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  1. Just curious to know who turned out really well for you guys. I have a really nice Florina I want to share. I actually promoted her at level 15 to help kill Jasmine and Paul in the desert. And, I didn't think of taking a screenshot until level 17, but I think she capped strength and speed as early as 15/14. She also got most of that 11 defense early, and she's easily my best unit in this run. Edit: forgot to mention, no stat boosters in either Eliwood mode or Lyn mode. And no rigging level ups.
  2. Actually wanted to add something. For a dodge tank, HP is a little more beneficial than DEF/RES. If they are dodging a majority of attacks, then that stat isn't getting counted like the previous example, since they just aren't getting hit often enough. So with that being equal, HP will be better than DEF/RES since it grows faster and also counts for both physical and magical attacks. (Plus if they get a % of HP back, I think on a fort or something, they'll be a little more survivable too.)
  3. I guess (and I'm still new so IDK if this is right) it's because defense works for every single battle. If the enemy attacks Hector 5 times during their turn, his defense is counted 5 times. If they all have 10 attack, and Hector has 8 defense, then he's taking 10 damage. If instead Hector has 7 defense and +2 HP, he's taking 15 damage, a net loss of 3 HP. So even if the unit isn't getting doubled, being attacked during the enemy turn is like getting doubled/tripled/etc if they all gang up on him.
  4. I just want to be able to look at a unit's stats (bases, growths, weapons available, class, etc.) and evaluate them on my own, instead of going to a tier list for every single character (maybe multiple, if ranked runs vs casual runs). Growths obviously aren't everything, but they do matter, especially for units like Hector where they join early and you level them often. My current understanding for stats in general is that SPD is king, then STR/MAG. DEF/RES matters a bit too. SKL, HP, and LUK aren't as important, though (in that order). Bases obviously differ depending on when they join, but let's say that 10+ is really good for the early game, and ~20 is good enough for the mid/late game. HP is obviously an exception where 20-30 is fine in the early game. A growth of 40% is considered "average" for a stat, with the exceptions of HP (80%) and DEF (??%). Does all that seem correct?
  5. Gotcha. I guess I wasn't really clear in what I'm looking for. Let's take someone like Pent. I've heard his stats start high, with 18 attack, 17 speed, 11 defense and 16 res (HP, skill, luck are less important, correct?). I have no idea how good this is, other than just "good". I'm not sure how strong the enemies are, other than "weak". I'm not sure which stats of his are high or low, or how enemies scale in different modes. And I'm not sure how stats compare to each other (having 20 speed is high, I think, while its low for HP) or what a good growth rate is (40% is okay? but I think defense is harder to get, so 40% defense would be great?).
  6. After doing a little searching I have been unable to find an answer. In this game, for each stat, what's considered a good growth rate? Also, what are typical "good" endgame stats (not going for super low turns but also not making 20/20s)?
  7. Hello! I had a little trouble on chapter 1. The South bandit refuses to move to the correct area. Instead of going to the right part of the upside down cross forest, he goes to the bottom. I had Kent move to where the picture showed and he killed him on the enemy phase. Lyn got an even better level, IIRC, so I think it all worked out
  8. It appears to all be in order! A few comments: Ch. 4: If you mash Start as fast as possible, you will actually skip the cutscene before the blue guys (Lyn’s group) spawns. If this happens, you won’t burn the right number of RNs. You need to wait for the blue guys to appear, then hit start. You will know if you do this incorrectly because Sain gets the wrong level up on turn 1. Ch. 5: I noticed a lack of pictures, so I’ll provide my level ups so people can keep track of it. On turn 2, Florina kills a guy and levels up, and on turn 3, she kills the boss and levels up. Ch. 7x: In this chapter we use two guys, Dorcas and Rath. Before the chapter starts, you’ll want to make sure that Rath has Will’s Iron Bow, not the Short Bow, and Dorcas is attacking guys with the Iron Axe, not his Hand Axe. I don’t think Short vs. Iron Bow matters for the strategy/level ups (and you only attack with it once), but I know attacking with the Hand Axe at range will mess up your Sain level on the last turn. In any case, the Iron Bow/Axe are cheaper and this guide cuts it pretty close in funds rank. Also, Sain kills the wall on turn 2 with either the Iron Sword or Lance, but for the funds rank, use the Lance. Every little bit counts! Ch. 9: I had the same problem here that I did in Ch. 4. If you mash Start, you skip an important cutscene and will fail the level. Lyn won’t kill the Cavalier on turn 1. In this case, it’s pretty deceptive because you can actually still get the exact same Dorcas level up on turn 2. I’m not sure exactly which cutscene it is, but I think it’s Wallace’s.
  9. I can always complete the chapter "normally" and then go back and re-do the save. I'm mostly interested in the level ups and I play on GBA4iOS, so I can make save states and redo them if they suck. Totally understand about the school thing. I just entered college. I hate having to be "responsible" and "do my homework". Thanks for all the other chapters!
  10. Okay, this is something I'm sure you can help me with instead of me just being bad at following directions and figuring it out later. Chapter 10 is annoyingly long and Florina keeps dying on turn 7. The problem is that I'm not sure if Rath has a bow equipped or not, or if Florina is supposed to engage ever or just wait for the enemy to attack her (since it seems she'll save some HP by attacking first). Could you post the level ups for Nils, etc. so I know if I'm doing it right? They wouldn't even need to be screenshots, just the text would be a huge help.
  11. Florina dies on 7x. She takes one hit from the soldier on turn 1, then the archer brings her to 4 HP. So instead of attacking Nils on the pillar, the soldier attacks Florina on turn 3. Is she supposed to dodge the archer or the first soldier? Edit: I made Florina chug a Vulnerary to bring her HP up to 14. Everything fell into place after that and all the levels followed so I hope it works out ok in the end. Do you think one use of a Vulnerary will ruin the funds rank? Edit 2: Oh, you use the Robe on Florina. That's why she has 27 health. Duh.
  12. Well holy crap, it decided to work now. I have literally no idea what changed from the last times I played. My only guess is that I try to move people so fast that I accidentally burn RNs when moving, but I've seriously played this level like twenty times and they've all failed so far. Well, not failed, but I didn't get the desired levels. Umm...thanks.
  13. Me again. I can't seem to get Florina to level up nearly everything on chapter 6.
  14. Okay, so the game ONLY burns RNs if they draw the arrows automatically? And that means I can make the paths as squiggly as possible if the don't? I've been so stressed over that haha. This sounds very easy to follow. But if Fion doesn't want to rewrite the entire guide, that's fine too.
  15. Yes, he attacks from the forest with the iron sword. He dies when he attacks with the iron lance from the same spot. So after running through it again, now lv. 6 Sain only wants HP and Res, no Str or Spd. So I don't even know how Florina managed to critical on turn 5 if I messed up the levels on turn 1, unless somehow I burnt the exact number of RNs to sync back up. So after checking the stats, apparently my Sain is missing a speed stat somewhere. He should have 10 at level 5, correct? EDIT: Ran through Ch. 1-3 again, but now Sain wants Str, Skill, Spd, and Res. Still no HP. EDIT 2: Aha! I think I found the problem. Just simply saying that Lyn ends up below Wil, or that Kent goes one space northwest of that, may not be enough. I finally got that HP/Str/Spd/Res level 6, and I think it was because I changed how I moved the four characters inside the ruins. What's really odd was that despite never getting the proper stats on Sain, Lyn was still exactly the same. I distinctly remember that Luck/Def level up seemed oddly below-average. It's working fine now, on to Chapter 5!