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  1. Which of these would you rather do?

    Platonic relationship with Priscilla cuz I love my virginity.
  2. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    Earlier promotion is what he really needs imo. It'll at least make him survive more easily and get more level ups during late game chapters. Also, I remember some hack trying to make Roy better by giving him increased growths and slower experience gain (to balance it). That could also work, I guess? If a Skill system is to be added, giving him Charm would be a pretty good idea. This way, giving boosts to units near him make him more useful.
  3. Not sure about the father, unfortunately.
  4. Why are Korean spambots targeting an English site anyways. That's just....weird.
  5. Has anyone done a no-shopping run?

    Nope, never have done so. Although doing a no shopping run would be quite easy in Thracia 776, seeing as I've heard that you mostly need to capture items from enemies. EDIT: Aw fudge, realized this was in the Awakening thread. My bad.
  6. That's not Lyn though. Iirc She's Saya, Lyn's daughter (or just related to her- something like that).
  7. This may be a bit of a strange topic, and maybe its just me, but uh.... Does your current mood or the way your surroundings look affect your desire of which game you want to play? For example, I don't know why but I always feel like playing New Mystery or Sacred Stones during the morning, with lights off and curtains opened. Meanwhile I like to play Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep during the afternoon and nighttime. When I'm not feeling particularly happy, I like to play some kind of platformer game. What about you guys?
  8. How Do You Dress?

    I just wear one of the several kurta shalwar I have almost everyday. Sometimes a T-Shirt or collared shirt with khaki pantsun. I never jeans unless I have to go somewhere (like a party or something).
  9. I think Kaga just hated Fire tomes as much as he hated axes, lol, so no wonder why they're so bad in the game. Well, you only ever need a Thief for unlocking chests, so at least Julian (and I guess Rickard) still have some use. And yeah, I too like Wendy. She does need effort for sure, but I can understand if people find it too difficult to train her.
  10. Well, let's see...off the top of my head: Mystery/New Mystery: Feena, Julian. While its typical of Fire Emblem to have weak dancers and thieves, Feena and Julian are an exception. Feena is initially weak due to her base stats but given enough training (made easier with the fact that she can dance), she turned out to be a pretty solid combat unit. Her Defense was a problem but her Avoid and Speed mostly made up for it. Julian also initially starts out weak but his high growths allowed him to turn out pretty solid, especially in Book 2/New Mystery. He became one of my main units and my main Thief since Rickard is absolute shite. Genealogy of the Holy War: Ethlyn, Dew Ethlyn has pretty low growth rates but despite all that, she always turns out pretty great for me. Being a mounted a healer already makes her quite valuable and easy to level up, and getting the light brand in Chapter 2 makes things much easier for her in combat. What's most noteworthy is that she gains a pretty high amount of stat gains after her promotion, and she begins to do more criticals. She's always my main combat unit and healer in Gen 1 until the end of Chapter 3 (after which she leaves). Dew's pretty bad initially due to his low base stats (except in Speed and Luck), but after getting him to level 20 through boss abuse and promoting him, he significantly becomes way stronger. This seemed to be mainly because of his stat gains through promotion which, like Ethlyn's, are quite high. So basically it made it easier for him to not only fight but also survive and get away with money. Binding Blade: Wendy Wendy has horrid base stats and everyone knows that. But in all my playthroughs I managed to make her one of my main combat units, though it required some babying of course. Some level ups before the Axeland chapters makes it more easier for her to survive, and she often has blessed level ups for me, so there's that. Azel's major problem is not really his stats, which are fine for the most part, but the Tome he starts out. The fire tome is just too heavy for Azel that it makes it difficult for him to avoid attacks, despite his Speed. A Speed Ring should be able to fix this problem though, until he gets a Wind tome.
  11. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    I mean, I know many people don't want another avatar in FE, but that's mostly because of their lack of faith in IS due to the way they handled all the avatars so far (including Mark, who's basically non existent).
  12. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    A player is supposed to feel like he's the avatar, but you don't get that sort of feeling if the avatar has a predetermined personality (and worse, a personality that's far off from what yours is supposed to be). Which is why I think silent protagonists are better. Furthermore IS didn't really handle any of the avatars we had so far in a really good way (though I'm unsure about Corrin and Robin since I didn't play Awakening or Fates, but based on what most others said, they don't seem to be very liked due to the way they were handled...). Of course, I respect your opinion. I just feel like silent protagonists are better.
  13. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    I guess that's a possibility. Or Byleth's just super serious/emotionless. I think having a silent avatar (with decisions to make choices) is better than having an avatar with an already established personality.
  14. Who is the worst "Est" type unit in the series

    Well, quoting from the FE Wiki: "She does (barely, due to her only slightly-increased growths) qualify for the Est Archetype, along with Zeiss."
  15. How much did you use dark magic users?

    Used all three, and I can safely say Niime's the best just for having the bonus of working as a staffbot. Raigh has okay stats, nothing impressive. And Sophia turns out medicore at best, even with training.