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  1. A slight glitch/bug with Tine.

    Yeah I tend to mainly use savestates. Didn't know they could result in minor glitches, so I'll try to use the normal save function more often now.
  2. You think Seliph x Julia is too much? According to developer notes, iirc, Julius was originally going to have sex with his own mother at one point in the story....for some unexplained reason. Buuut anyways, Pretty sure that in a remake, Julia x Seliph would be impossible, probably by just not letting any increase of love points between them. In fact I would expect most of the incest relationships with the exception of the plot important Arvis x Deirdre to be toned down. Or they would just do a Fates thing where family tree shenanigans makes Corrin marrying any of his brothers or sisters totally okay. I could see that happening with Lachesis and Eldigan, at least. As for the topic, don't all medieval stories have many similarities with each other? I'll admit, I haven't read that many, but most of them tend to at least have a serious dark tone,
  3. A slight glitch/bug with Tine.

    Yeah I dunno know whether bug or glitch is the proper term, but anyways: Was currently playing through Chapter 7 and have captured Melgen castle. Alster has sent out its reinforcements, including Tine...but uh, for some reason, Tine's map sprite is that of a Thunder mage, instead of a normal mage's. Her status screen shows that her class is mage and her sprite is of the Mage class as well. Why the map sprite is that of a Thunder mage (and only on the map), I have no idea. Is this a common bug? Can this be fixed? EDIT: Nevermind, restarted the game again from a save file and Tine's map sprite is back to normal. Still don't know why the glitch/bug happened, but oh well.
  4. Cleared the browser history, and it fixed Youtube. I guess I should have known to do that, seeing as Chrome would often lag when I didn't clear my browser history for like a month. That wasn't the case since Youtube worked on my dad's computer. I'll keep in mind of reinstalling Chrome if the problem occurs again and the other methods don't worl. As for viruses, I have an anti virus and I did some scans too to see if there were any viruses. Fortunately, there was none.
  5. 1. I don't have any download extension, so that isn't a problem. 2. Update I could do. 3. Or this.
  6. Okay, downloaded Firefox. Youtube works on it, so it must be a Chrome problem.
  7. The only other browser I have is the old Internet Explorer. It works slow.
  8. I don't know if this goes in general, but whatever. Anyways, since yesterday, YouTube isn't working for me. The background gets loaded, but everything else (search bar, subscribed channels, notifications and your own channel, videos, setting e.t.c.) does not. Has anyone else been facing this problem? Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  9. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    Wasn't it just considered extremely immoral, hence why it was outlawed?
  10. Hi everybody.

    sorry for the late reply, but anyways, good luck with Growlanser and Der Langrisser if you get back to that one.
  11. I guess you're right about Hugh, it would be more challenging to train him at the lower costs. As for Sophia, yeah you should promote her when she's 20/20. If Ward is under his average strength, then I guess its better to use Geese instead. Kind of expected Treck's stats to be lower than Percival, but he's still usable. And cool to know Dorothy's the mvp now. So I assume you're going to give her the Mulagir?
  12. Did you recruit him at the highest cost or the lowest cost? Tate seems pretty good. As expected, her Speed is great, and her Strength, Defense and Skill are good enough for a Pegasus Knight as well. You should just use Sophia mainly for healing or being a mage killer once she promotes. Her stats are nothing extraordinary for fighting purposes and her Skill is garbage. Bench her if you really want to. Ward is okay, his Strength is only his real specialty here. Wendy seems good, although her Strength is low, but her Speed's okay. Geese seems pretty, with high Strength, Skill, and good enough Speed and Defense. He's certainly better all around compared to Ward. Treck seems to have good enough stats all around. Nothing really outstanding, as you said, but still a useful unit. Wolt's okay, Dorothy seems better (according to the last screenshot we've seen of her) but Wolt has better Luck and Defense. Barth is just Barth with his high Strength, Con, and Defense and everything else being crap. Good luck training Hugh, if you recruited him at the highest cost he should't be heard to use. I don't think Roy's B support with Sophia is locked unless you actually initiate the support convo with Lilina. So you don't need to kill her.
  13. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but upon getting KOS-MOS the game crashes and you lose your save files. I wish I had motivation to complete games.
  14. Hi everybody.

    Welcome to the forest. Nice to know that you're also a fan of Langrisser. I myself just finished Der Langrisser some days ago, haha.