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  1. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    It's sad that Heroes treat male axe flier with least attention. We only have Cherche, Camilla, Beruka and Minerva who have access to assets and flaws but male axe fliers never have the chance at all. Only Summer Innes can do that and you have to P2W for him. Also he is the only one speedy axe flier in the game right now.
  2. The Great Grand Hero Battle: Haar

    @mcsilas @mampfoid @Zeo Another physical unit GHB huh? Haar is my favourite from RD but he didn't stand a chance to Shiro if he didn't equip with deadly special like Bonfire/Ignis. He is on my list to +10 merge with grails. The music track is "Simple Mission" from Violet Evergarden.
  3. @mcsilas oh shoot!! I just realize that I forgot to comment on your clear. Not my intention to ignore this amazing clear. Anyways, Ophelia did great. One-shot anything with Special Spiral. I don't like Hector finishing blow animation, It is too slow to see him swing Armads before he kill someone. But he save his teammates with Swap so that's cool. Please don't mind me if you didn't see me comment on old map clears. I really don't have time to do it. But I try to keep up with new maps so don't worry ^^
  4. I have many more good soundtracks waiting to insert with my clears but only when the map is challenging enough to make me pick it lol It called "Tight Fight" from Kekkaishi anime. I'm glad you like it ^^
  5. +Atk is more effective for Brave Bow set while +Spd is more effective for Firesweep or Mulagir set.
  6. @mampfoid Fortunately, that swordmaster equip Barrier Blade, not Safeguard. If it was Safeguard with Guard on B slot, I'm sure Roy could not get pass him. The final battle is really epic when Hector blink in that forest and reposition Roy to finish Yune off. Brilliant work !! ( @mcsilas @Zeo ) Finally, I feel like this map is really challenging. I hate that pesky blue archer who try to burn my Shiro health bar !! Siegbert take care of left side with Galeforce. Shiro control the center and buy time for everyone else. Kagerou and Ryoma clean the right side together. More important than that is the music. I wait for so long and finally this map deserve a good soundtrack to make the battle more intense !!
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Batre and Fir

    @mampfoid Legendary Azura look so disgusting to cheese movements with Elincia. Anyways, great job with ploys strat. Here is my clear and some tags (@mcsilas and @Zeo ) I finished this map on 1st day but have some problem to insert song. Those mages give Shiro a headache and have to approach carefully. Thanks to Kagerou who sent them home quickly. Poor Siegbert have no business in this map. Just a reposition bot...
  8. Easy skip, nothing catch my eyes here.
  9. Collapse of the Grand Hero Battle: Rutger

    @mampfoid Good to see Lancina to be here. Oscar survive Rutger with only 1 HP is a clutch lol. Nicely done ! @mcsilas It pain my eyes a little to see that super slim spread on Lon'qu. 20 damage from emerald axe, what is triangle advantage? Hinoka did a lot of work here that I thought she could sweep this map with 3 dancers, i guess. My opinion about this map after clearing it >>> Is this suppose to be the easiest GHB/ LHB with red sword again? That green mage suppose to counter my Shiro? Watch my clear and you will realize that the AI is super dumb stupid ever !!
  10. Legendary Hero Battle - Roy: Blazing Lion

    How sweet of you, even if I never tagged you in my clears before but you still took your time watch my clears. Thank you so much. Ryoma is my speediest dancer I ever had. With Chill Spd, it allowed Siegbert to double Roy and killed him.
  11. Legendary Hero Battle - Roy: Blazing Lion

    @mampfoid a little bit disappointed, I thought I would see Roy kill his another self. Oh well , that ending with enemy phase from 2 places is impressive. Great job ! @mcsilas @Zeo I admit this map is quite hard but easier than Hrid's map in my opinion. It would be fun if i could let Shiro handle everything but there are too much mages in this map so he got a little hard time.
  12. Bunny Hero Battle: Panne

    @mcsilas nice clears!! Nailah on the 1st clear is the real mvp. I wish i can pull her someday. 2nd clear is awesome too, nice use of Robin. Maribelle keeps everyone healthy and Cherche brute force Penne to death. I'm not fan of Grima but this clear is amazing too. Many of heavy DPS here with a little help from Morgan. @mampfoid Cool to see Raven, I have him +10 version but never have a chance to use him yet. Alm with Galeforce is very handy here. Great job!! And last tag go to @Zeo as always. I don't have much time so it will be just one clear this time. Easy map, Shiro doesn't have any business to do much here. The soundtrack is the same as last time because I don't have any shorter soundtrack than this one.
  13. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Before I decide to do this fliers clear, I was like " what a pain, two bows in a single map?" then I realized that I have Myrrh who is best bow counter for fliers. Raijinto on L!Ryoma is so useless with his flier status so I gave him Firesweep to suit with his offensive spread and the result is so satisfying. Bushido + Moonbow or Luna can cut through any wall. The soundtrack called "Training days" from anime Kekkaishi. For your clears, the first clear is quite funny to watch your maid sisters tank and risk their lives (both hanging with low health) while Jacob and Cherche killing things. I want that Halloween Jacob to the point that I have a spare Winter Lissa sitting there and waiting for her death. Minerva emblem is funny, I feel a little weird why Maria did not go with Wrathful Staff when she didn't initiate any range units here. All Minerva enjoy their snacks, great job. Awakening children clear weird me the most. It would be more fun if Lucina could equip Link skills and change her future with that Future Vision. Blue Flame with no adjacent unit... okay I thought I will see some delicious amount of damage with that but Jerome finish it anyways, fair enough.
  14. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Yeah, Kaze is one of non-royal unit who is very popular in Fates. I ship him with F Corrin on first run and second run was Silas. Don't worry, you will see me +10 him if I can get more copy of him.
  15. @mcsilas I don't have all of these units so I can't answer them all but here is some of my opinion. 4. Palla would prefer +Atk with her new refine. 5. That perfect IV Myrrh is insanely good. I have her the same version too and you'll see mine in one of map clears. 7. It's depend on what enemy your Nino fight more often. +Res will always useful for mages battle while +Def is kind of pointless when she can't survive a single hit from arrows anyways. 8. I would prefer +res for mages counter and handle some dragons. You already have Silas for phys tank anyways.