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  1. does anyone take heroes' plot seriously to begin with
  2. FE5 Questionnaire

    EDIT: whoops forgot to remove the quote, nice
  3. Greatest Archer to ever Arch?

    bye forever, thread!
  4. yeah there's a rule about threads like that, plus they're usually bots. feel free to report them if you see them so we can get on it

    1. Dandy Druid

      Dandy Druid

      Alright I'll report it next time. I'll throw an @ at you or eclipse next time I see it. Does it matter who I mention?

    2. Integrity


      time of day really - if it's overnight US time, eclipse, otherwise me

    3. Dandy Druid

      Dandy Druid

      Alright! Will do. I notice these things more at night, so poor eclipse may be getting alerts from me.


    i think this goes here report it if i'm wrong please
  6. correct god bless the takumis and god bless the shannas and god bless the all of you who fought strongly i am going to bed try to not collectively treat this stupid contest like the most important thing in your lives and go outside and do something instead godnight
  7. yeah i agree, this single upset proves the system is broken entirely and only we intellectuals realize it, unlike the sheeple
  8. god bless you team takumi lad, you fought well and strongly and i respect your effort
  9. excellent, i won't single you out for it because you're in a minority apparently, a ton of people whined about the vg just being a popularity contest before multipliers how does this meaningfully differ from the original popularity contests though? if you're gaming the stupid contest for feathers, there's going to be a strategy to it.
  10. thanks god bless the you as well it was a good match
  11. yea besides the guy i asked what the fuck?? who hasn't posted since nobody's stepped out of line in this thread attacking other people so far. it's just bantz between the ladz.
  12. i posted my interpretation of what you said dog EDIT: but like three posts later
  13. literally fucking this and i know that this post is legally spam and i will warn myself for it if it gets reported you idiots wanted it to be more than a popularity contest