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  1. Is Genealogy really such a hard game? Definitely one of the least frustrating due to its save system and I found throwing Forsetti or Sigurd at most of my problems a fair solution. (Or any of the more OP units second generation) I feel if your idea is to make FE4 more welcoming to western FE players, you should try and use some its core philosophies found in post FE7 and balance what you buff with nerfs. For example, you could nerf the holy weapons to make them more like the GBA titles, where they only give slight buffs instead of bloody insane ones. Just an idea, I personally think there is enjoyment to be had out of FE4's gameplay, not just the story.
  2. Would you want children units in Fire Emblem Switch

    Not trolling, but what would they even do instead of children? I mean in the case of doing something along the line of children units. Pets? We all know how low IS can stoop, I wouldn't be surprised.
  3. Was Faye a deconstruction?

    I feel like calling Faye a good character is a stretch. Maybe if she was given time to develop or if we saw more of her character she would have worked. SoV however gives her hardly any time to really develop as a character. Her supports with Silque don't really tell us anything about Faye that we don't already know other than she is pretty cold. We get very little backstory to really explain what the hell is wrong with her. You could say by evidence that the prologue to SoV scarred her (and probably Kliff as well) but she probably needed another support to actually expand on her feelings. If IS wanted to make Faye the 'anti-Camilla' they would have approached her in a comedic fashion, like they did with the trailer and mocking the pair up feature. In actuality, Faye is a character that is designed for us to pity her, but they give us no reason to really do so. Like Camilla and Tharja, she is just creepy and fanservice. She needed more time to actually shine.
  4. FE 8: The Alternate Stones

    Just wanted to say I am actually really enjoying this little hack! It doesn't change too much, but it's refreshing enough that it returned my almost forgotten love for Sacred Stones! On chapter 5 now, I think your changes to Seth are what make this so enjoyable. : )
  5. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    I have Fury and her C rank in staves. >.> Yeah, maybe you're right. I was panicking because I didn't want to give away Fin or any of the dancers. :P
  6. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    . (accidentally doubled posted... Again)
  7. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    Ethlin and Lachesis
  8. Fire Emblem: The War Cry (IC thread)

    House Lorielle of Celenia Wilhelm clutched onto his tome tightly, though it was quite light for something that felt so powerful. The soldiers trailed behind him steadily, the party eventually arriving at the scene of battle. A couple of arrows shot by, Wilhelm and co. taking quick cover behind the alleyway. Wilhelm couldn't believe it, the destruction and the total mayhem the place was in. His teeth clenched and he motioned all his men into the battle. The Myrimdion quickly fixated his time into a nearby fighter, quickly gaining the edge over the axe user, speedily dealing with the threat. His other two units took notice of the iron blade mercenary, they attempted to finish him off in two quick attacks, one from the Javelin and the other from a steel lance, but their efforts weren't quite enough. Clutching onto the book, Wilhelm jumped into the duo's battle, firing light from the sky with his Thani tome. The merceanry, well, what was left of him was now nothing but a scorched corpse on the ground. The light burned his eyes slightly, but Wilhelm was able to catch back onto his vision. Alena would work her way more so into the fret, catching the attention of two fighters who took notice of her. Though their attack stung, it was hardly enough to puncture her armour. Units Killed: 1 Mercenary / Iron Blade Current 'Ally' units: 2 Soldiers: One Healthy, the other damaged severely. Weapon: One has a javelin, the other a Steel Lance 1 Myrmidon: Healthy. Weapon: Iron Sword Main Units: Wilhelm (Acolyte): Healthy. Weapons: Thani, Light Alena (Knight): Scratched. Weapons: Iron Lance
  9. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    Adean and Ares
  10. Fire Emblem: The War Cry (IC thread)

    "My Lord! Please, come quick! T-The town, it's under attack!" Alena rushed into the estate doors, shoving past each and every guard. Sweat dripped down her forehead, it was unusual for her. Wilhelm slowly batted a brow, setting the phase down, the one his mother asked him to set on the counter. His demeanor hardly changed, as there was no need to worry. "The guards? Can't they handle this, they always do." Wilhelm said slowly, turning to face his retainer. Though she didn't looked panicked, there was unrest in her eyes. "That's the thing... The bandits, don't ask me how... They've made it into the walls. If we don't act soon we'll be burnt to the ground!" Wilhelm's eyes widened. Their walls, they had never been broken into before, not since they were built five years ago. The guards would always boast about how impenetrable they were, making lewd jokes of the sort. But here it was, broken and they were under attack, so suddenly as well. Something was suspicious, something that made Wilhelm's spine rattle with the possibilities. "Damn... Let us sortie then, we have no time to waste!" Wilhelm said, running towards one of the guards. "Go get Garret quick, have him protect the entrance to the estate... The rest of you, Alena, let us go... We can't let this get out of hand." Some of the soldier's looked around at each other, as if Wilhelm going was something idiotic, but they chose not the question it. They too were worried and for many of them, their priest was a glimmer of hope. They followed Wilhelm as he rushed out the door, 2 carrying lances, the other carrying a sword. They made it a couple of meters out the door, before Wilhelm was stopped by a familiar voice. "Wilhelm... Dear, please wait..." It was his Mother. She had a melancholy look in her eyes, holding a golden book. "Mother go back inside, it's not safe for you... And... What is that you're holding?" "B-before you go... Take it, I wanted to give it you for your birthday... But this situation calls for it." She held out the book, the cover shining in the light. It had a weird insignia written on it and one could almost feel its aura. "Thank you Mother... I'll use it well." Wilhelm responded, taking the book and reading the text. It read: 'Thani,' a tome he had never heard of before. His Mother began to tear up, Garret, their strongest warrior coming right behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Come back... Safe, alright? Me and your Father, we get so lonely when you're gone. I-I don't know what I'd do if we lost you." Wilhelm closed his eyes, nodding a bit. "I will... Don't worry... Lets go, we must be quick now!" He said, turning to his small group of fighters, who let out a small cheer. The group set off down the hill that protected the estate, making their way down to the residential area of the town, ready to engage in the fight. Current 'Ally' units: 2 Soldiers: Both Healthy. Weapon: One has a javelin, the other a Steel Lance 1 Myrmidon: Healthy. Weapon: Iron Sword Main Units: Wilhelm (Acolyte): Health. Weapons: Thani, Light Alena (Knight): Healthy. Weapons: Iron Lance
  11. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    'screw over' Anyway. Horace, I give upon you Hawk and Beowulf! [spoiler= Teams and Units] (Ethlin, Leaf, Altenna) (Aideen, Lana, Lester) (Lachesis, Delmud, Nanna) (Sylvia, Leen, Corple) (Fury, Fee, Sety) (Tiltyu, Arthur, Tinny) (Briggid, Patty, Faval) Noish Alec Lex Cuan Fin Dew Levin Femina Janne Ares Laylea Zasplach - Hannibal, Johan, Johalva, Claude, Ayra, Skasahar, Lakche Yojimbo - Sharlow, Badney, Rodelbad, Holyn, Tristan (Cannot get Lachesis or Sylvia) DietCocaine - Asaello, Amid, Dimna, Shanan, Azel, Mana (Cannot get Tiltyu, Brigid or Adean) Horace - Daisy, Jamka, Linda, Midir, Beowulf, Hawk (Cannot get Fury, Tiltyu or Brigid)
  12. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    Just making sure, it's my go, right? Or is it Horace's?
  13. Fire Emblem: The Cry of War OOC/(Sign ups closed)

    I think I'll just go with one Retainer, I don't really have any good ideas for another one- I Hope that is okay.
  14. [FE 4] SOYO Draft (...Another one.)

    Thanks for the list, Horace. Sorry about this guys, I should've been paying closer attention. I hope this is too big of an inconvenience! (Believe you're up when you get back, Zas.)