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  1. I mean I doubt you're the only one. I loved it. It added one more facet to the characters, who were already great, and made them feel a little more human and relatable. It's also nice if you have to do something else, like chores. You can autoplay and let the story parts go while you do "responsible people" things between chapters. Not that I ever really did <_< Plus, like you said, you can just shut it off. So at least IMO, at worst it's a net zero and at best a net positive.
  2. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    Yeah, if I didn't have a million other projects that were more important and rather limited resources I'd totally give it a try. But I feel like I should actually finish building out my flier and armor teams and making some more okay characters great rather than making an already amazing character a little more amazing. But yeah, it does sound like a lot of fun. Funny thing is, I actually had to go back and read your Rein topic because I could've sworn I saw it in there or that you'd mentioned it at one point in one topic or another. I know the feeling all too well. There've been more than a few times where I was like, shit I wish TA Raven+ Cecilia was here. Also, I envy your firesweep Tana Oh, no disagreement on CC being better. Again, only I've only thought about these on paper/read XRay's topic, but CC Rein sounds stupid good, like to the point where I'd consider killing a Takumi as soon as I got him just for it even though he'd be the first one I'd ever have gotten and I like to always have at least one of every character I've gotten. This was more just an interesting build that actually seemed functional and happened to stick in my mind. Mostly I remember it because a friend and I had just earlier that day been wondering about uses for the sweep skills.
  3. I just said Roy because I haven't been keeping up on how they were ranked and I thought that's what people were saying on launch. I have Ike and Lyn and have fought tons of Roys, but don't have much experience with Lucina in any regard, so I can't speak on her. In regards to the other three, I'm of the opinion that Ike's the worst. He's easier to maneuver around and can't force the enemy team into a corner like Roy and especially Lyn can. Also, from all my using him, granted mine is -spd, it feels like he has some trouble actually killing enemies unless he charged up a special. Roy and Lyn don't ever have that problem and can take a hit if absolutely necessary. Much as I agree with your arguments, this does sound a little douchey. Anyway, as for Roy and Lucina, meh. Roy and Lucina are still super good from what I've seen/heard. They made a very active effort to make all four exceptional characters and succeeded in spades. Roy and Lucina got all the favoritism possible in the previously set constraints and even actually did get a little boost that (I think) broke the previous mold: They got legendary weapons with two effects and on top of that level 3 effects rather than the usual single level 2 effect. So it's not like IS just slapped new costumes on Roy and Lucina and were like mayble they'll be good. Heck, they completely reorganized Roy's stat because they probably saw his base form was considered rather bad. As much shit as people give IS for Heroes, they're doing a fantastic job of being responsive and accommodating to players.
  4. I mean, there's no denying Ike's superior tanking--mine is +res for all that's worth, but it seems like he can even handle blue mages if they're not too powerful--but I haven't had a huge issue with Lyn being bait. Granted, she has summoner support, but even without it, she was a fairly solid magic tank, and usually able to either cripple or kill enemies provided they weren't running blades with massive buffs. Yeah, she can't do much in the way of tanking physical hits, but it seemed like she had just enough durability to to take one hit and enough speed to not get doubled, which meant in a pinch she could serve as physical bait. I mean, both are fantastic, and it says something that Brave Roy is arguably the worst of the lot.
  5. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    Basically yeah. Like for Rein, watersweep and full buffs meant he could pretty much cripple dragons with impunity. In Leo's case, I'd guess he'd want windsweep for all the DC swords and axes since his dragon-killing wouldn't be as effective, but essentially the same principle. Like I said, I haven't gotten a chance to try it, and I'm not sure I'm willing to sack a Josh for windsweep, so don't quote me on anything, but it seems logical on paper.
  6. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    A couple people have pointed out that it synergizes very well with phantom sped 3 on units who can hit hard but are kind of slow but can have okay speed with some easy buffs, like blade Rein and Leo. I haven't had a chance to try it, but it sounds good on paper.
  7. Are Firesweeps overrated?

