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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    My apologies, thought SoV had different endings depending on their supports, but actually just if one of them died. Forgot about it, so I guess they would fit nicely as well, and yes, I meant Chrom, too many blue-haired Lords.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I imagine a Marth/Caeda, Sigurd/Deirdre, Alm/Celica and a joke/unrequited pair like Cordelia/Ike, Tharja/Robin, etc. (there are a couple to choose from) line-up, where the first round is determining which character is the leading figure of the relationship, and the winner is supposed to determine the best couple. Examples like Boey/Mae, Eliwood/Ninian, etc. wouldn't quite work due to them not being entirely canon (the S-support does not necessarily happen, even if they are fitting, but nobody can deny the other relationships mentioned, since they are automatically part of the general story (though if I want to be pedantic, Tharja/Robin ain't one either. You can just kill off Tharja and never recruit her). Anyway, I ACTUALLY like the premise, but it's a gauntlet, so all my appreciation is going down the drain...
  3. Official Pull Topic

    But you want the best for all the Sharenas, and she is best girl period. Priorities must be followed! (I'm just joking anyways, would like a Lute as well, but can't afford distractions, unfortunately) Btw, why did you pull Blue? - EDIT: never mind, Lute is blue, thought to have read on reddit that Lute was red, my bad, ha
  4. Official Pull Topic

    You should save for Ice Sharena anyways. Went into my free pull session, telling myself I'll get all red and greens. Only 1 red.... and three blues plus a single grey...., welp ok then. Aaaaaand 4* Palla, damn. Oh well, could be worse (gtfo Raigh). Now for the long wait till legendary banner.
  5. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    I don't want to downplay some of the nice things presented in that Feh channel, but another 3-unit banner bugs me again. Considering they will be the 40% units on the next TT, this might actually be good to not have them on their own again as the optimal choice. However, we will never be done with all the characters at this pace. Also, Dorcas is Hector, but without movement restriction? Infantry Pulse will be hard to get, so I'm not gonna bother. New story left me confused, as I was not convinced we reached a conclusion to the current story, but ok, whatever..., not like the story is that important in Heroes. Upgrading weapons/staves is interesting, but leaves me worried (as always with balance) about future Arena. I'll wait and see. No new modes is a bummer, as is no redo of the rarity pools. The legendary banner will be decent to try out for me. I miss most of them, though I'll totally avoid pulling blue, lol. Overall, any update is needed right now for me. It was getting a bit stale, but unfortunately, I did not see enough fresh ideas to hype me up too much. Another TT, probably followed by another Gauntlet, continuing the same cycle.... eh *shrugs*
  6. Casual scummoner right there, doesn't even know basic stuff to stop Felicia from wasting all those orbs, hurrdurr.
  7. Oh my, oh my, some people need to open up their eyes some time soon, it would definitely help... Ludicrous outrage over RNG and the lack of relevant consequences (500 feathers people, Takumi is still more popular); talk about fairness after a contestant has been carried around for laps until the final lap, where with unused stamina (flags) the same contestant defeated the competition "fairly"; ignoring how Ryoma would have stomped everyone without multiplier (not actually advocating FOR the multiplier, either, since I pretty much "hate" this mode for being so boring to me); talk about rigged (I kinda see an argument for the Ninian vs Corrin underperformance, but this one is easily explained with the mountains of leftover flags and the lack of any sensible reason for IS to rig in favor of Shanna); the illusion of having contributed meaningfully as an individual; and so on. Still baffles me after all this time. Well, first time the underdog wins aaaaaand.... it's still the same faulty and boring mode. Personally, I really need something more interesting than this. I can't be invested in random nonsense. Next to the non-existent luck on the gauntlet banners, I also failed big time with the last round for the feather gain. That one hour of underperformance really hit hard. Oh well, not that I am in urgent need of feathers right now, though I do want to build my first +10 beauty. 60k to go To anyone worked up about this mode, sleep over it and forget about it since it will have no actual impact on your life; you will soon enough, either way.
  8. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    Always have been enjoyable so far, so I'm looking forward to it. Also on a more surprising note, Feh doesn't annoy me, which I did not expect.
  9. FTFY Barely missed Top 1k, shame, but oh well... I'll manage.
  10. Added strategy for small bonuses that don't matter XD
  11. I think they can. Also, having 100 extra, like me, is nice to add to the 1500 we get, making it 1600, which is divisable by 200.
  12. Would it be that much better then? It would be rather boring and getting feathers would be harder, a lose-lose for me, ha
  13. Damn, bruh, it's been so long since my last Latin class and only saw this saying once or so.... was it to affirm my statement, or to show the redundancy of it? I actually don't know, I'm just a peasant. EDIT: A closer look at it, and now I see the multiplicator, so we should get rid of the multiplicator is what you want?
  14. Well, I have exactly 900 (100 leftover for the next 100 extra of the last round for a clean 200 points step) because I can anticipate with high probability (never secured of course with those crazy shifts in power), but I also doubt everyone plans the same way as I do. Kinda also wanted to make a joke about how this will be a repetition of the Ninian vs. Corrin underperformance in the last hour with some jab into conspiracy theories, but seriously, who gives a damn about how this ends? Everyone should be aware of how asinine this entire mode is by now. I'll just enjoy the feathers. So far it's been going rather well for me and noticing the high-point bonus hours. Hopefully this will continue in the last round (also have Shanna, Soren and Takumi, so no worries on the bonus points as well)
  15. You were even entirely right without having to think about it, since B! was first used for Bride, while BH! should be correct for Brave Lyn. So yeah, I concur, this will get obnoxious in the future. To not be completely useless to the topic, here are my two examples of "defeating" the vicious gacha system. - first Hero Fest banner: Ryoma in one session, followed by two back-to-back Ryomas in the very next session (He's been a staple since) - summoning all dancers that I wanted from the dancer banner (only missing Shigure, but that's fine, don't really care for him) and even have two Inigos and Axuras, the latter being especially helpful for training sessions.