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  1. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Paralogue 3: Chrom, Not Everyone Needs to be Saved Short, but an important chapter. Just saving one villager nets a Robe, but it wouldn't be in character for Chocolate to abandon the other two... Even if they are dumb as hell... The hardest part of the chapter was who to leave behind. Only 10 characters allowed and I had 13 usable ones.... The set up: Just throw Tharja into the woods, only one of them has Counter and/or Hawkeye! Take care of him, Henry! He gotta die! Lissa is put without a weapon to bait a Counter myrmidon. Chocolate kills him, but gets serious damage. Lissa helps deal with a Fighter that would otherwise prevent villager rescues. After dealing with the northeast patches of enemies, Gaius and Tharja head into the village. He had to take one for the team or else Gaius could have died... We will heal you up! They are somewhere on the map.... Somewhere.... Scraps for Chrom! Since both had Hawkeye, Chrom can only take 1 at a time. Thank you, Tharja! Bye... ...Bye! Weak Gaius vs Risen Chief Soldier Goals: -Save all villagers? SUCCESS! -Get Blessed Bow? SUCCESS! -Seraph Robe? Wear this Henry! The level ups: PS.... AW YESSSSS BTW, Tharja also received a Secret Book as her Hit still sucks.
  2. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    In the Dank Air Tonight! Part 2!
  3. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Chapter 13: In the Dank Air Tonight! Long chapter, so it's gonna be two posts!
  4. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    The level ups: PS, Stahl, Cordelia your speed worries me....
  5. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Chapter 12: I was finally blessed with a Second Seal to buy! Now I don't have to promote Tharja just yet! Tonics used before map start: Chrom, Freddy, Stahl, Sumia, and Gaius received STR tonics. Stahl, Sumia, Tharja amd Cordelia received SPD, and Sumia also got MAG and DEF tonics. I unfortunately accidently deleted the way I set up the characters on this map. I do remember putting Stahl at the left with Cordelia, Sumia, Freddy, and utility characters in the middle, with Gaius and Tharja at the right. I send Chromcolate to kill the Beastkillr knight. Sumia is able to weaken the Paladin enough (he had Counter and Chcoclate could have died had he been at full HP). In retrospect, I should have had Nosferatu equipped... A Dual Guard saved this attempt... Cordelia kills a non Counter Cav and Tharja kills a knight to hit lvl 20. Back to being a Dank Mage! I'll let y'all guess what happens here: ...I don't know how it happened either... o.O Because THAT happened, Lissa can go kill the other right side knight. Dank Mages need life energy! ....No, I didn't get a smol Bullion. These knights are all lined up to die! I always keep an eye on where the Bow Knights can attack. Bow Knights are deadly to Sumia, but otherwise, they pretty lame. ...Or maybe Tharja is just good... Sumia helps alleviate pressure from the right Bow Knight squad by taking down 2 Knights. ...Or maybe it's Maybelline! Chcoclate brutalizes the right side of the boat Cavs, including the boss. I exploited Veteran and Nosferatu, muh dear. The left side is handled by everyone else. Stahl finishing the paladin was pretty funny. More table scraps for Gaius: And done! Heroes: Chrom and Chocolate Turns: 8 Goals: -Tharja back to Dank Mage without wasting exp? SUCCESS! - Team Highmen Srcubs kicking ass without Chcoclate? YEA! -Chcoclate ready to go Dank Flier? FAILURE!
  6. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Ah, I finally saw how it's done! I totally forgot that Rescue can put someone above the rescuer... Anyways...
  7. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Paralogue 4: Thief vs Twincest Bandit So there's still no Second Seals being sold, so I push forward into this chapter.
  8. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Anna shows up with another Master Seal.
  9. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    She needs 28 MAG before Tonic and Rally to do even 1 damage to Grima with Valflame, IIRC. Promoting gets her started at 11 MAG. That's still better than what Gaius needs, tho. Is there any of the combatants' general stats I should worry about?
  10. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    MAG for Grima, SKL to be as high as possible for Henry, and I don't need Sumia to be doubled anytime soon. I was gonna promote her anyways.
  11. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    The stat I am concerned most about for Sumia is MAG, SPD, and SKL now and she'll be in the back far more often when Henry joins, so maybe I should just promote her now. Tharja does work ok if I promote her at 20. I'd love to SS her, but I have no Second Seals. EDIT: Anna actually hasn't shown up with even one...
  12. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Chapter 11 PSS: I'm wondering if anyone should just promote soon, if not now.
  13. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Chapter 11: Chocolate Kills a Tyrant and Brings Peace, More At 11 LONG POST!
  14. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    Well, time to make it more emotional. I enjoy Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic mode, but I never completed Lunatic+ for the 2 1/2 years I owned it. I dropped Fire Emblem Awakening for a while in 2017. By accident, I stumbled onto the translated drama CDs summaries. I liked what the second CD was about. I watched it. That CD was hella beautiful, but it was this part in particular: ...That made me go: "I want to do a Lunatic run with all of these guys. Except Virion because he wasn't fighting. But Henry? Sure why not? He technically was fighting too. I pull it off with avatar Sushi in a Lunatic run. I wondered if I could also pull it off in Lunatic+, so I get help from one of the best Lunatic+ players ever, @Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi to help me guide this team of losers scrubs to victory. No kids, not even Lucina. I pulled it off in Lunatic+ Casual. I want to do the same in classic, but I wanted to do a playlog as I enjoyed seeing the playlogs here. So here I am, doing a fun challenge for y'all to see. Hope my fun continues to ooze onto this thread! PS: Virion is a pain in the booty to train up in Lunatic, it's not easier here.
  15. I Want to do a Lunatic+ Playlog

    The chapter 10 level ups: