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    Alright. Here's my entry. It's a semi original work. Title: A Dragon's First Mission Word Count: 1, 419
  7. The Shadow Tactician: To Challenge Fate

    Chapter XXXV: The Small One’s Awakening Caleb was towards the rear of the main group when they were informed that they'd be heading to ride a boat across the channel to mainland Ylisse. He blinked in surprise but as he turned to Lucina it was clear that she was fine with it. He chose to seek out Arilon without the company of Lucina since he had a feeling that the dark haired man had a question that wasn't...for company, though Caleb wasn't sure if he knew what that question was. He got the intention behind it and had tried to spare the man from asking it earlier as Caleb heard all the signs that Arilon wasn't comfortable asking his actual question. He gave Lucina a look and she understood what he was saying without a spoken word. She called out to Alana and the girl came to ride alongside her mother with Sweetie, they then pushed far enough ahead that Caleb could still signal Lucina if he needed her help, but they wouldn't be able to hear the conversation if it came to it. Caleb fell back to where Arilon was. He spoke softly, “Arilon.” The man didn't seem to hear Caleb at first so he politely cleared his throat, “Arilon.” He repeated and the man started, “Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.” He said calmly, “You had a question that was not for company earlier? Is now the time you would feel comfortable asking it?” “How do you...?” Arilon asked confused, Caleb frowned and tilted his head, “Your heartbeat wasn't calm.” Caleb said reminding Arilon he had pretty sharp senses, “It was slightly fast and like you were uncomfortable with something.” The tactician supplied. “Right...” Arilon said with a frown, “the Gate was used three times this morning I wasn't sure if anything hostile came through-” “Ah. So that's what it was.” Caleb said slightly amused, “Well you can take comfort that two of those were a harmless woman who was drifting between realms and returning to her home.” Caleb said calmly, “The third time...possibly him.” Caleb shuddered involuntarily. He did not like Forneus at all. He was about to add more when he saw a familiar group of humans with his most bottom left brown eye. He turned his head to see better and he realised that he knew the humans that were coming towards the Wanderers calmly. Caleb could see that they were in good health, but he could smell their sadness. He didn't know what caused it. He noticed that they had three dark Pegasi with them that were riderless, though he could tell two of them were foals; weanlings likely. It was hard to tell if they'd been hurt before they got here, but once Caleb saw Mia, he knew what had happened, “Mia, Lucius, Inverse...Lucia. What...what happened?!” Caleb could smell their grief and it was the sage who spoke, “Milord, forgive us.” He said ashamed, “My family were under threat from the Old Order...they threatened to harm us and-” “Lucius.” Caleb said gently, “I would not expect you to have to pay such a steep price for helping me.” The tactician's voice trembled slightly. It was his fault that Lucius' family was put into danger, then Caleb realised what they were saying, “Old Order?” He asked, “Those who follow Validar's teachings.” Lucius explained and Caleb let out a low growl. Lucius continued, “They've been hunting down...deserters or so they'd said.” “And your family got caught in the crossfire.” Caleb winced, “Actually we preferred to join Morgarna.” Mia said, “We felt it would be better to stay together as a family.” She said with a warm smile. Caleb felt a small smile, “Then I can't say no can I?” He said with a sigh. “I'm sure Aversa will be most glad to see you all alive and well.” “Oh that's right!” Inverse said from his mount. The young dark knight grinned, “We brought these three specialist Pegasi that we'd bred with us since we don't want them in the hands of the Old Order. They're best left to mages than Lucia-” “Inverse you jerk!” Lucia snapped and Caleb chuckled slightly, “Ah! Sorry!” She said blushing, “I suppose there's a reason why you bought them along?” “We felt they would be suitable for Milord.” Lucius explained, “Well Storm would be at the very least. The other two are his foals.” Caleb went bright red. He'd not ridden a pegasus since he was around ten or so years old and his mother had yelled at him for it. Caleb cleared his throat, “I see.” He said, “This is Storm?” He asked holding his hand out to the one next to Mia's Pegasus. The stallion sniffed Caleb's hand as the tactician spoke softly to him in Plegian. “That one is Storm yes.” Mia confirmed. The armour the Pegasus wore mimicked Caleb's coat in colour and the Pegasus in question gazed at Caleb's six eyes calmly. The other two were smaller and had the knobbly knees of foals that were weaned from their mothers. It was about then that Lucina came over on Bluebird and said surprised, “Mia! Lucius! I certainly wasn't expecting to see you both again!” She was happy to see them, “Milady, it would be poor payment for us not to eventually come with Morgarna.” Lucius said calmly. The man adjusted his robes and pulled out a recover staff, “Praise gods I thought to keep this old staff on hand.” “Mister Lucius!” Alana cried happily and Aversa came on her pegasus, “Oh my.” Aversa said looking surprised, “Father...I thought...well...” “We had a change of plans slightly. The Old Order...they are not true Grimleal anymore. They are something as twisted as Validar was. Lady Alsha would be ashamed of them all.” He said with a frown, “Worse still they have managed to only incite a bitter civil war. They'll come to their senses in time, but we felt it for the best to leave. We almost lost Sheva but the old girl wasn't going down without a fight.” “Mother...” Aversa said surprised, “I never thought you'd ride again! And on Sheva!” Mia laughed lightly and pet the Pegasus' neck, “Sheva wouldn't give up, so nor should I.” She said, “I don't suppose you'd be able to fill us in on what happened?” She asked as Noire and Cynthia arrived, “We'll have plenty of time for that Mother.” Aversa smiled and Caleb turned to Arilon, “Can we bring these four with us?” He asked then added, “They are capable in battle if it comes to that.” “Yeah, it’s fine. I’m Arilon, nice to meet you all.” Arilon replied and introduced himself to the group, “The pleasure is mine, Sir Arilon.” Lucius bowed, “I am Lucius, this beautiful flower is my lovely wife Mia, my son Inverse and my little flower Lucia. I believe you've met my daughter Morgarna, since she is travelling with Milord Caleb. ” “Glad to have you all along.” Arilon replied, then he spoke. “It looks like we’re set to cross to the mainland, if you guys will just bring your stuff on board we’ll be on our way in no time.” “Mainland?” Cynthia asked. “I thought this was the mainland.” “No, your Dragon’s Gate is a bit of a unique one - most Ylissean Dragon Gates are on an island a short trip out from the mainland. What’d you think we were putting everything in the boats for, eh?” Arilon replied amused it seemed “Oh, right. Alright, give us just a minute!” Cynthia said