then they face their big obstacle: The best team in the league (Ashnard/BK), and have to prove all their wins up until now were actually worth a damn when the gloves really come off. EDIT: Didn't mean to spoiler the whole thing below, but I'm on my phone and it's being difficult, so leaving it as is. There are also arguably spoilers in the whole thing so can't hurt I suppose. Just wanted to explain the funky formatting.
  2. Durability. Yes or no?

    I'm sorry I know I'm being pedantic, and maybe it's just because I'm tired, but it's nay. Neigh is like what a horse does.
  3. How good are the tellius games?

    BB and SD, I don't remember well enough to say, but I'd have to disagree on PoR. A large chunk of it is Ike and company running with their tails between their legs and the in-game victories of that section are more reflected as them dealing with a comparatively minor force while trying to escape from the bigger force by picking that weak point. It's not actually until they make some pretty powerful alliances that things start going smoothly which us stated as much from being due to their allies. As for RD, it feels like a precursor to the issues that Fates had, just not nearly as bad. Both are quite ambitious games that end up being messy due to that ambition. Still, Love RD and remember wondering why people didn't like it when it first came out.
  4. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    Unattractive? Literally rolling in piles of women. It's not particularly comfortable or pleasant, but it is my duty. Anyway, on topic, at about 35,000 now. Even the auto battling is starting to seem like a chore, which is kind of sad. Maybe it's because I'm not really interested in any of the rewards other than the orb, but eh, maybe next time. As for Loki, I get that everyone rolled their eyes when her true form got revealed, but I quite enjoy her as a villain. I wish she'd won over Ronnie in CYL2, and that's only half because I'm vain.
  5. How good are the tellius games?

    @Icelerate I know I mentioned it here already, but it still blows my mind how popular RD has become. Kind of nice to see it after its initially mixed reception. While I personally think it's a million times better than Fates, kind of makes you wonder about how that'll be viewed down the line.
  6. Ares, Black Knight

    @Ae†her I haven't exactly looked into it a ton (really at all), but I think the thinking behind those is that they simulate a guaranteed double that still charges. The stronger ones also provide a glimmer effect. If I'm remembering everything correctly, with brazen and bonfire +atk he's hitting 82 attack (62 + 20), 69 with WTD, which probably is killing everything but maybe some stuff is surviving. One of the 1.5x damage ones gives him two hits of 62 plus whatever the half is. For reds, he'll break even around 48 def, doing 35ish with both. For blues, that same point is at 35ish defense, again 35ish damage. Probably more useful against blues since 35 is a lot lower than 48, but still seems like most blues with that much def generally have more than 35 HP at which point he's failing to KO anyway, so not super sure how practical it is to consider over bonfire. Plus Guard can interrupt it which isn't so good. Edit: I'm an idiot. Below those def marks, the AoE special does more so bonfire is better for higher def enemies, but the AoEs might be better for very high health enemies that don't have as high def. Though again, the guard issue and both are probably killing 99% of stuff. Plus bonfire let's him run a dual phase build. So still not sure how practical the AoE specials are.
  7. The fashion of Fire Emblem

    True dat. I'd love for them to add her to Heroes, but I'm worried they'd make her too feminine to waifuize her.
  8. Durability. Yes or no?

    @Bhoop I believe the thinking behind tomes is that they act as a conduit for whatever magical energy is used to cast the spell. Where SoV that comes in the form of wearing yourself out by using yourself as the conduit, it shows up in the other games as pages in the book basically crumbling per use. I want to say it's discussed in another thread on here and might be mentioned by Gotoh. Don't ask me why a random blacksmith in FE4 knows how to restore magic to a book. Or really, why he knows how to repair weapons created by dragons, but that's neither here nor there. Also, I don't use Lute <_<
  9. Ditching the Class System?

    @Martin I don't know how familiar you are with software, so feel free to ask any questions or tell me I'm an idiot if you are familiar with things and I missed something obvious. Also, do note that I'm not familiar with any of the internal workings of any FEs, so all of what I'm about to say is a guess for one possible way to do it just based on my background. If you do the way it normally is, where a unit is a class with generic growths specific to their class and a certain level, declaring a single enemy becomes: Soldier s1 = new Soldier(15); //where 15 is the level of the soldier. All the stats are then calculated by the stuff intrinsic to soldier. If you do a way that doesn't have any classes then you have a couple possibilities, but the most freeform way would be something like this: Enemy e1 = Unit.builder(15).hp(35).strength(15).skill(12).speed(15).luck(10).def(14).res(2).sword(A).lance(B).mount(Mount.HORSE).build(); //Here the level is just for display. That doesn't seem too terrible, but multiply that across 25 enemies per map for even 10 maps and it could get to be a pain. There are other ways to do the exact same thing, but that style has become popular because it's self-documenting. Compare to: Enemy e1 = new Unit(15, 35, 15, 12, 15, 10, 14, 2, A, B, Mount.HORSE); I kind of did this unintentionally in my examples, but you could default things if you exclude them, so like if you're early on facing a slow enemy: Enemy e1 = Unit.builder(5).hp(25).strength(6).skill(4).def(3).sword(A).mount(Mount.HORSE).build(); That enemy would then have 0 in all the stats that don't show up—weapons being that they don't have any that aren't present—but then there's a risk of forgetting to set stats for later enemies and you have a random endgame enemy with 0 skill. Ideally those things would get caught during testing, but development can be a huge mess so things might get missed. Another possibility would be essentially getting back into a class kind of structure, but with some more freedom. Enemy e1 = Unit.builder(GrowthType.SOLDIER, 15).str(25).sword(A).build(); //the 15 is level again But the issues with that come from either forgetting to set things again, like weapon, or just falling back into using the class defaults which doesn't help anything. It also means you need to group code together, which can get messy. I started to type examples, but got lazy. Let me know if you're particularly curious. The copying I mentioned was quite literally copying and pasting like we all do all the time. Most software development environments when you get down to it are just text editors. Again, though, I want to clarify that I'm not familiar with FE's general coding style or what languages they've used—the ROM hackers would probably be better to ask—and my background is in web development and Java specifically, nor am I exactly the most senior developer in the world, so none of this is by any means authoritative. IS may very well do things in a way that makes it easier, and I may very well be missing a pretty easy solution that would make things significantly simpler. Just wanted to give a little background on why I mentioned it might be a pain. All that said, at this point, I have enough faith in the IS dev and test teams to make even something as comparatively cumbersome (compared to my first example) as that work, so I'd still be onboard for seeing where it went if they decided to give it a try. The general idea has worked out pretty well for Heroes.
  10. Durability. Yes or no?

