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  1. Do you love bacon?

    Bacon is okay, but I think it's overrated.
  2. There's Niime from FE6, but I cant think of any other old women off the top of my head. Tellius is actually pretty good with middle aged women. There's Titania, Calill, Tanith, among others. (I'm 32, and people started calling me Titania.)
  3. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    The ones we got aren't exactly great, and I think we've repeated maps before.
  4. Aren't we supposed to get new Heroes before then, so we'd need another story chapter? Unless they just release them with a Paralogue, but the last time we got non-special units in a Paralogue was over a year ago with the first FE4 banner.
  5. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Anyone else think it's a bit odd that we don't have the Halloween maps for the Halloween Tempest?
  6. Anyone think we'll get a FEH Channel talking about 3.0 any time soon?
  7. I had been waiting for a -HP+Spd Est, but I got tired of waiting and just went with +Spd-Res.
  8. I wouldn't mind a Chill for Soren, but sadly they're pretty expensive fodder since I think they're all 5* locked right now. Yep, my FEst is +Spd.
  9. Fiora, Kent, and Marcus (Give him an Axe) Erk as a TT Nergal as GHB
  10. Gharnef, I'm sort of surprised he's not in the game yet, considering he's the Ur-villain in Fire Emblem Julian Ur-thief Lena Ur-cleric Nyna for plot importance
  11. Jill could be a Lance Flier, it just seems like we have a glut of Lance Fliers right now, and she could fill the niche of a fast Axe Flier, since most of them seem to be on the slow side. Although, if she was a Lance, they could give her the Jill Pole. (Bonus points if anyone gets the reference.) We need more dragons that aren't lolis. I'm the weirdo who tends to like the older, more mature members of the cast, and bonus points if they are a parent.
  12. I've got a couple to add. @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@Rafiel's [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@LordFrigid plus the counters and anyone I might have forgotten. Now my feathers are depleted, and I need to work on building them back up.
  13. Non-Laguz: Nolan, Kieran, Jill, Boyd (I realize this would all be axe units as I type this) Laguz: Ranulf, Reyson, Ena, Nasir
  14. It very well could be. I haven't been able to play as much lately, so the -Atk might be looking for more victims.
  15. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    I think he's best known for carrying a big stick, though, which would fit in with clubs, which are in the same groups as axes in Fates.