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  1. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 37Boey 21Celica 38Clair 33Genny 3Gray 28Lukas 29Mae 34Mathilda 16Palla 15Python 28 Saber 8Silque 26
  2. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 38 Boey 21 Celica 38 Clair 33 Genny 3 Gray 30 Lukas 31 Mae 34 Mathilda 18 Palla 15 Python 28 Saber 8Silque 25Zeke 3
  3. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 38Boey 21Celica 38Clair 33Genny 3Gray 30Lukas 31Mae 34Mathilda 20Palla 13 Python 28 Saber 8Silque 24Zeke 10
  4. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 38 Boey 21 Celica 38 Clair 33Genny 5Gray 30 Lukas 31 Mae 34Mathilda 20Palla 14 Python 28 Saber 8 Silque 22 Zeke 18
  5. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Kill Forsyth, Heal Atlas Atlas 37Boey 21Celica 37Clair 34Forsyth 0Genny 7Gray 30Lukas 31Mae 34Mathilda 19Palla 17Python 28 Saber 8Silque 22Zeke 19
  6. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 36Boey 21Celica 38Clair 34Forsyth 6Genny 7Gray 30Lukas 30Mae 33Mathilda 19Palla 18Python 28 Saber 10Silque 22Zeke 19
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    @mcsilas I laugh so much when Kaze said "Time to move" with his remaining 2 HP lol. But Saizo is the MVP here, spreading Savage Blow and tank hit. Beruka looks so expensive with that Sturdy Stance. Nice teamwork! LA banner is the only seasonal banner that I completed collecting too. A little bit disappoint that Lyn cannot double and one round that red mage knowing how speedy she is. How coincidence, your Hector and Lilina have same IV with mine. Lilina's Blade is too powerful, especially in horse emblem. Nice clear! I record this before it's gone too. I never feature my Armors team in any map so I think this map is good chance to let them shine.
  8. Yeah, this map has too many staffs and mage. I thought I might end up using him as Reposition bot at the first half of the clip. I'm surprise that Micaiah survive that archer. Maybe it's because my Micaiah is +Atk/-Spd , she can't prevent double from something faster than 30 spd. Infantry Pulse on Marisa act like Quicken Pulse steriod. Great job! While doing infantry quest, I try using this team for infernal and success. Again, @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid If you guys don't mind watch my another clear.
  9. @mampfoid Great combination of debuffs to allow Cherche performing quad. Brilliant!! @Zeo @mcsilas @kirauza343 Last time I didn't clear this map with my current team so it's time to revenge! The most annoying part of this map is Miracle Lucius. He blocked my Siegbert Bonfire T^T. Nevermind, I let Shiro kill this trap. Enjoy the show!
  10. @Xenomata Now that you mentioned Takumi, he can use the benefit of his native Close Counter with Vantage after the recoil damage from Refreshing Bow. Those all 2 stat can help him survive more when baiting.
  11. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 35Boey 21Celica 38Clair 35Forsyth 6Genny 7Gray 30Lukas 30Mae 33Mathilda 19Palla 23Python 28 Saber 10Silque 21Zeke 21
  12. Refreshing Bow synergize with Atk/Push and Renewal. Do you have any candidate who will enjoy all stat +2? It can be use for both baiting or initiating the battle.
  13. July-August Event Schedule

    Need Wrath fodder? Pick a blue orb. Need Bold Fighter? Pick a blue orb. Need Distant Def? Pick a blue orb. and wish for Shiro as pitybreaker, GG.
  14. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Atlas 34Boey 23 Celica 37 Clair 35 Forsyth 8 Genny 7 Gray 30 Lukas 30Mae 33Mathilda 19Palla 24Python 28 Saber 10Silque 21Zeke 22
  15. @Shahbaz I will list by your catergories. #1 Legendary Ike, Azura, Soren, BowLyn. These 4 should be able to do most job for story mode(chain challenge not included). With color balance, Ike as physical tank, Soren mage tank, Azura as your only dancer, Bowlyn as filler(maybe she is your sweeper). This team would be balance and easy to control from my opinion. #2 Best team for arena, I won't focus for scoring but I will focus for good performance priority as beginner. Team #1 can be used for Arena too. #3 same as above. #4 some of these 4* might be helpful to you in future if you decide to promote them to 5* -Eirika, your best buffer as best partner with your 5* Nino. -Olivia, your second dancer. She can be one of your new core team with your remaining 5* units. -Maria and Sakura, choose to promote 1 of them (or both if you like both). Healer is necessary for hardcore grinding content like Tempest Trial. #5 Suggestion? Don't feel salty with your 3* units and send them home, keep them all . They can be useful for skill inheritance that will improve your units performance better and better. Focus to fully build your unit one by one then you will have strong unit to clear all contents in this game with ease.