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  1. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I can't wait to see what the full roster and English cast list is going to look like, especially with UNIEL characters being cast for the first time, but even now the possibilities put a smile on my face. Yuri Lowenthal could team up with himself, Erin Fitzgerald could team up with herself, Laura Bailey could team up with herself... I'm in a downright fever dream y'all.
  2. Throw a Random Object at the Next Poster

    Blocks it with Loptir's Ice powers. Throws a box of peeps at the next poster.
  3. Count to 802,701!

  4. What would a Fire Emblem Oscars look like for 2017?

    To answer the original categories... Best Game: Echoes. When your competition is two cross over games that bank heavily on the player's previous investment in the series, there's really no choice for me. Best Voice Actor: Max Mittelman. The man who started one of the biggest memes in recent memory literally hours after the first sampling of Echoes voice acting was made public. Wonderful job as Gray and strong reprisals as Leo. Also debuted as Gordin this year in Heroes. Best Voice Actress: Erica Lindbeck. She played Celica in all three releases and man, I can't help but love all the emotion she put into her character. Also voices Myrrh in Heroes but that's a 2018 role soooooo..... Soundtrack: Echoes. What can I say, you're always doing one better if your tracks aren't ones ripped from other games, or just remixes of songs we've had merged with our DNA over the last few years. Best Visuals: Warriors. Sure, not everything in Warriors looks amazing, but it really has a leg up on the other two games being on console.
  5. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I think if this game is a budget release with the season pass around $19.99 then maybe I'll be a bit more willing to go launch day but... man. How is a game company in 2018 repeating proven unpopular business models from like, eight years ago? Talk about not learning from the past. Honestly, if we had to wait until the Christmas season to get all forty characters (or perhaps even thirty with ten dlc!) as a part of the base game, I would take that delay.
  6. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    I'm running Deathguard (utility), Phantom Duelist (dodge-tanking), Barrage Brawler (because spending your hp is for people who hate themselves), Cannon Bearer (back-line offense), and Merciful Healer (MOAR HEALS!). I found playing the original Etrian Odyssey for DS that I was most comfortable running more defensive comps that scale into the late game so that's why 4 out of 5 of the master titles I chose were the arguably more protective ones. As for the base classes... I wanted to try running the game with all the Earthlain classes for flavor :P. in any case, I'm sure I won't struggle that badly if I play to the party's strengths and learn each time I mess up.
  7. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    Pros of beating the Jagged reach: More map drawing in the next stratum, advanced specializations are cool, exp gains are going up. Cons: My people keep dying and seeing the exp bars be uneven freaks me out so I keep reloading my save! ... Do I have an issue or what?
  8. Which Weapons should an Avatar use?

    I think when an avatar promotes he/she should just have one weapon and instead gain the ability to use Sing.
  9. Why Don't Pegasi Like Men?

    I didn't know pegasi were all members of Litch Kreis.

    Merry Christmas Serenes Forest! Delighted to have the gift of being apart of our friendly little community!
  11. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    Well, we heard Noel say at the end of the previous trailer "you guys are in this as well?" hinting at someone familiar to her so seeing a lot of blazblue characters in this one is unsurprising. Exiting to see all the new additions nonetheless!
  12. Dissidia NT: Open Beta till 21st

    This here's the dubbed trailer. Also, YAY FOR DUBS! A shame I can't afford a ps4.
  13. Attack the Poster Below!

    *Takes a direct hit, and shrugs.* *Orders a kitten to advance on the poster below.*
  14. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    Wrathful Staff or Dazzling Staff... now that is a first world problem!(I'm running Spd + Res - Lucius if anyone has suggestions)
  15. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    ... 14/10. best encapsulation of my life's story.