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  1. Here’s my strategy for Infernal, you need some decently high inheritance dragons to pull it off (Lighting breath + is necessary on Fae at the very least) but here’s my strategy. My Team is Fae, Ninian, Y!Tiki, and Brave Lyn.
  2. Okami Rerelease

    I Adore Okami (number 6 on my top 10 favorite games of all time list), but I don't think if I'll be buying it yet again on PS4 as I still have my PS3 around. But Okami HD comes highly recommended from me if you have any love for Zelda I highly recommend Okami. If only Capcom would actually pay attention to their best franchises (Mega Man & Okami) I might actually buy something from them occasionally. Also before anyone says it a new Okami is possible am sure Platinum (contains most of the people from Clover Studio) would not say no if Capcom gave the offer. Though Capcom if you want me to buy Okami a second time put it on Switch I will pay money for portable Okami.
  3. Most Successful Defense Teams

    I always gotten at least 10 or More Wins for months on end with this team (i’ve been using this same cookie cutter team for months for both offense and defense). The team is changed a bit since then but I’m just gonna give you their most recent kits Lead Unit: +Atk -Res Lyn+2 (L&D 3, Escape Route 3, Spur Spd 3, Rep Aid, Galeforce, Brass Assault 3 Seal) Bonus Unit (usually one of the Askr Trio in the event Cecilia is a bonus unit I field Brave Lucina, Bonus units are usually equipped with Fort Def 3 Seal). Camus (Fury 3, Vantage 3, Hone Cav, Reposition, Aether, Fort Res 3 Seal) +Spd -Atk Cecilia (Gronnblade +, Fury 3, G Tome Breaker 3, Hone Cav, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Atk +3 Seal) Lyn is mostly there to act as bait and to weigh down the team with her higher merge count and Galeforce, she only recently got a scarier kit I just used to run TA 3, Brass Assault 3 on her. Also even while being minus attack (48 Base Atk without Summoner support it’s not bad at all) my Cecilia is downright scary she is likely the reason for the bulk of my wins her and Camus are just a great combo. Camus is chosen over Reinhart for a couple reasons that basically all come down to Camus being heavier while doing much the same job that I would need him to do.
  4. I am laughing so hard right now we actually won this is awesome lol, and we did it without a multiplier.
  5. Soren lost so I'm moving on the team Shanna. I like her well enough in FE 6 and I'm always cool with supporting Elibe (I am biased). I'll be changing my lead to my +1 Elincia. @Rezzy I got her plenty of times she is always useful.
  6. Do you share a name with an FE character?

    Corrin is the closest it gets you only need one letter to change it to my name.
  7. Well that was weird Ryoma lost I guess I’ll be joining Soren now. Seeing now that I have zero bonus units I might as well join up with one of my absolute favorite characters.
  8. I will be on Team Ryoma, I would go on Team Soren or Katarina but I have neither I only have Ryoma. If Ryoma falls I will go with one of those two.
  9. Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch?

    I can’t remember where the quote was but I believe they’ve already disconfirm this theory I believe they said classic game service they’re providing for subscribers is completely different from Virtual Console and that there will be Virtual Console available for the average consumer, it would be completely moronic for them to do anything otherwise regardless. Well if they have the same discount as they had for Wii U i’ll do it, 2$ for the good version (not a fan of the 3DS remake) of Majora Mask on a handheld sounds like a deal to me (though even if I don’t discount it I’ll probably buy it anyways cause I’m hopeless Zelda Fanboy), heck I’ll definitely buy Blazing Sword again too (crosses fingers for GBA Virtual Console to come back). Though all of my repurchases will be because it’s handheld and for no the reason. Though I am less excited for Virtual Console games I played recently and more excited for GameCube Virtual Console I really want to play games like Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Path of Radiance (among other games) on a handheld.
  10. Have you ever made a stupid mistake when buying a game?