heading to Lovebird to make sure her pegasus was ready to travel. Once aboard the boat Caleb noticed a few questioning glances and then he sighed. Lucius was the one to speak and his voice was soft as he explained what happened, albeit in more detail than what he was able to tell Caleb before, “As most of you are likely aware, we are Grimleal, but not the malicious kind. We serve our Lord's will, as Lady Alsha did. Not the will of destruction.” He said and continued, “As such there are those that are still blinded by Sir Validar's teachings, that Grima is to destroy the world and everything in it. He of course is universally condemned for harming the Holy Consort by all Grimleal.” Caleb winced, “So how did they end up becoming factions?” He asked, “Those that follow Sir Validar believe that Grima, that is to say, you Milord; is displeased with them since they haven't done the 'correct' procedures to ensure a smooth awakening.” Lucius said calmly, “As such the situation has been rather hostile. We were lucky to leave when we did.” He said, “It was a difficult journey, one that I must admit was made all the harder with the Ylisseans on alert.” Caleb winced at the thought, “What of...the little ones? Are they...?” “No harm has befallen the younglings.” Lucius said, “They have enough protection hexes to keep them safe.” Caleb heaved a sigh of relief. His and Lucina’s younger selves would be safe...for now. Towards the end of the journey Arilon came and spoke with the group as a whole, “You guys might want to wear something a little less obvious as disguises. Just to be on the safe side.” Caleb sighed. Then he turned to the others. Mia spoke, “I should have some slightly less obvious coats somewhere...” Caleb rolled all six eyes in annoyance. He did not want to be without the familiar weight of his coat...and he belatedly realised he'd not bound his wings. However they seemed to hug his back staying out of view so he supposed it was a good thing. He sighed as they checked to see what they could do. Then a stroke of genius hit the tactician. The best disguises were the ones hidden in plain sight... By the time they stepped off the ship Caleb had his hood up and was pleased he'd thought to alter his coat's colours. Now it didn't look quite as “Grimleal” as before though Caleb merely made the change a temporary one. He managed to pull it off for the rest of the group and Cynthia had her own coat as well. The white haired girl was unsure about wearing a cloak but it had to be done. “Sir, it appears a squadron of troops is advancing on our current position. They appear to be something of a local militia?” The young woman spoke. Caleb didn't know who she was just yet but he was sure he'd eventually find out, “Oh, in that case, we’re fine. Just go meet them and say you’re one of the Wanderers and bring them back here.” She saluted and rode off, and Arilon turned to face Caleb. The tactician spoke, “A local militia? I assume it’s your version of the Shepherds?” “Kind of. Grima’s gone and all here, so Chrom’s busy being the Exalt. His daughter leads the current Shepherds.” “So...this world’s Lucina?” Caleb assumed until a familiar smell hit his nose. It wasn't the same as he was used to but he knew it was Kjelle. A Kjelle that was apparently the daughter of Chrom...their world was certainly different to what Caleb knew. “Arilon!” Kjelle called and Caleb frowned. The clothing she wore was similar to Chrom. Strikingly similar. Dare Caleb think it it was...“I’m glad to see you - we received reports of a massive creature that looked like Grima out where the Outrealm Gate is, so we came to check and make sure everything was alright. You seem to have picked up some new faces.” She said and Caleb was glad he'd thought to have his hood up. A wise choice given that she could very well attack him. Her numbers were even lower than Severa however so Caleb knew he could handle her if a fight broke out. “Yeah, we’re fine, Kjelle. Where were the guards? We didn’t see anyone the whole time we were out there.” “They’re back in Ylisstol, father called them back for the celebration.” “What’s the occasion?” Arilon asked seemingly surprised by the news, “Andrea’s back!” Caleb frowned. He knew Chrom would only do something as stupid as pulling guards to celebrate if it was... “Andrea came back?!” “Yes, she came back to visit us all, and brought her brother too, all the Shepherds were pulled off duty to celebrate, which included the guards posted near the Gate.” Which made Caleb wonder how much of an idiot this Chrom was acting. He supposed it fell to the tactician to fix such a serious breach of...“So, you’ll have to introduce me to everyone. Who’s this?” Kjelle's voice broke Caleb's line of thought as he'd already began working out how to better station guards to keep Ylisse safe. Not a good idea for someone who was Grima but...“This is Caleb.” Arilon explained saving the tactician from having to speak. “He and some others are looking for somewhere secluded to stay, so I’m bringing them up to get Chrom’s permission to let them stay in Plegia.” “Plegia? Did you tell them about the Risen?” “Yeah, they said they don’t mind.” “Well, then, on behalf of my father, the Exalt, I welcome you to Ylisse!” Kjelle offered Caleb a handshake. “Left hand.” Arilon said suddenly and Caleb would have laughed. Did he really think that Caleb would be so foolhardy as to leave his Mark exposed under any circumstance knowing full well the risk it would put him under if anyone saw it? The vambrace on his right arm had a cover that concealed the whole back of his right hand. No one would be able to see his Mark, let alone move the vambrace to check for it since it had a small strap under his middle finger to keep it from moving. Caleb however changed hands. He didn't really care either way. He wasn't “ambidextrous” as Arilon had said, a lie that would get the Wanderer in hot water later if he wasn't careful. He listened to the exchange that was meant to be out of earshot apparently. “So what happened on the island? People don’t just see a mirage Grima every day, you know.” Kjelle said her face looked calm but Caleb could tell she was concerned “That’s not something I can share until I’ve talked with Chrom about the full situation at the earliest.” Arilon said seriously “Hmm. So something did happen, then?” Kjelle asked “You could say that. It’s not Grima, I can assure you of that - at least nothing like the Grima we had to deal with. The Fell Dragon is involved somewhat, though.” “...And you can’t share this until you speak with my father?” “Nope.” “Well...alright. We’ll trust you on this.” “Thanks. By the way...we’ve detected evidence of a tracking hex on one of Caleb’s group. We’re not sure who’s after them, but keep an eye out for anything suspicious - we might need you to back us up.” “Alright, you can count on us.” Caleb froze. A tracking hex? He frowned and then realised that he would have to trust the Wanderer. This was not an ideal situation but... The tactician grimaced. Could it be possible that the “Old Order” Lucius mentioned were looking for him? What of Alana and Lucina? He cast his eye over his family as Cynthia was talking with Lucia in Plegian. He had to protect them. Naga be damned if