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  1. Guess where i am in my house!

    Probablyyyyyy shouldn't. It wasn't really a bad experience, but it wasn't super Pleasant
  2. Guess where i am in my house!

    Probably literally at some point, but definitely figuratively
  3. Guess where i am in my house!

  4. Guess where i am in my house!

    I was in the closet once, but then I came out.
  5. Genealogy spoilers, I guess

    What exactly is a dastard?
  6. The Official Serenes Forest Deathbattles: Round #17 Roy

    ......isn't that Vincent Valentine?
  7. it is clean

    Please save us again Ike!
  8. IS has asked you to design a game

    Yo, how does that work? Also, is Berwick good? I haven't heard anything about it. Anywhos, FE 1, Xane's class FE 2, Magic System 4, Having morally gray characters5, 5, Dismount. I like mounted units getting a nerf 6, Getting legendary weapons throughout your journey 7, Mission variety 8, Split Routes 9, This support system 10, Base Conversations 11, The overall faster gameplay 12, Anti-turtling incentives (Astram squad, Hardin, etc) 13, Branched Promotions 14, Every character having personal skills 15, This forge system Heroes. Skill activation being a tangible thing to calculate, instead of RNG
  9. I guess I was misinterpreting what you were saying, sorry
  10. 1. Favorite voice of Sonic? 2. Favorite Sonic cartoon? 3. If he were alive at the time, would you have liked it if Deem Bristow voiced classic Eggman in Generations? 4. If you had to pick one specific Fire Emblem character to be given an English voice, who would you pick and who would be there voice actor(ess)? 5. Do you have a game series that is either up your alley or that looks like something you would try, but you've never were able to get into that series?
  11. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    To each their own, but yeah, the warning isn't really that I think it would be too hard, in fact I find it barely harder than normal, heck even easier in some cases. But I do feel like the thing the hard mode adds takes away more from the game than anything and it makes certain things more tedious.
  12. [Hard] Radiant Dawn Semi-Blind

    I hope you enjoy, but why Hard mode? I feel like things like no weapon triangle really gimp the overall experience, at least for a first playthrough
  13. Would you be interested in a male playable Manakete?

    Heck yeah, I think Bantu was the fucking coolest for this reason, he's the polar opposite of the traditional manaketes. Instead of a young girl, he's an old man
  14. Okay. I'm not arguing that. What I am arguing is that you use the phrase "grants power to horrible people who could rape". Rape is still illegal regardless on how you look at it. That's the point I'm trying to argue.
  15. This statement doesnt make sense. Rape is still illegal, regardless of whether or not they have HIV