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  1. There's Gharnef's FE4 patch, which is 90% complete iirc. The ending sequence is the only thing that's not translated in this patch. The translation is pretty strong and its been around for a long while. There's Book of Holsety's FE4 patch which retranslates FE4, and has also translated the ending sequence. Its currently in Beta but its still playable, and recently got an update. Its also a good translation. I guess I would suggest Book of Holsety's patch, but you could go with either one.
  2. For FE6, 7 and 8, I just use Iron for literally the whole game because they're lightweight and so my units don't get speed screwed or anything. I have some units use Silver, but due to its very low uses I don't really switch to them. I never use Steel since they're heavy. For FE4, I switch from Iron to any other weaponry immediately, as Iron weaponry is the worst in this game for being heavy and doing the least damage. For FE3, Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, I constantly switch weaponry.
  3. Bullying.

    Most of the bullying I ever received was because of me being fat (which I still am, unfortunately). In my old school, mostly from 3rd grade to 6th grade, it was just subtle mockery and insults. I was also socially awkward, and still am, not to mention I also was too much of a "good boy/sissy" who complained about others breaking the rules too much. That just made me unpopular, obviously, but fortunately enough I never really faced outright physical bullying (probably because of my physique, as a lot of the kids during those times assumed fat people to be strong for whatever reason). After 6th grade the subtle mockery stopped and I was able to stop being so uptight and actually make friends. By the time 8th grade came I transferred to my current school, and things have been okay for the most part. The only bullying I ever got was by one of the more popular students in my class, who just really hated me. I don't really know why, I guess its because he couldn't really talk about porn and shit with other classmates in front of me, in fear of me complaining about it to a teacher or someone (which I stopped doing by the time I reached 7th grade). He still hates me, I assume, but thank god he transferred to another school. My current situation is...well...not great. I don't receive any outright bullying but I don't think most of my classmates have very positive opinions about me. I'm still quite socially awkward, and I also prefer to stay alone, so its not surprising if people consider me weird. I've made plenty of internet friends, but very few IRL friends. My family tries to help me become better, but their "help" isn't exactly helpful imo (except for maybe my dad's advice about just not giving a fuck about what others think) In short, I've fucked myself up, and I don't know if I can ever be a person who's not considered a weirdo or loner. I unfortunately don't have much advice to give, sorry. I just try to cope with my problems as days go by and its not exactly the best solution. I guess you just need to try to stay optimistic and hope for the best. Good luck.
  4. Should guns be added in Fire Emblem Switch?

    Considering Tactics Ogre had guns, I guess FE Switch could also have guns. Just make it so that its a relatively new weapon type in FE Switch's world, so that we don't have units with guns in high abundance.
  5. You could post on Instagram. EDIT: Welp I just realized I posted on a month old thread. oops.
  6. Not sure if this is the right thread for this topic, I apologize if it isn't. Anyways, a lot of you may know that Reddit very recently had a redesign. Many, many people seem to dislike it, preferring the old reddit more. So, I wanted to know the opinions of the new redesign from people here. Do you like it? Dislike it? Do you still use the old reddit? Personally I think its fine. So far my only problem with it is that I can't see flairs, though that may be fixed soon.
  7. Porn movies Eeeh, I guess most superhero films and Star Wars films. The former usually doesn't capture my interest and the latter always seemed like a boring franchise to me.
  8. He may just be an obsessive fan of Fire Emblem 4, for all we know. Which begs the question: Does FE really exist in the Pokemon Universe?
  9. oh, I see, I read het as wet, my bad, lol.
  10. Why is Amelia disliked?

    Amelia's not a disliked character, but a disliked unit, as others have said. She suffers from bad bases and okay-ish growths that aren't as high as compared to other units, so it makes it difficult to train her. Thankfully, skirmishes and the tower exist for grinding purposes and I think that's why the devs didn't really care about giving the trainees awful bases because you can easily just level them up and make them usable (then again Wendy and Sophia have bad bases in FE6 for no reason, so I'm not too sure). But in no grind runs Amelia basically isn't worth the time to train. She can become OP with enough effort, but other units can as well at a much faster rate.
  11. Being a little abrasive isn't too bad, you should make the person realize they're boring/annoying/interrupting the heck out of you. Otherwise, try to tune him out or make an excuse to leave the convo. was it gay or straight
  12. Let's just assume FE humans are more capable of tolerating very high and very cold temperatures, unlike us humans.
  13. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong

    I forgot to mention this dude. Zoisite looks like a female and the DiC dub of the first anime even made him a female.
  14. Thracia 776 Support Branch

    I like how Leif supports almost everyone but only one person supports him back. But anyways, thanks, this will be super helpful for me once I start playing Thracia776.
  15. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong

    Ooof, I remember thinking the same. My young mind was further weirded out by seeing one of the Kanker sisters trying to make out with Edd, thinking "wait, can females love each other?". Ana, if you're thinking of what Soledai said, then yeah its comic relief. Though I thought crossdressing men that still look manly as heck was a joke in Japan?