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  1. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    I mean, you know the stats and the equipment of every enemy, you should plan accordingly.
  2. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Joicelyn wasn't too fond of Radle's suggestion. "What is wrong with you? They killed Maurice and you're joining them!? You should stick your stupid sword through their hearts!" Meanwhile Lowe got closer to the fighter coming from the east side of the ruin and threw a fireball at him. The enemy didn't manage to avoid the attack completely, but at least the fire didn't burn a hole through his stomach as it did to Maurice. Visibly angry, the man threw his weapon at Lowe, cuttin the mage across his chest. Suffering from the wide wound, Lowe conjured another fire spell that burned the fighter on one of his legs. Lowe hits Fighter for 8 damage (17/25), Fighter retaliates and hits for 11 damage (5/16), Lowe follows up and hits for 8 damage (9/25) Lowe gains 11 exp
  3. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Sully, Radle knows who Joicelyn is, she traveled with him, Maurice and Cecilie.
  4. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    You can make red units green and perhaps get something from them, but I'm not going to add a permanent character controlled by me other than Elijah (you probably guessed he's a Transporter).
  5. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    In the point between Cecilie and the archer, the wall wasn't whole, only going up to around one meter from the ground. The empty space over what remained of the wall was more than enough for the young mage's fireball, which burned the man's shoulder and neck. Despite being clearly one step from the grave, the archer prepared another arrow and retaliated against Cecilie, hitting her on the left shoulder. Thankfully, the attack wasn't that powerful, and the tip of the arrow didn't completely enter Cecilie's flesh. Cecilie hits Archer for 7 damage (2/19), Archer retaliates and hits for 6 damage (11/17) Cecilie gains 11 exp After taunting his opponent, Rekia shot him: a precise arrow in the middle of the chest. Rekia hits for 6 damage and kills Archer Rekia gains 32 exp
  6. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Abeloth's axe slashed through the opponent's face, dealing a noticeable amount of pain, but ultimately failing to bring the man down. Abeloth hits Archer for 10 damage (9/19) Abeloth gains 10 exp
  7. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    Maurice's last strike was too powerful to go unnoticed, and the bow-wielding mercenary took his chance to try and finish the job. The arrow flew right past Abeloth and Radle, pierced through Asther's arm and got stuck in his side. Not only the swordsman was in absolute pain after the two hits, but his wounds were bleeding copiously, and the arm went completely limp, making him drop his weapon. He was in no condition to fight anymore, and was seriously risking bleeding to death. Archer hits for 7 damage and defeats Asther The other enemies got closer to the group. Joicelyn saw the grey armor in a pool of blood behind Abeloth and Radle's legs, and was distraught by it. "Maurice... Maurice, no! It can't be!"
  8. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Rip. When I wrote the rule of staying out of a number of battles equal to the damage under 0 after being defeated, I expected players to control more than one character each. Since this is not the case and I don't want Intercopter to just sit and watch forever, I'm changing that to 1 battle regardless of damage.
  9. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    As I said, at the very least after the battle. I don't want to add people out of nowhere.
  10. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    I know that if I start fudging the dices I'll never stop, so you'll be in the hands of my d100.
  11. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Poor Maurice. He was actually a decent fellow, you didn't have to kill him... Speaking of death, Asther isn't doing very well.
  12. FE: War of Men (Gameplay)

    As Abeloth tried to persuade Radle into joining his group, Asther went to attack Maurice. His cut connected on a less protected spot under the breastplate of the mercenary, causing him to moan in pain. The older swordsman wasn't done yet though, he spitted some blood on the ground and counterattacked. "Yer gonna have to strike harder than that, boy. Let me show you!" The massive, yet quick swing took Asther almost completely off-guard: he instinctively tried to parry the attack, but only managed to mess with its edge-alignement. Still, if he didn't, the strike would have cleaved him in half, but instead "only" caused a rather deep wound on his arm. Asther hits Maurice for 5 damage (6/23), Maurice retaliates and hits for 14 damage (4/18) Asther gains 12 exp Both Radle and Cecilie quickly decided to change sides. In her resentment, the mage attacked Maurice. "Woah kid, what do you think you are doing?" The firedball fully hit the man in the torso, burning a hole through him. "W- Why, I..." Maurice's body fell life-less on the ground. Cecilie hits for 7 damage and kills Maurice Cecilie gains 33 exp Iron Blade (34/35) obtained
  13. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    You're right. Let's go with -2 Con for dismounted units.
  14. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    Cecilie: Omae wa mou shindeiru. Maurice: Nani!?
  15. FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

    You can support in or out of combat, but to go from C to B or B to A you have to wait for the next battle (you can't continuously support from nothing to A) and you can only have one A support at any given time.