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  1. You can select up to 3 that you can use only once during the run on any map, unused items are not spent and can be use again for your next set of runs.
  2. Did Squad Assualt yesterday I think anyway here is my teams. 1. Est, Michalis, Summer Corrin, Palla (Ryoma and Co) 2. Hector, Effie, Wrys, Olivia (Matthew and Co) 3. Xander, Reinhardt, Jaffar, Setsuna (Michalis and Co) 4. Spring Lucina, Sharena, Kagero, Marth (Robin and Co) 5. Leo, Elise, Cecilia, Camus (Ike and Co)
  3. Got deathless Arena Assault, Score: 4852 Teams: That was hard but I did it my Weakest Team comp was Leo, Elise, Ursula(*4 Blade), and Sheena this team needs to be revised... the I almost lost during it once but was saved by using Boots and Special Blade at once to let me one round Zephiel with Sharena (Swordbreaker 3) and F! Robin. Deathless Arena Score: 4846 for now.
  4. Has Michalis been useful for you guys on Team Corrin? Any of guys want to swap him out for Kagero (+1, +Atk -Def, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Fort Def 3, Draw Back, Luna), or Hector (standard vantage build), or Palla?
  5. Uggg I just barely got pushed out of the 2100 feather tier why did they keep spending flags it's ridiculous.
  6. I am... Also the poll is Public so you can click on the little people icon next to the options on the polls which display the number of people who voted and see which members voted there currently 32 members are on that team (more likely because of the new round) just not all of them are actively participating in this thread.
  7. Holy crap Elise has the multiplier right now and the score distance isn't that far we might lose... what the heck! If I don't get my 500 consolation feathers for joining a team with zero multipliers during a reasonable time of day I'm gonna be so pissed. Well if we lose I guess I'm joining Leo.
  8. @Vaximillian either is fine I usually find that Reds are common so Soren works.
  9. I just got a triple blue matchup and lost. This boys and girls is why you do not ever put someone that is same color as your as your main unit in the gauntlet as your lead on that note @Vaximillian is there anyway I could convince you to put something red, green, or colorless as your leader I love Sharena but RNG does not love me and will give me extremely unfavorable matchups.
  10. @Vaximillian i'll be on Team Corrin this time around so I sent your friend request it is Locke with Michalis in the lead i'll be fielding him or Palla though if people want other units I have people like a Kagero, Jaffar, Xander, and Hector. Anyone else interested feel free to send me a friend request my ID is 4474554735 just make sure you inform me so I know it's you.
  11. This was hard to make so I will add reasons later. I followed a one game per series rule (otherwise KOTOR 2 and ME 3 would have appeared instead of Xenoblade and Ni No Kuni) and I didn't include SRPG because I enjoy XCOM for the same reason I enjoy FE I think they belong most the Strategy game area. If I had included them FE 7 and Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced would have replaced Xenoblade and Ni No Kuni and FE 7 would be on the top square where Mother 3 is (pictures would move one to the left from there). Reasoning/placement (Work in Progess)
  12. It is one of her best builds for the +Atk IV (+Spd wants Fury), no really she only loses like 3 kills over live and death (with the Wo Dao+) and has less loses. With Ruby Sword she does lose a bit more then that with with about a 11 kill differential but Darting Blows does win over Fury with 2-3 more kills on average 9 more that in you have 2 Goads and with 2 Goads L&D only has a 4 kill advantage though with Woa Doa it regains the 10 kill lead.
  13. Well it's decided feathers much are just more important to me then anything else so I am going for Team Corrin. So anyone on Team Corrin I will giving out one of my Flyers either Palla Or Michalis I can also put up Est but i'm pretty sure you don't want someone the same color as Summer F! Corrin. But here she is anyways. If you don't want any fliers I have many other units you can request Like Kagero, Hector, Camus, etc but for now Michalis is up. If you're interested in any of these my friend code is: 4474554735, if you send one please notify me so I know it's you.
  14. Made my list yesterday includes a couple 4* stars but these four stars can all handle themselves in the very specific situations I'll need them for I also spilt up of my horses over three teams because that something I can do as all my 5* horses (expect Reinhardt) have access to Hone Calvary. 1. Lyn, Camus, Cecilia, Priscilla(4*) 2. Xander, Reinhardt, Clarine(4*)/Lilina, Sheena(4*) 3. Leo, Elise, Ursula(4* Blade Tome), Narcian(4*) 4. Palla, Est, Michalis, Summer F! Corrin 5. Marth, Spring Lucina, Anna, Jaffar 6. Effie, Hector, Olivia(4* Ruby Sword)/Lilina, Setsuna 7. Sherena, Kagero, Masked "Marth", F! Robin(4*)
  15. Colm, Neimi, Knoll, and Lute. Mabye Joshua but their is too many red swords in the game already.