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  1. Shadow Tactician To Follow Fate

    Chapter II: The Beginning of History With the cool of the night came a time to rest. Caleb himself sat across from the Hierophant and was mildly annoyed at this. The man had shown little interest in the rituals and for the most part had yet to say what it was that the Prince was needed for. The man spoke softly, “It is a pleasure to have you join me, Prince Caleb.” Caleb frowned, “So is there a reason that I am here, or-” “I would cast the Manakete bones. To do a reading for you, as I did for your mother and your father.” He said. Caleb spoke, “Very well.” Said the Prince. The Hierophant made a swift tossing movement of the bones he pulled from a pouch and they landed onto the table before them. Caleb noticed that the bones seemed to hold some degree of significance as they looked positively ancient. The man spoke softly, “A life of great length...a tragic loss...a deep love...ah and a new found power...hmm...and...many children...a guider...ah, I see.” Caleb cleared his throat softly, “What does it say?” He asked calmly and the hierophant looked up, “Forgive me Milord, it is not an easy task to read. It is made the more difficult by the very nature of the bones themselves however… Milord will live a life of an immortal being, that is to say, that you will not die. However this comes at a price. You will have to fight for it. It will not come to you until you break ties with that which holds you back. You must combine your power with one thought to be lost in order to become truly powerful. You will find a truly wonderful woman who will love you dearly and will follow you to the ends of the world and beyond. Sadly you will lose a child- though how I do not know- but you will have many more together, some not of your blood but blessed all the same. I cannot tell if their lives will be as long as your own however. You will also have to leave this world, to travel to worlds and places beyond this Plegia. And it seems that you will be guided by another, though who is hard to say, a woman, but not the one you will come to love, you Milord who will show you the way when you need it most. A man who will guide you to a safe haven for a time and a dragon who will bring you to your final home. A home that will be vastly unique to any you have made before.” Caleb frowned in response. The reading was confusing. However it did make some sense. He was Grima, so it stood to reason he would live a long time...but… “I see. I thank you.” Caleb said going to rise, “Clear is the path that is walked with wisdom My Prince.” The hierophant said as Caleb rose to leave. Then the man said softly, “Soon, this world will end...and I can’t say what will happen to you, Lord Grima. You have many trials ahead before you will find your home. It is as truthful as I could be without alerting Validar’s spies. I serve you in life as in death.” He pulled the dagger out from a concealed place in his robes. Then he quickly drew the blade across his throat, spilling his own blood over the bones, hiding their meaning as he collapsed onto the table as death came for him swiftly. His life blood soaking the table cloth. Caleb made his way back to his living quarters, still reeling from the reading that was done and very much unaware of the fact that a man had just ended his life. He was lost in thought about what he should do. Both what he’d seen and heard were enough to make his head ache even more. He frowned. There was too much for him to worry about and he had something to sit on. A frown crossed his face as he made his way towards what he was thinking of. Somehow it was like he needed to make a move, but what move he didn’t know. A pained expression crossed his face as an attendant arrived to do the usual ritual of preparing Caleb for yet another ritual to continue to prepare his body for his own Awakening. He got the feeling that something wasn’t right. The problem was Caleb didn’t know what. The low chanting filled the air as the ritual was begun. A knife was used to mark the Prince’s flesh, a burning that was solely for the purpose of preparing him for the dark magic to come. Each blast of dark magic sent an ache through Caleb, a deep ache aimed at bringing his awakening closer. He felt his breathing weaken and was close to collapse when… Hunger gnawed at him, anger. A pain like no other driving him to kill and kill and kill. Blood was spilled below him as yet more anger burned like the fires of hell, “Fools!” He screamed in a rage, “You will die!” A scream and more blood filled the air as he laughed… Caleb groaned as his body broke out into a cold sweat, priests converging around him, “What did you see?” A man asked and Caleb was still struggling to recover, his body screaming for a release. The Prince struggled to keep his eyes open but they fell regardless of the effort that he was making. “Caleb!” His mother’s voice cried, “No! Let him rest!” She cried as yet another round of dark magic struck him. Caleb felt a dark energy envelop his body, his mind floating for a small while before it returned to hold him into the present. He saw a woman that made him start, a beautiful woman. He could