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  1. But if you have dating simulator elements, you may as well commit and be inclusive. Don't leave out the important bits in my quote: Its not about using FE as a dating simulator, but taking FE's dating simulator elements and making them inclusive. That's how I feel. Sorry if I didn't express that clear enough.
  2. Oh, there's nothing wrong with VC. I just mean that FE is losing some of its unique properties by looking so much like another franchise. I actually quite enjoy VC p: (also sorry if you weren't talking to me, i just assumed so based on context!)
  3. I really preferred Awakening style. It was frustrating for there to be 2 characters who would've had great supports, but the overwhelming amount of supports in Fates stretched the writing crew too thin. So I think I prefer a limited amount of supports. Also, everyone is bisexual now. I'm tired of them writing perfectly good lesbians only for them to be, like, not actually romantically interested in women, somehow. Either drop it or commit. And if I can't romance the boy-toy of my choice, the game is basically dead to me. Its just difficult for me to get emotionally invested in a game when they advertise love and marriage! Except no, not for you, you little gay idiot. Like watching all your friends get invited to a party-sleepover and nobody even glances your way. Sucks, man.
  4. My first FE games were on the 3DS, so I'm anxious about how different it could be on the Switch. I'm already not really liking what was shown during the trailer; reminds me too much of Valkyrie Chronicles. But just like others have said, since its a Fire Emblem game, I'm bound to like it. ..Maybe. I really want to like it, so I'll go in with an open mind and realistic expectations.
  5. i would kill for them to ditch the animation studio theyre using right now and go back to the one they had do Fates. Fates 3DCG cutscenes are astonishingly beautiful; imagine that on the big screen. i fear that may be a stretch though, considering how far along we are into development already. other than that, i agree with a lot of what was already said. if they could improve it so it doesnt look so.. bland, and kind of out-dated, i'd be real pleased. would even be able to turn a blind eye to studio khara.
  6. To be honest, I'm getting to the point where (gameplay wise), as long as the maps are good and aren't shit-fucked (echoesssssssss) I'd be really happy. Seriously, that one boss in Echoes.. was really bad. haha. As long as there isn't any tomfoolery like that, I'll eat this game up. I can't do anything about the shoddy 3D so why resist it anymore. I've been waiting too long for a Switch FE to not as least give it a chance.
  7. I think its just meant to be a unifying color, showing that all these characters are related in some way. Someone theorized that their outfits were actually their (military) school uniforms, based off the information of Byleth being (at least) Edelgard's teacher. If that's not the case, though, I agree; I think their designs should've been linked with an accent color instead of main one.
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Well, I know where Kozaki went. Seems like he's off the Fire Emblem ship entirely. I saw somebody once wishing their farewells to Kozaki, but I wasn't able to find an official statement from him. We already knew he wasn't working on FE3H, though, but just in case anybody was wondering and would like to keep up with him.
  9. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Yeahhhh. But I feel like as Fire Emblem becomes more popular in the west, Nintendo may start considering the western audience's wants as well. A Japanese POV might not be the only POV considered in the future.
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    That would be fun, though I'd be sad to be separated so soon from characters I've prematurely gotten attached to. ):
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    At least for me, its something I can shrug my shoulders at and move on from. I recognize that nonchalance isn't everyone's cup of tea, though. Looks like it just isn't high on my personal priority list. p:
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    They handled it so poorly in Fates, I'm not sure I'd get excited if they did something similar. Do you just mean like a singular game with the same starting and (similar) ending points with a variable middle? Because I'd prefer something like that instead of something Fates-style. I found semi-enjoyment in how the army swaps were handled in SoV, though it did leave me feeling disconnected with the cast. Maybe a blend of those styles would be nice.
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I find it very strange that there are people who feel like there needs to be a justification for the existence of PoC and LGBT people in any given fantasy setting. I think I understand where everybody's coming from, but I'm not sure. So please, correct me if I've misunderstood. I just can't imagine getting so fussed up this particular part of worldbuilding. As others have stated, you can do anything in fantasy. Does it really ruin your suspension of disbelief so much to see a PoC/LGBT character in a place they "shouldn't" be? I think there are way more important parts of worldbuilding to be focused on. The socio-economic situation of a country, their religious system if any, how their government works, the class divide, etc. Hell, even their cuisine and arts feel infinitely more 1) important and 2) interesting than ""justifying"" the existence of "minorities". The fantasy genre should adapt to match the times. Maybe we should stop basing everything off of Celtic, Norse, Greek and medieval European culture. If not for their "lack" of diversity, but also for the fact that they're so fucking overdone I didn't even bother reading any of the new Lords' full names because its just boring stuff I've heard before. Yawn. The fact that I may be able to let my eyes glaze over and still be able to fill in the blanks in 3H's worldbuilding makes me feel very bored. Fantasy writers need new material. The new God of War (which I know is a pre-existing franchise) was really good, but I didn't pay fuck-all attention to any of the worldbuilding because I knew it already since its all been used before. Maybe that's good for something more character-driven, I suppose. But in the contexts of an actual war, which 3H is setting itself up to be, I think I'd like to know more about the state of the countries, with those countries being fresh materials. There's 0 reason to pay attention to something I've already seen so much of, so why not draw inspiration from something different for once?
  14. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    I wish I could answer you, but I'm a bi dude who hangs out with fellow gays. I've only got 1 girl friend and she's not even into men, and I haven't spent that much time in the Fates fandom since it released. In fact, I don't think I even have any friends who also like Fire Emblem. I came to my conclusion via the popularity poll that was held way back when. Quote taken from the wiki: I will say the Niles/M!Corrin is very popular and, as expected, a sizable portion of those shippers are female. So you could deduce that M!Corrin himself has some female fans. I can't speak to the foot fetish thing, etiher.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Seconded. Like I said, its important for games / franchises to continually reinvent themselves. Any of ya'll remember Breath of the Wild? One of the best Zelda games ever? Its one of the best because they said, "you know what, fuck our traditions, they have no reason to actually exist" and did something completely new. Fire Emblem has, and should, continue to do new things as well. Why the hell do you guys want to play the same game over and over again? Especially with how expensive Switch games are. Its nice to have some familiarity, and I'm not saying FE should go full BotW, but some changes need to be made to keep people interested. Unisex classes, diversified casts, multiple same-sex supports, battle arts, troops, etc. The only thing that needs to stay in a Fire Emblem game is strategy. That's it.