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  1. I forgot to mention, mine is +Atk-Spd. Does that have the same win/loss/draw record? I gave mine Luna and Quick Riposte 2. I've got DB2 readily available, but might have to wait for DB3.
  2. It depends, if you have any recessive gene, it's more likely to show with inbreeding. The bad ones just tend to pile up faster after generations of it. If you have a single lethal gene, it's very likely to be expressed when two siblings S Support.
  3. I managed to get a Deathless Arena Assault run on my first try this week. I'm a bit proud for winning with my Armor Emblem team against 2 mages, too. I lead off with them to get a decent score, but it can bite me, if there's too many mages.
  4. I'm feeling a little feisty tonight. Would it be worth it to promote Gunter? I was thinking of doing a Brave Axe build, and it can never hurt to have more Horse Emblem. I've worried about old man stat bonus, but +6 everything should fix that, right? I'm curious how his win/lose/draw numbers look like, assuming +6x4 to stats. I think using a 5* to give a skill that can be gotten from a 4* to be a massive waste. Peri's speed is still salvageable with Hone Cavalry on a Horse Emblem team, or you could always wait for a better one and merge her. But wasting 5*s makes you get -Atk. Do you run Horse Emblem? If you do, it never hurts to have more cavs, depending on which color you need filled. Your Cecilia has an ideal nature for Blade tome Horse Emblem and your Titania and Frederick have good natures, too. For Blue, your Abel has arguably the best nature, Ursula is great with blarblade. For Red, your Seth actually has a nice nature. Cain is okay, but I would wait for a better nature, preferably +Atk.
  5. Ana's Art Returns!

    Nice chibis, the art style has grown on me a bit lately, probably from playing Heroes so much lately.
  6. CatMan's "Beautiful" Art Thread

    Fabulous, but can you capture teh beauty that is Oliver? EDIT: By the way, this should go in the creative section.
  7. It's all to easy to pull them apart. Like Orpheus and Eurydice, Arden turns to see that his waifu is already dead, and he is now helpless.
  8. He's like Red Effie, but better. But the sad thing is, he's still limited by that 1 movement. Hector and the Black Knight get by okay, since they have Distant Counter, but it's so easy to kite Armors in Arena that I look forward to seeing Armor Emblem teams in Arena.
  9. As someone with rather large feet myself, I approve of your first comment. To think that Julia is the inbred one and is not the one with the foot deformity,
  10. Her big toe and pinky toes are the same size.
  11. Deirdre has pretty big feet, and she has no hallux.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Does someone want to reassure me that Tailtiu will be 4*? I tried pulling for her and got Hinoka instead.
  13. Sorry, maybe next time. Yeah it was her average max level stats. Sorry, I won't be satisfied with lowering Micaiah's stats to something reasonable. I want to go full frontal Mega Rayquaza power creep on this baby. And her tome can have 14 Might, +3 Atk and be effective against Armors and Cavalry, because balance is for noobs.
  14. I've yet to get Peri as a 5*, not that I want her at all. After Seliph, my highest mergers are Bridelia, Lyn, and Titania. Lyn's surprising, since I've gotten her off-banner every time. Titania, I pulled a lot for her, trying to get one that wasn't -Atk or -Spd, settling for -Def+Res. Wait, I remember pursuit being a thing in FE4, but could characters not crit without a skill, either? My proposed Micaiah stats, since she won the Tellius girl CYL division HP: 44 Atk: 40 Spd: 30 Def: 21 Res: 40 A cookie to anyone who knows how I came up with those stats.