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  1. I already decided on my pairings, but thanks anyway. Also, yeah, I'm thinking about killing Sylvia off now in chapter 3 now (like right from the get go of the chapter). I've decided on Ayra x Holyn, so I'm going with Dew, simply for Bargain. Like said before, I'm getting Sylvia killed. I don't really like pairing her with anyone else besides Claude just because her kids are utility units. So it's either death or the saint for her. Thanks for all the advice though guys.
  2. Hiiii So I totally forgot about this thread. Reason? Well, I somehow temporarily "fixed" my DS. Apparently upon loading a game on the emulator, and then have my laptop "sleep" (you all know what that is), and then turning it on again, the game doesn't lag anymore (in fact it seems like it became faster than normal, but maybe that's just me). Now, I decided to load the game again. It was again, lagging severely. I had my laptop sleep again, turned it on again, and it got fixed. This, doesn't last for long though, the game starts to lag shortly after again (but not as bad as it initially was) ....Can someone explain to me why it gets temporarily fixed by the sleep option, of all things? also sorry if my wording was not good here.
  3. As far as I've heard Faval has lesser Skill with Jamke as a father, so he has a harder time hitting things (but then again, I never tried this pairing). And there's also the problem of Patty. Also, now that I think about it, Dew has Bargain, so Faval should benefit from it (he'll be able to fix the Ichival at a cheaper rate). I also just remembered that Ayra exists, and for her Holyn is the best candidate to be paired with. So I might not do Briggid x Holyn. I avoid the convo between Erin and Sylvia, so there's that. Also, the convo between Erin and Lewyn happens after Silesse is conquered (as said), but Sylvia usually gets paired up before that.
  4. Hi. So anyways, I needed some advice on three pairings: Briggid x Dew or Holyn? I can't really decide, since I want both kids to turn out good, especially Patty. Erin x Lewyn: Okay, problem is that sometimes Lewyn just randomly ends up with Sylvia. For this reason I usually just kill off Sylvia. Should I, again, in this playthrough, kill off Sylvia until Claude comes around, or should I prevent Sylvia falling in love with Lewyn another way (besides not having them stand next to each other) Sylvia x Claude: Problem with this one is that, like I said, Sylvia just ends up with Lewyn. So, if I do kill off Sylvia, and get her resurrected after seizing the first in Chapter 4, and then have her convo with Claude, would she still be able to pair up with him during chapter 4 or will it even take longer? Thanks in advance. I know i know majority of the problem here is Sylvia.
  5. tbh both are great, with Fir being more dodgy and Rutger more stronger.
  6. Not really, in my opinion. I think the only problem is that she's low leveled while everyone else would be at a higher level (like, above 9 or something). But she's recruited in the place known as "axeland". And she's a sword user, so....
  7. That mermaid totally does not look like a child.
  8. I decided to just get it anyways, since I want to save all villages this playthrough. I decided to give Azel a Thunder tome, and as you said, he still might double. So I guess I'll have him sell it. Yeah I got the Hero Axe. Then I'll have Noish get the Pursuit Ring instead.
  9. Okay then, so I guess I've decided after reading the posts: Power Ring: to Midir, because he has medicore strength. I thought giving it to Alec as well, but I don't like Alec, so no. Magic Ring: To Azel, although I might give it to Lewyn later on unless he manages to increase his Mag (but he criticals a lot most of the time anyways so, maybe it's not necessary). I don't tend to have Sigurd or the Cavaliers use Magic Swords, so they don't get the ring. Skill Ring: I'll just let Ayra keep it for now, though I might pass it around to Noish or Holyn, and maybe even Jamke. Speed Ring: Will definitely keep it on Azel for now, thanks to his heavy tomes. Although he currently has a lot of speed (17 to be exact), so should I give it to someone else soon? Shield: Mainly my mages and Sylvia have the lowest defense. Should I give it to one of them instead, or just go with someone like Sigurd? Barrier: As most of you said, everyone has crap Res except Deirdre. I'll give it to Jamke I guess. Elite: I'll just pass this one around the arena (except to Lex, since he has the skill). Hopefully my units would have enough money to buy it. But I'll definitely give it first to Lachesis to become a Master Knight. Return: I'll give it to Sigurd so I wouldn't need a healer or Lachesis to Warp him around every time he seizes a castle. Or maybe to Claude, if it so happens I need to revive someone. Bargain: To Lachesis unless she has enough money to buy the Elite Ring. Otherwise, I'll give to Sigurd so he can repair the Tyfring easily. Or I'll give it to Ethlin, as one person suggested. Life: To either one sword wielding horse units or Erin. Knight Ring: Sylvia or Ayra. Maybe Ayra. The POWER OF PURSUIT will either go to Noish or Lex. Lewyn is already good enough even without Pursuit, in my opinion. Now, I can't decide for one ring: The Leg Ring: I want to give to Sylvia for more efficient utility (unless I get her killed), but I also want to give it to Aideen just so it's easier for her to heal people.
  10. Done.
  11. yeah, I guess so. but ultimately fresh water wins all.
  12. so, should I just start the game with 7 people? If so, I'll PM everyone in the game to inform them that it has started. Anyone still want to join though?
  13. So, yeah, what the title says. I was playing through Genealogy again, and I wanted to know which unit will benefit most from which rings throughout Gen1? As of now I decided to give Azel the Speed Ring, but who should I give the other rings to?
  14. FE4: Arden and Dew. I've always liked Dew and I just like to train Arden because I find it challenging. FE6: Wendy, who turned out to be an amazing unit for me. Just needed some babying. FE7: Dorcas and Nino. I just like both of them a lot. FE8: All trainee units.