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  1. So like, everyone forgot?

    It also probably because of how it ended too. For the latter half of WW1, UK had the Easter Uprising in Ireland, while Russia had the revolution, and Germany had its socialist revolution as well, if I remember correctly. I wonder if the revolts kind of ended up being politically inconvenient events for the governments involved in war. At least in WW2, the Italians' revolt against Mussolini was seen as a stand against Fascism, which would be great material to broadcast for the eventual victors. In the case of Japan, they were situated away from all the main fighting, and also gained the former German colonies in the Pacific front with relatively few loss of lives, so that would be seen as non-eventful sidenote of history in relative terms. (Although Japan at Versailles afterwards was another matter.)
  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Had three people visiting the above member's profile page for the last 24 hrs.
  3. Questions about how Constitution effects rescues

    If I remember correctly, I think the rescuing capacity for mounted is the following: Male mounted units (Allan, Lance, Shin etc) - Rescue Capacity = 25 - Constitution Female mounted units (Shanna, Clarine etc) - Rescue Capacity = 20 - Constitution So the constitution can end up being a double-edged sword in this respect, and the mounted unit with the Body Ring may not be able to rescue units s/he could have without the Body Ring. I ended up catching myself off-footed once in Chapter 21 of FE6 as I wanted Douglas MacArthur (who had 17 Constitution) transported quicker, and I brought Milady (Con was around 10?) over. Welp, turned out, the General was too much for Milady.
  4. I generally had better luck with Lilina as Lugh generally lacked Firepower, though I never tried Hugh, so I have no idea how she stacks up against him. As for Fir, I've used her twice as Rutger bit the dust on my two both runs on Chapter 7's arena, but even if Rutger was alive, I would still have used Fir. I say that the the English-speaking fandom are more stringent in terms of characters making the cut, which isn't the most helpful to a newcomer to a particular FE entry. Some of the Japanese guides I've read in the past encouraged arena-grinding, and rate their units accordingly - and I think they also rate their units based on Normal Mode, and how difficult is it to baby units (and whether the babying is worth it or otherwise). And I would rather read that if I had a permanent mental blank and had to start FE6 all over again. In a guide from Mainichi Communications, the editorial team both encouraged using Rutger and Fir, Sue and Shin and so on. And I agree - why not use both when their classes have some of the biggest advantages in the game - particularly avoid tanking, and crit boosts for the Swordies. And I also say don't be ashamed to arena grind if you need to. I've done that in Binding Blade with the above characters, and grinded both money and EXP (and I've done similar things on Shadow Dragon and Sacred Stones). I've also used that money to get extra promotion items at the Secret Shop in Chapter 16. (The only arena you shouldn't grind in would be Chapter 20 on the Ilia Route, as you'll miss the Gaiden Chapter for exceeding turn counts there.)
  5. Im Tired of this Game

    This is the first time I've heard such shenangians. Usually that happens to me way more often in Fates Conquest. I'm afraid you'll just have to accept that as pure bad luck run.
  6. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Sorry, mind re-answering? When I meant cross-over interactions, I meant , say, Minako (P3) with Yusuke (P5), or Eleonora (TMSFE) with Akira (P5). I want it to be confined to the characters from the game listed in the question (Persona 3-5 + TMSFE) I do like a dark red rose - there's something sexy about it. As with the reanswering above... Have you seen the recently released movie Bohemian Rhapsody?
  7. Count to 802,701!

  8. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    My list would be the following: A new story with the female lord taking the lead until the very end. C'mon, all the "having the male lead overshadowing the female one" is getting stale now. At least Kiria and Tsubasa had their moments to shine in TMSFE. There are female rulers who either ruled a nation or led one to victory in history. Maria Teresa, Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth I/Victoria, Himiko etc etc. There's a reason why I played as Rosa or Hilda in Pokemon Black 1/2 and why I am playing as Minako in Persona 3 Portable. Here's hoping that a female Byleth is an option - it would be wrong on so many levels if otherwise. Massive and detailed world-building rivalling that of FE6 Elibe, Tellius, or Thracia. Enough said. More support conversations per character combination. I think characters could benefit more from a longer set of conversations to allow for character development. Something like E to B, then an A1 and S being two romantic supports, and A2 and A+ being platonic. This was something I loved in Persona 3/4's Social Link; everyone's story through the social links seemed like actual growth as people due to the length in conversation stages. A support Lord. Basically a reconstruction of Roy in gameplay terms. May not have good growths/bases, but his charisma skills ends up boosting his nearby allies, translating to higher accuracy, dodge, crits and critical dodges and others. His intelligence skills on the other hand, can help survey out hidden units in fog of war maps, allow various BEXPs to be funnelled into allies for special skills (or for higher growth), and reveal other info about the enemy. Enemies to be tough due to placement or tactics like Fates Conquest. If there is one thing we should use Fates Conquest as a benchmark, it is the gameplay mechanics. And particularly, the enemies should be reasonably tough regardless of the player units' stats. Enemy placements that do not allow dead angles. Various and frequent use of effective weapons that screws the units usually considered strong otherwise. Individual enemy units not falling to baits and only responding if other enemy units can also attack. Debuffs may be an option as well.
  9. Count to 802,701!

  10. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Do what I think GBA games used to do. Make Anima mages as the sword users equivalent, higher accuracy and dodge with less power. Sages can be the Hero equivalent, with generally above average speed and decent power, while Trobadours can be the nomadtrooper/swordmaster equivalent with high viability in avoid-tanking. Light users have a bit of everything, with high Luck, and they can be the equivalent of lance-wielding knights, though trading movement with healing. They can also have skills that would boost their physical defense, presumably thanks to the grace of God. Dark magic users such as Druids and especially necromancers can be the ax-users. Druids could be the warrior-turned-hero, while summoners could be the Berserkers trading crit boosts with summoning phantoms.
  11. The 25 Most Essential PS1 Games

    Uhhh, does Tearing Saga have an English localization? I used to play FFVIII, and I enjoyed it at the time, but I'll have to say, I wouldn't really want to go back to it for the same aging reasons. Similarly with FFVII, I'd rather wait until the P4 remake comes out.
  12. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Several reasons: 1. Basically how GP is so ridden with the bullshit-kind of difficulty with CPU screwing me over with their items. And I generally prefer to play on my own anyway. 2. The whole MK stuff is from my least favorite franchise. Enough said. 3. They kiddified Mute City and Big Blue and basically robbed any chance of a proper F-Zero game. Those two courses are pretty much F-Zero for dumb kids who got sent back to kindergarten, and nothing like the real deal. Whosoever thought of this can go get stuffed. What connection do you have with your avatar monarch? From your home nation? A historical figure you admire? Etc?
  13. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    None, as I hate Mario Kart. Okay, P4's Kings Game, except with P3, P5, and/or Tokyo Mirage Sessions characters. Pair Minato, Minako, Akira, and/or Itsuki with who? And what does the latter do? Cross series interactions allowed.
  14. Should the weapon triangle return?

    Definitely bring them back, and have light/dark/anima return as well. And for the matter, there should be more mage-type enemies to deal with so that both triangles are made relevant.
  15. The Worst Part of Fates

    At most, they probably should have done something similar to the bad endings of Persona, and just fast forward to the ending, and show your consequences for your wrong decisions. And spend more time thinking about Conquest's story. It makes me wonder how on earth did TMSFE get so reviled when that has nowhere near the story debacle as Fates did and at least had a new, unique setting/premise... And mind you, this is coming from someone who otherwise dislikes J-Pop in general.