he let any harm come to them. Due to the size of the group it was decided that they would set up camp near some ruins as they had a long way to go and due to the children had to set up camp fairly quickly since the little ones (Fae and Alana) had started getting grumpy because they were tired and hungry (if Alana's snappiness was anything to go by). What surprised Caleb however was the fact that he could have swore that Lucina was fine this morning and judging by how pale she was looking...Caleb sighed. He, Lucius, Cynthia, Noire, Inverse and Lucia all worked to make the expansion hexed tent even more roomy than the first night with the centre “room” still being Caleb and Lucina's, Alana's beside them should she need anything and Cynthia next to Alana since she didn't really know the others. Lucia was next to Cynthia and Inverse next to Lucia. Lucius and Mia were next to Aversa and Noire was to the right of Caleb and Lucina. This time they were a fair distance away from the main camp, their mounts in makeshift stables that Lucius had managed to bring. Caleb had just settled the rather pale looking Lucina when Alana came in and practically buried her face into her father's chest crying. Caleb felt worried and spoke gently in Plegian, “Alana, what's wrong my precious one?” She sniffled and said, “It hurts Daddy! It hurts!” Caleb frowned, “What hurts Sweetpea?” He asked and Alana looked up tears leaking from her eyes. Caleb gently pet her head as soothingly as he could, “I's back! It hurts!” The little girl wailed and Lucina though unwell looked worried, “Caleb?” She asked softly, “Alana says her back is hurting.” He said softly as the small child sobbed into her father's shirt. The main flap was open and Caleb smelled the approach of Lucius; Caleb spoke to his daughter gently, “Did you fall from Sweetie at all?” He asked and she shook her head, still crying. Caleb then frowned as he noticed something off, “Sweetpea, can you show me your back?” He asked and Alana nodded and pulled off her cloak with some difficulty and then her shirt so that they could see her back. Lucina helped her and Caleb felt his blood run cold. Alana had wings...just like her father... ~ Vasta grimaced. “Do we have to?” She asked the figure in Grimleal robes, “I mean I know we want to make sure Lord Grima is safe and all but what if those bastards figure out we sent Lucius and his family?” The figure sighed, “Vasta, my dear, you really must relax. As long as we obey Lord Grima's will we will please him. It is as Lady Alsha knew. Once our Lord has found a suitable place, we'll be able to come and help protect him. Remember what happened at the Table. Our Master chose not to fight the Ylisseans and the Holy Consort is one of them. We must ensure that the young boy lives his days by the young Consort's side as this is Lord Grima's will. He has chosen not to destroy this world, which means in turn that we must do what we can to follow our Lord's example.” “I know, I know...I just...Sir Validar...” “You are not alone my child. Many have fallen to his deceit.” The figure said calmly, “We will await Lord Grima's call. The day we hear it we shall come to his side in his hour of need. For now let us pray for the good health of the Consort, for she needs our good will.” “Yes Father.” Vasta said lowering to prayer. “We call upon our Lord Grima for his mercy...” The young Griffon Rider began, “Guide us our Lord to your will in all things.” The Figure continued, “Call us as you will to serve in life and in death.” ~ Caleb was grateful when Lucius arrived with a medicinal staff to help. Lucius was quick to help Lucina feel a lot better and Caleb did his best to soothe Alana while Lucius checked her to see why she was in such pain. The old sage sighed, “There is very little I can do Milord.” Caleb winced, “Thank you Lucius. I suppose all we can do is try to make her comfortable.” He sighed, “A bath should work, though not to hot.” He said gently. He then added, “Likely it was the exposure to the dark magic at the Table that's caused this to happen.” Caleb sighed, “So her blood was awakened as well then?” He asked softly, though he could smell Arilon just outside the tent and thus the Wanderer would be able to hear every word spoken, “I'm afraid so Milord.” The Sage lowered his staff, “Though perhaps that she has the blood of Naga in her veins as well has slowed the process down somewhat. It does mean she'll be in potentially more pain however.” “Daddy...” Alana whimpered again and Caleb felt a deep pain in his chest. This wasn't good. “Is there...Is there any way to stop this?” Caleb asked, Plegian slipping out and Lucius sighed, “It is impossible to tell. She may not be in pain for long, but we have never encountered a child with both Fellblood and Exalted Blood. Had she just Fellblood in her veins she would undoubtedly have the same form as Milord in time. However it also be that because she's so young...the changes are not so easily noticed since her body is still growing. I'm afraid there is little I know on this...we'd need a library to see if there were any incidents of it...” Caleb's eyes widened and pulled at the box he'd kept in his coat, “This might be the answer.” The tactician spoke seriously, “I think...this would be a library we could make use of.” Lucius was surprised but as Caleb set the box down and gave it a tap it did the same thing it did before, “Caleb is that...?” “Only the most important library in all of Ylisse.” Caleb said with a wave over the box. “It's expansion hexed...” Lucius said surprised. Caleb picked Alana up and carried her as he entered the library. Lucina was close behind him with Lucius lighting the way with a fireball that quickly flew to touches on the walls. Caleb followed the stairs down. When they at last came to the last step rows upon rows of shelves filled their vision. Caleb looked around and gaped at all of the books. “And here I was thinking everything was destroyed. I guess that even a Fell Dragon keeps his library neat.” Lucina giggled and wandered looking for anything that could help with with Alana's condition, “These books...they're all in Plegian!” She said with a frown. Lucius let out a gasp, “My gods...they're not just Plegian Milady, they're in...a language I don't understand myself!” The Sage said running a hand through his hair. “This is incredible indeed.” “This is three worlds worth of scholar's material.” Caleb said suddenly, “The works to the right are comprehensive studies on dragons, we should look there.” Lucina smiled, “Well I won't argue with that.” She said and Caleb turned to the shelves that he'd said were what they needed, “Third from where you are Lucy.” Caleb said and she carefully pulled out the book that Caleb had told her to. It was large and thick. Caleb noticed that Alana had stopped whimpering but that still worried him, “Alana?” He asked softly and she didn't respond. Caleb carefully lay her on one of the chase lounges in the room as Lucina placed the book on one of the tables. “My goodness this might take a while.” Lucius said with surprise. Caleb came and opened the book from the midsection and upside down to the book carefully flicked through it until he came to what he was looking for, “Exalted