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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    I can understand both views and can't say I'm actually leaning one way or the other. This banner and the associated GHB are all characters that are good guys in some context, Celica and Robin being MCs, Hardin being a vital ally to Marth, and Takumi being a crown prince of the "good" nation and a pretty important character on the one path. In that sense, Berkut doesn't fit since he's only ever an antagonist and is always kind of a dick. But on the other hand, like you said, all playable characters in the context of this game are heroes, hence GHBs being referred to as heroes. Guess it just comes down to what context the title of the banner is in and we'd need to get the original Japanese to really say if it actually does.
  2. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    True, Berkut was never a hero, whereas even Hardin, while gameplay-wise rather unimportant, was a rather significant person in the SD story.
  3. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    They could pull a sort of altered Rhajat/Ayra and put her on another banner. I don't think people would be as inclined to complain since both Corrins are available at 4*.
  4. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Kinda surprised Berkut wasn't one of them. Maybe he'll be a TT reward? Then people can have their Kreimhild Berkut. Anyway, the theme is cool, but not really feeling sold on any of these characters. Celica is hands down my favorite as a character, but I have regular her whom I'm guessing will remain better because tome > sword, and she seems most likely to drop to 4 stars. Grima seems interseting, but I'm a little burned out on armor emblem and have 3 plenty solid green armors and 2 plenty solid green dragons. Hardin is definitely the most appealing since I'm severely lacking a DC blue armor and brazen def/res seems funny provided his res isn't garbage, but again, burned out on armor emblem and the BK and Hector cover 90% of my DC armor needs. Probably go based with my free pull based on stats, and I definitely feel better about spending all those orbs failing to get Tana from the movement skills banner now. Also, Camus one true Gradivus user... Unless they add Zeke. Yeah, that'd be kind of nuts. Eh, still decent if not amazing CC bow will probably be one of the better GHB units.
  5. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Well, voting officially ends in an hour I believe, so that should give us some hint once that time's passed. My guess is some other night. Maybe a couple days like with round 1.
  6. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    @Usana Lol, I know that feeling. Were it not for Myrrh and having no ranged fliers at all or wanting Sigurd to 100% replace Xander, I'd probably be in the exact same boat. Heck, I'm indecisive about Warding Breath and that's significantly less contested. Also, agreed on the artwork, especially Gwendy's.
  7. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    Oh, I know; I certainly don't. That's why I included the numbers with water boost, since it's far and away the most likely to be equipped. Even without distant counter, I don't think he's as atrocious as people seem to make him out to be. Heck, he's got more of a niche than any other cav save Camus, whose really only niche is being a mixed phase cav due built-in DC, fairly decent physical bulk, and (this is key here versus Kreimhild Berkut) actually halfway decent speed with skills and buffs. With a different A skill, Berkut can be a worse B!Ike to some extent. Physical enemies get QRed, ranged enemies don't do much, and then he can deal with them next turn. Heck, for me in the most recent TT, he had about the same survival rate as L!Ike with DD and BK with CD, and that was just with the WB3 and +def, not even the DD3 seal. Anyway, I'm ranting at this point, and it's not really even that important a topic. Also, what are you talking about? Summer Xander best blue cav wall <_< On a side note, I just realized Camus has the highest BST of any blue cav.
  8. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    It's pretty much how I would've expected. Ike's Ike, and people have been hyping Hector up because of DC. Azura is the lowest because ad a unit, she's least special (buffs are great, but she's still basically just a dancer), and she has no worth other than merges for people who have her.
  9. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    He's underwhelming if you expect him to be game-breaking. If you expect him to be what he is, a slightly stronger Ike, he's actually pretty solid.
