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  1. I hope we get Vaike as a Tempest reward.
  2. That was probably the most disappointing FEH channel yet. There's not really anything new to look forward to, and I don't know if you have to pull the new units to do the new game mode. It was also a bit embarrassing, having my spouse listen in as a high pitched owl is talking about me making friends with characters in a mobile game. Still no word on a barracks expansion, which is what I really wanted.
  3. New Tempest Trials!

    Getting the old guys back is nice, but is there going to be a new Awakening unit? I'm tired of getting nothing but waifus in the new banners. It's not even seasonal, and they're keeping up with the 3:1 crap.
  4. The new Arena scoring sounds terrible. Way to put even more of a gap between the whales and the rest.
  5. Getting really tired of the 3:1 girl to guy banners.
  6. How many F2P orbs have you saved up?

    116 of my Orbs are F2P. I have 22 left over from when I bought some for the summer banner.
  7. A Bad FE Player Ironmans Revelation

    I found Revelations really lacking in early game tanks, so class changing Jakob seems like a decent move. I just love my healing to much to switch him over in my runs. Are you randomly deciding who to discharge?
  8. I guess Inevitable End might help with some of the last few bosses, but as you mentioned, if you're hitting the same enemy 3-4 times anyway, they're usually already dead. I can't think of anything to add, but I love your comments. Glad to hear my LP inspired you. Camilla seems to do that a lot for me. She's not exactly bad, but her bases and growths being what they are, you'd expect her to be MVP. Beruka usually does pretty well for me, starting off as a discount Camilla, but surpassing her once she promotes, except this time when was was seriously RNG screwed. My last two Ninas were way better than this one. I had her with Elise and Camilla as moms previously.
  9. I'm at work and don't have time to fully read, but I enjoy reading your little debates. Also, did you take a break from Heroes for a bit? I hadn't seen you post for a while?
  10. Why do we need a third Olivia when we still have zero Vaikes?
  11. Nintendo themed banner

    I could have sworn we had this topic before. I could see them doing some accessories, but anything beyond that, I'd rather not. We have enough alts already, and I don't think non-FE characters should be in at all.
  12. Ah, if that's the case, I'd wait until you played it first, if you intend to. I'm a bit irreverent to the story.
  13. Silas died on the Ice Tribe chapter after being frozen and swarmed by enemies. Mozu died on the same chapter because the boss had Vantage and I forgot to check his skills. Nyx died on Chapter 10 after getting hit by multiple low percentage hits when the canals drained. Beruka died in Kana's paralogue after getting hit by a 1% crit followed by a normal hit, since the crit alone wasn't enough to kill her. Elise died in Siegbert's paralogue from a ~49% hit one shot her from the endless reinforcements that give no XP. Kaze is actually still alive. He just got benched, because Selena and Arthur were turning out to be better dagger units, and if Kaze doesn't get a few Strength level-ups early, he deals pitiful damage. I would be surprised if it let you use Inevitable End. You may be able to capture them, and have their skill disappear once you recruit them.
  14. 1: It's going pretty well. I've got the link in my sig, if you want to see my current progress. Yep, I've got two kids. 4: Hey pizanos! I used to love that show as a kid.
  15. I can never remember for sure which adjectives correspond with which stats. My Odin has gotten good, but not great level-ups. His Defense works to his niche, and although his speed isn't great, it's high enough to prevent him from getting doubled most of the time, and since Nosferatu can't double anyway, it's not a major drawback for him. Selena gets some mother-daughter bonding time, baiting the mages to our west. Us moving forward seems to trigger a scene. Azama, you magnificent bastard. What is it with you and the Hexing Rod? Oh, here's Hinoka's scene. I thought I had accidentally hit a skip button, when I didn't see it in the opening to this chapter. I wasn't really hard to find per se. I was just locked in a fortress. But Shura kidnapped Azura for you, at least. We return to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress. Maybe it's negative memory bias, but I think the majority of my units have been getting below average to downright RNG screwed. Looking at my unit logbook, from previous playthroughs, I have several with multiple capped stats, and none of mine are even close to that level right now. Well, when life gives you lemons, make a face like that. We'll take a pretty hard hit, but if all goes to plan, there won't be enemies in range at the end of this phase. This looks like a job for the Nohrian Royal Air Force. Percy seems to be one of my few RNG blessed units. Or maybe he's always like this. I've never used him before. Even then, he's only got one stat above 30, though. I'm glad I remembered that Beast KIllers worked on Kinshi Knights. Giving Nina Trample is paying dividends. Why didn't I do this earlier? These Kinshi need to die. Hinoka doesn't really put much thought into activating her Dragon Vein, does she? Now that we've cleared the infantry at our starting area, we'll activate this vein to keep the numerous enemy fliers from flying across half the map and swarming our weaker units.