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  1. Favorite RPG?

    If Strategy RPGs count, then Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I can honestly and easily say that it is my favourite video game of all time. It's the first Fire Emblem game I ever played, and I absolutely love it: the gameplay, the level design, the characters, the story, the worldbuilding, all of it. If not, then... Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel. Battle Network is probably my favourite version of Mega Man, and this game stands out among all the ones that I played. The gameplay was excellent (I even liked the liberation stages), and I really enjoyed the story and the characters. The only real problems with it that come to mind are the odd bad translations: "Mr. Famous? What am I doing here?" And that's a minor issue. For Western RPGs in particular... I haven't played very many of them, to be honest. It's basically just The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I can't really list The Witcher 3 as I only got started on it recently and I'm not very far. So, I guess Dragon Age: Inquisition wins by default. Honourable Mentions: I will always look back on Xenoblade Chronicles 1 for its story, worldbuilding, and creative concept for a world (I don't think I would have ever come up with, "In a world where all life lives on the bodies of two humanoid continent-sized titans, the humanlike people are in a war with a robotic army that only one weapon has been able to defeat). But I will hesitate about replaying it because of the combat and the terrible sidequests. Megaman Starforce 1, 2 and 3. Yes, I even like Starforce 2 (I honestly don't understand why it's the least-liked of the three. Well, I guess one of them would inevitably be the least-liked of the three). I enjoy the combat, even though it became less about tactics and more about reaction time. I really like the story, the characters, and the simple yet beautiful theme of the series that all of us are better when we have people who love us, which is explored thoroughly throughout the games and given plenty of depth.
  2. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    So some girls do like redheads. Interesting... In all seriousness, I probably would have bought Blazing Sword, had I had the chance, for a somewhat related reason: there aren't a lot of male redhead heroes in video games, which makes male redheads such as myself feel a little left out. There's Roy and Eliwood, Adol Christin, and I think that's it. We're 2% of most western countries' population, yet 0.0000000000002% of video game heroes and protagonists. As a male redhead, it's a little annoying for me. when I have a beard, I'm told I look like Ed Sheeran, and when I'm cleanshaven, I'm told I look like Ron Weasley, and I get the impression that it's because those are the only two male redheads anyone's ever heard of.
  3. Who was your first S support?

    How did you react when Revelations revealed that they're cousins?
  4. Greatest Evil Usurper Villain

    I was talking about Lekain. He's a major villain. Yes, but Numida was the one in Begnion while Jarod was the one in Daein giving orders. Plus, it becomes all Jarod near the end when Numida cuts ties with him and uses him as a scapegoat.
  5. Greatest Evil Usurper Villain

    I said, "Often betrays the king"; they don't always. He's not the only example on the list that doesn't. Legal Occupation is still occupation, and his cruel treatment of the Daein citizens definitely wasn't legal. There's no overthrow, but there is occupation. No, he should. He's a disc-one villain who leads the occupation and is the main villain of part 1 while being a minion of the main villains in the end.
  6. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    I didn't make this, but I found it and it fits this topic:
  7. Greatest Evil Usurper Villain

    True; but I'm talking more about the disc-one boss kind of Evil Usurpers, and Lekain is technically an Evil Emperor and final villain; given how major he is and how he isn't fought until the endgame of part 4. It's similar to the reasons I didn't list Ashnard: too major. Plus, he's in charge of the guy in charge of Jarod. Lekain really fits under the Evil Emperor archetype, not this. (In fact, in the poll I made for evil emperor villains in FE, I listed Lekain).
  8. Greatest Evil Usurper Villain

    I had thought of Ludveck, but then I thought that, since he never actually succeeds in overthrowing Elincia, he might not count. What do you think? From the description that I gave, do you think the fact that he never actually gained power should be enough to keep him off the list? I do agree though that he's interesting. I've never played Roy's game; I included Narshen because his character description says, "Led the attack on [Roy's homeland]" and since I am including generals (such as Jarod), I figured that he'd probably count. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Over the course of the series, Fire Emblem has had it's share of what I'm calling Evil Usurpers: a sort-of disc-one villain that typically begins the plot by being leader of the group that often betrays the king, and always leads the overthrow and/or occupation of the hero's kingdom; usually on behalf of the major villains. These villains set up an early personal conflict for the heroes, while also setting up the grander arc by being just a minion in the grand scheme of things. Which one do you think was the best of these? If there's one that fits this archetype that I missed, please let me know. Similarly, if there's someone on this list that you think shouldn't be on this list, please let me know and give your reasons why they shouldn't be on the list. If at least two people mention why they should/shouldn't be on the list, then I'll add/remove them. Note: if the Evil Emperor himself leads the overthrow and/or occupation (such is the case with Ashnard in Path of Radiance), the Evil Emperor does not belong on this list as they're a main villain; this is just about the ones that are the main villain for a particular arc.
  10. What did fates’ story do right?

