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  1. Is it worth buying the DS FE games?

    Honestly speaking, I found Shadow Dragon boring and a bit too faithful to the original. I much prefer FE3. So...I say you shouldn't buy Shadow Dragon, but if you really want to play it, go ahead. I would suggest emulation for it instead of paying for it, but that's up to you. New Mystery is...well, it's different, but mostly in a good way. It's got good gameplay, good maps, some basic supports, having an avatar...basically, it's got enough new things that makes it worth checking out. I suggest you buy it.
  2. Hilarious Misconceptions You Had About Video-Games

    -Ace Attorney: I thought the games just focused on trials, had no investigations, and had about 10 cases or something. Boy was I wrong. Also, since I played Ace Attorney: Justice for All first, I thought Maya Fey was a hacker until case 2. -Danganronpa: I thought it was some survival stealth game where you try to save yourself from getting killed by the others. Again, I was seriously wrong. -Fire Emblem 3: The Rom for FE3 (which came with the SNES emulator I had) had the name "Hacked by James (J)". I, being the little idiot I was, legit thought that was the game's name. Then I actually started playing it and realized it's not. Oh, and I also thought Marth was a girl. -Fire Emblem 4: I thought that the game would end if you had like only half of the total number of units alive. Later I realized that Sigurd dying was the reason I got a lot of game overs. -The World Ends With You: I thought it was a game where you were a kid with superpowers, who later is hired as an agent. Again, I was wrong, except for maybe the superpower part. -Sonic the Hedgehog 3: I thought Knuckles was the main antagonist of the game. Turns out he just got tricked.
  3. What Would You Do If You Woke Up With The Above Avatar In Your Bed?

    Tell him he's actually hallucinating about me, and that we're not on the same bed, nor in the same place.
  4. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    From the returning artists, I would like Sachiko Wada, the artist for Sacred Stones. I really like her marvelous artstyle, especially the colours. I wouldn't mind Hidari to come back either. His art is just gorgeous. As for other artists, Rui Komatsuzuki would be my choice, the artist of the Danganronpa series. His art's pretty good, especially the eyes, imo.
  5. Insult the user above you.

    Prince of Procrastination? Heh. So that means I'm the King.
  6. Insult the user above you.

    You call yourself the Keklord? I disagree. To be a true Keklord, you must end your sentences with "kek". Like this: Kek.
  7. Insult the user above you.

    Your insults seem pretty hot. Even though you're the king of ice. Is that supposed to be a contradiction?
  8. Which DS game do you like better?

    I like New Mystery more, although this is because it does more as a remake than Shadow Dragon. Otherwise, I don't really like both that much compared to FE3.
  9. So I guess "personal favourite" is the best word to describe this list, and his other lists as you have said. Yeah, his list seems to be based more on 20/20 stats rather than the actual efficiency and others factors of a unit. Especially considering the fact he didn't put Lute in the list because she has a lower skill stat than Ewan. For me, Ross and Amelia tend to have higher stats than their "counterparts" (Garcia and Franz, respectively), but it's only a difference of one to two points usually. Whereas Ewan would only really prove to be better than Knoll if we go the Dark magic route, but he's never been better than Lute and Saleh. I somewhat agree. I don't think she's the worst unit, but she's definitely not in the top 10. There was an old list? If possible, can you give me a link to it? I'd like to check it out. What I meant was that we shouldn't attack the author too much, but mainly discuss his list and what's wrong with it. I have to agree. "Best" was definitely not the correct term for this list. Also, what do you guys think of Tana being placed along with Cormag in this list?
  10. Going to Take Break From SF for a While

    Unfortunate, but I understand your decision. We haven't talked much, but I've seen your posts around here often, so I will miss you. Take care.
  11. Thanks. It also hides my other hat, which is good.
  12. https://levelskip.com/rpgs/Fire-Emblem-Sacred-Stones-7-Best-Units First of all, I'm not making this topic so that people could shit on it. Respectfully disagree with it, if you don't like it. Anyways, I made this topic just because I wanted to know what's your opinion on it, especially regarding the top three because most people seem to have different opinions of them in this forum. As for me, I'm just surprised there's no Seth, Artur or Lute, since they're really great units.
  13. 1. Duessel. 2. Glen. 3. Selena. 4. Caelach. 5. Riev. 6. Valter. I was actually confused as to whether I should place Glen higher than Duessel, considering that he realized earlier than the other two that what Grado was doing was wrong. But Dussel helps Ephraim and also joins him so I placed him higher... Selena would have been higher if she wasn't a Camus. The last three are all really awful, so you can say their positions are extremely close.
  14. I decided to give it to Myrhh. Probably not the one who deserves it the most, but oh well...
  15. Batman Ninja

    I guess. It looks better than some CG I've seen... The CG in this movie definitely looks better than the ones used in the first four Jojo openings, imo.