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  1. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    @Randoman: Layover visit only: Germany and UK School trip: New Zealand Vacations: Czech, Switzerland, France, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, China (Hong Kong, not the mainland) Residencies: Japan (former & family's home), Australia (current), USA (1992-1997) You would prefer cooking from which following character? (FE Version) There's a catch, however... 1) Keaton (Fates) 2) Sully (Awakening) 3) Tatiana (Valentia) 4) Kris (Akaneia DS version) 5) Lalum (Binding Blade)
  2. Does it bug anyone else that ORAS is so easy?

    To be honest, I wouldn't mind all that much. I don't have all the time like I did when I was younger, so if anything, I prefer not having to fuck around grinding or battling. This is partly why I've only played 20% of Pokemon Sun even though I started playing since April this year, with the majority of my gaming time going to Persona 4 Golden instead - which I started playing since May and for that I'm about to finish my second runthrough. After playing the latter which has a Super Easy mode, and battles only lasting for 1-2 turns (and 5-6 for most bosses), it's actually gotten harder for me to resume my Pokemon adventure, to the point that I might drop Pokemon entirely. I probably wouldn't have the same problem if it was XY.
  3. What popular franchises do you dislike?

    If I am thinking of the same thing you mentioned, I did hear about this (refering to the bold italics) for Persona 3 - from both the game guides and the SMT Wiki, with absolutely no way of friendzoning anyone, and the jealousy system, which forces you to juggle your schedules with the social links, or only focus on one and ignore the others. Yeah, I'm not sure if I want to play the vanilla version - thankfully, the female PC route which was added in P3 Portable (the one I just started playing right now) is apparently better from a gameplay point, where the social links are more friendship sims with optional dating which was adopted from Persona 4 (see below). I can maybe let you know how that goes once I finish the story. I can confirm that Persona 4, the one I completed once (and 75% done for my 2nd run) is a lot better with the friendship sim system. As I previously mentioned, the majority of the social links are platonic, with the exceptions of your female schoolmates/classmates, and even those you can friendzone. There is also no jealousy system at all - there is only one case where you can permanently screw up a social link, and for that you have to be pretty dumb to activate it. The stories/character arcs are also generally less angsty than Persona 3. (I suggest having a look at a couple of scenes from Youtube.) ----------------------------------------- As for my dislikes: The Mario series: There are many aspects I dislike, but the one thing standing out is this: No, Peach, I saw you busting out your moves since Smash Melee. I refuse to believe your claims of being a legitimate hostage of the fire-breathing behemoth; you are an idiot for not even trying. And no, Shit-Geru, you are not the video game guru anymore as seen by how the lower-downs had ideas of stories for Super Mario Galaxy, the deeper story they added for Rosalina (against your wishes), how Galaxy won the BAFTA Award, and you still think the extra story (and the generally serious story) was a bad idea. Stop acting stubborn and maybe get some ideas from Square-Enix or Atlus. Also, Mario Kart for being unnecessarily unfair in Single Mode GP after Double Dash. Particularly for the former point - instead of handing out tons of blue shells and thunderbolts to the competitors for 150cc - what's the problem of item boxes handing out the bare basic items (and stars/thunderbolts being rarer) to the enemy like in 64, and with increased chances on higher difficulties, also to the player? With the net effect being that the player need to actually stay on top of things for 150cc instead of relying on stars/thunderbolts in 50cc?
  4. What popular franchises do you dislike?

    @Von Ithipathachai: I second the above opinion as well, at least for Persona 4. It's one of the lighter entries, but the main story is nevertheless very well done and talks about serious stuff in life. The characters are something I feel in-place in real life, and their social links (or as I call them, their stories shared with you, the player) are something that we can relate with to. Even my least favorite character contributed something to the story that was worth thinking about, to say nothing of my more favorite ones. Speaking of social links, the majority of them are platonic friendships and extended family ties, with the exceptions of the girls in your high school, and the story focuses on the importance of friendships and general camaraderie (including those involving your extended family members) much, much, more than romance - which is seen as an minor optional bonus story-wise and comes without any effects gameplay-wise. One possible caveat to all of this, however, would be that I recommend some knowledge of cultural/social norms in Japan, as there are certain things which aren't acceptable in your end of the world that are shown in a non-negative light in the game as said cultural norm. For example, one of the underage characters (the player character's cousin) regularly stay home alone, which is quite normal in Japan, and which I have done myself numerous times. This is considered okay due to Japan generally being safer than most other countries across the world.
  5. General JRPG Topic

    I got you now. The story got totally butchered in the anime. I'll keep that in mind as I go through the episodes and eventually the game. ------------- On a different note, I'm currently doing my second run of Persona 4 Golden, and I have some new observations. Initially I didn't like Naoto all that much compared to the other PC social links, or as I prefer to say it, their shared personal stories. For a game that seem to focus on deconstructed character traits, and particularly on the emphasis of everyday people from RL!Japan, and how they struggle with their personalities and their place in society, Naoto seemed to not have show these characteristics very well. But at least now I feel that I appreciate her better as someone who defies the senior-and-male-centric society in Japan, something that is the right direction and message that Atlus took the game's resident tomboy with.
  6. I used to like games such as Sim City. Perhaps not for their unending nature, but I was interested in urban planning. Nowadays though, I try to stay away from them, precisely because they are very addicting. My addiction is big enough when it's a game with a defined end, let alone one without an ending.
  7. General JRPG Topic

