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    Obviously fire emblem. Fell in love with the series after playing awakening for the first time last summer. Also interested in anime.
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  1. Felicia, Maid Mayhem

    Yeah the plate is a must have. I run atk/Res bond,qr3,Def ploy and dd3 on my Felicia. I think I agree with @Fei Mao that Felicia probably doesn't need Def ploy anymore, it's still a great option but now you could probably put a different support skill on her.
  2. Anyone who uses this argument isn't worth listening to. People can have their opinions on what they like but stating it as a fact is foolish. You can always point out that 17/40 for the top 20s were 3ds characters.
  3. Kinda sad that Chrom dropped as far as he did, oh well. Time to rally behind Camilla. I personally think Marth has got second in the bag once ppl start voting for the sd version
  4. Gave a vote to Felicia now I'm going all in for Chrom
  5. Weapon Refinery Upgrades You Would Like to See?

    I would like to see kitty paddle+ ignore buffs on mages.
  6. My ideas for a replayable FE

    Replayability ,for me, depends on how fun the game is. Conquest and awakening have taken up many hours of my time, while echoes was only worth 2 playthroughs for me. I agree with the OP that class switching and avatars add a lot of replayability but that means nothing if the gameplay is horrible. The best example of this is revelations which has a huge cast and class switching potential but I never want to play it again. Not too sure on the whole double avatar idea. Split armies are cool though.
  7. This is super helpful thank you
  8. Just the story ones atm. I'm missing 6,7,9,10,13,15,19,20, endgame
  9. Does anyone have a list of the conditions to get the second Anna memories? This is probably really tedious to answer so I understand if I don't get a reply.
  10. I have the jp version and I can confirm that you can play co op with one pair of joycons. There is some difference between the controls though. Activating awakening mode requires you to press both the L and R buttons, the L button centers the camera behind you since you don't have an extra control stick to move the camera, I also couldn't swap characters on the fly as well but had to pause the game to do that, locking on required you to click in the control stick.
  11. Thanks, looks like I'll be fine.
  12. Stay updated or stay away?

    I'm set on getting the Japanese version so I'm in too. I will have to look things up regardless since I don't know Japanese
  13. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    It's because she reminds me of a studio Ghibli character with that voice and I'm not a fan of their work.
  14. I prefer the 3 game approach, the problem this time was that fates was selected as a focus game. The fates roster is just so big that it I can definitely understand why the older fans would be upset since the 3ds games are being pushed way more. Like others have suggested replacing fates with blazing blade would have been a much better choice.