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  1. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    It really does make life so much easier. Between that and that I'm running her with Eir, it helps her survivability so much. Greens are still a bit of a threat as are bold fighter blues, but she can hold her own pretty well. Now just wish I could get a merge to get rid of that pesky -spd. Still no Tibarn, alas, but got my first Silas which is cool.
  2. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Yeah, Nailah is solid enough, but her base kit isn't exactly game-breaking given her statline. I feel like her optimal build might end up being along the lines of like Ayra or Karel where it's Moonbow/DC/Wrath and just getting her to transform ASAP so she can have very powerful specials ready every turn; +20 damage for Nailah and Karel and Regnal Astra for Ayra. Haven't gotten Tibarn, but after seeing him fuck me up one time when I wasn't paying attention (ORKOed Surtr on EP like it was nothing), he certainly does seem terrifying. Really hoping I get him. Still, Null C-Disrupt is really nice. I feel like Legendary Lyn might really appreciate it.
  3. @Interdimensional Observer Yeah, that part. I like how it starts out very eloquent and philosophical and progressively gets more concrete culminating in a rather tongue-in-cheek final bit of griping. It transitions very smoothly and humorously between two rather different ends of the spectrum. At least that's how I took it. From what little I've read of him, it sounds a bit like something Oscar Wilde would say. Also a bit Douglas Adams, but something about the phrasing of the first part just didn't seem to fit him. The sentiment itself, though, seems like something he would've expressed. Camus and Absurdism definitely make sense as inspirations. Speaking of Camus, and rather off-topic, I've been feeling the urge to give him another chance recently and this is kind of spurring that on. @Mercakete I can't speak for IO obviously, but my sentiment was more just to hedge your bets and not get your hopes too high. Even if they do touch on some of the points you brought up, IS's execution, at least to me, of the story so far has been mediocre. Not the complete shit that some people have said—except the last chapter of Book 2, fuck that—but decidedly unimpressive. I think it'd be super cool if they incorporate the elements of your theory, but I'm not as optimistic that they will, and I'm less likely to give them the credit of having been subtle about it given experience that probably about 80% of things attributed to artists were never intended. Again, not saying that those aren't valid interpretations, though some like the Star Wars prequel fan theories are rather far fetched, just that people have this tendency to view artists as these geniuses that layer millions of different levels of narrative detail when they probably intended one or two of those. It's more impressive that someone created a piece that so many could connect to and see a bit of themselves in. TL;DR version is it's more likely that IS's writers are just crapping something out than this nuanced and detailed world you've seen (again I think it's really cool), but that doesn't make your view on it any less meaningful so long as you accept others and don't act as if yours is cannon.
  4. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    So just got Tibarn's A conversation. Is the king he's talking about Ramon or is my Tellius hazier than I realized?
  5. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Giffca'd still totally work with the boost since he's basically the WWII Eisenhower of Gallia. But the other ones would work and could tie a bit into his status as the King's Shadow. Can't really give a good reason right at the moment, but to me shadow makes just as much sense as being detrimental to opponents as a giant black lion who's the third most important person in your entire kingdom that you respect the hell out of fighting next to you would probably inspire you. If you do get a chance to play the Tellius games, I can't recommend them enough. PoR's gameplay hasn't aged well, but the story is very solid. RD's gameplay has aged surprisingly well and the story is a bit of a mess, but had a lot of potential and a decent bit that was actually capitalized on, just not in the cleanest way. They're both in my top 5 FE games.