not make out her face but she was so tantalisingly close that he could touch her… “Caleb!” Again his mother cried but this time Caleb felt angry. He was beginning to lose his patience with these incompetent fools. His eyes glowed a deep reddish brown and he shot the man before him with a blast of dark magic that was enough to not only take the man by surprise, but enough to almost end him where he stood. Shock filled the hall as Caleb was breathing heavily, his eyes unfocusing before finally collapsing. The new day began and Caleb stepped out into his private courtyard where a bath was ready for him. As he bathed he was lost in thought. He'd woken with an annoying problem and as he closed his eyes, he knew he would have to deal with it. He was annoyed at how much longer it was taking than normal until he thought of the beautiful woman. A low moan escaped him as his release finally came, white hot seed spilling in the water as his body gave him a delicious release. He grinned. At least that was something he could do and it made him feel a little better. He drew in a deep breath of the cool morning air and let out a sigh. “I wonder how much longer I must have to wait…” Caleb sighed. His father had become both king and Hierophant at the same time. The last Hierophant had been found dead, blood spilled all over the table he lay upon, a dagger covered in blood over the floor and blood everywhere. It looked gruesome and had been a bloody end to a high ranking Grimleal. Caleb didn't care all that much. As he cleaned himself he didn't notice the near quiet of the courtyard. He dried himself off and as he headed back inside an attendant bought him fresh clothing. The man bowed and the Prince dismissed him. Once Caleb was dressed he came to the Great Hall within the castle, and he sat quietly at the head table. Breakfast as it was served came with the usual low chatter of people talking to one another. Until a couple of taps silenced the entire hall. Validar stood up and everyone now turned to him, “Welcome,” Validar said with a grand gesture that Caleb was too familiar with, “I trust you all are aware of the situation that has arisen of late?” A low murmur through the hall sounded at his words and Caleb noticed his mother looking down. This could only be a sign that something wasn't quite right. “Joy…” Caleb muttered to himself. His father continued, “As you all are well aware there has been numerous clashes between Plegia and Ylisse. As such it has been decided by our illustrious Grandmaster that our Prince will be taking on an Ylissean Bride come the next summer, at the cost of the first born son.” Caleb frowned. He was going to lose his first born to Ylisse?! The hall became uneasy as people reacted with anger and cries of “Filthy Ylissean Dogs!” and “Wretched beasts!” filled the air. Validar made a loud explosion of dark magic and silence fell, “In addition, we well have rights to the farmland to the south, and neutral lands on the border.” Caleb was still reeling. The Ylisseans were going to take away his son?! Fury welled up into Caleb's chest until the faintest whisper of the previous Hierophant's words spoke, “Sadly you will lose a child- though how I do not know-...” He grimaced. So this was meant to be. The hall was still in an uproar, no one wanted to lose the first born heir, it was sacrilege. The first born was more likely to be blessed by Grima and the Fell Dragon required the first born to be given to him. It would bring upon a family Grima’s wrath if they did not. Caleb did not hear the rest of the speech. He was numb. Sickness welled in his gut, and he was grabbing his fork with incredible strength. Enough that the metal was beginning to bend, a sign of what he truly was. He would not lose his son if he could help it. He left the Hall as quickly as it was polite to. Simmering underneath his skin was fury. He wanted nothing more than to kill and destroy everything in his path. He felt fury like no other. His march was to get clear of the nobles and other such jokes. He stormed off ignoring the squeals of frightened servants as he kept moving. He had one place in mind and that was the stables where mounts were kept. He kept on moving despite someone calling his name. Caleb mounted his personal dark pegasus and flew off. Below him the whole of Perezia. It was a breath taking flight, the cold air forcing him to breathe more deeply and it did wonders to clear his head. He wasn't the only one who was out to clear his head. ~~~ Lucina ran. Dress flapping against her body as she bolted away from her parents as she'd yelled at them, calling them craven and now she was running with tears in her eyes, her parents crying out after her. It wasn't her fault she was this upset. She was shocked and horrified by the news she had been given. To have her future decided by someone not her was enough to trigger the episode. She kept running using secret passages to gain a lead over her parents. Even in the middle of tears Lucina was ducking into passages and it was fast becoming a blur. She eventually wound up in an alcove that was almost impossible for her parents to reach, and she cried. Her sobs echoing against the cold wall of the castle. It was three