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  1. I wrote an Apotheosis Character Guide

    Also, when building the teams without DLC at the end, is it after adding rallies? Really happy about you putting Stahl!Severa up there with LQ!Severa and Virion!Severa Also, I didn't know you like Chrom/Maribelle and like to pair your Avatar with Sumia
  2. Who do you Ship with Livy? (Olivia)

    Since I just like to play through the story in Lunatic mode, Olivia sometimes gets paired off to Libra. I want to try to see if I can hitch her with Freddy one run.
  3. I wrote an Apotheosis Character Guide

    So can we close the pairing thread? : p One thing I noticed is that 2nd gen couples are referred as boyfriends/girlfriends instead of husbands/wives.
  4. What DLC is worth getting for Awakening?

    You'll know when you get there...
  5. What DLC is worth getting for Awakening?

    Rallies? There are people out there who don't even use those either and still beat it.
  6. What DLC is worth getting for Awakening?

    Definitely Apotheosis, the strongest map! For DLC classes and skills that'll be fun and/or useful especially in that map are: Champions of Yore 3 with +2 All Stats skill, Lost Bloodline 2 for Dread Fighter class, Smash Brethren 2 for the Bride class, and of course, Rogues and Redeemers 3 for Limit Break! None of them are needed to beat Apotheosis, though.
  7. Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic+

    If you want to marry Cherche, that's fine. But you did mention you wanted to optimize your ingame team, hence why I made the suggestions. .
  8. Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic+

    Cordelia would be a better wife for MaMU than Cherche. Lucina is pretty good too, but it will be a while before you get Morgan. If not grinding on DLC.... I recommend to do Chrom/Sumia and MaMU/Cordelia. If you won't do quad Gladforce passdown, you can add Gregor/Miriel. Maybe marry Lissa off to Libra (through healing/Rescuing each other) as well. Ricken may be a better husband for Lissa than Libra, but he's hella hard to train and needs at least 10 levels before he can use Staves on Lissa. He'll take away exp that will be good for everyone else. Libra doesn't need combat exp. As a bonus, all couples mentioned above produce good, if not great, kids to take postgame. If grinding on DLC, Lucina is a better choice than Cherche. Save that Seed of Trust from Renown to get the Robcina train goin'! Either way, Chrom should definitely marry Sumia.
  9. Grima works really well if they marry Chrom or Lucina.
  10. The Pairing Thread

    I just want a lead Sniper on my team, so Sniper/Berserker appeals to me. Sweet! (I'll take a look at that Bride build in my no bars hold Apotheosis run.)
  11. The Pairing Thread

    Even in no DLC SR Apotheosis?
  12. Awakening Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday, DANK BOI Henry!
  13. The Pairing Thread

    Yeah, I want Henry to father either Cynthia or Nah. Avatar Bacon went +MAG, -DEF. Lucina will go into magic now! May try that Laurent crit build I read about. Would Virion!Yarne go well with Gaius!Noire?
  14. The Pairing Thread

    @soly What would be a good skill instead? Lel. Wouldn't Dual Support+ bump up Gerome's Hit? Henry!Cynthia is a viable wife then. Sweet! I think I'll designate Stahl!Severa to kill those two bosses. Chrobin would also be able to do more damage... Hmmm..... EDIT: I chose my avatar, Bacon, to have +MAG. EDIT: Morgan will definitely magical, most likely a Sage. If Cynthia can reach a critical speed with Grandmaster bonus, I'll make him one instead.
  15. The Pairing Thread

    No objections to Stahl!Severa, I even like how she looks. This is after rallies, right? As for Berserker, who would be better? Virion!Yarne or Vaike!Gerome? (Laurent is out because I want to pair him to Avatar!Lucina.) If I want to bring Chrom!Morgan in this no DLC SR run, who would be a good wife for him? Would it be better to go MAG+ or SPD+? Flaw is definitely gonna be DEF-.