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  1. CatMan's "Beautiful" Art Thread

    Can't see your art cuz: ...yeah...
  2. Uh, I guess Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. It has a freaking flow chart of the results of all decisions you make in the game. oh, and I guess Telltale games as well.
  3. Worse Lugh Ever

    I see. So are you going to use Lilina or Hugh instead as your main mage now?
  4. The "Ripoff" thread.

    Ares is a ripoff of Eldigan although it's more like Eldigan reproduced asexually.
  5. FE16 Release Info *New*

    Does the new info also mention something about a fleet being important to the plot?
  6. Worse Lugh Ever

    Iirc, my Lugh also got magic screwed, having only 6 Mag for the rest of the game.
  7. Would you rather...?

    Never be able to drink anything that's not water or medicine. I think I'll be able to survive without any non water/medicine drinks. WYR not cut your fingernails and let them grow, or not cut your toenails and let them grow, till you die?
  8. Is FE 7's story really that bad?

    I personally found the story boring until chapter 18, after which I got motivated enough to play it. um, yeah, that's it.
  9. The Nonary Game: A Zero Escape Forum game- Join

    I wasn't online due to being on vacation, which is why I didn't post in this topic for a week. Oh well. Welcome to the Nonary Game!
  10. I Think my House Is Haunted. I'm not joking

    I'll be honest, something of that sort happened to my parents and oldest sister when they were in their old house. Basically, stuff like things being moved around and e.t.c. But once, in that house, my cousin visited for some days, and then during the final day of his visit, he decided to go back home during (iirc) the evening. Later, that night, my father saw someone who looked exactly like my cousin in the bathroom. He assumed it was said cousin and went back to watch some TV in the lounge, but realized that he already left during the evening. Immediately, my father felt someone grapped his hand and tried to pull him up, quite hard. It stopped after my mother came in the lounge to see what was happening. My father still felt pain his hand for a few days. Same stuff happened with my second oldest sister the last three months. Whenever she was awake, or woke up, after midnight, she felt like as if someone entered her room and then left. She apparently even heard my father call her during the night, but she found him sound asleep, along with my mother, in their room. We believe that jinns were the ones to cause this events. (yes, we believe in jinns). And also, according to what we believe, jinns are awake (or you could say "active") during the night. So, uh, yeah.... However, as others said, it's probably an Eathquake or maybe it was stormy or windy outside.
  11. How About Remakes of FE Games You Didn't Like

    Not exactly, if you look at New Mystery.
  12. 236 I'm gonna call a mod here. HAHA.
  13. I sleep 12 hours a day

    I sleep like 7-8 hours a night (and like 9-11 during weekends), and an hour during the day if I feel too tired. Same. I feel extremely tired when I wake up.