full hours before she calmed enough to be still. Her eyes were red with tears. She almost couldn't believe the hell she was being made to endure. It was awful. Her choice being stolen from her before she could even get a say in the matter. She was little more than a tool to be used and her choices didn't matter at all. She clutched at the book she had and then she let her hand fall down. It was painful. She was in an emotional wreck. Agonising emotional pain. And it was only going to get worse. She couldn't even look at her parents. The evening meal was quiet as a result. Several times her parents went to speak with her, only for Lucina to ignore them. She didn't want to speak with them ever again. She felt betrayed by the fact that they like the Ylissean Council chose to take away her freedom of will and strip her of any chance she had of doing anything she wanted to do with her life. She refused their apologies and attempts at sympathy. They had no idea how she was feeling. ~~~ On the morning that they were to leave Lucina sat silently in the carriage. Eyes looking away from her parents as they came to Southtown. She did her best to hide her anguish and quietly wondered why she was chosen. Surely this was an elaborate joke right? She wished she was dreaming. The carriage pulled up to a sudden stop and Lucina cried out in shock. She almost fell off of the bench. As it was she got a good view of the Plegians standing there. They wore armour and appeared to be armed as well. She tensed. This was surely not a good sign. ~~~ On the morning that Caleb's bride was due to come to Plegia, the Prince ordered his mount to be made ready for the trip. An order that was followed without question by his attendants. He was halfway to the stables when his mother, Robin came to speak with him. Caleb was in the middle of ordering the rest of the guard who were to come with him. She was frowning and she spoke, “Caleb.” Robin began trying to speak with her son, “Be silent!” Caleb snarled the Pegasus snorting from the Prince’s anger, “I told you no more useless drivel and I meant it.” “Caleb!” Robin yelled at him, shocked at how rude he was being, “I do not bow to you.” Caleb said sharply, “I do as I wish.” “You-!?” Caleb mounted up and made the animal move, “Do try to behave. Though if you’re going to argue with Validar at least spare me the grating sounds.” “CALEB!” Robin yelled as he commanded the pegasus fly. “DON’T YOU DARE-?! CALEB!” She yelled as he simply ignored her. The guards were quick to follow the Prince who flew out towards the border. Caleb drew in a deep breath as he flew. His ‘Mother’ was a pain to try and deal with and she insisted on treating him like a child. He was a grown man for Naga's sake! She could wait. And he had the much needed space of the sky to make use of. He had to admit that the ride was somewhat needed. It was soothing in a way as he left behind the squalling Queen. He snorted and prepared to land near the meeting point. Just because he didn’t want to listen to the drivel didn’t mean that he ignored it entirely, Caleb was smart enough to keep an ear out for anything of particular use, so he could keep things in check. He knew to not listen was to be entirely ignorant of what was going on. He snorted softly. He would deal with his so called parents later. He landed near where the Ylisseans were waiting for the escort of guards to escort them to Perezia's Palace. Caleb absently watched as the men were preparing for the return trip. He sat with the reins loose in his hands and he was relaxed. There was no need for him to draw out his tome and as he looked around things seemed peaceful enough. He was glad that there was time for him to relax. It was then that he spotted her. A luscious thing, she had milky white skin, long navy blue hair, a delicate face that just...appealed to him and he realised this was the woman in his dream, how he didn't know but he knew it was her. His heart pounded in his chest as he realised he was actually looking at his wife to be, as he heard her parents trying to talk to her. He felt unsure what to do, let alone say to her to make the process easier for her. Especially with the shadow of fear in her eyes as she nervously looked at the Plegians. He met her eyes and she was rather shy as she looked down quickly. Almost as if she did not want to be caught staring at him. They had her in an Ylissean dress of some kind, it was a little bit off putting however she was still attractive even if the clothing wasn't his first choice for her to wear. Still he didn’t really care as she was perfect, a creamy silken woman that he most certainly wanted. Though it made the loss of their as yet unborn son all the more painful. Who did the Ylisseans think they were to take his son? Caleb wouldn't allow it to happen. He was pleased when the guard got the message that the girl was to ride with him. He was eager to at least get to know her somewhat. He wanted to spend some time with her and he doubted that they'd be able to do anything scandalous in the scant time they would be allowed to have a conversation before the wedding later that night. The Ylissean Exalt looked mad but that just amused Caleb. He wanted time with his “bride” surely that was allowable? He helped the girl up behind him and made the pegasus take them back towards the Plegian Palace. The rest of the escort followed him. The girl’s grip was perfect, not too loose and not too tight. She seemed to know how to sit behind a rider. He pulled up a little way from the Palace and said, “My apologies.” he half turned to face her as the pegasus hovered, “I am sure you want as little to do with their arrangement as I. We will have to make of it what we will.” He then turned forwards again and urged the Pegasus forward once more, albeit slower than before as he wanted to spend a little more time talking to her, perhaps it was those eyes of hers that made him want to open up to her, “Whatever not trust my father, Validar. He is a snake. As dangerous as he is foolish. In equally concerning amounts.” “Forgive my ignorance my Lord but why…?” her voice was musical and perfect. If she was to be his however he could not have her call him 'My Lord' all the time. No, he wanted her to call him by his name. “You need that knowledge now. You can trust me to be fully honest with you. I do not lie. Nor do I have reason to.” He sighed and she replied, “Thank you. I will heed your warning.” “I fear you may find that difficult to do. Though yes, do keep in mind what I have said. Try not to...get too close to him on your own. I fear he sometimes lacks decency. Though I can't for the life of me understand why he acts like he does. I can't trust him. You won't be able to either. However we must act as if we do. It's the best I can give you.” He calmly pulled to a perfect halt. As they landed he saw that they were being watched and he hid his annoyance. Once his fianceé dismounted he followed suit. A stable boy came and took his mount while his bride to be was taken by a group of attendants whose job it was to prepare her for their wedding that night. Caleb glowered at his parents as his bride's parents had said not a word. Caleb thought them pathetic. Not only did they not seem to care about the fact that they were handing their first born child over to marry a Plegian, they didn't even speak to her to reassure her, or show any care for her. Caleb glared at them and decided they were as bad as his parents. He knew what was to be done. These people had no honour. Nor did they deserve mercy. They were pathetic weaklings that should be exterminated once the chance arose.
  2. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Oh I still might write something...and it won't be an official entry XD because I do have something most definitely XD
  3. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Oh dear :( and I was hoping it might help make that process easier....
  4. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    No the character needs to be at least human in intelligence. And where would that be exactly?
  5. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    I totally get it XD Good! That is the whole point of making the theme the way it is XD
  6. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    I guessed it was about fair since most people would hopefully be able to get some ideas flowing. Heck I have a story in mind already XD even though I don't have too XD. I tend to be more of a "who fits the theme best" and if it's the same characters as a previous theme (hasn't happened yet) it may end up being the same characters. Still I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with XD
  7. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Wow. It is actually a surprise to me. Right. The theme is as follows: "Humans make one is perfect after all and life is messy at the best of times. So don't be too hard on yourself." Write a story where a character is going through tough times and a friend/family/lover helps them get back on their feet. The above quote may be used anywhere in said story if desired. Bonus points for including the quote XD
  8. Shadow Tactician To Follow Fate

    Feedback Thread is here: To Follow Fate Feedback. Prequel to Shadow Tactician: To Challenge Fate Warnings for Rape/Non Con, Incest and Major Character Deaths. I don't want to hurt you so if you're not in a good place mentally, please, please do not read if you're easily triggered! This is not for the faint of heart. Rated M Summary: Prince Caleb is raised by his parents who are devote Grimleal. He is made to understand that he is Grima and thus undergoes the important rituals to gain the memories of his "past". His mother begins to waver as the Prince becomes more and more like the monster she fears. Chapter I: The Dark Prince Powerful spells charged the air as the fight pushed both men to their limits, one, the current king of Plegia, the other his son, fighting to stop the madness of his father's plans, though knowing ultimately it was a doomed battle. Neither could give an inch. The young man was still grieving the loss of his stillborn son, a child who was lost due to the King's interference with the young Prince's wife, forcing them to lose a child that could have bought peace, if nothing else between Plegia and Ylisse. Anger fueled him on as the dark magic rose around them. The Prince eager to shed his father's blood