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  1. Tom and Jerry Online Tom and Jerry Chronicles The World Ends With Tom and Jerry Fire Emblem Fates: Tom and Jerry
  2. Is it wrong for him to want to try again and get better? (I'm a bit busy for something like this btw)
  3. Sorry say I don't have a BTVA account and I can't say I want to make one but this is really exciting and I hope you get lots and lots of votes! One and a half years(ish) later and i still breakout into Lost In Thoughts sometimes which I know I wouldn't do if you didn't provide such a wonderful performance! God bless!
  4. I don't drink hot drinks too often since the heat will numb my tongue most of the time, but black tea is a big favorite of mine, especially anything minty. Got lots of peppermint tea packets upstairs for when the mood strikes. The peach tea at our local coffee house is also surprisingly good.
  5. Heck yes. Music is one of my major aesthetics. Oh, I guess they're also a lot of fun to use too.
  6. edit: ignore. I think i may have needed to quadruple check my math.
  7. Kagura Mutsuki's zweihander (Blazblue). That sword is way too big and that's awesome.
  8. I say go for it. Fates' world is so criminally underdeveloped it's perfect material for fan stories to have their own spin on it.
  9. Just watched the show-floor version of the game thanks to everyone's favorite xplainers of Games, and wow Marth's Special attack is too stronk. He's definitely gonna be one of those characters you play to cheese if nothing changes before release. Also raise your hand if you liked those profit margins.
  10. Well I hope some of the special effects get a bit of differentiation in the final build since some of them look pretty samey but at least it looks to have all the fast paced combat that Hyrule Warriors entertains with. If I buy a switch by some stretch of a miracle this'll probably be a top priority because Fiya Emburrem and moar voice acting. Also Nintendo Treehouse is certified Nohrian scum.
  11. We've heard all of three sound clips out of Athena and already Cristina Valenzuela does it again! I mean, my dinky phone can't run the game but I just had to mention how good she sounds.
  12. Or WhAt?!
  13. Truer dreams were never dreamed. :P
  14. Somebody pinch me. Kyle Mccarley did NOT just post on our forums. How many more amazing voice actors are gonna show up here?! :D