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  1. Oh yeah, should have been more specific, BowHinoka was my -Att unit, regular Hinoka is actually quite fine as +Spd/-Def. +Att seal for the Kinshi Knight it is, for now. Thx for the input. When even whales get screwed over by the system that much, what a harsh world we live in.
  2. Guess, I'll do that. On a side note, how would you salvage a -Att Hinoka? Not that you need to, since you'd just summon better natures, but It hurts her really bad. Guess I can give her one of my + 3 Att seals to negate it, but still.
  3. Yeah, makes sense; would probably go for Lunge then to infiltrate the enemy lines. I have a spare Hone Fliers from a second Hinoka, but am still very hesitant on who would be the most suitable candidate for it. Heavy Blade on A is the only way to make it immediately proc, which is kinda important in Arena, I feel, since I don't think Cordelia will be able to attack twice, before getting killed. I intend to run both Hinokas and Caeda or Azura atm, giving two Hone Fliers and some warp shenanigans, but I just don't feel too optimistic about getting a def win with it; I've been pretty weak lately on defense. Also still not sure if Firesweep Cordelia is that efficient in Arena to begin with. What would be a good order, though? If a dancer moves first, it's easier to predict a team and kill with EP units or Dancer/Nukes, but if the dancer makes a unit seperate itself from the team, it's an easy sitting duck to kill, which also begs the question "what support skills are the best for flying teams?". I've seen so many bad Repositions on AI teams that it hurt my soul.
  4. With the upcoming Arena season and having an atrocious -Att BowHinoka, I thought about building a flying team for Arena defense, though being the first time doing this on defense (offense is a piece of cake to use them), I'm quite unsure whether or not I should bother the with planned investments. First and foremost, my Cordelia. How bad is a +Att/-Res Cordelia with Firesweep+/Reposition/Galeforce/HeavyBlade3 (I hate my regular Ike and will kill him off after the 5k HM)/Unsure B-Skill (Have Hit&Run atm)/Fortify Fliers (might give her a Goad, if I get more Pallas) / Quickened Pulse Seal. I feel the AI is too dumb to use Firesweep Cordelia. The investments would be: 5*ing Roderick + sacrifice, sacrifice regular Ike - which is why I'd prefer pointing it out here. As far as I experienced it, NY!Azura is kinda trash in defense teams due to poor AI decisions, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyways. Here are my useable Fliers: regular Hinoka (+Spd/-Def), NY!Azura (I actually forgot: -Att/+Res I believe), Kinshi Hinoka (-Att/+Res, sigh), Caeda (+Att/-HP) / to a lesser extent also Minerva, but her nature is meh (-Res/+HP I think) and she isn't properly built, yet EDIT: Forgot about F!Grima (+Def/-HP) and DC-less Myrrh (+Res/-HP). I don't have any of the seasonals, nor do I have F!Morgan or DC fodder, which is quite a pity for defense purposes, leading me to believe I shouldn't build a flier team for them, not that I have any idea on how to properly build one atm.
  5. Pretty much the same feeling for me, yes. I will easily forgive Morgan and Kana once (both pairs should be in the game), but once they pull a Corrin/Robin on them, I'll probably be less willing to do so again. Alt Chrom on horse was nonsense, though (again, only for me).
  6. Definitely doesn't feel that way for me. Shigure had to come in his original form, but being in the game for quite a while now makes him rather lackluster and less fresh, his kit isn't helping imo (fun for people wanting a wo dao lance?). The gender pair is also irritating for me when one speaks of "different characters". Another case of a necessity to implement them at some point, no doubt, but it doesn't make me feel better about the "getting new characters" part. If anything, Kana got an alt while being a new character as well. Hinoka is an alt, where Reina should have been, imo, but money, I guess. At least she only has one.... for now. And Kaze... well, we don't know his deal, yet (if it's a Rhajat/Ayra thing, then we cannot count him towards this banner, but the respective one in the near future). He is new, though, and a welcome addition. What I'm trying to say, this doesn't feel like four new characters, but more like two newcomers and three alts and I am aware that this is just my personal perception, I just wish it weren't this annoying lately.
