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  1. Shapeshifters would probably have to be non-student playable characters (if there is such a thing in this game besides Byleth). If there are shapeshifters, I hope that they're a group unique to the continent and that they have enough depth to them. As much as I really like Laguz, I think they should remain unique to the Tellius games. As for the Taguels, Wolfskin and Kitsune, I just don't find them very imaginative.
  2. Three Houses Class Tree and Speculation

    Guys; seriously, there is already a thread for this kind of information and discussion; the one titled: Classes You Know About, Expect to See, or Want to See. It is basically the thread for classes and speculation.
  3. Well, thanks to the latest Famitsu, we now have confirmation that the following classes are returning, playable, and available at level 10: Mercenary. Specializes in swords and axes. Cavalier. The Canto skill is finally back! Brigand. Specializes in axes and guantlets. Brawler. Specializes in guantlets, can attack even when unequipped, and are apparently male-only. Mage. Dark Mage. I have to say, I like the designs of these classes overall. Mages and dark mages definitely look like magic users, unlike in Awakening/Fates, where dark mages looked like what would happen if Jafar from Aladdin was way too proud of his chest. I even like the Roman Gladiator look they're going for with the brawler class. But I especially like the cavalier design since it looks almost like actual historical plate armour.
  4. Just saw it today with my brother. The curse is finally lifted on video game movies! Fantastic film. Good characters, good use of Pokémon, some good twists (massive spoilers below) This was a really good film. One thing I especially liked is that they kept it simple: they focused on telling a good, simple story and refining all the details, rather than trying to make some grandiose complex plot like some video game adaptations have tried. A very solid film overall. 8.7/10. Not enough water.
  5. Next Famitsu preview (personal skills and crests)

    All this new info is really interesting. Glad to finally know how battalions work. All the new information about how the school works is really neat. Part of me is just a little worried that all these different components to student customization and growth might make things too complex; part of me is just concerned that I could end up almost pulling my hair out worried that I made a wrong choice. Anyway, regarding the characters, does anyone else think that Felix looks a lot like a younger version of Solf J. Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood?
  6. Maybe Jeralt is the Liberation King (or the Liberation King was some kind of Evil Counterpart of Jeralt), Jeralt is actually secretly unintentionally immortal thanks to the ??? Crest, and Byleth's mother is simply a woman who managed to convince him that starting a family is worth it even if it means he will outlive all of them. Jeralt's rejoined the Knights of Seiros to investigate the bad guys and find a way to regain his mortality.
  7. Three Houses Class Tree and Speculation

    This seems like stuff that would belong in the already existing thread about classes in FE: Three Houses. (The one titled: Classes You Know About, Expect to See, or Want to See).
  8. True. When Fire Emblem says lances, it really means "spears" or "polearms". Although, English infantry in the early half of the Hundred Year's War did use shortened lances as a battlefield weapon. Speaking of polearms though, the Medieval Period had a wide variety of pole weapons that would be cool to see in Fire Emblem, including: billhooks, halberds (to my knowledge, they've only appeared in SoV, and poleaxes are not the same thing), partisans and war scythes. These were all two-handed spears, so they were only used by infantry, but when was the last tine an FE character actually used a two-handed melee weapon with both hands?
  9. Thanks. Yeah; I agree. I think the word you're looking for is reality. I once heard that Miyamoto, when making the Zelda games, would often say something along the lines, "Value reality over realism"; essentially meaning that the game should be designed to feel internally consistent and "real", rather than just make it look real. Having the soldier class helps Fire Emblem to feel real.
  10. Oh; thanks. I had forgotten that.
  11. Was that pun intended? In all seriousness, I agree. I really hope to see halberdier or some other unique soldier promotion in this game. Sadly, since it doesn't seem to even be confirmed whether or not mercenaries are returning, and they're a staple of FE (the hero class in particular even existed in the Tellius games). So, it's hard to say whether or not they'll appear.
  12. For me at least, that's part of the charm: they're not knights, mercenaries, royalty, or any of that; they're regular soldiers: standard infantry, with a standard infantry weapon. That, to me at least, is pretty neat, and it does make Fire Emblem feel just a bit more like a medieval fantasy war story. Gameplay-wise, they're a bit of a jack-of-all-stats: fast but not the fastest, strong but not the strongest, sturdy but not a tank. That plus lances makes them fairly versatile. Plus, they tend to look really cool in the games where they're playable.
  13. Are you thinking of the Megaman Starforce games, by any chance?
  14. At first, I liked the idea. But, now that I think about it, there would be some issues. Making a map would be one thing. That part would be fairly straightforward: a choice of layouts (castle interior, castle exterior, grass, desert, etc.), a choice of different tiles, etc. But then you have enemies. That would be the difficult part. In something like Super Mario Maker, it's fairly straightforward: you pick an enemy, and you place it. With a Fire Emblem Maker, you would have to fine-tune each enemy based on stats and the weapon you want them to use. While certainly not ludicrous, it does present a whole new set of challenges.
  15. Oh; I didn't realize Battle Network counted. I'd like to change my answer then. Battle Network was fantastic, and I agree that it should return. Quick question though: what "last atrocity"?