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  1. Indeed; there's a reason that Link is The Left-Handed Hero; because he's literally the only left-handed protagonist that a lot of people know about, and I was so disappointed that he was right-handed in Breath of the Wild. With Skyward Sword, there was at least a reason (though I would've preferred it be an option so no player would be at a disadvantage just because of their dominant hand). But with Breath of the Wild, there was no excuse. I just hope he's left-handed in the next game. Back to Alm; yeah, him being left-handed was pretty cool.
  2. Of course; I'm just pointing out the clash that resulted and that it's one part of how jarring they made Alm becoming head of the Deliverance; especially compared to Micaiah being made head of the Daein Liberation Army in part 1 of Radiant Dawn.
  3. A Headcanon/Theory of mine about Greil

    Sephiran confirms in Radiant Dawn, when confronted by Ike, that he had ordered Zelgius to retrieve the medallion and deliver it to Ashnard. Zelgius dueling Greil was Zelgius acting out of his own ambition. Sephiran:“Sir Ike, I’m afraid your father’s death was an unfortunate result of Zelgius’s own personal agenda. I did not order Sir Gawain killed. However, I must admit that I did ask him to seize the medallion and hand it over to King Ashnard. The goddess was to be freed…and all living creatures destroyed.”
  4. I'm going to quote myself: So, basically, how I feel about Alm is that he had a lot of potential, but that potential was not used nearly as well as it could have been. And yes, this basically is me listing the criticisms that JimmyBeans pointed out, but also with me establishing why I feel these criticisms apply to Alm. To be clear; I do not think Alm, as he is written, is without character flaws; he definitely has some, but they are neither properly explored, nor treated as flaws by the game itself or any of the characters within. Gratification of his character was given priority over exploring his character. It's the same problem as Corrin: he definitely had flaws; he was rash and naïve. But not one of the three versions of Fates actually explored them or even presented them as flaws. Don't get me wrong; Alm is far better than Corrin. I'm just saying they both suffered the same character-writing flaw: gratification of the character taking priority over establishing the character. It's the biggest symptom of a mary sue/gary stu; hence the accusations. I would just quickly like to point out one thing JimmyBeans also said: There's a very good reason why Alm being handed leadership is criticized and Micaiah being handed leadership isn't: with Micaiah, it's far more organic. Micaiah was already a Joan-of-arc figure to the Daein people and an experienced leader of the Dawn Brigade from day 1. Izuka's plan was built on the name Micaiah had already earned in the eyes of the people. Clive's plan was, "Well; I've let everybody down. I'm going to give the position of leader to this kid just because he's Mycen's supposed grandson." Clive's plan is not unreasonable; especially for one built entirely on his own self-loathing at that point. The problem isn't his plan being "unreasonable"; it's that it undermines Alm's relatability in that he's just given the role because of Mycen, and believability in that Alm's first mission immediately afterwards is take the capital and its castle, and he just... succeeds.
  5. Returning Characters: Ike, all three Links, Zelda, Ganondorf, Palutena, Corrin, and possibly Lucas. New Characters: the Belmonts (even though I was hoping Trevor would be one of the playable Belmonts).
  6. Wait. The map in the trailer.....

    People have pointed out the similarities and differences already. Personally, I think the map may be inspired by Tellius, but I doubt that there is any connection beyond that.
  7. Thanks. To be fair; I did say "that I could remember". I agree; this would probably be a better description of it.
  8. I don't like limited editions. I only bought the Fates limited edition so that I would have all three versions on one game card. I didn't really care about the artbook or the pouch that came with it. Considering how Fates turned out, I'm still not sure if it was money well spent. But that's just my opinion. Personally, I can understand the appeal of wanting a piece of collectible merchandise alongside a game (even though I really don't care for that stuff), I think limited editions only encourage buying a game before reviewers have had time to, well, review it. As far as limited editions with added in-game features, that's even worse. I don't think anything that can be released alongside the game itself should be hidden behind a paywall of any kind.
  9. Is the archer being terrible really part of the trope? I'll think back: Gordon, Rolf starts really bad and under-leveled but becomes alright, Leonardo, Virion... You may have a point. Seeing as the last two (non-remake) games got rid of story-driven promotions entirely, this likely shouldn't happen. How often are the healers demure and quiet? The only three that I can think of off the top of my head are Sakura, Lena and maybe Laura. If anything, there's more that are far away from this: Mist, Lissa, Maribelle, Elise, Micaiah (who, while quiet at times, is more stoic than demure), and, while demure could describe Elincia early in Path of Radiance, by the time she becomes playable in either game, she's gained a massive boost in confidence.
  10. If the nickname does continue, it will likely just continue to be jokes about misreading or mispronouncing Edelgard, and then it will gradually die off if it hasn't already. That, or there'll be a powerful axe in the DLC called Edgelord, and some of the characters might joke that it has the same name as Edelgard. Maybe Edelgard will even complain that that's like mistaking the name Edward for Edwin.
  11. Here are some of my predictions: A politically/militarily high-ranking human villain whose ambition leads to their downfall. Enemies wear helmets, but the heroes don't. Bandits act as the early chapter villains. A fiercely loyal mercenary/hero who joins early with great stats and continues to be great throughout the rest of the game (this is more something I'm hoping returns than something I'm predicting returns). In case this isn't clear, I'm referring to the Ogma archetype. A young mage who is loyal to the protagonist and starts with a wind spell. Someone who joins in the final chapter with good stats and a powerful weapon. A young green-haired archer who joins early on, and an already promoted archer with a much more serious personality. A mysterious legendary swordsman with girl trouble. A military leader who bears no ill will towards you, but cannot be recruited because of their loyalty to an enemy kingdom or person. A Pegasus Knight has an unrequited crush on either Dimitri or Claude.
  12. I was personally hoping for Trevor Belmont, rather than Simon or Richter and no; it's not just because I've only seen the show and not played any of the games, though that may be part of it. I liked the joke with King Dedede pretending to be King K. Rool only for the real King K. Rool to show up. Chrom? I was hoping for Micaiah, Hector or Celica, to be honest. Even Eliwood would have made a more interesting echo of Roy; being Roy's father after all.
  13. You're the second person to suggest a traitor bishop. In all seriousness, that sounds interesting.
  14. In all seriousness, while that's certainly a possibility, I think it would (Path of Radiance spoilers ahead)
  15. True; I was thinking along the lines of a retired bishop or a bishop who, if the Church of Seiros are bad, chooses to help the kids. There could be a few different ways it would make sense even if the Church of Seiros is bad.