  7. Ew, who dared to put a new character on this banner? Shoo, Kana, shoo, we need another Azura.... on a horse.... with decorative wings on her back to fit the banner theme. Bye bye, Reina, nobody wants thee, not even in a banner perfectly titled for you AND introducing your class (IMO, it doesn't matter if she is a great character or not, the way/pace IS introduces the cast is infuriating and every playable character should get in). I wouldn't mind getting Hinoka, I do like her, but I doubt I'll spend many orbs on this. I have other priorities with my orbs right now. That Kaze, though... hmm, thinking about the possibilities on how IS might introduce him. The timing is weird, that's for sure.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    After the summoning pool changes I thought I would never be disappointed in off-focus units ever again.... and then came Eldigan on todays banner and my usual full summoning session... What role does he even offer when you already have a Xander? He is so pointless and the 12 damage Fury 6 is just a meme. Sigh, new lvl 40 conversation, I guess.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I kinda doubt everyone will get in with this current trend. Doesn't seem that profitable with the lesser known/appreciated characters and demands too much effort to be added in bursts (balance, useful skills, artists, voice actors), at least that's my impression on how they decide things. @Tybrosion 380, ey? Yeah, that seems like quite a few. A new banner every two weeks, ~26 banners with 3-4 units.... adding the legendaries with an extra 12 per year and leaving alts out of the theory... we have a very generous 116 new units in a year; that still doesn't seem very fast, does it? Not sure how long this game will last, but I'm not expecting some of the more obscure characters to come anytime soon. I dread the day when a non-seasonal banner will offer 4 alts and no newcomer before the next Thracia banner drops (I mean seriously, they obviously have no clue how to implement that particular cast when you look at the current banner). Talking about banners.... I'm really itching to spend orbs, haven't spent many since F!Grima (a bit on Nowi/M!Grima). Could use another Hector banner (yes, still have none since this games inception...); Speed Tactics would be fine as well.
  10. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    This is hilarious, I haven't seen "Try this" recommend anything non-asinine, yet. Not sure who it benefits, to be honest.... The maps used for this TT makes it kinda hard for me to farm HM. Reinhardt and Horses are making it easy, but those are already mostly capped for me (1k to gather max for the usual suspects), so I'm not sure yet on how to gather HM outside of that since mediocre units won't make it far and frustrate in manual play. Investing into units to get more feathers is dumb, so I guess I'll keep abusing Navarre for them.
  11. New Event: Grand Conquests

    I'm not talking about the lances as an item, but the free energy one has and goes to waste if unused. If one completely ignores the mode the first day and it becomes the norm for a significant portion of the team (which we had), they will put themselves at a disadvantage, depending on the map constellation. An early heavy push is pretty wasteful, though, that I will agree. Don't get me wrong, I know that a team can conquer everything the second day without having to care for the first, but morale seemed quite noticeable in some instances and I had a feeling users took the stance of not participating at all because of them looking at an unfavorable map (not that it mattered as a lot of people got good rewards for doing jack). Having a better starting position also helps conquering later on with the extra lances. The major conquest then is obviously way more significant than any contribution in the beginning, but I would argue the start isn't completely useless. But hey, it's just my impression, can't care enough about the mode to verify my claims on a more pedantic level.
  12. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Finally over, being three times on the losing end is fun, that's for sure. I have no clue on how they will improve this mode, but I really don't want to experience such frustration again. I can't believe I am saying this, but I prefer VG over this. Who cares who wins the inconsequential voting? Just look at the predictions, read between the lines and maximize feather income on your own while ignoring everything besides bonus hours. It's boring, but I at least keep the feeling of determining my rewards. With GC, you have the same boredom (except if you are into RD) with the added dependency on your team and a useful map position, which is entirely random, AND having to be ready to do stuff manually, tediously, and consistently (people say the early hours don't matter, but considering you need to not be reduced to 1-3 areas to properly conquer in the later hours, people do need to pay attention to not just give away free areas too much, which will happen if you only play at the end). I'll be keeping an eye on changes, but if they don't really matter, I will actually ignore this mode entirely past the orb rewards. I'm so glad TT is next; boring grind for sure, but entirely dependent on my own contribution, which is apparently all I can ask for. Gratz to the lucky teams out there.
  13. New Event: Grand Conquests

    I really wish my points wouldn't be thrown away like that, just because I was seconds too late to end a manual run for higher scores before the round ends. I can't blindly rush things with those stupid reinforcing units spamming my conquest, can't put all scores too soon for fear of retaliation, had to contribute in several areas, and it would have made a difference on that spot as well.... My fault for trying so late in the round, you will say, but this way all my points for the last match are just poof in an already limited pool of possible contributions. I already hate this mode in its current state, and this does not help. Also, my team will probably get bullied on once everyone sleeps... fun.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Woke up telling myself "Ah, the TT banner is today, I'll pick all the blues and then just leave it at that" -> 1 colourless, 4 reds -> Welp, 4* Priscilla it is! At least I'll keep all my orbs, but figures that there would be no blue. Well played, gacha.
  15. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Haha, with those bonus units, I'll be pretty much screwed for Arena Defense, and only have mediocre scores on Offense, looking forward to these bad weeks.