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  1. Wait, I thought you also never finished Genealogy? Correct me if I'm wrong. Ah, so I guess heal staves missing is a more minor annoyance then. And yeah, I wasn't really thinking of it as gamebreaking, just something that would annoy you and get in the way of your plans/strategies.
  2. I have to agree. I haven't played Thracia 776, but those, as well as heal staves missing, seem like bad game design, and incredibly annoying. Not to mention that a first timer wouldn't know these things. But like I said, I haven't played it, so I'll need to see it for myself.
  3. What's more worse are games that have limited saves. I remember watching a let's player play the original White Day (a horror game), so I can only imagine how annoying it must have been to keep track of the markers (which were needed to save at a save point). Anyways, deaths in Fire Emblem are probably the most unfortunate thing to happen to me. I remember my first playthrough of FE4, during which, in chapter 2, I placed Fury in a enemy archer's range by mistake. It didn't help that I realized it during the enemy phase and I had saved the game just soon after I placed her. Since I didn't know the Valkyrie Staff existed, I had to restart the whole game (I used to keep only one save file. Silly me.) Also, losing save files really sucks as well. When I reached a certain point in an Snes game, I saved at the save point. Then when I played it again tomorrow, I noticed that my save file was gone. I actually cried at that time (I was young at the time, so...). I don't know why it got deleted by itself (I assume it was some kind of bug....?) Another Snes game I used to play froze during a certain point, every single time. So I couldn't progress, but fortunately, I downloaded the rom on my new laptop, and it works.
  4. Interviews

    16: Who would you make a drawing of among the cavs of GBA Fire Emblem? 17: Dorcas, Bartre, Gonzales, or Geese? 18: Which would you prefer: Exploring the ocean or exploring the sky? 19: If you somehow ended up in a fantasy world (like the FE worlds e.t.c.), what kind of job would you want in order to survive? 20: Do you prefer vanilla, or chocolate? 21: Which branch of science are you most interested in? 22: Do you like Pegasus Riders, or Wyvern Riders?
  5. Interviews

    10: What meme makes you cringe the most? 11: Well, as you said before, you had some weird dreams. Care to share some of them? 12: Who do you prefer: Eliwood or Roy? 13: Think of a funny nickname for yourself, and maybe for others on this forum as well if you want. 14: Watched and liked any recent cartoons, besides for anime? 15: Any game, show, anime e.t.c. you think is rather underrated and would like to share?
  6. I don't think it is. After all, Roy made it to Melee and is in Smash 4, so I guess it's more well-known than the Judgral games. And before SoV was released, Gaiden was the most underrated one, iirc.
  7. well, I haven't played FE5 mainly because I heard the translation sucked. So I'm gonna wait for a new translation patch.
  8. Interviews

    1. Marvel or DC? 2. What anime have you watched? 3. Which is your least favourite Fire Emblem? 4. Which Fire Emblem class do you hate? Which one is your favourite? 5. What has been the weirdest thing you've ever seen or heard? 6. Have you ever had a lucid dream? 7. Have you played any horror games? 8. Which do you like most, and least, about serenesforest? 9. Which do you prefer: a rainy day, or a sunny day?
  9. Sure, I guess. And I guess I'll go with my friends. I'm not really close with any of them, but I do wish to improve my friendship with them. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Well, uh, my lunch is like, one chicken roll or some nuggets. Which is pretty normal for me and others in school, but then again I live in a different country so there would be differences. Well, I could spend time with my friends in the computer room, as well as eat my lunch there. But the problem is only getting them there. Plus, they probably will just play some games downloaded on the computers, so I don't really get the chance to browse the web, nor be able to talk with them. Still, I'll try. Thanks.
  11. Dear Sully If you have a lunchbreak/recess of half an hour at school, and after eating your lunch, would you: spend the remaining time with your friends or use a school computer to check out serenesforest or other stuff on the Internet?
  12. Tbh enemy units reaching the base castle doesn't happen most of the time. At least for me it doesn't. The low mobility is rather a big disadvantage for even the foot units due to the huge maps. Unless you don't care for turncounts or just want to take your time with the game, foot units are likely to reach enemy units by the time the mounted units defeated most of them. Not to mention that it can get tedious to stop progressing in the game just so the footies can catch up. Not saying the footies are useless (as units like Lewyn, Ayra e.t.c. are definitely valuable), but it's understandable as to why mounted units are often considered better than them, even if their stats are crappier. Also, iirc you only get one leg ring in the game, though giving it to a footie is a good idea. Sylvia also exists to refresh the units.
  13. Don't forget that he also didn't add the "Julius having sex with his own mother" thing in the game It should also be mentioned that in a FE4 Echoes they could easily remove the whole "possibly long lost sister?" thing, as their convo is very subtle about it, and Sylvia's minor Blaggi blood is the only thing supporting the theory that their siblings. My thoughts are bolded: Well, what I want from FE4 Echoes is having everyone being able to double even without the Pursuit Skill. This way, the function of the Pursuit Skill can also be changed to something like, being able to double attack every battle despite the unit's speed being lower than the enemy's. Maybe more Skills. More interactions between Arvis and Azelle, as well as showing more of what their relationship with each other is like.
  14. Quiz #1: Mage.
  15. I'm really sorry, but this made me chuckle a lot. No offence.