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  1. Depends on her teammates. If her allied glass cannons can take care of everything except green, then Triangle Adept is fine. If the glass cannons can already knock out greens, then Life and Death would suit Lyn better.
  2. If they are on a defense team, My B!Cordelia and bonus unit can bait them apart. Reinhardt kills Effie and Zephiel. Olivia can take out Hector. Reinhardt or Olivia can take out the last armor depending on the color. Since they are all so slow, many people run Firesweep Bows to shut down armor units completely.
  3. All caps. They mess with my reading flow when they appear in the middle of the sentence, especially when there are multiple all caps words and my eyes tend to skip over the non all caps word in between.
  4. I had to read that twice since I did not see those words at first.
  5. Save Normal difficulty. Hard and Lunatic is a pain in the butt to train in.
  6. I would definitely save Chapter 7 & 8. I used that to train Hector, and I accidentally completed it since I was not paying attention. You can also just complete everything except Chapter 9 & 10 since it is very hard to accidentally beat both the lance cavalier and Ike's army at the same time, although it will be annoying trying to beat Veronica's map.
  7. Ah thank you. Rinkah is of average height compared to most of the female cast.
  8. Judging by in-game character models, I guess she is comparable to the Hoshidan female cast, with Sakura using short female character model, Kagero using tall female character model, and Rinkah and Hinoka using medium female character models. I believe Hinoka and female Corrin uses the same height in their character models. I do not remember seeing Hinoka and Corrin in the same animated cutscenes, so we do not know for sure if she is indeed taller. They are at least in equal in height.
  9. I am still waiting for you come out of my computer screen. Check out this YouTube video. That makes a lot of people swines according to this report. People just have different tastes. There is nothing wrong with that.
  10. I guess we can agree to disagree. People perceive things differently. Rinkah looks a lot more like a child than most of the cast to me. Her face and height is similar to that of children rather than adults.
  11. My point is that Rinkah is loli. People can have different views on who looks like a child and who does not, but Rinkah looks like a child to me.
  12. Hoshido is based on Japan, and Hoshidao does not seem diverse enough to represent other parts of Asia. According to Wikipedia, loli is a slang term for anyone looking young. Rinkah might not embrace the typical loli traits like Nowi, but she definitely looks like a child in grade school. Rinkah is more buff than your typical loli, but that does not discount the fact that she looks like a young girl. The same could be said of Nowi. Rinkah still looks like a young girl.
  13. Lolis are lolis. The way I see it, Asians and Manaketes are excuses to justify loli fetishes. There is nothing wrong with loli fetishes, but rationalizing that a character is a not loli on the account of their race while indulging in that character is in denial.