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  1. Haven't updated this thread in a while, but I figured for this tournament it would be a good idea. Our next tournament is a return of our Amateur bracket! If you are newer to the game and don't feel ready enough to join a regular tournament (though we still highly encourage joining them for a good experience!), here's a bracket for you! Sign up below The Cipher discord regularly hosts weeklies now as well.
  2. I guess I lied. The next tournament's format is now Swiss, with sets being best of 3. (We did a poll and that's the format the most people voted for.) The tournament will still be 1 MC only with no switching decks. To make things even closer to an official tournament, a decklist will be need to be submitted to a judge before the tournament starts. Message Wolt or TheIkeGuy on the Cipher discord server to do so. Signup here: The tournament after this should be the Bo1 traditional format. Sorry for those looking forward to that one. (But it's is still happening!)
  3. Make your own Cipher card!

    Thinking up names for things took the longest lol. Resourceful Tactician, Robin (M) Cost 1 Tactician Blue/Male/Tome, 30 ATK/20 SUP/ Range 1-2 "One can glean many tactics from the past." Enemy Analysis (ACT) [Tap] Look at one of your opponent's orbs. [ATK] Tactician Emblem (SUPP) If the attacking unit has the Blue affinity, you may choose one enemy unit that is not the defending unit and move it. Adept Grandmaster, Robin (M) Cost 4(3) Grandmaster Blue/Male/Tome, 60 ATK/20 SUP/Range 1-2 "Wrong move. Here's how it's done!" Resource management (CONT) If you have fewer orbs than your opponent, this unit can avoid with any tome unit. Aptitude for Research (AUTO) [OPT] [Flip 1 Bond] When you draw a card, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card. Having the upper hand (CCS) (CONT) If you have more cards in your hand than your opponent, this unit gains +10 attack.
  4. Final results: 1st place lineup was Sothe, Chrom, Grima (Selkie and Elise were also used for the matches before GFs) 2nd place lineup was Micaiah, Itsuki, Corrin (F) 3rd place lineups were Chrom, Sothe, Grima and Oboro?, Grima, Corrin (F) This tournament was standout in terms of upsets, with 4 results going against seeding. It's great to see the average skill level of the tournament increase. Grima was a popular choice - at least a third of entrants used her to my knowledge. Grand Finals took almost 3 hours (blame Grima) with the room maxed out on spectators to the point of Lackey lagging. Wow. Grand finals recap: Game 1: Sothe vs Micaiah - Went down to the wire. Purple X supports (and ~3 self supports rip) caused Sothe to lose out on a notable amount of hits. Both MCs were hiding in the backline at endgame. Sothe could destroy units that threatened him there but couldn't hit Micaiah until Arvis 1 was finally drawn. Game 2: Chrom vs Micaiah - Elise's orb regeneration skill was the main factor in Chrom's victory. Mage meta match example here. Game 3: Grima vs Ituski - Rush accel still showing it can take games. Turn 2 CC with a Frederick deploy (and avoid!) combined with Grima supporting 3 0's on defense against cost 1s + a fat hand spelled a turn 5 defeat. Game 4: Grima vs Corrin (F) - The unstoppable wall (Nevermind the fact that that whole back line was exploded by New Camilla 4 the next turn). A pretty typical Grima game. Grima stalled like her life depended on it (because it did!) until she built up enough avoids to attack Corrin without the risk of dying first. Thanks to everyone that entered! The next tournament will be sometime after the amateur tourney ends, or maybe in the middle of it, who knows. We do know it will be 1 MC Bo1 as a traditional format though.
  5. I will throw Penta off said mountains :V (But yes, I finished my match today.)
  6. The previous tournament hasn't concluded yet, but we are also now hosting an Amateur tournament for people less experienced with the game. The tournament starts April 14th. This is a good time to enter for those of you who are too intimidated to play with veterans :P Sign up link:
  7. This build is what I've been using to test most of her matchups. She can run black as well. I haven't quite figured out her best build yet (she has a ton of options) but she does well regardless against most MCs as long as you have Robin2 and healers.
  8. Ayra depends on revealing copies of Ayra to destroy units. She doesn't really need Lyn, but I suppose she is one of the MCs that can benefit slightly more off of Lyn since she doesn't always flip her bonds until end game. I personally wouldn't play Lyn in any deck at this time other than just wanting to MC Lyn lol.
  9. Aggro: Selkie Control: Depends. Sothe has a unique control ability. If you are wondering who is the best mage, Elise. And there's Grima now too, who has the same playstyle as a mage. For MCs that pull units, Geoffery and Quan. Ayra also sort of counts as control through (luck based) destruction. Marth can do both styles as well. F Corrin has been a good choice since set 3, but nowadays I think she's a bit overrated. And yes the deck is expensive if you want to make the best version (needs 4 SR Deidre). Check out the Merchandise guide's section on singles.
  10. About Deck and Strategy

    The problem isn't drawing the cards during the game, it's drawing the cards in your opening hand. You have about 3 draws other than your opening hand to get your final promotion in your hand by turn 3. If you promote late you are at a significant disadvantage. CCing's units other than MC early game is not reliable unless your opponent runs no range: you'd have to put a base 40 in the backline and waste 2 of its attacks (unless you get lucky and support a flier's emblem on MC attack) or you have to have 3 copies of the same card already in hand to use as a dodge and to CC.
  11. Sign ups for the next tournament are up! The tournament will start on March 24th. Sign up link: Same rules as the previous tournaments, with the addition of Grand Finals being Conquest format.
  12. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 LucinaofYlisse
  13. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    1. Yes, you can play any card on top of itself as long as the name matches (or if it has a special skill allows the card to be played on a different name). If you were to put cost 4 Ike over another cost 4 Ike, you pay the promotion cost of 3 and draw a card since it still counts as a class change. In general as long as the card being played on top has a promotion cost you draw a card. 2. Both Bastian and Emma's effects are only triggered when your opponent's skills (including support skills) cause the discard, not your own skills.
  14. blue set

    Set 8 will default make blue better because there are more options. So far, blue has the new Chrom 5 who I predict will be one of the best if not the best MC in blue now. Risen Chrom 4 is also a viable option that does well depending on how much range or destruction your opponent has. Lon'qu became something more than sword rush with the new Risen cards as well. Lucina got a new cost 3 which improves her survivability greatly, but isn't a final promotion unless you are running a weird hybrid CC rush deck (a new concept it seems they are trying to push with some of the cards like Frederick 4). The fact that red hasn't seen new cards in a while makes people not likely to play the color. It also doesn't help that its character choices for MCs seem to be much less popular than characters in all other colors. That said, Marth is still a top tier deck even though he's not picked often. Purple's standout MC is Hector, and he can definitely compete. As a splash, Purple has the best selection of healers, most notably Nino who also serves as a stacker and sometimes lets you get 1 for 1 draws. Nino is also up there as an MC, but not many people play her since her deck is more complicated and mage decks are not enjoyable for most people to play against.