while the Ylissean exalt played witness to the most emotionally charged battle he'd seen in a while. A blast knocked Caleb back and he braced himself. “You-” his father began to yell, shocked at this turn of events Caleb's eyes narrowed, “Time to tip the scales!” the prince cried dark magic bursting from him and slamming into his target and Validar was knocked back from the impact. Caleb came to stand by Chrom's side, panting from exertion, “That should take care of that.” He said, anger still not sated and the desire for Validar's blood apparent. “This isn't over! DAMN YOU BOTH!” Caleb gasped in shock as the wave of magic rushed towards them. He shoved Chrom as hard out of the way as he physically could, the spell knocking him down and winding him. A low groan escaped the prince, and a pounding headache made him miss what Chrom was saying as memories started to flood his mind. He attacked Chrom. Blood fell into his hands as a gaping wound opened up in the Exalt’s armour. “This...isn't...your...fault…” The Exalt coughed out blood and it poured from his mouth, his body paling from the sudden loss of blood. The Prince shook his head and said softly, “Foolish human.” His voice was much darker than before, “I am the Wings of Despair, I am the Breath of Ruin. I am the Fell Dragon Grima!” Another blow of magic to the Exalt’s chest was all it took to fell him as crimson eyes gazed around him. Laughter filled the temple and the Prince found it grating on his nerves. He turned to see Validar approach and he smirked. This was going to be highly entertaining… ~~~ Plegia Two Years Ago There was a lull of activity as morning prayer wrapped up. Robin was impassive as both her son Caleb and his father Validar had set off to the Dragon's Table to do the ritual to prepare Caleb for Grima's awakening as he was the perfect Vessel for the Fell Dragon. She would join them later as her duties as Plegia’s Grandmaster would keep her from them. She had just brokered a peace deal with Ylisse. He son was starting to worry her with how violent he was becoming. He was much too war hungry for her liking and after each ritual, he kept getting worse. She had tried to instill the value of keeping soldiers alive as long as possible to grow powerful but her son didn't seem to have the slightest interest in doing so. In fact he seemed to use pretty much any tactics to defeat her, though she had not known why she couldn't teach him to care about the loss of life. Validar was annoyed that Robin had agreed to the peace deal with the Ylisseans. He'd lashed out at her and she bore numerous cuts and bruises from his last attack. It was as brutal as ever. She sighed and hoped that the marriage to come would change things. She prayed that Grima would show mercy to the Princess of Ylisse. Caleb let out a low grunt of pain as his father pushed him to release more Fell magic and draw on more of his strength. He was well aware of what the fool assumed the magic was meant to do. However Caleb knew better. He knew because as he did more of these rituals, he began to know more. His power woke him to the truth and as he allowed more of it to flow through his body, he became aware of what was missing. Eyes slowly turned crimson as the Grimleal pushed him to make use of yet more power. Caleb panted heavily. He knew he needed time, he needed time to adjust to his power. He needed to use it more frequently. He growled and tried to push himself harder. He eventually collapsed from the effort. The seal was still too strong. He let out a deep grunt of annoyance. He would not be able to do it today. He sighed and returned to his quarters with his father behind him. He was annoyed at the inability to do as he pleased. Sunlight filtered through the skies in the Plegian capital Perezia as a new morning dawned. The young prince in a Grimleal coat stood to welcome the sun. Hands lifted in prayer Caleb lifted his gaze to the sun. He was the walking incarnation of the Fell Dragon, the Mark on the back of his hand proved it and his body had been engaging in ritual after ritual to gain the needed memories and powers. He shrugged out of the coat, letting it fall to the ground. His clothing followed. Until his milky white skin was exposed entirely. The young Prince then walked slowly forwards to the place where his bath was waiting for him. His attendants would arrive soon enough and they would bring him new clothing to change into, as well as a towel to dry off with. For now though the Prince didn’t care. He wanted to spend the morning doing his own thing, not the useless training his father insisted in as he progressively got older. So what if he had to partake in the Royal court. The Prince had no desire to deal with half of the snakes at his father’s side. Even so Caleb knew that he would have to act befitting of a fine young Prince for a while longer until the seal on his powers were broken. He grimaced at the thought of being a mere prince without his god-like status. Why couldn’t his fool of a father leave the tactics to him and just be a faithful little servant instead? If he was a god why did they insist on making him go through such useless motions…? Caleb frowned, and why did they not use his proper