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  1. Freohr kind of consistently makes art now here we go!!

    my name is integrity, and i approve this message
  2. a big pile of skype party dudes it ruled he says, furiously stroking himself
  3. Just a grumbling female player...

    is this what happens when i'm not around
  4. Just a grumbling female player...

    i'm late to the party because i had a rough week of work but what the fuck
  5. Save states, yay or nay?

  6. yeah but i edited it because i remembered kh2, one of the best games ever, and i can't decide now
  7. alright this is a fucker of a question because i've been around forever nes: we owned some gauntlet game, i do not know if it was gauntlet or gauntlet 2, it was the best snes: i fucking loved battle cars, but in retrospect it was probably donkey kong country 2 gamecube: i played way more smash: melee than anything else but i list my favorite game as zelda: wind waker wii: monster hunter tri wiiu: monster hunter 3u switch: breath of the wild is insanely good but i have played tons of fifa 18 it's stupid psx: space invaders got me through a real rough hospital stay, but so did legend of dragoon; both are on my list ps2: i would happily come down on ssx tricky and never look back EDIT: FUCK THE PS2 HAD KINGDOM HEARTS 2 I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE psp: this really sick compilation of five gradius games, gradius rules gb: it was pokemon red gba: probably fe: sacred stones, loosely, the gba is weird and i don't really understand what i played on the gba and off anymore ds: i really liked this kirby game but i don't remember which one it was. canvas curse? otherwise advance wars days of ruin probably 3ds: fe echoes forever pc: the best game of all time is master of magic, but xcom2 comes really close
  8. because these skills were essentially worthless, you might as well say 'why did they remove medium armor' - hey, it was because literally nobody seriously used it, ever.
  9. morrowind is my favorite elder scrolls but dismissing the combat system which is among the worst combat systems of all time as 'something that turns newcomers off' is fucking disingenous morrowind's bad systems fucking suck and the problem is that all of morrowind's systems actually suck or are only good because they're overwrought as hell, the only objectively good thing about the game is the world, which is quite good
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Shoblongoo

    i agree, parents or trusted adults, not the fucking public of a fire emblem forum don't do that again please. EDIT: and i'm not even fucking touching the anal = incest shit but i would keep that to yourself forever, or reevaluate it
  11. Don't Count the Mods Out

    ok godnight
  12. Don't Count the Mods Out

    fixed it
  13. Don't Count the Mods Out

    your password??? i was just posting my password wtf
  14. Don't Count the Mods Out

    i can already do that, dude