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  1. Are we really surprised at this point? It's a sad truth, but some people crave attention and taboos are a one-way ticket to infamy. I don't have the online service, but for those who do I would just recommend making your own stages and sharing them amongst your friends, or just going in to download stages you specifically found off a website with more... filtration.
  2. Why you like your favorite title in one sentence.

    The World Ends With You taught me important lessons about forging meaningful connections with other people at exactly the time in my life where I needed to learn it, on top of just being a really fun, unique, and interesting game which captures the imagination.
  3. Fire Emblem Pitfalls 10

    I'm really surprised I never found these videos before, because this is really good! I'm going to have to check out some of the other ones sometime.
  4. Three Houses: Factions First Impressions Poll

    I mean, you can see the player army fighting "West Church Soldiers" in the overview trailer so the signs are already there, but on the bright side perhaps it's too early to tell. Maybe one of the factions has an objective that necessitates fighting through a church-restricted area, or perhaps the specification of "west" implies an eventual schism between members within the church of Seiros (this idea sounds like it could be really interesting when I say it out loud!).
  5. Three Houses: Factions First Impressions Poll

    A quick reminder to everyone who says that the’re on the fence or their opinions might change... that’s what makes this fun! I’m certainly not saying anyone who clicks on this is obligated to vote, but this really doesn’t have to reflect what you pick when you get the game at all. I think it’s your data that will make a potential follow up poll the most interesting, so don’t be afraid to let your whim take over! :P
  6. With Fire Emblem Three Houses revealing a faction choice to be made within the game, I thought it would be fun to take a poll of our first reaction to the titular houses. If nothing else, I'd like to get these reactions on record so we can look back on them and say "I CAN'T BELIEVE I SAID THAT!" once we've got the game in our hands. As for my vote, I'm picking the Blue Lions because: 1. Slapping "holy" in front of your country's title makes me notice it more. 2. They seem to have the least amount of surface level appeal overall, and that intrigues me. 3. It's not Fire Emblem if your color isn't blue!
  7. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Boxboy! and Boxgirl! was my pleasant surprise of the direct. It's one of the only game series I've played every entry in, and I'd LOVE to be able to share the fun experiences of these puzzles with a friend! Fire Emblem Three Houses looks really exciting too, with the competing houses theme looking like it could lead to multiple endings and interesting dynamics. It's also a blessing that I'll be able to play the game on summer break too instead of having to wait and feel like I'm missing out. My one pessimist declaration: I don't mind the school setting to be honest, but in light of that setting if marriage and children become a thing I'm going make IS sit in the corner and think about what they did. I might go discuss this game more in a Three Houses thread once I've analysed it more.
  8. General Tabletop (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) Topic

    My favorite class in these games is easily cleric. With all the options at their disposal you can play them any way you want... but I just get a natural high from healing like there's no tomorrow. I get kinda insecure at the though of role-playing a devout follower of a fake religion though and wound up making them all Catholics, which lead to some memorable lines too. Paladins are also great fun, and Warlock translates into my head as "magical girl parodies" and I wanna play one sometime to experiment with the concept. I have a hard time picking between which system I like best, because 5e is easy to play and it's easy to find people to play it with, but I learned the game on Pathfinder and the sheer depth of customization in that system is so, so good.
  9. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) OOC

    I've been busy as well so whoops on replying to your Monday post but yes I'm still around and busy but I'll do my best to check in.
  10. Hows 2019 treating yall so far?

    School starts for me this week, and I'm super excited to get back to it! Been way too long since I've had to do anything truly mentally demanding.
  11. Tea. That's about it. I prefer to keep by body mostly untouched by these sorts of things.
  12. The Shepherds but they're actual shepherds.
  13. I'm glad someone put this into words. I've been meaning to replay my Pokemon games, and while that's a project on the back burner, I've found myself without much motivation to play through Pokemon Sun due to its slow start and crazy difficulty spikes, but my play-though of Pokemon Black has been almost more enthralling than when i originally played it, likely since I'm old enough to appreciate the significance of Team Plasma's ideology and the character arcs of N and Bianca.
  14. WoL RP Thread

    The strategist nodded. "Alright, I'll come at it from above! Once it's pinned, go in!" The two dashed forth towards their foe. Koen ran a little faster and got to range first. The turtle attempted to slam into the monster hunter, but he leapt into the air before any harm could be done. As he descended, his longsword landed a clean blow, stunning the creature. Gull rushed in and struck with all his strength behind his cutlass. He swung true, and in and instant, the foe flew off into the skies above, and burst into a pale gray light. Koen took a few deep breaths, and sheathed his weapon. He looked back to the sky, and saw a light floating back towards them. There was a second of hesitation, but it just floated gently in front of him. Peering in close, he could see a little blue fish-esque creature softly going, "Woo.. Wooper..." This form of light... also the result of that day? He guided the spirit so Gull could see it. "It seems harmless in this state. Maybe it even wants to stay close by. I think we should bring it along just in case we can learn something from it."