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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I wish I could trade sisters with you. I also got 2 Helbindis. One to use and use to give that Arena skill to. I just need to decide on who to give it to. I can't wait until they start doing Cav BST skills.
  2. I'm 32, and I became an adult as a teenager against my will.
  3. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    The glasses are the accessory I want the most, but Nina won't be my friend.
  4. It looks like we don't have a topic yet, so I'll get the discussion started. We once again grind maps for some nice accessories and some avatar ego stroking! This time around, the accessories are Maid Headpiece x2, Glasses x2, Sacred Stardust x2, Knight Headpiece x2. I've been looking to sunglasses for my Titania for some time. The glasses aren't exact, but they will be close enough for now. It also looks like we get to pick the 7 days we get orbs for, rather than just the first 7 days now, which is good if you accidentally miss a day, which can be easy to do, especially if you've finished grinding before the 7 days are up.
  5. This was pretty much my thoughts as soon as I saw the topic. I run DC on my Titania not really for points, but being a high Res mage killer is her niche, and not having DC hurts her a lot more than say, my Rachel, who I could sac her A slot without completely gimping her.
  6. Sometimes, when I get really depressed I get very gregarious and attemptably helpful instead. I hate feeling miserable, but figure maybe I can at least make someone else happy. @(s)ad touch What grade are you in?
  7. Ah, are you on my Friend list?
  8. Just make sure you're not doing it for a rash reason. Decisions made while emotional can often be regretted later on.
  9. I'd venture to say it was intentional on the user's part.
  10. How about we we scrap it after this week and never talk about it again.
  11. I really hope we get more male OCs with Book 3. FOr some bizarre reason, we don't get Hrid and Bruno summonable, but we got Gunnthra who promptly died 5 minutes after appearing on screen.
  12. To be fair, they had better justification than Gaius, Cordelia, and Tharja did.
  13. I wish you luck with that, I know funerals aren't cheap. I don't know how much your account would draw, but have you thought of setting up a Go-Fund-Me or anything like that?
  14. It seemed a bit anticlimactic to me. I was expecting Karla to show up as a joke to show how out of place she was in that banner. Arena medals is a pretty underwhelming reward to boot. I would like to see more accessory rewards in the future, though.
  15. I figured I had no real hope of staying in Tier 21 this week, so I didn't really try. Currently at rank 2984 with the cutoff being 1474. I finally did my AA deathless streak for a score of 5182, which is good for rank 3015. Shame that falls outside of the 3K mark, but hopefully it should be good for top 5K, at least.