    One of the absolute best things SD and NMotE did was letting you merge weapon uses. I'd love to see that become a staple in all games with durability. For the vote, I guess I'm in the meh camp. If the alternative is Fates system, absolutely keep durability. That system was a mess that I'd like to see never return. On the other hand, Echoes I was perfectly fine with it. Other elements made you have to consider which weapons to use and with upgrading and whatnot, you still had to manage your inventory for a decent chunk of the game to make sure everyone got a weapon they wanted. That said, I never really mind it when I go back to games that have it, and of all the complaints I've ever heard from people new to FE, I can't say weapon durability has ever been one. If it does come back though, I'm also an advocate of repairing. It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly how FE4 did it, but I'd like something more than just 3 hammerne uses. Also definitely agree with wanting to have broken weapons not get discarded immediately. Like if I accidentally break my brave axe because one too many enemies was in range, I don't want to be FUBAR because I could only repair it down to when it had 1 use left. @Armagon I definitely get being discerning with weapon uses, but I feel like the hoarding that some people do is more a case of taking that too far than anything. In most cases, even with the legendary weapons, if they break you might have to use a 15 might silver axe instead of the 18 might legendary axe that gave +5 defense. That's kind of sucky to lose out on, but it's not the difference between winning the game and losing the game 99% of the time. It's usually the difference between clearing a chapter in 10 turns instead of 9. Obviously there are some examples like FE6 where there is a significant difference based on weapons breaking, but even then, it's definitely possible to use them and still be fine on the requirements.
  11. Would you trust any other developer with FE?

    That seems rather baised, given that I get the sense you've interacted with about 10% of the cast, but fair enough. That said, I wasn't speaking solely In Jugdral, rather generally across the series. Generally, it only takes about a dozen units to fill deployment on any one map, and there are generally 40+ characters. Nothing per se, but I think the issue people are taking is that you're being rather presumptuous by saying that they are horrible without ever having given them much of a chance. Again, there's a difference between saying something sounds awful and something is awful.
  12. Anyone else find Julius underwhelming?

    @Jotari I don't know that I agree about retaining the original effect and him not being particularly broken. For a point of comparison, L&D Firesweep Cordelia is netting 66 attack against him. That means she does 17 damage a hit, not enough to ORKO him. If one of the stronger physical blues in the game needs +atk and an attack boosting skill to ORKO him, that's pretty ridiculous. Think about how well reds or greens would do, and mages would be screwed beyond belief. Anyway, he's not the greatest unit in the world, but I do have to agree that his weak point is that both speed and def are low. If one or the other were better than he'd improve quite a bit. But even with that, he's still plenty solid and I've enjoyed using him. I do also agree that a big part of the issue is infantry mages have trouble being mixed tanks or even standing out in general.
  13. Would you trust any other developer with FE?

    That sounds like a problem with you learning to manage weapons. Short of things like FE6's ending, there's no point in not using them when they'd be of use other than some notion that they might be of use down the line. You shouldn't be frivolous with them, but never using them is just as much a failing on the part of the player as over-using them and running out. Effective weapons do face issues in some games, but that's far more to do with them not actually being superior to more generalized alternatives. Ones that actually are, like the Wolf Beil, I've never actually met someone who's not new to the series and unsure of what to expect that doesn't use them quite a bit when necessary. What reason do I have to save uses of the Wolf Beil when odds are Hector will get stronger faster than his enemies and eventually not even need the effective damage to deal with armored enemies? That said, I don't hate the idea of durability staying gone, but Fates clusterfuck of effects just turned the system more toward typical RPG combat complexity, which is the opposite of one of FE's major draws: the simplicity and intuitiveness of the combat. Yeah, it's still comparatively easy to keep track of, but you're just substituting one level of complexity for another and arguably a less easily apparent one. Personally, 4 and Echoes had my favorite takes on the whole durability and inventory management things. Are there seriously only ever 12 characters a game you like? It's not like all of your party members are going to be fatigued simultaneously and you'll be forced to use a bunch of units you hate. Even having 18 would almost certainly get you by just fine.
  14. Can't really say I have a time. Basically the least necessary to regularly deal with enemies. Like if Boyd's still ORKOing people in endgame with an iron axe, I don't see much point in giving him anything else, but if Oscar wants a steel lance to deal with some enemies in chapter 12, then again, don't really see a point not to unless I'm really pressed for resources. The exception is FE4 because of the whole building kills on weapons. Then it's the strongest one I can afford to use.
  15. Revisiting Continents in FE

    I'd love to actually get to see Hatari.