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  1. How will you use the new favourite system

    I've decided on what I'm going to do. I have seven different options, how ever many of them the character qualifies to gets added and the total number will be their heart. This is only for my five star units, as I don't use anything below that. I'm only doing 7 requirements since I will automatically be giving out 1 heart regardless if they meet any of these or not. I may end up changing some of these. I will be making some exceptions for some characters such as Zelgius or Michalis. Artwork (basically no heart if I dislike the art) Voice (same as above) Usage (how often I use the unit in Heroes) Within my top 10 favorites of their game Within my top 5 favorites of their game Within my top 3 favorites of their game Hero Merit List (2,000+)
  2. Sprite Thread Revival

    Oh yeah. Also, there's a dragon originally on the fan and on her kimono in the image too. So there's that as well.
  3. Sprite Thread Revival

    Thanks so much! I really like it, the fan is really cool too. You did a great job!
  4. The Worst of the Best

    HP: Genny: 32 (I don't really have anything invested into her, but her ATK is 41 which probably isn't bad for a cleric) ATK: Sakura +1: 33 (Haven't put much effort into her either, her stats are about as average as they can get) DEF: Sanaki +1: 18 (Looking at her now I should definitely be giving her Life and Death. She has an ATK of 55 which is pretty good) SPD: Arden: 11 (Obviously this guy has super low speed and high ATK and DEF) RES: Arden: 16 (Lowest in this area too) Others: Sothe +3 (His speed and defense are lacking greatly, but his attack is high at 56 and a good speed of 39. He's one of the units I'm the most proud of and been working on a decent amount)
  5. Sprite Thread Revival

    Thanks so much! And yeah, haha, you're probably right about Hauteclere. I did say with or without. Sweet, can't wait for it!
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    I was wondering if the completed sprites could be added to the OP, just a suggestion. I have two requests: First one is Minerva in a red bikini. I'm not really sure which bikini would look best, so I know that's a bit vague. Looking at Adult Tiki's outfit though, that might look pretty good. Then either no weapon or with Hauteclere. For the head, obviously Minerva. My second request is a bit more complex. Minerva in this image: Azura's New Year outfit would definitely be the best option for the body with recoloring to the colors in the image and the head would be Minerva. I'm not sure how accurate you could get it to the image, especially with the designs and such. I wonder if Navarre's outfit would help at all. The fan as well would be a nice touch. If the fan is impossible, I'd be content with the fan Azura has redesigned. Not sure about the pose. Would it look awkward if the sprite had the same pose she has in the image? If it looked good, then I would want that. If I can't do two requests at once, then definitely take my second request over my first.
  7. Definitely pulling for Tana and maybe Cordelia. Wouldn't be upset if I got Innes. Noire, I never really liked her overly much, so I won't try to get her. Interesting that her first banner is a special. But not completely unsurprising since they did the same thing with Shigure.
  8. Man that hair is honestly the most deceptive thing. I'm still thinking it may be Ephraim. But Stahl's hair fits it better than anyone else's. Stahl seems a bit random. But I actually like that. While doing popular characters seems like the ideal thing to do, it's good to also go over some less popular ones. Every character is someone's favorite I would imagine.
  9. Yeah I could see Ephraim if it wasn't for the hair. But it could be, he's yet to have a special (not counting LH) and he is one of the top units popularity wise.
  10. I honestly have no idea. I'm sure someone will figure it out. Looks like of like it could be Gunthra on the left. I'm not sure who it is on the right.
  11. Worst class in the series?

    Oh frick, as soon as you mentioned Leon I remembered. Yeah, I used Leon he was one of my main units lol. Yeah he was pretty good.
  12. Worst class in the series?

    Not sure, I don't recall actually using any and I only played through the game once. Are they pretty good?
  13. Worst class in the series?

    Archers in any game that isn't Radiant Dawn.
  14. Best FE post-game?

    Awakening and Sacred Stones had the best imo. There was some stuff after Echoes I believe, but it didn't really grab my attention so I didn't bother with it after completing the game. In any case, it bothers me when a FE game doesn't have anything after completing the game. That's one of the few things I dislike in Radiant Dawn.
  15. Create your own item

    Create your own item in this thread. Yune's Blessing (1/1)- Makes your equipped weapon permanently unbreakable (cannot be used on staves).