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  1. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Nah, he's Innes to go with Ephraim. And random shirtless Alm is best Alm
  2. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Did some random things for a change:
  3. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Oh ok. I just found them, thanks!
  4. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I finally got my wifi working so expect some random+request sprites from me. EDIT: If anyone could link me to the Dauntless Crimeans, dancer banner, and the 1.8 assets, I'd be appreciated.
  5. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Soren's art has her hand in a pretty weird position. I'd change it, but the one Apples did is pretty much superior.
  6. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Also, I tried my hand at the Ike/Titania with Urvan and Summer Berkut requests, so you can take them off the OP too!
  7. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Oh sorry! I saw it wasn't claimed in the requests list and I tried my hand at it. Yours looks better either way
  8. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I love how you did her dual-wielding, and the "Swords in the back" pose is really cool. Athena deserves more love Also tried my hand at @ghosty00's Sonya. if you want anything changed, say so!
  9. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I really hope Rinea gets in somehow. Maybe as a healer? @Jayvee94 Here's your request. You didn't mention any poses, so I just used their stand-by and attack poses.
  10. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    I think I can take the Ike and Titania wielding Urvan and the Sonya with Dark Aura request. Also I made @Hero_Lucina's Summer Berkut. If you need anything changed, please say so! Also did some random stuff.
  11. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Could I help with some of the requests? I've wanted to get some requests for spriting and I may be able to do some. If you need any creds I've posted them below
  12. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    @GenericHero Hi, was the hood on Julia custom made?
  13. Official Pull Topic

    You made me remember the orbs wasted on Ephraim... Thanks nonetheless. Congrats for that Ephraim. He's extremely good, I hope S!Lucina is good as well.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    After days gone by without any worthwhile pulls I scraped 5 orbs for today's new banner. Lo and behold on first orb: Spring Lucina! I really wanted her so bad. I needed a blue mage and I got a limited edition one. I'm using her on my team the second I get her to level 35
  15. Official Pull Topic

    After days of no summons, I saved 60 orbs! The results were... mediocre. I got Lucius 5* again, Camilla 4*, Selena 4*, Robin 4*, and Catria 5*. I waited so long and I couldn't pull Priscilla-sama or Jaffar...