Blood. This is the section we need.” Caleb said as Lucina and Lucius both came in to see where Caleb was pointing. “Caleb what's it say?” Lucina asked hesitantly. Caleb began to read, “Few instances of Fellblood and Exalted Blood offspring have been recorded in history. Those that have tend to lean towards their Exalted Blood Ancestry; however there have been cases documented in other Outrealms that suggest that if the child in question is born to an Awakened Fellblood then the child will be a mix of the traits of a Fellblood and Exalted Blood.” “So then...?” Lucina asked and Lucius spoke, “It is well known Milady that Milord has the ability to see those who are no longer with us, he always has.” Lucina and Caleb both looked to one another, Caleb surprised as she was but Lucius continued, “The form he has currently is also a very important indicator of his state. As an Awakened Grima, Milord has the ability to fully control the Risen at any given time, create them and take on his dragon form. The form of course requires time to adjust to it since it is quite mentally draining according to the old Grimleal texts.” “So that was why I couldn't hold it for long...” Caleb said with a frown, “And I could only growl...” “Well then that means we can confirm that text in question if we could find it.” Lucius said calmly. Alana stirred then and Caleb came to sit beside her, “Are you feeling alright Alana?” He asked gently and she shook her head, “It hurts...” the little one said and Caleb winced, “Daddy hurted too.” “Yes, I did.” Caleb said softly. He couldn't lie to her. She buried her face into his shirt again, “We'll need to head out. I think it's almost dinner time.” Caleb found it odd that he wasn't hungry again, “I'll stay with Alana.” “Right, I'll get us something.” Lucina said calmly and they left the library with Caleb carrying Alana in his arms again. She hugged her father's shoulders as best she could. Once they'd got back to the tent Caleb closed the box lid and tapped it back to it's small size. Cynthia came into the main area and said, “Hey so dinner's on and...” She saw Alana's wings and said softly, “I'll stay with Alana too. Noire should be saving a place so-” “We'll have dinner here.” Lucina said, “Where it's quiet.” “Okay I'll let her know.” Cynthia replied. “I'll help carry some!” She added and Lucius followed them both. Caleb stayed close to his daughter as Lucina did what she could with a recover staff. There was little that they could do and as they curled on the bedroll with her still gripping Caleb's shirt the tactician smelt Arilon return with Caleb assumed Petal and another person. “Hey, so I came by earlier and heard the little one’s in some pain. I thought I’d bring by some of our stuff in case we can help. Mind if we come in?” Arilon asked and Caleb felt mildly surprised but relieved. He was grateful for the offer if they'd be able to help his little one... Caleb blinked when he spotted the second young woman come in behind Arilon, she was surprised by the expansion hex done to the tent, the other “rooms” had their curtains open so they could be seen into. “Whoa, this tent’s huge inside!” Nino, a former member of the Black Fang said, looking around in awe. “How’d you do that?” “There’s a special hex you can use.” Petal explained. “We had a couple rooms like this back home.” “So we brought you guys a Restore and a Sleep Staff, in case she needs help getting to sleep through the pain.” Arilon explained to Caleb as Nino handed the Staves to Lucina. “And we also brought some herbs and stuff in case any of you guys know how to do stuff with those. I’d offer to have a medicine put together, but our resident apothecarial expert is one of the Wanderers still missing. Petal knows a little, but not very much.” “I did make this stuff on my own, though!” Petal pulled out a jar that smelled rather interesting. “It helps numb the area it’s applied to, so we thought it might help. If it’s a surface injury or an infection, this lets you get right into the area and even clean it out properly without hurting too much!” Caleb hummed softly, mostly to soothe Alana as the little one whimpered again, Lucina spoke, “We're not entirely sure what's caused the pain and Lucius said he couldn't even figure it out either.” She said quietly, “We've been trying just about everything we've got. So if this will help...” Lucina sighed. It pained her to think that her daughter was suffering like Caleb had. It was bad enough having her own husband being cripple by the pain his wings caused, let alone seeing a small child suffer like this. Something in her voice must have given away her worry as Petal came to sit beside her, “It will.” She said gently, “Hurts...” Alana whimpered in Plegian and Caleb carefully lifted her so that she was pressed to his chest, “Easy my precious one,” Caleb soothed stroking her almost exact same hair as her mother's, “Petal's got a special ointment to help stop the pain Sweetpea.” He gave a nod to the blonde, and Lucina was quick to give the young woman a cloth. Alana's grip tightened on her father and Caleb could help but wince as she started sobbing again. Petal seeing the consent of the parents to help opened the jar and Caleb kept soothing his daughter with soft Plegian. It was all he could do for her right now. He winced as the wings made more growth out of Alana's back. They must have been doing that all day. No wonder Alana was in so much pain and so snappy, “We're back.” Cynthia said carrying in some food with Noire and the others behind her, “How is it?” “Not much better, hopefully Petal can help.” Caleb said feeling suddenly very tired. Doubtless his worry for Alana was draining him of energy, “Okay. Hey Ali, would you like some figs?” Cynthia asked the little one and Alana sniffled. “Figses?” She asked then smiled weakly, “Yes pwease Aunty Cynfia.” Petal dabbed the cloth into the jar and gently began to rub it onto the red raw skin of Alana's back around her newly emerging wings and Cynthia gave the little one a fig to eat. Alana lent against her father's chest after the fig and closed her eyes exhausted. Caleb sighed, “Rest little one.” He said softly holding her as her little wings twitched. She was close to sleep until a whimper broke from her throat. Caleb knew that the pain must have been immense for such a small girl and he wished he could help her better. “So I didn't know what to get so I got a bit of everything.” Cynthia said, “Oh and you should try this Lucy, it's really tasty.” Lucina giggled softly. She was glad that Cynthia was as optimistic as ever. In the meantime, they would keep watch over Alana. “Quiet is what Alana needs now.” Lucina said, “We'll be able to better keep watch on her.” She watched as Caleb gently eased Alana down on their bedroll, “We're going to have to stay with her until the worst of this subsides.” Caleb nodded and he brushed the hair off his daughter's forehead. “I suppose we should-” Caleb began then his stomach growled. “We should have something to eat and rest.” He said calmly and for now it seemed Alana had settled again. That was good. She needed to rest as much as possible.
  8. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    I really need to stop waking up like this...
