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    Obviously fire emblem. Fell in love with the series after playing awakening for the first time last summer. Also interested in anime.
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  1. I'm not seeing how this game is a mess.
  2. The only thing we haven't seen is the musou at the end, that being said Robin still looks like a cool character to use. This video was shown in an earlier thread, it has more gameplay of Robin than gamexplain's.
  3. I'm at 29k, might do another run by the end of today to get Clive. Team is 4* Berkut, M!Robin, Chrom and Soren. The only unit that is annoying to deal with is Mathilda because of TA on Soren being negated and Berkut being slaughtered if she initiates. I love the changes to the tempest trials, makes it so much more tolerable.
  4. I've given mine r tomebreaker, bonfire and reposition. I'm not fond of b tomebreaker on him because of how nukey the typical blue mages are ,they will most likely break your breaker so then you don't double and kill on the counter.
  5. I'm not hung up on the twins being sword users. Every Fe game has had at least one sword lord, so I see this as them following that trend. The twins both being sword users ,I would have to imagine, is for gameplay reasons. They probably don't want players to be gimped for liking one twin over the other.
  6. Finally made it to the top 50 in one of these.
  7. I would fully support Panne's inclusion. She'd be insane to play as.
  8. A bit late but here's friend code for the robin supporters: 2851344183. Currently have distant counter chrom up
  9. Cordelia is great ,kinda expected, news. Robin on the other hand is a mixed bag. I like Robin so I'm happy, however I hope she doesn't take up a character slot because judging by the screenshots she looks extremely similar to male robin.
  10. Corrin's Japanese voice has never sat well with me. I don't think it suits her at all. The English version is miles better imo
  11. Is the percentage swap between 3* and 4* permanent? I hope it is.
  12. I can never understand some of these mage attacking poses. Leo's looks fine but Corrin and Elise look like they're about to fall over any second.
  13. I think Lissa not being a serious fighter is the whole point. The war cleric in awakening was quite comical because of its animations, for example the critical animation had their axe getting stuck in the ground.
  14. Robin and Lissa look extremely fun to play as, while Lucina is a bit disappointing by being really similar to Chrom. It makes sense for her character but I would of liked a bit more originality. I'm really liking the special character interactions and nods to the games, with Lissa teasing Frederick about pebbles and Chrom saying let's see who's the stronger half. The hype continues to build for this game.
  15. As soon as I saw the trailer I knew I was picking this game up. Even with a restricted roster I believe the game will be a lot of fun and the gameplay has only helped to build my hype. I can see how people would enjoy playing with their favourite characters to more but for me even if Leo was replaced with someone like Reinhardt I would still enjoy the game. The gameplay has sold this game for me not it's roster. If the gameplay was rubbish then I wouldn't like the game or consider buying it even if my favourite characters were in it.