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  1. Update discussion thread

    sick passive aggression, that's totally going to get you a friendly response
  2. Fates Challenge Thread

    yo dude this thread was from twenty sixteen
  3. this one
  4. Update discussion thread

    no but i am using firefox like 45 so the problem is almost definitely my end
  5. Update discussion thread

  6. Update discussion thread

    programming is weird
  7. Update discussion thread

  8. Update discussion thread

    besides the fact that was a broken pile of garbage (seriously, working with it as a mod was horrible.) that actually got cut because ip.board no longer has an service. the servers are gone. there is no more to have.
  9. Update discussion thread

    update kate showed me, i just don't have anything there, there's a blank space
  10. Update discussion thread

    i don't actually see a discord box anymore, is it still on the front page?
  11. Update discussion thread

    that's how software development works, mate. bugs stick around, and we don't have infinite development time. our coder base is one dude: jyo, and this isn't his day job. and the update served its purpose lol, updates are more about back-end security and administrative stuff than user experience. there's no two ways about that: our mod tools are massively improved, our security tools (anti-DDOS, anti-spam, etc) are massively improved, everything about the back end is a thousand times better i'm sorry you've been hanging around on a forum that you hate for almost a year but i'm also not sympathetic because no matter what when an internet site updates layout someone's gonna bitch about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Update discussion thread

    then what is the purpose of this thread you're just whining about bugs in the op (which always happens with a new forum rollout) and calling our new design "unfitting" lol it's pretty insulting
  13. Update discussion thread

    you didn't but i feel like op thinks it is
  14. Update discussion thread

    that isn't our fault
  15. Update discussion thread

    every fucking update