    Know what would've been great to deal with that? ... Firesweeps I regret nothing. Anyway, I was kind of in the same boat regarding fire sweeps until I gave my Cordelia one. She's still 4* and at the time only had a brave lance, no A skill, and she was okay I guess. I didn't have any flier buffs on my team either, but she had trouble killing things and was in constant danger of getting killed. On a team of 5* Michalis, 5* Valter, and 4* Palla, Cordelia felt like the weak link; mind you none of them save Valter were particularly far along in their builds. I think Palla had a Wo Dao and that was about it. One firesweep lance, not even plus, and she went to being the second best character on the team. After adding Life & Death, the only reason Valter even might still be above is because he can bait physical units.
  8. Lukas, Sharp Soldier

    Granted I don't know the viability, but were you thinking any alternate builds like Berkut's Lance+Res?
  9. She could run +atk, BB+, DB3, QP, moonbow to essentially be a physical Rein (49 attack on initiation vs 50). I can't imagine it'd be ideal, and it would probably be worse than firesweep+, but it doesn't seem like it'd be terrible.
  10. Out of curiosity, why not one with Mulagir? Seems like it would've been helpful for mages. Guard bow on her might be interesting now though, too. That's potentially 30ish defense and 40ish res while maintaining her offense, granted not on initiation and she still can't take a melee attack worth a damn. Anyway, yeah, she's still great in a player's hands and neither she nor Rein were really all that much of a PITA unless there was a dancer to make things more difficult from my experience.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    For me, Cecilia was very helpful, just from a baiting POV. She never actually fought. So what I did was: Rein and Xander at the bottom, Cecilia at the top, Lyn in the middle. Rein kills the cav below Berkut moving between the tree and the defensive tile in the bottom right. Xander repositions him out of the way. Cecilia moves into Berkut/bow cav range. Lyn moves next to the south defensive tile out of Berkut's range. Berkut attacks Xander Bow cav attacks Cecilia Green mage moves to the south defensive tile. Other two move to the north two defensive tiles after Cecilia. Xander kills the green mage. This is I believe the only place a special really comes into play. My Xander has bonfire and needed it to kill the mage. Rein moves to the defensive tile next to Xander and kills Berkut. Lyn kills the bow cav. Cecilia runs south out of attack range. Both cavs chase her. Lyn moves to the defensive tile in the bottom right. Cecilia moves next to the one Rein had been on. Rein moves to below Cecilia. Xander repositions Cecilia. Cavs chase again. Lyn moves immediately above Rein and kills the axe cav. Rein bonfires the red cav to kill it. Xander could also weaken it for Rein to kill so the bonfire isn't necessary. Xander has hone cav, Rein goad and an S support with Lyn, and Lyn a brave bow+, but I don't think any of those came into play too much from looking at numbers. I need to run an errand real quick, but I can try it out without those when I get back. Hope that gives you some ideas. Cecilia didn't do anything except bait and have enough move to run away.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    Brave Lyn and Rein were two of the characters I used on my infernal clear. So if you have them, they'll definitely help, especially Rein with lancebreaker. What other units do you have and what available skills? I had luck with TA raven Cecilia baiting the bow cav and IIRC Berkut. I don't think she even actually killed anyone, but she managed to survive both pretty easily and she's minus defense.
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    This wasn't nearly as difficult as I remembered. One thing it definitely did for me was make me appreciate Celica. She and PA!Shigure handled the bottom right left corner for all of the quests while B!Ike and the quest character took care of Berkut and the bow cav. I can say I'm very glad I invested in the +3 attack seal. It would've been doable without it, but that made things much easier. Between seeing how this and Michalis went, I really want them to rerun Camus and Xander since it seems like, unless they do something unexpected, their infernal modes won't be too bad and +3 Xander and Camus <3 Now time to harvest Berkut's sweet, sweet lance for some characters I actually care about. Edit: I can't tell left from right :\
  14. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    Yep. There are enough units I want to get to 5* just because I like them, and nothing in the game is so dire that if I spend my feathers just before I get it and need to wait a while it's really going to bug me. Heck, I have a million characters who want L&D, QR, or something else, but I'm still probably going to promote my +spd/-res Marth first just because I want to see him with Falchion. If it's skills for something actually time-sensitive like a GHB the level 2 versions have always worked for me.
  15. Are Firesweep Weapons Worth Using?

    Amen to that.