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  1. Best Beorc units for an “all the Laguz” run?

    Ike, Titania, Marcia, Jill, Oscar, and Kieran. Basically Mounts and Fliers. Main reason I named those is because you don't get a laguz till chapter 11.
  2. Favorite Royals in Fates.

    I put Hinoka, Camilla, and Corrin..... But I don't like Corrin any more than I like Azura, but the poll said I had to vote for one of them
  3. I wasn't even thinking that till you said it, but now that you said it, I completely agree
  4. No. Not even slightly
  5. Eleonora is not allowed to shoot apples off of Touma's head..... even if she is accurate with her bow
  6. Project Octopath Traveler

    OCTOPATH Olberic Cyrus Therion Ophilia Primrose Alfyn Thressa H'aanit
  7. So if Reggie Fils-Amie had a niece/nephew....

    I love Reggie, but this was hilarious... and I feel like this would be somewhat accurate
  8. Maximizing Wrath use in FE4

    I'm not too sure what you're asking, but I did Lex x Tailtiu and that lead to some stupid fun. Paragon is always nice to have, and Vantage/Wrath almost kills everything.... only thing you got to really be concerned about is that your magic stat might be a bit lower, but I would think it would serve you well regardless
  9. So if Reggie Fils-Amie had a niece/nephew....

    That's the thing though. Usually the people who say that are the ones who would leak information. And if they gave evidence that proved that Reggie's their uncle, I don't foresee things going well for them... as well as Reggie for telling family members Nintendo secrets (not saying that I think he would do that)
  10. They could tell people online that their "uncle works for Nintendo" and no one would believe them.
  11. 43. It needs to take place in Archanea, but Gotoh sees a vision of Medeus getting resurrected in Mystery of the Emblem and his future self sends himself a vague message to his present self saying the words "He must win!"
  12. What if Kaze was actually the legendary hero?
  13. I wouldn't start worrying about anything until E3. If we don't see anything about it then, then who knows when we will get the game. There is still plenty of time left in the year
  14. Those are some pretty good new changes! Also stuff like new transitions are nice too
  15. What level are we assuming these prepromotes promoted at? Becuase their bases will vary heavily if they promoted at level 10 or if it was level 20.... Personally, I think we should assume level 15 because it's in the middle