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  1. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    who was all might again? /s
  2. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Thankfully the editor keeps the post saved most of the time, but I'll keep what you said in mind. Hopefully you will be fine IRL and manage to stay in the game. Good luck!
  3. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Ugh just when I post and there's already multiple new posts. I should always refresh before I post here, sigh.
  4. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Since 6 hours are left, I'm just going to vote Tuvy. I originally was going to vote Corro but there's the chance he gives an explanation. Meanwhile the Tuvys just seem uninterested to talk. ##Vote: Tuvy
  5. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    I guess you're spot on about me not having any clue, haha. By laying low..well, its a bit hard to explain but what I mean is that I don't want to be too active in a discussion, since I don't have much knowledge to being with, until more stuff happens. But I guess its too late for that now, and I sort of realized trying to stay less active would be a disadvantage.
  6. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    I see then. Also, gonna go offline shorty soon, so see ya all later in the morning.
  7. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    I guess its the tone. I just don't feel like they're scum. I'm sorry that its hard to explain, English isn't my first language so that can sometimes cause a problem, haha.
  8. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Haha, I guess that's sort of nice to know.
  9. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Well, they just don't seem scum to me...that's pretty much the reason, as well as for most of the other people I've townread. Whatever they've said so far just doesn't seem like scum to me.
  10. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Ah, that's okay! No hard feelings. Ah, I understand then. Thanks for the advice. Currently its late where I live, so I'll try to see if I can find and quote anything that I find suspicious tomorrow, hopefully before the timer runs out. Actually I just now read Corrobin's second post in this thread (can be found in page 2) where his reason for voting Shinori was that they were "Wisdom of the crowds, mostly" (which I dunno what that means) Then he later retracted his vote due to "misreading" which he never fully explained. I still find him suspicious of course, since its likely he unvoted due to all the flak he got, but just wanted to notify you all that he did provide a reason for why he voted.
  11. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    A-ah, sorry! I'll agree that I'm not really making any significant influence, but I don't really know how to either... I'm kind of just trying to lay low for the first few days. Sorry that this does make it harder for you to read me. I guess all I have to say is that none of us should be suspecting Corrobin for now until he gives us a clarification for his reasons for voting Shinori. Though I guess I'll probably vote him even if he hasn't given an explanation when there's like, 3 or 4 hours left before day 1 ends, since I don't find anyone else super suspicious. Yeah I guess it is pretty suspicious. Its totally possible he came up with a quick short reason to justify why he voted Shino and then unvoted so he wouldn't appear scum. But, as said before, I'll wait until he gives a reply. I responded specifically to that point mainly because the rest wasn't really directed at me and I talked about Corro before. And all I'm saying is that we should wait for Corro to respond before we vote him or something. Same with Mackc2 (if anyone decides to vote them for whatever reason) since they haven't post much on here either.
  12. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    To be fair they might be busy with IRL, like how Mackc2 is/was. I'm just going to wait for his explanation (given that he hopefully arrives before the time limit ends)
  13. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Yeah, I can understand that point. I guess its a general tactic for many scum to give the safest points. Or at least that's how it is most of the time in Town of Salem, haha. But I honestly have mostly neutral opinions of everyone. I guess that'll change once the game gets going with all the kills that will come. I think he unvoted in his third post and gave his reasons (which were really minimally). It's probably on page 4, iirc. The fact that he said he misread something and hence voted makes me think it was just a mistake on his part (he could be bluffing too I guess but not sure), so I'm just kind of waiting for an explanation for his action once he comes online, and hence I'm not voting him for now.
  14. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Well...if I have to be honest, even after hours I still don't really find anyone to be wrong in terms of townreading. I guess I'm not looking into things hard enough, but I will say for now that I don't think Via, Refa, Athena, and maaaybe Magnificence to not be scum. Mackc2 also doesn't seem to be scum but like I said before, he's only made 2 posts so I can't make a judgement on him right now. I guess that's understandable. It does seem more logical for a newbie to not go off voting (either for reasons like mine or other reasons) than to vote someone right off the bat to not look suspicious or hasty. I also haven't really found anyone super suspiciously scum (except for Corrobin initially but he's only posted three times here so I can't really assume his role) to vote anyways so there's that too. Yeah I do remember him saying he was busy. Hopefully he'll be online soon enough. That seems like a really dumb reason imo. Why?
  15. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

    Not really, but I guess I find you, Magnificence and Via to not really be scum from what you three have posted so far. And Mackc2 doesn't really appear Townie nor scum to me because, well, he's only really made two posts here so far so I can't make a judgement on him.