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  1. Honestly, every time I see him, I fall in love with Byleth more and more. He looks so stupid and dead inside, I love it. He's dopey, tired, and looks really emo. I wonder what mascara he uses. He's so cute I wouldn't even mind it if he isn't customizable.. and if he is, I just might stick to his OG design.
  2. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Yep. Here. p: I'll just requote myself regarding this topic:
  3. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Its fine if you feel that way, but for others its really important. I wouldn't lose any sleep over other people's happiness. Its true Claude's existence couldn't save a trash-fire game from being, yaknow, thrown in the trash-fire, but if his inclusion brings a smile to someone's face then I think that's at least a small victory.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Well, that's fine and all, but I'm certainly not voting for Dimitri in the "Best Hairstyle" category for the FE3H yearbook. p;
  5. I'm not a fan of Chinatsu, so don't take this as me being biased or offended, but I really disagree with you. Firstly, you need to account for style. This is anime. Its not going to be realistically rendered to perfection. In fact, it looks like they've gone with cellshading + a few gradients this time.. Which already "limits" the rendering style. Secondly, you need to consider purpose/function. These portraits will not be at 820x820 pixels when you're playing the game. I imagine the only possible exception to this is when you're playing on the TV. Since the portaits will be scaled down so much from their original starting point (trust me, there's no way Chinatsu drew these at 820x820, chances are it was twice or even three times as large), you can't actually make something super detailed because all that detail will be lost once its scaled down. With this, there's literally no point to "keeping the lines clean" because they look clean when they're scaled to the final size. Also, the rendering needs to be kept simple and "neutral" so it can be applied to different scenes. That way they can just apply color masks or what-have-you over their portraits to account for mood/tone shifts. Kozaki works at a massive resolution, and has all the same "problems" you discussed in your post. All these issues you're citing just don't.. matter. Of course you're welcome to feel how you do but in the context of the game, it doesn't really change anything.
  6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    For me, that just makes it worse.. Dimitri deliberately throws random thick strands of hair over his bangs from the back. That's awful. And he's got a rattail to boot? Haha, oh my god.
  7. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    That's not true at all, and is almost exactly what demos are for. Learn what the game is about, how it plays, and how to play.
  8. Edelgard -> She's pretty. Looks mature and serious. I like her, but I worry that she's going to be a forced love interest for Byleth, ala Chrom and f!Robin. I like her design a lot, though. Dimitri -> Meh. Mop head. Clearly more stoic than the others. Probably a stick in the mud. p: Claude -> Gay. His hair is kind of ridiculous and I hated doodling it earlier, haha. Still he looks really friendly and cool. I like him. Byleth -> I honestly really love Byleth's design. His stupid dopey demon eyes are neat. I wuv his wittle eyewashes. its cute. His outfit isn't fun to draw though. @ intsy stop with these stupid body-tight suits with complicated plating pls.
