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  1. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    In business, successful management takes a hands off approach to marketing, design, and anything creative related. Unless a specific manager has prior experience before hand in those fields before moving to management, interfering in creative work is generally considered a bad practice. You hire creative experts for their creativity and interfering with their creativity not only makes hiring them pointless (you might as well do it yourself if you micromanage them), but the interference may make things worse. Unless they specifically ask for input, the general policy for management is to leave creatives alone. Basically, just as you would not dictate how your doctor does things, management should not dictate how artists do things.
  2. Count to 802,701!

    30,701 Oh yeah. I see. Galeforce seems to happen more often in threads with high page numbers. Well, the 69 train came to end.
  3. Count to 802,701!

    30,699 That luck 6 got two waifus/husbandos. I thought this thread has always been a proper long running thread. It is like one of the oldest games on the front page.
  4. Count to 802,701!

    30,697? 30,695 Galeforced at the end of last page and top of this page.
  5. Impressions on New Units

    RR!Palla: She is okay. She has good stat distribution, is flying, and got a decent Weapon. Being colored hurts her though in my opinion. I think the player is just better off using a flying Rauðrblade mage if they want to kill armors, since Blade tomes also deal a ton of damage to other units. RR!Marisa: She is unimpressive at best. She is not bad as a unit, but the lance flier category is heavily saturated and she is not as good as others in that category. RR!Veronica: She is pretty good. She has good stat distribution, is flying, and got a decent Weapon. SF!Nino is better in my opinion, since Push-Mystic Boost is not as reliable as regular old Desperation. RR!Bruno: He feels a little weird. I do not think he is horrible, but he is definitely not great. Ovoid Staff is better on more offensive mages running Atk/Spd Push. RR!Loki She is really good. Her combat performance is not great, but having flier movement more than makes up for it in my opinion.
  6. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Not wanting to monetize them is a big win for female players, not a big negative. And while not all of them are great units, neither are all Special Heroes great units either. Naesala can run Galeforce for Aether Raids, although not as efficiently in my opinion as Cordelia nor Tibarn. However, he has higher Spd and potentially higher movement than Cordelia and his lower Atk is a good thing in some cases where you do not want to one shot something. He is also much cheaper to build compared to Tibarn. Garon is great for tanking in dragon teams since he nullifies dragon effectiveness. FH!Takumi's application is more niche, but he is a mobile Bolt Tower/Panic Manor for Aether Raids which can help out Vantage teams. The ratio is: 116 Female (60.42%) : 76 Male (39.58%) The skew is no worse than 5* exclusive's nor Special Heroes' skew. My point is that as a category, Legendary Heroes and Mythic Heroes are balanced, and not showing more categories where the gender ratios are more balanced or male skewed feels like it is cherry picking data. I agree that the game is skewed towards females, but I do not think it is as bad as people make them out to be.
  7. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    But that category is a pretty big deal since it is also the only category that is completely free. Everything else costs Orbs. It is a small component of 5* exclusive units, but it is not a small component in terms of summoning Foci. They are now featured every month with better summoning rates and the pity breaker pool is much smaller (or none if you want all 3 units of a particular color) and are generally better. The skew is also so slight that it is practically balanced. The Aether Raids thread is full of frustration and dislike. While I also get frustrated with the mode, I still prefer it over Arena since I do not like babysitting units either.
  8. They could also just rerun every Focus annually like how they rerun Special Heroes Foci.
  9. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Most players on Serenes Forest seem to hate Aether Raids and try invest the minimal amount of effort and resources into it. In terms of getting players to spend extra money, I am not sure Aether Raids will generate that much more revenue. Veteran players already have units built for performance back when Arena was not as dominated by scoring. The cheapest climbing team I have found so far consists of Distant Counter Sharena, 2 M!Corrins, and 2 Eirs; the most significant resources being 600 Dew, 80,000 Feathers which takes about a month or two to collect, and enough Orbs to summon 1 Hector and 1 Eir.
  10. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Heroic Grail units are technically free and are not directly monetized, so that is a category that is more pandering to female players. As a dude, I much rather have free waifus than having to pay for them. Players also try to summon Legendary and Mythic Heroes, and that is a monetized category that is practically gender balanced.
  11. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Heroes in the regular summoning pool is practically balanced as it only skews slightly towards female. Red and green tips slightly towards male, colorless slightly towards female, and blue towards female. For Heroic Grail units, because they are mostly male and mostly free, I would argue that that is an advantage for female players and it panders to them since they do not need to spend Orbs. I think the point @Ice Dragon is trying to make is that framing Grail Unit's lack of access to natures as a detriment is no different from framing archers' lack of access to Blade tomes as a detriment. A customization option that is not available is an option that cannot be optimal because it does not exist. Or to put it another way, it makes about as much sense as saying Embla's Ward and Múspellflame are the most optimal Sacred Seals; they are not optimal options because they are not options in the first place.
  12. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    It would be full of dark humor. Will Loki ever unload my Breidablik?
  13. Count to 802,701!

    30,692 Ten 69s in a row!
  14. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    The gender ratio looks fine. Total Heroes are practically balanced. Special Heroes and 5* exclusives are skewed towards females, but it does not look that bad. It also seems like cherry picking data to show only the categories where it is skewed towards females. Heroic Grail units are heavily male skewed: 35 Males (71.43%) ; 14 Females (28.57%) Legendary/Mythic Heroes are slightly female skewed: 8 Males (47.01%) : 9 Females (52.94%) Special Heroes proper are female skewed: 21 Males (36.21%) : 37 Females (63.79%) Heroes in the regular summoning pool (not Askr Trio, Special Heroes, Grand Heroes, Tempest Trials Heroes, Legendary Heroes, nor Mythic Heroes) are slightly female skewed: 97 Male (45.75%) : 115 Female (54.25%)