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  1. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Is it just me or is the easiest final map for a Tempest we've had yet?
  2. Nope, he doesn't join, but I don't know why. His joining wouldn't be any less arbitrary here than in the other routes. Checking the growths page, no Laslow has no Magic growth and neither does Bow Knight. Mulan does have a body count.
  3. He has to be smack dab in the middle of the map, too. That seems to be a common reason in Fates. Time for some good old fashioned Odin. And Nina opens the eastern chest. Oh, we've already got one. Too bad it can't be forged. Time for the nostanking. Thankfully, we've got our shield gauge full. And some reinforcements decide to show up. Time to terminate them with extreme prejudice. And we still need to finish the guys up by the chest. Nearly perfect level up for your boy, @Infinite Dreams Magic and Speed always makes me happy. This better hit. Shigure, why do you have such an issue hitting anything? Thankfully, our successful kill gives Percy a decent level-up, though the curse of Beruka continues. It seems we have passed the threshold of just barely killing everybody to just barely not killing everybody. That should help quite nicely with Nostanking. As long as he's not getting doubled himself, Speed isn't too much of an issue for him. Time to finally get around to opening this chest of the west. This may come in handy, but since you get so few uses, I'll have to use them carefully. We are now in this position. Hyato and his Hexing Rod are keeping us from safely passing into the whole center region of the map. We've given it a wide berth so far, but we've have to figure out some way to move forward now.
  4. I really wish they had Restore Staves in Fates. At least Silence only lasts one round. Uncle Leo has to mount a daring rescue of his nephew. If this misses, this may turn out very badly. Thankfully, we hit, allowing Kana to take out the other Kinshi Knight. For now, we return to the west. Not as great a level as I would have hoped. We aren't out of the woods yet back east. Thankfully, this guy does no damage to us. But this guy does... Strength and Magic are always nice. This priestess needs to die. Also, why don't we get access to these 1-2 range bows? They certainly could come in handy. How does that guy see with that mask covering his eyes? Maybe that's why he's only got a 45% hit chance with WTA. We can finally breathe a little easier, with Leo having successfully rescued his reckless nephew. Yay, good level for Leo!
  5. Some of the Falcon Knights begin moving south, so we need to take them out. Unleash the archers! We may have to do some tanking, so Xander and Camilla team up. Hyato has a Hexing Rod, so we'll need to avoid that at all costs. Our first daring gambit is going to be sending our widdle dwagon up into the group of enemies to the northeast. Sadly, we don't have quite enough attack power to one-shot any of them. I don't like doing this, but the fliers outright refuse to leave their advantageous position and be baited. Time to send a prayer to Beruka and hope for the best this enemy phase. Beruka sends some love to her son Kana, with a good level-up. Wow, I thought he was out of their range. Thankfully, he survives, albeit barely. Leave my boy alone!
  6. Ah, unfortunate It's time to buckle in for Fuga's Wild Wind Ride. We'll bring all the fliers we have available. Nice we just got Shigure and Percy. I'd like to know what magic causes the wind to shift in opposite directions every 6 seconds. For some reason, Fuga's troops are immune to the wind unless we activate the Dragon Veins. Well, let's bring some of them down to us. It's amazing how predictable Niles' level-ups have become. It would be nice to get Stength or Magic. Percy and Uncle Leo move to take out the Shigure grabs Ophelia to hit the mages to the west. Maybe I should get him Lancefaire. Now for enemy phase. Now to counter strike. For some reason, the enemies that got moved down from the wind try to scramble back to their original positions rather than attack people in their range. Oh well, guess that strategy won't work. After this phase, poor Forrest gets silenced.
  7. I don't know why they felt the need to exclude characters from Rev, when it's supposed to be the definitive route. It's a decent Killer Axe when forged. Poor Mozu
  8. I guess that harsh desert air makes him mighty grimy and sweaty.
  9. Odin should be able to activate dragon veins. I forget how you get Fuga in Revelations. Doesn't he show up after you get to Valla, too? How does he even get there?
  10. Our slow trek towards Hoshido continues. I wonder why, maybe it's the wake of death and destruction that follows us wherever we go. Did we send Elise to be our messenger? We know how well diplomacy and Elise mixed with the Ice Tribe. Never forget SIlas and Mozu. That's one of the perks of being neutral. They don't have to let belligerents into their territory. @Septimius Severus I'm not sure if the Nohrians don't know what neutral means or if it's the writers. Well, there goes Plan A. Yeah, that must be the reason. Maybe Kaze can talk to them. Our recent actions don't really reflect our stated philosophy. Big Daddy Fuga has some serious stones coming out here alone and unarmed. And Rezzi has her sword drawn. So much for coming in peace. Oh, don't worry about that. I always have my sword drawn at diplomatic meetings. Apparently threatening Fuga with a sword makes him back down. He was foolish to come alone. Awkward... Well, obviously, unless you've been hanging out with him in Valla. Can it be a battle of wits? Chess perhaps? How does my ability to slaughter your subjects prove anything? Might makes right taken to its logical conclusion, I suppose. It's a prf weapon. You can't even sell it for gold. It would be really funny if Fuga became the new protagonist after this chapter. Fire Emblem Fates: Fugaquest. Ryoma never saw Fuga coming. Hear that everyone? Take no prisoners; leave no one alive! Is that why you're so much harder here than in Birthright?
  11. Before we pay Fuga a visit, Ophelia has some questions about her body for her father. Oh, my girl is growing up. I remember when I first got my mark of divine lineage. Well, Rezzi is a manakete. Since I mated with a human, does this mean I lose my Laguz powers now? @DarkLordIvy Does the mark always have to appear on the outer skin? We've seen it in Lucina's eye. Maybe it formed on Lissa's kidney or something. @Anime27Arts Next Stop: Fuga's Wind Turbine
  12. Well, after a busy week, I'm back. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been taking the time to read and comment. Also, please let me know if the smaller screenshots are big enough to see clearly. Yeah, the difference between having a proc skill and not can really be seen on Lunatic. It's like having a second shot at a crit chance. Ah, I see. How our jokes escalate so quickly. Sounds like me and marrying Chrom in Awakening. Yeah, I don't even remember which one was the official boss in that chapter, since it was just a rout map. For a bit of fun, I decided to give Forrest Salvage Blow. With a little luck, it should pay for itself with free iron weapons. And since Charlotte is probably going to be Siegbert's mom, I gave her Heartseeker for inheritance. For Shigure, we have to decide between Falcon and Kinshi Knight. Better stats and Staves seems like the better choice. And with Leo's Magic growth, he can make good use of the Bolt Naginata. With all these Beruka's Axes we've been finding lying around, we give one of her children the super forged version of it. We managed to convince the other General to join our group. His name is Edsel, which, is that the name for a crappy car from the 60s? Not the least Dubious of names.
  13. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Sleeves are generally a plus, a tank top isn't that flattering, since it both exposes your armpit hair, but also covers up your chest and abs. A t-shirt and shorts is fine for the summer.
  14. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    I never sell any of my games or consoles. You don't get hardly anything for trade in anyway. I have the original NES, SNES, Gray Brick GameBoy, N64, GameBoy Color, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, DS, Wii, and 3DS for Nintendo consoles and handhelds. I remember when GameStop was called Babbages.
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    As long as you aren't dressed like a slob or have pants falling off your butt, I'm not too picky about clothes.