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  1. quiz

    Number 7 for me turned out to be Megumin. Yeah, figured my sudden deluge of quiz results might have done that. Good on you for keeping at it!
  2. quiz

    Why haven't I found this thread sooner? I enjoy pointless personality quizzes! #1: Cleric (even though was honest about being male...) #2: Hau #3: Light Dragon #4: Tetra #5: Water #6: Jedi
  3. There is no escaping Yuri Lowenthal. Give up. Dual wielders are one of my aesthetics so I can see myself playing the new guys bunches.
  4. The more I see the archer characters in action the more I like them. 10/10 would main.
  5. Let the heavy breathing of anticipation-filled fans resonate 'cross the land.
  6. This cannot be Elise. She doesn't shout onii-chan every four seconds. She must be Xane an impostor.
  7. Warning: the following picture may incite envy in those who have spent considerable money on the CYL banner with no luck.
  8. Thanks to you all for being so professional and helpful! Special shout out to eclipse for always being there when those threads show up. Your dedication to promoting civil conversation is truly appreciated!
  9. So I decided with the "choose your legends" free characters coming soon I figured I'd actually make an account and pull one for the far off day when I actually upgrade my phone to one that plays the game reliably so I don't miss out on op characters. But not before rerolling the game for 4-5 hours. The boon and bane sucks but I don't care. I followed my dreams.
  10. Dreams about leaping through the air uncontrollably but safely are the bomb. Don't have too many dreams like those anymore, now they're all mostly about normal days.
  11. Well this surprised no one. Glad to see Hinoka and Takumi at least.
  12. While I was a few hours away from major darkness zones, I still ended up with cloudy skies, but even then it looked really cool, cause what sun did filter through was sunset orange. Also eclipse photos are the bomb. Gonna have some fun checking out the new ones on the net.
  13. 28,758
  14. Oh I'm aware of the roster's locked nature, but the fact that the fans have any sway at all is what interests me. Especially since I'm sure most of the popular characters are likely already in the game, seeing what left-field fan favorite they pick based on demand (if at all) is the real fun of it. And considering that Arc Sys has been kinda negligent of dubbing their games recently I'm not holding my breath for a dub, but with Lindsay Jones reprising her role as Ruby and that western appeal comment, the odds are a lot better at least.
  15. 28,749