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  1. I don't think the Jags have much of a chance in Foxboro this Sunday. If they stick to the same offensive gameplan they've used all season, they're going to find the sledding to be very tough. Fournette is the type of back that gets swallowed up by this Patriots front 7 (if you don't believe me, look at Henry's numbers from last week.) Part of that is because of James Harrison, who is an absolute beast playing against the run. I think Jacksonville's only chance offensively is to mix in a ton of spread formations with quick passes, and to utilize Yeldon out of the backfield. Yeldon is a huge mismatch in the passing game against any linebacker on the Patriots. Offensively, I think the Patriots will utilize their own running back's heavily in the passing game. That and a steady mix of Gronk/Amendola should probably be enough to win the game. Granted, if that Jacksonville defensive line can play out of their minds, this game could turn into a slugfest and come down to the wire
  2. I doubt that changes his demands from earlier. I'll be watching his situation closely. Hopefully the Patriots can sign Dion Lewis long-term before Bell does inevitably reset the RB market
  3. I read speculation that the safety was trying to avoid a head-to-head hit so he went low, but he honestly just launched himself without even trying to look. It was a pretty tough way to end your season, no doubt
  4. That was definitely an incredible play, but if that safety had any common sense whatsoever, he tackles Diggs inbounds and the game ends right there. Either way, that was a fantastic game and a quality win for the Vikings
  5. Holy fuck. Unbelievable, Rahim Moore-esque fuck up by that Saints defensive back
  6. A lot think of the problems on the Steelers start with Tomlin. One of the things Bill Belichick does without fail is ensure that his team is focused on the opponent that week and absolutely NOTHING else (also led to the infamous "we're on to Cincinnati" line from Bill after the blowout KC loss and death of the dynasty.) Tomlin's team this year showed that it was not always focused on the opponent at hand by constantly playing down to bad opponents. Obviously I'm not trying to trash the Jaguars, but Leveon Bell's tweet is an example of a player (and an important one, too) clearly not 100% focused on that week's game. Hell, even Tomlin himself said on national tv in NOVEMBER that he was looking forward to the rematch with New England in the championship game. I think Tomlin doesn't help in any aspect whatsoever, leading to his coordinator's doing the same old crap they always do. Is anyone watching this Vikings-Saints game? I find it bizarre that the Saints are having their punter play with an obvious injury. I feel like he could be seriously hurt and shouldn't be in the game.
  7. I think Mike Tomlin just proved he's the worst coach in the league. That ending sequence was unreal. Actually, it was pathetic. He should be fired immediately
  8. If you think the Jags are a bad team then you really haven't been watching football this season. Also, chill. There's still a lot of time left
  9. I don't quite understand multiple Steelers players coming out and talking about next week's game. Hopefully all that BS will inspire Bortles to do amazing things and throw for 150 yards
  10. lol I'm very aware that the Patriots make it more often than anyone else. I'm just explaining why basically everyone outside of Pittsburgh is rooting for Jacksonville today, including me
  11. It has more to do with the fact that the Steelers are in the mix for the AFC title almost every season. There are very, VERY few (if any at all) people rooting for the Steelers or Patriots that aren't fans of the teams themselves. I mean, only one QB who isn't Ben, Brady, or Peyton Manning, has represented the AFC in the Super Bowl in the past 15 seasons? And that guy turned out to be basically average at best. Fans want to see something new, can you really blame them?
  12. I'm a Patriots fan, but I try to stay honest
  13. Agreed. Pretty shitty reffing so far. Ball don't lie though, maybe Brady throws a pick-6
  14. It was definitely a bad call. Butler was falling down and got bailed out by the call. also I've decided I hate Tony Romo in the booth
  15. Dion Lewis is totally bailing out this offense. Baby goat is going to touch the ball 25+ times if the Patriots are gonna win this game