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  1. Begnion, for longevity. Grandbell had a larger sway, but it only lasted a bit over a decade, whereas Begnion did so for centuries.
  2. I haven't even trained my own Lloyd yet. I'll need to power level him tonight so I can do the quests. I beat the Sharena part this morning before work. I'll have to give Infernal a try tonight.
  3. Okay, it seems like we've gotten info on Monday before, but I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer.
  4. Back to Heroes, has there been any datamine or anything for the upcoming Banner? Not sure if they'll need to do an update for Lloyd's new map.
  5. You have to taste his, if you expect him to eat yours.
  6. Part of married life It's better if you get the flavored covering so you don't have to deal with the juicy center.
  7. Where's the Ephraim meme when you need it? You've sampled your own fountain drink? I've only tasted one supplier from your particular brand, but I'm not a real fan.
  8. Soggy biscuit? Why did you make me google that? I like dresses and guys and wish more wore unbifurcated garments. They look nice.
  9. Pics please I for one would love to see this. More guys in dresses please.
  10. Does anyone know if the Infernal Lloyd battle will be giving us an extra chance at Lloyd, in addition to the kill Lloyd with Sharena or whoever quest they'll have for two more Lloyds tomorrow?
  11. I finally got a good number of the Lunatic Chain Challenges done. I got all the Paralogues done, and have all but the last two groups of chapters done now. That's where the chapters started getting really brutal, so we'll see how I fare going forward. I've only had to try again once so far, and that was mostly due to the first map in FE12's paralogue being a real bimp to beat without losing a unit. I've started using my Tempest team of Reinhardt, Boey, Alm, Azura to start Second team is either my Bridelia, Nino, Eirika, Ninian or Horse Emblem depending on the match-up going forward.
  12. I didn't know there was word about birthday rewards. I don't know how they'd know when your birthday is, though. It would be nice if there was, though. My birthday's in less than a week.
  13. When I entered high school, I didn't have internet at home. @[email protected] I decided to level up the 4* -Atk Marth I've had sitting at level 20 since like February. WIth the SP Sword skill, he gets decent SP, then I can merge him into my 5* Marth I just got to give him a head start on SP grinding. Too bad his default skills are kinda bad.
  14. Unless you made Atlas a Cavalier, he's the only Cav you get on Celica's side, so he's got that niche cornered, at least, although I did make Atlas a Cav, so I didn't really use him much, since my team was pretty established by the time he joined.