    Umm, really? I've just bought the DVD copy of the anime, and in the Australian classifications it's rated M (for Mature Audiences - guardian accompaniment recommended for those under 15 years old), which is also the rating for the more recent Fire Emblem and/or Zelda games. Anything showing significant amount of blood/gore is usually rated MA+ (which makes the accompaniment mandatory) - which most Grand Theft Auto games and Bayonetta get. Granted, I only watched the first 2 episodes, but they don't look that much violent either...
  8. The reason why I said to arrange the save points - some people have previously mentioned the potential frustration of haveing to start over the chapter, or even the entire game all over again. Also, when did Awakening offer the bogus choice? I didn't really pay attention to the mediocre story when I played the game several years ago so I don't remember. I do have to say, I really do not appreciate the branching scenarios being called "joke" choices. I was actually thinking more in terms of, say a certain date in December that leads to the bad ending in Persona 4 - expanding the story to include alternate scenarios of what happens if you fail, and through this show how high the stakes are in the war. I want to see the actual consequences played out should, say Roy/Eliwood failed to bring Etruria in as allies against Bern in Binding Blade - what , or should Ike/Micaiah not survive in Radiant Dawn. What happens to their allies? What happens to the wider politics? What happens to the ordinary citizens? I'd like to see all of that instead of just another generic "GAME OVER" screen.
  9. As an alternative to multiple endings, should there be extended game over scenes? Like a time skip after you fail a chapter and show you the consequences? Or like in the beginning of a chapter, you have a response choice in the dialogue immediately after you select the upcoming chapter. If you choose the correct choice, you proceed to the preparations menu as normal. Choose the villainous, or the wrong choice, and BAM, you see the consequences. The game over cutscene will be something similar to the bad endings in the Persona series where the consequences of the failures are shown with dialogues and animations. For example, the alliance breaks down and your allies storm out of the conference. After a time skip and some narration, your weakened nation has the enemy flag on your palace, and you and your allies are in chains, awaiting executions. Alternately, if you fail a late-game chapter, after a time skip, your nation still managed to win the war, but it ends on a more cynical note - your family is grieving, your allies have scattered, and some of your foes are still alive and are attending the peace treaty which is implied to be short-lived. Of course, the system should be set up in a way that such non-standard game overs from wrong dialogue choices do not undo progress made in the actual game - whether this is done by extra save opportunities before cutscenes, or setting up dialogues and game over triggers at the very start of a chapter, or other means.
  10. Is that in Conquest? I heard that Mozu is actually good as a Conquest!Sniper - which I also experienced in my LP. (It helps that Snipers are very valuable in conquest - I fielded both Niles and Mozu, because the class was that valuable.) Beruka also seemed to be shafted in favor of Camilla according to a couple of opinions outside Serenes, but it turned out, fielding both was the right answer too - having Rally Defense and good Movement in Conquest should not be underestimated. It helps that her proficient magic is one of the most accurate ones, with further boosts coming from shipping with Roy. Long ago (back in 2002), I had her speed around 20-25, and everything else at average or better as well.
  11. Does anyone know if there are other similar games with branching outcomes? Does anyone know examples from, say, FF Tactics Advance or Tactics Ogre?
  12. General JRPG Topic

    Sou No, thank you, that sounds like a good summary of what to expect. I might take up that game, then.
  13. General US Politics

    Let's face it, even with the two bombs and the invasion of Manchukuo, a good deal of the military did not want to surrender. Look up Kyujo Incident, or for the fellow Japanese audiences, 宮城事件. The other thing is that the US gets a lot of flak for being the only country that happened to actually use the bomb(s). Sure, maybe we need to hold the US Government accountable, but we should be holding UK/France/Russia etc accountable too for their nuclear programs. Heck, as a citizen of Japan, let me point out the hypocrisy of my own proverbial turf here - not only does Japan arguably have the capability to build a bomb (though thankfully public opinion has cooler heads at the moment), she also had a nuclear program during the war. I can argue that, maybe it just happened that the US beat Japan to it. http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-japan-bomb-20150805-story.html For Japanese readers: https://www.mag2.com/p/money/20338 http://www.sankei.com/life/news/150726/lif1507260018-n1.html
  14. I want to see one in Binding Blade where the dragons and the Bernians lost in the war from the original story, and become divided into two administrations by the capitalist Lycia/Etruria, and the Communist Sacae/Ilia. And that a new rebel leader rise up against the puppet government led by Guinevere, to liberate the country before the nation is laid to waste by exploitation.
  15. Sounds...more like Persona 5, except set in magical USA.