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  1. Paragons

    Ike is actually a really good example of a paragon. Apart from his personal vendetta with the Black Knight, everything he does, he does because he sees good needing to be done. He is blunt and reckless, yet his kindness and compassion, and the way he sees everyone as an equal, makes him extremely charismatic. By chapter 18 of Path of Radiance, the Black Knight notes that, "Though his skill with the blade is rough, there is something...uncanny about him. People seem drawn to him. And not just Begnion's apostle, either. He's also gained the trust of the Serenes survivors...and of King Phoenicis as well." No matter how much Ike's bluntness and lack of social etiquette may infuriate people, all Ike ever has to do is swing his sword around and act all blunt yet kind, and people from all across Tellius flock to his side like it's the right thing to do, because of how much of a paragon Ike is. The way Ike inspires people is probably most evident in Soren and Elincia. Ike gives Elincia a much needed confidence boost throughout all of Path of Radiance, and he brings about quite a bit of character development in Soren as well, especially if one reads the support conversations between them. This doesn't stop him from being flawed. Paragon characters aren't perfect; usually they're very stubborn and reluctant to change their ways if there's something wrong with what they're doing, because they're so certain they're doing the right thing. Ike is no exception: he is extremely reckless and gets in and out of a lot of trouble because of it. But, unlike a lot of FE lords, Ike learns from his mistakes. He sees where he's messed up, and learns from it, and is even willing to change his viewpoint about stuff if what he originally thought is proven wrong. Early on in chapter... 11 I think, he admits to falling into the trap of thinking, "Crimea = good, Daein = bad" because of the war. But, when he sees that that viewpoint is wrong, he learns from it and acts against that viewpoint. He learns, and his struggle to learn from his mistakes is really well done. Ike is a really effective example of a paragon character in Path of Radiance, and to an extent in RD, though it isn't shown nearly as much in RD.
  2. Exactly what I was going to suggest. Male Robin has a very good support with Cordelia that explores a part of Cordelia the story briefly touches on but no other conversations really explore. Honestly I liked it enough that I paired up male Robin and her for half of my playthroughs, and male Robin and someone else who I cannot say without spoilers for the other half... If not male Robin, Lon'qu is alright. The first three conversations have to do with them helping each other, despite Lon'qu's fear of women. Lon'qu's the only guy that figures out for himself that Cordelia likes Chrom, and Cordelia at least claims that her crush on Chrom is in the past now that she's begun falling for Lon'qu (no idea if she's telling the truth though). So at least there's that. I'm honestly not sure why so many people pair Stahl and Cordelia anyway. I usually pair Stahl with Panne (it's absolutely hilarious). Who did you pair Stahl with?
  3. So About Ike

    You're also high-functioning autistic? Wow; first it was that Ike was our favourite character. Then it was that PoR was our first respective FE game after playing Smash Bros. Now, both of us are high-functioning autistic. Just curious; are you by any chance red-haired or left-handed?
  4. King Garon is a ripoff of Ganondorf!

    It's been a long time since I played OoT, but I don't think he was ever banished from the Gerudo. If I recall, only Nabooru openly opposed Ganon. The rest were either too afraid or had no idea what was truly going on. Also, there were rumours of brainwashing experiments; rumours that proved true in the case of Nabooru... Gerudo banning men, if I recall, had nothing to do with Ganon. I think it had to do with the fact that, despite the need for Hylain men to reproduce, the Gerudo do not trust Hylain men. And yes; they do need Hylain men. Think about it; every "pure Gerudo" would thus be half-siblings at the very least. The gene pool would become so small... Going back to the Garon/Ganon thing. Yeah; there are lots of parallels between them. Though Ganon is usually the one who hijacks the role of main villain from others, not the one whose role as main villain gets hijacked...
  5. So About Ike

    Oh; well, in that case (be warned, it may be long): To start: All this; Path of Radiance was my first FE game, and I seriously wish he had gotten a better ending than he did. Considering he spent so much of both games trying to master his father's style of swordsmanship, I thought that he would at least give some thought to passing it down, perhaps by teaching others (as many sword masters throughout history ended up doing). Now for my input: As someone with high-functioning autism, my mind works a bit differently than others, and part of it is that it takes a lot more effort for me to learn about societal norms and such. So, naturally, I found Ike: an introverted, somewhat socially awkward peasant who has to learn about the world around him, far more relatable than all the princes and noble sons. I also like the fact that, apart from his vendetta with the Black Knight, his actions are built around trying to do good where he sees good needing to be done. He has internal motivation, not just, "My kingdom got invaded. I must fight back against the monsters and army of thousands using my thirteen soldiers." I like characters that have internal reasons to do stuff, and I like those kinds of moral paragon characters that do good when good needs being done and inspire others, and, despite the trouble his lack of social awareness often causes, he certainly also has the inspiring part down. The Black Knight even notes, "People seem drawn to him." This even makes him a catalyst for character development in other people; particularly Soren and Elincia. His desire to do good, combined with the different way in which he views the world, makes him stubborn and reckless, but those are flaws that he learns from. Speaking of which, I like that he has actual character development. So many FE lords just don't have any obvious character development (Alm being a blatant example). Sure, Ike's development is considered to largely plateau in Radiant Dawn, but what character development is there, is actually really good, and there's more than enough of it in Path of Radiance to compensate. I like that he actually recognizes his limits. Much like Khadgar in WoW (barely played the game, but did enjoy the lore and the film), Ike's acknowledgement of his own limits makes him all the more badass. He acknowledges repeatedly that he does not feel comfortable commanding an army, and gives orders such as, "Commander Tanith's troops, are to follow Commander Tanith's orders". He acknowledges that he still has much to learn when it comes to commanding the Greil Mercenaries (though he does grow into the role gradually and effectively), and he acknowledges his own mistakes and errors. I find it really interesting when a character recognizes where their limits are, and, for Ike, it was really well done. I like that he is a master swordsman in the story, and is such a great unit in the gameplay. By the end, he easily cuts down pretty much everything apart from Ashnard and the Black Knight with ease. On a smaller note, I also relate to Ike in having a black hole for a stomach, making all the jokes about his eating habits particularly funny for me. Well; that's my input for now. I did say it could get long.
  6. So About Ike

    Ike is my favourite FE character of all time. He's not just an excellent character. In Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, he is an excellent unit, to the point where one can fairly easily complete Path of Radiance using Ike alone. As a unit, he's probably the best FE lord. As a character, in my humble opinion, even more so. I like his personality. Blunt, honest, eager to learn from mistakes, and so much more I could say, but I am bad at describing character personalities in just a few words. I like that he is a peasant, rather than a prince or noble. It offers a truly fresh and unique perspective compared to every other FE lord.
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    The direct was cool, though I think (see spoiler below for the rest of the sentence). The game looks awesome, and I don't really have a problem with the expansion pass, as at least it is all an option, and not necessarily stuff that should've been in the game already. By the way, I was just on the updated website. One of the pictures for the Argentum Trade Guild shows the titan "Gramps" being there at the same time as what appear to be a Mor Ardain ship, and a Torna ship. First, there's no way at all that it spells trouble for the heroes (sarcasm). Second, once again, one can see that the Torna ship does not have any titans. I wonder why. EDIT: Also; something I've been meaning to say. The sword that Pyra powers is called the Aegis. But the name Aegis refers to a mythological shield. Why call a sword that?
  8. Favorite FE Lord?

    Cool. Path of Radiance was the first FE game I played as well apart from Smash Bros. Melee.
  9. Have you ever made a stupid mistake when buying a game?

    I bought For Honor on the PS4. It was fun until I realized that everything in the game, including story mode for some reason, was completely online-dependent. Once I completed story mode and moved on to multiplayer, I found out that it requires PlayStation Plus, which I do not have and had not even heard of because I rarely use the PS4, preferring Nintendo games. So I was able to enjoy the game for the length of the Playstation Plus free trial (two days!!). Fortunately, Breath of the Wild was released not long afterward. Still, that's $80 I'm never getting back.
  10. Favorite FE Lord?

    My favourite lord? Ike; no contest. There are a lot of things I could say, and I am both not good with words and I am terrible at keeping stuff like this short, but I shall try: The fact that he is a peasant, rather than a noble or prince, already gives him a unique perspective compared to every other FE lord. He has no grand heroic legacy placed upon him; even trying to succeed his father as mercenary leader and ultimate swordsman is a personal journey that is his choice, rather than a choice more or less thrust upon him as part of the overall plot. Throughout his journey, we see him struggle, first with being a member of his father's mercenary group, then with him having to lead said mercenary group, all the way to him having to lead an army. We see him struggle with leadership, and, while it's usually a small thing, we see him acknowledge his limits. He tells one soldier, "Commander Tanith's soldiers, are to follow Commander Tanith's orders", and he outright tells Zelgius that he's not comfortable leading an army. So it is clearly established that he can't do everything, and he sees where his limits are. I like his personality: blunt and introverted, yet kind, compassionate, and humble. Plus, he's a bit of a moral paragon character. Apart from his vendetta with the Black Knight, everything he does is guided by his sense of doing good where good needs to be done, making him very heroic, yet also reckless, and his recklessness is acknowledged several times as one of his main flaws. Once it's brought up, even he agrees about his faults, and smartens up. That's character development. Not only that, but, without him realizing it, he quickly proves to be very charismatic, and it is clear that he inspires people, and becomes a catalyst for character development in others; especially Elincia and Soren, without everything in the story needing to be about him. Come Radiant Dawn, he doesn't really need further development since he's all grown up, and so much character development in Path of Radiance. Yet, scenes such as the one where he forgives the Black Knight and considers him his final teacher is a small, yet really nice moment of character development for him. In Path of Radiance, he went after the Black Knight because the Black Knight killed his father; it was all about vengeance. By the time Black Knight is fought and defeated once and for all in Radiant Dawn, vengeance is no longer on his mind at all. Also, he is almost certainly the best lord in all of FE as a unit in both games, to the point where one of the easiest ways to complete Path of Radiance is to let Ike deal with almost everything.
  11. Which FE would you like to see get a remake next?

    I know; I was mostly just making a joke.
  12. Which FE would you like to see get a remake next?

    Path of Radiance; mainly so I can sell my Gamecube copy after having heard that even a used one can sell for a huge amount. But also because Path of Radiance is my favourite FE game.
  13. Worst Fire Emblem Lord?

    Character: Corrin: (Note I will be referring to Corrin as "they" or "them" to avoid specifying gender, since Corrin can be either gender) Though it's not entirely the character's fault, as a lot of the problems with them can be attributed to the terrible plot in general, but the character also has serious problems that severely harm the plot because of Corrin themselves: M/Gary Sue: they distort the plot around themselves, turning even things that should have nothing to do with them being all about them and making Corrin seem like the only thing in the universe. They even make supporting characters worse by making some of their interactions with other characters all about Corrin. That is the definition of a M/Gary Sue. Hopelessly naïve, among other things, yet they never learn. It's always a problem when a hero has clear faults, but never actually learns. Usually a problem in TV shows when directors and writers decide status quo is more important than character development. In this case, not only does Corrin go the whole game without ever actually learning, but no one in the game calls them out on their flaws. This wouldn't be a problem if Corrin realized their faults for themselves and tried to learn from their mistakes, but Corrin never learns; usually without consequences that are ever attributed to Corrin. Unit: Shadow Dragon Marth. Level 30 instead of promoting, subpar base stats, and not the best growths. Unique swords and access to the convoy (at the permanent cost of an item slot, I might add) doesn't really compensate. On easy mode, I got Marth fully-leveled up, he had the Falchion, and Medeua still would've have one-round KO'ed him. If the lord character, at max level, stands no chance against the final boss he is supposed to be destined to defeat (while using a weapon that is said final boss' bane), then that lord is a bad unit.
  14. Canon Couples

    I very much like seeing established couples in Fire Emblem. I especially like when they are already a couple when they appear in the game. As much as I disliked Clive in Part 3 for both his decisions and him not being a good unit, his relationship with Mathilda was quite good. This sounds like a good idea. I admittedly have never played the GBA games, but having both established couples and couples you can choose based on supports would be good. That also sounds like a good idea; having a more natural progression than 3 friendly conversations, followed by proposal. Didn't the Robin x Lucina S-Support conversation in Awakening end in a love confession rather than marriage? I think there might have been a few others that also didn't jump from three friendly conversations to "Is that a ring?"
  15. Why Don't Archers Just Get New Arrows?

    I'm pretty sure the bow breaking in Fire Emblem is referring to the actual bow breaking, not just simply running out of arrows. If they don't have weapon durability in the next game, they could use arrows as a way to balance archers. They could have iron arrows, steel arrows, silver arrows, bodkin arrows (anti-armour), broadhead (anti-beast and cavalry), etc.