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  1. At least Atlus does not seem to be afraid in try out new IPs, or even new narrative takes on existing genres when they get the chance. Granted, I only started playing the Persona series, and I probably won't play any of the mainline SMT series, but deconstructing a fighting genre sounds like an interesting narrative. Deconstructing the idol/dancing industry in P4D sounds like a good reminder that we (as audiences and consumers) should be vigilant of the abuses and other darks parts of the industry that can (and - I'm sure - do) happen. Even TMSFE sound like a fascinating new take on the characters' personas/performas/mascots and the FE lore. Devil Survivor sounds like a commentary on a possible panic scenario when a hypothetical large-scale terrorist attack hits Tokyo, or other big cities. (And considering the politeness, calmness, and restraint of the Japanese shown in the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, it's also scary to think that the DS panic in Tokyo (or any Japanese city, really) might be considered as one of the less-bad-case scenarios, compared to if the same thing happened in a city outside of Japan.)
  2. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    I'd like to have FOW come back, but with a complete overhaul. Make it basically the same as Advance Wars where both sides have to follow the ground rules of one. Other rules that should be incorporated are: Torches can enhance the holder's line of sight, but will also give away the position of the holder and the surrounding visible units to the enemy. Torch staves work the same way, except the enemy remains in the dark (both literally and figuratively; no pun intended) about the stave user's location. There are other torches, bonfires etc that are part of the terrain that gives visibility to both the player and the enemy. Similarly, a Flare Stave can be used to light up a specific location and surrounds too. Some long-range magic may give away the attacker's position. Units with higher luck have higher chance in getting a "hunch" - that is they correctly suspect that an enemy (within 6-10 spaces) is located in a specific location in the fog. Some new skills where a unit can perceive the general direction of where enemy units are located. (whether from sound etc). The higher the skill level, the more accurate the info obtainable. Basically, make the FOW more strategic and less luck-based.
  3. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Persona 4 Arena (Dancing All Night version) - Now I Know
  4. Post fanart requested by the person above!

    Shipping art of Genderbent!Yu x Canon!Yosuke (Persona 4)
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Not quite. Yes, I did romance Yukiko, but it is in P4G.
  6. Post a fact about the person above!

    Has a Hoshidan Ophelia, an Odin/Owain, and a Robin. ...Doesn't seem to have any non-FE stuff on profile or signature.
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Saint Rubenio

    1. I don't care. :P 2. Whether you ultimately regret your life or not, I think. Money and fame can be two indicators, of course, but they are neither the only benchmarks, nor requirements. Your integrity, contribution to society, fulfillment in your life, relationship with others etc all count as well, your mental/physical well-being can all come into play, depending on your priorities. 3. One irrational fear would be big spiders - which as far as I know, tends to be ultimately harmless. 4. Listen to or play music, catch up with friends, play games etc. 5. Maybe. I don't really use social media all that much so I don't really know. 6. Marriage is required to enjoy company and happiness. I know people who are single and who are happy in life, and I also know of cases of unhappy marriages too. 7. Everything would probably be equally important for me, but I personally prefer recognition in my profession. 8. Introvert generally, but I try to take a balance every now and then. 9. I've got a job that I generally enjoy, and pays reasonably well. 10. A bit of both would be the best. Too much of the former, and I'll burn out. Too much of the latter, and life will bore me. 11. Taisho era, to see just what went wrong in society during when my grandparents were growing up, and what I can learn from it. 12. There are a couple, but firstly, people who just won't move over to let me through in buses/trains. (I mean, for example, just step out of the bus to let me out! Only takes 2-3 steps, you know?) 13. I haven't watched TV regularly in a few years, so none. 14. 2012, when I got my first full-time job. 15. Classical, jazz, funk, and generally anything that crosses over genres. That's why I like Persona 3-4's music (having a number of funk or crossovers) and some pieces from Gershwin/Bernstein/Ellington (all three have classical/jazz crossover pieces).
  8. Post a fact about the person above!