  9. The Shadow Tactician: To Challenge Fate

    Chapter XXXIV: A Grima's Vow Caleb decided that he'd grab his coat and head to join Lucina in the bathing tent. He almost forgot about his shirt and when he realised that he quickly back tracked to get it. Carrying it in hand was his only option for now and as he moved towards where Lucina's scent was he was aware that someone was following him that was not one of his own group. Caleb made a quick turn of his head and his other eyes helped him see what was going on. He frowned as the person that was following him was out of sight then he sighed. He really needed to relax. Logically there was no reason that the Wanderers would harm him if he didn't show signs of harming them. He continued to where Lucina's scent trail lead him and Lucina poked out of a tent to his right, “Caleb! I was about to get you.” She smiled and he blushed. Was he really, really going to bathe with his wife? He steeled himself. He was going to bathe with his wife and there was nothing wrong with that. Besides they'd seen each other without clothing before so what was the water going to do? “I must have perfect timing...sometimes...” Caleb sighed as he thought about the new life that was growing inside her. He had perfect timing alright... “Caleb.” Lucina sighed and he tilted his head as he stepped inside the tent with her, “Stop being so hard on yourself.” She rebuked him, “They could do with an expansion hex on this tent you know.” Caleb joked and Lucina actually giggled at that one, “And why might that be?” She asked and he allowed his coat to fall, “Well all the more room for people to bathe.” He said with a shrug. Oddly enough his wings had stayed folded on their own. It seemed to Caleb that they were much easier to conceal than having to go with the bandages and they seemed not to hurt him. He set his shirt on his coat and Lucina kicked off her boots and started to work on the rest of her clothing. Caleb tossed his belts onto the pile he was making and his boots were sat beside hers. He'd just got down to his small clothes when there was a commotion outside. It seemed that Severa was yelling about needing a sparring partner or something like that. Either way Caleb didn't care since it wasn't his concern. He pulled off his small clothes and hopped into the water as his wife finished undressing. The warm water made Caleb sigh with relief. He watched as Lucina came over, “Is the water warm enough Caleb?” She asked him and he nodded in response, “I wasn't sure how warm to make it.” She said and he chuckled, “Well no complaints over here.” He said as she climbed in. Caleb decided to see if his wings were going to move and was surprised by the feeling of them actually moving when he wanted them to. Of course he noticed that Lucina had the soap so he instead focused on dipping under the water for a few seconds. It was enough to soak his hair and wings. That done, Lucina started working on cleaning his wings. Caleb let out a low contented sigh as she cleaned them rather expertly in his opinion. He almost fell asleep it was that nice. He heard her giggle and he felt the bottom set of eyes look at her, “Hmm...I could get used to this.” He said absently, “Really Caleb?” Lucina asked surprised as she moved onto his other wing working with the direction of his feathers and cleaning the actual skin under them. Caleb let out another contented sigh and Lucina giggled, “I suppose that means we're doing this on a more permanent basis then?” Caleb made a non committal noise and felt his wings stretch so that Lucina could reach his back, “As long as you don't mind, then yes.” He said enjoying the feeling of her hands moving over his skin. He was about ready to fall asleep for certain again and he turned to half face his wife, “However, it should only be fair that I at least return the favour as best I can.” He caught her right hand and got a hold of the soap. Lucina let out another giggle and moved so that he could get to work on her back, “You don't have to Caleb.” She said moving her long hair out of the way and Caleb began to clean her back, “Did you ever stop to think that maybe I want to do this. I mean instability notwithstanding, I should at least be able to do something to help. Right love?” he asked leaning forward so that he could press a sneaky kiss to her cheek. Lucina blushed and he chuckled. She was just too adorable. He could see where Alana got all her cuteness from. Then he had a thought. What if that was because he found Lucina attractive in the first place? Caleb wondered if that was relevant to what he was doing and put the thought aside for now. By the time they were done Caleb felt a lot better. He pulled his clothing on and Lucina was also fully dressed. He came out to Alana practically throwing her arms around his middle and saying, “Daddy~! Can we do magic practices plwease?” She looked at him with an adorable smile and Caleb felt like Cynthia was behind this. Then he remembered what he'd promised her. “Of course Sweetheart.” Caleb said patting his daughter's head. “Lucy,” Caleb said calmly, “Alana and I are going to do some magic training-” “Well then I'll come and watch.” She smiled and Caleb chuckled, “Yay! Mummy's coming too! That's so cool Daddy! Now I can shows Mummy how cool I is!” Alana cheered, “Of course you can.” Caleb said with a smile, though he wasn't sure that they should be doing magic training now, especially since everyone seemed to be packing up camp. Then again Caleb knew that Alana needed it...“We'll need to pack up our tent first though.” He said and his daughter pouted, “Then we can do our magic training, alright.” Caleb offered and Alana smiled, “Alright Daddy~!” She said with a smile and Caleb heaved a sigh of relief. One disaster averted. With that done he and Lucina worked with Cynthia, Noire and Aversa to pack their expansion hexed tent up, the bedrolls having been already packed up. They were almost done when Caleb spotted Arilon head on over, “Hey, Caleb!” “Oh. Good morn.” Caleb said neutrally, “We should almost be ready to move out.” He said then turned to see Alana pouting at him, “Sweetheart...” He said to his daughter, “Daddy, yous promised magic training!” She pouted and Caleb sighed, “Alright, alright.” He said patting her head, “We'll have to keep it simple today.” Alana looked less than pleased, “We have to travel soon and you don't want to be too tired to ride Sweetie now do you?” Caleb asked and Alana's eyes widened, “Yous is teaching I tomeless magic!” She exclaimed excitedly and Lucina couldn't help but chuckle, “Oh! I wanna learn too!” Cynthia said suddenly and Caleb grinned. Their enthusiasm was contagious it seemed. “Of course. We'll start with wind magic, since that is the least destructive magic to work with.” Caleb said calmly, “Both of you need to find a small rock about the size of your cupped hands,” He told them, “Any smaller and it'll be dangerous and larger will tire you out much too quickly.” Casting a quick glance Caleb found what he was looking for, and picked up a stone of the right size. Alana and Cynthia returned and Arilon spoke, “Is now a good time to talk or...?” “Of course. This won't take long as they really only need minimal guidance,” Caleb said, “I can handle doing both things.” He turned to the pair and said, “Do you both know the words for 'Wind'?” “Yeap!” Cynthia said and Alana nodded, “Right, normally you'd call upon the tome's power but this is a little bit different. You need only call upon your mana like you would the tome.” He said making the stone float above his hands, “This kind of tomeless magic does drain your energy but this exercise helps to increase