name? He was Grima surely...surely they would get that much right? He sighed and cleaned himself as the morning sun began to warm his private courtyard. Today promised to be interesting at least. Today Caleb would be allowed to deal with a prisoner however he wished. He was looking forward to the screaming for mercy. His mother, if she could be called that frequently said she was “worried ” about him. Caleb didn’t care. Why should he? He was Grima, thus a god. He would have to take lives, after all that was what he was meant to do as well as destroy the world- though he wouldn't get ahead of himself just yet, he wasn't quite strong enough yet he knew. Caleb snarled. Curse them and their coddling. He was a god! He would awaken at his appointed time when they completed the Fire Emblem with its gemstones. There was nothing to worry about. Even so as he bathed he wondered what he would do when he finally did, and most importantly of all he had to work out who to kill first. There was nothing to worry about other than that... Well almost nothing. As it turned out Caleb's ‘entertainment’ was postponed by his “mother” as she had some important details to share. Caleb decided that for this slight he would kill her when the opportunity arose for him to do so. So while he was seething with anger, Caleb did his best to appear calm and collected. The entertainment being postponed was not the worst thing that could happen, though Caleb was sure that his so called “mother” was trying to sabotage his training to use his power. He glared at Robin for a full hour now and the woman who was his mother seemed little affected by her son’s anger. Robin tried to ignore the glare of her son who had grown up learning how to kill people in various ways for entertainment. It did not sit well with her as she feared that Validar was turning Caleb into a monster. That their son was going to be lost if he became Grima. That...she did not want to believe that he should be like this. She was tempted to sneak into the Grimleal archives for answers. Validar however was quick to promise their son would get his fill of death for the day and a king overruled a queen. Caleb smirked and seemed to be happy about the compromise as Robin explained what she was planning. The room became cold in an instant. Validar was the first to speak and he was furious. Apparently Ylisse had sent messengers to say that they wanted to accept the peace treaty with Plegia. Of course Validar had not agreed with it at all, but here Robin was pushing it as best she could...and Caleb listened half-heartedly until his name was mentioned. It was then that Validar yelled, “Fool woman! You would have us carry Naga’s taint?!” “What else would you have us do Validar?! The last war nearly ruined us! At least this way we can get to the gemstones and have them under our control!” Robin yelled back. Gods what Caleb wouldn’t give to put that bitch in her place. Then he realised what they were saying, “You mean to tell me, Mother,” he forced the word out, “That we are to play house with the Ylisseans.” He moved to look her right in the eye and frowned, “You are…” He said suddenly less than pleased, “I for one think a wife might be a good influence-” “Still your tongue!” Caleb snapped, “Not another word woman.” Which caused both King and Queen to stare at him, “I have heard enough. Save the useless drivel for someone who actually cares.” The prince snapped “Now, now,” Validar was quick to act, “You must understand-” “Shut up!” Caleb snarled, “I will not tolerate your excuses. If you are quite done, I will retire to my study. Do not disturb me unless there is someone for me to rip apart!” Both King and Queen gaped at their son’s behaviour. Then like the god he was Caleb rose with dignity and left the room. Silence was golden after all and he wasn't interested in his mother's pathetic little plan. He didn't need her or Validar. He could awaken his power on his own given the chance. They were mere decorations and merely vessels in producing him, what did he care if they died? Or more importantly got in his way? He didn't care for them and had no need to. He half hummed at the thought. His anger still seething under his skin of their presumption that they could tell him what to do like some common insect. When he reclaimed his power... Caleb paced in his study- he was beyond angry. He was to marry an Ylissean woman he didn't even know by the command of his so called “mother” who felt a bride would be a “good influence” on him. The woman might be royalty but he wasn't sure an Ylissean was the right kind of woman. He needed a Plegian woman as far as he was aware. However he supposed he'd wait and see what was to become of this union before he judged it. He pulled out a knife from his coat and threw it at the wooden door. It made a loud THWOK as it plunged into the door. Caleb grimaced and pulled the blade out of the door when it suddenly opened, “Caleb we need to talk.” Caleb scoffed and turned his back to her, “I have no need to speak with you.” He threw the knife again and it landed inches from her head embedded into the door. She flinched from the movement, “You do.” Her voice was level, “Please see reas-” And explosive shot of