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  1. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    That is quite the awful set of bonus units, nice. Well, since crown tier is unattainable in the very first season I'll gladly just have a 19,5 season and take it easy. Finally found something interesting on mobile to keep me distracted from the current blandness that is FEH, so it suits me well to not have to care.
  2. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    Armors was a refreshing challenge for me and my mediocre armor team. Doing this one without any DC would be hell, I feel. Luckily, Jakob and Grima did most of the work, while Vantage Black Knight and his WoM twin took care of the bystanders. Infernal would have been ... well, infernal to beat, tho. good thing, that's not necessary. The other quests aren't even worth mentioning if you already beat Infernal.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid @mcsilas Thanks, I appreciate it and could use all the luck sent my way. My guess is that the game considers my other pulls als "lucky", so I apparently need a surplus of it. I'm not even asking for much (at least I hope I don't, it's easy to seem greedy in gacha), just enough to follow some of my projects, just to keep me satisfied. I don't even get merges anymore for my core... I'll try to be more positive, as a break from the game generally means that I wouldn't return, but my god is this type of game grating.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Well, I think I might be at my breaking point towards insanity (or being kinda done with this game). What do all these orbs even matter if I don't pull anything I'm actually aiming at? Months and months of off-focus/off-colour nonsense I can't/don't want to use. How much more tolerant am I supposed to be to this atrocious system. All my monthly orbs and the tedious grind poof, exchanged for mediocre stuff that brings nothing relevant to my barracks (how can I even consider spending money with such an outcome?). Let's see, starting with February, where I pulled Grima on the Fallen Heroes banner, the last unit I actually aimed for: Valentine: Two Lilinas while trying for Hector, Nothing on Legendary Ephraim banner (granted I only sniped a bit of blue, but didn't commit to much) March: Branded King - Got Chrom, going for F!Morgan / Nothing on Countering skills while going for Hector with everything I had / Legendary Robin banner - Ike while going for Nowi, he is still collecting dust to this day. April: Nothing on Nowi&Tiki battle, going for Grima / Quickly pulled a Hinoka on Wings of Fate, making me kinda a hypocrite here since I do like her, but she was -Att (painfully so) and wasn't a must-have when released. / Legendary Lyn eluded me, while I got two worthless Inigos to get consumed by my +1 Inigo, also F!Grima even though I sniped green.... / Pulled Genealogy Ares while going for Lene, and got demoted afterwards, just painful. May: Bridal Ninian shares the same interest as Bownoka, was aiming for Sanaki, but alas, she eluded me as well. Flying dancer is ok, but I already have enough dancers / Shiro from Stance banner while sniping for Morgan, he died by my hands / Legendary Ryoma banner, sniped blue for Hardin/Fjorm, got Robin (what a surprise to get the one i don't want) June: Summer's Arrival, sniped for Noire, got two Lucinas and Tana in its entire duration (yes, three reds while sniping for colorless); Legendary Hector, pulling with everything for the new shiny unit, got Myrrh and Ike of course, and while I do want to merge Myrrh up some day, it is not an immediate goal; Ike is catching dust with his sword counterpart. July: Hector & Matthew banner, orb wasting at its finest, coz I got nothing and left it with 4,25 or 4,5% (can't remember)/ Few orbs in Sketchy for Tiki or Camilla, got -Att Micaiah, great, thx. / Pulled for Flying Olivia, got Maribelle; yes, Maribelle is a good unit, but again, not my actual target. August: Pulled Lilina and Brave Lyn while going for L!Lyn or Lissa. Kill me, I am fuming with rage and want to punch someone. I'm just going to be a whiner in the eyes of many, I'm sure, but I'd give up so many of these pulls for a few of my actual desired units and months of upsetting pulls, while the game only provides lackluster content to distract me, are taking me to my limits. TL,DR: I hate this game.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Am I right to assume that even with the new incoming skill sets we will still not be able to set a build used solely on defense teams, as in having the freedom to use the units with other skills than the optimal ones designated for defense purposes? I guess it will be easier to swap the sets out, but I'd love a feature to just set it and not have to worry about it while doing anything else (I already sent feedback long ago about this). I might be alone with this wish, though. Also, out of curiosity, how are our resident whales preparing for the upcoming arena changes? Are they gonna build three buffbot-armors to make it easier for the bonus unit to kill stuff? I know I won't give a damn about it for now, but maybe someday I'll be a T 20,5 user.... in the far future (I ain't gonna build +10 armors, especially not characters I don't care for, so maybe never, now that I think about it. :P)
