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  1. You mean another character that they made an active attempt to increase the physical desirability of because that's apparently all there is to these characters according to IS? Snark aside, that whole line of argument seems a bit ridiculous. These aren't real people with loads of aspects most of us never fully see. These are drawings and words. All that exists of them is what we see and what we're told. Unless it's otherwise established, or at least hinted, there's no legitimate reason to believe that there is some physical attribute that's notably different than what's presented. Nothing regarding Cecilia has ever hinted at such. And also, let's be honest, I'm not a girl, but if I were, I can't imagine smashing my boobs from this into this would be especially comfortable. Sports bras are a thing, but to my knowledge, they don't make a large C cup, possibly D if google's method of measuring isn't lying to me, turn into an A cup. @omegaxis1 Since this was relevant to your initial point. Regarding Titania, the difference seems notably less pronounced, at least to me, and also, well, using another creation in the exact same setting doesn't exactly work as a bullet proof counter argument given the same reason as above. Just as a note, I do actually quite like Titania's art as well, and don't have any particular issues with it. You have my sympathy. Not gonna disagree with that. Toss in Karla off the top of my head as well. Karel gets pants but his sis apparently has much more resilient legs. @GrandeRampel I respect your level of effort too much to BS you, so I'll be upfront in saying I only skimmed your post at the moment. Will definitely read it in full later. Short, snarky version of it is that's the other reason I want them dead. More in detail, though: I like the more humorous parts just as much as anyone. Volke's boat convo with Ike where Ike decides "I'll just tell her he died" was freaking hilarious. Shinon's drunken rant was both very funny and quite endearing. Gray as a whole I'm a fan of. Niime going all hardass gramma on Hugh was great too. I'm a fan of Chrom and F!Robin too. The Orb Thief Forging Bonds might have actually been my favorite since I felt like it actually put more background to characters that had seemed rather shallow when I played fates and ended up making me like all of them save Kaden more. I don't want the whole series to turn grimdark by any means. My two gripes are the sheer amount, which is actually the far and away much larger, and that they can get overly silly at times. I say I want them dead, but as with many of my posts here and there, that's being hyperbolic. I'm just sick of them and that they're basically an excuse to not add new characters.
  2. Same actually on Cecilia. Aside from that one oddity, her art is just gorgeous on the whole. And yeah, I was probably a bit overly harsh. I think between it being late where I am and watching it on my phone so the outfits weren't as visible, I was just in a bad mood. When have they ever let armor get in the way of flaunting assets?
  3. Out of curiosity, who would that be? I can think of a few who were rather controversial. Upon looking at it again, it's not as bad as my initial impression. Also, upon looking at Catria again, her outfit is a whole lot stupider than I realized. Turns out what I thought was a skirt was just lace on her butt because that totally makes sense. It does seem like there's progressively less material on these outfits every year though, even if not by a ton. @DarthR0xas I'd disagree about her chest not being the focal point in her attacking art. Her torso fills up the middle third of the screen, more or less, putting her chest at the upper third and thighs at the lower third, which are probably two of the more important points in any given composition. Her head is angled away from the camera, meaning it's proportionally smaller which placed more emphasis on her torso. At least thankfully, the angling makes her proportions look sane, unlike HS!Camilla. @Anacybele Oh, trust me, I hate her way more. Not only is she shameless fan service, the art is complete and utter shit. She's the only character in my barracks who's at 0 HM, and I don't even dislike Camilla like that. Palla is far from the most egregious of the lot. I actually find Winter Cecilia more irritating because at least with Palla it seems more in character and they didn't up her cup size significantly just because. Hence why I want them dead. This banner isn't the worst thing ever, but it's just one more, admittedly fairly minor, thing in a series of stuff that just have me real irritated with Heroes right now.
  4. Ah, I get what you mean. Yeah, Petrine and Sonia would fall into that group then. I would probably differentiate that they aren't so much made to look like buffoons like Kempf and Narcien as the subjects of streaks of bad luck due to being on the opposite side of the heroes. Kepmf and Narcien always came across as mediocre leaders and combatants who just got to their station by brown-nosing and stealing credit. Then again, it's also been a while since I played either of those and, well, they are fan translations, so maybe I'm not giving either of them enough credit. As far as Ashnard's quote, to be fair, he was probably dead serious about feeding her to Rajaion. Maybe I'm reading a bit too much into it, but the fact that he even gave her a second chance seems like it means she had proved herself pretty invaluable in the past. When Ena failed, he was just like "Eh, kill 'er," which seems like it'd be a bit more in line with his general disposition. I probably should replay PoR again and reread the story. I remember liking it quite a bit. Would be interesting to see how it holds up all these years later. EDIT: Oh, I think I mistook the point of your last paragraph. In that case, you can ignore my second.
  5. I'm with @Landmaster. Not only is Pala my favorite Whitewing, she's in a toss-up situation for being my favorite character in the series, but this art just bugs me. Like with Winter Cecilia, it just feels like all IS thinks people value of-age female characters for is sex appeal. If Palla were a real person and she decided to wear that outfit, I'd be all "you go, gurl" but the way it is, it's just irritating to see a character I adore reduced to basically just tits because apparently she's not good enough otherwise. @bethany81707 I guess middling expectations. I figured I'd be mildly happy about a Palla alt. Instead it's more of a just fuck off, IS.
  6. I never thought I'd be this disappointed with my favorite character getting a seasonal.
  7. *ahem* I feel like the biggest reason it wasn't more prominent was because before her there wasn't an easily available Wrazzle Dazzle staffer. Yeah, she's stronger than the others, but they were still a pain. It's just that there wasn't a shitton of them because the two skills necessary were, and still are, 5* locked, with one being seasonal until fairly recently. In a weird way, I think erasing one from existence might be less mean than actively excluding one. If it's wiped from existence, then all the people who liked it don't realize they lost anything. Actively excluding it but retaining its existence is taunting them. But yeah, overall I agree with your sentiment. Just let people enjoy what they like. It's not hurting anyone. It's been quite some time, but I never really got the sense that Petrine was particularly incompetent. She was a legitimately talented fighter, just the one time we saw her in combat she was up against Greil which is kind of unfair for any non-Laguz Royal not named RD Ike or the BK, and maybe Ashnard. As far as command ability, maybe more so there, but even then, she did pretty successfully track and nearly kill the GMs. It was mostly the Laguz showing up at a really convenient time that saved them. I think she might've also played a somewhat important role the invasion of Crimea, but my PoR is pretty hazy there. Her bravado always struck me as more of a self-defense mechanism because of all the abuse she received for being branded. Actually, now that I think about it, Sonia isn't exactly incompetent either. If anything, she's even less so. She successfully infiltrated and manipulated the Black Fang and was a fairly competent mage in her own right. She was just a raging bitch.
  8. March 2019 Legendary Banner Expectations

