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  1. Do you ever give your FE characters dumb/weird nicknames?

    Oh yeah, I call Chrom, Marth, and 'Marth' the name "Mr Fire Emblem" . Because I was watching RSS Liam's Fire Emblem Warriors stream and when they all appeared he said "Oh look, it's Mr Fire Emblem himself" and it made me laugh
  2. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I would have figured they reuse voice clips from P4AU for Rise.
  3. I don't know why, but I call Hinoka "Honkers" and I can't stop calling her that. I also call Ogier "Free Armorslayer". Also Eclipse, feel free to move this Fftf if you think it's more appropriate there.
  4. Marth was my favorite character to play as in Melee and I was happy to see him in Brawl.... but Roy got replaced by this Ike guy and I was confused for a little while on why he spoke English..... I was walking through the video game aisle at Walmart one day and I happened to notice Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon sitting on the shelf, I was so shocked because I thought this was a Japanese only series and I had no idea that a Fire Emblem game got released in America so I decided to buy it (or asked my parents if they would buy it). I was super stoked to see that Marth was a playable character and I realized that this must have been a remake of an old game.... I think a year went by before I learned that Shadow Dragon wasn't the first game to come to America, but 4 games came out in America prior to Shadow Dragon!
  5. Which Lord has the most interesting concept?

    I think Corrin has probably the most interesting concept. Blood of a dragon. Raised by an enemy nation. Have to choose between loyalty and blood. Too bad what we got was terrible in terms of writing
  6. Panic! At The Disco

    A Fever You Can't Sweat Out is my favorite album
  7. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    That Rick and Morty reference is so random and cringeworthy. Dual audio is neat and the pricing isn't too bad
  8. I think one reason TMS sold like shit is because it was on a dying console. I feel like the game would sell better if they attempted to Port it to the Switch.... and the advertise the game by putting characters into Heroes.... do I think this is going to happen? Switch port? Maybe. Characters getting into Heroes? Doubt it..... but I would be so thrilled if they did
  9. Do you think full voice acting should return?

    Absolutely. Great voice acting can go a long way.
  10. I can tolerate this, but for some games, it is annoying.
  11. Games you love and love to make fun of?

    Shadow the Hedgehog. I actually like the game, but it's very easy to make fun of. Oh my god. I've never heard that comparison before, but that's probably the most accurate thing I've ever heard. Also... JASON!
  12. I can understand a lot of the points that y'all are making. And some ports are perfectly serviceable, and some ports have issues that I can look past (I did play FFVI on ps1, but I honestly wish the game got the FFIV PSP treatment because I don't really think any of the versions of VI that exists do it justice). And some ports are absolute shit, Sonic Genesis on GBA for example. I feel like I can make exceptions for some things, but for the most part I want to get the best experience from a game therefore I want to play the best version of it.
  13. Like assume that you can't afford to buy a good port of a game. I think personally I would rather not play the game at all than to purposely play a bad port
  14. Games you loved as a kid that aged poorly?

    Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly It wasn't even good back then. I had no standards when I was 8
  15. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I hope we can come to an agreement! I'd like Hector because either way you look at it, you get a free Hector as a unit or you get a free DC fodder!