    I'd say Takumi's descent into madness and ultimately possession in Conquest was decently handled. As much as we had no idea who was ultimately responsible, in Conquest, we at least knew that King Garon was possessed by magic that was a direct foil to Azura's magic. In that regard, they did a good job foreshadowing that something was gradually becoming very wrong with Takumi. His sudden reveal in Conquest as a final desperate attempt to stop Corrin from unraveling Anankos' masquerade was, despite being cringe enough that memes popped up everywhere ("I am betrayal"), well-executed for the most part. Had there been enough to actually endear us to some extent to the Takumi character; enough that we could maybe take the hint that there's something wrong with him before he starts spewing purple smoke, then I would argue that it was well-handled, rather than just decently handled. Perhaps if, in his introduction before Mikoto's death, he reluctantly warmed up to Corrin (perhaps at the urging of his siblings and Mikoto; thus showing us how much they care about Takumi and vice-versa), and that way Takumi lashing out at Corrin after Mikoto's death didn't seem to only come out of prejudice and misplaced blame, but out of the feeling that Corrin had (unwittingly) betrayed them, and he was wrong to let his guard down, then it might have been even better. Green-haired ninja and barbarian girl (I forget their names) sparing Corrin because Corrin spared them is a nice case of setup and payoff. The moment in Birthright that reveals that most commoners in Nohr's capital city stay underground rather than wandering the streets is a good reveal with a decently delivered bit of lore backing it up, especially since it's also revealed around the same time as the similar reveal that Nohr struggles to obtain enough food to feed its people, and characters actually reflect on what they're learning in these moments. The part where Ryoma hears this, realises that Hoshido has an overabundance of food and could stand to at least trade their leftovers with Nohr, is a nice moment that shows that the Nohr-Hoshido conflict could've had potential to be a more deep and layered conflict where both sides have good reasons, and Ryoma deciding that he'll share some of Hoshido's food with Nohr after the war's over also shows that he's beginning to think like a king; not just like a samurai. This moment is good; it's a small set of diamonds in the miles of sewage. Some parts of Azura's character were handled well. The part in Conquest where she doesn't exactly expect a warm welcome back to Nohr, being only a step-sibling to the Nohr royalty, and her reaction to the Nohr siblings (especially Elise) welcoming her with open arms is a nice moment. Anankos being a tragic villain was a poorly handled good concept. In FE, we've had power-mad dragon villains, dragon villains acting out of hatred for humanity, a human psychopathic Social Darwinist, and a human villain with a tragic backstory where the very power he sought in order to fulfill a personal goal twisted his mind and left him having forgotten why he sought power (Nergal). Anankos being reduced to a senile state by the dragon-madness could have mirrored the best parts of the Nergal character while having his own unique spin. Now, these next parts have less to do with writing the story, and more to do with writing the magic system, but, while there are a lot of very bizarre and unexplained components, there are also some really clever parts to the magic system unique to Fates: The reason that Azura's song can counter mad Anankos' magic being that the song was specifically designed to calm Anankos' madness is very clever. Mikoto's spell making it that any soldier who enters Hoshido loses their will to fight explains why: a) Corrin doesn't put up any kind of struggle when he gets up, despite being a captured enemy prince. b) why there isn't yet all-out war, and c) why the assassin that is used to kill her is both Hoshidan in origin and possessed. The Yato choosing Corrin not because he's a chosen one, but because he wants peace: the very same thing the Rainbow Sage, who created the Yato, now wants. Similarly, the Yato being capable of killing Anankos because the sword was designed so that humans would be able to take part in the War of the First Dragons makes sense.
  11. Worst FE crossover?

    Maybe. Maybe that could work. That I might like. Throw in Alm as well, and a stock character whose face says, "Awakening favouritism". I would like an open-world FE as well. Personally, I'd rather it either crossover with Breath of the Wild or Xenoblade Chronicles (as much as I'm not a fan of the combat system in Xenoblade; I don't like combat that comes down to auto-attack and button prompts with cooldowns). I just think Nintendo and Bethesda working together on a game would be a bad idea, though I'd love to see footage of Nintendo game devs telling Todd Howard how to properly make a game. I do like that idea of sending Corrin off a ledge with a toy hammer. Oh; don't get me wrong; I'd love to see Nintendo work with the writers of the original Mass Effect games, especially since Nintendo have always been better game makers than storytellers. I just can't see how an FE crossover with Mass Effect would work. Apart from both games using a team of characters, they are worlds apart. Minecraft has a dragon in it? I had no idea.
  12. I'm really surprised by the Joker announcement; mainly because I had never heard of the character (the only Joker I had ever heard of was voiced by Mark Hamill) and I know next-to-nothing about the Persona series. I wonder how many more DLC fighters will be JRPG characters that I've never heard of. How are the Belmonts, gameplay-wise?
  13. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Well, now that someone is announced, I should update my lists: Who I Want to See: Decidueye/Sceptile Micaiah Captain Toad Claude Wallace/Welkin Gunther Who I Expect to See: Edelgard Captain Toad Someone from a notable JRPG series that I've never heard of/know nothing about. Elma
  14. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Okay. Thanks guys. I literally have no idea who this person is. The only Joker I ever heard of was voiced by Mark Hamill. I've heard of the Persona games, but I don't know a thing about them.