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  1. Congrats to both of you! I've not known you as long as some of the others, Ice Dragon, but you've been a fun guy to talk to on the Heroes board. Kirie, I'm sure you'll do great in your new position.
  2. Since they only had 3* originally, you should be able to just overpower it with a team of 40s, unless they go and add a 4* version this time.
  3. Oh, the irony. I see my curse has expanded from just Pulling -Atk 5* units.
  4. It's worse on some threads more than others. It seems like the longer the thread, the more common double posts are.
  5. The quote Vincent put on the front page makes me think there will be some sort of reward for reclearing, even if you can't get another. "[Notice] From Monday 24th April at 16:00, the Grand Hero Battles “Robin – Mystery Tactician” and “Navarre – Scarlet Sword” make a reappearance! At the same time, there will be timed special missions where you can befriend Grand Hero(es)! Please try to challenge the Grand Hero Battles even if you’ve already cleared them previously." I would love to get more units, if for skill fodder at the very least, but why tell us to redo them, if there's no reward for clearing? Weird that we get Navarre again so soon. Surprised they didn't start with Narcian.
  6. This has happened to me more times than I can count. If it's a big open map, I sort of skirt the area outside the damage area, trying to get them to separate. If it's an enclosed area, that's where it's bad.
  7. Eirika is Nino's best buddy, since she gives buffs to both Atk and Spd, giving Nino a +7 Bonus, which makes her damage crazy.
  8. I use Julia, Abel, Baby Tiki, Takumi and whichever Bonus unit I need to switch in, usually. Vantage/Close/Distant Counter are the big ones for me. Hector isn't too bad with it, since my Tiki murders him, but Takumi or Ryoma with this can be trouble. Dancers in general on certain maps are a pain. Nino is highly map dependent. Usually I can handle her okay.
  9. I meant if they wanted to do another Echoes banner after this one and have Celica around the international release, that would be 3 in a row.
  10. Since Celica wasn't in this Banner, I'm 99% sure we'll get her in this coming banner or the next. It would make sense to strike while the iron is hot with Celica for promotional purposes, rather than releasing her months down the road, when the hype has already died down.
  11. If it's not Gaiden, I hope it's Tellius. I've been patient.
  12. The next Banner might be Celica, but they might decide to push hers back to coincide with the international release of Echoes. Probably not, but it's a possibility. They might not want to have three Echoes Banners in a row.
  13. I think Est broke my tablet, but I had 80 Orbs. If I move that account to another device, will those Orbs transfer? It's Android, if that matters.
  14. Why, thank you! I should get around to drawing some more stuff one of these days.
  15. Speaking of Ryoma, I still need him. Hopefully, he'll be in a GHB or Gauntlet Focus eventually. I need to complete the family.