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  1. List units that can get RNG screwed

    Eliwood and Roy. It runs in the family I guess.
  2. PMU: Revelation: Emerald Edition

    F!ArmorKnight!Corrin, S support with Hayato
  3. What is Your Favorite Map or Chapter?

    I like Chapter 5x from Sacred Stones for how powerful it makes you feel. Despite being outnumbered, Ephraim and the Cav duo can completely smash their way through the map with little or no help from Orson.
  4. Conquest Lunatic PMU pick whatever you want

    Corrin +Def -Res
  5. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    Odin would use him/her as a weapon
  6. Let's have fun with "What If-s"

    What if Robin and Corrin switched places?
  7. Conquest All Units Reclassed PMU

    have Odin A+ with Niles and become an Outlaw->Adventurer optional: have him marry Azura
  8. How to Make FE:SS challenging?

    I'd say Hard mode with no Tower grinding is pretty challenging by itself.
  9. League of Legends

    I've been playing this a bit recently, my summoner name is Nimb0stratus.
  10. Here's just a random idea I had..
  11. Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

    As to whether we use stats/RNG or not, I don't particularly care. But I would say we should focus upon one arc at a time.
  12. Choose My Run

    My apologies if this belongs elsewhere.. anyway, I have too much spare time on my hands, so I've decided to do a "choose my run" of Fates. (note: I am not very good at Fire Emblem, so I reserve the right to choose my own difficulty) Please leave suggestions for the following: Path (I have all three) Avatar stats -Gender -Birthday -Boon/Bane -Talent (feel free to suggest names, too, if it strikes your fancy) Pairings Reclass suggestions
  13. What are the Best and Worst units in Conquest

    I think Jakob can easily become the best character in the game if you have a female Avatar. (But probably not if you have a male Avatar, as he joins underleveled and with underwhelming stats.) He starts with decent stats and has 39 levels to grow. And he uses daggers/shuriken and staves/rods, probably two of the most important things to have on your team.
  14. Fire Emblem: Radiance's Dusk (sign ups closed)

    Here's the Lion Prince. Name: Harald Role: Gallian Prince (Arc 2, probably Arc 4, and maybe minor appearances in the other arcs too) Gender: Male Age: 22 Race: Laguz Class: Lion Weapon: Fang (mt 11, hit 95, crit 0) Skills: Nihil Appearance: Quite tall, at about 6'6". He is slim (but certainly not scrawny) and has a mane of shaggy red hair, as is expected in Gallia's royal family. Backstory: Harald's father took every opportunity to teach him about the beorc's heroic deeds during the events of PoR and RD. But his father's younger brother, being far more cynical, took every opportunity to remind Harald that some laguz were still enslaved, and that the beorc hadn't done anything to help them lately. As a result, Harald has always had very mixed feelings about beorc. Base stats + growths: (note- Lions are hilariously OP, so instead I used Wolf stats and added a few extra points) HP 49 (45%) Str 13 (55%) Mag 2 (5%) Skl 12 (50%) Spd 14 (65%) Lck 9 (45%) Def 10 (50%) Res 5 (35%)
  15. EU/AUS Corrinquest

    I'm American but I think you should still be able to access my castle anyways. if not, sorry :c