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  1. I would honestly love to see Wings of Mercy and Escape Route be the alternative to warp. Teleportation strats. Also Desperation and Quick Riposte would also add flavor to phase specific units, and Brash Assault can be mixed in with units who have high avoidance.
  2. The worst voice lines

    Setsuna's "Look a butterfly." It kills the mood, especially if you're about to kill someone. I get the sillyness of Setsuna's laziness, but that just kills it for me.
  3. New Wind, Earth and Fire F2P Fjorm like units

    Actually the Earth legendary hero can come from a land inspired from Jotunheim; a mountainous realm that is home to the giants in Norse mythology. But for Wind I can only assume that the kingdom that hero would come from is inspired by Vanaheim, home of the Vanir. (Also the least explained of the nine worlds in Norse myth.)
  4. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Jeezus. All this age talk and here I think Im old. (Im 18 for pete's sake.) But it doesnt help that you're one of the oldest students in the school with you're friend (she's ironically my old crush.) Topping all of my peers.
  5. Dang... thats a really scary chaos infected Ike. Really interesting tho. I dont ever remember RD Ike being chaos infected by the medallion in Radiant Dawn unless i missed something in the story. If it didnt happen, then I guess there'll start to be a trend of evil versions of the past good characters. Maybe this means risen sheperds... (a man can dream.)
  6. Did they ever state that there was another princess in Muspell's royal family? From Laeveteinn's profile stated she was the second princess of Muspell, obviously stating there are other princes or princesses in the royal family.
  7. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    My favorite is probably Siegmund's pursuit innate skill. The one's I laughed to the sheer epicness of the enhance skill were Sol Katti's and Fuujin Yumi's. (Brash Assault, Brash Assault, and Brash Assailt is the true meta) And the effect I almost lost no nut November was towards Jaffar's Deathly Dagger. He can run; Debuffs, poison strike, savage blow, AND safely hit mages. Awesome.
  8. Best. Voting Guantlet. Theme. Supporting one of my most favorite characters; Katarina. Time to put my Burger King to work.
  9. Huh... the next livestrean is on a friday? ...uhhh Seems a bit odd.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    Welp. I dont initially believe this but then I remember the Tales Of frachise the stream of goodie protagonist and made the main team the "bad guys" for once. I absolutely loved how the story in that game turned out and I've been wanting other franchises to do that. However it feels as though this may be straying too far dark. (And too edgy) Plus there is the unbeliveble fact that the new FE protagonist's name just so happens to be the name of Ash's rival from Pokemon XY (I kid. But a good show tho). But hey, im not saying that Alain is a bad protagonist name.
  11. FE Warriors at TGS

    Hmm... Im not familiar with timezones at all (especially the GMT +8). Is this stream just telling us what is going to happen in a few days and merchandise? Oh. 1:30 am... sucks being in high school. Guess I wont be staying up to watch the warriors stuff. Lemme know which new characters they show kay'?
  12. FE Warriors at TGS

    Warriors at 14:30. Is that now or 30 minutes in?
  13. New characters leaked

    Oh... ok. Now I can tell that the pegasus knight is Caeda due to the red dress. Hmm. Still going to take this "leak" with a grain of salt.
  14. New characters leaked

    Ok. The first thing that screamed "fake" at me was Lyn and Celica's sprites I'm pretty sure Lyn's sprite would've been more like the Myrmidon sprite from Awakening. Plus Celica's sprite is not what I remember from Echoes. Also, I'm not sure about the amiibo page. Are they really playable? Or will they just give new weapons to the main lords?