Thoron hit the knife, “ Get out .” He said darkly, “Caleb!” “I said, GET OUT!” Caleb roared eyes flashing crimson as dark magic flashed across the room missing the terrified woman by mere inches. She couldn't help the near scream that erupted. She ran and he retrieved the knife. He muttered softly, “Foolish worm.” He sat at the desk and looked at potential strategies he could make use of. He would deal with them both later. Right now, he had tactics to study. The knife sat in his palm as he stared at the map. Then he threw it at a point. The boder between Ylisse and Plegia, his home. A thought crossed his mind and for the moment at least, he was calm. ~~~ The first memory came to him not long after his so called mother ran away from him… ~~~ He was so small. Tiny in fact and already in so much pain. At that time he was desperate, he wanted to understand his place in the world. He didn't know it was wrong to harm others; his creator killed thousands of people, their screams oddly unnerving to the tiny creature as somehow he knew it was wrong, though he thought it was because he was being a bad creature to not be able to endure the screams. He saw the Creator gaze upon his tiny form and frown. He tried to reassure the Creator that he'd be the perfect creature, he'd kill all the humans his Creator wanted, anything to see the Creator smile, anything . He clung to a small hope that maybe when he was larger he'd be pleasing to his Creator. He begged for someone to help him. A tiny voice in a great void. And he grew. By the time he was large as a...what was the creature again? A...puppy? He thinks, he showed his Creator how strong he was becoming, hoping that would make the Creator happy. He was shocked then when his Creator tried to harm him. Shocked and Angry. What had he done wrong? He only did what his Creator wanted him to do! In hurt he'd lashed out and the smell of blood scared him. Had he a human voice he'd have screamed. He wasn't sure how much time passed. He was lonely with the dead walking about, shuffling as they moved. He was beginning to not be able to fit in the room which he was trapped. Again his voice cried out to the void for someone to help him, someone to save him! He cried, the sound other worldly than what he'd known. He'd begged for someone to help him and still no one came or even answered him. He was beginning to lose all hope. He was nearly the size of the chamber and everything hurt , there wasn't enough room for him. He couldn't tell the time that had passed. He'd already consumed his Creator's corpse to sustain himself and he was so hungry and so very scared . He heard strange sounds, sounds of fighting, clashing of steel and cries of pain. He was trapped. The doors of the chambers opened suddenly and the smell of blood hit his nose. The light almost blinded him, “ Gods what is the monstrosity!” A male voice cried and he felt like correcting them, “ Forneus' work clearly.” Said a female voice, “Disgusting.” He winced and tried to communicate. It wasn't his fault that he looked like he did. His eyes fell on the humans for the first time. These people were unlike anything he'd ever seen. He had no idea that they intended to harm him. The man had a sword that glowed and somehow he knew it would hurt him. He tried to protect himself when the man lashed out with the blade. A shriek of pain escaped him as it cut through his body. Agony...never ending agony...that was Naga's answer to his plea. He learned the hard way that humans were not to be trusted as he was sealed away. He could never trust a human...and, most importantly of all he could never trust Naga to help him. She would never help him… ~~~ He groaned as the pain faded. It was the first clear recollection he had, the others being mere glimpses of the past. Caleb let out a pained grunt. This was...a first. He looked around his study, everything was as it should be. He rose and made his way towards the place where he knew the hierophant would be at this hour of the. The old man was the current leader of the Grimleal and a trusted adviser to the royal family. However this was one of those times where Caleb felt his father should not know about what had happened...he stopped mid way and drew in some air. He was uncertain what to do. He let out a frustrated noise and went to turn away when a decidedly female voice said, “Going somewhere, your highness?” Caleb spotted the Hierophant's attendant. His jaw tightened, “No. Perhaps you could send Aran my regards.” Caleb said smoothly. His head was aching again. Normally he would have gone to find out what he'd seen but...this was something he knew he couldn't speak of. Not yet. “He has a request of your presence Milord.” She said bowing slightly. Caleb frowned, “I had not thought a mere prince would be worth his time.” Caleb said with a calm tone hiding his annoyance. The attendant bowed again, “He has something he wishes to discuss away from the King and Queen's ears, something only for you Milord. A reading that your parents had done when they themselves were your age.” She said and Caleb raised an eyebrow, “Really now?” the Prince asked, “But of course Milord.” She replied.
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