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  1. Aether Raids first impressions

    Not even a season done (well, technically I am done since I dont have any aether left) and I think I'm gonna hate it as much as Arena, while AA will remain as the "most fun" of the PvP modes (how sad is that?). Hate the very limited amount of daily runs, hate having so much aether left that is just 3 units short of another run and wasted for the season, hate the snowball system of people ahead staying ahead since it correlates with the upgrade stones, hate the initial shitshow with the calculations on how much a match costs in aerther, hate the growing number of really obnoxious defense teams due to bad design choices like healers, hate the turn limit (even though I know why it's there), hate the bonus system that now also applies to buildings I might not want to build. And what do I like? The potential of individual map designs giving a lot of variety that immediately falls flat when it becomes tedious with the focus on aether reserves. I wish I could share the hype a lot of people have for this mode, but I just can't. Out of curiosity, though, am I the only one who finds it atrocious that upgrading your buildings is bound, as mentioned, by a snowball system where the lead gets further ahead with rewards and leaves the rest further behind the longer this will go on? In Arena you can catch up with other modes and rewards, here the extra stones will be a permanent bonus against anyone in lower tiers for all upcoming seasons. Sorry if it was discussed before and I just didn't read it. I've been more passive lately with the game and in the forums while I try to figure stuff out.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Oooh right, second blunder of mine. After F!Corrin I forgot that F!Robin isn't a regular unit as well. In that case it would work the way you suggest it. Guess it is a valid possibility after all.
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Then we'd take away Lyn and Black Knight (though he would be fine, being a TT unit) as well. Someone has to be cut either way.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Darn, I knew I forgot one.... hmm, then it doesn't fit. Maybe no Chrom since he is new? Nah, makes little sense. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait for the actual theme.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Smash Bros. VG with M!Robin, F!Robin, Marth, Chrom, Roy, M!Corrin, F!Corrin, Ike? I'm so screwed, Aether Keep did little to nothing for me and I haven't had any fun with this game prior to the update during October. I know people enjoy AK, so I won't rain on their parade, but for me it did nothing to fix the other modes from being absolutely boring/frustrating. Seeing that one can't play AK for long, it works on a snowball system and also generally only matters if you care about GHB/TT units, which I don't, I'm pretty much back at waiting for something to enjoy again. Garbage pulls don't help either Taking a break from the game wouldn't help as I know that it would be the same as quitting in my case (I just don't do temporary breaks, almost always just permanent ones), but boredom and frustration might endanger my orbs with some spontaneous summoning itches. Looking at the new schedule, I think I'm in it for some pain.
  6. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    I know that my Feedback goes straight to the bin, considering they still haven't fixed the description of Ares' weapon in German, even though I've told them twice. So I don't even bother anymore.
  7. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    So that's how they fix Bold Fighter, ey? Another hard-to-get skill on a shiny new unit, punishing fair skills like Quick Riposte, because they already dug themselves way too deep into the ground; all in one neat package. At this point I dont even know what to say. Thankfully, I can wait until the FEH channel before I think about what I should do, but man, can't say this is going anywhere I want it to. As for the units, I'm not that angry or whatever about another Camilla/Corrin. It's sad that I have become so unmoved by the low number of new characters, but it's just whatever. Mikoto is nice, but beyond that, I just shrug, as with most of the game atm (except for the Gacha, which returned to the "You want stuff? Screw you, lol!" state).
  8. I'd argue she has a devilish side to her. She can read, she knows it's Kiran's diary and she deliberately used that instead of any other written text (basically stealing the book as well) while disregarding any sort of privacy. Secretly evil or personal grudge against Kiran for not summoning another Abel to keep for herself? Who knows? Nonetheless, this was quite cute.
  9. FE6 & 10 banners coming out next year

