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  1. Orb Giveaway Results - Legendary Edition

    Thanks Jingle Jangle! You got me my FE4 and FE15 waifus!
  2. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle! Good luck fellow summoners!
  3. The Road to Ruin [Open Beta v3.0.3 Released!]

    Well this is a pleasant surprise, it came out of nowhere.
  4. FEBuilderGBA

    Thank you. I am loving this so much.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm hoping for my FE4 to be reborn in glorious HD too.
  6. Fire emblem: Gate of Shadows

    Small update: I finally uploaded the growths of the Gen 1 characters. Hopefully I'll be able to upload Gen 2 character growths soon. Also, I'll upload the support logs for all the characters so that you guys can be aware.
  7. Esco's Art Gallery

    Man it's been several months since I've checked on this thing. Anyway, here's my first real digital art I used on Clip Studio Paint so any tips and tricks will be great.
  8. Would YOU like to see a Second generation?

    I'd love a second generation but only if it is like Fe4; the kids actually take part in the story.
  9. Wow this looks pretty cool! Too bad I'm like the only person in my family who plays Fire Emblem...unless I can trick my sister.
  10. Ah...good ol' google translate. Also, welcome to serenes forest.
  11. Part 23: Shut up Tobin (Tobin) Tobin remembered the time when he met Kirian. He was traveling through Zofia looking for his friends who mysteriously disappeared when he came across the Order of Heroes. They claimed that the Emblians led by Princess Veronica was behind this...probably. They did mention that they noticed the Emblian princess acting strange as well as her supposed older brother Bruno who is a big fan of masks. This also got Tobin thinking: What's up with the mask? Everybody knows that he's the Emblian prince so why all the secrecy? It just doesn't make sense to Tobin at all. Neither does the whole Order of Heroes, this whole war, royalty, man the list goes- "Tobin!" The Clueless one snapped back to reality by the sound of Mae's high pitched whisper as they walked through the tunnels underneath the fortress they were to attack. "Stay focused! We have to keep our hands in the game and you're acting like you don't have a care in the world!" "Oh right," Tobin rubbed his neck. "S-sorry. I'll be more attentive from now on." Mae rolled her eyes. "Yeah right," She then turned to a dark-green haired boy who was staring at them impatiently. "Sorry about that Soren. We're ready to keep moving." "I hope so," Soren mumbled. "I trust you all remember the plan? The Order is counting on us to make sure that this plan works." "Don't worry it will," Tobin grinned. "I may not be good for us, but at least I can handle myself in a fight." "I sure hope so," Soren muttered under his breath. "What was that?" "Nothing." Soren turned to a red haired man who seemed to have a taste for sweets as he was eating some at the moment. "Gaius, do we keep going down this path to reach the inside?" Gaius looked up and continued to munch on some coconut brittle. "Yeah. If we keep going straight, we'll reach the inside in due time." "Alrighty, let's get going," Tobin drew out his armorslayer. "There might be some people ahead of us so we might want to be careful from henceforth." "Got it," Gaius wiped his mouth and drew out his daggers. "Let's get going. Follow me if you will." As the thief began to walk, Mae tugged on his cape to grab his attention. "Hey wait a second," The hyper one said. "Where does THAT path lead?" Mae pointed to a dark hollow path that had the sounds of pained voices echoing in there. Gaius scratched his head. "I'm guessing that leads to prison cells. Those guys sound like they could use some help." "I'm down for helping them," Tobin said. "Me too," Mae pumped her fist in the air. "Come on, we can't let these guys suffer while we're nearby! Let's be heroes!" "No," Soren said. "We're not going there." Mae folded her arms. "And why not?" "It's not part of our mission. We shouldn't involve ourselves with manners not concerning us." "Are you serious?" Tobin asked. "Are you seriously just going to stand by and let innocent people be hurt?" Soren scoffed. "I'm surprised that YOU'RE talking like this Tobin. I thought reckless acts were against your character." Tobin shrugged. "Maybe being here has changed me. There are a lot of people who are depending on me to be the hero they believe I can be and I can't let them down. And I know that deep down, you don't want to either." "Are you kidding me? Please tell me not all of you are..." Soren looks around and rolled his eyes. "Whatever. If this comes to bite us in the back..." "We got this," Mae giggled. "Alright gang, let's move out! *** The group continued to walk down the long dark corridor and kept at it as the voices grew louder. "Whatever is at the end of this..." Tobin muttered. "We have to be ready for." The others nodded and they suddenly came across a big red door that was nailed shut. Tobin's Dad dabbled in carpentry when he was younger so having him here might have helped. "Well..." Gaius said. "Anybody got any ideas? Normally I would use my excellent lockpicking skills, but-" Just then, Mae blasted the door open with her magic. "That works too," Gaius muttered as they entered the massive prison compound. As they looked around, they saw prison cells stacked on top of prison cells with the rows circling the entire room. "This place is huge," Soren sighed. "And we have to free everyone?" "Well yeah," Tobin said. "We can't leave anyone behind!" "Okay. And how are we going to get everyone out of here? I'm sure the people here have guards somewhere and they might have heard the blast from above." Mae put her hands on her hips. "I didn't hear YOU coming up with any ideas!" "Hey don't start yelling at me! I'm not the one who wanted to throw away our plans and-" Just then, a voice echoed from one of the nearby cells. "T-Tobin..." Tobin's heart stopped cold right there. "That voice..." "What is it Tobin?" Mae asked. The Clueless One quickly began walking around the room looking for the owner of the voice until having his eyes fall upon a young man with tattered clothing. As the man looked up, Tobin suddenly felt his whole body become increasingly hot with anger against Embla. "Gray..."
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Choose Your Legends!

