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  1. The spooning happens on the wedding night.
  2. Considering some of the weird looking art in game right now, being weird or off doesn't make it fake. It very well could be fake, but I don't think we can go off that alone.
  3. Really? That's weird. Where did you see that? Is it all brides, or any grooms in there?
  4. Lugh in the game? Did I miss something? What happened to the neutral Raigh you got for free? What are these -Atk challenges?
  5. Thanks for the heads up, I'll hold off on any questions until tomorrow. @Arcanite type doesn't surprise me at all. It looks like @MrSmokestack is close to me, only being F instead of T. I'm an INTJ and annoy everybody have a somewhat odd sense of humor.
  6. Come on in, the water's fine.
  7. I see, I must rally my troops to protect Nolan at all costs!
  8. Oh, hey, I've been summoned, though I'm not totally sure why. I do love me some Nolan, and would like to see him, if they did Dawn Brigade. Haar would be okay, but he doesn't really fit with DB. I'd also like to see Jill added. Elinica plus her retainers might be added before long, though they'll probably do Micaiah first.
  9. I think enough for a full Pull a week should be bare minimum, with extras occasionally from promotions, maps, and missions. I know they want people to spend money, but if that is the only way to reliably get Orbs, people will get frustrated and leave. I'll pop money down, but I want to be able to build up a supply of F2P Orbs, as well.
  10. Seems to know Rex's name is Bill. Possibly
  11. You can give her a Javelin, instead, if you like. Not sure how many are available.
  12. Has a clone that makes identical posts