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  1. So if they went to the trouble of not giving Brave Weapons refines because they were too strong, why did they make Death Blow 4?
  2. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    123 I did a few months ago, when it first came up.
  3. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    122 Then it should reset every time I post, since if you can be a mod of anything to reset it.
  4. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    Discord mods aren't SF forum mods. As long as it says 69 in the title we start at 70. If we get rid of the 69 joke, we can go back to the old way. 120 They don't. I'm licensed to practice in Illinois, but that doesn't mean I can march over into Indiana and practice there.
  5. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    114 enough of the triple, let's standardize @DefaultBeep Your avatar looks like Sheba from Golden Sun.
  6. Oh, is that why the RD enemies changed today? I've been autobattling while charting for HM, and noticed the final layout of the units changed.
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    Well, it looks like this map was a big F-U to my usual go-to team featuring Titania and the Rachel, so I tackled this one with Bridelia, two Dancers, and Fae. I don't think Fae did anything besides emotional support, though.
  8. 10:30 central time? Darn. I forget, did we get more than a one-day warning with CYL last year?
  9. I was hoping we'd have a little more time before the banner started to digest everything. I wonder if Veronica is going to just be her normal version. I imagine they'll try to make one for each color again. Red: Hector (Sword, something other than Armads, maybe?) Blue: Ephraim (Lance) Green: Veronica (Tome) Gray: Celica (Staff)
  10. Hello all, just to let everyone know that the LP is not dead, especially so close to the end. I've just been very busy with work and IRL stuff lately. I've not had much time for video games, let alone one that requires full brain capacity, but when I get some free time, I'll try to see this through to the end.

    Ah, your wife? I see she likes Rich Boys. Very nice, fond of the Catria look, I see.
  12. SF Interviews 2.0 - Johann

    It looks like a lot of people nominated have already gone. I don't think @Johann has gone yet, so I'll second him. @Julius Nepos busy right now?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats! I went on a feather spending spree myself. Fae needs Aether for my Arena Assault intro team, but I'm at sub 20K feathers now.
  14. I'm using "Marth", Clive, Reinhardt, and Elincia this time. My Clive still doesn't have a full skill set, but hopefully the double SP will fix that soon.
  15. Congrats, I really like Elincia's new art. I got mine to level 40 this weekend and I'm using her as the Dancer for my Tempest Team this go through.