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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    ...Looks like my opinion wasn't THAT unpopular after all... :P On a more serious note, I've been reading one of the books from Oxford Univ Press's Very Short Introduction series, aptly titled Military Strategy. In one passage, the major reason why the Japanese lost in World War 2 was due to how much more difficult replacing downed fighter planes and pilots compared to American ones, due to both lack of population and resources. Maybe we could have a end-of-an-era story where a former empire was long the center of magic learning, and how its magicians were the best in the world. The empire however, became complacent while the smaller nations sought ways to overcome their strategic disadvantage. The art of magic eventually collapses as it and conventional weapons gradually became antiquated forms of warfare. While the empire had the initial advantage due to their strong military and magic tradition and training, she finds herself unable to overcome the mass swathes of rapidly produced and trained rifle soldiers overwhelming her elite sages. The empire falls, and a new federation becomes the superpower. Amidst this, there are also sub-stories from individual characters vary in their responses to the technological changes. Some characters embrace the change, while others actively resist, and some others stay in denial, all which are discussed in support conversations.
  2. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Yes and No. She's not my favorite per se, but she's currently my favorite shipping candidate for Yu/Souji. Write out one headcanon for any JRPG you played.
  3. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    For a future title, I would like to see a late-Renaissance/early-Industrial setting with early gunpowder units and weapons. And deconstruct the tropes associated with medieval warfare, as armies try to master the newly invented technology to one-up each other.
  4. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Any exceptions to the above? Never tried them.
  5. General JRPG Topic

    Does anyone have headcanons in the JRPGs (including spin-offs) that they played? Mine below: Persona (possible spoilers): One of Yu's parents was a Persona user him/herself, and his other parents knew relatives that were also Persona users. Persona summoning runs in the family. Yu is a kikoku-shijo, and his family lived in the US for several years in different locations. This is why he is so good at translation work. Everyone in Dancing All Night had a different favorite idol (besides Rise) that they were looking forward to see. Yosuke's obviously with Kanamin Kitchen. Chie was looking forward to see a Taiwanese performer who adopts kung-fu moves into his routine. Yukiko was a fan of one of the jazz singers. Kanji was a fan of a hard rock artist. Yu and Naoto, being more proficient with English, were looking forward to hear Sarah Morisette (one of the Americans? in the LMB Festival CM). Yosuke's previous residence was near Shibuya, while his dad worked in the head office of Junes in Shinjuku, and occasionally managed branches in the western suburbs such as Tachikawa and Hachioji. This depends on what Persona 6 will be like, but Tokyo Mirage Sessions takes place in an alternate timeline after Persona 4. The FE characters are a different form of Personas, while other pop-culture characters can also be summoned in this game's story. (Pokemon, Zelda, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Sonic, Disney etc) Earthbound: Ness's house is in Oregon, while Twoson is the next town over. Threed is somewhere in Idaho, and Fourside is New York City. Monotoli is Donald Trump in an alternate timeline, where he eventually relents from his greedy ways in the 1990s. Final Fantasy X and X-2 (with possible spoilers)
  6. What upcoming games are on your radar?

    The only one that's definitely coming out, and I definitely want is Valkyria Chronicles 4. The one that is definitely coming out, but I'm on the fence is FE: Three Houses but depends on how good the story is. As for ones that are still not official, but what I would like to see are: Persona 5 PS Vita version - possible, considering we have precedents in the forms of P3P and P4G Persona Q2 - announced, but still haven't got the details Tokyo Mirage Session - Switch version - outright wishful thinking, but on my wishlist
  7. General JRPG Topic

    In continuation of my previous post, I'll further try and narrow down Yu's residence in Tokyo. (Again, spoilers and assumed knowledge of Tokyo geography.)
  8. General JRPG Topic

    With the assumption that Okina and Inaba Cities are along the Joban Line around the border of Ibaragi and Fukushima Prefectures, my next question is: Where in Tokyo is Yu's house? This one I think I have a clearer answer to. Again, there will be some spoilers and some assumption of Tokyo geography knowledge.
  9. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    I actually think Ashley Bursch should voice-act Risette for all Persona games chronologically set after P4G. Her voice in Dancing All Night is more grounded, more confident, and reflects her P4-proper character development better than the Japanese voice actor (who sounds too much of a chipmunk) did, and even Laura Bailey (who I think should only voice Risette in scenes chronologically set before P4's story) may have done. Fanservice artwork when it's not out of place. You likes and dislikes of English anime/game dubs? Either general trends or specific examples.
  10. General JRPG Topic

    In following up my previous post about Yaso-Inaba and Okina from Persona 4, I've had a look along the Joban Line, which goes from Ueno Station (It is traditionally Tokyo's terminus for all northern region intercity trains to/from Tokyo.) to Sendai via northern Chiba Pref and along the coast of Ibaragi, Fukushima, and Miyagi Prefectures. Surprisingly, Ibaragi/Fukushima only fit Inaba's basic geography slightly better than Yamanashi Prefecture, though I've added some headcanons to reconcile the details better. (For all intents and purposes, I will refer the P4's PC as Yu. Also, some spoilers and assumption of knowledge in Japanese geography.) Of course, as Inaba and Okina are entirely fictional locations in a ultimately fictional timeline from ours. It is very much in the possibility that they have developed separately from, and in addition to, any of the real-life settlements. Next post, I'm going to discuss where Yu's house is in Tokyo.
  11. Do you mind lowmanning being viable?

    I'd very much prefer that it be discouraged or even made unviable. As @X-Naut already said, it is a strategy game, after all, and a strategy game focusing on medieval war with magic - low manning defeats that purpose and is unrealistic in general, and I too have to draw the line there. Fates Conquest did a number of things that pointed in said direction, and I would very much prefer that stays or ramped up further in Three Houses.
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Has a game that's on my backlog.
  13. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Oh, no doubt, Damsel Scrappy - "courtesy" of a certain character who kept getting kidnapped 90%-95% the fricking time since 1985 - and somehow managed to make it into Smash. That also made me lose a good deal of interest in Smash Bros and also contributed to stop liking another particular Nintendo franchise (besides Shit-geru's insistence on "fuck storyline" after one of the rare non-migrane-inducing games that gave some consideration to the story won the BAFTA award). If there's someone who doesn't deserve to be rescued, and who deserve all the hate she gets, it's people like her. Your opinion on Ashley Bursch as Risette in Persona 4: Dancing All Night (and any future games involving P4 characters)?
  14. General JRPG Topic

    Another thing, has anyone wondered where would Inaba be in the P4-verse of Japan? Initially, I thought it was near Minami-Alps City (Southern Alps City - It's not a joke.) in southern Yamanashi Prefecture from the following (possible spoilers, plus assumed knowledge of Tokyo geography): The above makes me think that maybe Inaba is located not in Yamanashi Prefecture, but elsewhere. I may need to check the area along the Joban Line, which I previously mentioned in bullet point #3.
  15. General JRPG Topic

    Meh, I don't really care about the reduced challenge. If anything, I like how I can easily blitz through and focus on the Social Links I didn't went through the first time.