    Ah, that's what it was. Thanks! I certainly would've been mispronouncing it if I'd just read it. Also, I really need to finish Bravely Second, and get my 3DS back from my friend Eh, like you said Travant, and why does Camus, a French cavalier, wield the Gladius which is now suddenly a proper name and a lance? Inspirations are pretty commonly just a name that sounded cool. Though the Trabant/scarcity thing is a rather interesting connection even if I doubt it was intentional.
  9. March 2019 Legendary Banner Expectations

    @Bold: That's a pretty extreme exaggeration. Yeah, it's a bit pricey, but it's not exactly holy weapon costly. It's actually quite common for people to give it to Midir since he has better move and Jamke does perfectly fine with a lesser bow while Midir gets a massive boost in strength with the killer bow. As for the rest, none of those exist in Heroes. Nothing even close to any of them exist and to introduce them would be either stupidly OP or ruin the whole RNGless system the game has setup. The closest are extremely loose equivalent in Desperation to Adept and Brash Assault to Pursuit. What they did do was give him a powerful special and a kit that basically guarantees he activates it against any enemy that can counter-attack if he doubles, which isn't too unreasonable with 35 effective speed with a speed refinement and merge. Maybe an adept equivalent could be created as a special, but that'd just be inferior to Astra since it would just effectively increase damage by 100% versus Astra's 150% unless they did something like making the second attack work to recharge the special which seems a bit strange since it'd be effectively an inferior version of just reducing the cooldown by 1. Actually, thinking about it, Astra in addition to proving Jamke x Ayra is cannon does the closest to mimicking the combination of adept and charge that he has since it's essentially a free 1.5 attacks. I get that Jamke was disappointing, and I even agree, but in the context of FE4, he really wasn't anything overly special. He had Sigurd, Lewyn, Ayra, Quan, Hero Axe Lex, Brave Lance Finn, Killer Bow Midir, Holyn or whatever his name is now, and Briggid who were all arguably as good or better due to stats, weapon selection, and movement. Heck, even stat scrubs like Alec and Noish could be solid once they promoted thanks to brave weapons. As is, in it, he's one of the more impressive non-Holy Blood combat units. In FEH, he's a very solid bow infantry unit. It's just that in both cases, he's at the top of a rather unimpressive pool: Non-HB, non-mounted units in FE4 and bow infantry in FEH. Actually, saying all of this, and some other stuff I won't right now, has just convinced me more that while I wish he'd been great since I have a soft spot for him, his Heroes representation is actually pretty damn accurate.
  10. March 2019 Legendary Banner Expectations

    I'd imagine Klein has a case if he counts (granted it's a personal weapon not technically brave, but same general MO), but actually forgot that Jamke's speed lead was that big over Leon. Also, just out of curiosity, I'm assuming you went attack boon for all of them?
  11. Most wanted new character for each weapon type

    Sword: Shannan Lance: Jill Axe: Echidna/Perceval Bow: Briggid Dagger: Leila Red Tome: Pent Blue Tome: Guinevere Green Tome: Bastian Staff: Sephiran Breath: Deghinsea Beast: Caineghis
  12. March 2019 Legendary Banner Expectations

    I agree with your overall sentiment, but it'd be pretty freaking weird for a wind tome to be not green. I guess I could see them going with that he's "holy" and making him blue, but even that seems like a bit of a stretch. To be fair, Jamke is actually pretty accurate. He was a bow user with good stats focused mostly in attack and slightly less so speed that came with a killer bow. That's pretty much exactly what he is in Heroes. It just doesn't really carry over in the day and age of min-maxed out the ass units, special weapons, and insta-specials. That said, yeah, I really do wish he'd been better.
  13. Pretty much this. There are characters that I'm disappointed in how IS built and characters I'd be disappointed in getting in before others, but those are pretty much par for the course at this point and while I wish things were different, I don't wish those characters weren't in. Heck, let every Batta, Glass, and Brigand Boss in, just please for the love of all things holy do it after the actual characters get in. But that's entirely, 100% not what the topic of discussion is. Those characters exist and are pains because of their skills, not because of them as characters. No characters yet to be added have absolute requirements to their kits and stats that would guarantee they become irritants. Bold because I'm too lazy to break up the quote.
  14. Should I Play Blind?

    It might be a little hard since you can't really feel or hear where the cursor is. It depends. If you're worried about missing things, then definitely not, but if you're more interested in exploring and finding out as you play, then absolutely.
  15. Forging Bonds: Reason to Fight

    Dayan himself wouldn't be someone I'd be super hyped about, but I would freaking love the precedent he'd set.