your mana reserves. In turn allowing for more complex spells to be cast.” Alana tilted her head and Caleb saw her try to cast the spell without the tome, Arilon spoke, “Look, I can ask later, I don’t want to mess you up here-” “You're wondering what that thing was that attacked us at the Outrealm Gate.” Caleb said and the Wanderer started, “It would be a question I would ask in your shoes at least. From what I could tell it's a parasite that feeds off the life-force of other beings in order to survive, though I am not sure why it does, or indeed where it came from. The only way to rid someone of that thing is to do what I did to Moth- Robin.” Caleb quickly corrected himself. He knew better than to call her that any more, he didn't have the right to call her that. He sighed as there was the smallest of stabs of pain in his heart. Alana and Cynthia were not making much progress at all. He expected as much. Carefully he removed his right hand and the stone floated above his left, “Remember to say the words to 'Wind' in your mind.” He said quietly, “You need to be able to focus the magic around the stone.” The tactician said calmly and Alana looked like she was having a lot of trouble. “How yous do that Daddy?” She asked slightly frustrated with her lack of progress, “Firstly I take a breath to calm my mind,” Caleb said, “Then I focus on the spell itself.” He was simplifying it a bit but the point got across to the small girl, “There's a reason I didn't stick with magic.” Lucina said dryly, “My mother made it the worst and complex experience possible. 'It's all about the forms darling.' was what she used to say.” “Which is why I preferred Moth-Robin's teachings.” Caleb said making an accidental slip up for the second time in one morning, “If you think of your mana as a river of water that flows inside your being all you're really doing is directing where you want that 'water' to move to.” Caleb explained, “A bit like how I'm keeping this stone a float.” He added, “Thought of that way you could say that the force of 'water' is enough to keep the stone in place.” “That's what Father always used to say too~!” Cynthia said and she managed to get her stone to lift off her palm, though not as easily as Caleb since she wasn't used to the exercise and was showing signs already that it was a tad much. The stone was there for a grand total of three more seconds and fell into her hand. Cynthia had a sweaty face but she grinned, “I got it! Now to do it every day, right Caleb?” “Yes.” Caleb grinned, “Though once you reach a certain level there are other ways to train your mana to utilise tomeless magic.” He said with a smile. Alana looked horrified, “Every day?!” She cried, “Yes Sweetpea.” Caleb said with an amused chuckle, “Daddy used to do this every day until he got strong enough that he didn't have to.” Alana suddenly looked determined, “I is getting this perfekt.” “One step at time.” Caleb said amused, “All tacticians need to make sure they get the basics before they go to advance things.” He said. Alana finally managed to get her stone off her cupped hands and held for a mere second before the stone plopped into her hands. “Great work Alana.” Lucina praised and Alana looked very tired, “I dids it.” She said happily and stowed the stone in her pocket. “Yes, you did.” Caleb said letting his stone fall into his hand. He knew that it was the easiest way to teach tomeless magic to a girl Alana's age and it would help her in the long run. He had Robin to thank for that lesson. It was one of the few things his mother had taught him before she was killed. Caleb winced. Gods he hated the memory. He shook it off and continued with his next task, getting ready to travel. Once he was sure that the others of his group were ready to travel he set about his next mental task he'd set himself. A check to make sure there wasn't any hostile forces (old habits died hard clearly) and once he was satisfied that it was safe he came back towards the centre of the camp. He was about to head to where Arilon was to let him know that he and the others were ready for travel when he felt an overwhelming sense of danger. He swung around and noticed that Severa was about to be in a lot of trouble... He didn't know how but he managed to get beside her, “GET DOWN!” Caleb said unthinkingly shielding her with his own body. He felt the deep bite of a blade. The pain was enough to make Caleb gasp in shock. Severa was momentarily too stunned to do anything and as Caleb turned quickly to see who it was he felt a deep feeling of hatred. The man leapt back from his first attack and Caleb turned to face him. It couldn't have been possible...Forneus stood stone-faced and indeed confused, “What's this?” He said frowning. “I believe that I made you specifically to kill people, not protect them.” He looked annoyed, “You were created to destroy, so then why is it that you're fighting what is your nature? Oh...I see.” He said eyes looking up and down the tactician who was bleeding profusely from the wound caused by the Wymslayer in the alchemist's hands, “I suppose I should deal with a failed creation.” Caleb suddenly was aware of the man's intentions. Forneus was quick to make his move, dashing forwards. Caleb didn't know why but he was rooted to the spot. A single thought ran though his mind, 'I don't want to kill him,' The tactician thought, 'If I did, I'd be no better than him.' “I already knew your answer the moment I asked. In truth I always knew. I knew because in truth I didn't want to be like him I didn't want to kill and destroy, I just thought...that was what he wanted me to do.” Caleb was vaguely aware of the dark magic rising around his body, vaguely aware of the fact that his very body was changing form. If he could hazard a guess he was roughly the size of two Ylisstol Castles. The pressure on his mind was too much. He couldn't lift his head, let alone roar like the Grima who'd attacked Ylisstol. He noticed that Forneus was frozen with a look of fear on his face. Caleb tried to lift his head up and growled as best he could. He knew he couldn't roar, that would take up too much effort on his part. He hoped the growl would be enough to scare off Forneus. He saw to his relief the growl worked as Forneus dropped his weapon screaming and ran as fast as his legs could carry him back to the Outrealm Gate. Caleb could feel the wound stinging, his right wing was cut fairly deeply and his shoulder as well. Caleb wondered if he'd stay in the form he was in. As that thought crossed his mind he felt the dark magic rise around him and his body revert to human form. The tactician was on his hands and knees panting heavily. “CALEB!” Lucina cried racing forwards as she saw the dark magic fading. Not a single person had been hurt by Caleb's dragon form, and Lucina had seen all the tiny adjustments that he'd made to try and avoid destroying anything. What worried her though was the blood she'd seen. Lucina held a heal staff in hand and once she reached his side she heard a chuckle, “Sorry...Lucy...” Caleb said panting for air, “” “Well I can say that it worked.” Lucina said surprised at Caleb's blasé attitude about the entire thing. “Gods...that...stings...” Caleb said as Lucina worked the staff as best she could. “I can't believe that you did that!” Lucina said pleased to note his wounds were fully healed and resigned herself to fixing his coat later. She looked over towards the rest of the Wanderers and noticed a few shocked faces. This was going to take some explaining...clearly. “Well, well,” Arilon folded his arms and Caleb felt like he'd done something very wrong, “No wonder you didn't want to fight the Shepherds- there's