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  1. I played the game all the way through putting about 90 hours into it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been a bit over a year since I've played it and I'm thinking about jumping back into it sometime in the future, what I would like to know is what transfers over to New Game Plus and is there content that I only get from playing New Game Plus/Higher Difficulties?
  2. Soul Calibur VI!

    It did not have Kratos, it had Spawn
  3. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    No, Finn didn't BUY the silver blade. He can get it from killing Chagall and passes it down that way. But Finn can't buy the Silver Blade
  4. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Yeahhhhhhh that is way less vague lol
  5. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    The only kids I really care about in Fates is Shiro and Forrest.... and if they add Forrest, I kind of hope they give him "Dusk Brynhildr" whatever name for an upgraded version of Leo's weapon instead of making him a staff user But could it be possible that we are under thinking it? I feel like "Fate" is a bit of a vague word that it could refer to Gen 2 Holy War or Gen 2 Awakening.
  6. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    Judging the lords is weird in this game because you have to consider: Did you do Lyn mode? Are you playing Eliwood mode or Hector mode? If the answer is no to playing Lyn mode, then she isn't all that great. If the answer is yes, then i can see her being middle of the road... the problem with that is that I feel like Sain, Kent, and Florina are more deserving of trying to level up. I still feel like Eliwood and Hector have their share of problems. I think Eliwood's base class sucks and gets a great one upon promotion. While Hector's is kind of meh the whole time. I am not certain Eliwood is worth training up since he doesn't promote till late. And Hector is helpful to start with and might be fine overall, but his low movement is going to be a bit of a hinderance... Compare this to someone like Marcus who has great stats that can carry him through most of the game. Or (especially if you do Lyn mode) Sain and Kent who have great avaliability and base class. Honestly, I feel like you could argue Lyn is better than Guy or Raven or Karla, but it doesn't really make her better than other units you get along the way which is unfortunately a problem.
  7. Dude. Don't get me hype for something that doesn't exist. I think this idea is genius. I think there is a scene where Reyson punches Oliver. I kind of want to see that and the whole thing with the Serenes Forest
  8. Huh. I'm looking up a crit quote compilation right now and I didn't realize that Alm, Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Faye, and Celica have different quotes than their child selves... that's cool. Anywho, my favorite for Alm is "This is how it's done"
  9. King Garon is a ripoff of Ganondorf!

    I feel like a male being the leader of a tribe of women is fucking stupid.
  10. Sonic General - Much ado about design

    Has anyone got their hands on it yet? Honestly it's probably not a game I'm getting soon (mainly because I am saving up for a PC and Switch).... but how does classic sonic feel? I've heard that Classic Sonic feels quite bastardized (I can see how it would be inferior to Mania, but I'm hearing that it even feels worse than Colors and Generations...). If that really is true, that is very unfortunate because Classic Sonic in Generations didn't quite do it for me to begin with....
  11. Skyrim. Idk why, but I really loved the game when it first came out..... but the game feels like a broken mess and the combat doesn't feel good
  12. Lie to nosy strangers on the internet

    Sin? I've never sinned! Who are you?
  13. FE: Thracia 776 Question

    Unfortunately you have to deal with that. I'm not sure how many translations there are, but I do know that the current ones are a mess. So as of right now, you have to deal with it or you can wait a long time before someone properly translates it.
  14. Lie to nosy strangers on the internet

    All of them. What time is it?