    I'm going Chrom because I feel a lot of people won't choose him...and I need those feathers.
  13. Who are Alice and Valjean?

    New original characters and they're most likely from Zenith?! I don't wanna jump the gun here, but I think these two might pop up in Heroes...unless I'm wrong.
  14. Part 22: Know your place! (Berkut) Berkut sat atop his horse facing off against a mounted group of Emblian soldiers led by a blonde paladin whose wearing a red coat and wielding a black sword. He's not Alm Berkut smiled. But I can tell that he'll give me quite the entertainment. Off to the Rigelian Prince's left was the Prince of Nohr Xander and off to his right was the Pharae noble Eliwood. Kirian thought it best that Berkut be partnered with other nobles so that he'll be able to focus better in battle...and socialize with the "commoners" off the battlefield. "The enemy appears to be advancing," Xander huffed. "This will be an interesting battle." "It'll just be a mere exercise," Berkut huffed. "These dogs aren't worthy to witness my full might. Leave this to me men. I'll crush these dastards!" "Careful," Eliwood warned. "Kirian warned that their leader is Eldigan, King of Nordion. He wields the mighty Mystletainn and thus is more powerful than all of us combine." "Weapons hold no sway if the wielder is not strong." Berkut replied. "It doesn't matter if the sword can cleave gods in half. If the person cannot control the weapon, then they might as well be wielding a stick." "An excellent choice of words," Xander agreed. "Unfortunately, he seems to know how to wield his sword fine." The Paragon Knight nodded to Eldigan twirling his sword as if it were a baton. All around him, red energy flowed from his demon blade. Berkut tightened his lance. "He is nothing. We are EVERYTHING. " Just then, the cry of the pegasus echoed throughout the sky. Hearing this, Berkut then turned toward his men. "Follow me warriors of Askr! These worms have no right to crawl onto your soil!" He pointed his lance at the enemy. "CHARGE!" Like two massive tidal waves, the opposite sides crashed into each other and a roar of blood and blades began. Berkut stabbed people left and right as he slowly made his way to Eldigan. He could see Xander taking on many mounted enemies on his own and Eliwood leading his squadron against axe wielders. The prince remembered his orders: to keep the enemy occupied while slowly dwindling their numbers. I musn't get ahead of myself now, Berkut thought. I must hold much as it pains me. The prince continued to fight against the masses yet held himself back; not losing his self control and going all out against these whelps. He was so focused on handling the ones coming at him, Berkut almost didn't notice that the so called "King of Nordion" was charging at him. He saw him out of the corner of his eye and raised his lance to parry the blow. Berkut backed away from Eldigan. "You nearly chopped my head off knave!" Eldigan pointed his sword towards the young general. "That was the idea." "You can't beat me you fool," Berkut pointed his lance at Lionheart. "My power outshines yours." "We shall see. I may be at a disadvantage, but that doesn't matter to me. You will fall here." Then, almost like magic, Eldigan began to glow. "So that's how you want to do things?" The prince laughed as he himself began to glow. "You know, I was holding back this entire time, but now..." He smirked. "You die." The two horsemen charged each other with blazing speed. "You will die here princeling!" Eldigan roared as he raised his sword. "Like I'd use to you!" Berkut yelled back. "I AM RIGEL'S PROUDEST SON! KNOW YOU PLACE!"
  15. Fire emblem: Gate of Shadows

    Don't worry! When it gets time for us to move onto the mugshots, I'll be sure to share some little tidbits with long as it's alright with the other people I'm working with.