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  1. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Seth is the next list element, not a specification on the previous element. I actually didn't realize people considered Python bad. He does have some hit issues, but they seemed to go away fairly quickly for me once he started getting a few levels and especially when he promoted. I would've honestly put him on par with Leon. I do really like his and Forsythe's relationship. Another one for me is Nino. Part of it is nostalgia and part of it is that she's so sweet, but even still when I play FE7, I try to use her.
  2. Aether Raids first impressions

    Gonna laugh my ass off if it was @Ice Dragon's. Anyway, this mode has made me realize how much I suck and that I really need to build some other teams. My inability to handle Nowi effectively finally cost me a match.
  3. Aether Raids first impressions

    One seems a bit low, given we get ~6500 feathers a month just from logging in and doing ever-present dailies. Maybe like 5? That works out to 150ish a month meaning you can get about one copy of a character you haven't bought much a month. Plus 5 is much nicer a number than 1, but then again, I still want to punch a wall because early on I ended up not having an even number of feathers, and that 4/9 will haunt me forever. If I'm taking your phasing too literally, ignore all that.
  4. New Event Schedule! (Nov-Dec)

    @Thane Really? I'm no fan of Lloyd's art, but I think Sumia's is quite nice. Wait, what? I've never actually met someone who's (I'm guessing, apologies if I'm wrongly assuming) under 40 and hasn't played a Smash game. Don't mean to sound mean if I do. I'm just genuinely surprised. But yeah, this one is shaping up to be pretty good. Tons of characters and what looks like a pretty solid story mode are the two big things I look for in them. That's why, controversial as it is, Brawl is my favorite Smash.
  5. Tempest Trials: Before We Met…

    I also liked just how astoundingly unsympathetic she was. Like yeah, totally unreasonable for an eight(?) year old to not want to enter a life and death battle.
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    Well I need to stop drinking go to sleep because I somehow read that as Palla.
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    You managed to hit two of my dreams, playable Echidina and lance (and top tier) Palla, in just this one post.
  8. Aether Raids first impressions

    Need to work ony defense team and set up some additional raiding parties, but still really enjoying this. Gotta say the aether cost is going to get frustrating at higher tiers. It's going to be to a point where you'll have to wait multiple days to do one match. I could definitely see the loss from a defense loss being infuriating then. Anyway, gotta get to work setting up a defense team. Edit: So what I've learned today is that I spent toouch on offensive structures and don't have enough stuff to eat up space on defense.
  9. Aether Raids first impressions

    Do you have to be a certain rank to start getting people attacking your castle? I haven't gotten a single one yet.
  10. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Yeah, they were both arena cores for me for quite a while, especially Xander, so I'll admit I was pretty salty. And yeah, still no IVs, but I'm super hyped about finally being able to +10 them and plenty of others.
  11. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    In defense of the choice, it is pretty in character. She basically spent all of book 1 doing that with Veronica.
  12. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    You know, up until the end, I was a big fan of the story in this chapter. It actually made Loki seem conniving and malevolent instead of flighty, and I liked the eerie atmosphere. The ending was a bit "everything's okay because I'm you from the future" but I suppose that's what happens when you have a grand total of about a page in which to write a story. My only kind of concern is the whole talk of death will just be Loki is doing all this so she can be immortal and screw with people for eternity. I know it's mostly personal preference, but it'd be more interesting to me if it were something more philosophical, like the transience of life.
  13. Aether Raids first impressions

    @Usana Cool, so I'm not crazy. That seemed surprisingly low, but I guess they don't want to punish people for failing to do so too much. In all, I have to say, my only major gripe with this mode is that it's so limited to play. It's a hell of a lot of fun. If it really is just like an application issue as @silveraura25 suggested, I hope they get it accommodated for soon.
  14. Aether Raids first impressions

    Oh, that's quite a relief then. At worst, you're losing 640 over a week and you can definitely get more than that just from the 50 a day we get. I managed 700ish today, and figure we get 50 a day, which should hopefully equate to ~300, that works out to 2100 a week if they don't fully restore aether between weeks. So that's not even actually enough to cause you to ever not clear the next tier until tier 20 (1600 gap vs 1460 gain), if I understood everything correctly. @Eilanzer I'm not super sure how it works either, but I think you get some for destroying each. A few times I got +2 aether when I destroyed everything and a few times I got +1 when I destroyed only one. Maybe it's +1 per aether structure?
  15. Aether Raids first impressions

    I definitely need to get comfortable with how to play it, like breaking everything to replenish aether while keeping everyone alive, but this is my favorite mode in a long damn time. I can agree the loss in lift from defense losses is a little worrying as others have said. Also a bit disappointing that it's so limited.