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  1. If Alm Decided To Grow Facial Hair...

    Huh. Who's that character and where is he from?
  2. (SIGN-UPS FULL) EiMM: How Far Can We Count On You To Survive?

    Gonna join, I guess!
  3. Getting a bug stuck in your eye

    I wish. This, so much. Its so irritating, especially when you're trying to sleep.
  4. Getting a bug stuck in your eye

    Has happened once or twice. One bug even went into my mouth and got crushed by my teeth accidentally.
  5. If Alm Decided To Grow Facial Hair...

    Until he's old, like 50 or 60 or something. And yeah I agree, he'd definitely go with something like Mycen's mustache
  6. Worst Cases in each Phoenix Wright Game?

    Yup, that's the one. Can't believe I forgot its name, haha.
  7. Worst Cases in each Phoenix Wright Game?

    Been a while since I played an AA game, so forgive me for any incorrect details: AA: Turnabout Sisters. Honestly kind of found it boring, Mia's death didn't really have an impact on me and minor things like how Edgeworth was introduced kind of irk me. The final trial with Redd White was not super satisfying either. Maya was at least introduced and it had some funny moments, so there's that at least. Worst 2nd case in the trilogy tho imo. JFA: Turnabout Circus was just...bleh. It felt overall boring, I didn't really like Max all that much, Moe was really annoying at times, Ben and Trilo were god awful, and I could absolutely not sympathize with Acro. That one testimony with Moe sucked but it didn't last long at least (and also savestates exist). T&T: Didn't really dislike any case in this one. I'd either say The Stolen Turnabout . It made the killer pretty obvious (like, come on, maybe you could not show Luke's silhouette for the flashback murder scene?). Larry was also pretty annoying. The case isn't too bad though, its pretty enjoyable for the most part. AJ: Turnabout Serenade. Mainly for the plot holes (which sort of make sense when you think about them, but its never addressed in game as far as I recall), and no skip button for the Guitar Serenade when you rewatch it. AAI1: The Kidnapped Turnabout. Just considered it pretty meh for the most part. Introduced a god awful People theme for the Armano dad and Lauren (who I think shared it as well, iirc). Not much else to say really, mostly because I don't remember much of it.
  8. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    FE4: Dew. He's weak at combat (only does like one or two damage per hit) for most of his unpromoted life, easy to get killed (dodgy abilities only show off for chapter 1, then come the horses). And his money stealing ability isn't so grand as you may think it is. But I just really like him despite all that. I like using him and he turns out really good combat wise once his promotion kicks in. FE6: Gwendolyn. Often considered the worst unit in all of FE, she's got low bases, can get one shot by an archer, and her defense growth is average for an armor knight. Still, I always use her whenever I replay FE6. Her growths are good enough that she can turn out great (and she's been blessed occasionally for me so there's that, lol), so she's always been one of my main units. FE8: Ewan. He's a trainee and all and if you don't use the skirmishes and tower he's a pain to train. But I do like to use him as a Dark Mage -> Druid and I also like his supports and overall personality.
  9. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    That was a fun game I guess, haha. I did poorly tho imo and wasn't exactly the best at discussion, and I seemed to have caused confusion among some of you, so sorry about that. Hopefully I will be better next time when I get to join another maf game. It was a pleasure to play with you all!
  10. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    change the avi*
  11. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Its okay. I should probably change, I've had it for too long imo.
  12. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    I'm...I'm a he.
  13. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Hi, currently not in a good moo due to IRL crap, so sorry if this post is short and all. Yeah, I can agree that I don't really like defenses like that very much either. And as for her role, I think we should let her just do her thing vig tonight and see the results. Depending on who Alette and Bart vote, I'll change my vote, but otherwise my vote's still on Weapons.
  14. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Might as well since most others have. I'm Town Vanilla. Which character? I'll let you guess. ribbit ribbit Yeah with the latest posts, I kind of changed my opinion on Alette and think of her as townlean I guess. I'm...a he. Also what's so weird about my Tuvy vote? Didn't agree with the Mackc2 wagon, and unfortunately did not have much time left that day to come here and do a vote either. Sorry about that. In the case of Weapons, basically what Athena said. I find it sus how both Dya and Weapons find each other town and then end up townreading you. Snike is um....I really have no opinion on Snike. I thought it was pretty sus how he tried to get Mackc lynched though, but that's really all I have to say about him. I'll check his posts on this thread later, I guess. I agree with this, it really does make them seem sus. However... I'm conflicted on whether we should vote Dya or nah. I say this because her posts (latest one and the one where she said would leave the game iirc) don't really seem like anything a scum would use as a defense (they would be really cheap defenses if anyone did imo, no offense). Besides its gonna be Night 5 soon so I don't mind her trying to prove her role, I guess. If everyone else agrees on lynching her though, I'll do too. But I'd rather vote Weapons. ##Vote: Weapons ----------------------------- I should just inform you all that I'll have to go somewhere tomorrow with my family, and I'll be back home on Sunday (so a total of four days). I'll try to see if I can post here while I'm there but I can't guarantee it.If I don't post @SB., have someone sub for my slot.
  15. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    Okay, that makes sense. It is a possibility that she planned ahead and still shot FJP so she could claim her role later and not get suspected due to the reasons you've posted...but I guess that's unlikely and far fetched so I do have to agree with your points. Wait, so what do you think of Weapons and Snike?