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  1. Send Two Characters on a Date!

    Food race! Whosoever eats the most sushi wins! Cue the most intense food eating race ever. Chrom and others cheer Sully on, while the Monsters Inc staff members root/barrack for Sulley. Naoto from Persona 4 and Miss Jane Marple from her namesake titular series by Agatha Christie - either at a typical Christie crime scene in London, or a crime scene in Persona 5's Tokyo
  2. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the upped difficulty of the battles in Sun and Moon, and how I constantly have to pay attention to my (and the opposing) Pokemon's moves. I actually wish there was a Super Easy/Super Hard mode like Persona 3/4 did - with the former being, just match up your supereffective types like in the earlier generations - just let me examine the region and ponder about the worldbuilding and not worry about the gameplay! Just because we're older does not mean we have the time for difficult games - I've got real life commitments to attend! If this form of complicated gameplay keeps going, then I might actually ditch Pokemon altogether.
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    Played, or at least seems to knows about, Persona 4
  4. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    "Eevee is utter trash. Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon are the ones that rocks!"
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Played, or at least knows about, Pokemon XY
  6. Guess something about the poster above!

    May or may not have Let's Go Eevee!
  7. Post a fact about the person above!

    Recently experienced some severely cold weather that is usually only seen in the two Poles.
  8. Send Two Characters on a Date!

    Lust rants about how human life sucks and how it is worthless to live. Yukiteru reveals that he is destined to become God. Lust then seduces Yukiteru in allowing the former as the latter's right hand woman. I couldn't get an answer for my last proposal so I'll try this again: Kanji (Persona 4; with his persona) and Kiria (TMSFE; with her mirage), in either the Midnight Stage (P4 Dancing All Night) or the Idolasphere (TSMFE)
  9. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    "These fanfictions of mine are trash! Don't bother!"
  10. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    I don't know. Probably not Nintendo nowadays. The majority of first-party games (including FE) has been ranging from mediocre to outright dealbreakers, and the ones that are good - well the PAL versions are bloody expensive and short on stock. Standard meat (beef) pie you can get in any Australian town. What was the recent movie you watched?
  11. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Come to think about it, Link's Awakening was my first Zelda game. The ending was tragic - I played through the ending several times, staring at the screen contemplating life as a ten-year-old. I probably wouldn't play the remake, though I would be interested to see if the Oracle games would be similarly remade. I really do hope that Three Houses would be the first game where Edgelgard (and female Byleth) would take centre stage - start to finish. I want my FE's Minako Arisato of Iwatodai, Rosa of Unova, and Serena of Kalos, and I want it now! Finally: By any chance, is there any news in region-unlocking the 3DS??? I'd really want this more than anything for this year's Nintendo, because I'm more interested in Radiant Historia and Devil Survivor 1/2 remakes, but the PAL versions are way too scarce and overpriced.
  12. General Atlus Thread

    On a different note, does anyone know whether Radiant Historia is on the Nintendo eshop??? The physical copies are very scarce in Australia - even on eBay, and Nintendo's stupid region-locking would rule out Japanese copies. (Why on earth haven't they region-unlocked the 3DS already????)
  13. General Atlus Thread

    Not to mention the region code debacle for Persona 4 Arena...
  14. General Atlus Thread

    A number of you probably has seen me as Arisato Minako from Persona 3 by now. And, there are quite a number of titles to look forward from the makers of Persona. Catherine: Full Body will see it's release in Japan in a couple of days, while announcements were made for Persona 5 R, Sentinel 13 (though Vanillaware is developing the game), SMT5, and Project Re Fantasy. Closer to our turf, we also saw Atlus making the critically-acclaimed yet commercially-flopped Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which I am quite grateful for, actually, because it was what eventually introduced me into Atlus games in general, and Persona 3/4 in particular. So, let's start off with the following: Catherine: Full Body - While I am waiting for the English release, I cannot wait to see just how messed up Vincent's romance with C/Katherine is. I would have ordered the original game if the difficulty wasn't so notorious. And while we are at it, I would like to see Amanda Winn-Lee be one of the English VA equivalent for Ami Koshimizu's voice in Ideal Voice DLC. (Because, Yu/Yukiko is my laifu. *cue the nukes flying*) I was also kind of wished that the other Katherine would get her own voices too. Who, you say? Romi Park (Naoto P4) Yuko Kaida (Sae P5) Rie Tanaka (Mitsuru P3) Sayaka Ohara (Margaret P4) Ami Koshimizu, except more like Maiko Shimazaki (TMSFE) or Hinako Kujo (Devil Survivor) - I believe Ami-san could be both C and K. Assuming that P5 R is a remake as part of rumors suggest, what additions do you want for the Persona 5's update? One thing I strongly wish for would be involvement of certain past-entry characters into P5's story, because of how jarring it is without. This is, admittedly, subject to change, as I only heard about the basic plot. In saying this, I could forgive P3, as, if I remember correctly it was under a new writing/producing team. P4 at least made sense because the entire serial murders seemed just that - a localised crime scene that (at least on the surface) looked no different to, well, the crimes happening in other localities in Japan. P5, on the other hand is at a much higher level in both the stakes and attention, and I say Naoto and Mitsuru should return in the P5 update. I find it jarring that Naoto is apparently uninvolved in the high-profile story of P5 that has a higher stake and is drawing attention all across Japan. Considering the magnitude and the nature of the case, and especially considering that she approached P4 and P4A's cases from her own apparent initiative (well, I could be wrong on P4A; anyone more privy?), Naoto can't be that inattentive and indifferent to such a high profile case. Besides, why can't I, the player, have Naoto's insights on the institutional misogyny/ageism/corruptions that both Naoto and her industry-related colleagues such as Sae and Makoto are suffering under? And with that some of the supernatural incidents happening too, what is Mitsuru doing? I would also like to see how she and the Shadow Operatives get their ways around under the influence, power, and the corruption of Tokyo/Japan's prosecution/police agencies, and get to the bottom of things. Alternately, make your own Atlus-related topics too.
  15. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Reply to unbolded: And if this turns out to be too complex, we can always restrict the player penalties and enemy bonuses on higher difficulties. Reply to bold: YES! Yes a thousand times! And while we are at it, we could give EXP to the armor knights or generals who successfully halved or blocked attacks towards adjacent units. Other ideas include: Heroes, on the other hand, can lower enemies' morale (referencing Dieck's epilogue in FE6 mentioning how the opposing troops did a runner from just sighting Dieck) Swordmasters intercepting enemy attacks against his or her allies by ambush. (The would-be damage is divided between the swordmaster and the enemy.) Alternately, the unit can raise his/her allies' critical activation rate (say +5%). Bishops has the same function as Generals, except for magic attacks.