  6. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Oh boy, how much longer am I gonna be able to take this mode seriously. I gave up on defense, so no surprise there with my 0 wins, and I got kicked out of top 3k rather quickly today with 5186.... my god. It's already painfully dull to play AA, but redoing runs because of trash scoring is the worst. This week I got lucky afterwards and managed my first ever score of 5200, but that's the problem, it's just luck. No team gave any problems of getting beaten, I could use all the elements (except for the first match, of course, which is locked to water) and enemy teams are getting more boring by the run, but hey, that's how scoring works. Please game, give me merges..... I want to stay here a bit longer without having to get stressed out every week. After that last FEH channel, though, I just can't possibly hope for any improvement anytime soon, so I'll hope to persevere instead.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    At least I tried, ha! And thanks. May Lady Luck visit us again soon.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    3 hours after the statement that you had to save up. It hurts when that happens. I'm not even gloating or anything, since I am on the same boat with Noire. I don't NEED her, I just WANT her, because IS again, in their stupid habit, made a special hero before the regular one (if it ever happens). So I wasted over the duration of that banner 150 orbs I told myself were saved for other banners. Got pitybroken TWICE by Lucina (yup, not even the right colour, and twice), you know, the unit who becomes less and less relevant with each Masked Marth. :D Enjoy my agony to soothe yours.
  9. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Look at her damaged art and tell me you still have doubts whether her inner thighs are bare or just skin-colored parts of her weird pants. Personally, I have no freaking idea why she got the F!Corrin treatment, but I guess someone wanted to subtly see more of her legs.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    I agree, the new bonus hero killing .... bonus is really bad, and the new crowns are really promoting the top of the crop (let's see the threshold first, though). Well, guess they will feel good about it? Otherwise, uuuh... Arena still sucks.
  11. Sure, trenches do screw up cavalry units quite a bit, but not all maps have them and it would still be quite the obnoxious addition to the already frustrating aspect of AI dancers doing whatever. But as I said, IS will be introducing them at some point anyways.
  12. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    Ahahah, I find it quit amusing to see such an obvious rarity drop in Libra. Keeping him in the 5* pool will be quite an atrocious pitybreaking unit (I'm assuming he'll become 4-5* even though that kit is reeeeeeally underwhelming for staying up there). Well, I'll summon for Olivia on the first circle, of course, but will have to wait for another time to get her after that. I can't be spending too much now, too many skills I need from other banners.
  13. Absolutely, but who in their right mind would like horse dancers to be introduced? They would be the worst addition for Arena since Lynhardt's domination period. 3-move-dancing shouldn't be a thing, imo. Though, I know IS won't be able to resist the temptation, sooner or later...
  14. I'm glad Olivia ain't on a horse. I'll take all the orbs and summons, not that it matters with my recent luck, and dread the upcoming Arena changes (what's the point? Making Arena feel even less fun, with the exception of whales and people who only care of being at the very top?). Grand Conquest will now force me to play more for the ranking? Not sure if I'll bite just yet, it's still a bad mode. I guess I hyped up myself way too much, should have known better, though I won't deny that I like being showered with orbs for more fodder, just expected a bit more after the dull content lately. Oh well.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Olivia will be the first horse dancer, ahahahah, what joy, ahahahahah .... we're doomed