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  1. Why you like your favorite title in one sentence.

    Here's another one: Persona 4: Dancing All Night's story is essentially Atlus's interpretation of what essentially would be #MeToo 1-2 years after the game's (original Japanese version) release, applied to the Japanese idol showbiz. (And there has been some developments - albeit informal - on that front as well.)
  2. Will Genealogy of the Holy War be the next remake?

    Sorry, can you elaborate? I only know about the trading restrictions through hearsay - I haven't actually played FE4 yet.
  3. A comedy-based FE could work as a parody. Alternately, as an introductory entry before the mainline stuff. (Wait...that's FEH.) For the mainline stuff, it would be mostly drama. And a lot of political drama and backstory. Outside of Tellius and Jugdral (which I haven't played), only Elibe seemed to have come anywhere near this with its more extensive world-building. The lighter moments can be moments when people recoup after a major victory leading to a region being liberated - similar to American/British troops enjoying a day of sightseeing in Paris after liberating it in WWII. Or maybe some gallows humor amidst the fighting, just as a way to keep morale up. Something that makes sense in the setting.
  4. Will Genealogy of the Holy War be the next remake?

    I'll have to say FE6 too, by virtue of Roy being in Smash and Elibe already being well-known due to a Western release in the form of FE7. FE4-5 might come after that. The long-winded maps for 4 can be addressed with Canto-compatible checkpoints, and maybe extra events involving battles etc. As for trading and the Pawn Shop, we could just simply abolish those - considering they were only in 4 and are clearly fake difficulty material - and adopt the current item trade/storage we have now. Not sure what to do with the movement balance - though I think or maybe close the movement value gap between mounted and otherwise. And maybe nerf the horse units so that both you and the enemy have to use foot units for the actual fights. As for the bandits, maybe make them start at a further point from the villages. The basic story should not change, I think, but some extra backstory/conversation material may be in order.
  5. As the title says, describe your favorite game in one sentence. What is it that makes the game great? Is it something that was novel? Or did the game's moral resonated with you? Or did you have fond memories of it? Here is what I'll start: Persona 4's story is a nice reconstruction of Japanese values in the protagonist's group, where honesty and respect for individuality is given just as much value as to the collective culture of the group.
  6. Famous franchises/games you've never played?

    I would place this in the higher tier of my aformentioned list, but there's been a lot of games, especially from Atlus (since experiencing Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Persona 4 Golden, and yes, that includes Vanillaware stuff), that I really want to play (and thus on a higher priority), and not necessarily enough time. Ditto with Hearts of Iron 4. If I do eventually get around to the latter, then I'd like to take the democracy route for the alternate version of Japan, and join the Allied side. LA Noire, I would like to play, but I don't like too much bloodshed, even in games.
  7. Famous franchises/games you've never played?

    There are probably lots to mention here so I'll narrow down the names a bit: Tier 0: Played for the first time in the past 12 months Persona series, starting with: Persona 4 Golden, then Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and Persona 3: Portable Tier 1: Intends to within the next 12 months: Any Persona 3-5 entries that I neither already played, nor list in a different tier. Tier 2: Would like to play eventually: Radiant Historia Devil Survivor duology Devil Summoner - the Taisho-era duology Odin Sphere Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess Final Fantasy 12 Tier 3: On the fence: LA Noire Pokemon Colosseum Final Fantasy 13 F-Zero Okami Hearts of Iron 4 FE Tellius/Jugdral, original versions: As much as I am interested in the story of the two games, I am kind of balking at the lack of availability. I don't want to emulate, and don't really want to fork over $100+ just for some used copy - which seems to be the norm for PAL editions. I'll have to wait for a remake. Tier 4: Notable entries for "Not interested enough to buy and play." Shin Megami Tensei: Yeah, I'll have to draw the darkness line on this one... Kingdom Hearts: Too many entries, and I'm afraid I just can't keep track of the story. Basically all FE entries that aren't Jugdral or Tellius. Pokemon Ultra SM Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire: Not a fan of the artistic direction of the worldbuilding aspect. I prefer the real-life based geography of RBY, GSC, and XY onwards. Following Persona games: Persona Q Series Persona 3/5 Dance series Tier 4a: Honorary Mention: Have played in the past, but no longer interested, and won't play the latest installments. Super Mario: Anyone who knows me would probably know why. Smash Bros: Ditto with above. Donkey Kong Burnout series: Used to play a lot, and still see Youtube footages every now and then, but no, I had my time, I think.
  8. There aren't many, as I tend to come and go, but: Nearly everyone in Persona 3/4 (and hopefully 5 too - I haven't played yet.) in general, but particularly: Yosuke starts out with some good mature moments when he's not thinking about girls at school, and that makes him more complex than the standard sidekick. (Though, perhaps because of this, his character development seems somewhat weaker than Junpei at times...) Chie's sense of justice was essentially me in elementary school looking after my down symdrome sister. Yukiko has some surprising moments in her character, and she also seem really fitting for my playthrough Yu's girlfriend. Kanji had some good moments showing how the strict gender norms/expectations in Japan is detrimental. Rise had some good commentary on the preception of celebrities in general, and the Japanese idol in particular. Minako, the only female protagonist, and unlike what tends to happen with some female main leads (I'm looking at you, Fire Emblem), she kicks ass just as much as the male protagonist. Atlus, we need more protags like her! Ryotaro Dojima is a well-done tragic figure, who struggled to relate to Nanako and come to terms with his wife's death, while emotionally running away into his job. Nanako Dojima is also another complex character I appreciate; her innocence and her maturity and how she tries to understand society and life. While everyone in the series feels like actual people (as opposed to the so-called trashy anime characters), this applies most with Ryotaro and Nanako. (Persona 4) Mitsuru and Akihiko: So hot, so badass, so intelligent, they are the paragon of all Gekkokan students. Junpei: While he didn't start out with the character complexity of Yosuke, this is offset with his top-notch character development with Chidori. Itsuki Aoi (TMS) - One thing that he did well unlike the majority of FE Lords - actually give the female characters time to shine, and not hogging the spotlight. Roy (FE Binding Blade) Lilina (FE Binding Blade) Caeda (more so on Tokyo Mirage Sessions) Yuna (Final Fantasy 10) Nate and Rosa (Pokemon Black 2) Zelda (Zelda, Twilight Princess) Ganon (Zelda, series-wide) Anju and Kafei (Zelda: Majora's Mask)
  9. Games you want, but you know they will never become real