  9. Things You Fear As A Writer?

    Two things: 1) I'll get made fun of 2) I'll get called "~problematique~" Those two things keep me up at night. I don't even feel like I can call myself a writer because those fears have paralyzed me so badly that I've never actually shared any of my written works online. It feels disingenuous. I flip back and forth between not giving a shit whether somebody finds my stuff cliche or cringey. I usually write original stuff for myself, just to have fun or explore concepts. I just like to enjoy myself when I create, yaknow? I'd like to think that I respond well to criticism, but once that criticism stops being actual criticism and is just bashing or something similarly mean-spirited, I lose my composure. Its hard to stay earnest if people kick you while you're down. Especially when its as self-indulgent as my writing is. I put a lot of myself into my works so I get really scared to share them. As for the problematic stuff... when I was younger I had the unfortunate displeasure of getting mixed up with certain.. vocally political groups. I bet if you looked at my old posts from 2015 on this site you'd see some side-effects of that. I think I learned a lot of valuable lessons from that time, but now I'm absolutely terrified of "messing up". I want to write about controversial subjects because I think its interesting and there's merit in exploring them.. but I don't want to be shunned and socially exiled for it. It doesn't matter how delicately you handle a situation, or even if you actively portray that topic in a negative light, somebody will always find a way to make you look like the bad guy if you cover ~problematic~ topics. Two semi-recent examples that come to mind are the Houseki no Kuni mangaka and her previous works, and that film Call Me By Your Name. Just because the HnK mangaka covered unsavory topics in her old works, somebody threw a shitstorm and caused a huge scene in the western fanbase. It was ridiculous. And I'm terrified of that happening to me. I'm not so vain as to think thousands and thousands of people will read my stories and rally together to get me to delete my blog, but the anxiety is there. I don't think I could cope with that stress. uhhhhhhhhhhhh yahhhhhh On a less serious note, dialogue can go eat pant. I can also get really prose-y without meaning too. oof. I just get carried away. p: Oh! and pacing. Making sure everything fits together too. I always end up imaging individual scenes and have such a hard time linking them together, even just in a timeline sense. I also over-plan. So I guess.. just everything everybody else already said? p: :p
  10. I really doubt it. There was a heavy emphasis on Edelgard. In fact, we hardly saw Dimitri or Claude during the trailer and we only know they're important because their portraits were released later on with verbal confirmation. So I get the impression this story is linear; we start with Edelgard and go from there. Still, I'd luuuv to start in Claude's house. ;p
  11. I can't decide if I want a load of mage classes, or only a few. Complex system vs. Simple system. I dunno. I'm fine with simple white vs. black magic classes.. but I think I'd also like some more detail into the magic system in general. I like the differences in DnD5E magic classes and I wouldn't be upset to see a similar distinction within FE. In the past we've had Clerics, Sages, Dark Mages, Sorcerers, etc. So I'd really love a return of at least those basic magic classes. We're definitely going to have cleric / sage.
  12. What the story is about...

    I really like everything you had to say here, and appreciate the screenshots. I think major organized religion tends to be kind of questionable. I don't dislike religion, and I believe everyone has a right to practice whichever religion they see fit.. but I'm excited at the prospect of 3H dealing with this issue. Why it can be a bad thing to have the state controlled by the church, what things can happen if religious zealots are left unchecked, even enabled. I'm not fond of "religion BAD!" stories, but I hope that they can handle this angle with nuance and grey-morality. I don't really want to judge the supposed queen's design based off of the 3D CG. I mean, think back to how.. gross Mila looked in SoV during cutscenes vs. her official art. If you watch Mila cutscenes in action, she looks especially weird. And since they haven't learned their lesson from SoV's bad cutscenes (at least for this trailer's build, I hope), I'm not gonna jump the gun on judgments.
  13. If Chinatsu is the artist, I'm not excited. I loathe Utapri. I think it looks really slimy and stringy. I do really like Byleth's design though! As well as Claude's. Edelgard too, I guess. I'm not sure how I feel about their portraits overall though. I'm just kind of ehhhhhh about it. Neutral. The style overall feels simultaneously generic and too Persona-y. FE3H doesn't have a unique style to it, I feel. Lots of people will look at it and be reminded of Persona, which is a bummer. I dislike Mercedes' design. We only saw a small snippit of her portrait but it looked Really Not Good imo. Really janky. I meant Hilda, not Mercedes. My bad. Regarding Claude, I'll be really surprised if he isn't gay or bisexual. Everything I know about character design, as well as Japanese character design, just makes him scream "gay" to me. Especially the earring. If he had a mullet, I might say he's straight, since for some reason Japan thinks pretty boys with mullets are rly attractive, and its a really common design element in womanizers. Though, Leon also had a mullet and he was really gay. Just goes to show that sometimes designs can defy your expectations! It seems Japanese character designers have a tendency to make gay/bi characters with dark skin though, and unfortunate implications aside, I feel like that's whats happened here. I'll still love Claude regardless of his sexuality , just.. in different ways. p: