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  1. Besides for the weird ass leggings and the boobs looking weird, I don't really mind the overall design. Yeah, including the belly button, I didn't even notice it at first so its not a big deal for me. M!Blyeth's design looks better though.
  2. What do you think of FE6 as a whole?

    I can understand that, the game never does hint at how the route splits occur anyways, iirc. Still, I don't mind it being like that. Even better if there would be a hint to how a route split is going to be determined.
  3. What do you think of FE6 as a whole?

    Its a heavily flawed game with severe balance issues, and although I didn't mind the story, it is basically what FE3's story is. Having played SS and FE7 before, I also felt like this whole game was a sort of prototype. Or just really unpolished, but admittedly it was the first FE on the GBA so I can forgive it for that. Out of all the FEs I've played I'd honestly consider this to be the worst one yet. T h a t being said, however, the game was still enjoyable to play through despite all its flaws. Its certainly not good, but its fun to play at least. I also liked some of the features such as route splits and how they were handled. The gaiden requirements were harsh (especially in the case of the desert chapter), but it added more challenge to the game at least. I also liked the whole Western Isles arc. The game also introduced supports, which was really neat considering the previous FEs didn't have it. It gave more personality to the characters. It was also kind of fun to train Wendy
  4. Yeah, my bad, you were specifically referring to female ones. My point was that we have Gonzales, even though he's ugly. Again, my bad for not properly reading your statement, haha. Hm, that could work. Actually, Baron could also work a third class tier promotion (is that what you call that? You know, promoting a promoted unit into a higher promoted class?). With Jamke it could definitely work; he was originally intended to be a fighter anyways, right? In Brigid's case, I think it can only work if she does start off as a promoted Warrior, for the purpose of using Yewfelle. She does appear as a prepromote in the game anyways so its possible.
  5. I mean, Brigid sort of counts? She's technically an archer but she was part of a pirate group. I mean Gonzales. And they could technically just make an attractive looking character that's a brigand among brigands. Or Pirates. We had like, Geese, who was a pirate. Not knowledgeable on how capture works in Fates. Are the foes you capture only temporarily usable or...? The Baron class has that boss level feel to it that I'd rather they keep it enemy exclusive. It is mainly reserved for em high class nobles and kings like Chagall anyways right? If they were to allow a character become a baron however, who would it be? An already existing character or some new original character? And how would they justify it?
  6. Yeah that's completely possible too. T h a t being said though, if all such situations had recruitable characters then it would be way too big a cast imo.
  7. I can actually kind of imagine an original female brigand (or even a male one) betraying her group along with Brigid, or even being an enemy-recruitable unit that's just done with the pirates bullcrap (or something along those lines). That would suit most for a dragon knight turned mercenary imo. Though its also possible she can be recruited through money like Beowulf.
  8. Screw you FE casuals!

    lmao at how pissed people are getting over this post.
  9. hmm, then I can only assume you either patched it incorrectly or this is some bug from the patch itself. Maybe discuss it with the project exile group in that case.
  10. That sucks. At least the guy released the menu patch, which is perfect for anyone just wanting to play the game for the, well, gameplay.
  11. Yeah, I assume all the glitches and bugs he's facing are due to using the Shaya patch for the most part. Could be that he patched the game wrong but I'm unsure what problems occur by patching a game incorrectly. Speaking of patches, whatever happened to the Unified Thracia Project?
  12. What does the word Casual mean to you.

    I just take the word casual to mean being more carefree when playing a game, or playing a game for the fun of it. Ngl its been a while since I last saw someone use "casual" as an insult, not counting jokes of course. But yeah it does suck when someone uses the term to describe someone as being inferior to them or something.
  13. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    This was fun, not too thrilling but scum was busy IRL so I can't blame them.
  14. Which translation patch are you using for the game?
  15. Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3

    Sorry* in place of the last sentence