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  1. yeah this is a fftf tier thread at best and that's being charitable
  2. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    and yet here you are posting anonymously, cheers
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    honestly that's fair enough, if you're not a savvy story reader and you're just jumping the fuck in awakening does a fine job and deserves that credit. as a popcorn story, awakening is good and fine - and honestly part of why i like awakening best of the main story games is that it is a good popcorn story - but attributing serious quality to it like your original analysis that set op fuckerino off is just a bit off base imo, given as it's a story that isn't really meant to be deep or to appeal strongly to the intellect. it's popcorn. EDIT: re: ottservia, not the reason i might just ban guest posting or my mate tryhard
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    none of this is at all remarkable for the series fandom, 'guest' who has been posting for a solid month
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    i mean honestly, you read way more into awakening than was reasonable; awakening is my probably second fave and the opening sequence was just a pretty generic oh my god future sight scene that i honestly mostly forget exists until i play it again. you were analyzing something you thought the game did well, and i disagree that it did it well in any way. but op was a douche instead of just disagreeing and hey here we are
  6. Who has the "worst art"?

    agreed but this is no longer the case because v!mist has incredible fucking art and we stan growth in 2019 thanks miwabe mine is lucius, and i recognize this is a personal thing - i get unreasonably mad when the canon is 'dude is so pretty he is mistaken for a lady sometimes' and the art style just goes 'hey draw a woman fuck it then fudge it' like lucius is in feh. it's the lazy way out of what could be beautiful androgyny and i hate it. the lazy way is to just go heh, let's write femme coded styles into a male character and say voila! dude looks like a lady! instead of actually considering how to blend gender-coded things to create an attractive middle ground fuck lucius EDIT: or, not related to art but worse, the Libra Impact. 'hey, draw the daddiest of strong men who await you, but have him voiced by cindy robinson well out of range, haha, dissonance is the same as androgyny'
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    i didn't think it was possible to be that much of a dick, and here we are EDIT: in case it's ambiguous, op was suspended for that shit post, there's no reason to respond to them, carry on
  8. i'm just responding publicly to anonymous reports here: there is a difference between people getting lowkey and highkey homophobic about whether does ike is gay, and people talking about greil's sword prowess versus ike's sword prowess. we're not gonna step in to stop the latter. cheers.
  9. i am going to pull this entire banner, and luck isn't a factor i just know it. i got all of v-day 1 without buying orbs. it was the only seasonal i managed to get all of. all of v-day 2 will come home.
  10. i almost kneejerk reacted! but like i get steamed when people make perfectly reasonable posts and get six hour suspensions for it because read the mods' posts for christ's sake. 😩
  11. next infraction i lock the fucking thread
  12. are you literally fucking kidding me
  13. oh my fucking god you guys this includes parthian shots at the guy i suspended. i'm passing out a round of warnings this time. stop.
  14. i'm starting the doubt this statement crikey is there literally nothing else to discuss