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  1. Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade (v0.1.3 released)

    According to MK404's playthrough, no he hasn't.
  2. My Castle Central: Friend|Castle Code Sharing

    Avatar: Esco Castle Code: 10182-81126-55037-18172 Path: Hoshido Castle Name: Ft. Esco Battle Level: Easy
  3. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Oh my gosh YES! Finally a randomizer for my favorite FE game!
  4. Banner: Sacred Memories

    Oh neat a new banner. Maybe I'll be blessed with good rolls this time around because the RD banner has not been kind to me.
  5. New Banner - (snip)

    Sweet I get paid on Friday. Also, we get a new permanent dagger unit since...Jaffar I believe which is nice.
  6. Honestly it's about time. Hopefully fe5 will be next.
  7. Esco's Art Gallery

    Here's one that should be a little better. I've been practicing a lot lately, but I feel like I'm having trouble making my characters look life-like, but hopefully I'll get better.
  8. Wow...that was quick. I guess we gotta wait until tomorrow or later to get later information.
  9. Orb Giveaway Results - Legendary Edition

    Thanks Jingle Jangle! You got me my FE4 and FE15 waifus!
  10. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle! Good luck fellow summoners!
  11. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Well this is a pleasant surprise, it came out of nowhere.
  12. FEBuilderGBA

    Thank you. I am loving this so much.
  13. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm hoping for my FE4 to be reborn in glorious HD too.
  14. Fire emblem: Gate of Shadows

    Small update: I finally uploaded the growths of the Gen 1 characters. Hopefully I'll be able to upload Gen 2 character growths soon. Also, I'll upload the support logs for all the characters so that you guys can be aware.
  15. Esco's Art Gallery

    Man it's been several months since I've checked on this thing. Anyway, here's my first real digital art I used on Clip Studio Paint so any tips and tricks will be great.