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  1. For doing Ninja Cave or for doing the paralogues late and making them too difficult?
  2. Good ol' Myspace We wouldn't have it any other way. I'll be doing Chapter 17 next. I've noticed that many of my units have been getting very little XP the last map or two, so I'll progress the story a bit. I still have a few chapters before all the units will be promoted.
  3. But she's already "technically" an adult. That's what Niles is for. I bet Daddy Garon would love him. Okay, ask, and it shall be so. Is this because Mangs made me a stripper in his PME FE7 run? In related news, Rezzi changes to Nohr Noble, partly because that class has some of my favorite skills in the game and partly so she can use the sword that they sing about here. My parakeets would pay for themselves. Rezzi gets some bonding time with her brother. Leo: I'll bet you didn't even check the enemies' skills. Like many readers, Leo is surprised this Ironman is still going. For our daily trip to @LordFrigid's castle, we get our skill for Elise.

    That's sad, what happened? Looking great, as always. It's nice to see you smile.
  5. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Nice to see a Ghastly make the team. Gengar is one of my favorite pokes.
  6. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    What kind of self-respecting Flying Gym Leader doesn't even have a Flying type move TM?
  7. Forrest is unimpressed with how Leo has been treating his brother Gazak. He flat out issues an ultimatum. Leo must accept Gazak as well if he want to keep a son as awesome as Forrest in his life. They are a package deal. The thought of losing Forrest is too much. Perhaps, just perhaps, Leo could learn to love Gazak as a father should, in time. We have to get Dwyer somehow, Elise. Even if he's welcomed back to the family, Gazak is still grounded. Laslow's charms don't work on Gazak. That's cute. He expects us to feed him. Hey pal, the only one I feed around here is Lilith, and she poops gold.
  8. Jakob grabs and kill and levels up in all his second tier stats. It's back to the Odin and Arthur Show! Odin lets his daughter tag in after he shows what it means to be a Chosen One. It's really just mop-up at this point. Wary Fighter is no match for Dire Lightning. We let Ophelia get some XP. Time to take care of the pesky Fighter loping over towards Forrest. I couldn't remember if we had to talk to Forrest in this chapter, and I guess we don't. Odin gets right up to the boss's son and has a stern word for him. You've had your fun Gazak, it's time for you to go home and think about what you did. Leo sends his retainer Niles to bring his son in for his timeout. Leo may have just let you go, but you tried to bring your brother into it. And Paralogue 16 Complete! Deaths: None New Units: Gazak, Forrest
  9. This paralogue is a bit unusual in that you can recruit two child units rather than the usual one. First we have Forrest, who has inherited Tomefaire and Movement +1. We need to prevent him from being hazed by Gazak's gang. Next we other Leo's other son Gazak. Leo has disinherited him, so he had to steal his skills elsewhere. With his crazy Strength growth, you know he's Azura's son. We can't bring everybody, so we have some decisions to make. I remember this map being harder than P Chem last time, so I want to bring my A team. Much like the Spartans going to the Battle of Thermopylae, I tried to only bring soldiers who has already procreated, should the worst happen. Laslow and Selena sit out, since I still need to do Soleil's map and Camilla sits this one out as well. Leo has had enough of this gang being a bad influence on Gazak, so the goal of this chapter is to murder every last one of them and bring Leo's two sons safely back home. The gang won't send a frat boy to spank Forrest until we engage the enemy, so we try to move everyone into position. The bulk of our forces go up the main hallway. Everyone grabs a partner for the dance. Odin and Ophelia will enact the Kool-Aid Man maneuver and crash through their hideout's wall to ruin their day. OH YEAH! Seeing Daddy arrive causes Gazak to send one of his goons to rough up his brother. We unleash the dogs of war and level up our party. Odin can one-shot almost everyone in the room. Nina bonds with her mom. Jakob has his latest in a long line of terrible level-ups. Having Leveled, Niles is ready to unlock his potential. We opt for Adventurer for Staff utility. 'My name is Odin, king of kings; Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!' Nothing beside remains in this room, because he killed everybody. Reinforcements don't know when to stop while they're ahead and willingly offer themselves unto the god Odin. Jakob wants to get in on the fun. A battle between Odin and a knight reaches its logical conclusion. Arthur is the master of exact damage. Rezzi wants to remind us that she's still here. Odin makes me forget I'm playing Lunatic. Arthur doesn't want to let Odin upstage him. More exact damage. It's nice when a plan falls into place.
  10. We get back to our story with Leo and Elise taking a trip to visit Leo's favorite son. Elise expresses more surprise at being an aunt than she does herself giving birth. I'm 31, and I'm a great-aunt. Elise brings up a tender subject for Leo. Leo hears a band of brigands has been looting and pillaging nearby. Leo fears this may involve a son of his. Leo hurries to find his two sons. His favorite, Forrest is turning into a foppish dandy Leo can be proud of, but the other Gazak has gotten in with a rough crowd and has chosen to career path of a brigand. To make things worse, Gazak is trying to be a bad influence of his brother Forrest. Leo is so ashamed of Gazak that he's never even mentioned him to the rest of his family. How dare he try to make Forrest join their gang and take up activities unbefitting a prince of Nohr. Forrest wants to know why they, Azura, Shigure, and Gazak can't be a loving family together. That Gazak is no son of mine! Forrest knew that Leo clashed with Gazak, but to outright disown him breaks his heart. Forrest can't take it anymore and runs to join his brother. Gazak's friends want to haze Forrest before letting him into their club. Leo cannot allow Gazak to come between his favorite child and him.
  11. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Thanks, if you're a fan of snark, I'm doing an Ironman LP of Conquest right now. I'm so grateful I had a sister growing up, so I could trade evolve Pokemon.
  12. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Do you actually want a relationship with Joey, or are you just leading him on? I know it's easier to give them you're number, but don't be passive aggressive and just never answer when they call.
  13. Yep, I'm going to have to be careful with that one. She had to eat to survive. Before we go further, I want to share this @Shoblongoo I was sharing accessories, and this is the Bond Units we made. Nina officially joins our group. She gets Bowfaire from Niles and +2 Strength from Beruka. We visit a few castles to pick up Skills for Jakob, Leo, and Xander. (Luna, Tomefaire, and Trample respectively) We get Ophelia giving some much deserved hero worship to her father. This Support chain makes more sense when Odin is as awesome as mine is. Don't worry Ophelia, you're still good. Beruka finds her daughter's romance novels. Niles gets his bows forged and takes a seal for his imminent promotion. Leo proposes marriage, and Azura ponders whether she will be able to cause Leo more misery by turning him down or by accepting. Laslow tries to friendzone Selena. Selena saw Nina's fanfic and is worried Odin is trying to steal her boyfriend away. Laslow says Odin and his relationship is strictly professional. Laslow and Selena decide to tie the knot. Camilla and Arthur stop talking about Rezzi long enough to procreate. In celebration of his wedding, Leo changes class. My switching to Dark Falcon, he buffs his Magic and Speed at the cost of some physical bulk and Skill. We never really use Swords, so that's no big loss. Leo gets a Secret Book to make up for the Skill loss. We decide to spend a couple more Stat Boosters. Odin gets a Talisman to patch up his only real weakness, and Niles gets a Goddess for some Hit.
  14. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    You managed to shave their HP pretty close to zero there. Nice to see Mr Top Percentage. Did you get his number, so he can call you up at 2:00 and talk about his Rattata? I always thought it was weird that nobody ever names their Pokemon. I can't imagine having a pet and not naming it.