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  1. I wish they had more information if Mila Shrines could revive anyone that had died on Classic mode
  2. Amelia can't promote via Hero Crest
  3. Wait, have people actually started to complain about marriages? Jeez, New 3DS Players don't really understand how the series ACUTALLY was. I think that addind weight both is good and bad, considering there was no constitution in Gaiden, though it might be interesting for it have weight in the game.
  4. No promotion, its possible on hard, just very, very hard.
  5. But where's the feet ;)
  6. Please do not necropost, if you have a question, please pm the author.
  7. NO.
  8. The Last Promise, probably one of the best hacks out there
  9. Why are patches only allowed and not roms?
  10. Is a +Res/-Def an average IV set for Lucina?
  11. Do we just patch it on the existing rom?
  12. Please fix this, I can't progress from chapter 10 anymore.
  13. Ross' animation is still the same