  10. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    I can definitely agree that for the average player DC might be nice since it would open up his options, but in the grand scheme of things, all it really does is change what A skill Bekut equips, if you had all the skills in the world. Currently his ideal build is something like this: Weapon: BL+ def/res A: DC B: QR3 SS: DD3 I left off the others because they really aren't important to his own functioning. Granted DC is rare, so a budget option could be DD3 (also very rare) or Water Boost which activates against every neutral mage, and at most 5 with +HP and a refine. With a DC weapon his ideal set would be: Weapon: Kreimhild A: DD3/Water Boost 3 B: QR3 SS: DD3 If he had a DC weapon, they'd almost certainly not give him a special effect, and he'd lose his refinery option. So for a side-by-side (def and res include all potential skill bonuses and DD3 SS is always assumed): BL+/DC (def): 48/48/22/41/37 BL+/DC (res): 48/48/22/37/41 BL+/WB3 (def): 48/48/22/41/43 BL+/WB3 (res): 48/48/22/37/47 BL+/DD3 (def): 48/48/22/47/43 BL+/DD3 (res): 48/48/22/43/47 ------------------------------------------------------ Kreimhild/DD3: 43/50/22/43/36 Kreimhild/WB3: 43/50/22/37/36 So basically, he gets 2 more attack at the cost of 5 HP, you need a different slightly less rare A skill, and no longer have the option to go super tank with both def and res being over 40. All this said, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't complain about Kreimhild since I think it looks sweet and another DC user would be cool since I'm not swimming in Hectors to fodder off, but all it does is make the ideal Berkut more accessible rather than actually improving him. I guess if that's all people are wanting, then that makes sense, but the way I've seen people talk about it is that it would somehow improve him significantly. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting people's thoughts though. Mind, I'm also of the opinion that Berkut isn't nearly as bad as most people make him out to be.
  11. Berkut, Prideful Prince

    BL+ (def or res) might be a good alternative to the slaying lance+ in the dueling defender build. He can't proc specials as reliably, but it ups his survivability a good bit and then he can safely eat doubles from a lot of units to still manage one-round bonfires/lunas. He's looking at either 48/43/47 or 48/47/43 durability with it. I guess the issue is that it really only comes into play for dragons much, but it's a pretty good budget option.
  12. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I mean for other units. If you have a Hector that wants vengeful fighter and you've already invested a lot into your -Atk/+Spd Tharja, then you might be more liable to fodder off the neutral Tharja instead of either not letting Hector have vengeful fighter at all (merging -atk Tharja into neutral Tharja) or having to rebuild your new neutral Tharja to the same point (giving Hector VF from your -atk Tharja). But yeah, when you merge two characters, the base one gets all the skills of the one being merged.
  13. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    Given what they did with Chrom and Lucina, my guess is it'd be a pain. I don't know how everything is setup so I'm just spitballing here, but my guess is to do that they'd need to introduce a new field denoting which "version" of the weapon it is which would then become a completely useless field on all weapons except the very few shared ones or they'd have to do a hot swap for all the existing Ikes to give him a new weapon that is identical to the current Ragnell, but a different object with a different unique key so then one or the other could be given a refinement option without affecting the other. Doing something to say only Ragnells tied to this version of a character in the scope of the refinery seems really fragile. @Anacybele @Raven My guess is because there wouldn't be any difference. They seem very hesitant to give DC weapons any additional effects so giving V!Ike a new weapon would mean the only functional difference between the two versions is the name. Granted, I guess there is some precedence for that with all the pre-refinement Falchions which were essentially in the same boat but with a different sprite rather than a different name. I don't mean to come off as a dick, but what effect would Kreimhild have that would improve Berkut?
  14. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    But you still lose the SI at that point. To some people, keeping a sub-optimal unit might be worth the SI to someone else. @Usana Do you have an Effie? She or Gwendolyn would be my votes for a DC lance. Mathilda is just so unimpressive statwise. Berkut is another decent option if you have him. He'd probably be about on par with Robin, though, if you decided to go with her. Between HP and def, he'd have a fair bit more physical bulk in exchange for lower res (made up for by HP) and a lot less speed.
  15. Who really needs a Weapon Refinery upgrade?

    I think the thing is that most units fair rather poorly against type anyway, so gem weapons make them basically guaranteed to handle the type they're good at for the cost of being worse at something they were already ill-equipped to do.