  6. @Mercakete Adding a bit to what @Interdimensional Observer said, or rather maybe a more concrete example, your interpretation falls into the same sort of interpretation that a lot of fan theories in generally do. Fan theories are popular because it can make stories a lot more interesting, but the reason they're fan theories is because there's no explicit link to the story. My two favorites are the James Bond codename one and the DK Joker military one. From what I gather the James Bond one was debunked in world, which sucks, but the Joker one is about the only one I personally hold to be true because the pieces are there, they make sense, there's nothing to contradict them, and it makes the story much more interesting IMO. That said, I still couldn't exactly tell someone they're wrong for not believing it since it's not actually stated. One of the issues with fiction and interpretations is that nothing but what's stated by the author definitively exists. Due to that, there's two levels of interpretation (almost certainly more, but two I can think of now). First is what something means, and second is what happened. The thing about those is that what happened is a lot more concrete than what something means since meaning is a very relative thing. That's why things like morals, themes, or the significance of certain language are a lot more open to investigation than backstories or what characters were doing off-screen/page/stage. It's because it literally doesn't matter. As IO said, authors don't have a monopoly on interpretation, but they do have a monopoly on action. The point of the story is these are the parts that matter, so anything not specified isn't directly important to the narrative. As one of my teachers used to say, what's the "why now?" If the scene doesn't contribute, it shouldn't be there, and vice versa, if it's not there, it's not inarguably eligible for consideration. Then it just comes down to how supported is your argument. Last part, and this does tie more directly into IO's points, is that there's a difference between ambiguity and lack of clarity on the authorial side. Ambiguity defines and controls reader interpretation in such a way that it suggests certain possibilities to a reader without stating them. Lack of clarity has no real direction and leaves itself open to wild goose chases that result in millions of theories. And trust me, in those situations where there are tons and tons of interpretations and shit, unless you're like James Joyce, it's probably the latter. As an example, here's two quick "stories": Jeremy slumped in through the front door. For sale: baby's shoes. Never worn. The first is one I just made up. The second is one that's attributed to Hemmingway, though it might be apocryphal. In mine, it's clear Jeremy isn't in a good mood, but what that mood is (tired, sad, something else) and why (depression, dead dog, long day at work, bad day at work, got fired, etc.) aren't really all that apparent. The second, like I said, no one really knows the source of, but I think the reason it's popular is because it works, regardless of the original author. It's not explicitly stated, but it's pretty clear what happened. Some details about the exact specifics aren't clear, but those aren't really all that relevant to the "story" since they don't change the overall tone or sequence of suggested events. The thing is, at the moment, IS is leaning a lot more toward the first example. All your points are really interesting and make sense, but so would the lazy writing route and probably some other interpretations. For the record, I really like your idea. I'm just a little skeptical that it'll come to fruition. I feel like I took a lot longer to say basically the same thing. @Interdimensional Observer Your thing about Shakespeare made me think of this video, specifically the part at 2:21. Also, I like that last part a lot. Is it from something or did you come up with it?
  7. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Just to be clear, if you mean the more defensive slant, that actually does make a good bit of sense given that a large chunk of Volug's role in RD is as a protector for Micaiah. IIRC, he's even Nailah's attendant, with some implication that he's there to help watch her back. Heck, another possible effect could be close guard or something. If you mean the killer effect, ain't no gameplay or lore justification for that, but chalk it up to a Heroes thing :P Also, I like your ideas for the beasts. It'd definitely serve to differentiate them a bit more and I like the idea of Lions buffing other allies in addition to themselves. That also works into their role as kings and big players in Gallia. It makes sense for random Gallian soldier #538 to feel more inspired seeing his king or prince fight right alongside him. And yeah, differentiating lions and tigers would probably necessitate some changes. In RD especially, PoR too, but Giffca was the only one, Lions were basically just a hard upgrade of Tigers. For the birds, there was a bit of a cats/tigers type split where hawks were a bit beefier and slower and crows were faster but weaker, but it wasn't nearly as pronounced as cats versus tigers from what I remember, so definitely agreed there.
  8. It's not a matter of would, but a matter of can. But like I said, Heroes doesn't seem to really care. Why can't Roy use regular Durandal? Why can't Ares use regular Mystletainn? Because fuck it. I'm gonna be honest. This really just seems to contract itself. I don't even me to be a dick; it just doesn't make sense. How is a tome intended to be limited to one character, but that makes sense for three additional characters a name that sounds too exclusive? I feel like I'm misunderstanding what you're saying. There's also the potential intention that the tome has origins in Friege rather than is hard-bound to Friegian nobility, e.g. Damascus steel or Egyptian cotton, but that really just circles back to why can't other people use it. Non-Fregian characters have the excuse of not having training, but especially Reinhardt should really have the experience and skill to use any tome that's not explicitly bound to holy blood given his talent and status. As far as Fridge/Friege, the word already lends itself to that if we're going down that route, and I can't say I see that as a particular concern, but to each their own I suppose. I have feelings on "Breath of Mist" vs "Mist Breath," but I'm sure a lot of people don't actually care.
  9. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    That's a cool idea too, and actually does contrast the wolves' pack-makes-me-strong effect that I just now noticed thanks to you saying that. I don't think it has to be something original to make them interesting, necessarily. None of the wolf effects are actually completely new, just applied to a new unit type. @ILikeKirbys I just meant cats as a catch-all, so Lions, Tigers, and Cats. Basically the ones from Gallia. Honestly kinda forgot that Cat was an actual class. It'd be really cool if they even differentiated it by Laguz type, so wolves get a different effect than cats who get a different effect from tigers, etc., but based on the birds, that doesn't seem like it'll be the case. Just some thoughts based on you two's input: Cats - Atk/Spd solo and wo effect Tigers - Atk/Def solo and guard effect (at least 50%+ if not all the way) Lions - +2 x num allies atk/def since lions are more social and guard effect (at least 50%+ if not all the way) White dragons - Warding breath Red Dragons - Steady breath Black Dragons - Bracing breath The birds got left out because IS already made their decisions. Not because I'm feeling too lazy to think of things, totally not it, I swear.
