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  1. @GuiltyLove don't feel like PMing I'm too lazy but feel free to add me if you like to have any of my horseys my Camus is out right now. My ID is in my sig and will be below again. Forgot to mention if anyone on the team Elise just want some powerful Horses to play around with you can feel free to add me but do notify me to guarantee your entry. My ID is: 4474554735
  2. I finished Horse Emblem all expect for Xander whose skills remain uncomplete, but I have four complete horses. Cecilia +spd -atk Elise +res -def Camus neutral Leo +def -hp And I have now started Flyer Emblem Est +atk -hp (still waiting on death blow 3)
  3. I am going team Elise as one of favorite Fates characters I am definitely going with her. Also my Elise has Wraithfull Staff 3 so she'll be a lot less annoying to field then my other healer Clarine, who I was tempted to support just to show my appreciation for the developers actually including Elibe this time, but I like Elise better as a character anyways so it's really not much of a competition. Edit: Also I will be featuring a horse this Gauntlet it will likely be Fury Vantage (Goad Cav) Camus as he doesn't strictly rely on Hone Calvary. But if you would prefer Gronnblade+ Fury Cecilia (Fort Cav), or Raurdblade+ Deathblow (Hone Cav) Leo can be put up as well. I also have Xander but he's not finished.
  4. I'm so glad this thing is finally over my goodness next time devs please have mercy on my soul and make it less time-consuming. Anyways ended at rank 1700-ish because last night I got paranoid and wanted to make absolutely sure I stayed in 5K didn't have the willpower to want to try for 1k even though I was decently close that was a big nope for me. Got my 8 thousand feathers and used them to upgrade my +Atk -HP Brave Lance+ Est, as now I'm officially starting to build flyer emblem, as Horse Emblem is finished (i'll post my finished horses later when I have time in the projects thread).
  5. Okay I am updating my list it's been a while since I last updated but I just haven't pulled many five stars since I last updated during the hero banner (only two more) that being said I've had quite a few upgrades so here is my updated number. So I have 17 in total 23 if you count sacrificed and merged five star units. If my luck keeps trending in the current direction my upgrades are going to well I'll outpace my pulls very soon. Though being a free to play player it's going to happen eventually.
  6. Very few people know how to speak Latin but there still people that do. A lot of dead languages still have people who can speak them (mostly scholars and the like), they are just not used by any common population hence being dead not lost.
  7. Okay to just clarify because you either have a oddly high opinion of Phantom Menace or a oddly low opinion of SOV. Do seriously think one the worst films to ever grace the silver screen is of comparable quality to SOV or are just saying they just fall apart similarly not that SOV story is of comparable quality. I will have some thoughts to share on your analysis later when I have some time but for now I just wanted to ask this question.
  8. As would I. I'd love to be proven wrong and that they can be successful. If for no other reason then Extreme G can exist again They haven't published anything of merit since I think the PS2 & Gamecube generation. If they are actually serious then yes they would have the fire all the current game studios or alternatively better fund them if they simply just give them a zero budget because whoever's making games there now is either completely incompetent or is given zero budget. If they want to actually stand a chance they're going to have to pour billions (which I doubt they will) into funding games and making more studios for exclusives. On a less serious note I can't wait to see the hard-core serious reboot of Pitfall and Adventure. On a more serious note if we can get another Extreme G game i'll be happy as a clam.
  9. More competition is never a bad thing so I sincerely wish Atari good luck... they are going to need it because this is going to be one a heck of an uphill battle. That said this is probably going to go the way the OUYA (remember that thing few people do). IE. Some people will get excited about more competition in the industry and then everyone forgets about it.
  10. SoV's Plot is at worst mediocre and has in total one stupid moment (which is far less than most FE's can claim to have) three if you're being really nitpicky, that people have blown out of proportion and if you can handle FE 8 you can handle it. I think it's actually pretty good especially by FE standards and one the best FE has had in years even if that's not saying much. The voice acting and presentation really put its plot well above other FE games. The gameplay is very different though and will be divisive if your adverse to change and don't really want something unique gameplay wise then I would recommend against it. But the story should be the least of your concerns unless you're someone that hates Erika's route with a burning passion.
