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  1. fate

    https://twitter.com/fatego_usa/status/896097737929744384 Heyo Masters. We got an event incoming. Get your quartz ready if you want 5 star rip-off Euryale, I mean, Artemis and Orion! Now if you excuse me, I'll be farming the JP version's summer event.
  2. fate

    https://webview.fate-go.us/2017/0811_otakon2017_orleanspickup/ Orleans Servants rate up coming tomorrow at 7:00 UTC. If you want your Holy Maidens, Traps, or Meme Dragon Slayers, or obsessive 3 stars, get your quartz ready!
  3. No lie, I'm honestly surprised Camilla wasn't included. And damn, does Corrin's art look good. If only I played the game as much as I used too, I would so roll for her.
  4. fate

    https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/6pee2p/na_mini_nerofest_guide/ Here's a guide for the event. Have fun folks.
  5. hhh

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  7. hhh

  8. fate

    D'eon isn't affected by any gender-based stuff. So no charming him from Stheno (which affects guys) and no extra damage from Carmilla (which affects girls). Robin Hood is solid af, and that's not just cause he's my favorite. Emiya only really gets good after his interludes and strengthen quests (something that gets implemented later). D'eon sorta gets more character I think. He/she really shows up in events as part of Marie's harem. The most recent chapter in the JP version has D'eon as one of the main helpers two.
  9. hhh

  10. hhh

    i don't know about you but i feel terrified
  11. hhh

    why regret? you chose the better girl, ya know.
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  14. fate

    Huh, I didn't realize that Liz and a few others don't have their updated animations. That sucks. Also, the first actual event was the Moon Goddess Event with Orion and Artemis. Also: