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  1. I feel you, Mike Mularkey doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Hopefully Mariota thrives under a fresh coach and system
  2. See, I think the team underachieved because of Mariota's regression. The fact that he was taking steps back as a passer in his 3rd season does not bode well for his future. Of course, it remains to be seen how much of that is due to coaching, or if he can turn things around. He played behind one of the best OLs in the league and his pass catchers, while not world beaters, weren't exactly slouches. They have the pieces in place on offense to be dynamic
  3. Yeah, if you're expecting a team QB'd by Tom Brady to go 8-8/9-7 and miss the playoffs... well, you're gonna be disappointed of course Gronk didn't commit to returning next season so hey, maybe the end is near
  4. It's idiotic to me in the sense that it implies Belichick can do no wrong. Obviously he deserves trust more so than any coach in the league but that doesn't mean his moves should be blindly followed or that he's somehow above making a bad move
  5. lol that's an elite gif also one day later and I still can't believe Butler didn't play a single goddamn snap. Hopefully this kills the idiotic saying "in Belichick we trust"' forever
  6. Bill said it was for "football reasons," aka, he wasn't good enough to see defensive snaps, but Jonathon Bademosi (a career fucking special teamer) can get snaps and miss a crucial tackle late in the game. It's ironic to me, in that Bill's arrogance is well-deserved given his coaching ability, but it has often held him back in certain situations
  7. Apparently Belichick thought he would be better off on defense when Butler on the sidelines. Bill deserves to be raked over coals for that one
  8. Yeah, apparently the TD to Foles was an illegal formation too I'm looking for two halftime adjustments if the patriots are getting back into this: 1) no more WR screen bullshit 2) Jordan Richards stops getting snaps on defense I have little confidence in either of those coming true, but a man can hope EDIT: this may sound insane, but this josh mcdaniels rumor that just sprouted up is very intriguing. It really makes me wonder if this is Bill Belichick's final game
  9. Pretty tough game so far. Defense has been unable to do much outside of a few standouts and losing Cooks is going to fuq with the offense hard. Time to see what halftime adjustments Bill has up his sleeve
  10. Game day bitches! honestly, regardless of what happens, I'm happy to know that you'll all be pleased with an Eagles win. Would take some of the sting out of a super bowl loss
  11. He also has the best winning percentage of a coach in franchise history. I just don't think he runs the locker room very well. Also his teams have been notorious for playing down to inferior competition. To me, that starts with the coach. You're right, though, there's no guarantee a better replacement is out there. It'll be interesting to see if his squads have the same issues going forward
  12. I wouldn't hold out hope on Tomlin becoming any better at this coaching thing. I'd say he is what he is at this point in time, which I believe to be an awful coach
  13. I like Vrabel (obvious bias included,) but I'm really not sure how he ranks compared to other Titans coaches. They key to achieving success during his tenure is going to be reversing Mariota's regression, so Vrabel's OC/QB coach will be imperative
  14. I wouldn't count on it. But, I guess anything is possible
  15. It's not over yet. I'm not convinced the Eagles offense is legit with Foles. The Vikings just can't abandon the run and put too much on Keenum's plate