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  1. Thailand Travel Log

    unlike eclipse i'm a shithead, and read your posts, and decided you don't deserve to have this thread.
  2. i picked one up on an elvish scout and proceeded to use his bow for the rest of the map :)
  3. hell, i'm not sure various campaigns haven't been touched up by different people over time at this point anyway here's a bitch of a chapter
  4. ooh yeah, let's toss that out there for the unwashed masses same, plus the ogres like i mentioned - i'm pretty sure they reworked this map, because i remember it being a holy slog before
  5. wham bam shambina it's more filler
  6. ulfs aren't campaign only, they're in the MP knalgan army i should know, i always use them against our collective better judgement
  7. i played awakening more than any other fire emblem and i have no idea what the fuck this means
  8. there is no logic. this is where logic goes to die. this is a disparate set of campaigns made by many people of vastly different abilities and dedications.
  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. that was peak update. i will never surpass it. mediumkey i've forgotten where exactly peak elf wank is and now i'm starting to worry that we've already passed it and i misremembered anyway, fair warning: this update is about a hundred images.
  11. what's the fun in doing the optimal thing in a Let's Play though tbf sniper sprite is cuter anyway
  12. zooming in on one thing: it absolutely is. ignoring my obscene good fortune/foresight sending prime minister abbott down there, the literal best you can conjure up attacking that lich with only merfolk is that mer warriors are the minimum to not heal him on average more than they damage him in neutral light, and you literally have to land both trident strikes and a double from your initiate to get him down to where a warrior can finish him. liches are awful boss design. we're not half done with them!