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  1. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Anyone available for a read over of my entry?
  2. Official Pull Topic

    No luck on the new banner either :(
  3. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Response here: Whew, I hope the links help XD
  4. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    So a few people wanted more details XD here you all go: ETA: Also should note this is MA... A Dragon's First Mission Redux Words: 9,378 And some explaining is needed, mostly minor stuff:
  5. Go Maribelle! Lol I guess Charlotte got a big sister alright lol XD
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Worthless 3 star Sophia :/ at least she had the decency to be +Atk.
  7. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    I may have something for it XD
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Went fishing for Kliff on one pull. Suffice to say he didn't want to show up.
  9. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    It'd depend on what prompt is made but tbh just about any prompt is beginner friendly unless it calls for previous works to be utilised in some way.
  10. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Actually already Easter where I am...though I be a day ahead of you all.
  11. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Well you should have let Annon point that out himself, or perhaps just docked points off said entry. Like I said we live and learn. Also chill out. There is no need to throw that kind of swearing around. Small wonder you get into so much heat :/ especially when you act like that. I get you don't like the shoe being on the other foot here, but at the end of the day, what's done is done, let's just leave sleeping dogs lie. As for the three way tie there is the ranked poll that Jotari mentioned why not use that to break the it?
  12. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Not surprised about that since I threw it together. Not that it's a fair excuse but I'd rather have stuck with the original entry since it fit the theme better but Ana had to whine because it was Shadow Tactician Grima and ST Grima wasn't original enough for her apparently despite the fact he's his own character and merely shares the name with Awakening's Grima give or take a couple of characteristics that was necessary to keep to at least make him stand on his own as a Grima in title- at least the intention was to. Nami...well she has a brilliant backstory I couldn't use here because M-Rated material so I did a lot of short hand on her that probably didn't make a fuck's worth of sense and Yamara wasn't the best choice for this prompt because holy shit her speech is a pain to write. As well as Yugiatemu's. My best Japanese on display from what little I did in school. If anyone is actually interested in Nami's backstory I'd be happy to share it via PM, or here if there is enough interest. Also the reworked Dragon's First Mission is likely going to hit 10K words plus I feel. Much longer than 1Kish words it was before.
  13. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Yeah XD when I get to go full attention on stories they tend to get...massive...
  14. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    So I've been working on A Dragon's First Mission and the word count has jumped to 7, 222 at the last check and it's not even close to finished. I'm thinking it's MA so be prepared for some disturbing stuff...
  15. Oh god imagine how that would go down! Kiran: Okay time to pull out the big guns. Lon'qu you go in here with Florina. You're both not coming out until you're cured! LQ: TF?! Florina: O.O Time lapse when in Kiran makes sure there's food, water etc Kiran: Maybe it was a bit too drastic- (sees the pair still not even near one another)- oh well just need to wait a while longer then!