  10. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Oh, wow, yeah, I completely forgot about the owl tome-like effect. It's also lenient enough that it can be feasibly applied on PP and EP. Yeah, definitely +res in that case. So I was just sitting here and had a shower thought. It'd be kinda cool if cats came with a more defensive type of weapon, like guard or a stance skill or something, to differentiate them from the wolves more offensive fighting style. Just a thought, and really, how many generic Laguz are we even going to see? @Stroud Ah, yeah, I blanked on that. Probably don't need the speed when you're hitting 46 without even factoring in C slots and seals.Yeah, it seems like DD, Attack Smoke, or Warding Stance if they ever make that a seal would all be solid choices, just something to up her bulkiness. I can empathize. Even with neutral def and res, she's not exactly tanking hits left and right. A Delthea OHKOed her in Forging Bonds
  11. In that case, the smart money would've been to go with the fan translation and have the animation be Jeff Bridges's smiling face rising from the ground over a backing of neon lines. On a more serious note, Friegian Thoron seems like it could've been another, slightly less out-of-nowhere-seeming translation. It should fit the character count based on Dark Mystletainn being, if I counted correctly, one character longer. Based on eyeballing it, I think that extra letter should make up for any possibility of greater average character width. I guess that might raise the question of why Ishtar, princess(?*) of Friege doens't get access to it, but when has that really stopped them? *Not sure what the official terminology is. I really need a good Tailtiu. She looks like she's going to be fun as heck, but the best I've got is +res/-def.
  12. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Ah, I gotcha. Eh, I don't know that I'd call that a redemption. Lyon gets some freeing from culpability, but no real redemption. Then again, it's been forever so I could be forgetting. To me, Arvis's efforts to undermine Manfroy are more along the lines of redemption. I'm actually not super sure. Both are pretty good when considering the removed bane. One thing to think about is that Nailah has a superboon in res so she'd have 41/31/38/32/27, which is a pretty decent mixed-phase, mixed-bulk statline. 38 is plenty good for avoiding doubles on EP and decent enough on PP to double with some ally buffs. Your +spd one would be 41/31/41/32/23, which still means she probably won't be dying in one hit from most mages, and the speed boost makes doubling naturally easier. To me at least, it feels like the choice between a mixed phase unit that leans a bit more PP or a mixed phase unit that leans a bit more EP. I'd say play around with those in-game, possibly using seals to compensate for the banes, and in a simulator and see which one fits your playstyle better. Maybe try noontime and possibly the QR seal? With the +10 from her weapon, the special will still do a solid bit of damage on top of recovering some health, and QR will let her finish the enemy off since she's probably not killing blues and even somewhat bulky greens in one hit without an actual damaging special. That build has worked pretty well for me on my Michalis, and I just got done doing the SI for it, just need to get the SP together. Anyway, got Nailah in ~100 orbs and using all the tickets. Pretty decent IVs too, +atk/-spd. The speed is still decent enough that she doesn't get doubled by everything, and the extra damage is nice. I'd like another one to remove that bane, so I'm still pulling blue on occasion, but Tibarn is definitely my priority. Also, I like how IS released a quite hard counter to Surtr.
  13. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    They're still a little one-dimensional, but as others have said, this is such a breath of fresh air after all the ones that were just gushing over the summoner. Haven't gotten a ton yet, but Tibarn and Leanne are shaping up to be my favorites. It's nice to see a different side of Tibarn. In PoR it seemed like it focused a lot more on his courage and strength, and here we're getting to see that not only is he king because he's the strongest hawk, but he is also a caring and just king. It would've been kinda cool to have Naesala in this and see how their approaches to helping their people differed. Leanne's is just fun and sweet. On a side note, I absolutely love Nailah's art. They did play up certain parts of her anatomy, but they didn't overdo it, and she still looks like she could kick a ton of ass.
  14. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    Does anyone know how many grails we'll be getting?
  15. "And that one's Binding Blade so we're sure that'll tide you over until August at which point it'll be the Brave Heroes and then, well, book 3 will be coming to a close, soooo that means we'll just have to do filler, no-demote banners of all the enemy characters. Hope you're okay with waiting a year to get another new actual Fire Emblem character <3" - Also IS God, I'm fucking sick of seasonals. Sent feedback for all the good it does.