    Don’t know if I’ve really made a mistake on buying a game I like taking risks when I can afford to do so as this has introduced me to many games I love now (like Catherine a really weird game that turned out to be my jam), and I would’ve never played them if I didn’t take a risk on them in the first place, so I don’t really regret purchasing games I end up not liking because it was a risk I thought was worth taking. Recently I took a risk on the Disdaea 5 Ultimate (also Arms but that one was forced on me as bundles were the only option for me at the time) for the Switch I ended up disliking the game a lot for it’s extremely cringe worthy story and frankly boring and unchallenging gameplay. But on the same token on my brothers recommendation I bought Mario + Rabbits: Kingdom Battle which turns out to be one my favorite games I’ve played this year, it is so good it’s basically just a better XCOM (IMO). Like seriously this game is amazing, rabbits are still stupid (Ubi toned them down a lot for this game so they’re not really that annoying at all) but this game is incredible.
  11. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    This is not even close to the same as that in that case you're saving orbs for an unknown quantity that has been no way suggesting to you that you would get you feel upset because of something like that it is a clear case of entitlement, But here IS used clear expectations to coax many players into making uninformed purchasing decisions. Players had absolutely no reason to believe Ayra wasn't free and intelligent systems made no effort to inform their players otherwise, despite knowing for a fact that they would confuse their players making this an obvious deception. Because if they wanted to not deceive their player base they would've been upfront with the customers and informed them that the Banner was going to happen as it is a large shift in how they handle new units therefore no one that wanted Ayra could've known to save up for her as they had every reason to assume they would already be getting her. I have no problems on a principal level with what they did with the banner itself (though introducing new units with old units is still very consumer unfriendly and I hope they don't adopt this more in the future), or with Ayra not being free, I have every problem with them lying to their consumer base by not informing them properly that she wasn't going to be, they may not have outright said Ayra was going to be free, but they would have to be absolute pinheads to not know that players would rightfully assume that she would be and that they would have to informed us properly if they actually wanted us to know that she wouldn't be. But they didn't despite the clear knowledge of this showing this to be a clear move to get rid certain players of theirs free to play orbs to cause them to spend money.
  12. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    The problem with this has literally nothing to do with the character it could be Glade for all I care and this would still be a problem. Please apply the exact thing I they just did to your favorite characters and see how angry you would be and that’s what they did to people. They pulled a fast one on their entire userbase by out right deceiving people by excluding her from the banner she should’ve been in and introducing her into a banner with old units without informing their play base this would be the case. Me personally I don’t want Ayra last thing I need is more swords what upsets me is the dangerous precendent this sets for how low they are willing to go to exploit their player base, that’s why people like me or angry even though they don’t necessarily want the character. But I am a bit of a consumer advocate admittedly so crap like this upsets me even if it doesn’t affect me personally.
  13. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    That's the problem they didn't say anything when they made a huge change to how they handle new units they didn't inform the player base before it was too late, acting the whole time before dropping the bomb like nothing was different. Transparency is key in game like this and they made no effort to communicate how Ayra was going to be handled when they have always been upfront with the nature of new banner units before now. This is deception because they obviously knew that players would think she is free because they have never ever in the entire run of this game up to this point (which has been a long time and has created a lot of precedent) released a new unit in a non-new unit banner, if they meant no deception by this they would've informed of their players as their play base had zero reason to ever see this coming, it belies all precedent set by the game thus far. Therefor players who were waiting for Ayra thought they were safe spending all their orbs on the previous banner and spent all their orbs only to be blindsided and forced to spend in order to get her it's a dirty way to get people to break the free to play cherry. That is the motive behind it to drain a free to play player of most of their free to play orbs before blind siding them with they actually want. Make no mistake Ayra is very popular so there were a lot of people saving for her making this deception an obvious attempt to create more people who spend.
  14. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    You know for the first time I might actually do that. My feedback will probably go around the line of please don't actively to deceive your player base. The problem isn't that banner was separated (though this certainly is not a good thing to do and shouldn't be done again all new unit should be a new unit banners it's very non consumer friendly to trap a new units with old units) or any of this that is a big problem, no the real problem (or at least the thing I take the biggest issue with) is that they deceived their player base, they went out of their way to use language that they've used before to sideline their players. That's not acceptable, if they wanted to change things up and introduce the characters in a new way which they have never done before they should inform their players period. They were purposely super quiet this month just so they could pull off this trick that is not cool. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who doesn't even want Ayra I have too many swords i'm more mad that they're going out of their way to abuse their player base which is been done way too much in Industry these days and it saddens me to see IS stoop so low, they are better than this! I don't want to see IS become EA and Activision.
  15. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    I’ve been reading the reactions around and people are very very mad about this even the Japanese Fanbase seems pretty angry. The business around this is frankly scummy and this is an obvious bait and switch, I haven’t seen such an obvious deception get people to open their wallets by IS since Hero Fest 1. But at least with Hero Fest 1 didn’t use their own set precedent to deceive their player base. This on top of making it so all 40 bonus units are brand new making it so the only way to get one is to be lucky right now. If you find this at all problematic please don’t support IS monetarily for this action unless you want this to be a thing they do in the future again. Learning that deception benefits them will only lead more in the future. You vote with your wallets people please keep that in mind. As for me personally I don’t care that much for the banner itself because the last thing on earth I need is more red swords like seriously IS stop giving me Swords would it murder you to do any other color than red. So I’m gonna keep summoning on the Genealogy banner proper for a single 40 bonus unit because because I keep getting off banner units. All I want is one of them I don’t care who it is, so this can be less of a grind, because the grind is torture and I hate this mode. I have upgraded Arvis just in case though in the event I get nothing I guess I’m stuck with 20%.
  16. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    That was super easy My Team was Reinhardt (with +3 Atk seal), Xander, Camus, and Ursula (using a Blade Tome but not a plus one). I did all three difficulties no problem and only had to restart once when it turned out my Reinhardt could just barely not kill Arvis (I only have DB 2 on him) so I had to put the +3 Atk seal on him. Here’s a video of my Infernal strat might update with a one turn if I can pull off I think if I give Ursula a QP Seal I can one turn it. Edit: It Worked! One Turn Clear! No Galeforce. Same team as before all I did was put a QP seal on Ursula.
  17. Favorite games by letter

