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  1. It's really annoying when a Surtr parks on a fort tile and is literally impossible to kill.
  2. I usually try to score in the top 10, which usually isn't too tough. I tend to use the most Lances on the round with the bonus I enjoy the most, which is Cavalry, if it's available. If there's no cavalry round, like last time, I'll use them on the Flier round.
  3. I'm always keeping an eye out for it. I thought demoting Leo would have been the best chance, but apparently he's too good to be available at 4*, but not good enough to be 5* anymore.
  4. How do the remaining armors line up numbers wise against the other units not in game yet?
  5. Short of powercreep, there's pretty much no way to add new niches for several saturated weapon/movement types. The armor "normal" movement type is by no means saturated. So even if they added a unit with similar stats to Arden or Zelgius with no great skills for demotion fodder, just being more available would be an improvement to the summoning pool. They could use the opportunity to give them something like Defense or Speed Tactic that's currently 5* locked, but has it's brethren skills available at 4*. I think it would be nice if IS could focus on rounding out the SI opportunites over adding more and more powercreep every banner. I'd count Hardin, since his FE3 version is just as valid, if not more than his FE1 version to get added. Though BK wasn't added to the summoning pool, unless you meant Zelgius.
  6. There's lots of units that have been demoted which are still good, like Ares, Soleil, or Reyson. It would be hard to not be better are at least on par with the launch units. The real crime is the units that aren't that great, but still don't get demoted.
  7. I don't count seasonals, because what we need in particular is units that are easily available for merging purposes in the 3-4* or 4-5* people (i.e. demoted normal units). Seasonals you aren't going to be +10ing any time soon, unless you're miraculously lucky or are the biggest of whales.
  8. As mentioned, the 3-4* available armors right now are so sparse that pretty much any stat spread on a demoted new armor wouldn't be doubling up on the spreads we have now. Even giving us a stereotypical slow sword wielding armor wouldn't be anything like Draug, our only 3-4* Red armor, who is actually pretty fast by armor standards. The armor saturation is nowhere no problematic, unlike infantry swords or lance fliers, which we still get regularly.
  9. I wouldn't call Meg ugly, she's plump, but not hideous or anything. She looks like what I would expect Brom's daughter to look like.
  10. I have gone from Robin to Chrom, back to Robin. My team is losing badly right now, but hopefully that means everyone is saving their Spears for later.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    If you're 40 away, you still have a chance at the next tier. Do you have a Yune? Just having one Yune on your defense team, guarantees no more than 60 Lift lost for the day. If you don't lose any units, even without an Eir, that would be 100 points for a net gain of 40 points.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    I kinda gave up this week with scoring. I'm using LEirika or Fjorm for a bonus unit and just taking the gimped points. As long as I don't fall in rank, that's all I'm going for.
  13. They seemed to like to experiment quite a bit in the Kaga era. Gaiden also tried lots of weird stuff that reverted back to mostly "normal" again in FE3.
  14. I think the Byzantine trading system you're thinking about is the one in FE4.
  15. Surtr is really frickin' annoying in Grand Conquests. He'll sit on fort tiles, being impossible to kill. I wish they had removed him from this mode, rather than Training Tower or other modes, where it doesn't matter.