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  1. Entrusted Grand Hero Battle: Naesala

    Right? Shiro need those buns on his head for his new training lol. The umbrella with Chill Def work so well here because all of them are physical attackers. I don't need to sacrifice his B slot at all. Tibarn and NY Hrid are both bulky red fliers. But they serve in different phase. Both bring something new to the table because we never have a tank in red flier. So it's worth for me to spend my orbs for them. Three clears is not new standard, i do mentioned in my post that i only do this because the map is easy lol.
  2. Entrusted Grand Hero Battle: Naesala

    @mampfoid Nice!! Lancina do the trick here. WoM at 2 different location solve the problem. Great job! @mcsilas You forgot to tag me here!! and it took my time to flip pages to look for yours. I like the idea of TakuMeme with Vantage. Most fliers can't touch him easily this way. Hrid's clear looks good too with the help of Flora being magic wall. Congratz!! Not many chance that I will do more than 1 clear but this map is very easy and I'm in a good mood so I come up with 3 different clears this time. (and last tag goes to @Zeo) First, starting with my main clear. Shiro got his new toy. And with this toy, he destroy things lol. There is still more fun with the Radiant Dawn team. Last but not least, the adventure of 3 Kings and a bodyguard. Enjoys!!
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I used my first ticket today and here what i got He is +Atk/ -Def same IV like my NY Hrid. Not the best but I won't complain. (now i only need flying staff Elincia so i can pair them together)
  4. Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine

    Late reply but here I am. @Landmaster Thank you for your compliment. I like your Tomato Prince clear. That well timed Glacies is really hurt. Hit and run strategy seems tired but your team make it work with specific set up. @mampfoid It's funny to see you use Smite here. This map really corner you to use OP unit like L!Tiki. But that's fine, you achieve your goal anyways. @mcsilas Nice to see Christmas Cecilia here with her meme throwing boots lol. Brave Hector looks cool, I wish I could pull at least one copy of him as I am Hector collector. He is the last version I don't have yet. You disappoint me that you didn't have support bond on Roy and Lilina, pls let them marry lol. Oops, I forgot that Hector is there so he did not approve them lol. @Zeo I will miss Matthew and his crew a lot. Are you done with them? So you will come up with new team? To be honest, I still want to record these map clears with you. But if you said so that you will retire, that's your resolve. I don't have much time too so I won't record much like before but you can come see my clear anytime. You are still my friend after all ^^
  5. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    I knew it!!, we are in the same boat. I got your baseball girl, Soleil many times. She help me hit Gunnthra out of the park lmao.
  6. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    @Anacybele ayyy !!, Gunnthra is dead . Revenge for Ike from last time lol
  7. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    @Anacybele Corrin finally dead, yayy!
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah, only his first banner that was the best. The later banner is so fcking hell.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    300 orbs spent, trying to + 10 Shiro and the game is giving me the middle finger by giving me 3 of L'arachel and some pitybreakers
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Klein & Clarine

    After the first round of VG, I decide to take Hrid (as a guest of Hoshido) and his bodyguards to this map. @mcsilas @Zeo @mampfoid I fall in love with Hrid the first time I see him on Legendary banner( and fail to get him). So after I got his new year version I decide to treasure him and I think I will use him a lot in the future. So here it is, my first showdown of 2019. And don't worry, I will drop my comment to you guys later. Enjoy the show!!
  11. Here I am, dropping my comments to my friends. @mcsilas Your Silas is so damn cool tanking blue dragon like that. I want to build him too but i don't have any good IV yet. Hope to see him at higher merge and maybe Steady Stance 4 on him lol. @Zeo I miss your Matthew too, I got chance to use him in VG and it is quite hard for me to use him well. But he help me a lot in some situation. This new year I decide to build my first mage tank unit after a full year with Shiro. You will see him soon in my future clear ^^. @mampfoid Last but not least, seeing your team bring down abyssal map in 1 turn is really fantastic. I feel guilty that i don't have chance to watch some of the old maps. But still ,I will keep supporting you from time to time as I can't play FEH more often like I used to. Most of your units reach +10 merge but your Roy and my Shiro are in the same boat lol. Waiting for their banner to come back.
  12. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    @Roflolxp54 congratz on rank 1, please have some sleep lol
  13. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    I'm joining Azura next round. The revenge squad is coming!!
  14. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Yeah, Hrid perform well every hour until last 5 hours. It's seems like most people on our side want to hand it to Corrin. I'm going to fodder all copies of Corrin too if Hrid can't win.
  15. Voting Gauntlet - New Year's Showdown!

    Corrin is F2P unit so i suppose Corrin team can stack more bonus than Hrid while not all of us having Hrid for bonus. By the way, I'm on Hrid side too and i got him +atk version ^^.