no way you wouldn't have hurt someone had a skirmish broken out.” Caleb wanted to correct Arilon on that. He didn't even know that his body could do that! He however said, “You're...not surprised?” “Surprised, shocked, and horrified are very different things. You startled me, sure, but...I’ve seen bigger.” “Huh? Bigger?” Caleb asked surprised by that Arilon had said. The idea that there was something bigger than Grima...than Caleb's dragon form...the tactician frowned. He lent on Lucina since he'd not yet recovered from the pressure of taking his dragon form. “What could possibly be bigger than a Grima the size of a continent?” He asked. “You ever heard of The Beast Quetzal?” Arilon asked Caleb “The Beast...Quetzal?" Caleb frowned quickly trying to find any memory related to the potential creature, "No…” “Probably for the best. All you need to know is that it made you just now look small.” Caleb was concerned by those words. Though he felt something that he couldn't quite understand. He noticed a young woman, one of the Wanderers come over “We should probably get going.” She said. “Someone on the mainland’s bound to have seen him, and people might panic if there isn’t anyone reassuring them everything’s alright.” Caleb winced. He really should have thought of that...guilt was quick to spread then he chewed his bottom lip as a plan started to form. What if he...he frowned, no one had heard of a "harmless" Grima. Not one and people wouldn't believe him...maybe? “Commander!” A yell caught Caleb's attention, the the pair who were near the Outrealm gate returned looking annoyed. Caleb however knew that Forneus escaped through the gate so had not worried about it “He escaped through the Gate. It looks like it’s activating again, though.” “That might be the others. We’ll check to see before heading out.” Arilon led the way to the Gate as Caleb wondered about the feeling he was getting, an odd feeling that he didn't know. Caleb noticed some people had began to draw their weapons and he felt very uneasy, “Is there some reason you guys have your weapons out?” He asked not yet ready to make a move. “There’s always the possibility of another force finding a Gate and attempting to use it.”Arilon explained. “We like to be prepared to intercept, and if necessary contain, anything coming through should it prove hostile, like we had to do with the Terrors back in your Ylisse. Looks like it won’t be necessary, though…” Caleb paused as a small girl with wings came through the Gate and he saw them sheathe their weapons. She was one of their allies then. The girl, a manakete, ran towards Arilon and cried out, “Arilon!” Happily hugging the man and Caleb felt a small smile. He hadn't realised that the descriptions would be...he wasn't sure but his reading did indicate... “Hi Dee! You found us!” Arilon seemed glad to see the girl and Caleb tensed. Would she be afraid of him? He hoped not. “Yep, I win!” She looked up at Arilon, eyes bright. “Miss Avia said it was a game like hide-and-seek, and we had to find you! I found you first, so...I win! Hahaha!” Arilon looked surprised, “Weren’t you with Shaman?” “Huh?” Dee looked around, confused. “Miss Avia said she was with you.” Caleb saw Arilon look worried slightly he spoke to the girl as calmly as he could though Caleb knew that he was concerned about something, “If Shaman wasn’t with you guys, then who was keeping an eye on you?” “Oh, Miss Avata was watching me, she read me lots of stories!” Dee said brightly. “Where’s Avata, Dee?” Arilon asked his heart suddenly beating much, much more panicked, “I ran ahead of everyone, but they’re coming too! I-?” The girl looked at them and Caleb was mentally prepared to see her face morph to one of fear. He felt Alana move to hide behind him and he was slightly worried for her... “New friends! Hi!” Dee waved, quite eager it seemed to meet them, Caleb felt relief, she wasn't scared and that did wonders for him. “What’s your names, new friends?” “I’m Caleb, and this is my wife Lucina, and our daughter Alana.” Caleb replied, making sure to draw to the little manakete's level so he didn't look so big and scary despite the bravery the little one was showing. He guessed her to be around two or three hundred years old, and apparently very much unaware of what a Fell Dragon was. “Ca-leb? That’s a funny name for a Dragon. I’m Fae!” Dee said cheerfully and Caleb was surprised. Fae? As in the Fae of Elibean legend? “I mean, I’m Fae, but you have to call me Dee - that’s what Wyrm told me. Wyrm!” Dee spun to face Arilon. “Where’s Wyrm?” “Wyrm stayed back where we were camped.” He told her. “She’ll be happy to see you, but she hurt her throat and can’t talk very much, so don’t make her talk, ok?” “Wyrm’s hurt?” Dee looked worried. “Can she still play with me?” “I think so, but you’d better ask her just to be safe.” “Ok! Let’s go find Wyrm!” Dee spun again, running off in the general direction of the camp. “Uh, Anya, you wanna keep an eye on her?” He asked the young woman who Caleb was glad to know the name of. “I don’t want her to get lost.” She nodded and went after Dee as Caleb turned to Arilon, “She seems energetic.” He almost felt a smile. He wished the old books on Elibe told him that particular detail. He supposed he'd have to ask the little one about Roy later; assuming that she knew who Roy was. “Dee’s...a kid.” He shrugged. “That’s really the only way to describe her. She’s a full-blooded Dragon, so she’s older than she looks, but, uh…” The Gate glowed again, and Caleb saw Arilon look happy, but then...the scent hit his nose. Caleb felt ill. It wasn't possible for Naga to have a physical form like this. The woman however wasn't any form of Naga that Caleb knew. He winced as fear started creeping in. Would she attack him on sight because of what he was? Caleb let out a low warning growl at the figure not to get too close. He instinctively pushed Lucina and the rest of his group protectively behind him. “Is he alright?” The odd Naga asked and Caleb stayed tense, not wanting any of his family to be in any danger of a potential fight. Even if the Naga seemed to be peaceful there was no telling how long it would take before she tried to attack him possibly so he had to stay on guard ready to protect himself and his family. Then he realised she was concerned and allowed himself to relax, drawing in the air slowly, but by no means did he lower his guard, “That...would probably depend on what you meant by alright.” Arilon said, rubbing the back of his neck. “A-anyways, would you please go check on Wyrm for me? Her breath attack backfired and burned her throat a bit, and I was wondering if there was anything you could do for her.” The Naga walked past and Caleb made another low growl, not a threatening one, just one that told her he didn't trust her thus requested his own space. She graciously enough kept clear of him and he allowed relief to course through him. That was too close. “Hey, Avia, glad to see you’re ok too. It looks like we got split up more than I thought - Shaman’s not with us, and it looks like you’re missing Marita. Mind if I grab a headcount before you report?” “Of course, Commander, take your time.” “Oi, Commander!” A Pegasus Knight with dark purple hair called as she saw Arilon, “You trying to run out without payin’ up?!” “What, me? Come on, Anna, you know me better than that. I was wondering what possessed you to run off without your pay!” “Anna?” Lucina asked confused, as she worked to calm Caleb pressing him into where her scent was strongest, much to Caleb's relief. “She’s not Anna by blood, but she’s definitely enough of a moneygrubber to deserve the name.” “Aww, come on, Commander, you