    Give it time, cynicism only gets worse. I'm afraid I noticed it on my behaviour as well. As for the announcement, I'm very curious about what triggered this (specifically I mean; generally, it's kinda obvious discontent from fans an is even vaguely adressed in the news) and what they hope to achieve. I mean, asking for Binding Blade fans, who were often disappointed by the neglected treatment, to wait for March? That is quite a long wait in an already uneventful period of time. Is that supposed to appease them? I don't feel that it would work that well, even if it does give them a specific month to look forward to. Personally, if Haar is on the RD banner, I would have to restrain myself and save orbs for January. Might be hard, though, since I still need fodder/merges and IS continues to dish out banners with units I still want, e.g. this legendary banner I will have to put everything into green, and sometimes often without success, e.g. colourless for Loki, since they are determined to push for those dumb duel skills. I'll need more info on the next major update before I can safely say whether I'm even more frustrated with FEH or not, though. For the people expecting beast units with Book III, I wonder if Path of Radiance can still come before January, since the news only mentions Radiant Dawn.
  10. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Investing into additional anti-Tiki units paid off rather quickly (Arthur, Hawkeye, Amelia, Sheena, Camilla, Bartre) , 1 or 2 extra for every element, making AA a lot easier to tolerate where I would have been frustrated otherwise since Tiki apparently already spread out like a plague (no surprise there). Tiki made climbing up to T21 a bit obnoxious last week, but hopefully things will be a bit easier once she isn't directly a bonus unit (same goes for Myrrh).
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Barely out and I'm already annoyed by Aversa in GC (She would be fine in TT and the like, just annoying), as if I needed another reason to be frustrated with the game at the moment. Having reached max rank, I already pretty much stopped caring to increase my score in the final round, and the first match I kinda wanted to play out I got her in the back of all the enemies, not even moving after the first turn, wasting my time behind a 2HP breakable wall, making it impossible to reach her and basically turning my team into a handicap parade. Yeah, I'll totally continue playing this round. At least Aversa is a good unit and would make a fine member of Flier Emblem team #3. Also, good to know how IS has another notification about faulty descriptions to skills and STILL hasn't fixed Ares Dark Mystletainn's description in German. I've told them on release per Feedback and another time per inquiry. And yet, it still says that its effect triggers before or AFTER combat, when it clearly works for before and DURING combat. At least it's clear they don't care about what I have to say. Book 3, save me and reinvigorate my passion for this game a bit, please?
  12. Official Pull Topic

    @Usana You got a -Att/+Def, too? Leveling was indeed quite annoying, especially her support with my Claire afterwards. She did pitiful damage against lowest-res units, really sad and annoying. Anything not -Att/Spd would have been great. Shame I won't be able to get another unit to patch it up. Although I am happy to get her at all, this was still like her kicking me in the groin while greeting me on the summoning screen.... it hurt.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Darn, after being weak-willed, once again, to get at least one seasonal unit I'd like (Mia for uniqueness, Myrrh because I like her) I finally get Waluigi Mia to end my suffering of wasting orbs .... and she is -Att/+Def. Serves me right for not saving, but I'm so bored of this game atm, i just don't have anything fun to do.... Still, a flying healer spot is now filled with a very unique niche. Could have a been a bad pitybreaker. Also, where the Sakura copies at, IS?
  14. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Hmm, I wonder how much is needed for this inflated week to go back into T21. I'm not too confident this week since L!Tiki teams will have no issue getting all the kills and points (my god that unit is stupid, almost killed my TA +RES Sheena in AA in a buffed state, that was hilarious). My Alfonse got most kills, but he just doesn't score as high, might have to fish a bit harder during the weekend, but lets see if 5730 will suffice. Still surprised at how buff Alfonse is with cheerleaders, even though I know how it's possible to turn almost any unit into a killing machine with them.
  15. Heroic Feats

    Wait, do you mean I act like a Tsundere towards FEH? Cause I'm not sure how adding the multiplier makes them look like a Tsundere. Must be missing something. Mid-term announcements like these do always have quite an impact, I agree. Still, I can't imagine them letting us fail this if our participation was poor enough to miss the mark. It wouldn't be hard to do so without anyone knowing any better.