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  1. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    it's how my dad spells it, a stupid shortening like sandwich -> sammich, christmas -> crimmas
  2. i'm just here to say that i can't call whether sports suck or are cool yet this week, but i've posted every sunday since september 27 except that one in november so it felt lonely not doing it
  3. The Last To Post Wins!

    yeah that's my name
  4. The Last To Post Wins!

    i've also been told i'm fucking tumblr sjw trash so take of that what you like
  5. The Last To Post Wins!

    so i've been told
  6. Bloodlines

    i'm glad you do but, uh, that's not really a concept. sorry, bub.
  7. Apparently Crash Team Racing is getting Remastered..

    redirect it there lads the section is even wrong...
  8. Favorite and Least Favorite Jugdrali States

    grannvale and the thracias are the only ones that really give off any sense of interest or nuance to me; silesse and isaach aren't really explored enough to set them apart in any way, miletos? the merchant republic isn't even visited except post-mortem and all of its exhibition is a few lines in ares' conversations, agustria is kind of a flop of storytelling and worldbuilding, and verdane is just Fire Emblem's Early Game Bandit Chapters: With A King the thracias tell a decent, if basic, story of the guys with the good land and food and money vs. their 'countrymen' they don't really care about and the danger of oppressing the working class; grannvale itself has a decent background of being more of a confederation of princes than fire emblem's typically comfortable doing, and i wish that had been explored more than 'sigurd hares off to save aideen, everything goes down offstage, sigurd is declared a traitor' because it could have been really neat. in the end, though, the interesting countries are really just vehicles for quan/travant/leif and sigurd/arvis/julius/seliph's stories, the worldbuilding behind them isn't particularly special imo
  9. Other Discord Servers

    nope, you listed the one fire emblem discord that exists, pretty comprehensive
  10. fucking lmfao and yeah look at it this way: we went away at one of the top threatening teams in their conference, hell, arguably the nfl, and lost. the packers hosted a joke team and lost.
  11. okay even if football turns out bad today that means football is good on aggregate thank you for the news EDIT: football status this week: saved by slumber; otherwise bad
  12. Premier League Discussion (2018/2019)

    i still love you pickford, it's okay even if i'm dead fuckin mad EDIT: home derby in march is gonna be lit, 2-0 up the ev
  13. If you were in FE which class would you be?

    locking this one since the other is biggerer