    Another entry - though this may actually happen, considering one of the ideas for Persona 5, before the Tohoku earthquake happened: A mainline Persona game set overseas. My wishes: West Coast USA, either San Francisco or Los Angeles - This should probably be the most feasible; have the local crew at Atlus USA (or Sega USA) write the story together with the usual crew from Japan. New York City, with some minor events in other East Coast cities. London, Paris, Dusseldorf/Munich, or any other European cities that have many Japanese expatriates. - And have the writers team up with Sega Europe. East Coast Australia - Sydney or Brisbane/Gold Coast A spinoff of Devil Survivor, also set overseas; either New York City, London, or Paris. Another Atlus game/story that is set in North America like Catherine, or Europe.
  10. Fine, agree to disagree then, prick.
  11. Except I've seen a good number of cases in the past where Nintendo didn't do this until well into the generation after: The Nintendo Power ROM download/write-in kiosks at Lawson convenience stores for the SNES? They've only stopped that in 2003, around or after the GC/GBA were released. In relation to the above, Fire Emblem Thracia 776? That was released in 2000, well into the N64 era. The Disc System on the original NES? Production only stopped like 2003 - that's even after GC/GBA were released. Customer support in general? From what I've seen, they only stopped the repairs well after the last games were released on that generation. Game Boy and GBA? Repairs ended in 2016. N64? Ended in 2007, during the Wii era. GameCube? 2012, during the 3DS/Wii U era. If they can do all of the above, and especially the Disc System and the Nintendo Power ROM, then why is it so fucking difficult for Dick-tendo to keep the same sustained support for the WiFi. Surely that's easier with less infrastructure than the two I've just mentioned.
  12. Games you want, but you know they will never become real

    Vienna/Paris/New York Mirage Sessions #FE, featuring opera, ballet, and musicals with Tellius and Jugdral characters. Sequel to Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Dancing All Day TMS costumes DLC for Persona, and vice versa A new Valkyria Chronicles, set in the Asia-Pacific theatre Zelda/Fire Emblem/Persona x Pokemon A mainline Persona game with 1-2 previous entry characters (other than Igor) returning with major story roles and/or social links.
  13. Well, they should have straight-up told us that they had a problem with their subcontractor, and they didn't do that, and instead they made this bullshit argument of moving gamers into WiiU/3DS. That's what's bloody dishonest of those retarded cunts.
  14. Do you gamble?

    I sometimes bet at the horses for Melbourne Cup Day, which is something many Australians do. Many offices (including mine) give staff an opportunity to enter $5-10 in. I occasionally put in $15-20 total to the betting agencies for tickets. Of course, I rarely make a profit when the bookkeeper takes home half the total proceeds lol.
  15. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Not being able to use the D-pad and the normal buttons makes controlling Link awkward. And the story wasn't anything to write home about, either. Pokemon Black/White 1 Call me whatever you want, but I really have to associate this with Nintendo's most dishonest form of customer dickery: the Wi-Fi shutdown. Pokemon XY has just come out at that time, and there still were some games that were released on the DS, and Nintendo announced the Wi-Fi shutdown a mere month later, with only six months to spare. I actually bought Black 1 at that time after playing Y - just being back into Pokemon, expecting that the DS WiFi would stay for at least a couple of years, like the Lawson's Nintendo Power ROM-writing which stayed well into the Gamecube era, or any after care services for most consoles. The shutdown in itself was bad enough when they are responsible for publishing (and having some say in) one of the most Wi-Fi-reliant franchises, but then Nintendo's announcement of "Let's move onto the Wii U/3DS!" was another level in itself. NOT HAPPY DICK-TENDO, you are a disnonest, crooked cunt for that alone! Pokemon Sun/Moon Too difficult for a children-oriented franchise. Grinding takes unreasonably long, especially compared to XY, and some of the battles are surprisingly tough from the beginning. Couldn't they put an easy mode like in the recent Persona series? Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean I have time to fuck around with Pokemon's strategy anymore. Just let me barrel through the story, geez. You know what, fuck this, I'm importing all of my past Mons from my XY/BW1-2 file.