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  1. fire emblem tbh, whatever shit i do talk about it fates and echoes both hopped the queue and got done real fast, and i put a bunch of time into heroes the second it dropped. hypothetically when mechwarrior 5 comes out i will stop playing every other game in my possession until i finish it
  2. so cool, rather than awesome i dont need an essay
  3. dear sully is punching nazis cool or awesome
  4. aiku aiku it's ur birthday!!!

    happy birthday!!!

    1. Freohr Datia

      Freohr Datia

      wait I forget does bloo work

    2. Freohr Datia

      Freohr Datia

      oh it does!!

      happy birthday!!

    3. Integrity


      it's my birthday!!

  5. oh yeah double-posting because someone suggested to if you are on the sf discord server prepare to face parrhesia as our brand new from a few days ago chat moderator if the goldenrod name didn't tip you off
  6. why not join a discord server with a heroes chat there are several
  7. i agree but also this thread was dead
  8. i want a good sequel to freedom force EDIT: if op was specifically looking for a franchise and not "something that should have been a franchise" then stalker 4 when please
  9. okay
  10. let's do the safe thing with you
  11. uh, what?
  12. but it was old
  13. go home my little thread and be well
  14. nope, discord is a third-party application that we have a server on now that is dead (rest in eternity)