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    Obviously fire emblem. Fell in love with the series after playing awakening for the first time last summer. Also interested in anime.
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    Fates: Conquest

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  1. This is super helpful thank you
  2. Just the story ones atm. I'm missing 6,7,9,10,13,15,19,20, endgame
  3. Does anyone have a list of the conditions to get the second Anna memories? This is probably really tedious to answer so I understand if I don't get a reply.
  4. I have the jp version and I can confirm that you can play co op with one pair of joycons. There is some difference between the controls though. Activating awakening mode requires you to press both the L and R buttons, the L button centers the camera behind you since you don't have an extra control stick to move the camera, I also couldn't swap characters on the fly as well but had to pause the game to do that, locking on required you to click in the control stick.
  5. Thanks, looks like I'll be fine.
  6. Do you know how much memory?
  7. Stay updated or stay away?

    I'm set on getting the Japanese version so I'm in too. I will have to look things up regardless since I don't know Japanese
  8. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    It's because she reminds me of a studio Ghibli character with that voice and I'm not a fan of their work.
  9. I prefer the 3 game approach, the problem this time was that fates was selected as a focus game. The fates roster is just so big that it I can definitely understand why the older fans would be upset since the 3ds games are being pushed way more. Like others have suggested replacing fates with blazing blade would have been a much better choice.
  10. Caeda and Tiki confirmed.

    This. I hate tiki's voice. I never really noticed it in Heroes since I rarely used her but goddamn does it make me cringe. I'll think over it during the week but I may be getting warriors earlier than expected.
  11. Robin, easy. Lissa, Leo, Sakura, Chrom and Cordelia are up there as well.
  12. Azura deconfirmed

    Not much to say here. Excluding Azura in favour of the little sisters, Celica and Lyn is the dumbest decision they've made so far
  13. FE Warriors at TGS

    You kinda have a point, the only thing that they'll need to alter is the aether animation.
  14. Warriors Appreciation Thread

    Robin looks great plus he looks to be one of the more important story characters which is a bonus. Lissa looks like a blast to play as, but tbh this could be extended to every character we've seen. They all look fun which is a huge positive for the game. The music speaks for itself. I've always been a fan of FE music and hearing the amazing remixes only makes me love this game more. I like how there seems to be some level of strategy in the game. The graphics are nothing to sneeze at either.
  15. FE Warriors at TGS

    Of course that's assuming that she would've even been added later as DLC and given her a unique moveset. If I was a Celica fan I would prefer her to be in the base game as a clone than hope that somewhere down the line she's available as DLC.