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  1. Hey Cynthia, the Patriots' season ended pretty much the same way it started last year. The Jags are for real though. Also Gordon is no sure thing. He still has to learn the offense and stay out of trouble. He was traded for a conditional pick too so there's "incentive" to not play him if he can't get with the program. His contributions are very much up in the air
  2. Eric Weddle's beard is so nasty
  3. The Browns are such a clown squad it's honestly fantastic. They finished +5 in turnovers yesterday. Here's a great stat: since the Browns returned to the NFL, teams with a +5 turnover margin in games are 132-4-1. The browns are responsible for 2 of those losses and the tie
  4. GAME DAY FOOLS Congrats, we all made it. What a horrifying offseason it was, and hopefully the last one where Eagles fans are champions. Nothing beats Week 1 imo. Also I've returned to my ways of foolish football gambling. This week's pick is Browns Straight Up, (+160) the Steelers are notoriously bad on the road and the wind is going to be a legitimate factor, hampering both teams' passing games. I think the combination of Tyrod Taylor + Hyde/Chubb/Duke Johnson will be too much to handle for Pittsburgh's defense. Of course, I only make terrible bets so who really knows how this will turn out. Everyone enjoy your Glorious Sabbath
  5. preseason injuries suck
  6. Hold on, Ridley is proven... a proven bum/chronic fumbler. And I think any team flush with cap space could bring in Bell. Also, he would never end up with the Patriots, so no need to worry there. Maybe the Jets or Browns?
  7. I would bet a lot of money that this is his last season in Pittsburgh. It's the right move for both parties, too.
  8. lol a theme park at an NFL stadium seems so... extra Training camp has opened tho, thank goodness. The hole in my heart will soon be filled again with betting spreads, fantasy hi-jinks, and another deep playoff run for the Patriots
  9. I feel you, Mike Mularkey doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Hopefully Mariota thrives under a fresh coach and system
  10. See, I think the team underachieved because of Mariota's regression. The fact that he was taking steps back as a passer in his 3rd season does not bode well for his future. Of course, it remains to be seen how much of that is due to coaching, or if he can turn things around. He played behind one of the best OLs in the league and his pass catchers, while not world beaters, weren't exactly slouches. They have the pieces in place on offense to be dynamic
  11. Yeah, if you're expecting a team QB'd by Tom Brady to go 8-8/9-7 and miss the playoffs... well, you're gonna be disappointed of course Gronk didn't commit to returning next season so hey, maybe the end is near
  12. It's idiotic to me in the sense that it implies Belichick can do no wrong. Obviously he deserves trust more so than any coach in the league but that doesn't mean his moves should be blindly followed or that he's somehow above making a bad move
  13. lol that's an elite gif also one day later and I still can't believe Butler didn't play a single goddamn snap. Hopefully this kills the idiotic saying "in Belichick we trust"' forever
  14. Bill said it was for "football reasons," aka, he wasn't good enough to see defensive snaps, but Jonathon Bademosi (a career fucking special teamer) can get snaps and miss a crucial tackle late in the game. It's ironic to me, in that Bill's arrogance is well-deserved given his coaching ability, but it has often held him back in certain situations
  15. Apparently Belichick thought he would be better off on defense when Butler on the sidelines. Bill deserves to be raked over coals for that one