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  1. Hello people of Serenes.

    Welcome, what is it about PoR that bogs you down? If it's because the animations are too slow for you, you can play without them on, which speeds things up quite a bit.
  2. Aether Raids General Thread

    I really wish they planned it so the Legendary Heroes that were bonus units were always "in season". Out of season, they just hurt your score. Or I wish you could slap a Light Blessing on them. I don't really put too much thought into my defense team. It's basically 2 Yune/Duma + random assortment of Legendaries that week. I finally started giving Dark/Anima blessings to units, thought. CrazyCorrin got my first Dark blessing, so she'll sit on my defense team every other week now. I gave Celica an Anima blessing. Not really going for optimization, but more a theme there. I wish you had defense team slots, so I could just flip a switch, rather than having to remember to change my team every Monday night.
  3. How old is your computer?

    My laptop's around 2-3 years, I think.
  4. Turn limits in Blessed Gardens is a war crime.
  5. A: Azel B: Boyd C: Cynthia D: Dheginsea E: Erk F: Fiora G: Gonzalez H: Hugh I: Ilyana J: Jill K: Kieran L: Lex M: Marcus N: Nolan O: Oswin P: Pelleas Q: Really, Quan is the only Q? R: Rhys S: Sephiran T: Tauroneo U: Uther V: Valbar W: Wallace X: Xane Y: Yukimura Z: Zola
  6. Aether Raids General Thread

    I actually started out well this time. Zero ladders used, two units lost (I think) and only missed 2 pots. It's pretty much the opposite of how last week started. I swapped out my tactics table for a bright shrine. It's only level 1, but not having to worry about which column it's lined up with to take effect is nice. I also won my first two defense matches, so that's another 40 Lift not lost.
  7. FEH would probably have to go to a subscription service or essentially die in America if the bill passed, since it wouldn't kill just the gacha system, but micortransactions in general. I wouldn't mind lootboxes getting killed, since having a random chance as the only way to get something in a game is something that never sat well with me, but I feel as written, this bill is a little too overreaching, pretty much banning microtransactions altogether.
  8. Would this only ban lootboxes or all in-game transactions? Or even just ban lootboxes as the only way to get X, whether it's a unit in FEH or some other thing in another game. I could see an out being keeping the current gacha, but also selling the unit directly, for a price. Like $20-$30 dollars for a new unit versus potentially spending $500 and still not getting the unit you want. I think part of the scummy part of gacha is that being the only way to get things in the game. They did have the New Years packs, but those were a bit ridiculous at $75 for a unit, if I remember correctly, and they haven't done it since, so I don't know how successful they were there.
  9. Weight loss thread

    I've never exactly been overweight, but I was getting heavier than I liked last year. In high school and until I started having kids, I was around 135-145 pounds. Last year, I got up to about 165 lbs, which was the heaviest I had sans baby weighed. I just started tracking my calories and making sure to stay below my limit in general, and I'm now down to 156 lbs, so it's been working. I'm hoping to get down to at least 145 lbs again, so I can wear my old clothes without feeling too tight.
  10. New Patch unavailable in U.S.???

    Glad that helped. It's been wonky downloading automatically a few times for me.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    Reinhardt's Res isn't all that low. A flowered +10 Reinhardt reaches 30 Res unbuffed. Since his speed is comparatively low, he's able to keep a pretty good defensive spread.
  12. I knocked out the last 3 Blessed Gardens, since i had let them lie fallow for a few weeks. Turn limits are a real pain, but at least that's one less thing I'll have to worry about in a few weeks.
  13. Forging Bonds: Power's Den (May 10th)

    We could add Flora and Sigurd in there to get BBQ emblem, too.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Hopefully you can get something soon. I had to build up quite the pityrate. Maybe the curse is over for now, but at what cost? I'd prefer to get them easily at -Atk, then have to blow hundreds of Orbs before getting anything. At least Berkut's nature is nice. It's funny that everyone is either + or - Spd. My original Maribelle was also -Spd, so this will help erase it.
  15. Grand Hero Battle of Deliverance: Sluice Gate

    I notice this map is nearly identical to the other Sluice Gate inspired map from a couple years ago with one of the Echoes banners. I beat this one with my new go-to GHB team of Reinhardt, Celica, and Azura x2.