know you love me!” Anna laughed. “Even discounting her heart set on gold, I’ve yet to meet an Anna that hasn’t taken to her immediately, so...Anna.” Arilon shrugged as another Wanderer stepped up. “Chief. Glad to see you’re alright.” “Thanks, Scarlet, glad to see you’re good too. You mind taking rearguard position again? I know I ask it of you a lot…” “It’s fine, Chief. I’m just glad I can help with something.” Scarlet walked away as Cynthia stared after her. “Is that...the Crimson Flash from the Magvelian tales?” “Marisa? Yeah, that’s her - but please, stick to the Wanderer Names while we’re in this Ylisse, I don’t need any of this world’s Shepherds realising who all my troops are. She’s Scarlet while we’re here, ok?” Arilon said seriously and Caleb knew he'd obey that request. He saw Cynthia nod. “Arilon, you’re alright!” Lyndis...the Lyndis of Caelin the very Lyndis of legend, said happily. “Avia said you needed a headcount. Are some of the others still missing?” “Yeah, so far I haven’t seen Bloom or Thorn, which is a pain since I needed Bloom for something, and it looks like several of the others are also still gone, Marita included. Thanks for making sure I knew you were here, though. You mind taking rearguard with Scarlet, or should I ask Edge or Falcon instead?” “Mmm...I think I could. Let me know if you change your mind, but I’ll assume I’m with her in the meantime.” “Cool, thanks Caelor.” As she walked off, Lucina turned to Arilon, Caleb knew that his wife was in shock...he was too. “Lady Lyndis of Caelin. I assume you’ve heard of her?” Speechless, Lucina nodded. “She’s a lot friendlier than the legends made her out to be, you know, so feel free to ask her any questions so long as we’re not in an area where people might overhear and realise who she is.” Caleb was surprised but he decided that he'd save questions for later as yet another new smell hit his nose. A giggle- a very enthusiastic and happy giggle came from behind Arilon, “Arilon! Where’s Thorn?” Arilon smiled and turned to face the young girl...woman? Caleb wasn't sure at first but he was still assessing how old she was. “Hey Petal! I’m afraid Thorn’s not here with us - it looks like we got split into more than two groups. Bloom’s missing too, but if they’re together then we don’t have anything to worry about. In the meantime, Anya’s here, she went back to the camp to help keep an eye on Dee, so you’re welcome to let her know you’re here. Is Cai with you?” “Yeah, she went on ahead.” Petal replied. “Oh, hey! Who are these people, new recruits?” “No, not exactly. This is Caleb. He’s in a similar situation as Robin was the last time we were here, so we’re taking him and his group to Plegia where they can be alone for a bit until they can get things figured out.” “Oh, alright! Nice to meet you guys, I’m Petal, Arilon’s little sister!” Petal dropped a curtsy, and it wasn't long before the confusion set in for some of the others. Caleb however guessed it was like how Cynthia and Noire were his sisters, not by blood but by bond. He assumed the same of the small woman before she ran off. “Hey, so if you guys aren’t comfortable with dealing with so many new people, I’m not going to be offended if you guys need to get some space - we’re happy to save any introductions for later if you need it.” Arilon told Caleb. The tactician was uncomfortable but he felt that he needed to stay. At least while the Naga was floating about their camp he couldn't go there and thus decided to stay close to Lucina. He did however give the man a grateful nod. Lucina pulled him away with a gentle tug on his arm, not near where the Naga was but enough to give him some space at least to calm him down. He took five minutes to fully calm back down and was relieved when Arilon said they'd be moving out. He stayed close to Lucina on Bluebird and absently wondered what they were going to do when Arilon bought them to Plegia. Caleb noticed that the group was about the size of the Shepherds and he felt odd. It was a while since he'd travelled in a group of that size. He was sure however that there was something off. A quick glance to his left and he started, unsure of what to say as Severa met his eye Caleb gave a neutral response. She would say her piece when she was ready and not before. “Thanks.” She said after a few minutes silence, “For before.” She clarified, “I...well you know...” “It happens even to the most experienced of soldiers,” Caleb said soothingly, “No one would blame you for reacting that way Sev.” He noticed that she frowned, “Oh...sorry, force of habit.” He said, “I suppose you'd prefer Luna...” “You must have been pretty close to her then.” She frowned as she voiced out what was clearly on her mind and Caleb couldn't help himself, he pat her head like he used to do when his Severa was upset. He was quick to retract his hand since even though she might be like his Severa...she wasn't the same, “Sorry.” He said again, “ Severa used to frown when she wasn't happy. She said I was the worst comforter ever...but...” “She'd let you do that.” Severa supplied and Caleb nodded with a sigh, “Yeah. It was the only thing she wanted when she was upset. Well that or Owain's stories.” Caleb said as the memory took over he closed his eyes and sighed heavily. It hurt just to think about them. He noticed that Severa was still looking at him. “She used to always gripe about how terrible they were but it was all we had.” Caleb looked down then, “I...I did what I could to keep them safe. Though the Council never listened until all of the other tacticians were killed off. It was...very painful to watch...” Caleb's expression shifted to extremely pained, “So many were lost in such a short space of time. We barely escaped the risen...and we lost Yarne's older sister before I could...” Caleb winced, “That was the final straw for Lucy. She chose to do the Awakening, even though at that time we only had three of the gemstones.” He frowned, “We were ambushed by risen. I still...remember the vanguard fighting them as we had to move into the past...” Caleb shuddered as the memory started to take over. “Caleb! We need to move now!” Lucina cried, “We don't have time!” “But Lucy the vanguard! They're hurt!” A pained expression hit her face, “We have to go. Naga won't be able to hold the portal for much longer!” Caleb turned back as one of the vanguard, an old man took an arrow to the chest. The risen were too powerful and he winced. There was nothing the tactician could do and he knew it. They wouldn't listen to him and charged blindly against the risen, “Caleb!” Severa yelled and the tactician saw that Lucina was moving. Unthinkingly he ran behind her. He knew that their Naga was giving what they needed. The ability to stop this from happening. Caleb wasn't sure how time travel worked but he sure as hell wanted to do what he could to stop those that died. “Caleb. Are you alright?” Noire's voice bought Caleb back to the present and he smiled sadly, “I'm fine Noire, it was just an old memory.” He said and she hugged him suddenly. Caleb's six eyes widened in surprise. She'd not done that for quite a long while. He smiled gently and looped his arm over her, “Really, it's nothing to worry about.” He said and she spoke, her voice muffled by his coat, “I'm with you.” He chuckled, “Thanks Noire.” He said with a smile. He let her decide how long she wanted to be hugged and easily let her move away when she was ready. He guessed that his sisters were pretty shook up about what had happened with the Shepherds so they needed him to be there for them. Caleb knew he would always be there when they needed him.
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