  11. Personally I think it will be Gen 8 or a Gen 1/2 Reboot/Reimagining (not a remake of Gen 1:) considing this is the first ever Console Mainline Pokémon game I think the idea of the reboot is very likely as Gen 1/2 remains the most well know Pokémon and it would increase sales among older audiences especially if the game in question is very ambitious. I personally want Gen 8 but I think the Reboot is most likel,y though I am cool either. I think a Gen 4 remake is VERY unlikely, this the FIRST ever console Pokémon game that is a BIG deal they wouldn't make the first ever Pokémon game on consoles a Gen 4 remake.
  12. I just want to point out that Microsoft actually cares a hilarious amount about the Asian market even though they have zero foothill there and never can get a foothold there, but they keep trying bless their hearts. Even though older console have sold horribly there tkeep shipping there they keep attempting to sell there and they're still not giving up for whatever reason. Heck in the 360 generation they even got themselves two exclusive JRPGs just to try to sell more and it didn't do anything for them Japan just hate Microsoft for whatever reason it's kind of hilarious. Even this generation they tried with things like scalebound (before canceling it), and Recore. The fact that Microsoft hasn't withdraw sales of Xbox in Japan is a testament to their dedication to not completely give up even though they should buy all accounts.
  13. Just for this year here's my list, this is not my list of every game I could play just my short backlog list of games I'm planning on. Games I've beaten this year My current backlog Games I plan to buy this year
  14. Took me a while but I got all three I couldn't just cheese it with my normal horse emblem team that I had to specialize it for spur horse emblem (which I can also play). Anyways my team was Ruby Sword, Fury 2, WOM 2, Hone Atk 3 Olivia. Leo with Raoudblade+, Death Blow 3, Ward Cav. Camus Fury 2 ( almost have enough SP for fury 3), Vantage 3, Goad Cav. Cecilia (this is the big change I had to switch her Raven build) Gronnraven+ TA3 G Tome Breaker 3, Fort Cav (there cause I was too lazy to remove it but it will doesn't do anything when they're constantly panicking you). yeah my strategy was so specific to my SI tso I don't think it will help anyone, but I'll give some pointers. First bring a dancer Olivia literally is the only reason I passed this also it would be good if you give them wings of mercy they will need it to get around. Olivia is also preferred in my opinion as she can actually tank Legion. If you want to play Horse Emblem make sure you do it by spur not by the normal buff there's too much panic here you'll get screwed. Legion is stupidly fast and powerful I highly recommend a powerful red mage or Kagero for this map. I agree green mage can also be helpful at taking out all the blue mages.
  15. Yes I am punished for stopping grinding I will lose my feather tier if I stop playing! I am compelled to play by the prospect of more feathers I want the feathers badly enough that I'm playing well past the point it stopped being fun. While this mode is not too hard it is hard to get consistent perfect scores with any team which is something I can do with this team. Because I can get perfect scores I continue using this team because it's obviously the best team for this mode and I want that high score so I keep doing it even though it's not fun. I have tried doing other teams but they can't consistently get A in speed which boosts your score considerably. Really if I could play this mode and get a perfect score without a bonus unit I could've done a lot more different teams as it is now I must feature one deadweight (in this case 4* Nowi) and this is the only team that works well with the deadweight hanging off it. I'm after the feathers I already got the Quicken Pulse seal what I'm trying to do is keep my feather tier which requires me to spend all my Stamina every day to stay afloat. If I keep using this team I might even be able to edge myself into a higher feather tier (currently in the second highest rank 1590) because I can get perfect scores with decent consistency with this one build and only this build (Cecilia, Elise, Ursula/Camus, Nowi). But frankly you're probably right I could maybe keep my current feather tier and play less efficiently, but I'm paranoid that I won't if I don't get the absolute best scores. I understand what your both saying that I am making this for this not fun for myself but my need to be competitive and play in the most efficient way possible is killing me right now and the game is rewarding me for playing it in this way. The game mode should be more inherently fun and require less time at the player (this is my biggest problem it's just too time consuming) even when you're trying to play to win instead it's designed in a way that's insanely repetitive for those that want to be competitive and requires really long play sessions more than the game has ever previously required.