    A: Age of Mythology B: Bioshock C: Catherine D: Dishonored 2 E: Escape from Monkey Island F: Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword/Blade G: Guitar Hero 3 H: Halo 3 I: ICO J: Journey K: Knights of the Old Republic if that doesn’t count then it’s Kid Icarus: Uprising L: Luigi’s Mansion M: Mother 3 N: Need for Speed: Underground 2 O: Okami P: Portal 2 Q: Quiplash (really fun party game) R: Rock Band 2 S: Shadow of the Colossus T: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask U: Uncharted 2 V: Valiant Hearts W: Wolfenstein: The New Order X: Xenoblade Chronicles X Y: Yoshi’s Island if that doesn’t count if then it is Yoshi’s Story Z: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (apparently this starts with a Z not practically fond of this game but it is certainly better than my alternative which was Zuma) All them are good games I am surprised I was able to do it. I had to go through a list of games that released with those letters a little bit to refresh my memory so I could remember all games came out with that letter. I’ve completed all these games as well except for Valiant Hearts and Zelda 2, i’ll complete Valliant someday, Zelda 2 likely never. The hard letters are M, F, S, and T all of them had obvious games that were some of my favorite games of all time to choose as their leads but there’s a lot of games I love to mention that are hiding underneath those letters.
  18. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    Since I went through all the trouble of recording, uploading it, and I strategy was a tiny bit different this time (2 dancers instead of one). I’m just going to comment with video here instead of editing my old post. The team this time was Brave Luncina, Setsuna, Olivia, P! Olivia. My Strat
  19. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    I wouldn’t call a few these units garbage per se some of them are among my best units but some people consider them bad for some reason so I will include them. All these units are useful though Merric, F! Robin, and Jaffar (as much as it depresses me to say it Jaffar is the worst of these three) are admittedly only useful in their very specific niche. Est, Leo, and Elise are some of my best units though (my -Def +Res Elise is even a Reinhardt Counter with Fort and Ward Cav present). Merric +Spd -Hp F! Robin (Low investment) Neutral (duh) Jaffar Neutral Leo +Def -Hp Elise +Res -Def Est +Atk -Hp
  20. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    I may update with a video later my Infernal team was Brave Lucina, Setsuna (Brave Build, + 1 Atk seal), Olivia, and Innes (didn’t end up being able to do much of anything). B! Lucina is there to buff Setsuna, Olivia is there to dance her, and Setsuna solos the map.
  21. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Never seen the unpaired ending so wouldn’t know about that, but if it’s still stupid either way. Xander and Ryoma ceding land to create an entirely unnecessary nation with Corrin’s inept leadership at the head is just dumb on so many levels. The way I remember reading it though is that they seded people from those areas not the actual land though so both nation would just provide people to populate corrin abandon kingdom. But it’s been a while since I’ve played rev so I don’t remember everything. I just will forever remember becoming the king of a nation with no people currently in it. Probably how it ends up if he is paired up with Anna in the first case or Mozu on the second case. Either way he still the king of a nation with no people.
  22. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Best Story: SoV Blows it’s competion out the water which is not saying much but I do think it is large improvement story over the rest of the 3ds era. Worst Story: Revalation... At the end of game you are crowned the King of a Kingdom with NO people in it! this should a testment to how little thought went to into its Story. To go further in explaining it’s problems would be to beat a dead horse. Best Gameplay: Conquest by a mile creative engaging map design, pretty great unit balance, and lots of depth. Worse Gameplay: Rev or Awakening, I ended voting for Rev, but I what I would pick really depends on my mood they are pretty even for me in terms of bad. One is completely broken and boring, the other is completely unbalanced and has map design that makes some of SoV’s maps look amazing (I would SoV’s maps over some of Rev’s maps any day).
  23. 1. How is your day? 2. do the Clone characters in Warriors games still feel decently unique (like Marth and Roy in Melee). 3. What other Nintendo Francises do you think Warriors should cross over with next.
  24. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    1. Ests are good (I still use them some of the time for fun though) 2. Jeigans need to be benched as soon as resonably possible. 3. Most prepromotes are bad 4. Base Archers are really good units 5. FE 10 is a bad game because is it different (no seriously I just hated the game because of the chapter structure) 15 & 4 were saved from a similar fate because I opened my mind by the time I played them.
  25. What are you doing with your feathers?

    I honestly have no idea how or why people hoard feathers. I am in constant use of them for Skill Inheritance (I pull a lot of 3 stars) and 5* Updgrades, any time I have 20,000 feather I updgrade I aways have a project in the work for upgrading whether I am giving out Blade Tomes or adding more units to my growing roster, when I run out of Project I will start merging. I have done 22 5* upgrades my most recent one was a new Nino to replace the one I sacrificed (that Nino was my first ever upgrade actually) to Cecilia a long while back as I finally got one with a good IV (+Atk -Res, -Def would be better but whatever close enough).