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  1. Broken hit rates

    I don't know if you had experience with Awakening, or any other FE games from Binding Blade onwards. If you did, then the change in RNG mechanics is the reason why. FE6 (Binding Blade) until Awakening used an different mechanic that skewed the actual percentages towards the polar ends, which means 51%+ attacks hit more often than displayed, while 49%- attacks hits less often. This "polar skew" seemed to be made weaker in Fates, which results in more noticeable cases of higher percentage not connecting. If it was the older games, then an 80%+ was a near-guaranteed hit. For Fates, I actually aimed for 90+% hit rate if there was no room for error.
  2. Two things I want remakes for: Fire Emblem Tellius remasters, with an expansion on the story. Make the story more ambitious, with Micaiah's story told in full, in addition to what's already there. What? 40+ Chapters? I don't care; just make it. F-Zero GX needs a remake with an addition in story which tells what eventually happened to Captain Falcon and others, what eventually happened to the Galaxy, and how society transitioned to how it was in Maximum Velocity
  3. Should story-based promotions come back?

    Either adjust the level caps accordingly for the pacing like 30/10, or detach promotion altogether from levels and only provide the base boosts.
  4. Do you sell your games and/or systems?

    Generally yes, as I don't have enough space in my house, and I'm trying to reduce stuff.
  5. Mario Kart Tour+The movie confirmed

    Fine, whatever, Josephine Stalin. As if people have hangups with the first amendment.
  6. Chapter 26: The Business Plot: The Plot - Introduction 1: Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Retaking the Office - Introduction 2: Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Confrontation - Introduction 2:
  7. Games you loved as a kid that aged poorly?

    +1 with the sprites of Pokemon RBY. That is all.
  8. Mario Kart Tour+The movie confirmed

    And in the one above, Peach has a fucking brain, and Luigi has a fucking spine unlike the retarded jokes they usually are.
  9. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    I still remember Bianca City from the numerous times I heard. Cloud Carpet course music felt really catchy with some remnants of 80s-90s feel. Synobazz course music did really well in making a dark brooding mood. Those three would be my favs. Your other favorite shippings in Binding Blade?
  10. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    I don't really know, to be honest. Everyone didn't really stand out much. What part of Binding Blade did you like?
  11. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    Do you think Leadership stars should come back too? Whether it's based on Tracia or Tellius, or a modified version of either?
  12. Ridiculous arguments you had or seen on the Internet.

    And, well, let's not get started on the Japanese revisionism for WWII.
  13. Hi, I'm really sorry for the late updates lately. Apart from real-life taking over, I've also been losing a lot of interest in what seems to be quite a laborious process just to re-write and re-screenshot the fake cutscenes for Chapter 25 of the actual game. There was a lot to cover... I'm still going to try and finish this to the very end, but I can't promise regular updates anymore. Anyway, Chapter 25 is now complete. And the true battle starts now... PS Apparently, I have 222 screenshots total for this chapter alone.
  14. Alternate Con System

    I do agree that Constitution should both be a factor, but at the same time, also be more forgiving/balanced unlike the GBA/Tellius games. However, I'd like to see constitution simply be a factor for weapon agility, with strength (muscles)/magic (mind concentration, or proficency in reading tomes) and weapon skill level (how much are you used in using a particular type of tool/weapon) also reducing effective weapon weight. I didn't mind too much for the Constitution in the GBA games, but gameplay-wise, I'd rather that characters are also able to become more agile with their weapons training. Because, to some extent, isn't this the case with any sort of tools that you use, whether military or otherwise? The other issue is that with the GBA format, some units with lower constitution are more likely to remain screwed in terms of attack speed when their pure speed stat could have been otherwise viable. Also, Constitution should undergo temporary boosts like the stats in Awakening/Fates to represent adrenaline.