    Has a Beartic cameo
  9. General JRPG Topic

    I've got a PS Vita and Persona 4 Golden. Certainly enjoying the game, having saved my niece, romanced Yukiko, and took down the real curlprit. I've also finished all of the other PC's Social Links all in the span of a few real-life weeks since I started the game. While I usually never get emotional when playing a game, the events from November onwards was an exception. It was great to see my uncle and niece come to terms with their relationships with each other, and to see my friends similarly grow and move on. Now, that our investigation is all over (or so it feels...?) I guess I'll have to enjoy the ski trip, Valentines/White Day with Yukiko, and make the most of the remaining days before my time in Inaba is all over... Hopefully, our friendship shall stand the test of time...
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Saint Rubenio

    1) Count Basie, Benny Goodman, and Duke Ellington for the classics. The Tower of Power and The Blues Brothers for modern and crossovers. For jazz arrangements of game music, the Consouls. 2) No I haven't, but it seems fascinating, if also slightly darker than what I'm comfortable with. 3) No idea. 1) My architectural degree. 2) Linearity and lack of difficulty in a video game. As long as the story, backstory, or the characters are good, I can forgive them. If anything, I don't like anything that is more difficult than what I expect, because I don't have as much time to play. 3) Again, Pokemon Black and White 1 for reasons stated above. 4) Tokyo Mirage Sessions. 5) I haven't played, so no opinion. 6) Favorite: Worldbuilding, Alternate History. Least Favourite: Damsel in Distress played straight - and particularly one which is a carbon copy of that dumb Princess from Mario, and further demerit points apply if she somehow made it into Smash without anything more than a flimsy in-story justification. 7) Favorite: Comically Serious: Seeing bits of Persona 4 Anime, and Yu is just hilariously awesome. Also, fictional descendants of Historical Domain Characters. Least Favorite: See 6). 8) Favorite: I don't know, and I don't really care to be honest. Least Favorite: Surprise difficulty: I expect FE to be a difficult game, sure, but not Pokemon. As I said before, I don't have time to fuck around in a game as I used to. Fake difficulty: Over-reliance on the stylus in Zelda Spirit Tracks, various factors leading to generally inefficient grinding in Pokemon Black and White 1, lack of ways to get around stat inbalances in FE etc. Persona 4 Golden seem to have avoided this well.
  11. Post a fact about the person above!

    Enjoys Calvin and Hobbes
  12. Grinding vs limited resources

    I wouldn't mind having some options for limited grinding. Ultimately balance a game without grinding, but allow a troop training mechanism that allows BEXP. The BEXP is theoretically unlimited, but you have to either clear the next chapter or wait over 24-48 real-life hours if you want to train units again. Basically, I'll allow grinding as a emergency measure, but at the same time, discourage it.
  13. 8. For heck's sake, Kiria-san! No more floating platforms in the middle of Shibuya! What if you fall off?! At least get either guard rails or any of the Phantom Thieves on standby to nab you back onto high ground!
  14. SF Interviews 2.0 - Saint Rubenio

    1) Binding Blade. On the other hand, for what I want to play next is either the Thracia or Tellius games. 2) Lore-wise, Generation 2 and 6. Gameplay-wise, Generation 1-2 3) For EB 0 and EB 1, they were an RPG that was nicely unique of its time, when its setting was 1950s-90s USA, and the characters felt personal. In some aspects, it was better as an RPG than Pokemon, I think. (What do you think, too?) 4) I don't really like Ice-types all that much, due to too many type weaknesses. Jynx, however, I have fond memories of, due to being my MVP against Clair and Lance in my very first run of GSC. 5) I don't know, and I don't really care, as long as they are edible for hot dogs...
  15. SF Interviews 2.0 - Saint Rubenio

    1) Ho-Oh as a nice example of a Pokemon in Japanese mythology. 2) What a Gib Clay? 3) Going good, thanks! 4) I wouldn't mind them returning. And even have the player operate one in a defense map like Fates did. 5) Clarine for being such a dodge tank. Also her hilarious conversation with Dieck. 1. I don't really care, to be honest. 2. I haven't played one in a long time, but Catan was fun. Also, Cards against humanity. 3. Depends. For Pokemon Battles, flashy is nice. But for war scenes, I'd like some realism. 4. Learn about medieval warfare from Cecilia (from Binding Blade). 5. Hmm...never thought about that.