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  1. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Call an exorcist. Would the aforementioned argument stopper allow me to consume more french fries in a given day due to the reduced sodium intake from comment sections and forums?
  2. How To Pick Up Chicks. A Guide

    Aren't chickens wonderful? A family friend of ours recently started caring for some hens and they are really interesting to watch. They eat watermelon down to the skin.
  3. I suppose my avatar says it all. If I had to make another recommendation though, seeing as a second final fantasy character would be the most likely timeline, Squall might be a cool choice. Gun-blades are neat-o and he could use the draw mechanic to add in a whole bunch of magic attacks, maybe similar to Platinum's magical symphony ability from Blazblue except you'd have to hit the opponent to get the bonus weapon.
  4. Scenes we'd like to see

    "I'm going to tell this person exactly what I feel, with no phrases that can be misinterpreted."
  5. Google image war

  6. Google image war

  7. Google image war

  8. New ways to play YOUR F.E.!

    "Fire Emblem, but the Smash Brothers community will hate it." I think I actually did something similar to this in Fates Birthright where, with the exception of Azura, every character's final class incorporated staves/rods without even thinking of it as a challenge run. Then again, Birthright doesn't put up much of a fight to begin with (though that can be an appeal of the game in itself), but I could see this being way harder in literally any pre-Awakening title since you'd be limited to magic units only.
  9. Rate the Above Poster's Ridiculous Invention

    2/10. Maybe helpful in extreme cases, but would ultimately have massive repercussions on the social and mental health of our society, especially if it's repeatedly used by several people to repel the same person. A helmet that can style your hair so that you don't have helmet head when you take it off.
  10. New ways to play YOUR F.E.!

    Solo unit challenge might be an interesting idea, even if it dose cater to characters of some classes more than it does others. Solo Priest run anybody? I think it can be fun to commit to a specific team of characters a head of time and using them alone no matter how abysmal they turn out because of the RNG. This kind of run is also quite conducive to themes like "one character for each weapon type" or "horse emblem but without the gatcha."
  11. Scenes we'd like to see

    "I think I'll walk to school naked today..."
  12. Hair color stereotypes

    I can definitely see some patterns, though for the most part I feel it's coincidence and personality is still fairly divorced from hair color. For example on the table above, read "white" with Henry in mind.
  13. Final Destination looking its edgiest. Final Edgetination. I'm pretty sure I'm obligated to main the character with brown hair throwing crosses and holy water. Chrom is super awesome. More Fire Emblem is always a good thing. Dark Samus... Has a nice idle animation? I don't have an emotional connection to King K. Rool, and listening to people whine about him not being playable was annoying considering all the more relevant choices they could have picked. Him being in at least stops the whining but at the same time it's a shame those people were rewarded for being so spoiled. Truly, let them rename the game to "Never Ask Me For Anything: Ever Again." Ducks behind cover and awaits bombardment from K. Rool fans. Surprisingly, I don't feel bitter about Zero and Shovel Knight being Assists, just happy that they're in the game. Also Johnny Young Bosh. New modes look fantastic, and I could see some of them having small competitive circles too. Overall I suppose I'll enjoy myself when December comes around.
  14. Will This Game's Playable Roster be Elite Heavy?

    I feel like while our initial characters are going to be nobility, characters on lowborn status will perform some amazing combat feats that gets them promoted to "squadron leaders." At least, that's what I'd like to happen, though I could see a repeat of Fates' blue-blood extravaganza due to the emphasis on the ruling class and people who can afford a higher education. Either way though, I feel the characters and their relationship shouldn't be terribly affected by their social class, mainly because Fire Emblem has always been about people from all walks of life joining together for a common cause, not some Marxist opinion piece. :P
  15. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    You enter a parallel universe. I want to see things no one can see. the ideals of Pokemon inside Pokeballs. The truth of how trainers should be. And a future where Pokemon have become perfect... do you feel the same?